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Cardo announces online community

Cardo System, Inc. Announces the Cardo Community Online and the Best Way of Connecting with Your Friends for Quality Riding Time

Customize Your G9, Create and Search Your List of Friends and Plan a Meet-Up to Ride Together

Cardo Systems, the pioneer and global market leader in motorcycle communications, announced a new free service called the cardo community® to complement its scala rider® G9 motorcycle communication systems. Now motorcyclists who enjoy riding with their friends can also enhance their social experience online and do much much more by visiting and clicking on the cardo community.

The award-winning G9 is a revolutionary system that easily connects to virtually all motorcycle helmets to allow users to communicate in a natural manner. Equipped with high-quality speakers, it lets motorcyclists keep their hands on the handlebars as they control many functions by voice. The G9 is also unique in enabling full duplex natural conferencing to up to two other motorcyclists on a total of three bikes or among two couples riding on two motorcycles. In addition, the industry-leading G9 is perfect for motorcycle clubs because it breaks communication barriers by letting a user toggle to up to eight other riders. These are only a few of the outstanding features and benefits pioneered by the G9 from the company that has brought motorcyclists virtually all of the significant advances in motorcycle communications.

“With the launch of the cardo community we are encouraging our motorcyclist users to build a thriving social network of other enthusiasts,” said Cardo's CEO Abraham Glezerman. “Our versatile scala rider G9 can be customized through the community, allowing users to change languages, voice activation controls, and other settings. They can also build lists of friends, and search for others in the community in order to organize group rides. Motorcycling has always been its own community, and we are looking to expand this sense of belonging to the virtual world, while we encourage real-world friendships and connections. ”

But there is even more. Owning a G9 makes you part of the cardo community. Once users have registered and chosen a nickname or a real name for themselves, a host of unique community benefits become available:

·         Users can customize the features of their communication device

o   Preset FM radio stations and re-tune your radio
o   Update software

·         Change settings for

§  Voice Activation Sensitivity
§  Voice activation Operation Mode
§  Sensitivity of Automatic Gain Control
§  Spoken status announcements
§  Programming a Hot-Dial Number
§  Change languages

·         Create a list of friends
·         Search for friends by their user names
·         Create a tour and invite their friends
·         Publish tours to invite others
·         Join tours online

There are many additional benefits to joining the cardo community, including access to video tutorials, user manuals, read more about recent software releases and even ask for Cardo Customer support.
Please visit for more information or access the cardo community via Visit the Cardo Community often and invite your friends. Cardo Systems has a number of fun surprises waiting for community members.

About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle helmets since 2003. Cardo has pioneered the majority of the most useful and enjoyable innovations for Bluetooth motorcycle and snowmobile headsets. The company's scala rider® line of communication systems, now available in over 65 countries, is also the world's best-selling Bluetooth system for the motorcycle industry. For more information call (412) 788-4533 and follow us on Facebook at


Cardo scala rider G9 used in 14,000 km motorcycle journey

Ryan and Colin Pyle Used the Cardo scala rider G9 for Communication throughout “The India Ride”, their 14,000 Kilometer Motorcycle Circumnavigation of India

India Ride Team Used Cardo scala rider G9 to Aid Communication in Tough Terrain –
World’s Most Advanced Wireless Bluetooth  Motorcycle Communication System

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmets, today announced it sponsored the recently completed “The India Ride” (, an ambitious 14,000 kilometer, 54-day motorcycle journey around India. The India Ride was completed by Ryan and Colin Pyle, two brothers who previously completed the Middle Kingdom Ride, a Guinness Book of World Records circumnavigation of China.

Through their epic journey the brothers used the Cardo scala rider G9 to communicate with each other and their support and filming team. The product is the most advanced motorcycle helmet communication system that enables clear and reliable wireless, bike-to-bike intercom communication. Operating at a range of up to one mile, the scala rider G9 enabled both riders to relay important information, which proved to be especially vital while they were traversing difficult and dangerous terrain. Cardo had previously also sponsored the Middle Kingdom ride of brothers Ryan and Colin, who used Cardo’s scala rider® communication system on their grueling adventure ride around China.

