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Husqvarna's 401Vitpilen Cconcept Wins Two International Awards

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to announce that the 401 VITPILEN concept has gained top honours in two of the most prestigious design competitions globally – the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) organised by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and the Automotive Brand Contest 2015 organised by the German Design Council.

With more than 1,700 products entering the 35th edition of IDEA, the jury granted the Silver Winning award to the Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen concept. The award signifies notable recognition for the whole team behind the 401 Vitpilen, who drew their inspiration from Husqvarna’s golden age and the iconic 1953 Silverpilen. The IDEA 2015 winners were announced on August 22.

The second award came on August 26 with the independent panel of design, media and academic experts of the Automotive Brand Contest handing the Best of Best award to the Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen concept. It was another milestone for the 401 Vitpilen’s design, which offers just a glimpse of Husqvarna’s future in the street bike sector.

Adopting Swedish design simplicity, the 401 VITPILEN is based on a functional and uniquely modern design, which combined with cutting-edge technology and high-quality hardware delivers a genuinely exciting riding experience for the street. It’s one of the rare instances where forward-thinking engineering and an authentically pure design concept, that has now officially gained international recognition, blend together in perfect symmetry.


Hugely successful 90th ISDE for Husqvarna

Husqvarna Motorcycles had a week to remember at the 90thedition of the FIM International Six Days Enduro in Slovakia where they secured the outright individual victory thanks to the impressive performance of USA World Trophy team rider Ryan Sipes. In addition Jamie McCanney topped the Enduro 1 class while Husqvarna ended the ISDE as winners of the Manufactures Award.

In what proved to be a long, tough and challenging event, Husqvarna rose to the forefront of the ISDE. After last year’s outright individual victory in Argentina by Pela Renet, USA’s Ryan Sipes ensured a second consecutive outright win for Husqvarna. Taking control of the lead at the end of day three, Sipes didn’t falter for the remainder of the week to top the standings as the first ever American to claim outright ISDE victory. Along with his individual victory Sipes also won the Enduro 2 classification.

In the Enduro 1 class, Great Britain’s Jamie McCanney put his Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna on the top step of the podium. Enjoying the technical terrain during the second half of the competition, McCanney only once dropped outside the top two in his category to record a strong one-minute and 17 second margin of victory.

Entered in the Enduro 3 category, Frenchman Mathias Bellino endured a difficult start to his race. Accidentally starting his TE 300 on day one before the event had even begun, Bellino was hit with a one-minute penalty. The Frenchman then spent the majority of the week battling to overcome his mistake. Eventually fighting his way into second in Enduro 3, the Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing rider closed out his ISDE in the runner-up spot, while also recording World Trophy team victory with France.

There were further top ten results for Husqvarna in Slovakia with Spain’s Joesep Garcia placing eighth overall in E1, Spain’s Jaume Betriu sixth in E2 while Australia’s Lachlan Stanford and USA’s Michael Brown were sixth and ninth respectively in E3.

Capping off what has been a terrific event, Husqvarna supported riders McCanney, Bellino and Betriu also won the Manufactures Award, presented to the best performing three-rider manufacturer team.

Ryan Sipes: “I had a good start to the race winning the first special tests, and things continued to go well. After day three I was leading the overall and started to build confidence. On day five there was a little bit of pressure and I was subconsciously riding a bit conservatively. I just wanted to be safe and preserve my lead, which worked out. This was my first ISDE as a member of USA’s World Trophy Team and it was a huge honour to be picked. To win outright individual victory is more than I could have possibly hoped for.”

Jamie McCanney: “It’s been a good six days of racing. I worked my best to help the team but obviously I had to make sure I looked after myself as soon I’ll be racing for the world championship in France. I had to push for a good result while riding within my limits. Conditions at the beginning of the week favoured my bike and I got into a good rhythm straight away. My FE 250 was absolutely perfect. We only changed tyres and a front sprocket all week and the bike ran great. The course was pretty brutal most of the days, not so much difficult but physically hard work. Winning the Enduro 1 class is a fantastic way to end the event.”

Mathias Bellino: “It was a hard ISDE for me because for the past six weeks I’ve been recovering from injury. I got into the race not feeling 100 per cent so I couldn’t ride as good as I should. The top guys were going really fast and it was hard to beat them. Apart from day five I was making good progress as the race went on and that’s really positive. I rode within my limits, didn’t take any risks. I tried to stay healthy and do the best for team France.”

Mike Brown: “It was a tough ISDE and the hardest out of the five I’ve done. There were so many roots and rocks. The conditions were slippery and didn’t favour big four strokes. I feel like I could have done better, maybe on a different-sized bike, but that’s what it is. I had a good time. Team USA had a solid team. We started good by winning tests but we had too many problems and it fell apart pretty quick. Putting all the pieces together to make it through the week is hard.”

Results – FIM International Six Days Enduro 2015

Manufactures Team Award Classification
1. Husqvarna 1 (Jamie McCanney, Mathias Bellino, Jaume Betriu) 12:39:57.31; 2. Yamaha Australia 12:39:58.82; 3. KTM Australia 12:57:36.06; 4. Husqvarna 3 12:58:01.33; 5. KTM Italia 12:58:52.11

Enduro 1
1. Jamie McCanney (Husqvarna) 4:12:06.87; Anthony Boissiere (Sherco) 4:13:24.64; 3. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha)4:13:30.25… 8. Josep Garcia (Husqvarna) 4:18:00.22… 13. Antti Hellsten (Husqvarna) 4:24:11.47… 19. Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) 4:27:51.23… 25. Antti Hanninen (Husqvarna)4:32:40.20… 27. Mattias Ojanpera (Husqvarna) 4:34:56.15… 33. Priit Biene (Husqvarna) 4:42:29.29… 43. Phillip Reichinger (Husqvarna) 4:56:02.65… 51. Artemis Sfinarolakis (Husqvarna)5:24:21.47

Enduro 2
1. Ryan Sipes (Husqvarna) 4:07:37.44; 2. Daniel Milner (Yamaha) 4:08:20.83; 3. Loic Larrieu (Sherco) 4:10:50.21… 6. Jaume Betriu (Husqvarna) 4:13:50.93… 11. Jonathan Manzi (Husqvarna) 4:17:20.72… 20. Glenn Kearney (Husqvarna)4:22:29.25… 24. Jesper Borjesson (Husqvarna) 4:23:54.57… 27. Emil Pojhola (Husqvarna) 4:24:22.85… 30. Michele Marchelli (Husqvarna) 4:26:33.39… 36. Matthias Wibmer (Husqvarna) 4:30:00.22… 39. John Ramstrom (Husqvarna)4:31:29.61… 42. Thoomas Triisa (Husqvarna) 4:37:21.13… 45. Patrick Neisser (Husqvarna) 4:39:03.75; 46. Michael Feichtinger (Husqvarna) 4:40:19.77… 48. Quentin Monfort (Husqvarna) 4:43:00.46… 52. Florian Reichinger (Husqvarna)4:45:26.60… 56. Bertrand Bailleux (Husqvarna) 5:06:12.42

Enduro 3
1. Daniel Sanders (KTM) 4:11:39.30; 2. Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna) 4:13:59.51; 3. Oscar Baletti (KTM) 4:14:04.43… 6. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna) 4:16:06.54… 9. Mike Brown (Husqvarna) 4:18:46.52… 13. Mika Tamminen (Husqvarna)4:25:15.44… 26. Martin Sundin (Husqvarna) 4:33:35.65… 28. Zlatko Novosad (Husqvarna) 4:37:07.88; 29. Wim Vanderheyden (Husqvarna) 4:39:11.04… 35. Cedric Evard (Husqvarna) 4:44:52.89… 44. Andrei-Nicusor Botoaca (Husqvarna) 5:06:55.32

World Trophy
1. France - 21:08:30.76
Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha), Anthony Boissiere (Sherco), Loic Larrieu (Sherco), Antoine Basset (KTM), Jeremy Joly (KTM), Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna)
2. Australia - 21:09:31.14
Joshua Green (Yamaha), Daniel Milner (Yamaha), Matthew Phillips (KTM), Beau Ralston (Yamaha), Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna), Glenn Kearney (Husqvarna)
3. Spain - 21:18:57.52
Jonathan Barragan (Gas Gas), Jaume Betriu (Husqvarna), Josep Garcia (Husqvarna), Victor Guerrero (KTM), Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco), Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha)

Junior World Trophy
1. Australia - 12:56:33.09
Broc Grabham (Sherco), Tom Mason (KTM), Daniel Sanders (KTM), Tye Simmonds (KTM)
2. Sweden - 13:11:59.93
Jesper Borjesson (Husqvarna), Michael Persson (Yamaha), John Ramstrom (Husqvarna), Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas)
3. Italy - 13:23:17.17
Nicolo Bruschi (Honda), Matteo Pavoni (KTM), Mirko Spandre (KTM), Michele Marchelli (Husqvarna)

Women’s World Trophy
1. Australia - 10:15:02.65
Jessica Gardiner (Sherco), Tayla Jones (Yamaha), Jemma Wilson (Yamaha)
2. France - 11:10:56.38
Blandine Dufrene (KTM), Geraldine Fournel (Sherco), Audrey Rossat (Husqvarna)
3. Sweden - 11:30:23.63
1. Jessica Jonsson (Kawasaki), Emelie Karlsson (Yamaha), Emmily Smalsjo (Yamaha)


Jarvis Secures Megawatt Runner-Up Result

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Graham Jarvis claims the runner-up result at the Red Bull 111 Megawatt Hard Enduro in Poland.

Delivering a strong performance at the penultimate Hard Enduro of the season, Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Graham Jarvis secured a come from behind ride to place second overall.

Qualifying ninth overall out of 700 riders in Saturday’s prologue for the Megawatt, Jarvis found himself outside the top ten after the mass start. Playing it safe in the dusty conditions on the first half of the 21-kilometre loop, Jarvis steadily began to work his way forward.

Upping his pace during the three lap main event, the Husqvarna rider moved up to third overall. But with 50 metres of the race left to run, Jarvis had one more trick up his sleeve when second placed Joakim Ljunggren struggled on the final hill climb. Conquering the hill with ease, Jarvis rode past Ljunggren to snatch the runner-up result in the final moments of the race.

For teammate Alfredo Gomez, the Red Bull 111 Megawatt didn’t deliver another podium result to match that of the Red Bull Romaniacs six weeks ago. Not favouring the soft sand conditions and Husqvarna rider ended his race in fourth.

Graham Jarvis: “I think I’ve surprised even myself with this result – it’s almost like a win for me here. When I arrived and saw the course I didn’t think I could crack the top five let alone the podium so second is fantastic. I didn’t get a great start and struggled to see in the dust. That dropped me back but I didn’t let it bother me and rode my own race. I kept picking riders off all the time and suddenly I got to fifth. Then I closed in on Alfredo and Manuel and was third. I was happy with that but when I got to the final climb and saw Joakim stuck I couldn’t believe my luck. I gassed it and passed him for second. Brilliant!”

Alfredo Gomez: “I don’t think this was my kind of race to be honest. It was fast and there wasn’t a major amount of difficult sections to make time up. I rode steady for most of it and was having a battle with Manuel for the first two laps before pulling away from him. When Graham came past I wasn’t able to up my pace and react to him. Fourth is ok but the podium would have been better.”

Results – Red Bull 111 Megawatt
1. Jonny Walker (KTM)  1:41:21.85
2. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna) 1:44:10.22
3. Joakim Ljunggren (KTM) 1:44.15.85

4. Alfred Gomez (Husqvarna) 1:44.56.39

5. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 1:45.50.06

6. Lukasz Kurowsk (Yamaha) 1:47.24.47

7. Andy Noakley (KTM) 1:51.38.72

8. David Leonov (Husqvarna) 1:56:05.04
9. Dimitri Parshin  (Sherco) 1:56.23.41

10. Emil Juszczak (KTM) 2:00.25.47 


Husqvarna 2016 Motocross Models Coming Soon

Husqvarna’s Next Generation Motocross Models Unveiled Soon

Proudly announcing the imminent arrival of their 2016 motocross models, Husqvarna Motorcycles are pleased to offer a first look of what is to come from their totally new, next generation line-up of motocross machines.

Pioneering since 1903 Husqvarna Motorcycles have not rested in their return to the sport, working tirelessly to develop a sophisticated line-up of high-tech motocross models.

Building on over a century of motorsport heritage and Swedish inspired design, the new motocross models will mark a ground breaking milestone in the arrival of premium motocross bikes.

From August 3rd to 8th the world’s off-road media will descend upon the US motocross track of Budds Creek for the official 2016 Husqvarna model introduction. Around this iconic track they will discover and enjoy the technical and aesthetic benefits of Husqvarna’s totally new motocross machines.

Leaving no stone unturned in achieving strong, light and controllable motocross bikes, the brand new Husqvarna Motorcycles range sets new standards in handling, agility, power, weight, technology and aesthetics.

For MY16 Husqvarna’s engineers, in cooperation with its motorsport department, have completely redesigned the chassis from the ground up.

In the engine department the FC 450, FC 350, FC 250 and TC125 see performance boosting developments and improvements.

A compact, sleek design ensures Husqvarna 2016 motocross models have distinctive and futuristic bodywork and graphics, with a Swedish inspired pearl blue and electric yellow colour scheme.

Full details of the brand new 2016 Husqvarna motocross model range will be released on August 4th, 2015.


Husqvarna Rider Craig Delong , Finishes Top Ten in Wyoming

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Andrew DeLong returned for the 6th round of the AMA National Enduro Championship Series, known as the Inyan Kara National Enduro, with hopes of a reoccurrence of the previous round. The riders woke Sunday morning at 6,000 feet elevation in Upton, Wyoming to almost 2 inches of rainfall; giving cause for the officials to shorten the course from 6 to 5 tests. The rain created many unpassable streams as the composition of the terrain in Upton was not absorbent of the water. Many riders were not able to complete the first test because of the difficulty level, but Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory rider, Andrew DeLong was not stopped, and finished the test 5th. Moving into test 2, DeLong had more knowledge of the slippery dirt, riding smart and finishing 5th again. He stayed consistent througout the rest of the day, only scarificing one position to an overall 6th place finish.

“It was a fun but tough race. I‘m just pumped I made it through the race despite my injured wrist and was able to get some points,” explained DeLong.

The reigning champ’s younger brother, Craig DeLong also put in an impressive ride on his TC 250, ending the day 9th overall.

Josh Strang of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing remained sidelined due to previous injury and is focused on heeling for GNCC.

Pro Results
6 ANDREW DELONG – Husqvarna
9 CRAIG DELONG - Husqvarna

Series Points





Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the availability of their new line of competition clothing in association with Shot Race Gear

The Shot Factory Replica Gear is manufactured by leading French clothing manufacturer Shot and is a special edition line, as worn by Husqvarna’s factory enduro riders.

Tried and tested by the Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing, this stylish jersey and pant combo in Husqvarna’s colours have been put through their paces by Pela RenetGraham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez in the Enduro World Championship, SuperEnduro World Championship and allextreme enduro races.

The jersey is a lightweight, breathable offroad shirt utilising intelligent material that wicks moisture away from the skin. Together with breathable mesh panels it ensures you stay cool when the going gets tough.

Matching lightweight pants feature the latest in materials and construction. Built from abrasion-proof 330D nylon with double and triple reinforced seams they ensure maximum durability, comfort and fit.

Leather inner knee protection, elasticated panels for optimum fit and removable foam hip protectors ensure a pant that allows you to focus on conquering the terrain in comfort and style.

Husqvarna Motorcycles Shot Factory Replica Gear is now available at authorized dealers.


Husqvarna News - Husqvarna’s Good Old Times Blog takes you back to the 1930s

Husqvarna’s Good Old Times Blog presents a story about Ragnar Sunnqvist - The Road Racer. Sounds like he was quite a character!

Great pictures and a great story - definitely recommend that you check it out. Here's a teaser. More after the jump.

Husqvarna’s “Good Old Times” Blog takes you back to the 1930s to present the first of a two-part series that looks at the extraordinary career of Ragnar Sunnqvist. Discover how this audacious young Swede made a name for himself and the brand in the early days of road racing.

Ragnar Sunnqvist - The Road Racer


Cristophe Pourcel Signs With Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing

Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce Christophe Pourcel as the fifth racer of the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team. Pourcel will compete in the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series in the 450 class aboard a Husqvarna FC 450, looking to challenge the sport’s top competitors.

“We tested the bike last week and I had a good thing going with Bobby [Hewitt] and Robert Jonas. They made me feel very comfortable with the team. The test of the bike went very good. That is why we made the decision to go this way. They believe in me and that was a big part of my decision to join the team. The 450 has always suited me; I’ve been riding a 250 for a long time and I feel it’s best for me to go back to a 450 and compete. I look forward to the opportunity for a future with the team,” stated Pourcel.

Team Manager, Bobby Hewitt, has worked with some of the industry’s top riders over the past decade and is credited with aiding Jason Anderson in his first AMA pro championship. He too looks forward to the future with Christophe on the team. “Knowing Christophe had multiple options from other teams for this year’s outdoor series but chose to sign with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing says a great deal about our program and the bike. I am very happy to have Christophe join the team and I look forward to the start of the Motocross Season,” said Hewitt.

Hailing from France, Christophe Pourcel has many years of racing history in Europe, where he caught the attention of Husqvarna’s Head of Motorsport, Robert Jonas, who commented on the move to hire Pourcel, “I am very happy about our newest enhancement of the US factory racing program. Christophe, former MX2 world champion and two times 250SX champion, is known as a very talented rider who requires specific treatment but I believe that our team will be qualified to provide what’s needed to make him feel home in the team and well on the bike. He has a very smooth and technical riding style and good skills how to communicate what he is looking for on his bike setup. We made the deal maybe a little bit at short notice towards the beginning of the outdoor season but I am convinced that he will do very well.”

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ partner, Rockstar Energy, takes the racing endeavor very serious and the move to hire Pourcel is another building block in solidifying the alliance between brands. “It's going to be great to add Christophe Pourcel to our already strong lineup for outdoors. We expect some very positive results from him. We know the bike is good and he has had success in motocross in the US in the past. This is a strong acquisition for the team moving forward and we can't wait to see what the future holds! Rockstar Energy Drink is very pleased with Bobby Hewitt's effort to continue to build for success,” commented Rockstar Energy Marketing Director, Mike Kelso.

“We are very excited at Rockstar Energy Drink to welcome Christophe Pourcel to the team. It's great to be able to solidify our efforts with a 2nd 450 rider along with Jason Anderson, giving us a strong one, two punch. Pourcel's riding style fits a 450 very well and we are anxious to see what he can do with a full outdoor motocross season on the bigger bike. Christophe has always wanted a shot on the 450 but it had to be the right fit. I believe that Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing what he has been looking for,” Rockstar Energy Motocross Manager, James Hanson, explains.

Since the establishment of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, Husqvarna Motorcycles has celebrated success in many major national series, but the brand’s return to AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross remains a major initiative of the company on a global scale. “We are excited to expand our racing efforts and continue to build our partnership with Rockstar Energy by deciding to bring on Pourcel as an addition to the team. We have seen already a great first season of Supercross and are anxious to return this iconic brand to AMA Pro Motocross Racing with such a solid team,” said Husqvarna Motorcycles North America President, Jon-Erik Burleson.

