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Erik Buell Racing - EBR Nation Part 3

Erik Buell Racing has another installment of its "EBR Nation" video series.  Part three of the YouTube series focuses on EBR’s “Made in America” status. 

While that might not be a selling feature for many - Erik Buell Racing is clearly betting that this marketing pitch will resonate with some. For me - it's a cool feature to have a North American built and designed bike but it's still got to be exciting and appealing and be right up there with the best of what other nations are producing.  The EBR 1190RS seems to have those traits so the "Made in America" stuff is just a bonus to me.


Canadian Harley-Davidson XR1200 Cup builds up momentum

Atlantic Motorsports Park

Ruthless Racing Inc. rider, Darren James, was ecstatic after winning his first pole position of the season. Not because of the achievement of besting Steve Crevier, but more for the pride of meeting his commitment to crew chief, Dave Murphy. “I told Dave I was gonna get him a watch,” (the Tactical Products Canada Luminox watch for winning the pole position in Saturday’s qualifying session). “Dave has been with me for 11 years now, and the team has had such a tough time; I think he really deserves this,” James added.

Series leader and MotoSport Plus of Kingston rider, Steve Crevier, qualified for second position, only 0.201 of a second behind James, with Privateers Harley-Davidson-sponsored Cody Matechuk a close third.

Sunday morning was welcomed by slate grey skies, but the mood in the Shubenacadie paddock could not have been brighter. The stage was set for the final, and Ruthless Racing Inc. rider, Darren James, could not have been happier. He had not only set the track record in the Harley-Davidson XR1200 Cup, but he had also managed to place his Buell 1125R bike onto the Pirelli Tire Superpole in the Superbike Class, a first in his years of trying.

As the day progressed, the skies cleared, and the big Harley-Davidson XR1200 motorcycles were staged for the final on the challenging 2,560-km Atlantic Motorsports Park track. With the start lights darkened, Crevier and Matechuk had shot off, jostling for position going into the first corner with Crevier gaining a slight advantage. James was hot on their heels with J. R. McRae, Chris Harmon, and Samuel Proulx in a three-way battle behind the lead trio.

Crevier held on to a narrow margin in the lead, and Matechuk hounded the veteran at every corner; showing him a wheel at every turn. James continued his solid run in third, and had the best seat in the house to watch the battle in front of him. Behind them, a long train of Harley-Davidson XR1200 bikes had their own war.

By lap five of the 16-lap event, Vision Harley-Davidson rider, Chris Harmon, jumped ahead of McRae and Sherbrooke Harley-Davidson rider, Samuel Proulx.

The battle for the lead waged on for another six laps, with Crevier and Matechuk banging through the corners, until Matechuk’s race came to a sputtering halt as he pulled the Harley® bike to the side of the track, the victim of an electrical problem. With Matechuk out, Crevier romped to the win with James taking second and Chris Harmon finishing a brilliant ride to take third. Samuel Proulx managed to hold off Ruthless Racing Inc. rider, J.R. McRae, for the fourth spot, while Trev Deeley Motorcycles-sponsored Ov Spilbourghs took sixth. With his podium finish, Chris Harmon was the winner of the Performance Under Gear Performer of the Race Award.

After the race, Crevier commented, “I have to thank Pete Snell for all his hard work to make this happen, I don’t let him out from under that canopy all weekend, and he just works so hard to keep me going.” He added, “I made a bit of a rookie mistake on the start line [by] leaving my visor up, but I wasn’t letting go of the handlebars for nothing.”

With this win, Crevier holds a solid 21-point advantage over Matechuk: 208 points to 187.

The next round of the Harley-Davidson XR1200 Cup will be a doubleheader weekend. This final contest of the season will be held at the Mosport International Raceway in Bowmanville, Ontario, on August 20 and 21.


EBR 1190RS Price and Specs published

According to information released on Erik Buell Racing's snazzy new website, you'll have to pay $39,999 US to pick up one of just 100 EBR 1190RS bikes they intend to produce. Add another 4 grand if you want the carbon edition.

The bike pumps out 175 hp @ 9750 rpm and peak torque is 97 ft-lbs @ 9400 rpm.  Wet weight, but without fuel, is just 389 lbs (176 kg).  Those are some pretty good numbers.

It's also exciting to see that there's plans for future models strictly names the RX, SX, and AX at the moment.

Hopefully people with hefty bank accounts will snap these up and help finance future growth for Buell.


Mythbusters - test the BMW S1000RR tablecloth trick

Remember that BMW S1000RR commercial where they pulled a tablecloth out from under some plates?  No? Well, here's a little refresh for you below.  Think they incorporated some tricks to accomplish that feat?  The popular TV program, Mythbusters wanted to see if they could duplicate it.

Admittedly, they didn't try it with a BMW S1000RR though, instead they've used a Erik Buell Racing bike - a modified 1125R.

To see if they bust the myth check it out HERE:


Erik Buell - new street model coming soon?

Erik Buell hasn't been sitting around doing nothing since his departure from Harley Davidson.  He's been heavily involved in racing.  And with his non-compete clause end date drawing closer, details are slowing emerging about a new road going first bike from Erik Buell's new company; an 1190S road bike.

Catch the latest "official" video here:


Is Buell returning with a street bike?

Is Erik Buell ready to return to the streets once his contractual obligations are lifted and he's once again allowed to compete with Harley Davidson again?

If Internet rumor and a recently surfaced video are to believed, he may be readier than you might think.

A video showing a Buell 11900RR race bike fitted with indicators and cooling fan have been fueling rumors of a return of Erik Buell! I hope it happens!

Check out the video HERE.


Ruthless Racing Inc. Makes Second in K&N Filters Sport Twins National Championships

Sponsored by Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, Dave Estok and Olivier Spilborghs represented the Ruthless Racing Inc. team in the final two rounds of the Parts Canada Superbike Series held from August 5 to 8. While Darren James competed in the 2010 British Superbike Championship on a Harley-Davidson XR1200 race bike provided by Warr’s Harley-Davidson, Estok and Spilborghs both fought well in their respective classes in nearly perfect weather conditions in Nova Scotia.

Dave Estok came into the final two rounds in fourth place on the Ruthless Racing Inc. Buell 1125R bike in the Pro Sport Bike standings – a mere one point behind rookie sensation Cody Matechuk (Suzuki GSXR 600).

The veteran and long-time Ruthless Racing Inc. team member stated third place as his goal for the weekend. “I’ve gotta beat Cody this weekend,” he commented shortly before his qualifying on Friday. “It’s really that simple and I know I can do it. Our times are really close and there are places here where the Buell [bike] is a little better than his bike; well maybe not after that crash.” Estok was referring to a crash he experienced in practice. Ruthless Racing Inc. crew members Rod Matechuk and Dave Oakley rose to the occasion, preparing the Buell 1125R motorcycle quickly for Estok’s qualifying effort. Estok repaid them in turn with a fast lap of 1:10.576, which compared very favourably with his main rival Matechuk’s best time, 1:10.574.

In his first race of the weekend, Estok placed eighth, a disappointment for him, although he did improve his personal pace to a 1:10.381. Matechuk, hailing from Cochrane, Alberta, extended his points advantage by placing third, earning him the HJC Helmets Rookie of the Year Award. “I’m not happy at all,” Estok said post race. “I got a really bad start, and [at] this place it’s so hard to pass. We’ll try again tomorrow.”

Try he did, and he improved. Estok got the start he needed in race two and ran a very strong race, lowering his lap times to 1:09.735 and charging the Buell 1125R motorcycle into sixth place. He was right behind Matechuk at race end, placing fourth in the National Sport Bike Championships for 2010.

“I’d like to say I’m happy,” said Estok as the team was packing up, “but fourth place isn’t what I came here for. I mean, hats off to Cody, he had a great year and unfortunately for me he had a great weekend. I kinda feel like I let the team down. I mean, Dave and Rod worked their butts off for me and I didn’t get the results we wanted. I really like riding for the Deeley Harley-Davidson [Canada] team and I’d really like to thank them, and Darren of course, and hope I’m back next year,” he said, smiling.

In the K&N Filters Sport Twins Class, Olivier Spilborghs was the only rider with a mathematical chance of catching the runaway points leader, Rob Busby, on the Buell XB12R bike. Spilborghs closed in by one point in his qualifying ride, taking pole position for the National Championships by recording a sizzling 1:12.899 on the Ruthless Racing Inc. Buell XB9R motorcycle. He was the only rider to record a time below 1:13.000.

“We still have a fighting chance,” Spilborghs enthused. “Rod made some changes to the suspension that really worked; I took over a second off my best time.”


Strong results for Ruthless Racing

MOSPORT, Ontario (Tuesday, July 13, 2010) – Mosport International Raceway The Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada supported Ruthless Racing Inc. Team came away from the fourth and fifth rounds of the Parts Canada Superbike series with some strong results.

Practice for the double-header weekend was held on the Thursday, with qualifying scheduled for Friday,
but unfortunately a torrential downpour followed by steady rain caused the organizers to rate the Friday as a practice day only and the dry track practice times were used to establish both the qualifying times and the National Championship grids.

In the Pro Sportbike class, Dave Estok, riding a Buell 1125R bike, had recorded fourth-fastest time and would start from the front row of the field of nineteen riders. Olivier Spilborghs rode the #77 Buell XB9R bike to the second-fastest position in K&N Filters Sport Twins qualifying – just 0.776 seconds behind Buell XB12R rider Robert Busby. Team owner Darren James debuted the new Harley-Davidson® XR 1200 motorcycle in competition and qualified the brand-new machine in eighth place in a group of fifteen competitors.

