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Dakar 2015 - Marathon Stages!

There's 4,752 KM's of special stages for the motorcycles this year! 9295 total km's. That's a lot of riding no matter the kind of surface. The Dakar si always challenging but this year seems to be particularly challenging. It'll be great to watch!

The only way to complete the Dakar is through a combination of endurance and determination. The competitors will have an additional problem to resolve on the 9,000 kilometres to be covered in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia: adopting and maintaining the right momentum, while the route continuously endeavours to break it. Depending on the day, both the setting and the pace will change, moving from rocky routes to desert dunes and from endurance stages to extreme sprints. Given the competitors’ inability to recognize clearly identifi ed sections, in particular they must capitalise upon their ability to adapt… and to control their stamina. The marathon stages will defi nitely remind them of this basic rule of off-road races.
The Dakar tests competitors and their vehicles in extreme endurance. The marathon stages, where drivers cannot use their assistance teams, are a particular test of their ability to independently manage their mechanics. This year, cars and trucks, which have not taken part in a marathon stage since 2005, will have to tackle this additional difficulty.

Split over two days, a marathon stage involves some of the competitors spending the night in an isolated bivouac. The vehicles are taken into a closed area, where only help between competitors is authorised. Despite the technical challenge which this constraint represents, the drivers also enjoy a different, highly convivial atmosphere. In Uyuni, it will be the car teams which will spend a night apart, followed by the motorcyclists and quad bikers the next day. The truck category will have its own dedicated bivouac in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

To make organisation of the marathon stages possible, a new system has been set up at the heart of the extended stay in Iquique. So, on 11th January, three races will take place on three different routes and in two countries. This meant there was also a need to incorporate staggered rest days for the motorcyclists and quad bikers.

For several years now, the organisers have used their in-depth knowledge of the South American terrain to refi ne the routes and off er specifi c features for each category. For the 2015 edition, the motorcyclists and quad bikers will face an additional diffi culty, with a particularly dense second week: four marathon days in total. 35% of the kilometres they cover without the cars and trucks will be in the form of special stages.

Different routes and rest days also gives the car teams the opportunity to fully demonstrate their potential, both in terms of driving and navigation. With 1,382km of open space (a third of the special stages) the cars will be able to compete without being slowed down by overtaking... and will also enjoy routes on virgin terrain. The truck drivers will find themselves in this situation for more than 600km.

For more details check out the Dakar website:


A little history on Husqvarna

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the legendary brand born in Sweden back in 1903 has come a long way in their 111 years of heritage and is today known as a premium motorcycles manufacturer.

See the brand’s journey from the very first street races, to the glorious times and incredible motocross success with legends such as Torsten Hallman and get the insight on how the bikes are made in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ new era. Discover the glorious Husqvarna Motorcycles brand!


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Bluetooth Action Camera by Sena

Jason Britton, the most recognized sportbike freestyle (stunt) rider on Earth, is best known as the host of his own Speed Channel show, “SuperBikes.” Also renowned for his appearances in films like “Waist Deep,” “Biker Boys” and “Torque” – he also has been active in TV commercials, music videos (Nicky Minaj) and much more – pushing the limits on what’s possible on a motorcycle.

Briton will be available for exclusive interviews for the media before gates open at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in Long Beach, Calif. on Friday, November 14th at 2:30pm at Sena Technologies, Inc. partner JC Motors’ booth. Sena, the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles, is launching the Prism, the first-ever Bluetooth Action Camera, with Jason as he displays his world-renowned skills for show goers all weekend.

Britton, who is no stranger to Hollywood with numerous stunt roles in feature films, will be using both Sena’s 20S Bluetooth communication system, paired with the Prism’s exclusive technology to clearly record voice while capturing pristine video. The result is a rider’s point of view that’s otherwise extremely difficult to capture.


BMW Motorrad sets a new top score after ten months

BMW Motorrad sets a new top score after ten months. 109,052 vehicles delivered to customers worldwide.

