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Anna Grechishkina riding her KTM 1190 ADVENTURE around the planet

Anna Grechishkina is riding her KTM 1190 ADVENTURE around the planet on a one-woman expedition called “I HAVE A DREAM … ”.
Her plan is to reach over 50 countries spanning five continents, solo. With over 70,000 kilometers under her belt, the KTM BLOG caught up with Anna as she arrived in Colombia almost two years into her entirely epic expedition to find out what drives this Ukrainian lady (other than her motorcycle) to tackle the long road alone.
No matter the journey or destination, every time you swing a leg over a motorcycle it is an adventure. But some people like to go a little further. What begins as an idea becomes a dream and then an obsession.
Of course we all have dreams; those far flung schemes that we hope to achieve ‘some day’, but 35-year old Anna Grechishkina has an unwavering ambition that has seen her dreams turned into reality despite taking a very difficult road – in every respect – to get there.
From her home in the Ukraine, Anna has so far ridden solo for over 70,000 kilometers on her KTM with a route that has already taken her through Belarus, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and now she has just arrived in Colombia.
Her plan is to reach over 50 countries spanning five continents. It will take longer than the original two years she planned, but this is more than just a selfish endeavour to ride from place to place for her own pleasure; Anna’s mission is to also motivate other people to chase their dreams and never be scared to make the first step towards reaching them.
In every country she visits, Anna conducts talks to disadvantaged children, youths, visits orphanages and elderly people homes and encourages local communities to continue charity work.
The KTM BLOG caught up with Anna in Panama as she arrived in Colombia, nervously awaiting her1190 ADVENTURE to clear through customs and head to Medellin so that her incredible journey could continue.
Hi Anna, how’s it going?“Perfect! Enjoying the warmth of my fourth continent on my journey – South America.”
What are your plans in Colombia?“I have very high expectations of Colombia. I heard from many travellers that this is an amazing country with the nicest people. Actually people are always something that arouses my interest first of all. Therefore, I really look forward to meeting local people; seeing how they live, talking to them, sharing stories.
Of course, I want to visit main cities like Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Cali, to enjoy landscapes, national parks, and twisty roads. I am very excited about meeting KTM teams and sharing with them the story of my adventure. I always feel proud to belong to international KTM family and everywhere I go I try to drop in to local dealerships to say ‘hello’ at least!”
What kind of person were you before you decided to ride around the world and what made you do this?“Before this world trip I had been riding bikes for a few years and I’d always been quite adventurous. I liked long distance rides as much as I could afford it and with the time limits of full-time job. Of course, every time I had to come back, I felt very upset; several weeks or even a month or so were definitely not enough for me to feel the taste of real adventure. That’s how one day this idea to go and travel around the world without any limits came into my mind. It made me scared at first; I realized that it’s not that easy. And I had to make a hard decision – either to accept a very good job offer with promising perspectives or decline it and go somewhere (actually everywhere) without any financial support only with enthusiasm. I chose the latter and I never regretted it.”
Your long distance riding credentials are already confirmed as the first lady in the Ukraine who made “SaddleSore 1000“ standard – 1900km covered on motorcycle in 24 hours. How was that experience?“Yes, I tried it once, in 2009. I think I wanted to test myself if I am able to do it! It was a bit tough. I had to ride 24 hours, and my longest stop was for 20 minutes only. By the time I got back, I was absolutely exhausted. Besides, the roads in Ukraine are not easily to manage for such standards. Well, I was happy that I managed this standard and I was happy to receive all the credentials. But I don’t think I will ever repeat any of such standards again!”
So you take it slower now?“The whole meaning of this trip for me is very different. My goal is not to cover as much and as fast as I can. My goal is to experience the atmosphere of a place I am visiting. And for this I need time. Sometimes I like to ride with the speed of 60km per hour and just to look around, to enjoy the smells, the views. You will never have this if you rush and see only the road in front of you and traffic that you have to overtake. That’s why I prefer to ride alone, without necessity to catch up, to be on time or to prove anything. Sometimes covering just 100km per day brings you much more impressions and experience than 1000.”
How much preparation did you have to make for this journey and what was the most difficult obstacle before you even turned a wheel?“One year and three months – to be precise – passed between the idea first coming into my mind and actual start of the trip. The first step was to choose a proper bike. At that time I was riding for seven years on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 and I was happy with it, but I realized that this was not the proper bike for the world trip. I started to search for another bike and I hoped to get sponsorship from a motorcycle manufacturer because I could not afford to buy a new bike outright. Everybody seemed to be interested but nobody wanted to contribute.
Honestly, at that time I didn’t think about KTM because I didn’t know much about the company and its bikes – I sure know a lot now! The Ukrainian office for KTM approached me with suggestion to think about the ADVENTURE and I agreed; that’s how we started to talk with the factory in Austria about the possibility of giving me the bike.
Fortunately, there was a good feeling from KTM and when I made an arrangement to get an 1190 ADVENTURE I was the happiest. That was obviously the most important part of the puzzle, but still other components were missing – like financial ones!
I tried hard to get sponsorship for the trip and I managed to find some help, but unfortunately it was enough only to cover the preparation stage. So when the day to start the trip came (July 27, 2013) I had 1000 US dollars in my pocket. Almost nobody knew about this fact, I felt sort of ashamed to talk about it. I told to myself that if this trip is meant to be, something would work out. I had to start the trip no matter what – I was committed not just for me, but for those who had supported in whatever capacity they could. This was my biggest challenge and obstacle, I realized that to start this trip is crazy but it was a dream, I had to give it a try at least.”
You call your ride ‘I have a dream …’ What is your dream?“My dream is to make the world a better place. I know it may sound a bit pathetic, but my dream is not only about travelling around the world on the bike; it’s the dream in a narrow sense.
But besides getting my own pleasure of this trip I want and try to do something useful for others. I cannot help financially but I can share my experience and my story. With this aim I try to visit schools, orphanages, colleges, hospitals to meet kids, any groups of people who might need encouragement and motivation to keep following their dreams. I find it very fulfilling to live not only for yourself, but also for making some difference around you. When I get messages from people around the world that listening to me or following my trip they start to believe that their dreams are also possible to accomplish and actually they already do something towards it, I feel that my trip is not in vain and it has some meaning for the world.”
Has ‘The Dream’ ever been a nightmare?“Well, there were definitely tough moments in the trip – with a lack of money, with being extremely tired, with situations of uncertainty, being scared, lonely, discouraged, etc. But I never regretted of starting this trip and I was never seriously thinking about finishing the trip and going back. Even at those moments I realized that this is the best part of my life and I’m very lucky to have this lifetime experience.
But it’s true that long-distance travels like this are not always just fun and enjoyment. Sometimes it’s a hard work and challenge and you have to deal with many situations and issues that you will never experience in a stable life – not all of them are easy to handle. This trip becomes your life, and life has its ups and downs, this is normal and natural. And in order to really appreciate the ups, you need to go through some downs once in a while.”
The KTM 1190 ADVENTURE is very different to what you have ridden before this journey, how do you rate it and what’s the best attribute of the bike?“KTM ADVENTURE is my first bike of a Travel Enduro type. Before I rode cruisers and – honestly, when I first saw my KTM in the Ukrainian office – I was scared and told to myself ‘oh my, what have I done?’ But the decision was already made that I would go for the world trip on this bike and I had to make friends with ‘him’.
Little by little I got more and more comfortable with the bike; it never failed me even though I was making mistakes once in a while. It proved to be very user-friendly. Now when people ask me about my feedback of the bike, I always say that if I can manage to ride it and feel comfortable, then they can do it even better.
But I can honestly say that I cannot be happier with the bike. And though sometimes it feels a bit heavy with all the luggage, I get more and more comfortable with it. It proved its reliability. I treat it actually more than just a bike; it’s my companion, it’s the only stable thing in my life at the moment. When I don’t see it for a few days when it’s being shipped between the continents, I feel that I start to miss it a lot.”
Has the quality of the 1190’s ride changed much from when you got it compared to the 70,000+ kilometers it is now showing on the clock?“No, and this makes me happy! The bike’s performance is the same as it used to be when I just started to ride – perfect. I hope it will be the same at least till the end of the trip. Sometimes I even think that the bike gets better and better with every mile. But my attitude towards the bike changed. Now I feel more and more comfortable and confident with it.”
Although you set out on the journey alone, do you agree that most travellers – particularly motorcyclists – are never really alone on the road?“Well, it’s not easy to answer this question. Yes, I totally agree that once you are on the road, you are not alone actually. You meet many people on the road, in places you visit, etc. But I would differentiate being alone and being lonely. Sometimes you feel lonely while not being alone.
You meet many people, but you cannot develop really close bond with them because you’re always moving and have to say good-bye even to people that you really like. You can keep in touch through the internet or mobile phones but sometimes you just need somebody around who would hug you, and not just as a welcome or farewell hug, but a real friendly hug. And most of the time travelling alone you start to miss it immensely.
On the other hand, you come to realize that true happiness does not and should not depend either on circumstances, or other people in your life but on yourself only. You should enjoy the company of yourself and be happy and satisfied even with nobody and nothing around you.”
What single piece of advice would you give any rider – man or woman – before they contemplated a long distance adventure on a bike?“I would advise them to start with thinking about their reasons and motivation to go for such a trip. There are no rights or wrongs, and reasons can change while being on the road, but I think it’s important to understand why you want to do it and where you want to get – both in a physical, and spiritual sense. Because it’s not only fun and pleasure, it’s also a challenge, sometimes really tough challenge. On the other hand, this is something you will never regret, something you will always be proud of.”
What single piece of equipment or item can’t you live without on this journey?“After my bike, my camera is my number one equipment. I enjoy taking photos and when my camera was broken or didn’t function well, I felt that I missed something really vitally important.”
Do you think you will ever be able to stop moving from place to place after two years of constantly doing this?“No, that’s why my trip will last not two years, but three at least! But after almost two years on the road I miss sometimes the sense of stability. I miss the sense of being at home. Of sleeping in my own comfortable bed. Of meeting old friends whom I know since many years, etc.
When I meet people along my way and they share with me their homes and lives for a while, I feel sort of jealous. Sometimes I don’t want to leave because of the bond with them. But at the same time I know that most of them are jealous of my life; my freedom and disconnectedness. I’m absolutely sure that once you have tasted ‘The Road’, you would never be able to settle down for a long time.
Quite soon after completion of my trip, I will start thinking about next adventure, which may be not so long-term. But I already have a list of places where I would like to come back and explore more. Moreover, during this trip I will not visit all the interesting spots in the countries I’ve been to. I think the whole life is not enough for that. So I know how to entertain myself once this trip is finished.”
We’re not in Anna’s company for long, but the time spent with her is inspirational and the lesson taught without us realizing is to make sure that on the list of dreams we all have is to start putting ‘ticks’ next to them. It appears that all that is stopping ourselves achieving our dreams it seems is us! If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.
After completion of the world trip, Anna will write a book about her world adventure with inspiring stories about ordinary people all over the world achieving their dreams despite all the obstacles and difficulties.
She hopes this will be a source of inspiration for all people, not just motorcyclists or travelers that any dream can become a reality if only you give it a try and don’t give up.
Follow Anna´s journey at or at FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
Photos: Anna Grechishkina