In the races, both Dave Estok and Darren James displayed their very experienced riding skills, and the sound of the Buell 1125R motorcycle contrasted with the high-revving Japanese brands. In Saturday’s race, Estok scored a fourth place and James followed in fifth. On Sunday, the team captured fifth and sixth, as Estok slipped one position in the finishing order, and once again James followed suit. Estok commented on both days: “Saturday was great. I wasn’t happy that I almost threw it away in turn ten, and I could’ve been closer to the leaders, but I’m real happy with the results. It’s the best race I’ve had here.” Estok was not so enthused after his fifth place in the Sunday final. “I feel like I owe the team an apology. I don’t know what happened, ’cause I’m usually really good on the start, but they caught me sleeping. My hat goes off to Rod Matechuk for doing such a great job on the bike. He and the team deserved better – I should have made it to the podium.”

Spilborghs placed second in both of the Canadian Sport Twins finals but was closer to the win on Saturday. “It was close,” Olivier confirmed. “I was strong in areas and could close on him, and then he [Busby] would pull me where his bike was strong. I had a chance at him in the final turns, but couldn’t get it done.” On Sunday, an inspired Spilborghs tried once more, but to no avail. “I passed Busby early, ’cause I didn’t want him to gap me, but then I screwed up down in Moss’ and he got by. Then I missed a shift and that was all he needed. I guess if I’m going to get beat, it’s okay to get beat by a Buell [bike],” he said laughing.

Ruthless Racing Inc.’s Darren James summed up his Sport Twins experience: “The bikes are really coming along, and I went faster on Sunday than I did on Saturday, so that’s good. It was actually a very good weekend for us. David is strong in the points and showing real well against the Japanese sport bikes, and Ov still has a real chance at the championship in the Twins class. I’m happy that we’re getting beat by a Buell [bike]; Busby is really riding well this year.”

James showed sadness as he reluctantly confirmed that race technician Dave Murphy would be leaving the team, after many years of service. A clearly emotional Murphy also confirmed the news and commented, “I’ve been doing this for half my life. You gotta hang it up sometime, and the time has come. I’ve worked with the greatest riders in Canada over the years, and I think that to end my career now, on a high note working for Deeley, is appropriate. I’ll miss it for sure. Like I said, half my life has been spent doing this. It’s time for some R&R.”

The Ruthless Racing Inc. team sponsored by Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada will see action again at the final two rounds of the 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Series, to be held at Atlantic Motorsport Park near Halifax, Nova Scotia, from August 5 through August 8. For more information, please refer to


Ruthless Racing - places well in latest Parts Canada race

At the Race City Motorsport Park in Calgary on the weekend of June 26, Dave Estok scored two fourth-place finishes and acquired a substantial amount of points towards his goal of winning the Canadian National Championship in the Pro Sportbike class.

Riding the Ruthless Racing Inc./Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada-sponsored Buell 1125R bike, Estok quickly became comfortable on the bike and on the Friday morning test session was ranked fourth fastest. Unfortunately, by the end of qualifying, Estok had slipped a bit on the leaderboard and was to start the race in fifth position. “We had some problems that we worked through, and all was well, and then in the qualifying session I high-sided the ‘A’ bike and had to use the ‘B’ bike and then, I’m not sure what happened, but the fairing came off, so I had to park it, but my times were good enough to give me fifth.”

Meanwhile, in the K&N Filters Sport Twins class, Olivier Spilborghs qualified his Ruthless Racing Inc. Buell XB9R bike in third place after running second fastest through the morning practice.

In Saturday’s round two action, morning practice found Estok in third behind Jordan Szoke (Honda) and Cody Matechuck (Suzuki) in the Pro Sportbike class, and Spilborghs in fourth place in the K&N Filters Sport Twin class. Both Ruthless Racing Inc. riders finished fourth in their respective races. After the race, Estok commented, “I can’t say enough about Dave Oakley. I mean, with Thomas [Morin] being in England assisting Darren James in his racing, Dave worked his butt off. He had to make one bike out of two. Dave and Rod Matechuck really made the difference this weekend, so thanks to them.” Spilborghs completed four laps before retiring with undisclosed problems.

In round three on Sunday, Estok once more found the handling and power of the Buell bike to his liking. In the morning practice, he lowered his lap times to the one-minute-twenty-second bracket, recording a 01:20.142 to rank third. In the race he went faster again, notching a 01:19.514. In spite of his best efforts, the best he could achieve was a fourth-place finish once more. “Unless you win, you always want to do better,” Estok commented post race. “I’m happy with this weekend though. These were my two best finishes, and we still have four races to go. I’m really looking forward to Mosport and I hope to put the Ruthless Racing Inc. Buell [bike] on the box there.”

With a third-place run, Olivier Spilborghs scored his second podium appearance of the year (the first being his third position at Mirabel), but his inability to finish the race on Saturday has seriously eroded his championship chances. Olivier was not available for comment after the race.

Meanwhile, on the same weekend, Ruthless Racing Inc. racer Darren James competed in the British SuperBike Series at Mallory Park in the U.K. Assisted by Thomas Morin, Darren started his race aboard the Harley-Davidson XR 1200 in 9th position in a grid of 22 bikes and finally positioned himself 7th, achieving an 8th place in the current Championship standings.



Season Opener of 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Series in Mirabel, Quebec

The road racing team of Ruthless Racing Inc., supported by Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, made its first appearance on the 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Series schedule with a visit to the first round of competition, staged at the new Circuit ICAR track just north of Montréal, Quebec from May 27 through May 30.

This year, the Ruthless Racing Inc. squad consists of Olivier Spilborghs, Dave Estok, and Darren James. James and Estok are riding Buell 1125R bikes in the Sportbike class, and Spilborghs is competing on a Buell XB9R motorcycle in the Sport Twins division.

With the demise of the Buell brand, some track pundits were wondering why Deeley has chosen to race this year with the Ruthless team. Team owner and former Canadian Thunder champion Darren James explains, “Deeley’s history in racing goes back over seventy years and [has] supported many great riders. […] Also, as many people are aware, we have been talking about a Harley-Davidson XR1200 spec class for Canada. It’s working well in other countries and the AMA is just starting it this year, so we want to stay involved. We feel it will work well here. What we’re doing this year keeps the Buell name out there, and there are still some brand-new bikes available that are very well priced and come with a two-year warranty. This year’s effort is toned down from last year, but Ruthless Racing Inc. is still here and we owe that to the senior management at Deeley; they are astute business men who understand the value in racing.”

On the race track, both Darren and Dave worked with the Ruthless Racing Inc. crew, headed up by Thomas Morin, sorting out handling and power issues through the Sportbike practice sessions, and both were able to lower their lap times substantially. “We’re just off Steve’s [Crevier] time from last year,” enthused Dave Estok. Likewise, Darren James was given cause to smile. “I found something,” he beamed after placing fourth in the pre-race warm-up on Sunday morning. “We made some changes to the front end and I’m really comfortable.”

On race day, the Ruthless team’s riders’ goals would be tested. Both James and Estok were aiming at top-ten finishes and both voiced his desire to beat his teammate. “I’d like to win obviously,” said James, “but realistically, top ten for sure, top six would be nice.” Estok had similar expectations stating, “I’m going to be running the whole series, so grabbing some points is really important. I won’t be happy if I don’t get top ten. I’d like top five.”

Upon completion of the twelve-lap National Championship race, both riders achieved their goal of a top-ten finish, James with a secure ride to eighth place and Estok in seventh. Estok’s ride was not an easy one, as he was one of four riders involved in a fierce dice for fourth position. Veterans Estok on the Buell bike and Frank Trombino (Honda) swapped positions and paint with rookie sensations Cody Matechuck (Suzuki) and Kenny Reidman (Triumph) for much of the race, much to the delight of the large Quebecois crowd. Estok was just 0.243 seconds behind Reidman at the finish. “There was a point where I thought I could be fourth, but hey, it was a real good race; the kids are fast. I’m happy with my ride, I got top ten, I beat my teammate, and I got some points… and I didn’t fall down.”

Meanwhile in the Sport Twins class, Olivier Spilborghs had qualified his Buell XB9R bike in third behind Brent Strong (Suzuki) and Rob Busby (Buell XB12R model), but in the post-session dyno run, he produced too much horsepower and was penalized with a back-row start for the National Championship race. Unfazed by the handicap, Olivier executed one of his textbook hole shot starts and rocketed the Buell motorcycle into third place as the pack entered turn two off the start. That was as far as he would get in the race, as Busby on his Buell bike reeled in fast starter Strong to take the race lead just past the halfway mark, a lead he would not relinquish. “I got a good start, and that’s what you gotta do,” Spilborghs explained after the final. “There’s lots of room out there, so there was no problem passing. I couldn’t make up the difference on those guys, so I just rode my own race and yeah, I’m happy with third. I told you I want this championship, so these points are important.”

At the next two rounds of the Parts Canada Superbike Championship in Calgary (June 24 to June 27), Dave Estok and Olivier Spilborghs will represent the Ruthless Racing Inc. team each in their respective championship chases. Team owner Darren James will be racing in England and Scotland on a Harley-Davidson XR 1200 bike in the support class for the British Superbike series. He will return to Canada in time for the Mosport double-header (July 9 to July 11), at which venue he is hoping to debut the XR 1200 model in Canada’s Sport Twins class.


Ruthless Racing Inc. is setting the foundation for racing seasons to come

Motorcycle racing has always been part of the pedigree of Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada. This year more than ever, while other manufacturers see themselves having to turn their backs on racing due to the recent recession, Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada is committed to looking ahead and continues to be a key player in its contribution in keeping this fascinating sport in the country.