“The scala rider absolutely enhanced our trip and allowed us to communicate and ride with four eyes instead of just two,” said Ryan Pyle. The India Ride team encountered harsh conditions during the journey including injuries, landslides, harrowing road hazards, construction, and altitudes above 16,000 feet. The entire journey was recorded by professional videographers, and will be presented on television in the third or fourth quarter of 2013.

“Kudos to the Pyle brothers and their team on their impressive accomplishment,” said Cardo's CEO Abraham Glezerman. “Ryan and Colin embody the magic appeal of motorcycle touring under the most demanding conditions and beautiful terrain. The fact that our scala rider G9 exceeded their expectations on this ambitious and at times grueling journey is very gratifying and also gives us the feeling that a part of us was there. We put our products through tough tests and we are thrilled to see our products meet or exceed real world challenges like the India Ride. We salute them and all other Cardo scala rider users throughout the world who have ridden with our systems through breathtaking and challenging environments to fulfill their dreams.”

The Cardo scala rider G9 offers unparalleled connection functionalities, with wireless access to a rider’s mobile phone as well as streaming GPS and MP3. The Intercom offers not only Conference Mode among four riders up to one mile, but also intercom toggling to up to eight other riders. A new “flash pairing” feature allows riders to establish a connection with other users by simply bumping two of the units together. Many of the device’s functions can be managed by voice commands, allowing riders such as Ryan and Colin to keep all of their attention focused on the road.

The scala rider G9 is now available at select distributors, retail outlets, and specialty shops. For more information, please visit


Cardo introduces the Cardo scala rider G9

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmets, today announced the launch of the Cardo scala rider G9, the most advanced motorcycle helmet communication system. The Cardo scala rider G9 takes wireless, bike-to-bike intercom communication to a whole new level, allowing users to toggle back and forth to converse with up to eight riders at a range of up to one mile, talk to as many as two friends simultaneously via an intercom system, and access a variety of other conversation and entertainment features via voice or touch command.

Cardo Systems, industry pioneer and maker of the world’s most popular motorcycle communications products, is poised to transform the industry yet again with the Cardo scala rider G9, which features unprecedented intercom connection capabilities, wireless access to mobile phone, GPS and MP3 music streaming functions, and much more in a sleek, compact headset that installs in minutes. The Intercom Conference Mode allows full duplex conversations with fellow riders up to a mile apart, enabling four-way conversations between two drivers and two passengers, three-way conversations between three separate riders and two-way rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger conversations.

The new “One+8” Intercom Toggling Mode enables riders to call up fellow G9 riders by voice tag and to toggle back and forth between up to eight other users riding together. Click-to-Link, another unique Cardo Intercom feature, empowers users to make spontaneous connections to any scala rider G9 or G4 user within range. “Flash Pairing” allows users to establish a connection in seconds by bumping two scala rider G9 units together.

The scala rider G9,  compatible with Bluetooth phones, including the  iPhone-allows riders to stream MP3 music in stereo wirelessly via A2DP (cable connection included for older MP3 players), initiate and receive phone calls, GPS instructions, and connectivity status announcements, or listen to the built-in FM radio. Many functions can be controlled by voice command for safe, hands-free operation (e.g., "music on," or call "Bill Smith"). An incredibly smart priority management system allows riders to automatically disconnect from the intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or in-ear GPS instructions.

Built to last and certified to meet exacting IP67 dustproof and waterproof standards, the rugged scala rider G9 has a unique social side with the Cardo Community web platform, which gives users an online venue to name tag their G9 unit, invite friends for a ride, plan tours, meet up with fellow riders, and customize the scala rider G9 to enhance social networking. The scala rider G9 is upgradable to ensure that users can take full advantage of all the latest technical features, which include Group Signal, that a rider can initiate to alert others on the ride and Hot-Dial calling.