True Adventure: The all-new 2016 CRF1000L Africa Twin

If you want the real scoop with pictures check out the leaked photos over at Indefinitely Wild - Here's one for you. More at the link.


William Shatner to ride across America on a motorcyle

Canadian born actor - William Shatner aka James T Kirk is going to riding across America (from Chicago to LA) this summer. The motorcycle will be a three wheeled interpretation of a motorcycle that'll be a mix of steampunk and modern - they call it a "LandJet." The piece de resitance pièce de résistance perhaps will a canopy. Yup, a canopy.

In the video below you'll see Shatner with an American Wrench employee jokingly say he committed to the canopy! It's called a Rivet and you'll apparently be able to buy one yourself although the "Reserve Yours" section of the website wasn't working when we tried it.

It'll sport a V8 engine and room for two according to Shatner's request but the sketches and video make it appear to be a single seater. Curious about that canopy too. They're saving that for the reveal maybe!

Check out the Rivet website for more.

Superheroes Wanted - A Look At The Machine from Rivet on Vimeo.


Honda - True Adventure

Well this news out of EICMA from Honda looks rather promising.

It's a "prototype model that embodies Honda Rally DNA..." The videos are short on facts but have clear shots of the bike. Appears to be a parallel twin - and the Internet seems to think that's a 1000cc engine.

We'll anxiously await more. In the meantime - Enjoy!


David Beckham's Brazilian Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonnevilles have been ridden by some of the world’s greatest icons, from Hollywood legends like Elvis,  Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood through to modern day stars such as Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney and P!nk.  This week has seen the first airing of “Beckham into the Unknown” – a 90 minute BBC documentary showing one of sport’s most iconic figures David Beckham riding deep into the Amazon rainforest on a custom Bonneville as he faces real life dangers and hundreds of miles of hard-core riding.  

Designed to cope with the rigors of a ride few have ever completed, this Bonneville really pushed the limits. With the brief to be equally at home on Rio’s chaotic streets as it is in the depths of the Amazon jungle, loaded on and off canoes and on occasion subjected to terrain that would challenge the most hardened adventure bike, this is a tool for a very specific ride. The high level pipe, lack of mudguards and chunky tires instantly mark the bike out as a Scrambler derivative. But looking a little deeper gives clues to the model’s true identity. Starting out as a Bonneville T100, resplendent in two tone paint and chrome the bike was created as a collaborative effort between the riders and Triumph – with work done both in the UK and in Manaus, Brazil. The custom tank paint and hand-tooled leather seat covers were delivered by one of Sao Paulo’s leading custom shops, whilst even the iconic badges received a makeover. The wide Bonneville bars, high pipe, relaxed seating position and stripped back nature all combine to deliver a bike that is part desert sled, part Scrambler, part classic Bonneville and completely suited to the job at hand.

The finished machine, fresh from its Amazon adventure, definitely has a story or two to tell. From late night, mid jungle clutch lever replacement to manhandling on and off tiny native canoes, this is a bike that has seen more action than most. Ridden by an icon, on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Beckham’s Brazilian Bonneville is definitely one of our all-time favorites.



BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012

After 24 months of planning, after qualifying events around the world attended by riders from 32 countries, the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 is at last established on the Trailanqui Resort near Temuco – ready to go! Now all that is missing is the riders, all due to arrive within the next 24 hours.

Freed from their five 40-foot shipping containers are the 62 BMW F 800 GS, 20 R 1200 GS Rallye and 5 G 650 GS Sertão motorcycles, now fully prepared for the start. In total 87 motorcycles and 15 cars will travel the 2000km route with 114 people, including the 45 competitors, 15 team journalists, two doctors, mechanics and organisational staff.

Michael Trammer, chief organiser of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy, spoke from on site:

“Everything is ready at last, the organising staff are all here, the final checks and double checks have all been completed. And the riders are flying in right now, from all over the world. Ahead of them a packed eight-day programme of adventure, with no time for a rest day like the Dakar! How tiring will this be for the competitors!

“In contrast to the Dakar, the GS Trophy is not a race. Speed is never a relevant factor. But nevertheless the Trophy is very challenging: participants have to get up early in the morning, they don’t know which route profile and special tests are awaiting them during the day and they have to make long distances day by day. That adventure starts right here, in less than 48 hours from now.”

The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 will get underway at 09.00 hrs (Chilean local time) on Sunday 25 November.


BMW GS Trophy 2012 in South America

From November 24 until December 2, 45 riders from 19 nations from around the world, all riding identical BMW F 800 GS motorcycles, will compete in a week of adventure riding, special tests and teamwork challenges.


Canadian pricing for Honda NC700S, NC700X

Honda Canada has released pricing information for the NC700S, NC700X.

The road biased NC700S comes with a base price of $8,799 while the adventure-styled NC700X comes in at $8,999. Those prices include ABS. What it doesn't inclue is the dual clutch transmission option which is available in some other countries.

The bikes both features an all-new 670 cc, liquid-cooled, inline-twin engine. There's also a storage area where the gas tank is on most motorcycles - big enough for a full face helmet. That's pretty handy when you're looking for a spot to put your helmet and you don't want to carry it with you.

According to Honda "The unique design creates a muscular, easy-to-use powerband not unlike that of a big-bore cruiser. The six-speed manual transmission complements the powerband by using wide gear ratios – no need to be constantly shifting up and down to maintain strong performance.

Through the use of friction-reducing technologies, integrated components (such as running the oil pump using the counterbalance shaft and the water pump using the camshaft, which reduces the number of shafts required), precise PGM-FI electronic fuel-injection and efficient combustion, the NC700XA engine delivers exceptional fuel economy."

You can build and price one at Honda's website now and some available options include:

- 29 L Pannier Set - $559.95 MSRP
-  Heated Grips $379.95 MSRP
- Main Stand, "S"$239.95 MSRP (a center stand).
- Fog Light Attachment Kit $549.95 MSRP
- 45L Topbox $384.95 MSRP


The 'Ural' Ice Run - Northern Siberia to the Arctic Circly

We came across a website of some hardy Ural adventurers who travelled from Irbit (the birthplace of Ural Motorcycles) to the North Siberian town of Salekhar. Looks like it's an annual event - weather permitting.

Here's a brief overview provided by the site:

2,500km across the frozen Siberian wilderness on old school Ural motorbikes to the only town in the world sitting on the Arctic Circle. The Pioneers Run was a propper adventure like no other which saw 11 brave, foolhardy teams complete the mammoth undertaking.

The Ice Run will begin in the birth place of the Ural - Irbit and end in the North Siberian town of Salekhard, the only town in the world built on the Arctic Circle. How you get between these two points is up to you.

In summer the only way to get to the northern end of the River Ob is on a boat or an aeroplane. But luckily for 6 months of the year Siberia is colder than a snowman's gonads and squashed under several metres of ice and snow. Then the only way to cross this icy wilderness is by a network of ice roads. These little transportation wonders are paths of occasionaly flattened snow that snake over and alongside the frozen rivers.

If there is particularly heavy snow, the ice roads can become impassable. They also move each year, depending on the climate, and at a certain point they melt and you fall in the river. All this means navigating your way to the finish line will be some of the most excellent fun in the world.

Be sure to check out their website HERE.