Ruthless Racing Inc. sponsored by Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, will present a mix of Buell  motorcycles on Canadian tracks in the 2010 season and is excited about the debut of the highly acclaimed Harley-Davidson XR 1200R motorcycle within the Canadian Sports Twins class.

The talent pool on the Ruthless Racing Inc. team will consist of team owner and no. 29 racer, Darren James, who most recently established himself as the West Coast Champion for 2009 in both the 600 and Thunder classes, the Floridian no. 123 racer, Dave Estok, racer and no. 77, Olivier “Ov” Spilborghs, to round off the team on his 2OO7 Air Cooled XB12R in the CST class. The trio will be gracefully orchestrated through Caroline James as the Team Manager. Sponsors including: Ruthless Racing Inc; Dragon Eyewear; Ogio; Flexi-Glass; RMR Suspensions; Twist Conditioning; Moto-International will be supporting the Ruthless Racing Inc. team in their endeavors to dominate the podium in 2010.

Ruthless Racing Inc. will participate in all of the races outlined below. The team will be running 2009 Buell 1125R bikes in the Pro Superbike and Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike categories, as well as running a 2OO7 Air Cooled XB12R and making a debut with the Harley-Davidson XR 1200R bike in the Canadian Sports Twins Pro/Am Classes.

For those of you who will not be lucky enough to attend any of the races in person, the series
will once again be televised on TSN.

2010 Parts Canada Superbike Championship Schedule

Round One
May 28-30
Circuit ICAR
Mirabel, Quebec

Round Two
June 24-27
Race City Motorsport Park
Calgary, Alberta

Round Three
June 24-27
Race City Motorsport Park
Calgary, Alberta

Round Four
July 8-11
Mosport International Raceway
Bowmanville, Ontario


Buell Motorcycles - Factory Liquidation sale! Everything must go!

Looks like the final nail is being placed in the coffin of Buell Motorcycle; they've announced that a liquidator is going to be selling off all 'stuff' at the Buell factory. That includes office equipment, tools, tool boxes, bikes (some aren't even Buell's! - like a KTM Dakar, and a Triumph Speed Triple), transport trucks, bike haulers, and trailers.

The sale is going to be taking place from January 28th to February 28th at 2815 Buell Drive, East Troy, WI and will run every day until everything is gone. According to the Press Release:
"Regardless of cost or loss, millions of dollars worth of equipment and tools will be sold directly on the factory floor. The Liquidation firm will be selling at enormous discounts, right from the start."
Road trip anyone?

Looks like there's going to be some great deals to be had! To see pictures of the inventory check out the Liquid Asset Partners LLC website HERE.

Full Press Release below:

East Troy, WI - based Buell Motorcycles, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, has ceased manufacturing and starts it's liquidation sale this January 28th. Grand Rapids, Michigan - based Liquid Asset Partners will run a liquidation sale for a period of 30 days to maximize the sale of vehicles & factory equipment from the State-of-the-Art facility. The liquidation event will be a historic chance for Motorcycle riders and fans to buy a piece of history and see the inside of the factory for the last time.

The Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, has ceased manufacturing motorcycles. On January 28th, 2010 Liquid Asset Partners, a Michigan liquidation firm, will begin the liquidation sale of vehicles and factory equipment from the State-of-the-Art facility. Over the past 26 years Buell has manufactured over 130,000 motorcycles and created avid fans worldwide. The liquidation sale will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Buell riders and fans to view the inside of the factory and purchase the equipment used to make the high tech sportbikes.

"Buell had a great run as a quality American motorcycle with fans worldwide." says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. "Buell spared no expense in making their beautiful bikes and in purchasing the factory equipment. There is a tremendous interest in the equipment and vehicles left in the factory and there are so many tools nobody will go home empty handed!"

The liquidation sale will start January 28th and run everyday for 30 days until everything is sold. Regardless of cost or loss, millions of dollars worth of equipment and tools will be sold directly on the factory floor. The Liquidation firm will be selling at enormous discounts, right from the start. Customers can buy tools for their garage, computers for their offices, and motorcycle specific equipment for making and testing their bikes.

"This factory was a state of the art, small scale factory. It's the type of facility that many tools and items will be of great interest to the home mechanic and motorcycle fanatic." says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. " To make the sale successful we are prepared to deeply discount the inventory and sell everything in one month! It's stacked high and we're selling it cheap. The public won't want to miss these deals".

The liquidation sale starts January 28th at the Buell Factory at 2815 Buell Dr, East Troy, WI. It is open to the public everyday until everything is sold. Hours of operation are 10am till 7pm Monday thru Saturday and 12noon to 5pm on Sunday. Buyers may view photos and inventory online at

Press Release Contact: Bill Melvin Jr. 616.719.5917 or email


Still a few Buell's for sale in the US - HD build a tracker

Apparently, rock bottom prices haven't been enough of a temptation for everybody to go out and pick up one of the few remaining Buell's in inventory in these cool winter months.

Buell still has some stock left for sale and they want you to know about it, and they want you to find them. If you live in the US that is.

There's still 1,186 Buell's looking for a home. Maybe you're a Canadian and doing some cross border shopping? There's deals to be had!

486 of them are the Rotax based, liquid cooled, 1125cc engine. Boy, I love that engine! It's a gem. Hopefully it'll get to continue in some form in the future and not just at the racetrack.

Check out the Buell Finder HERE.


Buell to continue racing in Canada

The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team rises again and aims for the track in 2010

Since the announced discontinuation of Buell™ production by Harley-Davidson Motor Company in October, various speculations and rumours have formed around Canadian racing activity. At this stage, Deeley Harley- Davidson® Canada is proud to announce that it will stay true to its roots in racing and has committed to be on board for the 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Championship, which incidentally marks the series’30th anniversary. The categories supported will be the Pro Superbike, Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike and the new Sports Twins Pro/Am Classes as well as the Western Canadian Championships.

With a different set-up than the previous year, dictated by the tightening of budgets for many manufacturers, the 2010 series will consist of an opening round followed by three double-headers.

The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team will consist of the experienced Darren James – team owner/rider no. 29 – racing in the Pro Superbike and Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike categories on 2009 Buell™ 1125R™ bikes, with the possibility of Olivier Spilborghs joining in and racing in the Sports Twins Pro/Am Class.

2010 Parts Canada Superbike Championship Schedule

Round One
May 28-30
Circuit ICAR
Mirabel, Quebec

Round Two
June 24-27
Race City Motorsport Park
Calgary, Alberta

Round Three
June 24-27
Race City Motorsport Park
Calgary, Alberta

Round Four
July 8-11
Mosport International Raceway
Bowmanville, Ontario

Round Five
July 8-11
Mosport International Raceway
Bowmanville, Ontario

Round Six
August 5-8
Atlantic Motorsport Park
Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

Round Seven
August 5-8
Atlantic Motorsport Park
Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is pleased to once again support this national sport and wishes the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team a successful upcoming season.


Eric's new business - website up and running

Erik Buell's new business venture - Erik Buell Racing - has a website and it appears to be up and running, well mostly. Some pages aren't completed yet but it has quite a bit of interesting information posted including models and rear wheel horsepower figures.

- Check out the website HERE.

For a YouTube clip of Erik taking about his new venture you can take a look at the following:


Eric Buell and a few others get a new job at HD

It seems that Eric Buell and a select few former Buell employees are going to have a job - Buell is going racing. Erik Buell Racing is going to provide 1125R Racing Motorcycles and Racing Parts.

Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Buell Motorcycle Company, will leave the company to establish Erik Buell Racing, an independent motorcycle race shop.

Press release follows:

Milwaukee, Wis. -- (Friday, November 20, 2009) Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE:HOG) announced today that following the company’s recent decision to discontinue the Buell motorcycle product line, Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Buell Motorcycle Company, will leave the company to establish Erik Buell Racing, an independent motorcycle race shop.

Erik Buell Racing will specialize in the supply of race-use-only Buell motorcycle parts and race preparation services for engines and motorcycles, and the building and sale of Buell® 1125R-based race-use-only motorcycles under license from Harley-Davidson, as well as providing technical support to racers of Buell motorcycles.

“I’m looking forward to helping Buell racers keep their bikes flying,” said Erik Buell. “We’ve got some exciting race development projects in the works and it will mean a lot to me personally to see Buell racers competing for wins and championships in the 2010 season and beyond.”

“I’m pleased that Harley-Davidson is assisting Erik in establishing this business to continue supporting the racing efforts he has had so much passion for over the years,” said Buell President and COO Jon Flickinger. “Harley-Davidson and the Buell Motorcycle Company will always be proud of their affiliation with Erik, and we wish him well in this new endeavor to support Buell racers.”

Erik Buell Racing will be based in East Troy, Wisconsin and will be staffed by Erik Buell and a veteran team of personnel. For more information, after December 1, 2009, contact:

Erik Buell Racing, LLC
2799 Buell Drive, Unit C
East Troy, WI 53120

Read more Buell News - HERE


Buell ceasing to make motorcyles

Just in case you missed the shocking news announced by Harley Davidson on Thursday, Buell is ceasing to make motorcycles. Warranties will be honored by HD but that's the end of Buell as we know it. There's limited stock on hand so if you want one better get out there.

Harley has been faced with really tough economic times with a third-quarter profit slide of 84 percent on lower motorcycle shipments and recession-related difficulties in getting loans for its customers. It means that about 100 salaried workers and 80 hourly positions will be eliminated. Most of the cuts will come by Dec. 18th.