“The scala rider G9 gives next-generation motorcycle communication system capabilities to today’s riders,” said Cardo's CEO Abraham Glezerman. “As a communications technology pioneer, Cardo Systems leverages a decade of experience and road-testing to deliver groundbreaking new capabilities that enhance the rider experience. From the simplified bump pairing to the improved speakers and ability to control initiation of music and talk by voice, among many other features, the scala rider G9 sets the new standard again to bring the best rider experience to motorcyclists.”

The scala rider G9 provides users with up to 12 hours of talk time with a standby time of seven days. The unit charges in three hours and features advanced Digital Signal Processing. The scala rider G9 is compatible with the entire scala rider line (subject to certain limitations).

The scala rider G9 is now available at select distributors, retail outlets, and specialty shops. For more information, please visit


Cardo Systems Announces Extension of Product Warranty - 2 full years

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, announced the extension of its product warranty from 12 to 24 months.The warranty extension from one to two years from original date covers Cardo Systems’ line of scala rider products, including the G4, G4 PowerSet, the TeamSet, TeamSetPro, and the Q2 and Q2 Pro MultiSet for motorcycles, and the G4 PowerSet for snowmobiles.

"We are very pleased to extend our warranty period to 24 months, especially since it gives additional peace of mind to our loyal customers,” said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “Our products are built to perform under tough, real-world conditions, providing motorcycle and snowmobile riders with clear communication for enhanced enjoyment and safety."

Cardo Systems’ scala rider line of products offers unparalleled communication between multiple motorcyclists bike-to-bike, or now between snowmobilers. Riders are able to speak to each other with hands-free clarity at ranges of up to one mile using the G4 PowerSet. Also, riders and their passengers riding on one motorcycle can utilize the TeamSet Pro product to speak to each other for up to 10 hours per charge. Each product in the line is ruggedly built, yet streamlined to provide comfort for riders on long journeys. In addition, the scala rider products allow the seamless usage of smartphones, GPS devices, or MP3 players along with the intercom conference mode. Cardo Systems offers products that attach easily in minutes to virtually all motorcycle helmets.

For more information about the new Cardo Systems’ product warranty, visit


Cardo Systems Announces Launch of Accessory Kit for Motorcycle Riders Wearing Half-Helmets

Cardo Systems announces launch of accessory kit  for motorcycle riders wearing half-helmets that enables communication and entertainment benefits of the scala rider Bluetooth headsets for half-helmet wearers.

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for helmet headsets, announced today the availability of its new Audio & Microphone Kit for Half-Helmets.

The audio kit is an accessory for use with the company’s line of scala rider Q2 MultiSet PRO, Q2 MultiSet, Q2 PRO, Q2 and TeamSet PRO and TeamSet Bluetooth enabled rider-to-rider communication headsets. These products are designed to comfortably fit riders who use nearly all brands of half-helmets when riding their motorcycles. The kit attaches in minutes and offers secure fastening to the straps of the helmet using the patent pending method.

Each kit also contains two sets of ultra-slim speakers, a single speaker and dual speakers, that plugs into a standard 3.5 mm audio headphone jack, along with ear curtains, and microphone sponges. Similar to other Cardo Systems audio kit products, this kit also includes a 3.5 mm audio input jack to quickly plug into various music devices.

Our Audio and Microphone Kit for Half-Helmets is proof of our commitment to motorcycle riders” said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “We offer motorcyclists who utilize half-helmets to experience the amazing audio quality and long-range capabilities of our scala rider headsets. Our kit makes available the unparalleled safety and convenience of headsets for an ever expanding audience of motorcycle enthusiasts. ”

The new Audio & Microphone Kit for Half-Helmets is now available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at


Cardo Systems Announces Upgrades to scala rider G4

Cardo Systems Announces Upgrades to scala rider G4 – Enables Roadside Social Network through Connection with Other Users

Upgraded Features Includes New Voice Configuration Menu and Enhanced Compatibility with Bluetooth Devices Including Latest Phone and GPS Models

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, announced today the availability of an upgrade Version 3.0 for its scala rider G4. The free upgrade is available to motorcycle scala rider G4 users and provides motorcycle riders with additional opportunities to communicate on the road.