Sales of BMW Motorrad are 7.4% ahead of the previous year after ten months. As of October, 109,052 motorcycles and Maxi-Scooters were delivered (previous year: 101,530 units). Sales in that month rose by 5.5% to a new record for October of 8,835 vehicles (previous year: 8,376 units).

Heiner Faust, Head of Sales and Marketing at BMW Motorrad: "We have increased our deliveries by 7.4% since the start of the year, reaching over 109,000 motorcycles and Maxi-Scooters. In October we achieved an increase of 5.5% with 8,835 units, also a new record. Demand for our motorcycles worldwide is developing very positively. This puts us on track for the fourth sales record in a row for the year 2014 as a whole."

A few weeks ago BMW Motorrad presented three highly innovative vehicles at the INTERMOT motorcycle show in Cologne with the R 1200 R, the R 1200 RS and the S 1000 RR. A few days ago, two more new products were the centre of attention at the EICMA in Milan: the new S 1000 XR and F 800 R.

With the S 1000 XR BMW Motorrad is expanding its product portfolio to include a genuine all-rounder in the Adventure Sport segment. The fourth member of the family of high-powered sporty BMW motorcycles with four-cylinder in-line engine unites dynamic touring qualities, sporting performance, great comfort and superior everyday performance.

The over 600,000 visitors to the show were equally interested in the new BMW F 800 R. The sporty roadster with liquid-cooled 2-cylinder engine offers improved all-round qualities and a new design.


Alpinestars' Tech-Air™ Street Airbag System

Alpinestars has presented its Tech-Air™ street airbag system for road riding and off road adventure touring in a special media event at a crash test research facility near Milan, Italy.

The main feature of the event was a live, full-scale crash demonstration held in front of assembled journalists and VIP guests. The Tech-Air™ System was fitted on a crash dummy seated on a BMW GS 1200 which impacted a saloon car at 48 kilometers per hour. Tech-Air™ detected the impact and deployed the airbag within 59 milliseconds, the expected performance. Full inflation of the airbag took 25 milliseconds. The first rider contact with the car was recorded at 121 milliseconds.

Following the crash slow motion footage was shown to the audience demonstrating that full inflation had taken place before the rider made contact with the vehicle.

The Tech-Air™ airbag system and compatible outer jackets will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2015.


Tech-Air™ is the world’s first self-contained airbag system that independently functions without the need for sensors to be installed on the bike and the subsequent need to link a specific motorcycle to the Tech-Air™ street airbag system used by the rider. This means that Tech-Air™ offers the freedom to ride any bike on any surface at any time.

Offering instantaneous, high-pressure inflatable protection the Tech-Air™ street airbag system gives the rider comprehensive protection in a crash by covering the full back, shoulders, kidney areas and chest.

The Tech-Air™ street airbag system is incorporated into a specially designed protection vest, which is then attached within and used in conjunction with a compatible outer jacket. For the initial airbag launch offering there are two jacket models available – an all-weather touring jacket and a summer street riding jacket – allowing the Tech-Air™ System to be used, interchangeably, in all weather conditions.

The benefits of the system are:

· Versatility: Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ street airbag system can be used with any type of motorcycle or scooter, allowing the rider to easily switch between bikes without reconfiguring or reinitializing the bike-to-rider set-up. The system is completely housed within the jacket and is self-contained, requiring no pre-configuration and is immediately ready for use. As a result, no sensors or equipment needs to be installed on the motorcycle and no time is wasted in setting up electronic pairing between rider and/or passenger and motorcycle.

· Any Type of Riding: Extensive research and testing has shown that a rider’s body remains relatively stable, regardless of terrain, until the point when an accident develops. The Tech-Air™ software algorithm is formulated to predict the impact, ensuring the airbag is deployed before the rider hits an obstacle. Therefore, by situating the sensors close to the rider’s body instead of on the bike, Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ can be used both on road or for off road adventure touring, and is equally effective on all types of terrain. There is no need to deactivate the system if leaving the road for off-road trails or to stop in between to change settings. Changing surfaces while adventure riding therefore presents no problem.

· Critical Protection Coverage: The Tech-Air™ street airbag system offers comprehensive upper body protection including back, shoulders, kidney area and chest, all of the most exposed areas during a street crash.

