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New book from Jeremy Kroeker

Check out the new book from Canadian motorcyclist and author Jeremy Kroeker. Well known for his first book Motorcycle Therapy: A Canadian Adventure in Central America. His newest book is titled: Through Dust and Darkness - A Motorcycle Journey of Fear and Faith in the Middle East.

It's published by Rocky Mountain Books and according to them Jeremy Kroeker is a Mennonite with a motorcycle. When his seemingly unflinching faith in a Christian worldview begins to shift, Kroeker hops on his bike to seek answers from another perspective. After shipping his ride to Europe, Kroeker discovers that the machine wobbles back and forth worse than his own opinions about spirituality. Still, he caries on, oscillating through Europe—Germany, Austria, Croatia, Albania—and into the Middle East - Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and, ultimately, Iran.

It is there, in the theocratic nation of Iran, that Kroeker finds himself on a forbidden visit to a holy Muslim Shrine. Once inside, invisible hands reach into his chest and rip from his heart a sincere prayer, his first in many years. And God hears that prayer. For before Kroeker can escape Iran, God steals into his hotel room one night to threaten him with death. At least, that's one way to look at it.

In the end, Kroeker comes to accept uncertainty. What does he really know anyway? He may always fear a God that he can't explain. Perhaps if he keeps riding, one of these days God will speak clearly. And that frightens him, too.


Husqvarna Motorcycles - Standard & Racing 1903-1964

Husqvarna history buffs should enjoy this book from a former employee of the Swedish Husqvarna company.

It's not really clear from the website but Google Translator tells me that the book includes both Swedish and English text. Approximately 400 illustrations. 256 pages all in black / white. Protective Cover for 4-color glossy laminated. Format: 240 x 270 mm.

Full details:

As one of the world’s oldest and most well known motorcycle manufactures, Husqvarna Motorcycles is steeped in heritage. Now the incredible early history of the iconic Swedish brand is told in a beautiful hardback book entitled Husqvarna Motorcycles, Standard & Racing 1903-1964.

Looking back to the manufacture’s first steps into motorcycle production, author Dane Glantz – a former employee of the Swedish Husqvarna company – has passionately compiled detail information on Husqvarna’s history, split into three periods.

The four stroke period covers the years 1903-1936. Well known for producing meat-mincers, sporting guns, sewing machines and bicycles, Husqvarna launched their motorvelociped – a bicycle with small engine – in 1903. By analysing technical data and drawings, the evolution of this first model is explained thoroughly.

The two stroke period from 1931-1964 documents the introduction of smaller two-stroke engines. This chapter details the period when the 98cc lightweight motorcycles, the Blackmil, Redmill, Dream Bike, Silver Arrow and the Gold Arrow were introduced. Here the book has comprehensive facts and descriptions of all models.

Finally the book looks at The Competition Period, from 1922-1935. This section exclusively describes the racing machines that made Husqvarna famous the world over. From hill climbs, ice track, record attempts, dirt track racing and Husqvarna’s TT-machines, technical descriptions and illustrations show the motorcycles in great detail.

The 256-page book “Husqvarna Motorcycles Standard & Racing 1903-1964” is written in both Swedish and English, a must read for all those with a firm interest in Husqvarna’s legendary heritage.

For further information about the book "Husqvarna Motorcycles, Standard & Racing 1903-1964 (ISBN 91-975178-6-0) mail to: daneteknikinfocom



Deal on WhiteHorse Press books/movies in time for Christmas!

Order any four books and/or videos before midnight on Sunday, December 1st, and receive the least expensive one absolutely free! (Enter EN1443 in the Comments field during checkout and we will manually adjust the cost of your least expensive choice when we download your order from our website.)

It goes without saying that books and movies make great gifts. Put your favorites on your "wish list" for the holidays and buy one for your riding buddies to enjoy as well.

Visit the WhiteHorse Press bookstore:



New books from WhiteHorse Press

A couple new books from the fine folks at WhiteHorse Press that might interest you if you're planning a trip to Colorado bonus if you're going to buy a vintage motorcycle to do the trip on!

The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado:

There are other places in the world where motorcycle enthusiasts can ride into rarified air at timberline past snow-capped peaks, or deep into rock-filled desert canyons, or along a big river in a fertile glacial valley, or across open plains and rangeland to the far horizon. That you can do all of this in one day, if not in a morning, is Colorado’s special allure.