The Click-to-Link feature allows spontaneous intercom connectivity with other G4 users. This unique feature enables you to instantly initiate one-to-one intercom calls with other G4 users in the near vicinity without going through the pairing process in advance. Initiating a Click-to-Link request will search for another Click-to-Link enabled unit in range and request a connection. If the connection is accepted and established, a temporary intercom channel is created. This connection will not change or modify your current Rider A and Rider B intercom pairings. Click-to-Link can be quickly deactivated if desired and users can choose to accept or reject any incoming Click-to-Link connection requests.

Several audio-related upgrades are found in Version 3.0, including a dedicated channel to accommodate A2DP-enabled devices such as the iPod Touch. The product now has parallel connectivity to a MP3 device and a mobile phone. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) can now be custom set by users to adjust the audio level according to ambient noise and motorcycle speed. VOX sensitively levels are also adjustable to suit the user’s needs, whether they are low, medium, or high. The user can adjust their AGC and VOX sensitivity via the scala rider G4’s PC software or directly through the product using the new Voice Configuration Menu.

The Voice Configuration Menu allows users customization control of their unit without needing to access software via the PC. Various settings can be configured via the menu, including; language, RDS, spoken status announcements, VOX, and AGC.

Motorcyclists who utilize the radio functionality of the scala rider G4 can now set up to six radio station presents by pressing one button. Especially useful for traveling riders, the Automatic Radio Tuning can be easily reset to the home region stations. Automatic Scan for FM radio stations is also in the upgrade, allowing easier hands free operation.

“Our latest G4 upgrade is a testament to Cardo’s continuing leadership in innovating motorcycle communications,” said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “Our remarkable Click-to –Link feature enables riders to reach out to any G4 users within range, promoting the growth of a network of people that love the freedom and comradeship of motorcycle touring. We upgraded audio features such as Volume Per Mode, which memorizes volume levels between audio sources, so when the user switches from mobile phone to GPS, the system sets the volume based on past preferences. Our upgrades are always customer focused, as we strive to give our riders the most fun, functional and safe hands-free communication device.”

Users interested in downloading the free Version 3.0 software upgrade for the motorcycle scala rider G4 should visit

The scala rider G4 is available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at


Bluetooth Industry Pioneer Cardo Systems Announces Launch of scala rider Q2 MultiSet PRO

New Cardo system offers Improved Bike-to-Bike Intercom System Features, Expanded Range, and Enhanced Audio Communications

PITTSBURGH, PA (February 1st, 2011) - Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, announced today the introduction of a enhanced intercom communication product, the scala rider Q2 MultiSet PRO.

The Q2 MultiSet PRO enables uninterrupted bike-to-bike and passenger-to-rider communication through a comfortable intercom headrest system. The technology allows true simultaneous talking between two parties. Through its advanced multi device connection technology, users can independently place mobile calls, listen to integrated FM radio, or MP3 music and also use the device as a person-to-person intercom. GPS device interactivity is included, and riders can receive GPS voice instructions through the headset without having to manually perform any operations.

“Our orginal scala rider Q2 quickly became the global standard for motorcycle headset communications devices,” said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “With our new PRO unit, we have developed an improved intercom system that offers ample range with crystal clear audio. For more than eight years, we have been the industry innovators in Bluetooth technology and are working to constantly refine and improve our product lineup to meet the needs of a discerning motorcycle audience.”

Audio features of the Q2 MultiSet PRO include noise canceling headphones and AGC technology which automatically adjusts microphone volume based the amount of ambient noise. A new advancement called Embedded Packet Loss Concealment lets the system compensate for lost audio in real time, giving riders the very clear conversations.. Built in VOX technology allows riders to accept or reject calls through voice commands, helping them to concentrate on driving, not pressing control buttons. The dual speakers are designed to be compact for maximum driver fit and comfort.

Further functionality of the Q2 PRO includes up to 8 hours of continuous talk time, providing riders with uninterrupted service for extended journeys. Joining the worldwide, top-of the- line of G4 scala-rider PowerSet and the scala rider TeamSet PRO, the new and improved scala rider Q2 PRO will enhance the best-selling line of Q2 motorcycle helmet headsets.