BMW Motorcycle Adventurer Rene Cormier joins Overland Expo 2012

Rene Cormier is a Canadian motorcycle adventurer, author, and African motorcycle tour guide. We've read his award winning book The University Of Gravel Roads - Global Lessons Learned From A Four-Year Motorcycle Adventure and it's a good one!

Pick up a copy and be sure to catch him at the MMIC sponsored motorcycle shows taking place across Canada and the Halifax International Motorcycle Show. He's got more than a few interesting stories!

He has teamed up with Overland Expo 2012 and will be presenting talks.

Full details:

Tucson, Arizona. – January 31, 2012 – Overland Expo 2012 is growing it’s list of experienced presenters for this years event. Rene Cormier, a Canadian BMW rider will be in person on Saturday, May 19 to deliver his talk “Around the World on $25 a Day”. Cormier will bring the Overland Expo 2012 crowd along as he explains how a 3 year around-the-world trip ended up taking 5 years, and how he managed to pay for the unsponsored, unsupported journey.

Cormier joins fellow presenters Tiffany Coates, Austin Vince, and Lois Pryce in bringing the wonders of global motorcycle travel to the Overland crowds.

“Rene’s story reinforces the important point that low budgets can still create great trips. On a practical level, the reality is that most of us are planning trips with finite budgets,” said Roseann Hanson, co-founder and director of the Overland Expo 2012. “We want riders to come and learn how to make the most of the money they have for their trips, not wait until they hit the lottery and then go.”
Cormier adds "The biggest challenge in sharing past travel experiences with new adventurers is getting them all in one place for long enough to have the chat.

Overland Expo 2012 gives me the chance to have a quality conversation with people who are interesting in doing this style of riding for themselves, or those who are simply curious about travel in far off lands."

About Overland Expo 2012

Overland Expo was founded in 2009 by Roseann Hanson, whose husband Jonathan Hanson co-founded and was executive editor of Overland Journal from 2007 to 2011. Jonathan left the magazine and is now full-time with Overland Expo. There was no other event of this size or type in North America—or perhaps even the world—that brought together people interested in exploring the world, and presents them with opportunities for socializing, learning, and outfitting for their adventure. Overland Expo 2012 is being held May 18 - 20 in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Chronicles of McGonigle- Panama to San Diego on Motorcycles

Okay - so this isn't really Canadian content per say BUT it's a universally appealing adventure!

Sean McGonigle contacted us to let us know about some pretty cool adventures he had - all documented in a video blog series "The Chronicles of McGonigle."  Wicked stuff Sean!

In Sean's own words, here's what it's all about:

My name is Sean McGonigle and I just completed a surf trip (racks welded to the side etc.)  from Panama back to San Diego on a Suzuki GN-250 (basically a scooter). After meeting my best friend Jake in Panama, we bought motorcycles down there and hit the road, sans GPS, motorcycle experience, cold weather gear, maps, etc. 9 months later we found ourselves back in San Diego, with a lifetime or memories in the bank. 

We filmed our entire trip for and have had a professional edit the footage into 24 concise episodes professionally shot in HD. 

Check out the short trailer of the Chronicles of McGonigle- Season 2- here, which is my second video-blog series.


Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Test Our Metal

The prestige factor of the Harley-Davidson Brand as well as the grassroots approach that Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada has applied over the years have encouraged thousands of riders across the nation to test the iconic motorcycles through a successful demo program called “Test Our Metal”.

Launched in 1991, Test Our Metal has grown into its present-day format; a well-established and state-of-the-art program that allows motorcycle enthusiasts across Canada, who are new to the Brand, to acquire a taste of what the Harley-Davidson experience is all about – for free. The close to 30-minute escorted rides, on approximately 20 of the newest Harley-Davidson motorcycle models, also allow fans of the Brand to get a good feel of the novelties and progressive upgrades in technology that make these motorcycles stand out today as reliable and superior machines, with an unequivocally iconic design.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff ensure a safe and informative experience for riders of various skill levels. Authorized Harley-Davidson Retailers provide insight as to the most scenic routes available in the area, and assist on catering to individual needs. Customers can look up the dates of demo events that are hosted by the authorized Harley-Davidson Retailers nearest to them online at

To commemorate the demo program’s 20th Anniversary, John Ibbitson, the Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada Field Operations Coordinator who has spear-headed the demo program for the past seven years, has decided to celebrate his 40+ years of motorcycling experience by “testing his own metal” as one of the select few Canadians registered to participate in what is deemed to be the “world’s greatest endurance motorcycle challenge”: the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, which is open to all riders of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Having made its debut in 2010, the 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will task over 1,000 participants with an arduous endurance ride of over 10,000 miles. From the August 5 start in Mesa, Arizona, through the 48 contiguous states and two Canadian provinces the ride eventually ends on August 23 at the authorized Harley-Davidson Retailer, Ramsay’s Cycle & Sport, which is the designated final checkpoint.

To follow John Ibbitson’s blog about his adventures aboard his Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra motorcycle while on the Hoka Hey Challenge, you can visit our website at or our facebook page at John’s entry number is #640.


Charley Boorman to travel Canada for new series

Charley Boorman is coming to Canada this summer to film a television reality series for the UK’s Channel 5 that will be titled "Extreme Frontiers Canada."

Perhaps best known for his participation in Long Way Round and Long Way Down, which documented his international motorcycle journeys with fellow actor Ewan McGregor - Charley will be starting in Newfoundland on June 9th, 2011 and travel all the way to British Columbia aboard a bike from BMW Motorrad Canada.

Boorman will have a support vehicle for a most of the trip, but he'll take some solor independent side trips including a lengthy journey to the Northwest Territories.

The series will air on the UK’s Channel 5 early in 2012.

Get your bittorrent applications ready because it won't be airing in Canada! At least, there's been no word of it as of this posting.


Pan-American motorcycle trip featuring a few Canadians

Got a tip from a reader about this story - apparently the some of the cast of this adventure are Canadian and all are currently living in Vancouver. The Motorcycle Diaries is going to be an interactive web series documenting the journey of five young folks with TV friendly faces.

One of the participants - Clare is a an exotic dancer!  Yeah, I thought that might get your attention.

Here's what we know about the trip -

5 young people leave everything behind, and embark on the journey of a lifetime: a pan-American motorcycle trip riding through all 50 states, and interacting with the people and places they encounter. It will be documented on film and through social media, and broadcast over the web and TV. The journey begins....

5 Riders, 50 States, 220 Cities, 25000 Miles...THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (TMD) is a revolutionary, interactive web series that documents an extraordinary 50-week, life altering journey of five young motorcycle riders as they travel from Anchorage, Alaska to Ka Lae, Hawaii.

They're going to be riding Harley Davidson's.

Link the website is HERE.


Rene Cormier's - Cross Canada Speaking Engagements

Rene Cormier author of University of Gravel Roads (which we're currently reading - great so far!) is going to be giving a talk at participating BMW Motorrad Dealers across Canada.

We had the opportunity to meet Rene at the Moncton stop of the MMIC motorcycle show this year and I can tell you that if you have a passing interest in adventure riding you should not miss this chance to meet Rene and listen to some of his travel adventures.

Here's the full details as provided by Rene:

Cross Canada Speaking Tour 2011

Last year Canadian BMW motorcycle dealers and I worked together to bring an evening of adventure travel to thier shops. We made 15 stops and brought pictures and stories of travelling around the world by motorcycle to more than 1000 riders. During the winter we attended six motorcycle shows and were facinated by the number and eagerness of riders who have just discovered adventure riding. BMW and I decided to make one last trip across the country to share new travel stories and encourage others to create their own motorcycle adventure fun. These talks are supported by the participating dealer and BMW Motorrad Canada, meaning it is free for you to attend. Grab your riding buddies, find your shop below, and join us.

Pacific Yamaha/BMW - Richmond. Late April. Confirmed dates will be at

Bentley BMW, Kelowna. Wednesday, May 4. 7pm - 9pm.
Blackfoot Motorrad, Calgary. Friday, May 6. 7:30pm - 9:30 pm.
European Motorrad, Saskatoon. Monday, May 9. 7pm - 9pm.
Wildwood Sports, Winnipeg. Tuesday, May 10. 7pm - 9pm.
Open Road BMW, Newmarket. Sunday, May 15. 5pm - 7pm
Endras BMW, Ajax. Tuesday, May 17. 7pm - 9pm
Budds' BMW, Oakville. 
Wednesday, May 18. 7pm - 9pm.
BMW Toronto, Toronto. Thursday, May 26. 7pm - 9pm.
Atlantic Motoplex, Moncton. Tuesday, June 7.  7pm - 9pm.
Moto Internationale, Montreal. Late Summer.Confirmed dates will be at

(Many of my speaking dates are just before the dealer's BMW Demo Ride program. Don't forget to be pro-active and get your name on the list of the 2012 bikes you want to test ride.)


Patrick Trahan - Chasing a Dream (update)

Patrick is getting closer to beginning his world record setting motorcycle circumnavigation trip.  It's starting to get really interesting!

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Alaskan adventure - for the ladies

The staff at Moto Quest are organizing an Alaskan motorcycle adventure - for women only.  It'll be an all-women group of riders led by an all-female MotoQuest staff! 

I'm jealous!