The first truly comprehensive book for this motorcycling paradise contains colorful in-depth descriptions of 172 different rides that can be combined in a variety of ways to create the best trips for all riding styles and interests. Though the emphasis throughout the book is on the ride itself, either on-road or off, historical background is given for the many ghost towns, abandoned mines, railroads, and historic sites that are inevitably encountered along the way.

Each ride is mapped individually, with regional maps showing how the rides can be combined to form journeys from half a day to several days in length. The many color photos introduce you to the incredible variety of terrain found in Colorado and show why riding here is on almost every motorcyclist’s must-do list. An interesting feature of the book is its use of historical photos, placed next to present-day shots of the same location, which show how much (or how little) has changed in the intervening years.

Any motorcyclist who enjoys the ride as much or more than the destination will be drawn to Colorado. Riders who are lucky enough to live in the Colorado area, as well as those visiting from afar, will find this book a unique and indispensable resource.

The Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide - 2011/2012 Edition

The vintage motorcycle market is alive and vibrant, with more and more enthusiasts buying and selling vintage bikes—some for investment and some for pure enjoyment. This annual Guide includes comprehensive data for dozens of brands from the U.S. and around the world, from Ace to Zundapp. It covers all models for the years 1901 through 1996.

Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the Guide opens with an overview of which bikes are hot and which are not, with commentary by vintage motorcycle experts on why prices are changing as they are. It also includes a guide to show how each price grade is defined and how to recognize which grade a particular bike belongs in. Prices are derived from actual sales between knowledgeable enthusiasts and are given for six quality grades, ranging from rat-bike to like-new.

Unlike price guides used by insurance companies to establish motorcycle values, this Guide is based on actual purchase prices tallied from recent auctions and major motorcycle exchange meets.

Printed in a handy pocket-size, this is the perfect companion to have with you at the next motorcycle auction or when you find that rare specimen in the farmer’s barn. Just one insight gained from this price guide on your next sale or purchase will earn back many times the book’s cost.


25th anniversary edition Canadian ATV, Motorcycle, and Snowmobile Specification Manual Set For Release

All Seasons Publications Ltd. Is celebrating their 25th anniversary of providing Canadian Blue Books to the powersport industry by publishing their most ambitious specification manual to date.

The 25th anniversary edition Canadian ATV, Motorcycle, and Snowmobile  Specification Manual covers model years 1977 to 2011. That is 35 years of specifications all in one book.

This quick reference guide is ideal for mechanics and parts and service counters.

The spec book is published every 3 years by All Seasons, and this book is the 8th edition.

The company is taking pre-orders on the books now for distribution in September, 2011. Cost is $79.95 per book.

Here’s a look at what the book offers; this selection is from motorcycles in the 7th edition.

To pre-order, give All Seasons Publications Ltd. A call at 866 834 2850, or you can also order on their website


Ducati puts out a book "1098/1198: The Superbike redefined"

With the coming cold weather in Canada, if you can't ride it, you can at least read about it!  Ducati is promoting a new book about the 1098/1198 Superbikes. The book features plenty of pictures and information on the Ducati 1098/1198's. 

It includes interviews conducted by the author Marc Cook and editor David Bull, designer, engineer and manager, the book pays tribute to the excellence of Ducati technology as well as all the intelligence, humor, passion and dedication of those who helped conceive these amazing bikes.

A unique volume, complete with rich photographs illustrating in detail all the steps that lead to the creation of the most powerful and charismatic Ducati Superbike.

Details: Hardcover, 9" x 11", 176 pages, and beautifully presented with 267 color photographs and 39 illustrations.

Want to buy it?  More details are available HERE.


Motorcycle book for children - It beats the Wiggles.

Now here's a subject you might enjoy a little more than the Wiggles.  A book for children with a motorcycle theme.

New Children’s Book Revs Up Motorcycle Riding, Friendship, Respect and Safety

Bikers are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew: A Children's Book on Motorcycling is released by cartoonist, illustrator, author and motorcyclist Paul Jamiol.