The new Cardo scala rider Q2MultiSet PRO is now available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at

About Cardo Systems, Inc. 

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle helmets since 2003. Cardo's scala rider line of headsets, now available in over 50 countries, is the world's best selling Bluetooth system for the motorcycle industry. For more information call (412) 788-4533.


Canadian's Colin and Ryan Pyle use Cardo System’s Bike-to-Bike in China ride

Canadian Brothers Colin and Ryan Pyle use Cardo System’s Bike-to-Bike Communication During 18,000 Kilometer Journey Around China

PITTSBURGH, PA - Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, announced today its scala rider® G4TM PowerSet Bluetooth intercom headset was used extensively during the recent MKride around China to facilitate a safe journey for two motorcycle riders who are not only brothers, but riding buddies for a cause.

Brothers Colin and Ryan Pyle completed a motorcycle tour of China on October 17th, 2010 in Shanghai. The pair traversed 17,674 kilometers during the 65 day journey, becoming the first riders to circumnavigate the country in one journey. Their Middle Kingdom (MK) Ride raised funds and awareness for the Seva Foundation, a charitable organization that helps communities around the world with initiatives including clean water, improved healthcare and education.

The MKride team chose the scala rider G4 PowerSet because of Cardo Systems’ eight years of experience in the Bluetooth industry and for the scala rider G4 PowerSet’s reputation for being the world leader in Bluetooth intercom systems for motorcycles. The scala rider G4 features two headsets for bike to bike intercom communication up to ONE mile and allows safe hands-free conversations, so riding partners can quickly discuss road hazards or direction changes without using hand gestures or resorting to shouting. Both headsets also include VOX which enables users to make and receive hands-free cell phone calls and can pair with GPS devices so that a rider can hear turn by turn, in-helmet voice instructions. With 10 hours of rechargeable talk time and a range of up to one mile, the scala rider G4 is the perfect safety companion for lengthy journeys.

The brothers used the scala rider G4 PowerSet in a variety of conditions including high altitudes of more than 16,000 feet, extreme temperatures swings, and numerous hail and rainstorms proving to be a vital part of their gear that helped the riding team stay safe and alert to impending dangers.

“The scala absolutely enhanced our trip and allowed us to communicate and ride with four eyes instead of just two,” said Ryan Pyle, of MKride. “China has the most dangerous roads in the world, with statistically the highest automobile fatality rate. We safely navigated through horrendous traffic jams and other hazards because of our ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the G4.”

Not only does the scala rider G4 PowerSet keep avid motorcycle cruisers safe on their journeys, but also entertained with it extensive communication and music options. Each headset has an embedded radio with seek and scan features and also A2DP compatibility for wireless STEREO music that can be played from a compatible MP3 player or iPod. The headsets also feature AVRCP technology which enables a user to control their music device/GPS unit right from the headset, alleviating the need to manipulate the devices from pockets, jackets or any other areas that may cause distraction.

Cardo Systems congratulates Ryan and Colin on their achievement and was honored to support them in their epic journey around China and their charitable mission. Ryan and Colin Pyle are producing a documentary and a book about their experiences during their MKride. More information can be found at

The scala rider G4 PowerSet is available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at with a suggested retail price of $489.95 USD.


Cardo product placement in "Money Never Sleeps"

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, has its scala rider Bluetooth headset prominently featured in the movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

The prominently featured scala rider headset is used by famous lead character, Shia LaBeouf.  LaBeouf has his scala rider headset mounted on his helmet and uses it to make and receive calls while riding his motorcycle around NYC. 