The latest cuts come on top of 2,400 to 2,500 jobs cuts announced earlier this year. As part of the announcement, Harley also indicated they're putting their recently acquired company MV Agusta up for sale.

If MV Agusta is up for sale then why not Buell? Perhaps they want to keep all the technologies Buell developed over the years. Time will tell. A couple items in the FAQ seem to indicate that HD don't plan to rebadge any Buell's as Harley's but that they will benefit from Buell knowledge going forward and it’s possible that some of this technology will find its way into a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The news is presented by Erik Buell himself in video on Buell's website HERE.

Erik delivers the message in what he says is an emotional time. No doubt, it's been 26 years of struggling for Buell but he proved that a small company could compete and introduce motorcycle innovation that's seen on many motorcycles today.

I for one sure hope that this isn't the end of Buell and that somehow it'll emerge from this at the other end. The new 1125 motor is a fantastic engine and the 1125 based machines are Buell's I've recently had the opportunity to ride. They're fantastic machines that just feel a bit different.


Buell Motorcycle company presents: Parts Canada Superbike series 2009 final

Hot weather and sunny skies made for perfect conditions for the spectators at the final Parts Canada race of the season but presented the racers with the challenges of a slippery and bumpy track. The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. – powered by Buell team made good use of the opportunity to battle away at the tires problems and a slippery track that would come to hinder their progress all weekend. Despite the precipitous odds, the team worked hard to make the Buell 1125R bike competitive and showed steady progress throughout the weekend.

Saturday’s Pirelli Superpole qualifying saw two Buell motorcycles make it into the top ten for the first time ever when Steve Crevier and Dave Estok both had brilliant qualifying runs to earn a shot at Superpole. Crevier finished a healthy sixth with a lap time of 1:05.700. Estok posted a 1:05.999 to finish in ninth, earning the New Smyrnian rider his first shot at the prestigious Superpole qualifying contest. Darren James rounded off the top 14 with a 1:07.032.

In the afternoon’s Pirelli Superpole session, Dave Estok took the bit in his teeth and made a run for it, qualifying in ninth for Sunday’s final superbike race, followed closely by Crevier, who continued to struggle with front-end push through his hot lap to finish in tenth. Crevier had a tough weekend with crashes on both Friday and Saturday morning, but with his dogged determination, he continued to move forward in preparation for Sunday’s finals.

“That was fun to do. It is totally cool to go out there and do a lap by yourself […] I think I tried a little bit too hard. I caught a few too many bumps. I should have smoothed out a little. I’m happy; it was nice to get into the top ten and into the superbike race. It’s the first superbike race I’ve competed in this year. I’m pleased for the team who works on my bike. They have worked so hard, both Glen and Jazzy. They wanted so bad for me to get up there,” said an ecstatic Estok after the Superpole qualifying.

Emotions were running high on Sunday morning as each team member faced their own anxieties, whether it was the pressure of the day ahead or the relief of ending a difficult season. “My job today is to keep the bike upright,” commented Steve Crevier. “We’ve been crashing way too much.” Despite the pressures of the day, Crevier kept himself busy greeting fans and signing autographs, showing why he continues to be one of the fan favourites in Canadian motorcycle racing.

Sunday morning’s practice revealed little as the Buell 1125R bikes for Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. continued to run mid-pack with both Crevier and Estok running at about 1:06.500, one-and-a-half seconds off the pace, as the Big Twins struggled to come to grips with the tires and a very bumpy Shannonville Pro track.

First up for the day was the Pro Sportbike race, and with two Buell bikes on the third row and one on row four, the Buell team was well represented. When the start light turned green, the Buell motorcycles thundered off, with Crevier through into seventh, Estok in a tenuous ninth, and Darren James in a solid eleventh. As the race unfolded, Crevier battled hard to catch HJC Rookie-of-the-Year Jodi Christie. Estok was embroiled in a three-way battle with youngsters Karl Daigle and Matt McBride for ninth place. At the three-quarter mark, Crevier made good on his bid, moved up to fifth, and had his eye on fourth place when the red flag was brought out, ending the race. Victim of the race-ending incident was Darren James, who crashed heavily in corner two. The corner had been problematic and claimed several riders throughout the weekend. A tired Steve Crevier commented after the race, “Overall, fifth is pretty good. I managed to catch Nelson and he wasn’t looking very comfortable. I mean, everyone is struggling on these tires, so I think had the race gone on, I might have got him. It’s too bad with the red flag. Unfortunately, my teammate Darren [James] crashed and brought out the flag. I was working my way forward and getting consistent laps.”

Next up was the 20-lap Pro Superbike event, the final race of the season for the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. – powered by Buell team. In a repeat of the Sportbike race, the Buell bikes were solidly placed mid-pack, with Crevier dropping his lap times as close to 1:05.000 as he could to finish the race in sixth. Dave Estok also enjoyed a brilliant ride to finish tenth. A battered Darren James suited up for the final, but had to withdraw after five laps because of injuries incurred in the previous race. Crevier said after the race, “Hopefully, we’ll carry through with this program next year and have better results”.

We would like to thank all of the fans who have shown the team their support, as well as congratulate the riders Steve Crevier, Dave Estok, and Darren James for such a strong Buell presence: 23 top-ten finishes and six placements in the top five throughout the racing season. All of this obviously could not have happened without the reliable efforts, hard work, and positive spirit of the team behind the riders. Additional thanks goes to sponsors such as: Vortex; Regina; Pitbull; dragon; Flexi-Glass; OGIO; Cummins Western Canada; RMR Suspensions; Joe Rocket Leather; Loaded Gun Productions; Arai Helmets and Twist Conditioning. We look forward to next year’s racing season!


4 Buells make Top Ten in Shubie

SHUBENACADIE, Nova Scotia – Atlantic Motorsport Park. In very clement weather conditions for both Saturday and Sunday, spectators scattered around the track claiming stakes to the many different viewpoints that the Atlantic Motorsport Park has to offer. To the viewers’ glee, Steve Crevier, a veteran of the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. racing team, powered by BuellTM, delivered the entertainment he is renowned for, and throughout the sun-drenched weekend, amused the crowd with a myriad of wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts on his No. 14 1125R bike.

Crevier had pre-qualified for the Pirelli Superpole on Sunday morning with a time of 1.08:658 on his twelfth lap around the eleven-turn undulating track, to be ranked sixth in the limited ten-rider field. Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc., powered by Buell, teammates Dave Estok and Darren James missed the cut with Estok ranked thirteenth and James fifteenth.

In the actual Superpole, Crevier was slightly off his morning pace, recording an official run of 1.09:267, dropping him to seventh, landing him a start in the final from the inside of row two. He was right back on pace for the race, clocking in at 1.08.553, which was the fourth-fastest time of the superbikes. “Naturally, I’m disappointed,” Crevier explained post-race. “Not for myself, I got what I deserved, but for the team. My guys worked their butts off for me, as usual, and we made steady progress all weekend and they deserve to see this bike on the podium. Actually, truth be known, they deserve a win, but we’ll start off with a podium. We’ll get there!” he chirpily added after a moment of seriousness.

In the Yoshimura Pro Sportbike category, the BuellTM 1125R motorcycle was well-represented in the seventeen-rider field, with Darren James posting a qualifying time of 1.10:926, putting him in eleventh position, Dave Estok, stopping the clock at 1.10:283, placing him in ninth position, and the speedy Crevier in seventh position after recording a lap time of 1.08:997. In the eighteen-lap final, Estok maintained his starting position in ninth place while his teammates each moved up a spot, with Darren James a mere 0.221 seconds adrift of Estok in tenth position and Steve Crevier placing sixth. The very defining grumble of the collective group of BuellTM 1125R motorcycles made for an interesting show for the spectators, with all three motorcycles finishing within the top ten.

Steve Crevier of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, looked to be on his way to a podium finish in the twenty-two lap Parts Canada Superbike feature race when a low-side crash derailed his run on the exit of turn eight. Uninjured, he jumped to his feet and ran to the fallen BuellTM 1125R bike, restarted it, and rejoined the race to place an eventual sixth. “I just got in there a little hot and tucked the front end,” he explained, smiling after the race. “The Buell [bike] was running so strong, it’s a shame. Actually, I was really lucky, I wasn’t hurt anymore than I already am. I’m always hurting it seems.” He laughs again, “No, but the bike wasn’t damaged at all and other than digging up some turf, it was all good. I don’t know if I could have caught Clint [McBain], but I was sure trying.” At the time of his mishap, Crevier was running a strong fourth position after running seventh on the first lap, and then benefitted from a Kevin Lacombe (Toyota Yamaha) crash before catching and passing Andrew Nelson (Algonquin College Yamaha R1) and then doing the same with local star and Atlantic Roadracing League Champion Brian Blaauwendraat.

While looking for another means of transport to wheelie around the pits, Crevier left with one comment, “I told you I’d save the best for the last, so watch the BuellTM space in Shannonville.”

We will.

Check out for details on the season finale in Shannonville, Ontario, which will take place September 5 and 6.


Typical Weather For The Mosport Double Header

Although the threat of inclement weather is never far off when you are at Mosport, the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. racing team, powered by Buell Motorcycle Company, remained optimistic throughout Friday’s busy, and sometimes damp, qualifying sessions. They chipped away with set-up and bike prep, making slow but steady progress as they readied the BuellTM 1125RTM bikes for rounds four and five of the Parts Canada Superbike double header weekend at Mosport’s fast and challenging 4-km road race facility. The superbike effort of Steve Crevier from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, who earned another shot at the Pirelli Superpole during the morning’s early qualifying sessions was noteworthy and created an air of expectation within the enthusiastic Crevier fans. With a single-lap qualifying run timed at 1:23.951 seconds and as one of only two riders who actually accomplished a faster run during the session, Crevier earned himself the eighth-fastest time out of the top ten riders, translating that into a third-row start for both of the weekend’s superbike races.