"Ride the best of the Alaskan highway system with adventurous ladies from all over. This tour features Denali National Park, Fairbanks, the Alaska Range, Mt. McKinley, Thompson Pass and Valdez. See more of Alaska than most Alaskans

In 8 days of riding, this all-paved itinerary will astound you. You will ride from the coast to the interior, crossing mountain ranges that feature the tallest mountains on the continent. day is spent relaxing at a natural hot springs. How good is that?"

For more information check out the MotoQuest website HERE.


Fly and Ride Program will now be delivered through Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals at Retail locations

Concord, Ontario (January 18, 2011) – The highly rated Fly & Ride Program will now be delivered through Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals at Retail locations ranging from Anchorage, Alaska, to Johannesburg, South Africa. For 2011, the Harley Owners Group Fly & Ride Motorcycle Rental Program will grow nearly ten times bigger with rental locations for Fly & Ride increasing from 37 to more than 300 locations around the world. This expansion gives H.O.G. members worldwide another way to hit the road for their future adventures. H.O.G. members will enjoy a premium experience when they rent through the program.

Participating authorized Canadian Retailers include:

Trev Deeley Motorcycles – Vancouver, British Columbia
Calgary Harley-Davidson – Calgary, Alberta
Kane’s Harley-Davidson Calgary – Calgary, Alberta
Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson – Red Deer County, Alberta
Harley-Davidson of Toronto– Toronto, Ontario
Rocky’s Harley-Davidson – London, Ontario
MotoSport Plus – Kingston, Ontario
The Shop Harley-Davidson – Sudbury, Ontario
Harley-Davidson of Ottawa – Ottawa, Ontario
Freedom Harley-Davidson – Nepean, Ontario
Eldridge’s – Saint John, New Brunswick

In addition to an increase in rental locations, the Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental experience for H.O.G. members includes:

  • Exclusive H.O.G./Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals keepsake (available in Canada for Spring 2011)
  • Choice of a wider selection of motorcycles, including the Tri-Glide Ultra Classic motorcycle at select locations
  • 24/7 online reservation capability at most locations (in Canada reservation capability directly through the participating Retailers)
  • H.O.G. Member Services assistance
  • Free use of Harley-Davidson helmet & rain gear
  • Free short-term luggage storage
  • Minimum age in Canada is 25, and 21 at many other locations outside of Canada
  • Same-day and one-day reservations now available 

“We’ve taken an extremely popular H.O.G. benefit and made it even better”, said Steve Piehl, Director of Customer Experience at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “What motorcyclist hasn’t dreamed of riding in far away parts of North America or even other countries? H.O.G. members have access to new-model, low-mileage Harleys at great locations around the world. And, most locations offer 24/7 booking and information through our website.”

H.O.G. members can access more information through the exclusive members’ website ( and can find participating worldwide Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals locations at


Round the World DVD's by Horizons Unlimited

Thinking about a round the world trip but not sure where to start?  Horizons Unlimited - the folks who've been helping adventurers fulfill their dreams for a number of decades now have produced a series of DVD's that'll give you a lot on invaluable knowledge gleaned from people with experience.

Check out the trailer below:

The entire series can be bought for $139 USD or you can buy just the individual video's that interest you.  For more details check out the Horizon's Unlimited website HERE.

Canadian connection!:  Grant and Susan; the people behind Horizon's Unlimited are both Canadians, though they now live in the UK according to their website.

Thanks to CMG for the tip


Tiffany Coates - Adventure Rider!

You may or may not have heard about Adventure rider extraordinaire Tiffany Coates. She's ridden on five continents on her trusty BMW.  According to her website she's "The world's furthest travelled solo woman motorcyclist... with well over a hundred thousand miles have been covered." 

And there's some Canadian content in her travels - she made a recent trip to Labrador!  Canadian Content!

The folks at BMW have taken notice of her and in March 2010 they flew her to southern Turkey to film some bike travel exploits for a short documentary.  The documentary has now been released and is posted on YouTube.

Check it out:

For more information on Tiffany Coates why not check out here website HERE. It's chock full of interesting riding stories and pictures.  Enjoy!


2011 Dakar is on!

The 2011 running of the Dakar is on - it started on January 1st and runs through to the 16th. The race begins in Buenos Aires and heads north then south in a circuitous route that brings the competitors back to (hopefully) finish in Buenos Aires.

The route brings the competitors over 9,500 km, including 5,000 km of racing stages.  Wow!

Sadly there's no coverage on Canadian television that we're aware of but if you want to keep track of the event there's two very good places to do it.

That's on the Dakar website and on a thread on the ADV Rider website HERE.

There's no Canadian competitors this year either (that we know of) but if you want to cheer for somebody close to home you might want to watch Jonah Street from the US.  He's got a real chance to win - or at least do VERY well - he finished 6th in the opening stage.

Go Jonah!


Give some dirt for Christmas!

Sounds like a bad gift to receive right?  Wrong!  You'll be warmly thanked for this gift of dirt this holiday season!

The folks at Trail Tours are offering gift certificates for Christmas.  People can get a certificate for a percentage off the total price or get a half day or full day package gift certificate.

Trail Tours is an off-road motorcycle school on the edge of the 11,000 acre Ganaraska forest. This off-road haven is just 20 minutes outside of Peterborough.

For details, just contact Trail Tours at or call 705-875-2980

We had an opportunity to ride with the gang at Trail Tours in the summer of 2009 and it was about as much fun as I've ever had on two wheels!  Check out the story and pictures HERE.

About Trail Tours

Trail Tours has been introducing people to the sport of trail riding for more than 10 years; making off-road riding a great way for people to experience adventure outdoors. As one of the most established riding schools in North America, we have designed unique excursions to suit both beginners and seasoned off-roaders.


Road of Wonders - Eastern Edition

Stephen Corke - who has contributed to CMR before with his story "A Winter Ride from Snow to Palm Trees" has taken things up a notch; or thirteen for his follow-up adventure.

Stephen and his pal JD embark on a motorcycle journey that in their own words "will take them to the outer stretches of Canada where they will endure the harsh elements, witness stunning landscapes and test both their physical and mental limits. This epic adventure will have over 11,000 KM of open road and will take them to thirteen of Eastern Canada's wonders. It will be a trip that many have talked about, yet few will ever do."

The trip takes them through thirteen of Eastern Canada's wonders in Northern Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. What's more is they've documented and filmed the trip. They've put some time and effort getting this done.  

The executive producer for the filming of the journey is Les Stroud - or as many may know him better - Survivor Man.  Yeah, that guy from TV.

Here's a little clip to whet your appetite for things to come. It's our understanding that their goal is to get their finished product as a series on television.

For more information and to follow along as this journey unfolds keep an eye on RoadOfWonders the website


Edelweiss Bike Travel beings "DISCOVER OUR EARTH"

Edelweiss' grandaddy of them all tours began on November 21 and finishes up on July 26th, 2011.  Yeah, that's right - 2011!  Some lucky adventurers from around the world - including Canada are taking part in the 40,000 mile "Discover Our Earth" tour.

Full details below:

For the last 30 years, Edelweiss Bike Travel has operated more than 1,600 tours all over the world. Almost 30,000 people enjoyed the benefits of riding with the worldwide number one in guided motorcycle tours.

To celebrate this grand success Edelweiss organized the biggest guided motorcycle tour ever - a tour once around the world!

After more than a year of preparation, the DISCOVER OUR EARTH motorcycle expedition started on November 21 here in Mieming, center of the universe and home of Edelweiss Bike Travel since 1980. Motorcycle enthusiasts from the US, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria signed up to be part of this unique experience, which lasts 8 months and 40,000 miles of riding. "I am excited and very happy that we finally start!" quotes Werner Wachter minutes before departure.

Starting in Mieming, Austria, the group rides down to Southern Spain, then Morocco and further until they reach the Western Sahara. Back in Malaga the group flies to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From there they ride down to Ushuaia and back up to Bogota, Columbia. After crossing the Panama Canal they cross all of Latin America und ride up to Los Angeles, USA. After the flight across the Pacific Ocean the group starts the Australian section in Sydney from where they ride across the Red Rock Country before they reach Perth. The last section starts in Bangkok, Thailand and the route covers some of the most exciting countries in Asia before they finally return to Mieming, Austria on July 27, 2011. It is time to celebrate!


Patrick Trahan has another adventure lined up for Spring 2011

Patrick Trahan (2010 Dakar competitor and Canadian) has a new adventure lined up for the Spring of 2011.  He's going to circumnavigate Africa, by himself, without support and the money raised for the event will be given to the Children's Wish Foundation.

More details of the event can be found on his facebook page HERE.

Here's a little summary in his own words about the event:

One man, One bike, One continent, One goal

Follow Patrick Trahan has he attempts a circumnavigation of Africa on his Honda motorcycle solo and no support! he will raise funds for the Children's Wish foundation of Canada. His goal sell the KM of the expedition 27,000. Each kilometer are sold 1$. Plus achieving a world record.

Keep posted for the web site!


New Canadian Motorcycling video at VRide TV

Jeff Pennock over at Virtual Riding TV let us know that he's posted a new Canadian motorcycling video. He tells me that he's got over 100,000 km's on his Harley Davidson V-Rod at this point. So you know he's seen a lot of Canada!  He has traveled coast to coast in fact and has HD video of a lot of it.

