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Sneak Peek - New Husqvarna 450

We've gotten a bunch of sneak peek pictures from Husqvarna of an all new 450!

According to Husqvarna they've been hard at work on an all new 450 that will combine a technically advanced motor with an all new chasis.

The photos were taken during a test at Crossodromo Malpensa (VA - Italy) where Husqvarna's tester Andrea Bartolini and our official Husqvarna rider, Alex Salvini have been working with our engineer Pierluigi Zampieri ( Racing Department Manager) to develop the motorcycle before the official debut that will follow in a few weeks. Possibly at the next round of the Enduro World Championships in Italy.

About HusqvarnaThis company with Swedish origins (now based in Italy) produced bicycles before they started making motorcycles way back in 1903. The motorcycles made by Husqvarna are commonly referred to as "Husky's". Today the company mostly produce motocross, enduro, and supermoto style bikes. They were bought by BMW in 2007. BMW have stated they plan to continue to operate Husqvarna as a separate company.

If you want to learn more about Husqvarna and check out their current line up of products check out their website HERE.

Book Review: The Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide 2010/2011 Edition

A new book has just arrived at Canadian Motorcycle Rider headquarters! It's a comprehensive vintage motorcycle guide in handy pocket-sized form. Compiled by the Vintage Japanese and European Motorcycle Club it's a convenient reference from Whitehorse Press that any vintage motorcycle enthusiast would appreciate.

Think of it as the little black book for vintage motorcycles. Now, it's a little more difficult to judge the values of vintage motorcycles than the typical makes, the VJEMC has conducted hundreds of hours of research for this updated version. They've gotten the opinions of dozens of dealers, auctioneers, collectors, and experts in the vintage field.

The book is updated in include motorcycles that are 15 years or older.

Full details below:

Antique, classic, and special interest motorcycles  Model years from 1901 through 1995.
Whitehorse Press is pleased to announce publication of the fourth annual edition of The Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide, compiled by members of the Vintage Japanese and European Motorcycle Club (VJEMC) who collect data from auctions, vintage dealers, marque experts, and internet sales throughout the year.

Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, it includes price data for dozens of motorcycle brands from the U.S. and around the world, from Ace to Yankee and including major marques such as BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, and Triumph as well as lesser known or more specialized ones like Ariel, Buell, KTM, Pope, and Whizzer.

Each year, the guide is expanded to add another year, so as to be consistent with the VJEMC’s policy of including all motorcycles 15 years old and older in the “vintage” category.  Formed by the opinions of dealers, auctioneers, collectors, and experts in the vintage field and confirmed by hundreds of hours of research and data entry, it is the most accurate price guide written for vintage motorcycles. Prices are derived from actual sales between knowledgeable enthusiasts and are given for six quality grades, ranging from rat-bike to like-new.

The guide opens with an overview of which bikes are hot and which are not, with commentary by experts on why prices are changing as they are. It also includes a full description of how each price grade is defined and how to recognize which grade a particular bike belongs in.

Printed in a handy pocket-size, it is the perfect companion to have with you at the next motorcycle rally or auction you attend, or even when you chance upon that rare specimen in a neighbor’s garage or a farmer’s barn and want to make an offer to “take-it-off-the-table” immediately. Just one insight gained from this price quide will earn back many times the book’s cost on your next sale or purchase. 

If you're interested in this book get a great price AND help support CMR by purchasing it here:

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