Since the May 2014 announcement of Husqvarna’s return to AMA Pro Racing, the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team has been making statements, collecting podiums, and proving the brand’s dedication to the sport. Husqvarna is now proud to announce Christophe will join teammates Jason Anderson, Zach Bell, Martin Davalos and Zach Osborne in the 2015 outdoor season.


Husqvarna Motorcycles launches the 701 Supermoto microsite

Check it out - we're still hopeful that the 701 will come to Canada. And is it just me or does the guy in the intro of the YouTube clip from teh microsite sound like Bain from the Batman movie?

Full details:

Husqvarna Motorcycles is happy to introduce the 701 Supermoto microsite. Dedicated to everyone who fell in love with the latest Husqvarna street machine recently introduced at 2014 EICMA, the brand new 701 Supermoto microsite will unveil a whole lot more information and insights in the coming weeks and months. The 701 Supermoto is due to be at official Husqvarna dealers in November 2015.

Register directly with the microsite to be the first to receive a dedicated newsletter every time new content is added to the microsite. In doing so, you will discover, piece by piece, the exciting features of the first street machine of Husqvarna’s new era.


Nathan Watson undergoes wrist surgery

Red Bull IceOne team rider sustains wrist fracture
Red Bull IceOne Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Nathan Watson has today undergone surgery to repair a fractured bone in his left wrist. Sustaining the injury during the first free practise session at the ADAC MX Masters Series in Furstlich Drehna, Germany on Saturday, Nathan will miss this weekend’s GP of Trentino. Doctors predict a recovery time of four to six weeks.

Recording the fifth best time during the practice session, Nathan landed flat over a jump, directly hitting a large braking bump. The significant impact left Nathan with the fracture.

Getting a well-deserved top 15 result in Argentina, Nathan was starting to return to his best following his heavy fall at the opening round of the MXGP series in Qatar. Remaining positive, Nathan is focused on a possible return to racing at his home MXGP event at Matterley Basin, Great Britain, on May 24.

Husqvarna Motorcycles wishes Nathan all the best for a speedy recovery.


Husqvarna’s Good Old Times Blog on the amazing career of Torsten Hallman

The Good Old Times Blog from Husqvarna Motorcycles pays tribute to the rich tradition of the brand by remembering the riders and stories that made the brand a household word in the 1960s and ‘70s. Among these riders, the mighty Torsten Hallman was not only a great rider but also an inspiration to the next generation. Here, Good Old Times recalls Hallman’s brave fight to pick up his fifth 250 cc world title in 1968.


Husqvarna Motorcycles achieve record breaking sales and turnover in 2014

2014 has been a momentous year for the Husqvarna brand. Enjoying record figures in sales and turnover, a total number of 16,337 motorcycles were sold. Passing the magical 100 million Euro mark in turnover, this growth provided Husqvarna Motorcycles with production and sales figures never before achieved during the iconic brand’s 111 years of motorcycle production.

Husqvarna gained significant market share in the enduro competition segment as well as making an outstanding restart into the motocross segment, where close to 6,000 Husqvarna motocross bikes were sold worldwide. As such the brand has re-established its position as a key player within the offroad motorcycle segment. In 2015 Husqvarna will pursue its growth strategy.


Husqvarna 401 concepts coming in 2017

Husqvarna introduced its two 401 concept bikes at the 2014 EICMA Show, company officials said they would put the bikes into production if they garnered enough attention and interest. Well I guess they did because rumor has it that Husqvarna is going to be producing them for 2017.

Reinhold Zens, one of Husqvarna's managing directors, told Bike (a Swedish motorcycle site), "I can tell you that they will come as 2017 models. They may not look the same. A concept is, after all, a designer's dream, while a finished model must follow rules and regulations, but they will definitely have the same style." So be prepared for some corporate tuning down of style and expensive bits but we're pretty happy to see these bikes will be produced. Hopefully they'll even make it to Canada!

Particularly fond of the Svartpilen - the black one.  It's said to use the KTM source 390 single, which is actually a 373cc single.


Husqvarna Announces 2015 Off-Road Team and Partnership with Rockstar Energy


Husqvarna is set to go off-road racing in 2015 with a strong roster of championship-winning riders and the support of a new title sponsor– Rockstar Energy Drink. Husqvarna’s off-road program is proud to welcome Rockstar Energy Drink as title sponsor, effectively creating the off-road division of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing. New to Husqvarna this year is past champion and eager contender, Josh Strang. Returning for a second year are factory riders Mike Brown and 2014 Champions Andrew DeLong and Jacob Argubright.

“We are really excited to expand our race efforts with Husqvarna,” said Rockstar Energy Drink Marketing Director,Mike Kelso. “We are proud to be a part of the rebirth of such a legendary brand.”

“Bringing on Rockstar Energy as a title sponsor is a really important step in our alliance as we take on off-road racing at the most reputable stages,” said Husqvarna Motorcycles North American President, Jon-Erik Burleson.

New to the Husqvarna team, Josh Strang will be contesting the 2015 GNCC Series aboard a Husqvarna FC 450 in the XC1 Pro class, and will also race the National Enduro series aboard an FC 350.

Joining Strang in in his 2015 efforts will be Husqvarna’s off-road phenom Andrew DeLong. The reigning champion will be continuing his deep-seated relationship with Husqvarna, and defending his title in the AMA National Enduro series, as well as looking to make strides in the GNCC XC1 Pro ranks. DeLong will once again pilot a Husqvarna FC 350 in both championships.

“I’m really excited for the 2015 season and defending my number one plate in the National Enduro Series,” DeLongcommented. “I’m also excited to try to put my Husqvarna FC 350 up on the GNCC podium at every race.”

Also continuing his term with Husqvarna is EnduroCross star Mike Brown. The accomplished Supercross, motocross and off-road racer, who recently returned from the ISDE where he proudly represented his country on the US Trophy Team, will once again take on the AMA EnduroCross Series, along with other select events in 2015. “Brownie” continues to be one of the most revered riders in off-road, and a crowd favorite wherever he goes. He will once again be contesting the AMA EnduroCross series aboard an FC 350, and racing select races around the globe aboard an FC 450.

AMA West National Hare Scrambles Champion Jacob Argubright is back for another season with Husqvarna, and will be flying the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing colors in the AMA National Hare & Hound Series. The desert specialist will also be defending his championship in the West Hare Scrambles series, all aboard the capable FC 450.

“We had some great moments in 2014, and we’re looking forward to an even better season in 2015,” Argubright said.“I’m excited to put Husqvarna back on top of the podium in the desert, where so many people remember them dominating. It’s going to be a good year.”

“I am really excited about the group of riders we have for 2015,” added Timmy Weigand, Husqvarna’s Off-road team Manager. “They are all front runners in their respective series’. I look forward to this year and the opportunity we have as a team to carry on the values and tradition of Husqvarna. We are excited to have Rockstar Energy on board with us. I feel they help bring our team to another level and add some excitement.”

The four-man Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing – Off-road team will be racing alongside additional Husqvarna factory support riders and Rockstar Athletes, Colton Haaker and Ryan Sipes.

Haaker – who was a front-runner in the 2014 AMA EnduroCross series – will be taking on the 10-round 2015 championship aboard a Husqvarna FC 350. Former Supercros racer and fellow support rider Ryan Sipes will be riding a Husqvarna FC 450 in the XC1 Pro class of the 2015 GNCC series, as well as select rounds of the National Enduro Series.


Husqvarna Motorcycles - Standard & Racing 1903-1964

Husqvarna history buffs should enjoy this book from a former employee of the Swedish Husqvarna company.

It's not really clear from the website but Google Translator tells me that the book includes both Swedish and English text. Approximately 400 illustrations. 256 pages all in black / white. Protective Cover for 4-color glossy laminated. Format: 240 x 270 mm.

Full details:

As one of the world’s oldest and most well known motorcycle manufactures, Husqvarna Motorcycles is steeped in heritage. Now the incredible early history of the iconic Swedish brand is told in a beautiful hardback book entitled Husqvarna Motorcycles, Standard & Racing 1903-1964.

Looking back to the manufacture’s first steps into motorcycle production, author Dane Glantz – a former employee of the Swedish Husqvarna company – has passionately compiled detail information on Husqvarna’s history, split into three periods.

The four stroke period covers the years 1903-1936. Well known for producing meat-mincers, sporting guns, sewing machines and bicycles, Husqvarna launched their motorvelociped – a bicycle with small engine – in 1903. By analysing technical data and drawings, the evolution of this first model is explained thoroughly.

The two stroke period from 1931-1964 documents the introduction of smaller two-stroke engines. This chapter details the period when the 98cc lightweight motorcycles, the Blackmil, Redmill, Dream Bike, Silver Arrow and the Gold Arrow were introduced. Here the book has comprehensive facts and descriptions of all models.

Finally the book looks at The Competition Period, from 1922-1935. This section exclusively describes the racing machines that made Husqvarna famous the world over. From hill climbs, ice track, record attempts, dirt track racing and Husqvarna’s TT-machines, technical descriptions and illustrations show the motorcycles in great detail.

The 256-page book “Husqvarna Motorcycles Standard & Racing 1903-1964” is written in both Swedish and English, a must read for all those with a firm interest in Husqvarna’s legendary heritage.

For further information about the book "Husqvarna Motorcycles, Standard & Racing 1903-1964 (ISBN 91-975178-6-0) mail to: daneteknikinfocom



A little history on Husqvarna

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the legendary brand born in Sweden back in 1903 has come a long way in their 111 years of heritage and is today known as a premium motorcycles manufacturer.

See the brand’s journey from the very first street races, to the glorious times and incredible motocross success with legends such as Torsten Hallman and get the insight on how the bikes are made in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ new era. Discover the glorious Husqvarna Motorcycles brand!


Husqvarna Unveils Exciting New Street Models

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to announce that it has unveiled three new street models at the International motorcycle Expo EICMA. With 111 years of heritage in both street and offroad motorcycling, Husqvarna today makes its return to the street segment delivering machinery featuring the finest characteristics - clean bodywork, state-of-the-art technology and functional Swedish inspired design.

Years of supermoto tradition combined with the finest craftsmanship and unparalleled single cylinder performance are embodied in the all-new 701 SUPERMOTO. Highest quality components and uncompromising engineering provide outstanding levels of agility and handling. The new Husqvarna street model features the latest ride-by-wire throttle control and Engine Management System as well as the most advanced WP suspension dedicated Supermoto ABS and APTC slipper clutch.

145kg and producing 67hp, the 701 SUPERMOTO allows riders to accurately feed power to the rear wheel while enjoying superior levels of stability, safety and enjoyment. The bike will be available on dealer’s floor in Autumn 2015.

With the unveiling of Husqvarna’s new concept bikes, the 401 VITPILEN and 401 SVARTPILEN, we have a small glimpse of what the future street chapters will look like. Inspired by the rebellious spirit of the golden age of the brand in the 60s and 70s, these concept machines are true Husqvarna – high quality motorcycles with a rich sense of heritage.

The Husqvarna 401 VITPILEN (Swedish for ‘White Arrow’) draws on the DNA of the pioneering 1953 Silverpilen. With a ground-breaking design in its own right – interpreting the functional simplicity of the classic Silverpilen – it combines modern technology, cutting-edge design and high quality hardware to deliver an uncompromised, genuine riding experience for the street.

The Husqvarna 401 SVARTPILEN (Swedish for ‘Black Arrow’) concept bike is a golden-age inspired modern street bike that draws its design ethos from past iconic Husqvarnas. Reduced to the bare functional essentials, it’s free of gimmicks, gadgets and extravagant design embellishments. It ensures a riding experience that honours the simple idea behind early, pioneering Husqvarnas. With a lightweight and powerful single-cylinder fourstroke engine in a compact chassis, the Husqvarna 401 SVARTPILEN provides a more upright, comfortable and natural riding position – designed to reflect the timeless authenticity evident in the growing revival of the motorcycling scene.

The new Husqvarna 401s are very much new and progressive motorcycles, where advanced engineering meets authentic design. They bring back the honest and pioneering spirit of pure motorcycle riding from the good old days into our modern times.


BMW Motorrad sales down vs last year

BMW Motorrad deliveries reached a total of 4,818  vehicles in 2013 vs  5,237 for the same period last year. That represents an 8.0% decrease.

Husqvarna Motorcycles supplied a total of 587 vehicles to the Husqvarna dealer network in January vs 544 for the same period last year. That was a 7.9% increase.

It'll be interesting to see what the sale of Husqvarna does for the brand. The Nuda appeared to be a bike with some great potential and I'm sure the Canadian dealers were excited to have the new 650's in the line up as well. I would have guessed they would have seen a surge in sales with the current strategy.

It'll take some time to build consumer confidence again.


2013 Halifax International Motorcycle wraps up

The 2013 Halifax International Motorcycle Show wrapped up this Sunday and turnout was affected by the snowstorm that hit the east coast on Saturday and Sunday but the die-hard enthusiasts still made it out and enjoyed easy access to motorcycles from every brand.

Check out our big picture gallery from the show. The Honda FB6 was definitely a stand-out motorcycle for me. It's impressive looking and feels all day comfortable.

One lucky attendee took home a Honda CBR250R as a door prize. His odds were a little better because of all the snow!


BMW selling Husqvarna

In a case of "I didn't see this coming" - some news from BMW that they're selling Husqvarna.

Strategic realignment at BMW Motorrad

The BMW Group is realigning its BMW Motorrad business. In the context of changing motorcycle markets, demographic trends and increasing environmental demands, BMW Motorrad will expand its product offering to exploit future growth potential. The focus of the realignment will be on urban mobility and e-mobility. By restructuring the segment, the BMW Group will concentrate on expanding and utilising the resources of the BMW Motorrad brand. Therefore the BMW Group signed a purchase agreement with Pierer Industrie AG (Austria) for the acquisition of Husqvarna Motorcycles. The acquisition will proceed subject to approval by anti-trust authorities. Both companies have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Expanded offering for urban mobility and e-mobility

BMW Motorrad achieved a new sales record in 2012. With the realignment of its motorcycle business, BMW Motorrad aims to maintain profitable and sustainable growth over the coming years. Its current core business consists exclusively of premium vehicles in the categories “Tourer”, “Enduro”, “Sport”, “Roadster” and “Maxi-Scooter” from 650 to 1600 cc. BMW Motorrad entered the urban mobility segment for the first time in 2012 with the C 650 GT and C 600 Sport maxi-scooters. The next step in the expansion of the product line-up in this segment will be the series launch of the “C evolution” electric scooter in 2014. Further innovative vehicle concepts are also under consideration. Drive trains will include both environmentally-friendly combustion engines and pure electric drives. This move by BMW Motorrad reflects the BMW Group’s overall focus on early identification of trends, such as megacities and traffic density, as well as environmental issues. Corresponding products and services are already available for the Automobile segment.

Continuation of product offensive

In addition to the expansion in the field of urban mobility, core segments from the 650 single-cylinder entry-level bike to the 6-cylinder luxury tourer will also be selectively expanded.


BMW and Husqvarna December sales figures

Some sales figures for BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna for you. Looks like BMW is up for the month and for the year while Husqvarna is down for the month but up a healthy margin for the year.

BMW Motorrad

Sales in December 2012: 6,069
Compared to Previous Year: +43.4%
Up to and including Dec 2012: 106,358
Compared to Previous Year: +2.0%

Husqvarna Motorcycles

Sales in December 2012: 1,267
Compared to Previous Year: -4.7%
Up to and including Dec 2012: 10,751
Compared to Previous Year: +15.8%


2013 Husqvarna Rallye Team presented

Husqvarna Motorcycles hosted the presentation of the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain who will take part in the 2013 Dakar rally.

The Husqvarna Rallye Team By Speedbrain will be made up of four official riders: Joan Barreda (Spain), winner of the latest Pharoans Rally and second in the Morocco Rally, Paulo Goncalves (Portugal), Alessandro Botturi (Italy) and Australian Matt Fish.

The bike will be the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain with which the team competed in all 2012 events of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship finishing in second place in the constructor's standings. The bike's success rate and its competitiveness has aroused a lot of interest amongst private riders, including seasoned title winners such as Jordi Viladoms who has hired a Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain for the Dakar 2013.

Klaus Allisat President of Husqvarna Motorcycles: “Rallies, in general, and especially Dakar are strong and growing communication channels which attract people and have a worldwide media visibility. Husqvarna is a global player which is expanding its business into new markets and this visibility helps us to increase our brand awareness. I'm really confident in our team and I can say we have been working hard to be a protagonist. The bike, the Husqvarna TE449 RR, is competitive and has already showed itself to be fast and reliable. Finally, our riders have worked hard to be perfectly fit for the race, so we'll be expecting to be on the podium as many times as possible in this race”.

Wolfgang Fischer Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, Team Manager: “We can't wait for the Dakar Rally to get started and are well equipped for this endurance test. The summer preparations ran superbly. We have further developed and optimized the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain, and our riders have shown regularly during the season that they are capable of competing with the best in the world. They have a say in who wins and who ends up on the podium. And that is also what we have set our sights on for the ‘Dakar'. I would like to thank all the team members, riders, mechanics and engineers who have been so committed and worked so hard on this project. A huge thank you goes to the BMW Group and Husqvarna Motorcycles in Varese.” The thirty-fifth edition of the legendary rally will set off from Lima exactly a month from today on January 5th, being held on South American soil for the fifth time in its history. The race will head down through Peru, Argentina and finishes some 8423 km (5264 miles) later in Santiago Chile on the 20th of January.“


Botturi at the Dakar with Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain

Botturi at the Dakar with Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain

Husqvarna Rallye Team By Speedbrain have signed up top Italian rider Alessandro Botturi to take part in the Dakar ’13 aboard the Husqvarna TE449 RR by Speedbrain. This will be the second Dakar for the thirty-seven years old rider from Lumezzane (BS), after his surprising eighth place finish in last year’s rally which earned him the prize of "rookie rider" in the competition.

Botturi brings from the world of enduro a wealth of experience, in which he has won a string of important victories in the world championship and the International Six Days, as well as having taken nine Italian titles.

Botturi has been concentrating on international rallies for a year now, getting excellent results in the FIM Cross Country Rally, finishing in second overall place in the rally of Sardinia.

"I feel really honoured to be a part of such a highly rated team like the Husqvarna Rallye Team By Speedbrain at the Dakar right now." – stated Alessandro Botturi. - "The TE449RR has proved itself to an extremely competitive bike especially in the most recent races. It has won the Pharaons and was one of the main protagonists of the Morocco Rally. As always I’ll be doing my best to help bring the team success in such an important event. "

"Alessandro Botturi’s inclusion in the Husqvarna Rallye Team By Speedbrain settles the line-up for the next Dakar" points out team manager Wolfgang Fischer, "with Barreda, Goncalves, Fish and Botturi we’ve got an extremely competitive team that blends well together, who we can rely on to be right up there with the competition. I like to take this opportunity to wish Cody Quinn all the best after his thigh-bone injury at last week’s Baja 1000, who won’t be able to form part of the team, but will be on the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain as soon as he will be fully recovered."


Husqvarna TE449 RR by Speedbrain at Dakar Rally 2013

No desert too wide, no mountain too high: the Husqvarna TE449 RR by Speedbrain.

Back at the start of 2010, Speedbrain began developing a version of the BMW G450X, which was specifically designed to meet the demands of marathon rallies. BMW made its return to the Rally Dakar with this bike at the start of 2011. By spring 2011, the engineers at Speedbrain had already started to develop and assemble a new rally bike: the Husqvarna TE449 RR by Speedbrain.