Motorcycles have long been the definition of “cool.” Animals who ride motorcycles are no exception. This second book in a series of books on motorcycle-riding animals expands on the author’s first book, which introduced cartoon animals on cool motorcycles to show children and adults that riding a motorcycle is fun, and that those involved in the sport are intelligent and caring. New characters, new motorcycles and new stories bring the author’s message into focus.

Bikers Are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew introduces 12 new characters including Sketch, a grey wolf who brings a pad and pencil with him when riding; Leenah, a raccoon who often will go wherever her motorcycle takes her; GT Charlie, a muskrat who tunes not only his guitar before playing but also his motorcycle before riding; and Classik, a coyote whose favorite things are old motorcycles and talking with older critters about their riding days. Colorful cartoons of each character bring them vividly to life. 

In addition to reading about these motorcycle lovers, there is section at the end of the book where children can copy and color line drawings of some of the characters. A summary of motorcycle safety rules and tips given by the characters provides further instruction for children and adults.

Author Paul Jamiol, an avid motorcyclist, has been cartooning and illustrating for over 40 years. His work, published in magazines, newspapers and on the internet, has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally. This unique book, edited by Linda Habib, is the second in a series of children’s books (following the original book Bikers are Animals) featuring animals who love to motorcycles.

This 8.5"x11" Perfectbound book features full-color illustrations of the characters with their motorcycles, 38 pages and is printed in the U.S.A. by Dog Ear Publishing (ISBN:9781608446643). This one-of-a-kind, original children's book from Paul Jamiol is a great gift for any young child.

Available at

Or buy in it HERE:


New Winterhalder/De Clercq book slated for release December 1, 2010

Ed Winterhalder has a new book slated for release on December 1, 2010. We checked out the last collaboration between Winterhalder and De Clercq - The Assimilation - a book about the 1%'er life and a memoir based on the life and times of Winterhalder, a high-ranking member of the Bandido's. Back with something new for 2010, his new book takes a look at the stories of Harley Davidson riding women that he considers current royalty of North American female bikers.

Here's the full Press Release:

Biker Chicz of North America, the much-anticipated new book by Edward Winterhalder and Wil De Clercq, is slated for release on December 1, 2010. This is Winterhalder and De Clercq’s third non-fiction collaboration since the publication of their best seller, The Assimilation: Rock Machine Become Bandidos, in 2008, which has been translated into French and German.

Like The Assimilation, Biker Chicz of North America revolves around the culture of motorcycles and motorcycle personalities. But that’s where the similarity ends. It is quite a departure from the authors’ first book, which chronicled the vicious Montreal biker wars from 1994 to 2002. Biker Chicz of North America features women whose stories are meant to empower other women, whether they ride a motorcycle, are thinking about riding one, or simply want to know more about the lifestyle.

While each of the women featured in Biker Chicz of North America are unique and extraordinary in their own right, there are, not surprisingly, certain attributes they all have in common. In addition to being avowed Harley riders—and in many cases ambassadors for women’s motorcycling—they are successful, intelligent, freethinking, adventurous, risk takers, creative, inspiring, and tenacious.

“Our original intention was to focus on mainstream women motorcycle riders who are more or less the average girl next door. But somehow we ended up with women whom we consider to belong to the current royalty of North American female bikers. The only criteria we were looking for was that they had inspiring stories to tell and that they rode a Harley-Davidson,” said Winterhalder. “We are not Harley snobs by any means, but because Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the most identifiable and representative of the biker culture, we chose ‘America’s Freedom Machine’ as a common thread to lend continuity to our narrative.”

Winterhalder is one of the world’s leading authorities on motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle. The creator and executive producer of the Biker Chicz and Living on the Edge docu-reality series, he is a consultant to the entertainment industry for TV, feature film, and DVD projects that focus on the biker lifestyle. Winterhalder has appeared worldwide on television networks such as Bravo, Nat Geo (National Geographic), History Television, CBC, Global and the History Channel.

De Clercq has ghostwritten a number of successful books and is the co-author, along with enduro/rally rider Lawrence Hacking, of the MAX award winning To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle. De Clercq has been a dynamic force in the world of motorcycle journalism for more than twenty-five years.

Support CMR and buy it at a discount here:


WEC to distribute "Endurance" - the photo book

Do yourself a favor - if you like motorcycles, and can appreciate an amazing photo do check out this website we've linked to for some higher resolution samples of what you'll see in the book.