· Independent: By incorporating its sensors close to the rider’s body Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ street airbag system activates without the need for a triggering wireless signal to be sent from the bike.

· All-Weather Riding: The electronic unit is protected by a durable and water-resistant casing which, when worn under a compatible outer jacket, means the airbag system is fully weatherproof.

· No Installation: Tech-Air™ has no installation-to-bike requirements and subsequent cost and time-delay issue, eliminating the need for the bike to be specially fitted with sensors. With no equipment to be installed on the bike, the Tech-Air™ System is compatible with ANY motorcycle or scooter, regardless of make, age or type. 


Following a decade of intensive research, development, hundreds of thousands of miles of road testing, a multitude of computer simulations and multiple full scale crash tests, the Tech-Air™ street airbag system typically detects an impact between 30-60 milliseconds (depending on accident type). Once fired Tech-Air™ will fully inflate in 25 milliseconds.

The Tech-Air™ street airbag system uses a sophisticated algorithm specifically developed for street riding to detect imminent danger with the greatest precision. Using Alpinestars’ exclusive custom analysis software the algorithm of Tech-Air™ has been optimized to detect crash impacts not only while riding but also in situations of loss of control, including when riding off road. This has been possible because Tech-Air™ shares common DNA in the algorithm from the Tech-Air™ race airbag system that features accident prediction and detects low-side crashes as well as high-sides for top MotoGP riders such as Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

Additionally, Tech-Air™ provides protection when the rider is stationary, for example, a rear impact while waiting at traffic lights.


The Tech-Air™ street airbag is securely integrated into a removable and interchangeable breathable mesh vest that is worn under a compatible outer jacket. This allows for greater protection to the airbag system and componentry, increasing its lifespan and allowing the system to be used interchangeably with the compatible jacket of choice for the motorcycle type and weather outlook. For Tech-Air™ two compatible jacket models are available initially, the Valparaiso For Tech-Air™ and the Viper For Tech-Air™ textile jackets. The compatible outer jacket, which is designed to work with the airbag system, incorporates CE certified shoulder and elbow protection to further ramp its overall protective qualities. This outer jacket can be used as a stand-alone, without the Tech-Air™ System fitted internally.


The Tech-Air™ System is powered by a battery pack which offers over 25 hours of continuous use with one hour’s charging ensuring four hours of riding time. The system is activated simply by zipping up the jacket and riders can ensure the system is activated by checking the LED display located on the left sleeve. This feature is highly convenient, meaning riders can easily arm the airbag system without the need to locate a switch and can do so wearing gloves.

The system is CE certified to the PPE directive (EN1621-4 for impact protection) as well as the pyrotechnic articles directive, to assure the safety and stability of the incorporated inflators. This also means that the airbag system can be safely and legally transported by car, ship, train and airplane, allowing riders the freedom to use their Tech-Air™ with rental bikes on their dream adventure touring holiday.

Tech-Air™ is the only airbag protection system conceived for the free spirit of motorcycling. No matter what bike you are riding and no matter the road surface and riding environment you experience – Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ is always there to protect.


Motorcycle Experience - Episode 5

TSN is only airing Episode 5 once on Monday November 10th. Catch it while you can!

TSN 1, 2, and 3 air time is November 10th @ 2:30 PM

Here's the after show details from the episode to air:


The new BMW F800R

The new F800R is the latest in the line of characterful parallel twin-cylinder motorcycles from BMW Motorrad. Consistent development of its all-round qualities has ensured the dynamic roadster is ready to delight owners with its sporty performance, agile handling and even greater versatility – all wrapped up in a dynamic package.

Power is sourced, as before, from a liquid-cooled four-valve twin-cylinder engine with 798 cc displacement. With output increasing to 66 kW (90 hp) at 8,000 rpm (up from 64 kW (87 hp) at 8,000 rpm) and shorter ratios for first and second gear, the parallel twin offers even greater sprinting ability while retaining the impressive pulling power, instantaneous responses and low fuel consumption familiar from the predecessor model. Peak torque remains 86 Nm (63 lb-ft) at 5,800 rpm.