Check out his newest video below and be sure to visit to see all of his other video's and content:


Bryan Hudgin's Trans-Labrador trip is now underway

Yamaha's Bryan Hudgin's Trans-Labrador trip is now underway!

While riding the new Super Tenere, with minimal supplies and a TV crew following his every move, Hudgin looks to travel from Baie Comeau, QC to Goose Bay, NL (a total of 1113KM’s ). You can follow his every move (with photos)on Facebook HERE  

The trip will be later broadcast on TSN's A Motorcycle Experience.


Yamaha Tenere on Trans Lab Highway this October

Viewers of A Motorcycle Experience and Yamaha bloggers have spoken. It was time to up the ante! So we’ve manned up! It’s time to tackle North America’s Final Frontier!

What’s the deal? From October 3rd – 7th, the much talked about, 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere will transport me (Bryan Hudgin) the 1113KM’s from Baie-Comeau, QC to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL on the legendary Trans-Labrador Highway. The term highway may be a bit of a misnomer here. As a resident of populous Southern Ontario, I tend to think of a highway as a 6-lane, concrete overpass filled, stop-and-go nightmare for my daily commute. To the residents of Labrador though, the Trans-Lab qualifies as a “Highway” because it’s the one and only road that can take you right through the heart of Labrador. Stop and Go or scenic wilderness? The latter works for me!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a challenge without any adversity. Last year’s rules of no money, no food and no accommodations, (yes that means a tent…in Labrador…in October…. What have I got myself into?) are still in effect. Toss in additional factors like nearly 1000KM of dirt roads and hundred’s of KM’s between gas stations and I think we’ve got quite the trek on our hands!

On the heels of this, I phoned Tim Kryski, our district sales manager for Newfoundland and Labrador to get his thoughts. We gabbed for about 20 minutes but only three of his comments really stuck with me after our conversation. They were, “Labrador in October? I can remember 2 years ago when they had 6-inches of snow in the middle of September”. THEN, “I’ve ridden motorcycles all my life and never once had the urge to do that trip” AND FINALLY “I had a person tell me it would have been fun if they didn’t need to have their feet down the whole time.”  (GULP) “Really? Gee Tim, I sincerely appreciate the pep-talk!”

But what is a life half-lived? Let’s cast away the boat lines and get this show started! The tour will start at Baie-Comeau Motorsports on the morning of the 4th. After that, we’ll try and stick to the tentative agenda below. If you live on QC’s HWY 389 or the Trans Lab look for the crew! I will be doing my best to provide updates (as long as wireless internet lets me) as the trip unfolds on the Yamaha Facebook page and Twitter accounts, so if you’re wanting to get all the grisly details be sure to bookmark; or follow us on twitter at: YamahaMotorca.

In the meantime, anyone with any tips, preferably those that deal with edible plants, winter camping and how to fight off bears, please be sure to write in!

Monday, October 4

9:00 AM – Baie Comeau Motorsports
12:30 PM – Manic 5 Dam
2:00 PM – Manicougan Reservoir
4:00 PM – Relais Gabriel, QC

Tuesday, October 5

9:00 AM – Gagnon
10:00 AM – 52th Parallel
2:00 PM – Mount Wright
3:15 PM – Enter Labrador!
4:00 PM – Hewlett Minpaco, Labrador City/Wabush, NL

Wednesday, October 6

8:00 AM – Hewlett Minpaco
12:00 PM – Churchill Falls
4:00 PM – Central Labrador Plateau
6:00 PM – Frenchie’s Service Centre, Goose Bay, NL


Suzuki V-Strom 650A XP - Interesting version in UK

Suzuki's UK site is showing off a new Xpedition (XP) variant of the popular V-Strom. This Strom is based on the standard ABS-equipped 650 V-Strom, but includes a number of accessories to make it more "adventure tourer" capable.

Suzuki describes it as their new flagship model. It comes equipped with black aluminum panniers with a total capacity of 82 liters (21.7 gallons), engine and hand guards, an aluminum sump guard, and a center stand.

No word on whether this model will come to other markets but it doesn't appear to be anything you couldn't build yourself with a few aftermarket parts.


Triumph Adventure website

Triumph has been "leaking" photo's and information on their two forthcoming 2011 adventure models - one biased towards pavement going adventures while the other will be a little more off-road capable.

Rumor is it will be aimed squarely at taking some share away from the market of BMW's F800 GS.

All I can say is - I hope it's awesome! A really great 800cc triple might be a bike I'd be interested in. It'll take something pretty special to get me off my VFR800 though.  

Follow along via the website they're gradually releasing information to.  The link is HERE.


An evening with Simon Pavey - Off-Road guru

Duncan Motorsports and Kickstart Coffee are pleased to sponsor:

”An Evening with Simon Pavey” Friday July 30, 2010.

Simon Pavey, 6 time Dakar Rally competitor, trainer of Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor for their TV series "Long Way Round", and co-star of the documentary "Charley Boorman Race To Dakar" will be returning to Duncan.

Simon will be hosting a special viewing of excerpts of “Race to Dakar” TV series, a talk on riding motorcycles in the historic Dakar rallies in Africa and Argentina and a question and answer session.

Due to overwhelming response we have moved the venue to:

Island Savings Center
2687 James Street
Duncan BC.

Start time is 7:00 PM.

This is an event that should not be missed by any motorcycling or travel enthusiast !

There is a small event charge of $10. Tickets are available at the door or at Duncan Motorsports, 1063 Canada Ave, Duncan BC phone 1-866-746-2453

Simon Pavey - that's this guy:


BMW Motorrad Canada is pleased to be supporting the MOTORESS Alpine Ride for female riders, taking place in Bavaria, Germany from July 24 through July 31, 2010.

Celebrating a very special event for women motorcyclists, two prominent worldwide motorcycle organisations have come together on a special joint venture for female riders, supported by BMW Motorrad Canada.

From July 24 through 31, 2010, fourteen women, drawn from Canadian female motorcycle enthusiasts with ages from 29 through 65, with one participant from Newfoundland and one from California, will be riding through Austrian Alpine scenic roads with the founder of MOTORESS™ and International Female Ride Day, Vicki Gray.Vicki will be supported by Helene Boyer, a seasoned motorcyclist and the french–language communications manager of MOTORESS™.

The 80-day excursion will see 14 women taking part in a breathtaking journey beginning in BMW’s home town, Munich, taking riders through some of the most beautiful cities in Austria such as Salzburg and Kaprun. For many of the participants, it is the first time that they have experienced riding in Europe on the spectacular roads and mountain passes of Bavaria and Austria.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this tour and to facilitate an exceptional motorcycle experience for an exclusive group of women”, says Vicki Gray. “For the participant, it is a unique occasion to participate in a motorcycle touring experience on motorcycles inspired and developed in one of Europe’s most beautiful motorcycling paradises. “We are truly offering a unique tour that will be enjoyed by all in a female friendly environment with MOTORESS™ and of course the Edelweiss Canadian representative Farewell Travel!” she adds.

The riders will cover about 1,300 km in total through Germany’s lake regions and Austria’s winding Alpine roads on BMW motorcycles; approximately 80 to 280 km each day. Highlights of the tour include visiting King Ludwig's castle in Herrenchiemsee and Salzburg, Mozart's birth town.

“This tour is a perfect complement to the increase of women motorcyclists participating on an Edelweiss Bike Tour”, states Nigel Andrews President of Farewell Travel Service. “We feel this tour allows women a chance to have a female-only adventure, and to meet and mingle with other avid female motorcyclists. Vicki Gray, a true professional in the motorcycling world for over 25 years, brings a special dimension to this all-female event” adds Nigel.

With an original target of nine participants, this year’s fourteen-strong team proves the appeal of female-only motorcycling events and Edelweiss Tours is already planning for a follow-up event in 2011.

For more information on the Alpine Tour, please visit


BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2010. Adventure, sports and competition in South Africa

Two years ago, BMW Motorrad held its first ever international GS Trophy event in Tunisia, where BMW GS riders from Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and the USA met up in Africa for a week of adventure riding, special tests, teamwork challenges and problem solving – all designed around having fun, getting back to nature and enjoying this iconic genre of adventure motorcycle.

With the legendary BMW GS Enduro celebrating its 30th birthday in 2010, BMW Motorrad is planning a bigger BMW GS Trophy event for this year, which will take place from November 13th to November 21st in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique – surely some of the best places in the world to ride a BMW GS motorcycle. The winners of the 2008 BMW GS Trophy – the USA – have already confirmed their participation, along with teams from Spain, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, Germany, the UK, South Africa and Canada.

Indeed, the planning for November has already started in the above countries, which are all launching their own series of national BMW GS challenges in order to find the best team of riders to represent their country at this prestigious event.

According to BMW Motorrad’s GS Trophy organiser Michael Trammer, November’s South African BMW GS Trophy adventure is definitely not a race, as hard work, technical riding skills, camaraderie and team spirit will be the most important elements for overall success:

“Our first International BMW GS Trophy was held in 2008 in Tunisia and this event was designed to give amateurs with off-road experience the opportunity to take part in a large-scale enduro competition,” says Michael Trammer. “The lucky ones that were selected from the national trials were invited to spend ten unforgettable days in the Tunisian desert, where they faced tough challenges which often pushed them to the limits of their capacity.”