It is an ultra-modern and innovative racing motorbike, which is particularly light, possesses good handling and stability on a wide range of terrains, giving the rider maximum confidence. Husqvarna is feeding its know-how into the further development of the engine and endurance mapping to improve stability. Speedbrain and its research and development department are responsible for developing the chassis and rally-specific components. The bike is continuously being developed and optimised in cooperation with the riders.

At the heart of the bike is the Husqvarna TE449 engine, which has been modified to handle the demands of rallying. Husqvarna is responsible for the development, design and overall performance diagnostics of the 450cc engine, and supplies the race-ready power train to the Speedbrain team. The Husqvarna TE449 engine is one of the bike’s biggest strengths and has been optimised again ahead of the 2013 Rally Dakar.

The electronics form one complex but key area, as the rally bike is equipped with numerous navigational and safety components.

The Husqvarna TE449 RR by Speedbrain has its own electronics system, which was developed specifically for this motorcycle and is also the subject of continuous modifications and improvements.

In addition, Speedbrain reworked and partly redeveloped the entire frame concept after the 2012 Rally Dakar. As such, the bike that lines up at the 2013 Rally Dakar will be a further development of the bike used in 2012, which has been improved in many areas.

Among the features of the rally version is a very compact, concept-driven package in the chassis area. This allows the optimal integration of the two-part central/rear tank in the bike, which in turn guarantees the rider maximum freedom of movement, Enduro-like ergonomics and perfect balance. The fact that the Husqvarna TE449 RR by Speedbrain is so light is down, in part, to the aerodynamically optimised Carbon Kevlar fairing and a special rear part. The Carbon Kevlar engine protection with integrated three-litre water tank gives the engine and the low rally header pipe full protection.


Husqvarna Concept BAJA

Off-road fascination in seventies American style.

Exactly one year ago, Husqvarna presented the Husqvarna Concept MOAB at the EICMA in Milan ‑ a study designed as a modern interpretation of the scrambler theme. It is a motorcycle which embodies both the identity and the history of the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand.

Husqvarna Concept BAJA – seventies style and passion combined with the technology of today.

Husqvarna Motorcycles is now taking idea this one step further with the Concept BAJA. The motorcycle combines tradition and modern design and, in conjunction with cutting-edge technology, reflects the essence of what Husqvarna Motorcycles stood for in the sixties and seventies.

In over 100 years of company history, Husqvarna Motorcycles has been able to achieve outstanding success in international off-road racing, with 82 World Championship titles to its name to date. Ongoing success in racing in particular made Husqvarna Motorcycles a highly sought-after brand which became increasingly popular not just in Europe but also in the USA.

The widespread acclaim of Husqvarna Motorcycles was reinforced by famous riders of the times, but above all by one particular celebrity motorcycling fan: American actor Steve McQueen. McQueen was not just an enthusiastic motorcyclist and motor racing fan, he also achieved success himself on the race track on both two and four wheels. Among other things he entered the Six Days in 1964.

The cover photo of the US magazine “Sports Illustrated” dated August 23rd 1971 showing a bare-chested Steve McQueen doing a jump on a Husqvarna Cross 400 remains legendary to this day. The McQueen-Husqvarna combination eventually became the idol of a whole generation of off-road fans ‑ and the Husqvarna Cross 400 has been taken as the historical design role model for the Husqvarna Concept BAJA.

Using modern-day technologies, the Husqvarna Concept BAJA recalls this unique era in American motorcycle racing, featuring the purist, sporty and dynamic styling which is typical of Husqvarna.
The multi-section architecture of the body displays a very clear, purist style. The slim shape of the saddle instantly recalls the Husqvarna models of the 1970s. Meanwhile the concave surfaces of the front and rear mudguard feature certain stylistic elements which are to be found in the latest generation of the Husqvarna models.

The Husqvarna Concept BAJA is powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. Power transmission is by means of a five-speed gearbox via roller chain to the rear wheel.

In terms of suspension, the Husqvarna Concept Baja features an agile chassis based on a steel tube frame. Front wheel suspension is taken care of by a torsionally stiff upside-down fork, while the rear wheel is controlled by a torsion-resistant dual swinging arm in conjunction with a central spring strut hinged on a lever system. Thanks to the bike's generous spring travel, the agile handling properties of the Husqvarna Concept BAJA go hand in hand with excellent qualities for light off-road riding. The Husqvarna study meets its aspiration to tackle light terrain by means of 19-inch and 17-inch wire spoke wheels at front and rear respectively, and solid stopping power is provided at both front and rear by a Brembo hydraulic disc brake system.

BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles – a powerful partnership.

Husqvarna Motorcycles has been part of the BMW Group since October 1st 2007 and is able to rely on BMW Motorrad as a powerful partner at its side in every respect. Today there are some 260 staff working at the company headquarters in Cassinetta di Biandronno and the model range currently includes 26 motorcycles in the enduro, motocross, 125 and road segments. What is more, Husqvarna offers an extensive range of accessories, rider equipment and merchandising.

The partnership between BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles with its selective clustering of the strengths of each brand promises interesting future developments and has meant that both brands are able to look back over a highly successful year in 2012.

Like the Husqvarna Concept MOAB before it, the Husqvarna Concept BAJA offers an insight into how the Husqvarna Motorcycles model range might be extended in the future.


3rd Quarter Motorcycle Sales at BMW and Husqvarna

BMW sales of motorcycles in Europe during the nine-month period from January to September fell by 7.7 % to 58,806 units, partially due to the negative impact of the debt crisis in the region’s southern countries. Sharp drops were recorded in both Spain (4,351 units;
– 16.2 %) and Italy (9,692 units; – 28.6 %). 4,987 motor- cycles were sold in Great Britain, 8.9 % fewer than in the previous year. During the nine-month period under report we sold 17,279 motorcycles (+ 1.4 %) in Ger- many and 9,500 units (+ 10.6 %) in France. Sales outside Europe grew particularly strongly, including a rise of 19.5 % to 11,420 units in the USA. An extremely good sales volume performance was recorded in Brazil, where sales shot up by 48.9 % to 5,340 units. The 2,288 units sold in Japan during the nine-month period were also a 14.2 % improvement on the previous year’s sales performance.

Motorcycle production increased

We produced a total of 29,746 motorcycles (+ 15.8 %) during the third quarter 2012, comprising 27,017 (+ 14.9 %) BMW brand and 2,729 (+ 25.7 %) Husqvarna brand motorcycles. Motorcycle production over the nine-month period increased by 7.5 % to 102,834 units, with 93,489 BMW (+ 4.7 %) and 9,345 Husqvarna (+ 47.5 %) brand motorcycles rolling off the production lines.

Significant growth in revenues and earnings for Motorcycles segment
The Motorcycles segment also continued to report im- proved financial figures for the period under report. Quarterly revenues rose by 7.2 % to € 358 million and to € 1,216 million (+ 3.0 %) over the nine-month period. These figures represent new records for the two periods involved. Segment EBIT improved both on a quarterly (negative € 3 million; improvement of 81.3 %) and a nine- month basis (positive € 82 million; + 32.3 %). The seg- ment result before tax was a loss of € 4 million (improve- ment of 76.5 %) for the third quarter and a profit of € 80 million (+ 33.3 %) for the nine-month period from January to September.

Workforce up on previous year

The BMW Group employed 3,038 people in the Motorcycles segment at 30 September 2012, an in- crease of 3.9 % compared to one year earlier (2011: 2,924 employees).


Sales team personnel changes at Husqvarna Motorcycles

There's going to be some new faces around the water cooler at Husqvarna headquarters. There have been some personnel changes in the Sales.

I for one am hoping for big things from Husqvarna and they seem to be making some positive moves to increase reach of the brand and sell more motorcycles.

Full details on the changes:

Effective October 2012 the following personnel changes have been implemented within Husqvarna Motorcycles:

Daniele Giacometti (46), former International Sales Manager, succeeds Juergen Mueller as Head of Sales.

Juergen Mueller (37), former Head of Sales, takes over the position as Head of Purchase.

Uwe Osterrieder (48) has been appointed as Head of Marketing of Husqvarna Motorcycles.
Osterrieder, previously Consultant for marketing strategy and University Lecturer for cross media and social media marketing, is looking forward to meet the new challenge within Husqvarna Motorcycles.


Husqvarna Rallye Team ready for the Morocco Rally

Hot on the heels of their triumph in the Pharaons Rally the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain sets off today for Morocco where the Oilybia Rally will be held from 15th to 20th October, another important test before Dakar 2013.

The team will be made up of three riders on the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain. Alongside Pharaons Rally winner Spaniard Joan Barreda will be Paulo Goncalves from Portugal, who lines up beside 31 year old Australian Matt Fish.

Matt Fish has some 25 years off-road racing experience and his greatest achievement to date has been his victory in the Indee 500 in Australia this year, as well as finishing in the top ten of the Abu Dhabi Rally in Quatar.

The Husqvarna Rally Team by Speedbrain aims to use Morocco as a final test to fine tune the bike before the Dakar 2013, as well as getting the eleven man team of riders, technicians and mechanics up to scratch.

The Oilybia Rally of Morocco sets off from Erfoud and finishes in Zagora with a total of 6 stages, 1550 km (969 miles) of special test, making up 2000 km (1250 miles) in total.

Wolfgang Fischer – Team Manager: ”The Morocco rally is a particularly important one in the build-up to the Dakar 2013. It’ll be the last chance to run on terrain similar to what we will find in January’s race, and to test out the latest technical modifications that we’ve made to our TE449RR.

It’ll also be an important test for the whole squad, which with the addition of Australian rider Matt Fish is now really well rounded out. Matt will act as a pacemaker for Barreda and Goncalves.”


Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra

With the new TR 650 Strada and the new TR 650 Terra, Husqvarna Motorcycles extends its program of highly agile, dynamic single-cylinder motorcycles by adding two attractive new machines. Their slim, wiry stature and masculine, dynamic design gives the new Husqvarna TR 650 models a progressive, light and energetic look, whether as the "Terra" version for light terrain or as the "Strada" version for asphalt-based motorcycling fun. At the same time, the two new Husqvarna models are clearly set apart from their competitors with their outstanding overall package of handling and riding dynamics as well as in terms of design. Along with their relatively low weight, a powerful single-cylinder engine and an agile, directionally-stable chassis they embody the passion of motorcycling and the fascinating world of Husqvarna Motorcycles.



In terms of engine technology, the TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra rely on the tried and tested basis of the G 650 GS by BMW Motorrad. However, this liquid-cooled single-cylinder power unit with two overhead camshafts and 652 cc was extensively modified and its performance significantly enhanced for use in the two new Husqvarna models. It delivers 43 kW (58 hp) at 7,250 rpm, developing its maximum torque of 60 Nm at 5,750 rpm.

For those countries with graduated licencing, there is also there is also a reduced power version on offer as an ex works option with 35 kW (48 hp) at 7,250 rpm and 54 Nm of torque at 5,750 rpm. The single-cylinder engine has been modified with a wide range of measures to hone it for its athletic, dynamic purpose. In addition to various other improvements, such features as a modified electronic fuel-injection system, altered camshafts and an increased compression ratio due to modified piston and cylinder h ead geometries ensure powerful propulsion, high revving and spontaneous response. Nonetheless, with its exhaust system in stainless steel including two rear silencers and a closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, the engine provides not just an especially high level of single-cylinder riding fun but also excellent fuel efficiency and environmental compatibility.

In conjunction with the constant-mesh 5-speed gearbox, the powerful and high-revving single-cylinder engine in the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada puts in an especially impressive performance on country roads, while a full torque curve and spontaneous response also allow supreme off-road excursions over li ght terrain on the TR 650 Terra.



The new Husqvarna models TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra are able to rely on an agile chassis based on a split-backbone tubular steel frame with remove-able rear frame and front beam bolted to the engine.

Front guidance and suspension duties are dealt with by a torsionally-stiff 46 millimetre upside-down telescopic fork. The rear wheel is controlled by a torsionally-stiff dual swing arm made of pentagonal steel tubing in conjunction with a centrally-mounted rear shock with progressive linkage. In keeping with its use on asphalted roads, the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada has cast wheels made of aluminium while the TR 650 Terra reflects its off-road suitability with a centrally-mounted rear shock with progressive linkage. Generous suspension travel of 190 millimetres at the front and rear makes for easy handling and a high level of directional stability combined with excellent comfort and off-road qualities.



To match the dynamic performance available, the brake system consists of a single-disc brake at front and rear which offers supremely solid stopping power. The new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada is fitted as standard with ABS, while the new Husqvarna TR 650 Terra can likewise feature ABS if this is ordered as an ex works option. The ABS is disengageable for special uses.



To reflect their high level of riding dynamics, the lines of the new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra have been given a particular dynamic emphasis in terms of design. Although they embody masculine athleticism, their clearly-defined shaping nonetheless conveys a sense of agility and lightness. While the light-alloy cast wheels in the TR 650 Strada embody the active riding character of a road bike, the spoke wheels combined with a high fender on the front wheel reveal the dual sport ambitions of the TR 650 Terra.

The two new Husqvarna models have a robust, masculine appearance through selective use of black-coated chassis elements such as frame and swingarm. In addition, red side trim elements for the TR 650 Terra, and a black side panel for the TR 650 Strada, in combination with the Strada's low white front fender, lend a unique appearance to each.

The bikes' high aspirations in terms of riding dynamics are underscored by the light-gray sand-cast engine cases, providing a fascinating technical contrast in conjunction with the hallmark Husqvarna red cylinder head. Further accents are provided the anodized-silver upside-down forks and the end caps of the twin exhausts, which proudly exhibit the Husqvarna logo.

The new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra are manufactured at the Husqvarna Motorcycles plant in Cassinetta di Biandronno, northern Italy.


BMW and Husqvarna quartely numbers

First quarter numbers (2012) for the sales volume of motorcycles is up slightly vs the same period in 2011 for BMW with sales of 24,373 units vs. 23,109 in 2011. A difference of 5.5%. A different story at Husqvarna with sales of 2,642 vs 1,940 in 2011. A difference of 36.2%.

That's a big step in the right direction for Husqvarna. We've said it before but the next couple of years should be really exciting ones for the Husqvarna brand and fans of it.


Husqvarna wins 4 out of 5 stages at Qatar Sealine Rally 2012

Joan Barreda ended the Sealine Cross Country Rally with another stage victory. It was day win number four for the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain at the debut event.

Barreda powered his Husqvarna TE449 RR to the front three times at this second round of the FIM Cross Country World Championship, teammate Paulo Goncalves took one stage success - making it a brilliant team result.

Altogether the riders had to complete 1,242 special stage kilometres in the heat of the Qatar desert. A top overall result for the Husqvarna pair was only prevented by a tyre problem for Goncalves and a controversial time penalty for Barreda.

It was still a great start into the first full world championship season for the young squad of team principal Wolfgang Fischer.


Two Husqvarna's on the podium at the 2012 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

A strong performance from Husqvarna in the heat of the Abu Dhabi - nestled on the podium between some KTM's the Husqvarna's showed they can perform in some extreme conditions.

The first round of the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship took place in the desert of Abu Dhabi. The Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain took part with the Husqvarna TE 449 RR and the riders Joan Barreda and Paulo Gonçalves. Both riders and their bikes had to manage high temperatures of approx. 40° C and the desert of Abu Dhabi with its soft sand and high dunes during the 2000km rally.

At the end the two riders finished 2nd and 3rd in the overall standings. With this performance they proved that the competitors have to keep an eye on the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain in the future.

The Spaniard Joan Barreda showed from the first leg that his intension was to win the 2012 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. After the 300km special test on the first day he was only 3:35 min behind the leader in 4th position. In leg 2 he was even able to take the lead of the overall standings. From then on it was a battle between Barreda, the newcomer of the Dakar 2012, and the rally legend Marc Coma. At the end Joan finished in a very strong 2nd place.

The other rider of the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain Paulo Gonçalves also started very strong in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2012 by finishing 5th in the first leg. On day 2 out in the desert he was able to keep this position and to close the gap to the leading riders. The fact that at the end of day 2 the top 5 riders were separated by only 94 seconds showed how tight the fight at the top of the field was. On day 3 Paulo had a crash when jumped into the bike of a fallen competitor behind a dune, but he was able to repair the damage quickly and climb up to 4th position in the overall standings. On the penultimate day Paulo Gonçalves showed why he is called “Speedy Gonçalves” by catching up over 12 minutes to the leaders. This excellent performance put him into third position which he defended succes sfully on the last day.

Provisional standings:
1. Marc Coma (KTM) 20h 33’35
2. Joan Barreda (Husqvarna) 20h 43’08
3. Paulo Gonçalves (Husqvarna) 20h 53’59
4. Ruben Faria (KTM) 20h 56’38
5. Jordi Villdamos (KTM) 21h 01’00


BMW Motorcycles: Best first quarter ever

BMW Motorrad is on a sales run and things are looking up a little at Husqvarna too with increased sales for three successive months.

Full details:

BMW Motorcycles exceeded the previous year’s figures in the first three months of the year, thus achieving the best first quarter result in its history. Sales rose +5.5% to 24,373 vehicles (prev. yr. 23,109). A total of 12,295 BMW motorcycles were delivered in March 2012 – an increase of 5.3% (prev. yr. 11,675). Husqvarna delivered 1,182 (prev. yr. 676 / +74.9%) motorcycles last month to its dealer network. Year to date, deliveries grew +36.2% to 2,642 motorcycles compared with the first three months of 2011 (prev. yr. 1,940).

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the BMW Group’s second motorcycle brand, recorded an increase in sales for the third month in succession. As of March, Husqvarna had sold 2,642 motorcycles (1,940 last year), an increase of 702 units or 36.2%. In March the figure was 1,182 units (676 last year), a 74.9 % increase compared to the previous year.


Good speed but bad luck for Salminen and Husqvarna at EWC GP

Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing’s Juha Salminen saw his hopes of a double Enduro 2 class win ended on day one of the Enduro World Championship GP of Argentina when the Finn was forced to retire after a stone became lodged between the chain and front sprocket of his bike. Leading the E2 class at the time, Salminen bounced back in spectacular style to win the class on day two – his second E2 class win in as many GPs.

In Argentina conditions were extremely dry and rocky – just as they were one week earlier in Chile. With four laps each day, come the end of the second day’s competition in San Juan only the very fittest were able to give their all.

A cautious sixth on the opening super test on Friday night, Juha Salminen made a determined start to the first full day of competition. Winning three of the first four timed special tests Juha opened up an advantage over Spain’s Ivan Cervantes before his luck ran out and he was sidelined from the event. While in control of the Enduro 2 class Juha’s bike stopped on the motocross test with a stone wedged between the front sprocket and chain. Needing more than 30 minutes to remove the stone, Juha was then able to ride back to the paddock in preparation for day two.

Determined to show what could have been on day one Juha topped the opening special test before controlling his class lead. Only twice placing lower than second in class, Salminen won five of the day’s 12 special tests to win by 23 seconds.

Juha’s team-mate Alex Salvini endured a tough two days of competition in Argentina. Enjoying the dry conditions the Italian placed fifth on both days. On day one Alex won the final motocross test and largely performed well on day two. Mistakes on the enduro test prevented Salvini placing higher up the results. Spaniard Lorenzo Santolino claimed the best result for the Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing in the Enduro 1 class with a deserved fourth on day two. Starting the event still feeling the effects of a crash during the GP of Chile, Santolino placed seventh on day one, claiming the team’s best E1 class result.

