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Product Preview: Dimple Drain - Magnetic Drain Plug

The Dimple Drain Magnetic Drain Plug

Imagine a performance enhancement that will extend the life of your engine and continue to function for the life of your bike. Imagine that it costs less than $50. The Dimple Drain for my 2006 VFR 800 lists for $34.95 USD on the Dimple Drain website.

That seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay for something so beneficial for the bike that will last the lifetime of the bike. A simple install at your next oil change and you're done. I installed mine late in the season so I won't have any reports on what (if anything) I find attached to the magnet until my next oil change in the spring.

The dimple drain replaces your stock drain plug and pulls ferrous metal from your engines oil. Even if your motorcycle already comes with a magnetic plug- the Dimple Drain offers a superior magnet.

Some key benefits of the Dimple Drain magnetic drain plug include:

- The most powerful oil magnets in the world
- High temperature good for over 300 degrees
- Regular Neodymium magnets lose power at 175 degrees –
- Dimple Drain magnets lose only 1/2 of  one percent in a 100 years
- Patented plugs will not leak or back out

Dimple Drain magnetic plugs are effective in:
- vibration
- temperature variation
- pressure spike situations
- no chemical sealant required
- reseals repeatedly without loss of effectiveness

In a comparison test against a stock motorcycle oil plug the Dimple Drain Plug was proven to be 1,435 times stronger!

Every Dimple Oil Plug magnet is so strong magnetically, that the magnet wont release from the oil plug. Every Dimple Magnet is bonded permanently by hand with a high temp, high strength epoxy, for your peace of mind.

For more information on the Dimple Drain check out their website:

Dimple Drains are made for most makes and model of modern motorcycles and they're made for automotive applications too. You can put one in the motorcycle and your car.