“For 2010, we’re looking to ensure that the finalists of this year’s BMW GS Trophy are of a comparable standard, so although the national qualifying rounds will have their own distinctive character, there will be a series of tests that correspond to a standardised level throughout the world. This will help ensure that none of the finalists of the BMW GS Trophy 2010 are faced with challenges that are insurmountable or even dangerous. It’s our desire that whatever the final result will be, each participant will get to experience something they will never forget – ultimately, there will be no losers, as just to be selected to represent your country in South Africa in the best possible way is a significant achievement.”
All the national qualifying events are following a similar structure and the top three in each country will be selected to take part in the final event in South Africa. Nine nations have already confirmed their participation at the 2010 BMW GS Trophy in November and there are possibly more to come. This unforgettable event will see some of the best amateur off-road riders from Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA meet up at the country that is hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup, for around eight days of adventure riding and team building in spectacular terrain.


HDT Diesel motorcycle - Fall 2010 release

We've told you about the Hayes Diversified Technologies diesel motorcycle before but something interesting is afoot!

HDT have been making diesel motorcycles for the military for several years now and haven't had the capacity to produce bikes for the US Marines and civilian use. It looks like times have changed and they have a sign up to be placed on a waiting list for a Fall 2010 release. The bike is called the AT-1 and it features a single cylinder 670cc diesel engine.

The AT-1 starts with a KLR 650 as a mule bike with a very efficient diesel engine into it. How efficient? How does 105 miles per gallon sound? It'll also reach speeds of up to 95 miles per hour.

It won't be really cheap ($16,900 USD + tax & shipping) but it could be just the ticket if you're into adventure touring and want something that's going to be very reliable and will go as far as 1,030 km's between fill ups.

Some other interesting specs:

Power 36 PS @ 5700 RPM:
Torque 58 Nm (43 ft-lbs) @ 3300 RPM
Transmission: 5‐speed, constant mesh
Curb weight: 203 kg (447 lbs)
Colors: Black/Silver or Silver/Black

For more details check out HDT's website HERE.


Follow a Canadian at the Dakar

Patrick Trahan is a Canadian hailing from Montreal. He's doing something that many people have have tried but relatively very few have done - he's going to compete in the Dakar on a motorcycle.

His number is #153 so keep an eye on the TV coverage for him.

You can also check out his BLOG or follow him on FACEBOOK.

His bike looks fantastic! Good luck Patrick! We'll be watching and rooting for you.

* Photo courtesy Patrick Trahan's Blog


Rally Connex Adventure Tours 2010 Dacre Dual Sport Challenge Announcement

Off-road riders rejoice! The Paris to Dacre off-road race is on again for 2010. Better sign up early because this event it POPULAR!

Press Release:

A date has been confirmed for the 2010 Dacre Dual Sport Challenge. Mark your calendars for June 25-27.

Online registration will open March 6th for teams with a minimum of one team member who has taken part in a previous Dacre event. Registration will open to the general public on March 20th.

Teams must be comprised of three to five members ONLY. Teams will not be recognized until all members have registered and paid via paypal. (Team Captains can register and pay for all team members if desired)

Rally Connex reserves the right to close registration without prior warning, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Note: The 2008 event sold out in 12 hours!

Details will soon be available on plus discussion forums on and


New video from VRide TV

Jeff over at VRideTV has a new high quality video posted and this one is something a little different than his usual. He still manages to get a little footage of him on his V-Rod crusing around in beautiful BC, but this time he also gets to become the passenger in a Cesna 172 plane.

He gets on board in Squamish and films during a flight to Whistler, British Columbia. The passenger door of the plane was removed for filming, allowing for an unobstructed view of the incredible scenery. It'll make you say "Wow!"

Some of the points of interest featured are, Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, Howe Sound, Lake Lovely Water, Tantalus Provincial Park, Black Tusk, Whistler Village, both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, the Barrier lava dam and Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Hope you enjoy!

Here's a link to the video below but don't forget to check out all Jeff's video's on VRideTV.


Canadian - Don Hatton takes #4 spot in Morocco Rally

Don Hatton, Canada’s own international motorcycle racer has finished in fourth place in the Enduro class in the 2009 NPO Shamrock Rally de Maroc (Rally of Morocco).

The rally ran over six days, 2650 kilometers in total distance with nearly 2000 kilometers of that under race conditions. Through rock, sand, dunes the size of small office buildings and scorching heat in 40 degree Celsius range Don dug deep mentally and physically to complete the rally

These words from Don:

“I just could not overcome the time difference between myself and third place. The only way I could have caught him was for him to have a problem. I did catch up and pass him at one point in the Rally only to lose the gain when we hit a really rocky stretch forcing me to slow to a snails pace.”

“I am not disappointed with my finish in anyway, I had to really dig in and work to achieve what I did, my navigation went very well. I did make a couple of minor navigation errors but nothing serious, my only real problem in the Rally was the limits created by the lack of suspension on the stock KTM690 Enduro. I believe with better suspension I could have won my category.”

“I was a little caught off guard by the heat in stage 2 however after a short rest in the desert I recovered enough to finish well that day. After that I wore a few less Items of clothing. “

“In any case I did finish and finished in a respectable position. “

Comments (1)

Don Hatton finishes stage 4 of the 2009 Morocco Rally !

Don Hatton is still going strong after stage four of the 2009 Morocco Rally.

“Don had a good ride today” Natalie Hatton, Don’s wife, commented.

The race has been grueling. “ Rocks, rocks and more rocks” Don says. Stage 4 of the race was treacherous enough for the organizers to issue a warning to the racers regarding unmarked holes in the course.

Attrition among the competitors is rising. Don’s team mate and fellow Canadian rider Rick Hatswell is out of the race with a broken leg suffered during stage 3 of the rally. Another of his team mates David Dickinson is reported injured in stage 4 with a broken sternum.

Stage three’s extremely high heat along with the extensive racing in sand dunes caused Don to have heat stroke. Although it did not require medical attentions it caused a delay as he sought relief from the heat by using his KTM 690 for shade from the hot Moroccan sun. Don’s comment is “it was fun and challenging”


Canadian - Don Hatton - starts 5th in the 2009 Morocco Rally

Don Hatton will be starting fifth in the Enduro class out of approximately fifty plus motorcycle competitors on the second day of competition in the 2009 NPO Shamrock Rally de Maroc (Shamrock Rally of Morocco).

“Rocks, rocks and more rocks. And we are not talking pebbles here” Don says. Due to the rough terrain Don has re-injured his hand and twisted his knee. He has been cleared by officials to continue racing tomorrow.

Don is being challenged by both the terrain, and some teething problems on his KTM 690 Enduro race bike. His bike has had some recurring electrical gremlins associated with the installation of the navigation equipment and with the suspension set up during day one. But the team mechanics are working hard to correct the problems.

As Don is competing in the Enduro class his bike must remain as close to factory stock condition as allowed under the NPO rules. That poses some limitations on components such as the suspension and engine as compared to a Don’s race prepared Dakar KTM

“This is the right bike for this race” Don says of the KTM."

UPDATE - According to the Rally Raid report on DestinationDakar Don's not so happy with his basically stock KTM 690 for this race now that he's had some time on it. He feels that it's not the right bike for the race. They made some suspension adjustments though and he's hoping it'll be better for the upcoming stages.


More news about Scooter Sense "Almost World Tour"

If you haven’t already heard or are wondering what Motorcycle Experience - Scooter Sense segment host Bryan Hudgin’s Twitter feed has been referring to lately, we’re just about to shoot the second season of “Scooter Sense” for the next season of TSN’s “A Motorcycle Experience”. The concept this time around? The aptly titled, “Scooter Sense Almost World Tour: Big City Lights and Camp Fire Nights”. Bryan will be going on a good old fashioned road trip with his trusty Yamaha BWs125 scooter for 3 days. He’ll be going from Montreal, to Ottawa, to Kingston and finally landing in Toronto with a bunch of stops in between.

The rules of engagement? No money, a $25 gas card, a stack of t-shirts, a tent for camping and a mission to spread the scooter gospel. His cell phone is rigged to the Yamaha corporate Twitter account, so he’ll be updating frequently along the way. You can follow along from each of Yamaha’s motorcycle or snowmobile blogs or search for “YamahaMotorCa” to follow with your Twitter account.

Bryan says that he would love to have any fans and riders join him along the way, which is we’re posting a tentative itinerary below. Keep in mind, this is a pretty complicated beast to organize and shooting TV can always take longer than expected, so things can change really quickly. We will be changing things throughout this week and during the trip but we wanted to get you up to speed to keep you in the loop. You’ll need to check back with Bryans blog fairly frequently to stay on top of our shooting locations!

Having said all of that, if you come out to support the tour, Bryan will give you a limited edition “Scooter Sense Almost World Tour” t-shirt for your troubles (while his limited supply lasts). Of course he may use it to trade you for food though!!

Here is the current tour schedule as posted on Bryan’s blog.