NEW scala rider TeamSet PRO features Pre-Paired IDENTICAL Headsets

The new Cardo SCALA RIDER TeamSet PRO, will greatly enhance the riding experience for rider and passenger on a single bike by featuring two identical, pre-paired rider and passenger headsets that provide rider to passenger intercom communication. Each headset can function independently of each other.  BOTH users can make and receive their own voice activated, hands-free cellphone calls and listen to their own MP3 player or GPS units

Driver Headset Features includes

- speak on intercom to passenger (full duplex)
- initiate and receive own mobile calls by voice command
- listen to own Bluetooth enabled MP3 player (wirelessly or using wired connection with cable provided)
- listen to own Bluetooth enabled GPS device

Passenger Headset Features include:
- speak on intercom to driver (full duplex)
- initiate and receive own mobile calls by voice command
- listen to own Bluetooth enabled MP3 player (wirelessly or using wired connection with cable provided)
- listen to own Bluetooth enabled GPS device

Additional Driver and Passenger Headset Features include:
- VOX Technology- receive, initiate and reject calls by voice control
- Enhanced audio from dual ultra-slim speakers (less than ¼ inch thickness)
- Talk time up to 10 hours, Standby time up to 7 days
- Utilize intercom function without a mobile phone
- AGC Technology- headset automatically adjusts its own volume based on ambient noise
- Noise Canceling Microphone
- Fits virtually all helmets, easy 5 minute self-installation

*Stereo music requires compatible Bluetooth® enabled MP3 device
 **GPS voice instructions requires compatible Bluetooth® enabled GPS device
Cardo SCALA RIDER® TeamSet PRO     
MSRP $249.95 USD


Cardo Systems Announces new high tech - G4

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, today announced the availability of its new scala rider G4 the most feature-rich bike-to-bike Bluetooth headset available on the market today.

From compatibility with any number of Bluetooth-enabled devices to its embedded FM radio, mobile phone support and voice activation, the scala rider G4 is also the first Bluetooth headset to offer group intercom between up to three riders as well as communication among two riders and their two passengers on two bikes at distances up to one mile*—a new industry benchmark for motorcycle headsets.

Encased in a rugged and fully redesigned form factor, the scala rider G4 leads the pack in Bluetooth enjoyment and safety by allowing the user access to all of their compatible communications and entertainment through one lightweight unit. Specific features include:

Two/Three/Four-Way Intercom — The G4 allows four riders (two drivers and two passengers), three riders (three separate bikers) or two riders (rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger), to conduct intercom conversations at distances of up to one mile*. The headset offers full duplex (simultaneous talking/listening) capability as well as mobile phone call conferencing between riders, between rider and passenger, or with outside callers.

Multi-Device Compatibility — The G4 can connect with virtually any portable Bluetooth device including mobile phones, MP3 players and compatible GPS units (for in-helmet voice instructions). It can also connect with non-Bluetooth MP3 players, GPS units via its embedded jack, and the entire line of scala rider headsets.** Each G4 headset can be actively connected to one Bluetooth device and two other scala rider headsets at one time.

A2DP Stereo Music —Taking advantage of A2DP, the latest Bluetooth stereo music transfer technology, the G4 can receive CD-quality music from any MP3 player with A2DP capability.

• Built-In FM Radio− The G4 has a built-in FM Radio with RDS and scan and seek features with six station channel memory.

VOX Activation –The G4 allows users to make voice-controlled hands-free intercom calls and phone calls with answer, voice dial and call reject functions.

AGC Technology –The G4 automatically adjusts the headset volume based on ambient noise and driving speed.

PLC Technology – The G4 provides improved audio quality in dense urban surroundings.

Downloadable Cardo Software For Future Upgrades (requires Windows XP or Vista based PCs) –This software keeps the G4 always up-to-date with the latest applications.

Spoken Status Announcements – The G4 provides multi-lingual in-the-ear announcements tell users to whom or to which device they are connected to.

“Cardo’s new scala rider G4 takes all the power of wireless communications and entertainment today and puts it in one amazing package. There’s no Bluetooth headset on the market that revolutionizes a biker’s riding experience like the G4,” says Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “This is our most exciting motorcycle headset yet — a breakthrough that can greatly improve enjoyment and safety for single riders or groups, passengers and drivers alike.”

As with all scala rider headsets, the G4 features a noise canceling microphone and weather-resistant design. Talk time with the unit’s rechargeable Li-Po battery is up to 10 hours and standby time is up to 10 days.