On day two Lorenzo improved his speed on all special tests to secure a well-deserved fourth. Winning three of the day’s tests the team newcomer placed just six seconds from the podium. Matti Seistola failed to secure the results he hoped he would in Argentina. Ninth on day one, mistakes early in the day derailed his chances of battling for a podium result. On day two Seistola started well but a heavy fall on the day’s fourth test again stopped him from performing at his best.

The 2012 AORC (Australian Off Road Championship) continued with rounds 3 and 4 held at Wonthaggi in Victoria over the weekend.
All competitors battled the dusty conditions throughout the weekend, even with start times pushed out to one minute intervals riders still had to contend with limited visibility due to the dust.

Husqvarna Racing’s Glenn Kearney had been looking forward to a good result for rounds 3 & 4 after his recent strong form in the USA GNCC rounds. Unfortunately illness struck Kearney coming into the Wonthaggi event with Glenn forced to battle the flu the entire weekend. Despite the illness Kearney pushed on to register a strong 4th place finish in E2 on Saturday’s round 3 and an impressive 2nd place on Sunday in round 4 for the E2 class.

With 4 of 12 rounds completed, the title chase for Kearney is still well within reach with Glenn currently 2nd in the E2 class behind Matt Phillips. Outright results show Kearney sitting in 5th position only a few points off a podium spot.

Husqvarna Racing’s Luka Bussa kept himself in contention throughout Saturday’s round 3 and consolidated his efforts with a strong performance across Sundays special test format to finish 3rd in E1 behind Daniel Milner and Josh Green.
Unlucky day for Loic Larrieu in third round of the French MX Elite held in Ernee.

Husqvarna’s rider could not do better than an eighth place finishing with the TC250 after a decent third place in time practice.

Started in 20th position Loic has embarked on a good recovery that allowed him to finish in eighth place.

Worst was the super final rounds (MX1+MX2) where Larrieu has fallen several times finishing in 20 th position.

Now Larrieu ranks third in the French MX2 elite standings after the third round.


Husqvarna Enduro Team prepare for GP of Argentina

The Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing’s participation in the Enduro World Championship continues this weekend with Matti Seistola, Lorenzo Santolino, Ricky Dietrich, Juha Salminen, Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier competing in the GP of Argentina, round two of the 2012 EWC series.

As the final leg of the championship’s visit to South America for a second consecutive weekend the event will take riders to a never before scene location. In contrast to last weekend’s Chilean terrain, the tracks and trails in and around San Juan after crossing the Cordillera of Andes , will present new arid and rocky challenges.

The 50km lap, which features one extreme, one motocross, and one enduro test, will be ridden four times each day.

Enjoying a winning start to his participation in the 2012 Enduro World Championship having topped the Enduro 2 class on day one in Chile Juha Salminen starts the GP of Argentina second in the E2 championship standings, just three points behind class leader Ivan Cervantes. Looking to continue his good form, Juha will again start at the front of the E2 class, which, like in Chile, could well prove to be extremely important in the expected dusty conditions.

Juha’s Enduro 2 class mates Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier will also be looking for success in Argentina. Salvini, who after a frustrating opening day placed a creditable third on day two, will be looking to lift himself up from his current position of sixth in the E2 standings. Likewise Dumontier is also determined to improve his results in what will be only his second event as a ‘senior’ class rider.

In the Enduro 1 class all team riders will be looking to improve on their results from the GP of Chile. Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino delivered the best performance for the Husqvarna Enduro Team with a fourth place result on day one. Frustratingly mistakes on the second day prevented Santolino repeating his impressive results.

For Enduro 1 class team leader Matti Seistola the GP of Argentina will offer the chance to put right to disappointing results at the season opener. Like many riders, Matti saw his day one result spoiled due largely to catching slower riders on the enduro test. Day two saw an improvement with Matti placing fifth but the Finn was anything but pleased with his results and is determined to finish on the podium on both days in San Juan, Argentina.

2012 Enduro World Championship – Standings

Enduro 1:1. Antoine Meo (KTM) 40; 2. Rodrig Thain (Honda) 32; 3. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) 25; 4. Simone Albergoni (Honda) 23; 5. Jeremy Joly (Yamaha) 21; 6. Matti Seistola (Husqvarna) 21; 9. Lorenzo Santolino (Husqvarna) 16; 12. Ricky Dietrich (Husqvarna) 9.

Enduro 2:1. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 34; 2. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) 31; 3. Pela Renet (Husaberg) 30; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 26; 5. Oscar Balletti (Beta) 25; 6. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 23; 13. Romain Dumontier (Husqvarna) 5.


Husqvarna Enduro Team By CH Racing - EWC GP Chile - Rd 1

Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing riders Juha Salminen and Alex Salvini both secured podium results at the opening round of the 2012 Enduro World Championship, the GP of Chile held in Talca. Reigning Enduro 1 World Champion Salminen claimed a convincing win in the Enduro 2 class aboard his TE310 on day one, while Salvini put a difficult opening day behind him to claim third in E2 on day two.

With conditions extremely dry and dusty in Talca, the opening day saw many surprise result, due largely to one difficult uphill on the enduro test. While several of the Husqvarna Enduro team riders saw their results suffer as a result of lost time on the troublesome enduro test, Juha Salminen delivered the goods to start his season in the best way possible – by placing his TE310 on the top step of the E2 class podium. Despite improved speed on the event’s motocross test on day two Juha made a few too many mistakes to challenge for the podium, including one costly error on the enduro test. Despite his day two frustrations the Finn showed impressive speed throughout the event, and now looks forward to next weekend’s GP of Argentina.

Competing alongside Salminen in the Enduro 2 class, Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier endured two tough days of racing. Both riders suffered numerous falls on day one but Salvini was able to turn his fortunes around on day two to claim a deserved third place result, placing just 20 seconds behind runner-up Ivan Cervantes. Romain Dumontier crashed on numerous occasions throughout both days to place 11th and 19th in the Enduro 2 class.

In the Enduro 1 category team riders Matti Seistola, Lorenzo Santolino and Ricky Dietrich all battled through two challenging days of racing, with Seistola delivering the best results. Aiming for podium finishes on both days the Finn showed good speed throughout days one and two but saw several mistakes on day one prevent him from finishing higher than sixth in class. Determined to improve his result on day two, on several occasions Matti caught slower riders ahead of him and lost time riding through their dust. Seistola placed fifth.

Making their debut’s for the Husqvarna Enduro team by CH Racing Frenchman Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino finished a strong fourth on day one but down in 13th on day two in Enduro 1. Ricky Dietrich placed 12th and 11th over the two days in the same class on his debut in EWC.

Juha Salminen – Enduro 2: ‘It’s been a good weekend really. The first day went surprisingly well, and to win first time out on the new bike was really great. It was a strange day. One enduro test decided everything. It wasn’t a great situation for a world championship race, having so many slower riders effectively blocking the track in the hardest part, but that was what it was like for too many riders. I was really pleased with how things went on the motocross test. It was very encouraging. But I felt like I generally rode better on the second day. My times on the motocross test were better than on the first day but I made too many mistakes. I hit a tree on the first enduro test and fell off, and lost a lot of time. I also made a mistake on the second lap. It was generally a very technical race, but not too hard. But it’s been a great start to the series, I’m looking forward to Argentina now.’

Alex Salvini – Enduro 2: ‘My speed was good on many of the tests on the first day, and I managed to get some special test wins. I was really pleased about that. But I had a few problems on the first day, which cost me a good result. Day two was much better. I crashed in the first extreme test but after that I felt good and rode well. The enduro test was still difficult, despite the changes that were made. Generally I’m happy with my riding. I hope that in Argentina I can have a little better luck and also remove the few mistakes I made this weekend.’

Matti Seistola – Enduro 1: ‘It’s been a tough weekend for me. My speed was good in the extreme and cross tests but I messed up both timed enduro tests. The first time I had a big crash and the second lap I got stuck on the big hill and lost one-minute. My speed was good for a podium result, but with the mistakes it meant that I couldn’t get a top three finish. The second day was a little bit the same, as I was struggling with the enduro test. I didn’t have any crashes but I had some problems with the dust. My times weren’t as good as I wanted on the motocross and enduro tests. I was loosing a few too many seconds each time. Sixth and fifth isn’t what I was looking for at the first GP but I know I can improve.’

GP of Chile – Enduro 1, Day 1
1. Antoine Meo (KTM) 56:11.20; 2. Rodrig Thain (Honda) 57:32.77; 3. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) 57:32.81; 4. Lorenzo Santolino (Husqvarna) 57:38.89; 5. Eero Remes (KTM) 57:56.53; 6. Matti Seistola (Husqvarna) 58:19.50

GP of Chile – Enduro 2, Day 1
1. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) 57:04.30; 2. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 57:22.74; 3. Oscar Balletti (Beta) 57:39.99; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 57:41.85; 5. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 57:48.20; 8. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 58:47.19

GP of Chile – Enduro 1, Day 2
1. Antoine Meo (KTM) 54:15.10; 2. Simone Albergoni (Honda) 54:45.84; 3. Rodrig Thain (Honda) 55:07.61; 4. Jeremy Joly (Yamaha) 55:16.71; 5. Matti Seistola (Husqvarna) 55:23.01

GP of Chile – Enduro 2, Day 2
1. Pela Renet (Husaberg) 54:10.87; 2. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 54:36.54; 3. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 54:56.87; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 55:20.95; 5. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) 55:23.51


Husqvarna’s 2012 Enduro World Championship Team Ready For Action

After the great successes of the 2011 Enduro World Championship – winning both rider and manufacturer titles in the Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 classes, Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing will start the new season once again focused on success. With a revised rider line-up the squad are looking forward to competing in what will undoubtedly be a highly competitive eight-round series.

Competing exclusively in the Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 categories for 2012, the Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing squad has one goal – to repeat last year’s TE250 and TE310 powered championship-winning successes. With a gruelling series taking riders to Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland and France, competition in all classes will be tougher than ever.

The first of this season’s eight Grand Prix, the GP of Chile will take place in the capital of the Maule region in the city of Talca where 25-degree temperatures await the riders and teams in and around the foot of the Cordillera of Andes. For the first time in its Enduro history, the Federation International Motociclisme has awarded the Federacion Motociclisme de Chile the honor of hosting the first round of what is expected to be a thrilling season.

The tracks, trails and special tests are expected to be very dry, dusty, challenging and rocky.

Leading Husqvarna’s EWC assault is Juha Salminen. The 2011 Enduro 1 World Champion moves up into the Enduro 2 category for 2012, where he will race aboard a TE310 machine. The most successful EWC rider ever, Salminen will start the new season hopeful of securing a ninth world championship title. With his vast racing knowledge, skills, and his will to deliver Husqvarna further titles, Juha will head a three-rider team in Enduro 2 alongside Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier.

Looking to deliver his best EWC season to date following numerous impressive performances during this winter’s FIM SuperEnduro World Championship series, Alex Salvini starts 2012 determined to secure a top three overall result. Improving greatly during 2011, Salvini now has the experience to match his speed.

Romain Dumontier joins the team for 2012 fresh from his outstanding performances in the Enduro Junior class of the EWC in 2011. Stepping into senior competition for the first time, the determined Frenchman knows that he faces many challengers in the competitive Enduro 2 class but is unwavering in his belief that he will fight for regular top five results.
Spearheading the Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing squad’s Enduro 1 class attack is Finland’s Matti Seistola. A multiple podium finisher during 2011, Matti’s goal is to do what countryman and friend Salminen did last year – secure the Enduro 1 title.

Racing alongside Seistola will be Spaniard Lorenzo Santolino and US EWC first timer Ricky Dietrich. Fifth in the 2011 Enduro 1 series standings, Lorenzo, with Husqvarna backing, looks to further improve his World Championship ranking. For Ricky Dietrich moving to Europe to compete in the EWC series represents a major change of direction in the young American’s career – one he’s unquestionably looking forward to. With speed to match both Seistola and Lorenzo, Ricky will ensure Husqvarna enjoy a highly competitive presence in the Enduro 1 class.

Juha Salminen – E 2: “I think it will be an interesting year for me competing in Enduro 2, which will bring some extra motivation for success. It will be a tough championship for sure, but I view it much the same way as any other season I’ve raced. As always my goal is to win and I will ride at my maximum ability in order to try and do that. I’m enjoying riding the new TE 310. It feels exactly like my TE 250 but with more power - I haven’t had to change anything on the bike.”

Alex Salvini – E 2: “Last year was quite tough as it was my first season in the world championship. It was a big step but I learned a lot from it and I’m ready to improve in 2012. I’m looking forward to racing in Enduro 2. It’ll be a tough class with a lot of competitive riders but I’m focused on securing a strong result. I’ve made some good progress during the winter months and feel happy with my speed on the TE 310. My goal is to finish top three overall and hopefully with a strong start to the season in South America it will be possible.”

Roman Dumontier – E 2: “I’m really excited for the start of the season. After a successful number of years competing in the Junior class I am now able to move into the Seniors classes with one of the best teams in the paddock. Competition in Enduro 2 will be very strong but I think a top five result will be possible.”

Matti Seistola – E1: “It was nice to win some races in 2011 but this year I want to try and win the world title. It will be important to remain competitive at every round of the championship and try to push for the win. I’ve learned to be more calculated and patient with my riding, which I think will help me throughout the season to be one of the top riders. I’m looking forward to getting started again and I’m excited to start the championship in Chile.

Ricky Dietrich – E 1: “This will be a big year for me but a learning one as well. I’m really thankful for CH Racing Husqvarna for giving me this opportunity to compete in the Enduro World Championship and hopefully I can reward them with some solid results.”

Lorenzo Santolino – E1: “My goal is to keep improving in the Enduro 1 class. There will be many fast riders in my class but I believe that I am one of them and I will be focused on finishing inside the top five at each round of the championship while also pushing for a podium result. I’m really happy with the TE 250, I feel very comfortable on the bike and I’m looking forward to getting started.”

Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing 2012

Enduro1 - Matti Seistola (Finland) TE 250
Enduro1 - Lorenzo Santolino (Spain) TE 250
Enduro1 - Ricky Dietrich (USA) TE 250
Enduro2 - Juha Salminen (Finland) TE 310
Enduro2 - Alex Salvini (Italy) TE 310
Enduro2 - Romain Dumontier (France) TE 310


Husqvarna - Everything you wanted to know

Husqvarna has had a bit of a tough 12 months; sales are down. BMW (who own the Husqvarna brand) is taking steps to try to improve those numbers though and have brought about Husqvara's return to street motorcycles; a move that will surely boost sales somewhat. BMW on the other hand has been steadily pumping out good sales and new or improved models. They seem to have product that people want and surely some of that skill will translate into some changes to help Husqvarna move more units.

Looks like they're starting with an awareness campaign that provide a company profile and history of the brand. It's long - but does include a lot of interesting information about the company. They've also included information on what they're calling a "new model offensive." The next few years could be really interesting for Husqvarna motorcycles!

Full details:

Husqvarna Motorcycles – a company profile

Husqvarna Motorcycles is an international manufacturer of motorcycles for cross-country and road use. Originally founded in Sweden, the company has been part of the BMW Group since 2007 and can look back on more than a century of manufacturing motorcycles. This makes it the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production. For decades now, the brand has clocked up great successes in international racing, including 82 world championship titles in off-road events.

Since 2008, the development, manufacture and marketing of Husqvarna motorcycles have been located in Cassinetta di Biandronno, in the north Italian province of Varese. That is where the headquarters was established back in 1987 when the company was taken over by the Cagiva MV Agusta Group. In 2011, shipments totalled 11, 243 units.

In addition, the introduction of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Husqvarna Nuda 900 R models signalled the brand’s return to the street bike segment. These models, too, developed in partnership with BMW Motorrad, are distinguished by their typically purist and sports-oriented Husqvarna design. Most recently, prospects of a further expansion of the model range have been opened up by the prototype Husqvarna Concept MOAB and Husqvarna Concept Strada and Concept BAJA.

Parallel to this, the alliance between Husqvarna Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad strengthens the company’s capacity for technical innovation. The prototype of an anti-lock braking system specifically designed for off-road use, as well as the all-electric Husqvarna e-GO concept bike, underscore the future viability of this tradition-rich motorcycle maker.

History: roots in Sweden, motorcycle development since 1903.

Husqvarna is the original name of a town in southern Sweden, where a metalworking business was founded in 1689. Today, in the same town (now spelled Huskvarna) there is a factory museum, in which exhibits from all former and present branches of production can be seen. Production of motorcycles began in 1903.

The first motorised bicycle bearing the Husqvarna badge was powered by a 1.5 hp single-cylinder two-stroke engine and achieved a maximum speed of 50 km/h (30 mph). In the years that followed, the firm consistently pushed ahead with the expansion of this new line of business. At first the engines were bought in, but all other components were developed in-house. From the outset, Husqvarna motorcycles were distinguished by their light weight and high reliability. Their qualities quickly proved themselves in sporting competitions, which in those days were staged predominantly on unsurfaced tracks. The first Husqvarna motorcycle completely developed and produced in Sweden was launched in 1918 and subsequently sold in large numbers. The 550 cc V-twin engine of the Husqvarna 150 model delivered 12 hp.

As early as the 1920s and 1930s, Husqvarna motorcycles were being built for the road, but were also entered for prestigious racing events such as the Tourist Trophy. Its commitment to international competitions made Husqvarna famous throughout Europe, and sporting triumphs contributed substantially to rising sales figures. It was chiefly on the light and robust four-stroke machines that the Husqvarna works riders scored Grand Prix victories, and in 1933 also won the European Championship title in the 500 cc class, thus cementing the brand’s reputation. Husqvarna became a byword for reliability and advanced technology, and up until the late 1930s the brand enjoyed steadily rising demand.

Realignment: lightweight two-strokes, off-road sport and a leap into the USA.

The post-war years brought a fundamental reorientation to the motorcycle industry as a whole, to Husqvarna, and to its motorcycle division. The parent company focused on domestic appliances, and in the 1950s even introduced chainsaws and other garden equipment into its catalogue. The Husqvarna motorcycle range was limited to lightweight two-stroke models which, in modified form, were also deployed in the off-road sports that were becoming popular in the mid-1950s. The best-selling model was the single-cylinder Silverpilen (Silver Arrow), whose 175 cc engine produced 9 hp and which could be upgraded with modern technical refinements such as a telescopic front fork and hydraulic shock absorbers.

In the years that followed, numerous competition machines with two- and four-stroke engines were developed; and between 1960 and 1963, the first four Motocross world championship titles were won in the 500 cc and 250 cc classes. The sporting achievements of the robust and manoeuvrable Husqvarna motorbikes made the brand popular in the USA too, boosting sales figures there. Among the high-profile Husqvarna riders in the successful era of the 1960s and 1970s was Hollywood film actor Steve McQueen.

The move to Italy.

In 1983 Husqvarna marked yet another milestone with its TE 510 model. The exceptionally light and easy-handling off-roader with all-round lubrication and air cooling became the forerunner of a generation of four-stroke motorcycles for off-road use. As other manufacturers followed suit, it led to a revival of the four-stroke classes in international competitions. Here, too, Husqvarna riders scooped collected numerous world championship titles in the following years.

