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Book Overview: Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest

Book Overview: Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest
Details: Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 320 pages, full color illus and maps, list price $27.95 USD
Published By: WhiteHorse Press

Not only does this newest edition of Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest showcase unforgettable rides in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, its author’s enthusiasm for still more motorcycle exploration will also entice visitors to return to this gorgeous region for multiple looks, and reacquaint lifetime locals with the beauty and uniqueness of their home territory. From twisting mountain roads with vast tall forests and stunning views of snow-capped volcanoes, to curving coastal roads winding past pristine sandy beaches and rugged rocky cliffs, the diversity of riding in the Pacific Northwest is breathtaking.You can discover ancient river-cut canyons, high purple desert, crystal-clear lakes, misty romantic islands, and friendly people lost to time and logging or fishing—all on the same day.

Written by veteran motojournalist Bruce Hansen, Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest details thirty-one trips through this motorcycle paradise with colorful commentary, useful relief maps, dazzling color photographs, and clear route directions. Each trip takes one to two days to complete and is guaranteed to lead riders to new places of interest on lost roads that are a delight to find. Here are the best-kept secrets and most famous rides of the Pacific Northwest, the very things that make motorcycle travel so special.Those riders familiar with the first edition will want to try the new rides in this edition, including road’s end on Vancouver Island, a Hells Canyon getaway, and an Auderheidi Hot Sprint ride. 

As a local rider, Hansen recommends restaurants, diners, places to stay (including campgrounds), and interesting things to see and do from an insider’s perspective. His tips will save precious vacation time for visiting motorcyclists and locals alike. Helpful sidebars give you information on where to rent a motorcycle, how to get lower rates on accommodations, up-to-date regulations on crossing the U.S.- Canadian border, and tips for hot weather and desert riding. Trip 31, called Deuce-and-a-Half, shows how to cover the whole Pacific Northwest in 14 days and 2,500 miles. If you have just two weeks available and the determination to see it all, this book will help you make the best use of your time and money. 

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Book Overview: Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe

Book OverView: Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe
Details: Paperback, 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches, 384 pages, full color illus and maps, list price $29.95 USD.
Published by: WhiteHorse Press

Whitehorse Press has announced the publication of Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe, the latest in its popular “Motorcycle Journeys” series. A trip to Europe is high on every touring motorcyclist’s travel list because it offers great roads, beautiful scenery, and centuries of history. Some riders may have the false perception, which this book dispels, that travel in Europe would cost too much and take too much time to figure out exactly where to go. Veteran traveler and motoscribe Toby Ballentine shows in this new travel guide that Europe by motorcycle is both affordable and do-able, and provides riders with all the ingredients for a two-wheeled fantasy trip.

Whether you prefer banking your way past an endless display of medieval castles, cheering for the running of the bulls in Spain, or retracing the steps of the historic World War II Band of Brothers, you can discover the Europe that has existed for centuries. Each of the sixteen core rides is organized around a different theme and illustrated with stunning full-color photographs, detailed relief maps, and full route descriptions. Practical information on where to rent motorcycles, proper driving etiquette, customs, money, camping, inexpensive accommodations, and the great places to sample regional cuisine are also included. The last chapter, “The Grand Tour,” suggests ways to link many of the core rides for travelers with more time to spend and a yen to explore at a relatively leisurely pace.

From the chateaus on the Loire River in France and the Renaissance hilltop towns of Tuscany, to the pilgrimage towns on the northern coast of Spain, or the enchanting Black Forest of Germany, Europe offers countless delights, many of which are detailed in Ballentine’s book. It is also the perfect companion guide to John Hermann’s popular Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps and Beyond, now in its fourth edition. While Hermann focuses on the great motorcycling roads in the alpine area, Ballentine explores more broadly in Western Europe, placing as much emphasis on the history and culture of the different countries as on the ride itself. Each author offers his own unique routes, personal views, and individual perspective on how best to plan a custom trip to the places of most interest to you on a budget you can afford.

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