With dark clouds looming in the distance on Saturday, 35 superbike riders lined up on the full grid for the Parts Canada Superbike feature in round four of the Mosport double-header weekend. With his good run in Friday’s Pirelli Superpole qualifying round, BuellTM 1125RTM bike-mounted Steve Crevier started from the outside of row three for what was to be a 20-lap contest. When the starting light flashed green, Crevier was off the line quickly, and a six-rider freight train pulled ahead of the rest of the field. Riders at both ends of the pack exchanged positions throughout the race and Crevier found himself in a three-way battle with the GSX-R1000s of Scott Rupert and Matt McBride. The riders shuffled positions several times with Crevier roaring onto the front straight in fifth position when the predictable rain started to fall, bringing out the red flag and an early conclusion of the race. “That was a tough one,” commented Crevier after the race. “They get in behind me and they draft me up the straight, but then when they pull out in front, they go slower and I can get them back again.”

Saturday’s round four of the Pro Sportbike class had all three BuellTM 1125RTM bike riders in action, and the team had their first opportunity to showcase the results of all of their hard work in qualifying. The BuellTM bikes were well-represented, starting in rows two, three, and five for the first real test of the weekend. The 14-lap race unfolded as expected, with several dramatic battles within the race itself. Crevier had his hands full with a pair of youngsters, while behind him, Dave Estok was embroiled in a seven-rider battle with the still-injured Darren James drafting a short distance back. Cheered on by a passionate crowd, Crevier exchanged positions with Honda-mounted Jodi Christie several times and finally put him in his place with a strong push at the end to gain fourth, just seconds shy of a podium finish. Estok managed to stay at the front of the next pack of riders and earned a very commendable 11th with James hanging on for 13th. “I tried running with someone in front of me,” commented an exhausted Dave Estok after the race. “But I started to get arm pump and I was having trouble using the brake so I only used it when I really had to.”

The good qualifying position earned on Friday did little to help at Sunday’s Superbike final for the Parts Canada Superbike round five action. Due to technical problems with the “A” bike, Crevier soldiered on and got the most out of his second BuellTM 1125RTM bike. Battling weekend-long front-end push and tire problems, Crevier still managed exhibit a solid effort, placing the BuellTM bike into a creditable ninth place finish after a race-long battle with Scott Rupert and ProStar rider Michael Taylor. “It’s interesting because we’ve certainly got the power down the straight but when I get the bike straightened out, the other bikes are a little lighter and they can get on the gas a little earlier,” commented Crevier post-race. “But it’s work in progress and we are learning more and more about the bike at each round.”

Sunday’s Sportbike final was a barn burner and gave Steve Crevier a really good idea of just what could be accomplished on the BuellTM 1125RTM bike when things go right. A good start off the line put Crevier in a solid position to take command of the race early on and it was not very long until he rounded out the last corner to pull out into the lead and bring an ecstatic crowd to its feet. Cheers erupted along the front straight as Crevier crested turn ten and shot into the lead. The dramatic battle continued for several laps and Crevier held on to first and second position until the later stages of the contest when he dropped back and finished the race in fourth. It was another great effort for the BuellTM ace. Behind him, teammates Dave Estok and Darren James had their own battles waging but Estok finished the race in ninth and James was closely behind him in twelfth. Crevier said after the race, “We popped up into the lead early on when the tires were sticky, but those guys are all on Pirelli SC2 rears, and I know that so I was trying to get as much grip in the beginning because I know it’s going to fade towards the end. I drafted past and I think I did lead on the last lap going up the back straight but I did have a problem turning in at eight. They were drafting behind me and as soon as I sat up they were past.” Exuding the typical Crevier sassiness, he added “But don’t anyone worry, I will stick to my promise and bring my BuellTM 1125RTM [bike] into the box. I just like to create a little drama around it for my beloved fans.”

And once again, because we can, we will take his word for it.

For further details and directions to Round 6 at the Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, on August 6, 2009, please refer to:


Eric Buell talks about the Buell Blast then runs one through a crusher

Buell is running some interesting advertising on their US website. Buell talks about the Blast and how it has given people the wrong impression of Buell bikes.

They got their start building racing bikes and being on the cutting edge. The Blast is not cutting edge or innovative, but it is a fantastic beginner bike that's very reliable and stands up to some abuse.

It seems from Buell's website that the Blast is going to continue to be around. So it seems it's just an interesting way to make a point that they make cutting edge sportbikes, and that they'd like people to focus on that.

Maybe there's something in the works that Erik's not letting out the bag yet. We'll have to keep an eye on this one!

Watch the video HERE.


The Buell 'race only' 1125 RR

Buell has a new race only version of the 1125, dubbed the 1125RR this one is tricked out with some high tech stuff (details below). It's been approved for use in the AMA American Superbike Class and available only to licenced racers.

Price tag $39,995

If you're not keen on the fairing for the street going 1125R, you might be interested in the full fairing from the 1125RR; the gape mouth air intakes from the 1125R don't seem as noticable on the RR fairing. We've only seen side shots but it looks pretty nice. It's reportedly available from Buell for $1499 USD, Buell part # M2000B.08AZ

Buell press release:


Race-Use Only Model Aimed at AMA American Superbike Class

EAST TROY, Wis. – Buell Motorcycle Company today introduced the 1125RR, a race-use only motorcycle intended for competition in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class.

“The 1125RR is designed to give privateer racers a turn-key machine to compete in the American Superbike class in AMA Pro Racing. We want to build on our program that has proven so successful for privateers in the Daytona SportBike class,” said Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Buell Motorcycle Company.

The Buell 1125RR features a modified Helicon 1125cc (103mm bore x 67.5mm stroke) liquid-cooled 72-degree V-Twin engine. Power increases come from components including a larger airbox and intake manifold, revised valves and camshafts, a higher compression ratio, titanium exhaust system and other weight-reduced components.

The 1125RR chassis is the standard 1125R design with fuel-in-the-frame, plus a billet axle adjustment system and chain-drive to allow gearing changes. Suspension travel is managed by fully adjustable units, with a Showa 43mm front fork and a remote-reservoir rear shock. A ZTL2 (Zero Torsional Load) eight-piston front caliper is mated with a modified front rotor.

Buell 1125RR features:

1125cc (68.7 cid) Helicon Powertrain:
4.055 inch (103 mm) bore and 2.658 inch (67.5mm) stroke
Dual 61mm down-draft fuel-injection throttle bodies
Titanium exhaust header and mass-centralized muffler
6-Spoke cast magnesium racing wheels
Front: 3.5 inch (88.9mm) x 17 inch (431.8mm)
Rear: 6 inch (152.4mm) x 17 inch (431.8mm)
Buell ZTL2 reversed rotor front brake with eight-piston Nissin caliper
43mm Showa fully-adjustable inverted forks
Showa fully-adjustable rear shock with remote reservoir
Cast-aluminum swingarm machined with billet axle adjustment system
Center position wheelbase 55.5 inches (1410 mm)

Buell will produce a limited number of 1125RR motorcycles for sale only to licensed professional road racers who will compete in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class. U.S. MSRP is $39,995. Orders must be placed through the Buell Race Department and delivered through an authorized Buell motorcycle dealer.

See more Buell news HERE.


Triple Top-Ten Buell Bikes in Calgary

CALGARY, Alberta – Race City Motorsport Park

On what was to be the last official Parts Canada Superbike Championship held at the Race City Motorsport Park, an enthusiastic audience was granted endless rays of sun. As if to remind the crowd of the will of the weather gods, the Buell® bikes of the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team emanated a constant growl and grumble throughout the weekend.

The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team had four top-ten finishes within two national events, consequently validating Buell® 1125RTM bikes as high-performance sport bikes. The qualifying rounds of the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike on Saturday came to an abrupt end when a red flag appeared just 2.5 minutes before the planned end of the race due to Rupert Collins’ Ducati clipping Darren James’ 1125RTM motorcycle and crashing into the wall. James’ expert reflexes allowed him to counteract and maintain control of his bike in order to bring it to an 11th place finish. Dave Estok, although still mildly concussed from his crash in Mirabel, finished in a solid eighth spot, while veteran Steve Crevier displayed brilliant tactics and qualified in fourth, just a split-second behind the top three racers.

With a grid of 25 contending riders in the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike final race on Sunday, the spectators witnessed some electrifying moments and some very close action.

Dave bravely defended his qualifying position until the very end, commenting afterwards, “I am happy with the results today. I know I can do better, but it is comforting that I was running only seconds off the guys ahead. One of my main goals was to keep the BMWs at bay, which I managed to do. They were struggling with the front end and the Buell® 1125RTM [bike] just ate them up on the straightaways.

A beaming Darren James hopped off the bike after finishing in tenth position and with unconcealed pleasure confided, “I am obviously ecstatic about placing in [the] top ten, and I owe everything to Dave, Rod, and Thomas Morin, who gave it their all to have the bike prepped so well for me. I am also grateful for not having wrecked a bike this weekend for a change!”

Steve Crevier relentlessly weaved his way through the race, looking to take advantage of opportunities with his Buell® 1125RTM bike and finally settled for fifth place, the highest position of the three 1125RTM bikes on the track, just a split-second away from the riders in the lead. In a rare moment of seriousness, he conceded that, “Three races into the season, I am quite excited about the performance of the bikes. I am having quite a lot of fun because my bike favours larger tracks such as this one.”