By 1977 the entire Husqvarna business had already become part of Sweden’s Electrolux Group. Then, in 1987, the Husqvarna motorcycle division was sold to the Cagiva MV Agusta Group and the company headquarters transferred to Varese in Italy. In parallel with the continuing sporting successes, the production models were subjected to ongoing development. The unmistakable personality of the brand, characterised by lightness, reliability and cool, minimalist design, was retained after the move.

Restructuring under the aegis of the BMW Group.

Since October 2007, Husqvarna Motorcycles has been owned by the BMW Group. The resulting strong partnership between Husqvarna Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad enables the strengths of each to be combined in a selective way. Husqvarna can thus continue to build on the outstanding off-road performance of the brand and at the same time conquer new market segments. At the same time, the development know-how of BMW Motorrad is feeding into fascinating concepts and models. One of the first fruits of the partnership is Husqvarna’s re-entry into the street bike segment with the Nuda 900 and Nuda 900 R models. The introduction of these models – based on the BMW F800 – signals Husqvarna’s product offensive in the coming years.

Motorsport: Triple triumph in the 1916 “Novemberkåsan”, 82 world championship titles to date.

The development of Husqvarna Motorcycles is closely tied to sporting success. Participation in competitions brought the performance and reliability of the developed products to the attention of the public. Success became the proof of those quality attributes that also singled out Husqvarna motorcycles in everyday use. Hence, at an early stage the company competed in race events, which in the home country of Sweden took place on varied and usually mixed surfaces. The most famous example of these is the rally known in Swedish as the “Novemberkåsan” (November Turnout), which is held annually to this day. In 1916, on only the second occasion of the competition, Husqvarna dominated in impressive style. After 475 kilometres (295 miles), ridden largely on dirt roads and trails, the first three places were taken by Husqvarna riders.

This was followed in the 1920s and ’30s by further triumphs at this and other cross-country trials, as well as numerous road-run Grand Prix successes. At this time the young engineer Folke Mannerstedt was developing highly competitive road racing motorcycles, including the V-twin four-stroke, weighing in at a mere 127 kg, on which works rider Ragnar Sunnqvist won the 1932 Swedish Grand Prix in the 500 cc class. His team-mate Gunnar Kalén repeated the success in the following year to become European champion in the 500 cc category. In 1934 and 1935 Husqvarna was again successful in the Swedish Grand Prix. Between 1923 and 1933 Kalén won the Novemberkåsan six times, and in 1934 he also rode a Husqvarna in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. In the Swedish TT, Husqvarna picked up a total of 13 class wins between 1926 and 1935. Sunnqvist also won the Finnish Grand Prix in 1932, the Italian and French in 1936, and the 1935 AVUS race in Berlin, all on Husqvarna machines.

Straight into a winning streak, even away from surfaced roads.

With its specialisation on purely off-road competitions, which became common during the 1950s, another glorious era began for Husqvarna, when off-road riding defined the character of the brand for decades. Participation in the Six Days with lightweight 175 cc machines marked the start of a success story which would surpass even the run of victories in road racing. In Motocross the first European championship, in 1959, and the first world championship, in 1960, were both won on Husqvarnas. The European title was picked up by Rolf Tibblin in the 250 cc class, and in the following year in the 500 cc category Bill Nilsson laid the foundation stone for an impressive collection of overall world championship victories. As well as Tibblin and Nilsson, in the years up to 1970 the Husqvarna riders Bengt Aberg, with two overall world championship victories, and Torsten Hallman with four, contributed to the dominant role of the Swedish brand in Motocross. Further world championship titles were won by Heikki Mikkola in 1974 and 1976 and by Håkan Carlqvist in 1979.

Technical innovations, new categories and the introduction of completely new competition categories illustrate the profound transformation that off-road sport has undergone in the past three decades. Husqvarna has taken up the sporting challenges associated with this and definitively influenced them through its own developments. For example, Husqvarna was one of the pioneers of the reintroduction of the four-stroke class in Motocross in the early 1980s. Then in the mid-1980s a new sports discipline came into being with the Supermoto series. This blend of asphalt and off-road racing, also known by its French name Supermotard, has likewise proved to be a promising field of activity for Husqvarna, as demonstrated by numerous national and international titles. In 2011 the brand won the “Supermoto of the Nations” and dominated the International German Supermoto Championship. What’s more, Mauno Hermunen triumphed on a Husqvarna SMR 449 in, among other events, the “Superbikers Mettet” in Belgium, Europe’s premier Supermoto race.

In the Enduro World Championship, held since 1990, Husqvarna has also played a leading role from the outset. Until the reallocation of rankings in 2004, the brand won at least one world championship title in each season. Most recently, Husqvarna became the 2011 Enduro constructors’ world champion in classes E1 and E2. In the rider classification Juha Salminen on a Husqvarna TE 250 and Antoine Meo on a Husqvarna TE 310 each won the world championship in their category. This meant that four of the six possible titles were credited to the old-established badge. To date, a total of 82 world championship titles in the Motocross, Supermoto and Enduro categories have been won on Husqvarna motorcycles.

Also in 2011, in cooperation with the Speedbrain team, Husqvarna made a successful entrée into rallying. In the 2012 Dakar Rally good use was made of the experience gathered prior to the event on a motorcycle based on the Husqvarna TE 449. The Husqvarna / Speedbrain rally team ended the 2012 Dakar Rally on the Husqvarna TE 449 RR without a breakdown or any technical failure. By the end of the South American rally, Husqvarna had earned one stage win and a total of six podium places.

Corporate and product structure: a fruitful partnership, the launch of a model offensive.

Since 2008, Husqvarna motorcycles have been developed and manufactured in Cassinetta di Biandronno in the north Italian province of Varese. Their marketing is also directed from the company headquarters there. Currently, 26 models comprise the range across the Enduro, Motocross, Supermoto and street bike segments, spanning a wide capacity range from 50 cc to 900 cc.

In October 2007, Husqvarna Motorcycles became part of the BMW Group, a move that opened up fresh opportunities in concept developments, technical innovations and stronger sales structures. As a complement to the existing Husqvarna dealer network, selected BMW motorcycle dealers worldwide also offer the current range of models.

With the introduction of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R, the company has completed a high-profile comeback in the street bike sector. This spectacular addition to the product range is the opening salvo of a model offensive which is aimed at placing Husqvarna in a significantly strengthened position in the international motorcycle markets. No sooner was the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R on the market than a vote among readers of Germany´s MOTORRAD magazine in 2012 gave it a podium place in the hard-fought Enduro/Supermoto segment, and in the spring of 2012, in the voting for the Red Dot Design Award 2012, the Nuda 900 R earned the “red dot: best of the best” accolade for the highest design quality.

Attractive prospects for further additions to the model range are held out by the prototypes of the Husqvarna Concept Strada and the Husqvarna Concept MOAB and Concept BAJA. A model based on the Husqvarna Concept Strada is already in development for volume production.

The company is systematically building up its exceptional expertise in the off-road sphere as well. Both the two-stroke and the four-stroke ranges are currently undergoing intensive redevelopment and, in some cases, fundamental revision.

Characteristic design, dedication and engineering skill.

The combined engineering knowledge of Husqvarna Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad, together with Husqvarna’s well-known dedication, gives the latest models of the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand their special and unmistakable character. The essential qualities that underlie sporting success are faithfully reflected in the design of the current models, their sporty aura defined by the minimalist lines that emphasise dynamic forward momentum. Their form follows the technical demands placed on a motorcycle designed for racing, and from this the Husqvarna design department has developed a distinctive design language that consistently takes its cue from the product attributes: the traditional values of the brand are preserved alongside modern innovations for optimising performance, handling and safety.

The model portfolio - Motocross in five displacement categories

 Husqvarna’s Motocross models carry in them the racing DNA that has matured over decades, along with the passion for competition. Even the entry-level models, the Husqvarna CR 50 and Husqvarna CR 65, unmistakably reflect the hallmark character of the brand in their design. In appearance and technology, both models borrow from the Husqvarna CR 125, on which two world championship titles have already been won and which, thanks to ongoing development, is repeatedly setting new benchmarks.

Innovations directly influenced by racing experience also determine the character of the Husqvarna TC 250. The return of the brand to the world championship in the MX2 class played a pivotal role in the development of this model. The four-stroke is powered by a single-cylinder engine weighing just 22 kg, with twin overhead camshafts, valve finger followers, weight-reduced piston and Keihin fuel injection. The 250 cc model also benefits from a chromoly frame as well as an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system – two features that also distinguish the top model in the Motocross category, the Husqvarna TC 449. Other specialities include a coaxially positioned rocker arm, of which the countershaft sprocket is located directly on the rocker arm pivot, a centrally installed two-section fuel tank, and a mapping switch with which the rider can adjust the settings while in motion, either to his needs or to the track characteristics.

Supermoto: exciting handling, dynamic design.

Husqvarna offers a diversity of choice, offering Supermoto models in five engine sizes for riding in combined off-road and asphalt competitions. Then there is the entry-level Husqvarna CR 50 and the Husqvarna SM 125, which is available in both a two-stroke and four-stroke versions. With its agile handling and dynamic design, the SM125 embodies those characteristics that have led to victory in countless Supermoto world championships.

Supermoto design reached a new evolutionary stage with the Husqvarna SMR 511. With its avant-garde lines and innovative technology these models similarly generate an easy-handling feel that is typically Husqvarna. The long saddle, the Coaxial Traction System (CTS) with a coaxial drive sprocket to the swing arm pivot pin, the linkage mounted on the upper side of the swing arm and the Sachs suspension strut, not to mention the four-stroke engines with electronic injection and double butterfly throttle, set new standards in this category. The Husqvarna SM 630 likewise provides an exceptionally versatile top-of-the-range model with a 600 cc four-stroke engine – a particularly high-performance single-cylinder model that is a true rarity in the Supermoto class.

Enduro: the basis of Husqvarna’s 82 world championship titles.

Of the 82 world championship titles won by Husqvarna to date, the overwhelming majority have been in the Enduro category. The technical expertise that made these repeated successes possible has been faithfully transferred to the brand’s production models. There is currently a choice of six Enduro motorcycles. The three two-strokes – the Husqvarna WR 125, Husqvarna WR 250 and Husqvarna WR 300 – are not only designed for speed and lightness, but their handling is extremely agile, combined with a ready delivery of power.

Husqvarna’s four-stroke TE 250 and TE 310 models are currently making their name in world championships. At the same time, the 2012 models offer numerous innovations which are based directly on the brand’s racing expertise, including a modified frame, a new, fully-adjustable shock absorber for the rear suspension, a newly-tuned front fork and a LeoVince exhaust system, likewise new. The external design also has a fresh look. Heading the range is the Husqvarna TE 449 – in this model, too, the extensive experience gained from racing has been systematically applied to further development. With a lower saddle height, some tweaking of the chassis and a heat guard over the exhaust pipe, the Husqvarna TE 449 has been optimised for 2012.

As an addition to the model range there is a choice of three models in the “Dual” category. The two-stroke Husqvarna WRE 125 as well as the four-stroke Husqvarna TE 125 and TE 630 convey a racing feel in everyday riding.

Streetwise: a comeback on the road and the start of a new model offensive.

The introduction of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Nuda 900 R models marks the brand’s comeback in the street bike segment. Both of these twin-cylinder models are based on the BMW F800 and offer the fascination that typifies the brand but in an innovative form. With a spaceframe, weight-saving construction and a modified 900 cc engine, both models occupy a position between crossover and naked bike. At the same time, the hallmark Husqvarna features have been preserved in combination with trusted BMW qualities. Characteristic design, a purist look and performance-oriented technology make for intense riding fun.

The development of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Nuda 900 R models is the first result – actually seen on the road – of the close cooperation with BMW Motorrad. As further results of this partnership, the prototype Husqvarna Concept Strada as much as the Husqvarna Concept MOAB and the Concept BAJA have already been presented. With these concepts, Husqvarna offers a realistic look ahead to the short- and medium-term expansion of the range. 

Innovative technology, futuristic concepts.

A further example of the potent technological alliance between BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles is the world’s first anti-lock braking system (ABS) for use in off-road sport, already presented as a prototype. The first vehicle to carry this development is the Husqvarna TE 449. The off-road system comprises a twin-channel ABS, which analyses and assesses the rotation speed of the front and rear wheels, but only operates on the front wheel. In this way the rear wheel remains fully lockable. Optimised braking performance, enhanced braking safety and very high ride stability are thus coupled with maximum off-road enjoyment. BMW has already been offering ABS for motorcycles for the past 23 years. During this period the system has been systematically improved and has now reached a high state of development. To achieve this, the expertise of Husqvarna Motorcycles in the Enduro field and BMW Motorrad’s innovative “Know-How” in rider assistance systems have been brought together. It marks the first presentation of a prototype which is adapted to the particular demands of ride dynamics in cross-country sports events and which, in the future, should markedly increase rider safety both on and off surfaced roads.

Beyond this, the all-electric Husqvarna e-Go concept opens up an alluring prospect for emission-free mobility in the future. Both in conceptual and technological terms, Husqvarna Motorcycles is today setting a course for the further strengthening of its position in the international motorcycle markets and for a successful future in both the short and the long term.


BMW sells more motorcycles in 2011, Husqvarna - not so much

BMW Motorrad had a good year in 2011.  They sold 6.4% more motorcycles in 2011 as they did in 2010. They sold 104, 286 units in 2011 and 98,047 in 2010.

Husqvarna on the other hand experienced a pretty significant drop in sales in 2011. They went from 12,066 units sold in 2010 to just 9,286 units - a drop of 23%. The regional numbers are broken but the Canadian Distributor just recently declared bankruptcy. A sign of troubled sales in Canada perhaps?

With some new street models coming out for the Husqvarna line-up it looks like BMW is pushing for better sales and they've taken that to the street. Husqvarna is widely known for their off-road bikes but the street models should help bolster sales.


CDN Husqvarna Distributor (Barrett Marketing Group) declares bankruptcy

Barrett Marketing Group - the Canadian Distributor of Husqvarna - has declared bankruptcy. Sources say that this may be a bit of a mixed blessing for Husqvarna owners.

In the short term it may mean that parts are more difficult to come by but Husqvarna North America indicates that within a short time things will be business as usual - well, the new usual. Parts will ship within 3-4 days from a US warehouse which means a little more centralization and perhaps the possibility of cost savings.  Hopefully this will trickle down to customers. Details on exactly what the long term plan will be haven't been made public yet. You can bet that BMW will look to work out something quickly as the owners of Husqvarna.

There's plenty of dealers who are owed money in the bankruptcy filings though so there's bound to be some upheaval in the dealer network.

Documents HERE.

Bankruptcy link courtesy CMGOnline


Halifax International Motorcycle Show brings motorcycles to downtown

The Halifax International Motorcycle Show is kicking-off their inaugural gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts at the Cunard Centre on February 17-19, 2012. Industry leading motorcycle  manufacturers and accessory products will be on site and under one big roof.Major manufacturers and dealer representatives will be there to answer your questions and provide you with an opportunity to throw a leg over the latest machines or try on the latest gear.

With 45,000 square foot of column free floor space the Cunard Centre sits on the scenic Halifax waterfront with big bright windows overlooking the harbour. The event and venue offer up a powerful mixture of salty sea air and visual stimulation. Anticipated attendance is expected to approach 20,000 and draw attendees from all the Atlantic provinces and beyond.

With the top motorcycle manufacturer product lines represented this event is the first of its kind east of Quebec.The show has attracted a lot of industry attention and support in this first year. Kawasaki Canada chose the event as one of the few venues to bring their national tour. They will be showcasing the hottest 2012 models like the supersport ZX-14R, KX450F motocross, cruisers from their revered Vulcan ine-up, street/touring, dual-purpose, and off-road motorcycles.

Event organizer Tim Leslie indicates,"Halifax is the gateway to Atlantic Canada, and its largest city. There's a vibrant and active motorcycle culture here, which makes Halifax the perfect location for a world-class motorcycle show. We're excited to be bringing the best the motorcycle world has to offer to downtown Halifax and already making plans for next year!"

With motorcycles from all the top brands, this event will be the first, and only, opportunity to see many of these machines in Nova Scotia before they appear in dealerships in the spring.There's going to be some rare models too that you might not otherwise get a chance to see at all except in the pages of a magazine. Motorcycles like the limited production Norton Commando 961. With production of this bike limited to 200 models they're sure to be very rare. Zero Motorcycles is sending some of the first production 2012 electric motorcycles in Canada to Halifax to be displayed at the show.

Aside from all the special interest motorcycles, enthusiasts of every level will find something to surprise and delight from new 2012 models and the latest in accessories to unique touring destinations. Cruisers, sport bikes, off-road, trials, touring, sport/adventure touring, even 2WD sidecar motorcycles - there's going to be something for everybody.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran motorcyclist or just somebody with a passing interest there will be something to excite you at the Halifax International Motorcycle Show.


Halifax International Motorcycle Show
February 17 to 19, 2012

Cunard Centre
961 Marginal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 4P7

Friday, February 17, 2012: 5 pm – 8pm
Saturday, February 18, 2012: 10 am –8 pm
Sunday, February 19, 2012: 10 am – 5pm

- $10 in advance at the show website(
- $15 at the door

Free parking all weekend (Friday after 4PM).


BMW Motorrad - best ever January sales: Husqvarna up impressively too

Looks like MBW Motorrad and Husqvarna are starting 2012 off with some good numbers. Sales of BMW motorcycles (globally) were the best ever reported for January. Sales at Husqvarna are up significantly over January 2011 too; how about +50.3%. With some new bikes coming in the Husqvarna lineup for 2012 I think they'll be a brand to watch this year.

Full details:

After a new retail record in 2011, BMW Motorrad has started off the new year with a solid plus. With sales of 5,237 units (previous year:  4,714 units), 11.1 % more motorcycles were delivered to customers in January 2012 than in the previous year.

Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad: "After a record year in 2011, the new year has started very pleasingly for BMW. Never before have we sold as many motorcycles in the first month of a year as in January 2012. Our fresh new model range continues to attract strong demand all over the world, and the incoming orders situation is positive, too. With the market launch of the new maxi scooters C 600 Sport and C 650 GT this spring we are expanding our range to include the facet of "Urban Mobility” and we anticipate additional growth impulse in 2012."

At the same time as the two scooter models, BMW has six new motorcycles to offer its customers: with the G 650 GS Sertão, the revised S 1000 RR, the special boxer model R 1200 GS Rallye, the updated F 800 R and the special models of the K 1300 R and K 1300 S, BMW Motorrad continues to strengthen its extensive product portfolio.

Based on this ongoing product offensive, BMW Motorrad looks confidently ahead to the upcoming season in spite of challenging economic conditions in some countries. Once again this year, the bestseller is likely to be the big travel enduro R 1200 GS.

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the BMW Group's second motorcycle brand, supplied 544 (previous year: 362 / + 50.3 %) motorcycles to its dealer network.

Alongside its core business in the off-road sports segments (sports enduro, motocross, supermoto), Husqvarna Motorcycles has extended its range to include street bikes with the models NUDA 900 and NUDA 900R. The brand is anticipating a significant increase in sales from the vehicles introduced to the market in December 2011.


Husqvarna reminds you that motocross is FUN

Just in case you forgot or maybe you've never ridden a motocross bike - they're wicked fun.