The scala rider G4 fits virtually all ¾ and full-face helmets and can be self-installed in five minutes. The headset is now available through select distributors, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at with a suggested retail price of $279.95 USD.

*Range may vary according to terrain
**Reduced operational range when connected to earlier scala rider models


Cardo Systems, Inc. Announces Partnership with Polaris and Victory

Polaris/Victory Adds the Cardo Scala Rider® Q2™ Bluetooth® Rider to Rider Intercom Helmet Headset to Its Product Assortment.

The Global Leader Bluetooth® Headset for Off-Road ATV, Motorcycle and Snowmobile Helmets

2009 Pittsburgh, PA (November 19th, 2009) Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth® communications for motorcycle and all-terrain helmet headsets, today announced its new distribution partnership with Polaris & Victory Motorcycles.

Polaris is well known within the industry as an expert in design and manufacturing of off-road vehicles and snowmobiles. Victory Motorcycles specializes in the manufacturing of American-made motorcycles for the touring and cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts. Polaris & Victory Motorcycles will become the newest valued addition to Cardo’s targeted distribution channel to carry the Cardo Scala Rider® Q2™ Bluetooth® headset featuring rider to rider intercom communication up to 500m/1,640ft*

“We are very pleased to be forming this relationship with Polaris & Victory Motorcycles,” said Abraham Glezerman, Chairman and CEO of Cardo Systems. “Both companies are leaders and experts in their fields; Cardo, at providing the most innovative and technically advanced Bluetooth® helmet headsets with features that are ground-breaking to the industry and Polaris and Victory Motorcycles, as a leader in the development of an array of advanced, fun-to-ride off and on-road vehicles for a multitude of riding enthusiasts across markets, including ATV, side-by-side, motorcycle and snowmobile markets. Both companies strive to continue to redefine a rider’s experience.”

“Adding the Cardo Scala Rider system to our catalog is a natural fit’” says Jason Toso of Victory Motorcycles. “We strive to engineer the best American luxury cruisers and touring motorcycles on the market, and an industry leader such as Cardo is a perfect accessory for our products and our owners, particularly as our touring line has developed.”

The Cardo SCALA RIDER® Q2™ headset features all-terrain rider to rider intercom communications up to 500m/1,640ft, depending on traffic, terrain and line of site. It also allows riders to connect wirelessly by Bluetooth® to one of the following audio sources including: in-helmet voice instructions from a GPS unit, mobile phone conversations with third parties and intercom conversations with passengers and with other riders.

The headsets also feature high-quality FM radio transmissions from the embedded FM radio. It sports a noise-canceling microphone and speaker booster and is fully rain, snow and mud resistant. A MP3 player can be connected to the headset’s embedded auxiliary jack to receive wired STEREO music. Whether you are riding your motorcycle, ATV, side-by-side, or snowmobile, the SCALA RIDER® Q2™ is a great way to communicate with another rider.

The Cardo SCALA RIDER® Q2™ headset (Polaris part number 2859994) is now available from your local authorized Polaris or Victory Dealer or online at

*results may vary according to terrain

About Cardo Systems, Inc.

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is a world leader in motorsports wireless Bluetooth® communication systems. Cardo products include the SCALA-RIDER® line of innovative helmet-mounted Bluetooth® headsets, audio kits and accessories for motorcycle helmets.

About Polaris

With annual 2008 sales of $1.9 billion, Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets off-road vehicles (ORVs), including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER(tm), snowmobiles and Victory Motorcycles for recreational and utility use. Polaris is a recognized leader in the snowmobile industry, and one of the largest manufacturers of ORVs in the world. Victory Motorcycles, established in 1998 and representing the first all-new American-made motorcycle from a major company in nearly 60 years, are rapidly making impressive in-roads into the cruiser and touring motorcycle marketplace.

Polaris also enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Pure Polaris apparel, accessories and parts, available at Polaris dealerships. Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "PII," and the Company is included in the S&P Small-Cap 600 stock price index. Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories, is available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime from the Polaris homepage at