My motorcycle bookshelf is pretty packed, but I'd happily make some space for this one!

Press Release:

World Enduro Canada is pleased to announce they have agreed to be the Canadian Distributor for the incredible photo book Endurance by Theresa Ortolani. Theresa is an award winning photo journalist who followed her friend Nate Kanney around the world for 3 years to document his accomplishments in the GNCC and World Enduro Championships.

The book can be ordered online for $39.95 US and there are a limited number of autographed copies available for the first to order. You can order your copy HERE

"Endurance embraces the lifestyle that is off-road racing from the eye of the artist. Hundreds of beautiful photos explore every facet of off-road racing…. The book is really the first of it's kind and blurs the line between a full-blown moto-head book and art-house book." — Matt Ware, Racer X Magazine

"The same experiences we've poured out of our boots and tried in vain to relate to concerned family members come alive on the pages of Endurance, making it like no other moto-photo book I've seen." — Dan Paris, Direct Motocross

"…the best off-road lifestyle photography I've seen. Theresa Ortolani has captured the essence of an off-road racer's pain and glory in a great looking, great reading book." — Jesse Ziegler, Dirt Rider Magazine

"Award-winning photographer, Theresa Ortolani, spent three years covering the often bone-crushing danger and fierce brilliance of off-road motorcycle racing. With more than 150 largely full-page color gravures, Endurance offers an unparalleled glimpse into the sport and the careers of famed racers such as Nathan Kanney, Kailub Russell, David Knight and Anders Eriksson. " — Ernest Hilbert, Bauman Rare Books

Image courtesy Theresa Ortolani


Riding in the Zone - goes to second printing

We just got word from the fine folks at WhiteHorse Press that moto-journalist Ken Condon's new book and DVD combo, Riding in the Zone, has gone to second print.

It has garnered a host of rave reviews from journalists (including us!) and customers alike since first its publication in January. It's been a popular title amongst CMR readers.

In the words of WhiteHorse Press "Clearly, this is the hottest new riding skills book in years. It's no surprise to Whitehorse that our first printing has already sold out in record time. We knew that this innovative, highly visual book and DVD would be an instant bestseller among enthusiasts of all ages. The second printing is due in our warehouse in about two weeks."

Read our full review HERE.

Buy it here and support CMR.


Completely updated travel books from Whitehorse Press

Whitehorse Press is well known for publishing a wide range of fantastic books geared towards motorcyclists. Their motorcycle travel books dubbed the "Motorcycle Journeys Series" are MUST have guides for those planning or considering trips to destinations covered by them.

They've recently updated their bestseller "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Southwest - Second Edition by Marty Berke" and "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps and Beyond." The Alps and Beyond book with it's full color pictures of spectacular roads and attractions will surely have you dreaming of the countless rides of a lifetime documented within its covers.


Not only does this newest edition of John Hermann's Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and Beyond show you how to find every Alpine road you have ever heard or dreamed about, it will also get you to hidden road treasures that even the locals don't know about. Now covering more of Europe than any previous edition, John "King of the Alps" Hermann brings nearly 100 dream trips to life.

Hermann's fun-to-read text has been thoroughly refreshed, with many brand new trips including some in the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa mountain ranges. The maps now have mountain relief backgrounds to let you preview the exciting topography, and Hermann has added spectacular new pictures. All contact information has been updated.

The book first plants you in the middle of the Alps at the Swiss village of Andermatt, where every road is a traffic-free wonder. From there you can circle Mt. Blanc west across France to check out marvels such as the Grand Goulet as well as all the mountain climbs made famous on the Tour de France. You'll be more than tempted to try some of the highest passes in Europe such as the Col d'Agnel and wild single-lane tracks like La Bonette and Col de Lombard, only to finally twist over the Col de Braus to the Mediterranean with its beckoning towns and sun-filled beaches.

South from Andermatt the book highlights major pass roads leading down to breathtaking Italian finger lakes and the snaking roads between them. Or you can ride east from Andermatt to the mighty mountain roads around Davos and St. Moritz and Liechtenstein and the spectacular roads of the Italian Dolomites where you and fellow motorcyclists rule the roads and cafes and hotels. Motorcycle heaven.