Not sure? Watch this Husqvarna video and your mind will be made up.

I don't know about you but the sound of a two-stoke flips a switch in my brain that says "Hell Yeah!" Add a leg out turn through a berm, rooster tail of dirt, real wheel sliding out and well I'm wondering why I'm sitting here at a computer and not out riding.

Oh yeah, it's winter.  Arghhh.


Husqvarna success at the Dakar

Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain earns six podiums and one stage victory

Four out of five riders reached the finish in Lima. This debut result is highly encouraging for the team and the Husqvarna brand, as the new bike proved its worthiness right away - completing the race without a single technical failure.

The highlights were six podium finishes and one stage victory. This was part of the initial objective, which the team had targeted for the Dakar 2012. The team was consistently fast with two riders regularly up front - even if the aim to put one pilot on the overall podium couldn't be fulfilled.

The outstanding motivation of the team was tested with the jury decision against Paulo Goncalves. Also, Joan Barreda experienced bad luck during the stages three and four, when the talented Spaniard suffered from a crash and a broken rear wheel, which cost him a lot of valuable time. Barreda couldn´t make up the loss until the race end.

By the way: Joan Barreda was by many considered the revelation of this year´s Dakar. He was matching the speed of the top riders and is regarded as a man of the future.

Final standings
1. Cyril Despres (FRA) KTM 43:28:11 hrs 
2. Marc Coma (SPA) KTM, 53:20 min behind 
3. Helder Rodrigues (POR) Yamaha, 1:11:17 
4. Jordi Viladoms (SPA) KTM, 1:40:56 
5. Stefan Svitko (SVK) KTM, 1:47:28 
11. Joan Barreda (SPA) Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, 3:37:25 
19. Zé Hélio (BRA) Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, 6:16:35 
23. Jose Manuel Pellicer (SPA), Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, 7:41:09 
26. Paulo Goncalves (POR) Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, 8:10:26 
41.Pedro Bianchi Prata (Husqvarna) 
71.Jorge Gomez (Husqvarna)
83.Rodrigo Illanes (Husqvarna)

Manufacturer´s/Team statistics, podium finishes
1. KTM, 27 

2. Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, 6 

3. Yamaha, 2 

4. Sherco, 2 

5. Aprilia, 1 

6. Honda, 1


BMW Motorrad (global) reports best sales ever - Husqvarna down

With a total of 104,286 motorcycles (prev. yr. 98,047 / +6.4%) in 2011, BMW Motorrad delivered more vehicles than ever before in its nearly 90-year history. Growth was recorded in each month of 2011.

In December, 4,232 Motorcycles were delivered worldwide, which reflects an increase of 12.4% over the same month in 2010. The total year’s result exceeds the previous high in 2007 by 1.8% (102,467). BMW Motorrad increased its market share by more than 12% in the segment above 500cc and has doubled it within the past four years.

Husqvarna delivered 9,286 motorcycles in 2011 (-23%; prev. yr. 12,066). December accounted for 1,330 deliveries (-26.1%; 1,800).


David Fretigne withdraws from 2012 Dakar

David Frétigné, French rider of Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, has to withdraw from the Dakar Rally 2012. After his vertebrae injury suffered at the Rally dos Sertoes in August, David is on a very good way of recovering. He was allowed from his medical team to train fully for the Dakar since a few weeks.

Unfortunately his final medical exams showed that his injury has not made enough progress to risk a start at the Dakar, known as the hardest race of its kind in the world. His team wishes him strength for his further recovery and will miss him at the starting line on 1st of January.

David Frétigné: "I am very sad that I can finally not start, after all the good hopes and the hard work to come back. I wish my team all the best at the race, and will be with them with my thoughts. I will continue to work hard on my physical condition, it was just a little bit too early to risk a start, but I will be back soon in full strength."

Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain announced Jose Manuel Pellicer as short notice new team rider, in order not to leave the starting spot of rider number twelve empty.


BMW Motorrad global sales are up

In the year to the end of November, BMW Motorrad delivered 100,054 motorcycles (prev. yr. 94,283) worldwide – an increase of 6.1% and already 2,007 more than the total sales for 2010. BMW Motorrad delivered 6,112 motorcycles last month (prev. yr. 5,883 / +3.9%).

With the expected December sales, BMW Motorcycle will reach its target for this year. With sales of over 103,000 motorcycles, the white and blue motorcycle brand will deliver more vehicles than ever before in its nearly 90-year-old history.

Husqvarna Motorcycles delivered 7,956 motorcycles in the first eleven months of 2011 (prev. yr. 10,266 / -22.5%). November accounted for 1,181 deliveries (prev. yr. 1,650 / -28.4%).


Husqvarna to tackle 2012 Dakar


At the team headquarters in Stephanskirchen (Bavaria) everyone has been working overtime since many months to build five race bikes capable of winning the Dakar 2012 - with the brand new Husqvarna TE 449 RR by Speedbrain as the new challenger.

The team will have 5 riders: the French David Frétigné, the Portuguese Paulo Goncalves, the Spanish Joan Barreda and the two Brazilian Zé Helio and Ike Klaumann.

The new Rallye bike developed by Speedbrain is a very specialized bike, with many trick solutions developed and designed in countless hours of testing and engineering. It takes advantage of various elements out of the Husqvarna TE 449 and also the BMW G 450 X, and apart from the strong TE 449, it's especially lightweight and easy to handle both in fast and technical conditions.


Husqvarna Stada Concept - 17 picture slideshow

We just got the official Press Release from BMW regarding the Husqvarna Strada Concept. Since we already posted the news of the bike here's a picture slideshow with 17 pictures of the new bike.



Husqvarna Stada Concept unveiled at Paris show

With news of Husqvarna's "Nuda 9000" with a BMW engine, there's news of yet another road going Husqvarna. The Strada Concept! Although a concept it is said to be production ready and will be launched in Europe for 2012. No word yet on whether it'll be available in Canada.

The engine in this model is the tried and tested BMW 650 liquid cooled single that's been 'breathed on' by Husqvarna engineers to give it a little more power than it does in standard BMW form. If Husqvarna want to attract a youthful market (which is likely the intention) they better have breathed on it hard enough to make it competitive with KTM's 690 single which pumps out approximately 70 HP.

Claimed weight is less than 170 KG (dry). "Strada" is apparently Italian for "Street" but the photos of the bike clearly seem like it has intentions for some off-road capabilities too. Spoked wheels, skidplate, and tires being the clear indications.

The bike looks to have an interesting blend of BMW and Husqvarna influences. We'll be watching this model closely for sure!


BMW Motorrad sales up, Husqvarna down

BMW Motorrad worldwide sales are up while Husqvarna sales are soft.

In the year to the end of October 2011, BMW Motorrad delivered 93,942 motorcycles (prev. yr. 88,353) to customers worldwide – an increase of 6.3% and a new all-time high for the first ten months. BMW Motorrad continued its growth course in October, with a total of 7,050 motorcycles sold (prev. yr. 6,845/+3.0%). Thanks to its positive sales performance in a persistently difficult overall market, BMW Motorrad has continued to expand its global market share of the relevant segment above 500cc. 

Husqvarna Motorcycles delivered 6,775 motorcycles in the first ten months of 2011 (prev. yr. 8,616/-24.4%). October accounted for 695 deliveries (prev. yr. 1,356/-48.7%).


Husqvarna Motorcycles – 108-year tradition with 82 world championship titles

There is hardly any other motorcycle brand able to boast a 108-year tradition of motorcycle production and racing like that of Husqvarna. The first Husqvarna motorcycles were built in 1903, with victory coming just 13 years later in 1916 at one of best known enduro races of the time, the Novemberkåsan. This laid the foundation for a success story which remains unparalleled to this day.

 While the thirties also saw victories in road racing, too, it was after the Second World War that Husqvarna achieved a major breakthrough in off-road racing. In the early fifties, the company not only focussed on developing and manufacturing innovative, competitive and reliable motorcycles but also made a clear commitment to its involvement in the areas of motocross and enduro racing. Husqvarna won its first world championship in the class up to 250 cc in 1959, collecting the same title in the 500 cc category just two years later.

Ongoing success in racing made Husqvarna a sought-after brand with increasing sales figures not just in Europe but also in the USA. The enormous popularity of Husqvarna was enhanced by famous riders such as Mikkola, Aberg and Hallman, but there was one outstanding celebrity fan: American actor Steve McQueen. McQueen was not just an enthusiastic motorcyclist and motor racing fan, he also achieved success himself on the race track on both two and four wheels. Among other things he entered the Six Days in 1964. The title photo of the US magazine "Sports Illustrated" dated August 23rd 1971 showing a bare-topped Steve McQueen doing a jump on a Husqvarna 400 Motocross remains legendary to this day. The McQueen-Husqvarna combination eventually became the idol of a whole generation of off-road fans.

Today Husqvarna Motorcycles is able to look back over an incredible 82 world championship titles, four of which were won in the 2011 season which has just finished. Juha Salminen and Antoine Meo clinched the titles in the E1 and E2 classes of the World Enduro Championship. Husqvarna Motorcycles also won the brand championship in these classes. Winning four out of a total of six possible titles in the World Enduro Championship clearly shows that Husqvarna was the dominant brand.

In future Husqvarna Motorcycles will be extending its core expertise in the area of off-road motorcycles. With the presentation of the new Husqvarna Nuda 900/ 900 R including the first official test rides for journalists a week ago, the tradition-steeped brand celebrated an impressive and highly promising comeback. 

BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles – a powerful partnership.

Husqvarna Motorcycles has been part of the BMW Group since October 1st 2007 and is able to rely on BMW Motorrad as a powerful partner at its side in every respect. Today there are some 260 staff working at the company headquarters in Cassinetta di Biandronno and the model range currently includes 26 motorcycles of the enduro, motocross, supermoto, minibike and road segments. What is more, Husqvarna offers an extensive range of accessories, rider equipment and merchandising.

The powerful partnership between BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles with its selective clustering of the strengths of each brand has meant that both can look back over a successful year in 2011. And there is much promise for future developments, too, in particular with a view to the incorporation of rider assistance systems such as ABS to increase active riding safety. 

BMW Motorrad ABS – a success story for riding safety.

23 years go, BMW Motorrad was the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to fit its machines with the anti-locking system ABS, setting a milestone in active motorcycling safety at the time. As of today over 1.2 million BMW motorcycles have come off the production line fitted with ABS. ABS can be selected as an optional extra in every current BMW model.

Initially introduced as an extra in the BMW Motorrad models of the K series such as the K 100 and K1 at a supplementary charge of DM 1,980.-, it soon blazed a trail of success in the boxer series and later in the F models.

While the first generation of BMW Motorrad ABS already offered a high level of additional safety by ensuring lateral grip on vehement straight-ahead braking manoeuvres, even on slippery surfaces or with abrupt changes in friction coefficient, BMW ABS II introduced in autumn 1993 improved the range of performance even further. At the time this marked the debut a completely new design of the traditional BMW boxer engine in the BMW R 1100 RS, which also ushered in the second innovation stage in the field of ABS. Here, the  more sensitive regulatory capacity of the system was a major technological advance. A short while later, BMW ABS II was also introduced for the new BMW R 1100 GS - in a form which was specially adapted to the needs of a high-performance travel enduro and disengageable for off-road use.

Another major step forward in terms of ABS development was the BMW Integral ABS introduced in 2000, incorporated not just in the BMW Motorrad road models but shortly afterwards in the GS models, too.

It was this innovative strength that has enabled BMW Motorrad to establish itself as a trendsetter in active motorcycle safety in the course of the last two decades. Today almost all motorcyclists opt for this massive safety bonus.

Enduropark Hechlingen has had a key role to play in the development of BMW Motorrad ABS systems since 1990. It has become established as a development site for this technology and in hindsight can be regarded as the birthplace of off-road ABS.

But in the course of ABS development with a view to increasing ride safety even further, BMW has also created drive control systems such as traction slip control or most recently dynamic traction control DTC for the new BMW S 1000 RR. 

Race ABS in the BMW S 1000 RR - the latest culmination of ABS development.

The high point of ABS development for motorcycles as it currently stands is the new BMW Motorrad Race ABS, developed for the supersports bike S 1000 RR. The rider can press a button to select engine characteristics including the relevant Race ABS characteristics for a range of conditions such as a wet surface ("Rain"), road ("Sport"), race track with supersports tyres ("Race") and race track with slicks ("Slick"). These are combined with the various modes and are mutually harmonised for maximum safety. In this individually adaptable rider assistance system, the rider himself selects the level of support to be provided. For example, unwanted early intervention of ABS while riding in sporty style is now a thing of the past.

The new BMW Motorrad Race ABS is a completely newly developed system which is significantly lighter than previous part integral systems. With a control unit weighing just 1.5 kg and a total weight of just 2.5 kg, it is ideally suited for use in supersports motorcycles. But in addition to weight the system especially provides even further improved regulation response.

In addition to an excellent set-up, the main reason for this is the use of a total of four pressure sensors which operate with a very sophisticated rear wheel lift detection system to distinguish even more effectively than before between a bump and a locking rear wheel. In "Race" and "Slick" modes, the rear wheel lift detection function does not interfere with the rider's desire to brake. In this way, the "Slick" mode allows particularly skilled riders to perform so-called brake drifts without having to do without the benefits of a front wheel ABS.

The high technological status of BMW Motorrad Race ABS was borne out by the recent victory of the S 1000 RR at the International German Motorcycle Championship IDM on the Salzburgring on July 3rd 2011. 

The Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS – the world's first ABS for off-road racing.

However, an ABS system designed for racing need not necessarily be limited to road bikes. For this reason, Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to be the first manufacturer in the world to present an ABS for off-road racing in the current flagship model, the TE 449.

BMW Motorrad first brought out an off-road ABS with lockable rear wheel in 2007. A comparable system is already in serial production in the form of the "Slick" mode of the ABS in the BMW S 1000 RR. Here, the system allows the rider to block the rear wheel for so-called brake drifts by deactivating the ABS function in the rear wheel. This is a fundamental riding dynamics function which an ABS must offer to be suitable for off-road racing purposes.

The system used in the development showcase Husqvarna TE-449 is a so-called dual channel ABS with components supplied by both the established development partner BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles itself. It consists of two wheel sensors and the associated pulse wheels for detecting the rotational speeds of the front and rear wheels, an ABS pressure modulator, a hydraulic system and an electronic control unit. Due to the particular dynamic requirements of off-road racing, ABS regulation occurs solely at the front wheel. The rear wheel brake is not regulated, so the rider can deliberately lock the rear wheel.

Currently, the ABS systems generally used in serial production motorcycles are only partially suitable for off-road use: their regulation specifications on surfaces such as gravel does not allow for maximum possible brake performance.

For this reason, the relevant parameters and in particular the slip thresholds in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS have been adapted for improved braking performance over rough terrain. Since there is no ABS regulation of the rear wheel, the specifications for road speed and wheel acceleration were also optimised. The additional use of the rear wheel rotational speed supports the reference speed for the front wheel, making the Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS particularly robust. 

Increased braking performance off-road - reduced stress for the rider.

In practice, hobby enduro riders with sporty ambitions will especially benefit from the advantages offered by the Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS, which weighs just 1.5 kg. In addition to the clearly superior brake performance it provides as compared to existing serial production ABS systems, it also offers significantly increased braking safety and enhanced directional stability and ride stability at comparable road speeds.

The Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS supports the rider when braking, allowing him to concentrate fully on the track and providing enhanced braking safety in the threshold range in particular. Less stress and greater comfort are other positive effects which allow hobby enduro riders to stretch their personal limits and thereby enjoy even greater off-road fun.

The Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS has an adapted pressure point feel integrated in the system, thereby ensuring that the rider remains in touch with the regulation status. During braking within the regulation range, the rider feels a pulse in the handbrake lever  -  providing clear, transparent feedback on the braking manoeuvre.

The dual channel system of the Husqvarna Motorcycles Off-Road ABS also offers considerable potential for further development. For example, it would conceivable to provide two ABS modes for off-road and on-road use, activated separately by the rider, with ABS regulation of the rear-wheel brake for travelling on the road.


BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles at EICMA 2011

For the first time, the two motorcycle brands of the BMW Group will be appearing under one roof at this year's EICMA 69th Salone Internationale del Motociclo, 10th – 13th November. Models of both brands will have their world premieres in Hall 14 of the Milan trade fair centre.

In addition to numerous new motorcycles, BMW Motorrad will be presenting the first BMW maxi scooters.

In addition to the serial production versions of the 2-cylinder road bikes NUDA 900 and NUDA 900R, Husqvarna Motorcycles has a big surprise in store.


Quebec Rounds of Canadian Enduro Championship

Husqvarna Canada’s Guy Giroux has dominated the E1 Pro Class at the Québec rounds of the 2011 Canadian Enduro Championship.

Giroux lead an impressive charge by the Husqvarna racers that were chasing victory in the beautiful hillsides surrounding Labelle, Québec. After two days of battle, Husky mounted riders fought their way to a total of 14 Podiums; including 7 Wins.

Giroux traded up his trusty TE 310 for a TXC 250 and jumped into the E1 battle at the Québec rounds in a tribute to injured Husqvarna Canada star, Philippe Chainé.

Prior to the serious injury that Phil suffered in late August, Chainé had maintained a solid lead in the E1 Class after the Western swing of the Canadian Enduro Championship with 3 Wins in the first 4 Rounds. After his dominant performance at the Eastern CEC Rounds in 2010, there was little doubt that Chainé was in a great position to nail the E1 CEC Title in 2011.

While Giroux was storming the E1 Pro Class, his Husky Canada team-mate Ryan Graffunder along with new addition, Samuel Rousseau, were also on the gas and causing havoc for their competitors.

Graffunder, the CEC’s Top Pro Junior in both 2009 & 2010, was having his best ride ever at the Eastern rounds and hammered his big bore Husky to 2nd Place in the E3 Pro Class at both rounds.

Ryan has a firm grip on 2nd Overall in the E3 Championship as the series heads to Ontario for the final rounds this weekend. The young warrior from Vavenby, British Columbia, is also in a great position to claim the Top Pro Junior (for riders under 21) for the third year in a row.

Graffunder has continued to hone his skills in 2011 and in addition to his success in the CEC series, Ryan logged another impressive ride at this year’s Xtinction Extreme Enduro and also made his first foray into the GEICO AMA EnduroCross series.

After a great ride at the Everett, Washington round of the EnduroCross series in August, and undoubtedly motivated by the success of his cousin, Zip Ty Husqvarna’s Cory Graffunder, Ryan is chomping at the bit to have another crack at an AMA EnduroCross race as soon as possible.

“The Quebec rounds were great for sure.” said young Graffunder. “Other than a small problem with a damaged chain guide and ripping a rad hose open that we fixed quickly, the weekend went smooth and I felt good. The bike ran strong and I had my best results in the East that I’ve had in the last 3 years so I feel like I am improving and getting closer to my goal of taking wins. I’m definitely excited to racing the finals in Ontario this weekend”.

Ryan’s brother and Husqvarna team-mate, Nick Graffunder, was forced to miss the Eastern rounds of this year’s CEC series. Nick fractured a bone in his hand at the Xtinction Extreme Enduro in August and unfortunately it has not healed quickly enough to allow him to race the September rounds.

15 year old smoking gun, Samuel Rousseau, proved without a doubt that he is deserving of his new seat on the Husqvarna Canada team by nailing 1st Place in the A Class at both rounds 5 & 6 on his CR 150 two stroke.