The new 2015 BMW F800R will go on sale in Canada in Spring of 2015.
Canadian pricing, currently not confirmed, will be announced in December 2014.

The engaging riding experience on board the F800 R is further enhanced by new suspension components and optimised ergonomics. For example, an upside-down fork now takes care of front suspension duties, while a hydraulic double-disc brake with radial brake callipers provides fade-resistant stopping power. A new seat fixed lower down (at 790 mm instead of the previous 800 mm), combined with new handlebars and rider foot pegs, creates even better ergonomics for the rider.

The design of the F800R – which is also pitched at novice riders – also provides a visual showcase for that extra rider engagement. With its newly designed fairings, radiator shields, front mudguard and wheels, plus a new range of colours, the sporty roadster cuts an extremely dynamic figure. The now symmetrical main headlight also gives it a distinctive “face”.

In keeping with the “Safety 360°” principle, the new F800R is fitted with ABS as standard. It can also be ordered with optional systems such as ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), ensuring it sets a new benchmark in the segment in terms of its safety performance and all-round qualities.

The new features of the BMW F800R:
• Higher output than its predecessor – 66 kW (90 hp) at 8,000 rpm (previously: 64 kW (87 hp) at 8,000 rpm).
• Modified ratios for first and second gear.
• New body features with an even more dynamic design.
• New colours.
• Symmetrical main headlight arrangement.
• Upside-down fork.
• Radial front brake callipers.
• Lighter wheels with dynamic design.
• Rider foot pegs.
• Seat height reduced to 790 mm (previously 800 mm).
• New tapered aluminium handlebars.
• ASC (Automatic Stability Control) – optional / special accessory.
• ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) – optional.
• Output reduced to 35 kW (48 hp) – special accessory / optional.


Honda - True Adventure

Well this news out of EICMA from Honda looks rather promising.

It's a "prototype model that embodies Honda Rally DNA..." The videos are short on facts but have clear shots of the bike. Appears to be a parallel twin - and the Internet seems to think that's a 1000cc engine.

We'll anxiously await more. In the meantime - Enjoy!


Husqvarna Unveils Exciting New Street Models

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to announce that it has unveiled three new street models at the International motorcycle Expo EICMA. With 111 years of heritage in both street and offroad motorcycling, Husqvarna today makes its return to the street segment delivering machinery featuring the finest characteristics - clean bodywork, state-of-the-art technology and functional Swedish inspired design.

Years of supermoto tradition combined with the finest craftsmanship and unparalleled single cylinder performance are embodied in the all-new 701 SUPERMOTO. Highest quality components and uncompromising engineering provide outstanding levels of agility and handling. The new Husqvarna street model features the latest ride-by-wire throttle control and Engine Management System as well as the most advanced WP suspension dedicated Supermoto ABS and APTC slipper clutch.

145kg and producing 67hp, the 701 SUPERMOTO allows riders to accurately feed power to the rear wheel while enjoying superior levels of stability, safety and enjoyment. The bike will be available on dealer’s floor in Autumn 2015.

With the unveiling of Husqvarna’s new concept bikes, the 401 VITPILEN and 401 SVARTPILEN, we have a small glimpse of what the future street chapters will look like. Inspired by the rebellious spirit of the golden age of the brand in the 60s and 70s, these concept machines are true Husqvarna – high quality motorcycles with a rich sense of heritage.

The Husqvarna 401 VITPILEN (Swedish for ‘White Arrow’) draws on the DNA of the pioneering 1953 Silverpilen. With a ground-breaking design in its own right – interpreting the functional simplicity of the classic Silverpilen – it combines modern technology, cutting-edge design and high quality hardware to deliver an uncompromised, genuine riding experience for the street.

The Husqvarna 401 SVARTPILEN (Swedish for ‘Black Arrow’) concept bike is a golden-age inspired modern street bike that draws its design ethos from past iconic Husqvarnas. Reduced to the bare functional essentials, it’s free of gimmicks, gadgets and extravagant design embellishments. It ensures a riding experience that honours the simple idea behind early, pioneering Husqvarnas. With a lightweight and powerful single-cylinder fourstroke engine in a compact chassis, the Husqvarna 401 SVARTPILEN provides a more upright, comfortable and natural riding position – designed to reflect the timeless authenticity evident in the growing revival of the motorcycling scene.