Farther south is the mountainous Mediterranean isle of Corsica, tourist-free and chock full of fantastic motorcycle roads. Where they are and how to get there are all in this book. Plus all the wonders of the Pyrenees, almost as high as the Alps, half in France and half in Spain. And don't miss the little known Costa Verde (it is green) and the dominating towers and roads of the Picos de Europa, out west on the north Atlantic coast of Spain.

Anyone considering or dreaming of a European trip on two wheels, or four for that matter, needs this book. It has been the guidebook of choice since its first edition in 1993, and with good reason. Each trip has a detailed route description, easy-to-follow maps, places to stay, culinary hints, and unique photographs-all brought to life by Hermann's informed and witty narration. Local customs, history, and amusing travel stories help to enrich your journey.

Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 416 pages, full color illus and maps, USD $29.95. Copies are available at your local bookstore, dealer, or directly from the publisher, Whitehorse Press, 107 East Conway Road, Center Conway, NH 03813-4012. Telephone toll-free 800-531-1133 or visit their web site at

You can also get this book at a significant discount from retail (and support Canadian Motorcycle Rider at the same time!) via our Amazon store:


In this new, updated edition, motojournalist Marty Berke shows the way to the best scenic, curving roads the great American Southwest has to offer.

From favorite belt-notching rides like Pikes Peak Highway, the Million Dollar Highway, and Route 66, to small no-name two-lane delights that lead to places like Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon National Parks, unforgettable roads and adventures await those wanting to explore the “four-corner states” of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah on two wheels.

The book suggests 64 separate riding trips, each about a day in length, with seasoned advice on the best campgrounds, parks, scenic landmarks, and restaurants along the way. Topographical maps, clear directions, and plenty of photographs enhance Berke’s lively description of each ride.

This popular travel guide for motorcyclists captures all the grandeur and natural beauty of the region and introduces riders to places and sights they would never find on their own. Now completely updated, new generations of riders can enjoy the celebrated treasures as well as the little-known gems the region has to offer, refreshingly free of tourist traffic. For, as Marty says, “a journey, unlike a trip, is an opportunity for wandering and exploring new territory with all five senses."

Format: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, Pages: 320, Art: 144 b/w pictures and 92 maps, Price: $19.95. Copies are available at your local bookstore, dealer, or directly from the publisher, Whitehorse Press, 107 East Conway Road, Center Conway, NH 03813-4012. Telephone toll-free 800-531-1133 or visit their web site at

You can get this book at a significant discount from retail (and support Canadian Motorcycle Rider at the same time!) via our Amazon store


Give some Christmas cheer!

Thinking about what to get the motorcycle enthusiast on your Christmas list? We've been busily reading and reviewing books (which make an excellent gift by the way) and here's a few of our favorites:

Don't pay retail prices though - get them online via CMR's Amazon bookstore. The prices are heavily discounted from what you'd pay in the store and most books are eligible for Amazon's free shipping on orders over $39. So you can get them two books for the price of one! They'll think you're being extra generous!


Pulling a motorcycle trailer book

Press Release

Pulling Your Tail
A Primer on the Art of Motorcycle Trailering

Authors Jim Victor and Bill Brobst Publish Book about towing a trailer with a motorcycle.
Peterborough, ON, November 1, 2008

A Peterborough motorcyclist has published an updated reference book about motorcycles and the art of towing a trailer.

Mr. Victor has seized the opportunity to share his acquired knowledge and experience to answer all the questions, that he has received from customers and visitors to his website where he sells motorcycle trailer hitches.

Mr. Don Kralis, who conducts a forum on motorcycles and trailers says, “Jim Victor’s motorcycle primer Pulling Your Tail is a book that I wish that I had available to me when I started towing many years ago. It’s exactly the information a motorcyclist needs to learn the basics about towing a trailer behind a bike.”

The book has many ‘must and must-not, should and should-not’ tips for the Tail Puller. Mr. Victor has included many pictures to illustrate his points. Mr. Brobst says, “By putting all of this information together in one place, Pulling Your Tail fills a major void in motorcycle literature.”

Mr. Victor bought his first motorcycle from a neighbour for Ten Dollars. He was just seventeen and the bike was in pieces, in a cardboard box. He learned about the workings of a bike by putting it together and getting it to run. That was the beginning of his love of motorcycling. Fifty-one years later Victor is riding his 32nd bike. Both Victor and Brobst started pulling trailers with motorcycles at about the same time in 1976. Their book Pulling Your Tail is available online at .