Rousseau has being training under the watchful eye of Husky’s Guy Giroux all season and his work ethic and results have been impressive to say the least. Sam earned his stripes in a big way during his debut at the Canadian Enduro Championship and made it clear that he will certainly be a force to be reckoned with as his young racing career progresses. No doubt he will be standing on lots of podiums in 2012.

In the B Class, Intermediate riders, Alexandre Gougeon and Christophe Mongrain hammered their Huskies to well earned podiums in the gnarly roots and rocks surrounding Labelle.

Gougeon pounded his JP Powersports TXC 250 to 2nd Place at Round 5 and then upped his game the following day to take the Round 6 Win and claim the Overall Class Win for the weekend.

Mongrain climbed the podium on Saturday after his 3rd Place finish aboard his FLM Sport Husky CR 150 but unfortunately was unable to compete at Round 6 on Sunday.

Christophe has had a great season and recently clinched the Junior Championship in Quebéc’s new CMRC Competition Off-road Series.

In the Veteran 40+ Class, a great duel erupted between JP Powersports Husky racers Jean-Pierre Favreau and Luc Gingras that saw them finish 1-2 for the weekend. Gingras piloted his TE 250 Meo Replica to the Win on Saturday with JP close behind on his TC 250 in 2nd Place.

Favreau was on the throttle on Sunday, posting the fastest test times in all but one test, and stormed his way to 1st Place at Round 6 and snagged the Overall Class Win for the Québec rounds. A costly mistake in the second Enduro test on Sunday left Gingras sitting in 3rd Place for the day but still holding on to 2nd Overall in the Veteran 40+ Class for the event.

In the Super Vet 50+ Class, Husky racer Francois Geoffrion put his Husky on the podium at Round 5 with a 3rd Place finish but, like Mongrain, had to miss Round 6 on Sunday.

“We decided that I should move to the E1 Class for a few reasons” remarked Giroux. “The biggest reason was to pay tribute to Phil for not being able to defend his lead in E1 after winning 3 out of 4 rounds out West. I also love the small bikes. I had a blast screaming the 250 and it was awesome to win both days and keep our team’s dominance of E1 going for Husky and especially for Phil.

Ryan and Sam both ran great and were able to work through any issues they had without any problems. Ryan had his best run ever out East and I was really proud to see Sam on top of that podium both days. He really earned it and I can see that he is going to do very well in this sport.”

“Even though we were missing Phil and Nick, it was absolutely one of our most successful race weekends.” said team founder and Husqvarna Canada’s National Marketing Manager, Marc Coffin. “We got some great news last Friday, just as everyone was in final preparation for the weekend, that Phil had crossed another major hurdle in his recovery and was doing great. It was a big relief and it had everyone feeling pumped as they got ready to race on Saturday morning.

To continue to have such great results with the team plus to see so many other local Husky riders taking wins and climbing the podium is very satisfying. It certainly proves the competiveness of the motorcycles and it is great payback for our riders who have worked like animals to make sure they are in the position to win. We have come a long way since we started last year and I’m sure our program will be even stronger in 2012.”

In only its second year of competition, the FP Husqvarna team has enjoyed an enormous amount of success. Since entering its first races the spring of 2010, the FP crew has fought their way to almost 70 Pro Class Podiums in Regional and National races across the country; including over 25 Wins.

In 2010, the new Husqvarna team finished its debut season in the Canadian Enduro Championship with 10 Pro Class Podiums and the Top Pro Junior Award.

With 2 Championships, 19 Wins and over 40 podiums already under its belt in 2011, including a clean sweep of both the Pro and the Ladies A Champioships in the CMRC Quebec Off-Road Series, the Husqvarna Canada squad is definitely on track for another outstanding racing season!

In a true testament that the Husqvarna Invasion of Canada is in full swing, in addition to the 40 podiums accumulated by the official Husky Canada team, local Husky racers, from Novices to seasoned Vet Pros, have already accumulated over 130 Podiums in the 2011 season in Motocross, Off-Road, Ice Racing and Supermotard races across the country; including almost 60 Wins and 2 National Ice Racing Championships.

We are very grateful to our many amazing sponsors that provide us with the outstanding support that has allowed us to help raise the bar in Canadian off-road racing. Without them, none of it would be possible.


Husqvarna E-Go Concept

Husqvarna has unveiled a concept lightweight electric motorcycle dubbed the Concept E-go.

My advice - build it - but you'd better ditch that name.  E-Go?  How about an Army of Darkness throwback movie reference "Boomstick".  Then anytime anybody asked you what it was you could say... And THIS... is my BOOMstick!

Great looking single sided swingarm and check out that single sided double leg front fork. The styling says aggressive and fun but Husqvarna indicates it's a good design for first time bikers and urban commuters.  That doesn't really spell excitement to us.  Time will tell!

Full Details:

Husqvarna Concept E-go was presented today at the Frankfurt IAA . Extreme, light, streamlined. This is Husqvarna's approach to today's electric motorcycling world. Urban commuting for first-time bikers who can have all the attractive features that a Husqvarna machine boasts: an explosive mix of road, off-road and supermotard experiences.Only 80 kg of pure exhilaration, with an innovative design inspired and derived from the latest Husqvarna models, with features such as the striking side panels that makes this bike clearly a member of the Husqvarna family.

The Concept E-go is Husqvarna's solution to electric motorcycling and how to enthuse the young generation to the spirit of riding and freedom. Change is inevitable, and Husqvarna is ready, with an advanced technological concept and a highly personal design.


Husqvarna TC449 - updates

Husqvarna TC449: a different style

Running with the herd can be comforting but breaking out in new directions is more stimulating and fun. Husqvarna has always made its own road, innovating with new projects like the TC449 which break away from tradition and the banal. To distinguish yourself where performance alone is not enough and evoke passion in those who know that – in competition too – you need a certain style. Because when it comes to big machines, innovating does not mean raw power... but how to handle it. The new TC449 explores beyond the horizon, perfecting the concepts introduced last year: tank below the seat to improve the centre of gravity, airbox high in the frame to take in fresh and clean air, and above all, the swing arm pivot coaxial with the gear box output shaft, reducing almost to zero the effects of chain drag. If eye candy doesn't affect the stopwatch, it's still a pleasure to know your bike is no ugly duckling. When biking is your true passion the goal is not the world championship, but the podium of your emotions. In the words of a master: which motocross bike did Steve McQueen ride? Husqvarna!

Extreme innovation

Massive horsepower needs careful handling. Best to let off steam on the track. Traction and manoeuvrability: these are the objectives of the TC449 and its revolutionary mechanical design. The tank has moved below the seat with the fuel cap to the rear and the air filter box is located directly behind the headstock, making the bike more balanced and a different shape, definitely more user friendly. The bodywork has integrated graphics (InMould technology) enhancing design and function, finally resolving the problem of adhesives that peel off under the power wash. Moreover, the graphic design on the new TC449 has been completely revised, and the aesthetic makeover extends to the frame, which is now black and the rims, now anodized silver.

The frame has also been changed at the steering-head area, reinforced with chrome-moly 25CrMo4 steel plates. The rear seat rail and engine supports have also been similarly strengthened. Given the improved rigidity of the frame, the preload of the Kayaba suspension was reset: the fork has a harder setting and the monoshock damps more slowly. It is softer at the start of the stroke, and has a new progressive spring.

To lighten and simplify the electrical system, the 2012 Husqvarna TC449 has had the entire wiring completely redesigned.

Engine: ignition to the future.

The ultra-modern twin cam four valve engine is fed by a Keihin electronic injection (46 mm throttle body), but that is not what is so special about it. The air intake path is much more linear than other bikes in the category, and allows impressive performance to be achieved easily. The dry sump crank-case utilises two lubrication pumps, intake and outlet; the sophistication of the engine can also be seen in the choice of bore/stroke ratio: 98 X 59.6 mm. It was decided to equip the TC449 with electric start, because anyone, even a champion, can lose precious seconds kick starting after a simple slide. Evolution never looks back, and even the modern mechanical design has been improved on the new 2012 TC449.

The radiators have been upgraded to improve the cooling efficiency, and the filter box breathes better thanks to a higher volume air intake. Engine performance has been raised by adjusting the valve timing and revising the two mappings for ignition/injection (now also selectable with the engine running). Mid range torque has been improved with a new intake manifold.

These changes do not affect the bike's reliability. On the contrary, the 2012 version engine undoubtedly has a more durable crankshaft, with galvanizing and high-resistance DLC treatments of the piston rod and rod bearing.


BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles at the IAA 2011.

The motorcycle business unit of BMW Group will be presenting its two brands BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles at the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt.

The leading international trade fair for mobility will be held this year under the motto “Future comes as standard”. From 15 to 25 September, more than 500 exhibitors will be presenting to trade visitors and the general public their special interpretations of individual mobility. The organisers are expecting over 850,000 visitors on the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt.

For the first time, BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles will have their own Motorrad Pavilion to round off the BMW Group presence at the world's largest motor show. The BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles stand will be next to the BMW Group Pavilion (Hall 11) in the outdoor area on the hall's north side.

Two world and a public premiere for the new Husqvarna NUDA 900R

BMW Motorrad will be presenting a cross section through its touring, enduro, urban, and sports products from its 2011 model range. These will be the current series motorcycles including the single cylinder enduro G 650 GS, the flat-twin bestseller R 1200 GS, and the new supertourer K 1600 GTL with inline six cylinder engine.

Corresponding to this presentation of BMW Automobiles, including the visionary studies BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept, another BMW Motorrad design study, this time on e-mobility, will be celebrating its world premiere.

Also Husqvarna Motorcycles, the second motorcycle brand of BMW Group, will be presenting a cross section through its innovative single cylinder sports motorcycles. In addition, the NUDA 900R, the first Husqvarna street motorcycle with two cylinders since 1937, will also be celebrating its trade fair and public premiere, when it will be presented in a version near to series production. With the NUDA 900R, the Italian brand will be embarking on a new chapter in its company history of over a hundred years, and launching a powerful, emotionally charged motorcycle. It combines the characteristic genes of the Husqvarna brand with the BMW Motorrad competence in technology and innovation.

As a further highlight, the public can expect a new idea for individual single track mobility. The visionary, extraordinary design concept by Husqvarna Motorcycles targets specifically young customers seeking a single track commuter vehicle outside of the scooter segment.


Misfortune for Husqvarna at the Gran Prix of Italy SuperMoto

It was not a lucky GP for Mauno Hermunen at Triscina (Sicily), for the fourth round of the Supermoto World Championship. In fact, the Finn rider after taking an encouraging third place in qualifying on Saturday, was targeted by misfortune in the Sunday races.

In the first race, when he was in sixth place, he crashed ending the race in eighth position. In the next heat Hermunen had a technical problem that forced him to retire. Therefore in the last race, Mauno had to start from the last row of the grid, and made a spectacular comeback that took him from 18th position to sixth.

In the provisional standings Hermunen now lies in fourth place with 212 points, 12 points behind Lazzarini that is in third. The next round of the championship will be held on September 25 in Portugal.


After the summer break all the national championships are at full throttle and there were some good results from Husqvarna riders in Italy and Australia.

In the penultimate round of the Italian Motocross 125 championship, David Bonini on his Husqvarna CR125 took an excellent third place overall, thanks to a second and fourth place in the two heats.

In Australia, in the enduro championship, Bartoz Oblucki and Glen Kearney on the TE310, are respectively in second and third place in the provisional championship of the E2 class, behind Hollis. Damien Smith with the TE250 won both days in the Veteran class race.


BMW Motorrad /Husqvarna sales report

For all the riders interested in the financials and sales numbers for BMW and Husqvarna here's a bit of news for you:

Sales volume increase for Motorcycles segment in six-month period  
Second-quarter Motorcycles segment revenues increased by 2.5% to euro 450 million (2010: euro 439 million). As a result of the realignment of the Husqvarna Group, EBIT slipped to euro 47 million (2010: euro 54 million), while profit before tax also dipped to euro 47 million (2010: euro 53 million). The segment EBIT margin for the quarter was 10.4%. Sales of BMW and Husqvarna brand motorcycles totalled 39,061 units (2010: 39,195 units) and therefore almost reached the previous year’s level. 37,471 BMW motorcycles (2010: 36,175) and 1,590 Husqvarna motorcycles (2010: 3,020) were sold during the quarter.

Segment revenues for the six-month period rose by 7.2% to euro 847 million (2010: euro 790 million). The Motorcycles segment reports an EBIT for the period of euro 78 million (2010: euro 86 million) and a profit before tax of euro 77 million (2010: euro 83 million). The number of motorcycles sold in the first six months of the year increased by 3.9% to 64,110 units (2010: 61,674 units), comprising 60,580 (2010: 57,015) BMW brand and 3,530 (2010: 4,659) Husqvarna brand motorcycles.

In Canada - sales are off of last years' numbers. Last year it seemed we were reporting sales increases and record numbers every month so it shouldn't come as a big surprise that sales are down this year:

BMW Motorrad Canada reported sales of 180 units in July, a decrease of 20 per cent compared to July, 2010. The year-to-date figure for the brand is 1,168 units, a decrease of 18.6 per cent compared to the same period last year.


Husqvarna's new online presence - pics, video's, latest news, and more

The title pretty much says it all. Husqvarna has a newly launched website where people can go to find out whatever they need to know about the brand.

Website link is HERE.


Husqvarna - 900cc Nuda - in the flesh.... video!

Here's a good look at the Nuda courtesy of Husqvarna. It's their first foray into street bikes. Looks good to these eyes:


Husqvarna's new 900cc street bike - video

Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna (now owned by BMW) has been hyping new bike they've got in the works.  It's a street bike no less!  A "super" motoard styled bike featuring the BMW F800 series parallel twin that's bumped up to 900cc's to give it a little more wow factor for the road.

As a bonus - Husqvarna took some photo's and pushed them out to print media and the Internet with a "Spy Shot" apperance.  Not sure who's marketing idea that was but we're happy to see the photo's anyway we can get them.

The bike looks like it'll have no more fairing and extra weighty bits than it needs.  Should bode well for the power to weight ratio.

The bike will reportedly debut at the EICMA show in November.  It's even rumored that Husqvarna will produce a few variants of the bike just like Triumph did with their 800 and Tiger 800 XC. One would be a road biased bike while the other would be off-road worthy.


A new powerplant from Husqvarna

Husqvarna Motorcycles is coming out with a 900cc 2 cylinder engine!

The 900cc engine is derived from BMW's 800cc twin-cylinder engine. The engine capacity has been upgraded to 900cc and many of the main components have been reworked which brings up the horsepower and torque numbers for what should make for an interesting street bike from Husqvana.

Reports are that powerplant will be showcased in a new Husqvarna adventure tourer at the EICMA motorcycle show in November.


New adventure tourer on the way from Husqvarna?

According to reports on several pretty reputable motorcycle sites BMW Motorrad VP Hermann Bohrer has revealed the plans for a new Huskvarna adventure bike while speaking at a launch event for the BMW K1600GT in South Africa.

Bohrer indicated that the company’s Italian dirt bike brand will be coming out with something soon.  It is speculated that the  Husqvarna adventure bike won’t compete directly with BMW’s existing range, rather it’s believed that the emphasis will be on light weight and dirt-capability.

Hermann stated, “In Milan [we will] debut a maxi enduro Husqvarna combining German engineering with Italian design. It will have a two-cylinder engine and a bike light and agile.”

We say - Bring it on!


BMW Motorrad - 2010 summary and 2011 outlook

BMW Motorrad raises sales by 12.3% and boosts global market position. Encouraging sales trends on all relevant motorcycle markets. Market leader in eleven countries. Strong sales figures from Husqvarna Motorcycles.

Munich. BMW Motorrad can look back on an extraordinarily successful motorcycle season in 2010. By December 2010, 98,047 motorcycles worldwide were delivered to customers (previous year: 87,306 units), a growth of 12.3%. In a highly challenging market environment, BMW Motorrad has recorded the strongest growth by far in the competition.

BMW Motorrad has recorded considerable growth in virtually every country. Supported by its continued product offensive, the blue and white brand could raise its market share to a historical high.

Hendrik von Kuenheim, Head of BMW Motorrad: “The 2010 motorcycle season was a delightful year for us. Our range of innovative models met with great customer interest all over the world. Not only could we sell 10,741 more motorcycles than in the previous year, but at the same time we were able to considerably strengthen our market position in a highly discouraging market environment. Our market share rose to an all time high, and by December BMW Motorrad was the volume leader on eleven markets.”

In Germany, again the largest single market in 2011 for BMW Motorrad, 17,816 BMW motorcycles were registered (previous year: 15,833), a growth of 12.5%. BMW Motorrad could therefore maintain its leadership on both the total market and the 500 cc plus segment.

The share of the total market was 21.5% by December (previous year: 17.7%), and 23.2% (previous year: 19.0%) on the 500 cc plus segment. In other words, almost every fourth new motorcycle over 500 cc registered in Germany originated from the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.
Italy continues as the second strongest single market for BMW Motorrad. Here 14,386 BMW motorcycles (previous year: 13,089) were registered, a growth of about 10%. The BMW Motorrad share on the 500 cc plus segment rose to 18.4% (previous year: 14.3%). On the highly traditional motorcycle market in Italy, BMW Motorrad could considerably expand its market position and take over as volume leader.

The next most important sales markets are the USA, France, Spain, and the UK, followed by Brazil. The latter emerging market is gradually becoming one of BMW Motorrad's strongest sales markets. To do just to the importance of this market, BMW Motorrad will continue to expand its local motorcycle production facility in Manaus/Brazil, which was first established at the end of 2009.

R 1200 GS once again the most successful BMW Motorcycle.

And once again the most successful model overall was the large touring enduro BMW R 1200 GS, selling 18,768 units (previous year: 15,864 units), followed by its sister model, the R 1200 GS Adventure, selling 11,648 units (previous year: 8,803 units). Third place went to the classical tourer BMW R 1200 RT, with 11,132 vehicles sold.

BMW Motorrad also experienced extraordinary success with the S 1000 RR. In the first full year of marketing, 10,209 units were delivered to customers, and the first supersports motorcycle from BMW is heading the sales statistics in Europe. Considerably more than 90% of the orders for these vehicles opted for the innovative “Race ABS” and the dynamic traction control DTC.

At the same time, excellent sales figures were also achieved with the F 800 GS (9,669 units), the F 800 R (7,805 units), and the F 650 GS (6,951 units).

BMW Motorrad outlook for 2011

There are excellent opportunities for a successful 2011: in 2010 BMW Motorrad could increase its market shares over a wide front, take over leading positions on other markets, and so create the optimal platform for future growth.

At the start of the 2011 season, BMW customers will benefit from the revised flat-twin engine roadster BMW R 1200 R that for the first time will also be available as a classical variant. Moreover, BMW Motorrad will be presenting the new G 650 GS, yet another particularly appealing GS model with a single cylinder engine.

The first half of the year will see the launch of the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL, innovative, de luxe touring motorcycles with six cylinder inline engines, the first of their kind in the history of BMW Motorrad. Featuring the most compact six cylinder inline engines in series motorcycle production, these two top models in the BMW Motorrad range will be unlocking new dimensions for riding, long distance, and comfort characteristics.

