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Some favorite books of CanadianMotorcycleRider

Some favorite books of Canadian Motorcycle Rider

An easy and great gift for that motorcycle enthusiast on your holiday shopping list. Check out some books that get the Canadian Motorcycle Rider stamp of approval. Sure to make somebody on your shopping list happy!

The book includes extensive color-photography and illustrations that help you clearly visualize the concepts and techniques. It's one thing to read how a technique is performed and another to see it being performed so that you know exactly what it 'should' look like.

The companion DVD is a fantastic feature that's included with the book - I know I'll be referring to it again. I want to stress that the DVD alone is worth the price of the book.

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This book is written by Lawrence Hacking; first Canadian to finish the Dakar on two wheels. And at the age of 46 no less! This year he's trying to be the first Canadian to finish the race on four wheels, racing in a specially prepared truck. I'm a huge fan of the Dakar and have been since I can remember but even if you're not you'll still enjoy this book and be amazed at the preparation that a successful Dakar journey takes - not to mention a handy dose of luck.

Be sure to pick up a copy of this book which will give you a fantastic insight into what it takes to be a competitor in the Dakar.

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This book is definitely one you should have on your bookshelf. Any motorcyclist would be intrigued by the story of Erik Buell and his 26 years of struggle to make motorcycles better and faster. During the course of those 26 years he introduced some technologies that are now commonplace in motorcycle design. The final chapter of this book was written when the future of Buell was looking better than ever - Harley Davidson shutting the company down wasn't even in their thoughts. Maybe this book will become a collectors item.

This book will make you wish you'd bought Buell, and if you own one already, it'll give you an even better understanding of the man behind the machines.

A must have for any motorcyclist; Neil Peart's book tells of how he dealt with loss - serious loss. He took some time off, and traveled throughout North America - some 88,000 kilometers. For those who don't know who Neil Peart is, well he's the one part of the iconic band Rush. He's a percussionist, composer, lyricist, and author.

Written by Carl Adams, a 45 year veteran of motorcycling himself, this book offers a fairly comprehensive education about dual sport motorcycles. If you want to learn about dual sports this 'the' book to have. It'll easily provide you with the knowledge you'd gain from years worth of riding - and avoiding all the 'bad' habits from the beginning.

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And how about some Canadian content? This bok is written by Jeremy Kroeker. Kroeker is an independent writer who makes his home near the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. In this book you're taken along for a ride though South America. All reports are that this is a great book, and one that will make you laugh out loud.

It's a very popular book on Amazon so that in itself tells you that there's a lot of people out there enjoying this book.

This is a new one from the "Striking Viking." Newly arrived on our doorstep this one has all the makings of becoming a quick favorite. We've yet to get a bad book from ECW Press!

This one is a little something different. A fascinating look at the world from 1928 to 1936.  Imagine traveling around the world during this time frame! I imagine it would be an incredible story. Having read this book, I know it was!

A real treasure of a book.