New book - Zen and Now

We've just added a new book to the bookstore! Zen and Now: On the trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

It appears on page 29 of the bookstore page. Available at a substantial discount from the suggested retail price and it's eligible for Amazon's free shipping deal on orders over $39. Get it on Canadian Motorcycle Rider!

We'll be offering a review of the book in the coming weeks AND we may even get to do an interview with the author himself; Mark Richardson.

Here's a bit of information about the book:

Zen and Now is a vivid chronicle of a journalist’s heartfelt and determined journey to reconnect with a beloved American classic.

In 1968, Robert Pirsig and his eleven-year-old son, Chris, made the cross-country motorcycle trip that would become the inspiration for Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a powerful blend of personal narrative and philosophical investigation that has inspired generations.

Among the millions of readers to fall under the book’s spell was Mark Richardson, who as a young man struggled to understand Pirsig’s provocative and elusive ideas. Rereading the book decades later, Richardson, now a journalist and a father of two, was moved by its portrayal of Pirsig’s complex relationship with Chris and struck by the timelessness of its lessons. So he tuned up his old Suzuki dirt bike and became a “Pirsig pilgrim,” one of the legion of fans who retrace the Pirsigs’ route from Minneapolis to San Francisco. In following this itinerary over the lonely byways of the American West, Richardson revisits the people and places from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, pondering the meaning of Pirsig’s philosophy and the answers it may offer to the questions in his own life. Richardson’s dogged reporting also gives new insight into the reclusive writer’s life, exploring Pirsig’s struggle with mental illness, his unwanted celebrity, and the tragic, brutal murder of Chris in 1979.

Published to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of Pirsig’s original trip, Zen and Now is a stirring meditation on a classic work and a passionate inquiry into the lessons it continues to teach us in the complex and bewildering world we inhabit today.


Book Review - BMW Racing Motorcycles

BMW Racing Motorcycle - The Mastery of Speed

Written by Laurel C Allen and Mark Gardner, BMW Motorcycles reviews the long and interesting history of BMW. Beginning in the early 1900’s and moving all the way to present times. Back in the early days though BMW engineers were focused on airplanes, rather than the motorcycles or cars they’re famous for now.

There was even a period in the early days of BMW when the German company was relegated to making everything from tool boxes to office equipment when the Allies confiscated the assets of BMW. Things changed for BMW in 1923 after Max Friz spent four months designing the R32, the first BMW motorcycle, a 500cc horizontally opposed twin cylinder. Madonna reportedly just bought a fully restored one of this for her husband Guy Ritchie by the way. A lucky guy!

That’s just a hint of the fascinating history of BMW that you’ll read about in the beautifully illustrated book. It will be a welcome addition to the library of any motorcycle enthusiast, particularly those with a love of all things boxer!

It follows the designers of BMW’s machines and their riders. The riders racked up countless victories and secured a well earned and prestigious reputation of quality, and reliability for the Bavarian machines. It didn’t come without cost to the talented riders though. Motorcycling has inherent dangers but perhaps never as dangerous as those early years when racing fatalities were all too common place in the sport. BMW was no exception.

I can’t imagine anybody that likes motorcycles not taking enormous pleasure from the 130 full color illustrations and photos gathered in this 176 page, hardcover book. You’ll not only see and read about the early days of BMW; you’ll also learn what’s been happening in recent years at BMW and get up to date information as details on the 450 cc single that BMW is entering into AMA cross country Championships.

It’s full of interesting facts and details about BMW motorcycles. For example; did you know that in the late 90’s that BMW used what they called a Funduro F650 RR for the Paris Dakar that made 70 hp and actually displaced 700cc? How about in 2000 when an R 900 RR boxer was built to 900cc capacity for the Dubai Rally producing 90 hp? A 900cc boxer!

The audience for this book is likely somebody who either owns a BMW motorcycle or has a keen interest in the BMW marquee. The book is meticulously researched and written by Laurel C. Allen and Mark Gardiner and I can't say enough about those pictures! Laurel is the daughter of a two-time Canadian national championship, a racer herself, and now Senior Editor of Road Racer X magazine. Mark Gardiner was an Ad guy and amateur motorcycle racer when in 2002 quit his job, sold everything, and moved to the Isle of Mann to race in the TT! Whoah! He’s now a motojournalist and author.