The Superbike event delivered the promised entertainment to all racing fans. With a seventh position, Crevier secured a second row start in the Pirelli Superpole, and commented, “I’m a little disappointed and could have done better. I dragged the fairing and slid the bike in the second-to-last turn, so my drive onto the front straightaway was affected. But still, I managed to shave three-quarters of a second off my personal best Superpole time.”

Finally, in a showdown that visibly engaged the crowd, there was some serious dicing action between lead contenders Jordan Szoke, on a Kawasaki, and Brett McCormick on his Suzuki. Meanwhile, a judicious Crevier carved his path on the track, using corners three and four to attempt passes. Highlights included Crevier block-passing Kawasaki rider Alex Welsh, and making an aggressive pass on Mike Zottmann, decisively cutting off the Suzuki rider on the carousel.

As eager spectators cheered on Brett McCormick in his final pass as he stole supremacy from Szoke, Crevier narrowly missed out on the fifth position he was aiming for, and concluded his race with a sixth-place finish behind Suzuki rider Clint McBain.

In attendance of Don James, Chairman & CEO of Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, an impish smile crossed Crevier’s face as he tried his luck in stating, “I know, I know… I could have done better! I was under too much pressure knowing that the big boss was here. But I promise, I will do my homework and put the 1125RTM [bike] onto the podium before the end of the season. It’s a great bike and [it] deserves to be there. I will be humbled to be the one to ride it there.”

And Crevier being Crevier, we cannot but take his word for it.

The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team – powered by Buell will be racing in the double-header of the Parts Canada Superbike Championship at the Mosport International Speedway in Bowmannville, Ontario. For information on how to get there, please refer to


Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. powered by Buell Heads to the Fight in the Foothills

TORONTO, Ontario (June 24, 2009) – The team riders are ready for this coming weekend’s Parts Canada Superbike races at Race City in Calgary, Alberta, round three of the National Road Race Championships. After two rounds, the Deeley racers are well placed for a run at two separate championships.

In the premiere Parts Canada Superbike class, Steve Crevier currently sits in fifth place after his fifth place finish at round one in Calabogie, Ontario, and after his inspiring ride to fourth place at the round two race in Montréal. Last year in Calgary, Steve was forced to retire from the race early after a minor mechanical glitch.

“Yeah, that was unfortunate,” he commented. “But that’s racing and that was last year. This year, I’m pretty confident things are going to be different. We’ve been working through some issues, I’m trying to do my part on track, and the crew, Pete Snell, and the rest, have been outstanding. We’ll just put our heads down and do our absolute best. You can’t ask for more than that.”

All three Buell® 1125RTM bike riders will compete in the Yoshimura Sportbike class and are placed as follows after two events. Steve Crevier holds sixth position, Darren James is in 11th, and Dave Estok is holding 13th. Had it not been for an unfortunate crash at the Mirabel race, Dave would be much higher in the standings.

“I’m still disappointed in myself for crashing at Mirabel,” the Florida-based rider explained. “I’ve got kind of a reputation for not crashing, and we were doing pretty good when I went down. But, that’s behind me now. As for Calgary, to be honest, Race City is not my favourite track and yet, ironically, I’ve done well there. Last year I put the Buell® [bike] on the podium, and I’d like to do that or better this weekend. The long straight at Calgary should work to our advantage; it will really show the Buell® 1125TM [bike’s] power. Each race I’m getting closer to Steve, and one of my goals for this year is to have a good heads up race with him. He’s absolutely one of the best, so if I can run with him, I’ll be happy.”

Placing right behind Estok last year in fourth place at Calgary was team boss Darren James. James rode most of the season with aggravating injuries, and Calgary was no different. “I am really looking forward to Calgary,” he commented. “This is the only Parts Canada race we have out west, and it’s very important to us. Our crew has been working extremely hard to get us this far, and we are improving with each outing, so we intend to continue that climb. We have a strong fan following in Calgary, and the Deeley team has no intention [of] letting them down.”

Practise starts Friday for round three of the 2009 series, with qualifying and Pirelli Superpole on Saturday, and a full card of National Championship races on Sunday.

For further information on the track, please refer to


Mirabel Magic for Buell

The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team -powered by Buell had another constructive and rewarding outing at the Moto Journal ICAR Parts Canada Superbike races this past weekend. Racing for the first time on the converted site, the event was blessed with excellent weather, which attracted a big crowd to the track.

Darren James’ charge from the back on the Buell® 1125R sportbike was just an example of the “show” provided on the track. James re-entered the pit due to a broken shifter at the end of the warm-up for the Yoshimura Sportbike National Championship. Just as the field was staging for the start, he swapped his bike for the “B” bike which he had not even tested, and caught up with the rest of the pack just as they went around the first corner.

From then on, it was simply entertaining for Buell® fans as the former Thunder champ carved his way through the field to a very respectable 14th place finish, despite a start in 22nd position in a field of 25. “That’s racing,” commented James post-race, in reference to the component failure. “But you saw the team’s dedication. They got the B bike ready so fast for me, I mean I could have been half a lap back, or worse. That’s why I rode as hard as I did. I’m sure it was fun to watch, and it was fun for me, too, but that ride was for them.”

Dave Estok was disappointed after the Sportbike final. He had qualified in 11th on Saturday, but suffered a crash on lap three of the 14-lap final while running in fifth and on-pace with the leaders. “I hurt my back a little bit and kind of rung my bell, but I’m OK. I’m not very happy obviously. One second I’m going in at the same speed as last lap, and the next thing I know I was on my head,” the Florida rider explained.

Steve Crevier qualified his Buell® sportbike in seventh place and, like his team boss, provided a large amount of entertainment for fans as he involved himself in a huge dice with the 14-year-old Yamaha sensation Royce McLean and 17-year-old Karl Daigle on a Kawasaki. Crevier swapped positions back and forth throughout the race, putting the Buell® 1125R bike in sixth at race end. “Those pesky kids were trying to get the best of me,” Steve said laughing after the race. “We’ve had some issues this weekend, and the team’s done a great job and we’re having fun,” he commented while watching Pete Snell and the crew getting his Buell® 1125R superbike ready.

In the Parts Canada Superbike Pirelli Superpole, the roar of the 1125R superbike was a sweet, singular sound, as Steve Crevier circulated the 14-turn course alone on a single flying lap qualifier. Not overly pleased, Steve admitted that it could have gone better and promised to “gather it up” in the actual race.
In the 16-lap premiere class main event, Crevier did “gather up” the race time he was looking for, but it did not come easy. Steve launched well using the torque of the 1125R bike to his advantage, but his starting position on the outside of row two left him boxed in amongst a plethora of Japanese 1000cc superbikes. Drawing from his years of experience, Steve once again offered the crowd a display of his magic as he made his way through the field to eventually finish fourth, less than a second behind the Yamaha R1 of Andrew Nelson.

“That wasn’t as much fun as the sportbike race where we went back and forth. In this one, I just kept passing guys,” Steve said smiling just before the podium presentations. “That’s where I should be,” he said, pointing at the podium. “That’s where we’re headed. We were getting closer before the flag came out. I do have to thank the Deeley/Ruthless crew that worked so hard for the team, and also all the fans from the province for coming out to watch us. That’s really good to see,” he stated, flashing the iconic Crevier smile.


The Moto Journal - Parts Canada Superbike Championships: round two

TORONTO, Ontario (June 10, 2009) – ICAR Montreal, Quebec

After a very promising and successful weekend at the opening round of the Parts Canada Superbike championship at Calabogie, Ontario, the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. powered by Buell team is looking forward to the challenges of a new track in Montréal this weekend.

At Calabogie, the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team had a remarkable record of continued improvement. Note that all three riders, Dave Estok, Steve Crevier, and Darren James, lowered their individual lap times on their Buell® 1125RTM bikes every time they went onto the track. Few teams or riders could make such a claim and the best illustration of this accomplishment was team director and founder Darren James’ performance. James was riding injured after a crash during a practice early in the weekend but still recorded his fastest lap of the Yoshimura Sportbike final on his last lap. The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team placed Crevier sixth, Estok eighth, and James thirteenth in the twenty-eight rider field, with each rider advancing from their starting grid position. In the Parts Canada Superbike final, Crevier placed a competitive seventh at race end.

Darren James offered some opinions on this upcoming weekend in Montréal. “I’m excited about it. I am really looking forward to getting back to Quebec and to the passionate fans there. We are pretty happy after Calabogie and we know we are on the right path. We’re getting better on the track and the team is really starting to get to know one another. The track is new and unknown to us, so we’ll just have to ride it and see what we can do.”

Dave Estok also commented on the coming weekend. “I’m looking forward to getting some of that Montréal smoked meat,” he said laughing. “I love going to new tracks and learning them. This one is brand new to us and everyone else so it should be a level playing field. I’ve got a new Buell® 1125RTM sportbike for this weekend and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Unfortunately, as we went to press, Steve Crevier could not be reached, but rest assured that this icon of Canadian Superbike will be on his Buell® 1125RTM Superbike and Sportbike giving his all for the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team.
On this action-packed weekend at the ICAR Circuit in Mirabel, Quebec, please stop by at the Buell® pit!

For information on how to get to the ICAR Circuit, please refer to

As part of the 2009 Parts Canada Superbike Championship Television Broadcast Schedule, you will be able to follow the races on Tuesday, July 7 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm and on Friday, July 10 at 4:00am - 5:00am on TSN and TSN HD, Eastern Time.