The new Husqvarna 401s are very much new and progressive motorcycles, where advanced engineering meets authentic design. They bring back the honest and pioneering spirit of pure motorcycle riding from the good old days into our modern times.


The new BMW S1000XR

The new 2015 BMW S1000XR will go on sale in Canada in Summer of 2015.
Canadian pricing, currently not confirmed, will be announced in December 2014

The BMW S1000XR – all good things come in fours. Following on from the S1000RR and HP4 superbikes as well as the S1000R roadster, BMW Motorrad is now unveiling the fourth member in the BMW Motorrad line-up of high-power motorcycles with straight-four-cylinder engines and a distinctly sporty bias. Building on the tantalising and unique mix of innovative technology, performance and safety already inherent to the existing models in this series, BMW Motorrad has taken the next step by bringing out the S1000XR, which offers this repertoire of core characteristics in a brand-new blend dubbed “adventure sport”. This encompasses dynamic touring qualities, sporty performance and high levels of comfort as well as outstanding everyday usability. In short, the new S1000XR serves up its own individual mix of sporting and touring flair at the same time as injecting a generous dose of emotion.

Straight-four-cylinder engine for punchy adventure sport performance.

The straight-four-cylinder engine on the new BMW S1000XR is basically derived from the S1000R roadster. It has an output of 118 kW (160 hp) at 11,000 rpm and generates maximum torque of 112 Nm (83 lb-ft) at 9,250 rpm. This power unit produces torque in abundance, making it ideal for providing the punchy response at low and medium revs that riders seek when powering along country roads or carrying a passenger. The straight-four-cylinder unit combines tremendous pulling power and exhilarating acceleration with a high peak output, while offering the rider a usable rev range that spans over 10,000 rpm. This makes it just as adept at highly pleasurable touring as it is at sporty rides down winding country roads or holiday trips complete with passenger and luggage.

Two riding modes and ASC as standard as well as the option of Pro riding modes including Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and ABS Pro.

To enable the riding characteristics to be adapted to the prevailing road conditions as effectively as possible, the new S1000XR already comes with the “Rain” and “Road” riding modes as standard. The standard-fit Automatic Stability Control (ASC) ensures a high standard of riding safety by optimising traction. The new S1000XR can be equipped ex-works with the Pro riding modes option, which includes the additional riding modes “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” along with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and ABS Pro.

Innovative chassis with a new frame and Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) as an option.

The chassis of the new S1000XR adventure sport bike is every bit as impressive as the ferocious power delivery of the four-in-line engine. Based on this model series’ existing design, it employs an aluminium-alloy perimeter frame in which the engine forms part of the load-bearing structure. Wheel suspension at the front and rear is handled by an adjustable upside-down fork and a double-sided swing arm with adjustable central spring strut respectively. The chassis geometry has been completely redefined in order to cater to the specific requirements of the XR. When fitted with the optional electronically controlled suspension system BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), meanwhile, the new S1000XR takes riding safety, performance and comfort to even greater heights, while also promising adventure sport at its very finest.

ABS Pro available ex-works as part of the Pro riding modes option for even greater safety when braking in a banked position.

Whereas the standard ABS systems from BMW Motorrad to date have ensured an excellent standard of safety when braking while moving in a straight line, the optionally available ABS Pro feature now goes a step further to make braking while cornering safer as well by enabling ABS-assisted braking in a banked position. In such situations, ABS Pro prevents the wheels from locking up even when the brakes are applied sharply. This reduces abrupt changes in steering force, especially in response to panic braking, and thereby limits any undesirable righting of the bike. ABS Pro offers riders the benefit of increased braking and riding stability combined with optimum stopping power, even in corners.

The new S1000XR – style and function for both sport and adventuring.