Day One – Sunday October 4th

- 8:30am to 9:00am at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium
Feature 1 – The last breakfast! From now on in - no money, just a gas card, a tent and t-shirts for the next 3 days. Can you eat cotton?
- 9:00 depart for Chateau Montebello via Hwy 15N and Route 50W
- 10:30am to 11:00am at Chateau Montebello gates.
Feature 2 - Unfortunately, I won’t be sleeping at the Chateau Montebello, but it is a scenic place for a stop!
- 11:00am depart for Ottawa via Cty Rd 17 & Regional Rd 174W
- 12:30am to 3:30pm at Ottawa at the Parliament buildings.
Feature 3 – I’ll do my best to recruit some government leaders to chat about the benefits of scooters! Heck we pay their salary, it’s the least they could do, right??
- 3:30 depart for loyal “A Motorcycle Experience” viewer Bruce & Jan Haskin’s home via Hwy 7W and Hwy 15
- 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Portland.
Feature 4 - Meet the Haskins! Set up camp for the night!

Day Two – Monday October 5th

- 8:00am to 8:30am at Haskin Home in Portland.
Feature 5 – Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Bruce leads the convoy down Cty Road 10 to Kingston, the old hometown!
- 8:30am depart for Kingston
- 10:00am to 12:00pm at Queens University Kingston
Feature 6- Math quiz! Who can figure out a scooter’s gas mileage the quickest? Shouldn’t have any problems finding any scholar’s here
- 12:00pm depart for Shannonville via Hwy 2
- 1:30pm at Shannonville
Feature 7 – What are my lap times? Face off against some road racing veterans!
- 3:00pm depart for Sandbanks Provincial Park via Cty Rd 49
- 5:00pm to 7:30pm at Sandbanks Provincial Park

Feature 8 - Set up camp. Dinner of champions over the open fire.

Day Three - Tuesday October 6th

- 8:00am to 8:30am Sandbanks morning in Prince Edward County.
Feature 9 - How was the sleep? How was breakfast? Where are we off to?
- 8:30am depart for Port Hope via Loyalist Pkwy and Hwy 2
- 10:00am to 10:30am at Port Hope
Feature 10 – Fuel Stop. How much money have I spent on gas?
- 10:30am depart for Toronto via Regional Rd 9, Taunton Rd and Hwy 7
- 12:00pm to 3:30pm at Toronto
Feature 11 – Group Ride with Toronto Scooter Club. These guys are hardcore!
Feature 12 – Hit the showers!! Cap it all off!

Anyone wishing to join us along the way are more than welcome! The more the merrier!

Please ensure you check back regularly to Bryan’s blog and the Twitter feed as things will be changing constantly.


Two Harley's in the Great White North

European Harley Davidson specialists' W&W Cycles from Germany took on an unusual challenge recently. Their motorcycles of choice - a 1948 Panhead and custom 2006-model Shovelhead.

The challenge - they rode the bikes up the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The resulting photo essay is quite remarkable. -57 celsius at points with wind chill! -35 without.

Yes, folks that's cold - even for Canadian's!

Check out the full photo essay HERE.

Photo courtesy W&W


May 9th, 2009 - Training Day - Cobourg Ontario

Get yer GPS ready because Rallyconnex is having a Training Day.

Spring Training – Start Location – Orange Motorsports in Baltimore (just north of Cobourg on Hwy 45)

Sign in starts at 8 am. While the GPSs are being loaded we will do a brief classroom session consisting of a brief GPS training, bike set-up and riding techniques. Note the classroom session has been shortened this year so that we can spend more time on the bikes. You will then follow a GPS route to the off road training center. Dress warm during the morning ride, and then shed a layer or two when we get to the training area.

Once there we will split into small groups based on ability and bike size and rotate through several technical training sessions. Sessions include: emergency gravel braking, handling ruts, log crossings, off-camber maneuvers, single track trail, water crossings, low speed jumps, and the ever popular barrel runs. Lunch will again be provided. Afternoon sessions concentrate on off-road riding technique training and practice, before returning to the start via another GPS route. All sizes of bikes are welcome and there are “stock tire” and “aggressive tire” routes to choose from. This event is the perfect way to shake out the cobwebs from a long winter, and learn some new techniques. As usual, the event is fully supported with sweep riders and support truck. There will be space for any bulky luggage in the trailer.

Training day is held the day before Mother’s Day. In honour of our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends, this event will be a fundraiser for the 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Riders from previous years will know that this is the fourth year that Lynda Burnett and her sister Laura Murray will walk in the 60 km event. Proceeds will be donated to team T.W.I.N.S. (Transforming Walking Into New Strength). There will also be pink ribbon merchandise available for sale for Mother’s Day gifts, and Gatorade and Power Bars will also be for sale for donations.

All entries are made through our secure Paypal links on our website. Pre-entry is encouraged, to secure yourself some lunch!

Go to or email us at


4,500 kilometers on a 49cc scooter!

How far would you think you could reasonably go riding 2-up on a 49cc scooter (2-up is just another way of saying 2 people on the same scooter)?  A few hundred kilometers maybe?

Well - a young Canadian couple recently went on a ride that might just destroy your image of what's possible on a 49cc scooter.  On September 2, 2008 they set out from Vancover, BC and started heading east.  Where did they stop?

Eleven days after their journey began they stopped in Barrie, Ontario.  That's about 4,500 kilometers just in case you're wondering.  

Their vehicle of choice was a 49cc 2007 Yamaha C3 scooter! I think that might possibly be some kind of a record.  

The top speed of a scooter isn't terribly fast, particularly on hills, and with two riders on board. Be sure to read the daily logs.  There's some pretty humurous stuff in there.

Some key facts about the trip:

Money spent on Gas = $153.76
Liters of Gas bought = 115.68
Kilometers traveled = 4486kms
Average gas consumption = 109 MPG or 2.58litres/100kms

See all the crazy adventures unfold on their website. They've made some posts about each day of the adventure and posted some pictures and video.  

Check it out!


2009 Dakar - OLN only

The 2009 Dakar is drawing near and starting on January 3rd through 18th, 2009 you'll be able to see some of the action. Better tune in to the OLN channel though because they'll be the only place to see it on TV here in Canada.

Here's a quote from the OLN website:

"For the first time in its history, the legendary Dakar Rally will head to South America for a new terrain and new challenges in the off-road rally discipline. As the exclusive Canadian broadcaster, OLN will bring viewers daily coverage of the rally throughout the event. Participants will travel through Argentina and Chili in a nine thousand-kilometre loop from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso and back again."

Photo courtesy of OLN. For more details about the programming check out OLN's website here.


Vacation with BMW

BMW fans attended a World of BMW Experience in record numbers in 2008, and with 2009 fast approaching the German manufacturer is aiming to boost numbers of riders who choose to take a trip with them even higher.

I don't see any Canadian dates listed but there are certainly no shortage of interesting places they are going.

Here's bit of BMW Newsletter with details on the events that are planned for 2009 so far:

BMW Off Road Skills
Facilities at the spectacular Walters Arena Park in Wales are second to none, offering 4,000 acres of terrain and trails to suit all abilities. You will be taught or guided by an experienced team of skilled BMW instructors, headed by six-times Dakar Rally competitor Simon Pavey. This year's range of experiences has been extended to ensure there is something for everyone - from beginners to experienced off-roaders.

In addition to the Level One, Level Two, Day In The Dirt and Brecon Beacons Discovery courses we ran in 2008, next year also sees two new activities for BMW Off Road Skills: a 'Level 3 Enduro Skills' course on BMW's new G 450 X - designed to train and prepare riders for the challenges faced in enduro racing; and an all new 'Adventure Maintenance Skills' course - designed to teach the basic skills for maintaining your bike when travelling.

BMW Off Road Skills courses for 2009 include:

Off Road Skills Level One:
March 05-06; 08-09; 20-21; 22-23; 28-29 (ladies only)
April 10-11; 12-13; 24-25; 26-27
May 07-08; 10-11; 16-17 (ladies only); 22-23; 24-25
June 26-27; 28-29
July 09-10; 12-13; 30-31
August 02-03; 21-22; 23-24
September 10-11; 13-14; 25-26; 27-28
October 08-09; 11-12

Off Road Skills Level Two:
08-09 March
12-13 April
10-11 May
12-13 July
13-14 September
11-12 October

Off Road Skills Level Three:
05-06 March
10-11 April
07-08 May
09-10 July
10-11 September
08-09 October

A Day In The Dirt:
07 March
09 May
11 July
01 August
12 September
10 October

Brecon Beacons Discovery:
04-05 April
04-05 July
05-06 September

Adventure Maintenance Skills:
24 March
28 April
26 May
30 June
25 August
29 September

The following BMW models available to ride at Off Road Skills in 2009:
Level One G 650 Xcountry / G 650 Xchallenge / F 650 GS / F 800 GS / R 1200 GS
Level Two G 650 Xcountry / G 650 Xchallenge / F 650 GS / F 800 GS / R 1200 GS / HP2
Level Three G 450 X only
Day in the Dirt G 650 Xcountry / G 650 Xchallenge / F 650 GS / F 800 GS / R 1200 GS / HP2 / G 450 X
Brecon Beacons Discovery G 650 Xcountry / G 650 Xchallenge / F 650 GS / F 800 GS / R 1200 GS
Adventure Maintenance Participants will work on a variety of BMW motorcycles

For further information on BMW Off Road Skills or for advanced booking please call 08000 131 282.

BMW Rider Training
BMW Rider Training is managed by Double Guinness World Record Holders Kevin & Julia Sanders and is located on the edge of the beautiful Brecon Beacons. You can either learn new skills or learn from scratch from some of the highest-qualified instructors in the UK, riding some of the best biking roads in Britain on the latest models from BMW Motorrad. BMW Rider Training boasts a higher than average national motorcycle license pass rate.