Part Canada - Solid Buell® presence for the new racing season

CALABOGIE, Ontario (May 25, 2009) – Calabogie Motorsport Park. Under sunny skies with just a hint of a cool breeze making for perfect weather conditions, hundreds of visitors lined the hilly ridges around the pristine Motorsport Park in anticipation of the opening round of the 2009 Parts Canada Superbike Series.

“We’ve constantly improved our lap times this weekend,” Steve Crevier commented at the beginning of the weekend from under the trailer awning of the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. team - powered by Buell. Crevier’s observation proved true right through to the end of the sixteen-lap Superbike final on Sunday afternoon, when the six-time Canadian Superbike champ recorded a lap of 2:02.790 on the Buell® 1125RTM Superbike.

Steve pre-qualified the Buell® 1125RTM bike in eighth place, moved up to seventh through the Pirelli Superpole, and eventually placed seventh in the National Superbike Championship final after running as high as fifth. As he removed his helmet post race, Steve commented “ we’ll take what we got and move on.”

In the Yoshimura Sportbike category, constant improvement and, consequently, lowered lap times were the order of the day for the Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada pit crew and team riders. “We chopped over a second and a half off of our Sportbike time,” confirmed Steve Crevier.

Steve brought the Buell® 1125RTM Sportbike home in a respectable, and competitive, sixth place upon completion of the twelve-lap final. Dave Estok, qualified in twelfth, and then placed eighth in the race after a hard charge in the closing stages that saw him record his fastest lap of the weekend on lap ten. “I’m feeling a lot more comfortable on the bike. We changed some controls since our test so it fits me better,” said the Florida-native rider. “I am really happy for the team though, we got two Buells® in the top ten, and we have room to improve.”

Darren James was riding injured as a result of a crash while preparing to lay down a fast lap in the middle of the qualifying rounds for the Yoshimura Sportbike category. James has had to bounce back from injury before, and he did it again this weekend. He bettered his qualifying time by over half a second in the race, moving up from sixteenth on the starting grid to thirteenth at the finish. As illustration of his grit, James recorded his best lap of the weekend on the final lap of the race while involved in a vicious three-way dice with Marie-Josée Boucher (Honda CBR600) and Martin Grande (Suzuki GSXR 600). The three riders were separated by a mere 0.500 at the chequered flag. “We really did have a really productive weekend – on track and off. I’m looking forward to Montréal. I’ve got two weeks to heal up,” he said, laughing.

The Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc.- powered by Buell Race Team will see action next the weekend of June 12 to 14 at the Circuit Icar in Mirabel, Quebec, near Montréal, at Round 2 of the Parts Canada Superbike Series.

For information on the series, detailed results, and how to catch up on the season at the next race, please refer to


Extreme Buell - This is "Cool"... literally.

On the 4th March 2009, Buell motorcycles sent extreme rider Craig Jones to Lake Dellen in Sweden to see how fast a motorbike could go on ice. With a small window of opportunity and against the elements including extreme temperatures of -10C, Jones took a specially customised nitrous-injected Buell 1125R and set a world first for the fastest bike on ice.

It wasn't stock but they only had 1.1km to get up to that speed. One of the biggest modifications was nitrous oxide injection providing an estimated extra 50bhp. The studded tires helped quite a bit too I'd say. 

Just how fast did they go?  148 MPH - on ice - on a Buell 1125R.  Buell has set up a new website dubbed "Buell Extreme."  They've got video of the shoot, details of the run and wallpapers for your desktop.

Almost makes you wish it was winter again! No?

Check it out at


Buell Police motorcycle now in Canada

US law enforcement had it first but it'snow available in Canada too. Buell has equipped the Ulysses for Police duty and it should be available for order through Buell dealers. 

Courtesy Buell:

The new Buell Ulysses® Police XB12XP offers government agencies and private security firms a quick and very nimble “special duty” patrol vehicle that is capable of travel over a variety of terrain, from open highways to city streets to unpaved back-country roads.

Based on the versatile Buell Ulysses adventure sportbike, the Ulysses Police features long-travel suspension, generous ground clearance and aggressive tires that allow it to tackle roads too rough or narrow for confident travel in an automobile or on a traditional police motorcycle. On smooth pavement, the Ulysses Police is an agile sport motorcycle. The Ulysses Police can also accommodate a passenger. 

Special features of the Ulysses Police include hard-shell top and side cases, each removable and lockable. The side cases are narrower than the standard Ulysses accessory side cases, allowing for more clearance in tight situations. On the Ulysses Police model, the Buell Triple Tail system functions as a luggage rack with tie-down hooks over the rear seat position, or as a cushioned passenger backrest with grab rails. A tall windshield, heated hand grips, and handlebar deflectors are also standard equipment. An available emergency response kit provides a siren and an LED lighting package in three different color configurations (Red/Blue, Red/Red, or Blue/Blue).

The Ulysses Police is powered by an air/oil/fan-cooled, fuel-injected Buell Thunderstorm 1203cc V-Twin engine that delivers 103 peak horsepower. This engine’s broad powerband and abundant torque gives the Ulysses the ability to proceed at lower speeds over uneven or unpaved roads with less gear shifting, and to deliver instant bursts of acceleration. The Ulysses Police has an EPA fuel mileage rating of 51 mpg urban/64 mpg highway*. A Goodyear Hibrex final drive belt with Flexten Plus technology is durable and never needs adjustment or lubrication.

Premium Showa front and rear suspension is fully adjustable. Rear spring preload can be adjusted for passenger and gear weight simply by turning a dial located below the left side of the seat. Suspension travel is 6.5 inches in front and 6.4 inches at the rear. Ground clearance is 6.75 inches.

The Ulysses Police features a 4.4-gallon fuel reservoir integrated into the aluminum frame. The lower center of mass achieved by carrying fuel in the frame, rather than in a tank located high on top of the frame, enhances rider confidence on and off pavement. The muffler is located below the engine to further lower the center of gravity and centralize mass for improved handling in all situations. Low unsprung weight helps keep the tires in contact with uneven road surfaces for improved control. The 17-inch, six-spoke, reinforced cast-aluminum wheels feature a durable rim design, and Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires deliver good traction on paved and unpaved roads. A dual front fender system provides debris protection for the rider and the bike.

The Ulysses Police will be offered in two color choices: Birch White and Midnight Black.


Buell MSRP's as of March 1, 2009.

Deeley Harley Davidson Canada was kind enough to provide pricing information for the Buell line-up for 2009 to Canadian Motorcycle Rider. The prices represent the 2009 suggested retail pricing as of March 1, 2009.

Feel free to compare them to the prices we provided that were effective as of December 1st, 2008. Looks like there were some increases across the board.

Models covered include Blast, XB9SX - Lightning CityX, XB12R - Firebolt, XB12Scg - Lightning XB12Scg, XB12Ss - Lightning XB12Ss, XB12X - Ulysses XB12X, XB12XT - Ulysses XB12XT, 1125CR, and the 1125R.

Click the picture for a larger view.

For more details on the models that Buell has to offer check out their Canadian site.


Motorcycles - A key to movie success?

This isn't news... it's more a general interest blog post. It seems that just about every movie coming out lately that wants to target the male demographic (maybe there's a specific age range too? - I don't know).

Just a few current or upcoming movies featuring motorcycles:

2009 - Terminator Salvation

The newest installment in the Terminator series, featuring Christian Bale will have some new bad dudes. They're Mototerminators!

The film is set in post-apocalyptic 2018. The mototerminators are apparently sent by Skynet to round up the humans. Don't think too much. The bikes supposedly defy the laws of physics with their low-mounted machine guns acting as counter-balancers as the bike leans. It IS a movie.

G.I Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

Yup, they're making a movie based on G.I. Joe and it's set for an August 2009 release. Rumor is (according to Hisstank) is that Snake Eyes will have a Buell 1125R custom fitted with some samurai swords and pistol holders in the place of rear view mirrors.

Thanks to Hisstank for the photo. If true, it'll be the second movie coming in 2009 featuring Buell's. Transformers II is also said to feature a female transforming Buell. It's not in the currently showing trailer though.

Yes Man

This movie features Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a guy being challenged to "yes" to everything which leads to him learning to ride a motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle mind you, a Ducati Hypermotard. Didn't see this one. I don't think a Ducati Hypermotard cameo is enough to get me interested.

Batman Returns

I guess Christian Bale likes motorcycles. Bale plays the role of Batman and he gets to ride around in the "batpod." But, actually it's not Bale riding the motorcycle. A single stunt rider was the only one able to be able to ride the thing. Looks pretty cool even though it's practically un-ridable.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

This one features Brad Pitt, a well known motorcycle enthusiast. He's even building a race track at his new house supposedly! And was recently quoted as saying he loves the anonymity of riding a motorcycle.

The movie is about "a man who starts aging backwards with bizarre consequences." Haven't seen this one yet but it was nominated for 13 Oscars.

I'm sure there's quite a few I've left out so feel free to comment about your favorites. I have no doubt there will be plenty more movies coming out featuring motorcycles as they seem to be riding a wave of popularity in Hollywood at the moment.

I say "how about a good movie ABOUT motorcycles?!"


2009 Buell suggested retail pricing

Deeley Harley Davidson Canada was kind enough to provide pricing information for the Buell line-up for 2009 to Canadian Motorcycle Rider. The prices represent the 2009 suggested retail pricing as of December 1, 2008.

Models covered include Blast, XB9SX - Lightning CityX, XB12R - Firebolt, XB12Scg - Lightning XB12Scg, XB12Ss - Lightning XB12Ss, XB12X - Ulysses XB12X, XB12XT - Ulysses XB12XT, 1125CR, and the 1125R.