The new BMW S1000XR fuses the characters and strengths of the BMW Motorrad GS, Touring and Sport models on a visual level as well to create a new breed of motorcycle tagged “adventure sport”. This is clearly mirrored in every design element and combines with the flawless ergonomics, ingenious wind and weather protection as well as the 20 – 30 mm increase in spring travel and greater ground clearance to make an impressive statement. Whether it’s mountain passes, a tour of the countryside, motorway riding or even rough sections of road – the new S1000XR handles it all with aplomb.

Highlights of the new BMW S1000XR:
  • Straight-four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 999 cc. Output 118 kW (160 hp) at 11,000 rpm, maximum torque of 112 Nm (83 lb-ft) at 9,250 rpm.
  • Dynamic, innovative design with sculptural surface styling.
  • BMW Motorrad ABS as standard (semi-integral, disengageable).
  • ABS Pro for even greater safety when braking in a banked position (as part of the Pro riding modes optional extra).
  • Automatic Stability Control (ASC) as standard for accelerating safely even in low-grip conditions.
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with banking sensor for supreme performance and active riding safety when accelerating (as part of the Pro riding modes optional extra).
  • Two riding modes that can be selected by the rider at the push of a button as standard (“Rain” and “Road”).
  • Two additional riding modes available, “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” (as part of the Pro riding modes optional extra).
  • Spring elements with long spring travel for excellent agility and high damping reserves.
  • Electronically controlled suspension system, Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) for optimum adaptation to the prevailing conditions as an optional extra.
  • Light-footed handling and raised seating position.
  • Multifunctional instrument cluster with a wealth of features.
  • Extensive equipment and bespoke range of accessories made to BMW Motorrad’s customary high standards.


Alpinestars launches ground-breaking Tech-Air Street Airbag

The Tech-Air™ is a groundbreaking electronic airbag system that offers riders upper body protection and the freedom to ride both on and off road and in a wide range of weather conditions. At the core of the Tech-Air™ is the protection vest, which incorporates the airbag’s electronic control unit, componentry and airbag. When inflated, the airbag covers the back, kidney areas, chest and shoulders. The Tech-Air™ protection vest, sold separately and completely self-contained, offers the possibility for the airbag to be used in conjunction with an Alpinestars airbag-compatible textile outer jacket, initially either the Valparaiso Tech-Air™or the Viper Tech-Air™, for superb protection in all-weather and warm weather riding conditions.

The innovative and versatile Tech-Air™ street airbag system can be used with any type of motorcycle and/or scooter without the need to set-up, pair or reconfigure bike-to-rider or bike-to-passenger settings. The system is therefore immediately ready to be used at any time for any bike on any surface, and can be used equally for road riding and off road adventure touring.


-      The Tech-Air™ vest is designed to be used in conjunction with airbag-compatible outer jackets, which for the launch
      includes the Valparaiso Tech-Air™ Jacket and the Viper Tech-Air™ Jacket.

-      Comprehensive inflatable upper body protection for back, shoulders, kidney area, chest and upper abdomen.

-      Electronic sensors are securely and unobtrusively incorporated within the vest’s chassis (in the shoulder area), meaning the
      vest is completely self-contained and can be worn interchangeably between compatible jackets.

-      Constructed from a strong and durable mesh main shell with stretch poly-fabric on shoulders and torso for a compact and
      secure fit that is close to the rider’s body while allowing complete freedom of movement.

-      Incorporates removable inner mesh and elastic Velcro® waistband to position airbag system to customize fit and improve adjustability.

-      Full internal back lining constructed from 3D mesh for optimized levels of ventilation and breathability.

-      The Airbag control unit (ACU) of Tech-Air™ is incorporated within strong, lightweight polymer back protector, which features an ergonomic plate construction for structural strength and a fit to follow the natural contours of the back.

-      Tech-Air™ ACU is seal-protected within vest to ensure its all-weather performance. The vest and componentry are certified to function between -10C and +50C. (14F and 122F)

-      Tech-Air™ ACU includes two connector cables allowing the rider to quickly and easily connect up to the outer jacket. ACU has been homologated to ECE R10 04, which ensures the electromagnetic integrity and stability of the unit.