The book is available through its Publisher Whitehorse Press for $29.95 USD. The book was published in 2008. It’s also available via the bookstore page of our site at a discount. It's on Page 28 and listed at $19.28 CDN and eligible for free shipping on orders over $39.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


The Longest Ride - My 10-Year 500,000 Mile Motorcycle Journey

I just finished up this book a few days ago and was frankly amazed. I am a fan of the Long Way Down/Round series but Emilio's journey makes that look like a trip to the corner store!

The book was not quite what I was expecting to be honest. I hadn't read too much about it before it arrived and I was expecting a novel format book - lots of writing and not many pictures to speak of. It's a hardcover book, and a hefty one at that - with dimensions slightly larger than the size of a printed page and over an inch thick. I thumbed through it and noticed it was full of pictures - hundreds of them, and worried that it was more of a picture book and might not have enough depth to hold my interest. Boy, was I wrong. Emilio is a fabulous story teller and it was tough to put the book down. It's a fascinating summary of 10 years of riding along with tons of pictures to illustrate. A great combination!

The author, Emilio Scotto, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His dream to travel around the world started when he was only eight years old and his mother bought him a world atlas. He said then that he would someday make a route that would pass through all the countries of the world. He began his professional career as a pharmaceutical salesman. Hardly a rich man who could afford to fund a 10 year journey, he couldn't even afford the motorcycle to get himself out on the road. Fate, karma, and a lot of luck helped him to get a black Honda 1100 Gold Wing that would come to be known as the 'black princess'.

That atlas and that motorcycle helped him to, in 1997, earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Recors as "the person who made the Longest Journey Around the World on a Motorcycle". It's a record that has not been surpassed. In fact, in 2000 Emilio was included in an international list of the 40 greatest explorers of humanity. Right up there with Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Neil Armstrong.

In 1985 he set out on a record-breaking world tour and wouldn't return until 1995 after he'd driven the equivalent of a round-trip to the moon. He ended up going around the world twice in fact. The journey started in his native South America, followed by Central America, Mexico, United States, and Canada. Then he moved on to Europe, the Soviet Union, and Africa. He later went to Tunisia, Libya, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone (where he had a dangerous encounter with cannibals!), Liberia, Congo, Zaire Mozambique,... the list goes on and on - He visited 279 countries and territories in all. You may want to have an atlas handy when you're reading this to watch his progress as he criss-crosses the world.

He was shot at, robbed, suffered serious illnesses, and thrown in jail six times. He took 90,000 photographs during the journey, over 200 of which make it into his amazing book.

Since his trip ended in 1995 you may be wondering what Emilio is up to now. He's planning another trip! This time he'll be taking a few more people along with him though. The journey is called Caravaan 2008.

Here's some additional details from Emilio regarding the event:

24 motorcyclists, both male and female, will travel with me around the world along all kinds of roads during approximately 225 days (7 month). The participants will be selected from many diferent countries and will travel approximately 100,000 km's. It'll produce 120 TV shows and one documentary.

CARAVAN is a television project, which has been also created for Internet and Telecom companies.

CARAVAN will use webcams, GPS, satellite communication, chatrooms, text messaging, cellular phones, email, digital video, and digital pictures to communicate with a worldwide audience looking for a new kind of entertainment.


6 continents
32 countries
2,760 cities and towns
2 oceans, 3 seas
1 high altitude lake
1 huge salt desert
10 mountain ranges
23 rivers and deserts

Emilio's goal is to have 24 motorcyclists, 10 all-terrain vehicles, 3 unimogs and 3 trucks be part of the Caravan. Total participants will be 110 including the production team. These numbers are subject to change though because Emilio would like for participants to have to pay nothing to be a part of the event - with costs rising to 16 million they need many sponsors though, so there may be some revisions to the format.

Emilio has sought to offer spots to people who are interested in going and they have been seeking registrants via the website. So far they've got over 2,150 people registered who would like to go along. You must be able to speak spanish. Darn! I'm out of the running!

You can pick up a copy of his book at booksellers everywhere or you can also purchase it, and hundreds of other motorcycle themed books, via Canadian Motorcycle Rider's bookstore here.