Click the picture for a larger view. For more details on the models that Buell has to offer check out their Canadian site.


Harley Davidson XR-1200 coming to the US

Harly-Davidson has decided that their European only model is ready to make a debut in the US. It'll be hitting the dealerships in 2009.

In honor of its heritage and connection to the 750 flat tracker it takes its styling cues from, only 750 orange and black models will initially be available. They're available now for pre-order at $11,179 USD. Get your order in by December 15th.

This bike is HD's most performance oriented model with an air-cooled and modified 1203cc Evolution V45. Power is increased by the use of a larger air box, downdraft fuel injection, and a performance-biased exhaust system. Harley claims 90 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 73.8 ft-lbs of torque at a low 3,700 rpm.

If you're looking for something performance oriented and from Harley Davidson, you might also want to check out Buell. The Lightning Long XB12Ss packs 103 HP @ 6800 RPM and 84 ft. lbs of torque @ 6000 RPM for just $10,749 CDN.


Buell - still rolling along

On Wednesday, Nov.12, 2008, at 8 a.m. central time, Buell rolled their 125,000th motorcycle off the production line. The bike was a 2009 white 1125R bound for Australia.

Founded by an ex-Harley Davidson engineer Erik Buell, Buell Motorcycle is based in Wisconsin USA. Harley Davidson purchased complete control of Buell Motorcycle in 2003 and Buell's are now sold through select H-D dealerships.


Ontario/BC Buell Demo Days

Want a chance to ride a new Buell? Do you live in Ontario or British Columbia? If you do, then you're in luck. There's a few Buell Demo days scheduled in the next few days.

BC Events:

Demo Rides at Barnes H-D/Buell
October 18, 2008
Langley, British Columbia

Demo Rides at Trev Deeley Motorcycles
October 19, 2008
Vancouver, British Columbia

Ontario Events:

Demo Rides at Rocky’s Harley-Davidson
October 18, 2008
London, ON

Demo Rides at Kitchener Harley-Davidson
October 19, 2008
Kitchener, ON

For further information check out the Buell website here.


Buell Cafe Racer hits Canadian dealerships

Buell's 1125CR has hit the floors in Canadian dealerships! With the 1125 cc liquid cooled Rotax v-twin engine these are cutting edge Buell technology. Liquid cooled! Yes, you read right - liquid cooled!

According to Buell it's the "new power-to-weight class leader, the Buell 1125CR. A fearsome blend of superbike performance, sinister styling and wicked attitude, it pushes the boundaries of the naked category. This 21st century, café racer combines a featherweight chassis with a dominating 1125cc liquid-cooled, V-Twin for powerful acceleration in any gear. Add to that its aggressive, sport riding position and precise handling and you’ve got an experience like no other."

It's got 146 hp on tap at 9800 RPM and makes 82 ft. lbs of torque at 9800 RPM. A shiny new one comes with a $12,599 MSRP.

For more information on the Buell 1125CR check out the Canadian section of Buell's website:


Buell Cafe Racer unveiled

Buell is bringing superbike performance to the streetfighter category in 2009 with the introduction of the 1125CR, a new model featuring a modern interpretation of "café racer" styling and the power of the Buell Helicon 1125 liquid-cooled V-Twin engine.

Part superbike and part streetfighter, the 1125CR is my vision of a 21st century café racer," said Erik Buell, chairman and chief technical officer at Buell Motorcycle Company. "It's got Clubman-style bars and a flyscreen instead of a fairing. Then we geared it down to optimize acceleration. With a class-leading weight-to-horsepower ratio, the 1125CR takes streetfighter performance to a new level."

"Some of the unique styling bits include: clubman bars, flyscreen and a tail cowl, Final-drive gearing is lowered about eight percent from the 1125R to optimize acceleration.

The 1125 cc engine makes 146 hp @ 9800 RPM, 82 ft. lbs. @ 9800 RPM and has a list price of $12,599.

For more information on this model check out the Buell (Canadian section) website here:


'Trippin' on Two Wheels visits Quebec

Way back in April we told you about a TV program called 'Trippin" on Two Wheels and their plan to air a segment filmed in Quebec.

Basically though, the show features Dennis Gage (that guy with the crazy mustache from My Classic Car) his son, and motorcycle photojournalist Neale Bayly. They travel the globe to exotic locations, all on two wheels.

They're riding three Buell Ulyses and manage to find their way onto some pedestrian walkway by mistake. I'm sure we'll hear more about this in show!

The Quebec segment is supposed to air on the Speed Channel July 13th but you can catch a preview of the segment here:

Click here for air time and more information from the Speed Channel:


Buell Firebolt to rumored to be featured in Transformers 2

Here's a tasty new Internet rumor for you folks. Potential spoilers for the new upcoming Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen. So stop reading now and close your eyes if you don't want to know anything about it! There's going to be a motorcycle Transformer in the new Transformer movie scheduled for release in June 2009 according to the folks at

A leaked call sheet for the upcoming Transformers 2 movie indicates that there is a going to be a Buell Firebolt that transforms into a female robot, Arcee.

I'm no expert but from what I can tell Arcee is a character from the original cartoon series and this character achieved some popularity.

She was even supposed to be in the first movie but was dropped because there wasn't enough time to explain why there would be females in a robotic race. Guess that means it'll be explained in this one.

Some pictures have leaked too. I wonder if Buell will come out with a new special edition paint scheme.

Comments (3)

Buell 1125R on the podium at Calabogie

Steve Crevier took his week old Buell 1125R to the 2008 season opener of the Canadian Superbike event to race against a whole lineup of Japanese inline fours. He didn't quite come out on top but finished a very respectable 3rd. Steve is up against GSX-R1000s, ZX10Rs and Yamaha R1's and beating them despite a weight and horsepower disadvantage.

If the win itself wasn’t enough, listen to what Steve had to say:
“It’s quite amazing,” said Crevier, a six-time Canadian Superbike champion. “We only got the bikes last Friday, and the crew has been slaving for a week solid. We even had to use a DOT rear tire because our rim was too narrow for the slick. It got a little mushy at the end but it felt OK.”

The first place Kawasaki had 173 horsepower at 378 pounds, 2nd place Yamaha, 176 hp at 400 pounds and the 3rd place Buell had 134 hp at 409 pounds.

The Buell is at a 40+ hp disadvantage and is also heavier than its competitors by some 5 kg! A testament to both rider and and the new Buell 1125R.

Oh, and incidentally - Canadian Kawasaki Motors Jordan Szoke won both the premier Superbike and Pro 600 Sport Bike races at the 2008 Calabogie opener.

For full details check out this press release.


New Buell Ulysses Police model in US

US law enforcement will have a new bike to add to their shopping list. Buell has equipped the Ulysses for Police duty. No word on if they'll also bring it to Canada.

Might make for some interestingly equipped used Uly's in the future!

Courtesy Buell:

The new Buell Ulysses® Police XB12XP offers government agencies and private security firms a quick and very nimble “special duty” patrol vehicle that is capable of travel over a variety of terrain, from open highways to city streets to unpaved back-country roads.

Based on the versatile Buell Ulysses adventure sportbike, the Ulysses Police features long-travel suspension, generous ground clearance and aggressive tires that allow it to tackle roads too rough or narrow for confident travel in an automobile or on a traditional police motorcycle. On smooth pavement, the Ulysses Police is an agile sport motorcycle. The Ulysses Police can also accommodate a passenger.

Available for order through Buell dealers as of Tuesday, May 27 2008, production of the 2009 Ulysses Police is scheduled to begin in August 2008.

Special features of the Ulysses Police include hard-shell top and side cases, each removable and lockable. The side cases are narrower than the standard Ulysses accessory side cases, allowing for more clearance in tight situations. On the Ulysses Police model, the Buell Triple Tail system functions as a luggage rack with tie-down hooks over the rear seat position, or as a cushioned passenger backrest with grab rails. A tall windshield, heated hand grips, and handlebar deflectors are also standard equipment. An available emergency response kit provides a siren and an LED lighting package in three different color configurations (Red/Blue, Red/Red, or Blue/Blue).

The Ulysses Police is powered by an air/oil/fan-cooled, fuel-injected Buell Thunderstorm 1203cc V-Twin engine that delivers 103 peak horsepower. This engine’s broad powerband and abundant torque gives the Ulysses the ability to proceed at lower speeds over uneven or unpaved roads with less gear shifting, and to deliver instant bursts of acceleration. The Ulysses Police has an EPA fuel mileage rating of 51 mpg urban/64 mpg highway*. A Goodyear Hibrex final drive belt with Flexten Plus technology is durable and never needs adjustment or lubrication.

Premium Showa front and rear suspension is fully adjustable. Rear spring preload can be adjusted for passenger and gear weight simply by turning a dial located below the left side of the seat. Suspension travel is 6.5 inches in front and 6.4 inches at the rear. Ground clearance is 6.75 inches.

The Ulysses Police features a 4.4-gallon fuel reservoir integrated into the aluminum frame. The lower center of mass achieved by carrying fuel in the frame, rather than in a tank located high on top of the frame, enhances rider confidence on and off pavement. The muffler is located below the engine to further lower the center of gravity and centralize mass for improved handling in all situations. Low unsprung weight helps keep the tires in contact with uneven road surfaces for improved control. The 17-inch, six-spoke, reinforced cast-aluminum wheels feature a durable rim design, and Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires deliver good traction on paved and unpaved roads. A dual front fender system provides debris protection for the rider and the bike.

The Ulysses Police will be offered in two color choices: Birch White and Midnight Black.