Now is still the time 2009 is also a key year for anyone considering taking their bike test. With the new motorcycle test delayed until 30 March 2009, we expect demand for Direct Access courses to be higher than ever.

To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend booking as early as possible to secure your place on a course. We have also introduced a one-day Road Skills Introduction course for 2009, which is suitable for any riders wanting a health check on their riding. This can be done as a standalone day, or in conjunction with a BMW Off Road Skills Level One course. A new two-day CBT course has also been introduced for 2009, ideal for partners of riders attending a BMW Off Road Skills course (as both activities are based close to each other in South Wales).

BMW Rider Training courses for 2009 include:

Direct Access and CBT training
Dates confirmed at time of booking*

Road Skills Introduction
March 21; 27 (the 27th being a ladies only date)
April 25
May 23; 15 (the 15th being a ladies only date)
June 27
July 11
August 22
September 26

BMW Road Skills Level One - Refresher
March 7-8
April 4-5
May 2-3 (ladies only)
June 6-7
July 4-5
August 1-2
September 4-5 (ladies only)
October 3-4

BMW Road Skills Level Two - Intermediate
March 28-30
April 26-28
May 24-26 (ladies only)
June 28-30
July 26-28
August 30 Aug - 1 Sept (ladies only)
September 27-29
October 23-25

BMW Road Skills Level Three - Advanced
March 14-16
April 17-19
May17-19 (ladies only)
June 13-15
July 12-14
August 7-9 (ladies only)
September 13-15
October 11-13

BMW Individual Premium Training Dates confirmed at time of booking

*Courses run in conjunction with DSA test dates

For further information on BMW Rider Training or for advanced booking please call 08000 131 282.

BMW Tours

For 2009 there is an extensive selection of BMW Tours for road riders and a selection offering off-road riding too. Locations range from Northern France and a trip to Monza for the Italian round of the World Superbike Championship, to more exotic destinations such as South Africa and Morocco. Each tour is carefully designed to provide a two-wheeled trip of a lifetime, varying in length, mileage and terrain.

BMW Tours for 2009 include:
Discover South Africa 19 April - 01 May
New Roads to Morocco 22 April - 08 May
World Superbikes, Monza and the Italian Lakes 06 - 13 May
Ultimate BMW Test Ride 08 - 15 May
lster and the Northwest 200 15 - 19 May
Czech Republic, Tatra Mountains and Slovakia 31 May - 13 June
Icelandic Adventure 18 - 28 June
Fjords and Mountains of Scandinavia and Oslo 10 - 22 June
A BMW Tour de France 19 - 29 June
BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen 01 - 07 July
Tour Director's Luxury Selection 04 - 14 July
Battlefields of the Sommes and Ypres 23 - 27 July
Tour Director's Chateaux Selection 09 - 15 August
Splendour in Austria and the Black Forest 19 - 29 August
Tour of the Western Balkans 27 Aug - 11 Sept
Mediterranean Tour of Corsica and Sardinia September - TBC*
Mountains all the Way 05 - 13 September
Cadiz - Gateway to the Western World 24 May - 05 June
Moroccan Desert Adventure 27 Sept - 13 Oct
Exploring Tunisia and the Sahara Desert October - TBC*
Discover South Africa 18 - 29 October

* Dates to be announced - subject to confirmation of 2009 ferry dates and the 2009 World Superbike calendar


Join the Dakar in South America!

GlobeBusters - Motorcycle Expeditions is offering the adventure trip of a lifetime.

The Dakar South America trip runs from 28 December 2008 to 22 January 2009. The tour is led by GlobeBusters founder and BMW Motorrad UK's Rider Training Director, Kevin Sanders and is also planned to support Simon Pavey, the UK Director for BMW Off Road Skills. This will be Simon's seventh Dakar Rally, and his knowledge of the rally will provide a unique insight for tour participants.

Here's the story straight from GlobeBusters:

This is your chance to participate in a truly one-off event. Supporting GlobeBusters sponsored rider and Race to Dakar star, Simon Pavey, we bring you a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and thrills of the legendary Dakar Rally when it is held for the first time ever in South America.

No other UK motorcycle adventure company knows South America with the depth of knowledge than the team at GlobeBusters and combined with insight of the race provided first hand by Dakar veteran, Simon Pavey, this makes for simply the best tour that Dakar fans could wish for.

Your personal bike will be shipped over to Buenos Aires ready for you to follow stages of this epic race. The Latin Americans are passionate about motorsport and a good party, so the atmosphere will be electric. You will be there to celebrate the 2009 New Year with Simon Pavey and GlobeBusters founder, Guinness World Record Holder, Kevin Sanders in one of the top tango bars in Buenos Aires, before seeing the start of the race leave from the City. We follow, hot on its heels, out along the world's widest road and towards the Andes Mountains!

Over the next two weeks, we will ride to coincide with certain sections of the race to support Simon Pavey as he battles his way on a BMW G650 X Challenge (specially prepared by Touratech) through the hard core, extreme challenges set by the Dakar. This includes arriving in Valparaiso for the official rest day, and returning back to Buenos Aires for the official finish, as well as soaking up local culture, sights, food and drink en route. Blazing orange deserts, breathless high altitudes, shimmering salt flats, ancient volcanoes will all be the incredible backdrop to this amazing ride.

Detailed itineraries will not be available for this trip until just prior to the trip. However, with our detailed knowledge of South American routes, we can envisage that the Rally will take advantage of great desert riding in the north of Chile and also the spectacular heights of the Northern Andes where riding at altitudes of 5,000 metres is possible. A loop into the remote wilderness of Patagonia may also be on the cards. Whichever route the Dakar takes, rest assured that the GlobeBusters team have ridden there before and can lead you expertly you through this amazing continent.

This is a "ride hard, play hard" trip, with days of up to 600 miles and some wilderness rough camping to be close to the nightly rally bivouacs, so you can soak up the intensity of the race at close quarters. But this will also be combined with some of the best hotels and top eating places that Argentina can offer.

For more details contact GloberBusters - Motorcycle Expeditions


Irish motorcycle tourist traveling around the world

A motorcyclist from Ireland is touring the world aboard his trusty Aprilia 650 (a clone of the popular BMW 650 single - but not available in Canada). He's not tackling the entire globe all at once, choosing instead because of budget to do it in sections.

Paddy Tyson mentions in a conversation with a Bugle Observer reporter in Woodstock, New Brunswick that New Zealanders are typically known as some of the friendliest in the world; hospitality that he's been lucky enough to experience first-hand. But, his trip through the Maritime provinces of Canada have made him reconsider this ranking. He's said that Maritimers are the most hospitable people he has ever met in his life. "Here I am just stunned by the hospitality" said Tyson.

Hailing from County Fermanagh, the westernmost of the six counties that form Northern Ireland. He has already toured extensively throughout northern Europe. Tyson's current leg is one of the long ones. He'll be traveling through North, Central, and South America. He's already done the Australia, New Zealand, and Philippines portions of the trip.

He's a bit of a magnet for attention on his Aprilia 650 since it's not available in Canada. Not only that though, its yellow Great Britain registration plate, big Ireland sticker, and twin auxiliary tanks that allow a 600 km range is all the conversation starter that's necessary.

The bike certainly attracted some attention in Halifax, where he landed in Canada. It took five days to clear customs there. He became quite a familiar fixture in the office in fact, staying from 9-5 each day. Luckily the hospitality made up for some of that unpleasantness!

He's traveling with a $50 a day budget and trying to camp whenever possible and in the Maritimes at least he's done quite well with that budget, having been offered places to stay, meals, cups of tea, and plenty of helpful advice and conversation.

His impressions of Canada so far includes "trees, trees, trees and more trees!" Welcome to Canada!


Some packing tips from Honda Canada

With the announcement of the Varadero and CBF1000 coming to Canada a few months back Honda launched a website - It does have some good tips for those looking for some adventure.

One particularly good series of tips they offer is on packing for a trip. So, courtesy of Honda Canada here's a little list to consider when you're planning your next overnight (or longer) motorcycle adventure:

1. Download our recommended gear list.
2. Lay everything out on the floor before putting it in the bike. Then put half of it back. Less is usually more.
3. Keep all of your gear to a weight within the bike’s total recommended cargo capacity including passengers. And don’t forget to check the weight restrictions of your panniers too.
4. Put your clothes, toiletry kit, towel, chargers, and stuff to put in a tent or motel room in your one of your panniers. Once you unload, you can use it for groceries & supplies later.
5. Tools, first aid kit, tire pump, extra parts, oil, or the things you won’t need (hopefully) go in the other pannier.
6. Stuff you want to access on the ride can go in your tank bag. Things like camera, phone, leatherman, flashlight, camelbak, food, extra gloves, owners book, insurance & registration cards.
7. On long adventures, get a top box and store your camping gear inside.
8. Place similar items inside the same small bag. It’s a good idea for each bag to be a different colour. So, for example, shirts go in the light blue bag. This makes it easy to find the stuff you want.
9. Get a laundry bag for dirty stuff and a drying bag for stuff that is clean but wet.
10. Space counts. Use every centimeter, like inside shoes and socks.
11. Don’t stuff your jacket with stuff. You need to remain aerodynamic and flexible.