Above and beyond these, the model range from BMW Motorrad will be presented at its best in 2011. The adventure worlds Enduro, Tour, Urban, Sport, and HP will be presenting fascinating motorcycles for virtually every taste. The range will be supplemented with an extensive line of options and innovative BMW Motorrad rider equipment.

Husqvarna Motorcycles with strong sales figures

Against the backdrop of a heavily declining international market in the field of off-road sports motorcycles, Husqvarna Motorcycles was able to sell 12,066 units in 2010 (previous year: 13,052 / -7.6%). As compared to the relevant competition, Husqvarna Motorcycles asserted itself well, not least as a result of the model offensive started last year.

As of model year 2011, Husqvarna Motorcycles now has the new 450 cc generation in the enduro, motocross and supermoto version available for a full sales year.

These new core models with their innovative single-cylinder engine will generate powerful growth stimuli for 2011. In view of the ongoing model offensive and further expansion of the sales network, the Italian manufacturer is looking forward to significant growth during this year's motorcycle season.


Husqvarna Canada Announces 2011 Race Team

On the heels of the close of an extremely successful 2010 race season, Feeding Performance Husqvarna is pleased to announce its plans for next year. 

The most significant change for 2011 is the addition of one of the most talented young riders in the country to the official Husqvarna Canada team. Quebec’s 2010 Overall FMSQ Champion, Philippe Chainé, will join the Husqvarna crew to contest the Quebec off-road series as well as the 2011 Canadian Enduro Championship. The agreement will see Chainé hone his skills on a Husqvarna for both the 2011 and 2012 race seasons.


New management at Husqvarna Motorcycles

From September 1st 2010 Klaus Allisat (41) takes over management of Husqvarna Motorcycles S.R.L. from Rainer Thoma (42).

Klaus Allisat has worked for the BMW Group since 2003. He has been Vice President Purchasing BMW Motorrad since 2008, in which function he has also been responsible for Husqvarna Motorcycles purchasing operations.

Before joining the BMW Group Allisat worked in various internationally oriented positions in corporate consulting with A.T.Kearney GmbH, Stuttgart and prior to this for Daimler Benz AG, Stuttgart.

After three years of managing Husqvarna Motorcycles, Rainer Thoma will now be taking up a new position at BMW Group headquarters in Munich.

Since the acquisition of Husqvarna MC by the BMW Group in 2007, the company has been separated from MV Agusta, a new R&D centre has been put into operation at the Husqvarna site Cassinetta, production and spare parts supply has been restructured and the company has pushed ahead with numerous developments for the Husqvarna Motorcycles product offensive now starting.

In spite of a difficult global market environment, Husqvarna MC was able to maintain a stable sales volume from 2008 to 2009 as compared to the competition. With a sales decrease of only around 3% in 2009, the brand recorded a lower decline than any of its competitors.


Husqvarna Canada Race Report – FMSQ Rounds 6 & 7

FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s podium streak has continued in Quebec’s hotly contested FMSQ series. Husqvarna Canada’s Guy Giroux and Karine Geoffrion each climbed the podium at both Round 6, held in Rockland on August 8th, and at Round 7 in Ormstown on August 22nd.

Giroux has put his Husqvarna on the podium in every FMSQ round he has raced in 2010. Karine Geoffrion’s consistent success battling the fierce competition in the ladies class leaves her sitting in a solid 2nd overall and only 6 points shy of taking over the lead in the Championship.

Prior to Round 6 in Rockland, Guy Giroux had spent some time riding Karine’s WR 125 two stroke in practice. He had so much fun that he decided to race one at the next round. Guy got a new WR 125 and installed the 144cc kit for the Rockland Race. Giroux hammered the little 144 through the Rockland course and fought his way into 2nd overall by the time the checkers flew.


“I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision to race the 144 but I had so much fun on that bike that it was ridiculous. Getting a podium with it made it that much better. It might not have the power I’m used to but that little bike turned and handled perfect”.

Karine Geoffrion screamed her trusty WR 125 off the starting line at Rockland and grabbed the holeshot before dropping back to 3rd early in the race. Karine mounted a charge throughout the rest of the race that left her shy of catching the leader, but with a solid 2nd overall at the finish and several minutes of breathing room over 3rd position.


At Round 7, both Guy and Karine picked up where they left off at the previous race by once again fighting their way to podium positions at the Ormstown event. Guy Giroux opted to race the WR 144 for the second race in a row and was rewarded with another solid 2nd overall finish.

“I was stuck in about 5th place after the start and was getting roosted like crazy. By the time I was able to pull the trigger and get into 2nd, Jason (Thomas) was long gone. The laps were very long and Karine pulled me in for fuel on lap 3 and it gave 3rd place a chance to catch up. It was pouring rain and the track was crazy slippery, so I just concentrated on staying up and avoiding trouble until the end.”

Although Karine Geoffrion had some challenges with the mud and rocks of the Ormstown course, she was able to ride steady and strong on her WR 125 and successfully battled her way to the final podium position. Karine’s 3rd overall in Ormstown leaves her 2nd overall in the 2010 series and within striking distance of the Championship

We are very grateful to our many amazing sponsors. Without them, our team would not exist.

Husqvarna Canada Team Sponsor

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Special thanks to the Husqvarna Canada dealers that provide extra assistance help ensure our race program is a success; Bow Ridge Sports in Cochrane, Echo Cycle in Edmonton and RiverCity Cycle in Kamloops.


New Husqvarna WR250 AND WR300

The brand new WR250 and WR300 demonstrate Husqvarna’s ongoing commitment to two strokes. 

A series of sibtle upgrades to the WR 250 and WR 300 learned from World Enduro racing have benn incorporated. Compared on the 2010 models, readily visible changes include news graphics, new rear racing mudguard with an integrated LED tail light and a nee reinforced mount for the headlight/front number plate. These changes give the same race-ready look of the endure models campaigned by World Enduro frontrunner Antoine Meo and match the looks of the rest of the 2011 Husqvarnas. 

Less visible, but even more important from a technical point of view is the new Ducati Energia ignition. This ignition allows for smoother power delivery and improved performance for both WR 250 and WR 300 displacements. Husqvarna riders in warmer climates certainly appreciate the new thermostat which optimizes the working temperature of the engine.

In addition to the engine improvements, both bikes get revised rear suspension settings ( based on the works bikes), as well as improved airbox.


Husqvarna Canada Race Report - Canadian Enduro Championship Rounds 3 and 4

Latest Press Release from Husqvarna:

FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s Ryan Graffunder put his TXC 450 on the podium again at the Penticton, British Columbia rounds of the Canadian Enduro Championship. Graffunder fought his way to a 3rd place finish in the highly contested E2 Class at round three of the Canadian Enduro Championship (CEC). Rounds 3 and 4 of the CEC were held at the spectacular Apex Mountain ski resort.

While the rest of the team chased podiums in BC, Karine Geoffrion was once again holding down the fort at 5th round of Quebec’s FMSQ series. Karine romped her way through the Saint-Michel-des-Saints course on her WR 125 two stroke to snag her third win of the year.

Graffunder now sits in a solid 2nd position in the E2 class, and 3rd overall, after 4 rounds of the 8 round series. Geoffrion’s win streak has put her within a single point of taking over the lead in the Championship from Vanessa Marcoux as they cross the half way mark in the 10 round FMSQ series.

Graffunder pushed hard during round three of the CEC series to claim his third podium in a row and backed up the amazing results that the 19 year old earned at the opening rounds in Blairmore, Alberta.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s podium streak would come to an end the following day at Round 4 of the series. The young gun from Vavenby, BC would fight his way through some major issues only to get pushed off the podium as the result of mistakes in the day’s second Extreme test that cost enough time to drop him to 5th for the day. Graffunder still maintains 2nd position in the E2 Class after four rounds and 3rd position overall in the Pro Class.

“Round three was pretty good to me” said Graffunder. “It was a great race course and I was really confident through all my tests. I felt strong in the Cross test and the Enduro test and was definitely enjoying the challenges of the Extreme test that they built for us this year. It was great to get on the box again and I felt comfortable going into round four.

Things got crazy for me on Sunday and then I made some mistakes in the second Extreme test that left me sitting in 5th position for the day. I lost over 40 seconds on that test compared to my first lap and I only missed the podium by 35 seconds so that test pretty much ruined my day.

It was a tough day all around. I bent my front brake rotor badly when I nailed a rock or something during the Enduro test so Guy (Giroux) helped me straighten it the best we could on the trail. When I got back to the pits and we went over my bike we realized that I had punched a hole in my radiator. Everyone had to scramble to replace it before my start time.

It was nuts with three people working on the bike at the same time but the crew got it fixed and I was able to cross the start line without suffering a time penalty. We made it with only a few seconds to spare. To end my day, I managed to smoke a rock in the final Extreme test that destroyed my brake pedal. I rode the last sections of the test with no rear brakes but I’m definitely not using it as an excuse because I didn’t even notice that it was broken until after the test.

I had a bit of a tough time here last year as well so to get through this weekend, considering how Sunday went, and still be sitting 2nd in E2 and 3rd overall is pretty exciting. I’m really looking forward to the Eastern rounds”.

Graffunder was not the only one to have an up and down weekend as the rest of his Husqvarna Canada team mates suffered from a combination of bad luck and small mistakes that would keep them off the podium. After nailing podium positions at the first two rounds in Blairmore, Marty Halmazna from Cochrane, Alberta missed the E3 podium on his big TXC 510 by mere seconds on each day of the Penticton rounds.

“I had a decent run going on Day 1” said Halmazna “and was sitting in podium position after the first few tests. In the final lap of the day I could smell oil really bad. I looked down and realized that there was a big hole smashed through the engine case and that oil was spurting everywhere. I was able to nurse the bike to the start of the Extreme test. I used a rock to pound a stick into the hole in the case and was able to get some oil to fill it back up.

I went as easy as I could on the bike through the final test and got back to the pits. It was really frustrating to go through all that and then find out that I had missed the podium by only 7 seconds. We pulled the case off and repaired the bike after the race. Luckily the damage was not too severe and we were able to get it fixed so that I could go the start line again on Sunday.

Day two was going okay and the bike ran fine. I was feeling pretty good and thought I was in a podium position but I have to give credit to Geoff Nelson as well as Brent Kroeker, Kevin Pelletier and Ian Mckill. I only missed the podium by 4 seconds and I definitely made a couple of mistakes but those guys stepped it up and rode great. The racing is intense and I am fired up for the next rounds”.

Halmazna now sits tied for 3rd place in the E3 Class after four rounds with Ian McKill at 74 Championship points each.

Guy Giroux and Nick Graffunder both had a tough time in Penticton and will be out for redemption when the CEC heads East for the final four rounds. Although Giroux posted top 3 times in the Cross tests, he struggled with the steep down hills of Apex Mountain’s Enduro test and was unable to get the results that he wanted.

Giroux will be hoping for a repeat of last year’s CEC series where he struggled with the mountains in the Western rounds but was able to rebound in the slippery conditions of the Eastern rounds to secure podium positions and finish the year 2nd in the E2 Class and Top 5 overall.

In the E1 Class, Nick Graffunder continued to endure the streak of bad luck that has plagued him for much of the 2010 series. At round three, Nick managed to slam a big bolder in the nasty rock section of the Extreme test that left him with a destroyed rear sprocket on his TXC 250. Nick lost a massive amount of time as he struggled to drag his bike to the finish of the test.

Graffunder’s luck was not much better on Sunday but he was still able to close out the Western rounds with 6th position in E1 and having accumulated almost twice as many championship points so far in 2010 as he had gathered by the same time in the 2009 edition of the series.

“I know that my results have improved a lot over last year but that doesn’t hold much water for me right now. I know I can get on the podium and I won’t be happy until that happens. I’ll be training hard in the next little bit and I plan to come out swinging when we head East” said Graffunder.

In a repeat of the previous weekend, Karine Geoffrion hammered her way to another win in Quebec while the rest of the team chased podiums in British Columbia. Karine rode a solid race at the 5th round of the FMSQ series held in Saint-Michel-des-Saints, and finished the race more than a minute ahead of 2nd position.

After scoring her third win of the year, Karine now only trails Vanessa Marcoux by a single Championship point (116/115) as they head into the second half of the series.

With 5 Pro Class podiums in the opening rounds of the Canadian Enduro Championship and over a dozen podiums in Regional races across the country, the new Husqvarna Canada Team is off to a great start to the 2010 season.

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Husqvarna TC250, TE250, TE310 - big changes to the new TC250/TE250 - the TE310 is completely revamped

The 250 cc 4-stroke motocross and enduro range from Husqvarna has seen major changes to both the design, chassis and engine, and is joined by the new TE310, fitted with a new "small" 250 cc increased  to 300 cc. displacement.

These models will be available from the end of July at Husqvarna dealer network.


The improvements to the TC250 have been confirmed at the European MX2 championship now underway, with Andrea Cervellin and Jernej Irt first and second respectively in the championship after 5 rounds.

The most important changes are to the engine, now fitted with a Mikuni batteryless electronic fuel injection system and 45 mm diameter throttle body. The major changes to the engine are to the cylinder head, with a new profile that has enabled an increase in power throughout the curve. The camshaft fuel intake line and exhaust are new, as well as the intake phasing.

The engine crank-case has been reinforced and now has steel sockets on chassis connections. The Akrapovic exhaust pipe has been specially designed by the manufacturer in Slovenia for Husqvarna and has a steel manifold, titanium silencer and steel heat protection.

Concerning the chassis parts the frame area below the engine cradle and near the footrests has been completely redesigned, with side plates of forged steel to reduce lateral bulk and increase resistance to strain. This effectively creates a single plate covering the footrest and brake pedal connections. The cradle surface has been streamlined so as to reduce to a minimum any possible impact with the ground or other obstacles. The steering pipe area has also been improved and reinforced.
The engine guards are made of a new material, providing better protection against knocks.

The mirror-finish aluminium hubs are new, now with standard perforations.

The bodywork has new graphics on the tank area, with In Mould Plastic Decoration which is incorporated in the actual material, not applied afterwards.


Antoine Meo and Matti Seistola have tested and ridden to victory the TE250 in the first part of the world enduro championship . Now it is ready to meet the wider public in the showrooms and at enduro races throughout the world. The TE250 is without doubt the best performing and most wanted 250 cc four-stroke enduro of the moment.

For the enduro version the most important changes concern chassis parts , as  the 2010 version engine already had a Mikuni fuel injection system.

The chassis has been redesigned and reinforced at the specific request of the official Ch Racing team, with a streamlined area below the cradle preventing knocks from uneven surfaces. The area around the footrest connections and rear brake pump connections has been improved to reduce contact with the heel  and to facilitate movement by the rider on the pedals. A single plate covers the footrest and rear brake pump/pedal connections.

The suspension has been optimized, with a dedicated setting for enduro racing, both for the Kayaba forks and the Sachs shock absorber.

In order to better facing the longest and most extreme enduro trials the fuel tank capacity has been increased to 8.5 litres.

The tank has a new pump which enables 100% exploitation of fuel available.

The air box has been redesigned to better hold the filter sponge and improve resistance to water.

The engine guards are made of a new material, providing better protection against knocks.

The mirror-finish aluminium hubs are new, now with standard perforations.

The bodywork has new graphics on the tank side panels, with In Mould Plastic Decoration which is incorporated in the actual material, not applied afterwards.

The design and look of handguards included in the kit are also new.

The engine has been redesigned, improving power at low revs thanks to the ability to choose between 2 different CDI maps configuration through handlebar switch – for hard or soft ground, depending on the style of riding and condition of the track.

The layout of radiator hoses is new, as well as the position of the exhaust silencer now with new db killer and heat protection

The new TE310 boasts the lightest engine in the 250 cc 4-stroke category (22 kg), boosted to 302.44 cc, thanks to an increase in bore and stroke, now 82 X 57.3 mm.

The throttle body is the same as that on the TC250 - a Mikuni 45 mm diameter. The exhaust system is specially designed for the 310 model and as in the other models has a new heat protection on the silencer.

The bike is much lighter than the previous version (- 6 kg) and comes with significantly higher torque and power.

Otherwise the bike has the same features as the TE250, with the new reinforced chassis, new Grimeca hubs, Kayaba 48 mm front forks and Sachs shock absorber with new settings, 8.5 litre fuel tank, new handguards and new bodywork graphics.


   TC250 ONLY

TE250 ONLY  
  • NEW 8.5L TANK

  • NEW FRAME ( AS TE250)


Graffunder Earns First Pro Class Win

FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s Ryan Graffunder hammered his way to the first Pro Class win of his promising career this past weekend in British Columbia. Husqvarna also kept its podium streak alive in Quebec where Guy Giroux nailed another 2nd place finish in the Pro class and Karine Geoffrion jumped on the podium for the second race in a row with her 2nd overall in the ladies class.

After an impressive 2009 season that saw Ryan post solid results in the Canadian Enduro Championship, including earning a top 5 overall in the E2 class and the Top Pro Junior Award for riders under 20 years old, Graffunder was finally able his to grab the first Pro Class win of his
career on his new Husqvarna TXC 450 at the Full Throttle Hare Scramble in Vernon, British Columbia.

Graffunder enjoyed another good start and ran in the top three for the opening laps. By the lap third lap, Ryan had worked his way into the lead and focused on trying to build a gap on the hungry pack that was hunting him which included 2009 CEC Champion, Bobby Prochnau. Graffunder was able to build and maintain his lead and would remain out front until the checkers.

“My start was good. Bobby took off out front and there was some good racing in the first few laps with Ryan Durkee and Dylan Bucknell. At end of the third lap I was able to get past Bobby when he ran out of fuel right before the gas check. Dylan got by me and then stopped for gas too. I kept going and pitted the next lap for fuel instead. Once I got out front I just tried to stay focused and run my own race. I was able to build a little bit of a cushion on the guys and stayed in first until the end. Bobby’s still coming back from his hand injury but I felt really solid and I was definitely pretty excited to get my first ever win in the Pro Class.”


Husqvarna CR and SM 50 - the new Mini Cross and Motard from Husqvarna

Husqvarna CR and SM 50 - the new  Mini Cross and Motard from Husqvarna

The essence of a real dirt bike and supermotard in miniature. This is the nature of the new Husqvarna CR and SM 50, the “mini”  that have everything you need to make your debut as a real rider.

Liquid cooled two stroke engines, disc brakes, adjustable suspensions, steel chassis with the same shape as the Husqvarna racing bike, single cylinder engine with dual clutch transmission depending on the driver's expertise and competitiveness.

The essence of a real dirt bike and supermotard in miniature.This is the nature of the new Husqvarna CR and SM 50, the “mini”  that has everything you need to make your debut as a real rider.

Liquid cooled two stroke engines, disc brakes, adjustable suspensions, steel chassis with the same shape as the Husqvarna racing bike, single cylinder engine with dual clutch transmission depending on the driver's expertise and competitiveness.

The line is the same as the Husqvarna dirt bike and Supermotard; with the classic white/red colours for the CR version and white for the SM one, just like the bike that Antoine Meo rides in the Enduro world championship and Adrien Chareyre rides in Supermoto.

The framework is in CrMo steel tubes with rectangular, circular and oval section; the most visible section as it connects the upper beam to the hub.The rear frame is detachable.

The fork is also in CrMo steel and supports a dual piston brake caliper in forged and anodized aluminium.The rear brake disc has a diameter of 140 mm while the front one has a diameter of 160 mm with race replica "daisy" design.

Front safety is guaranteed by a system with Formula radial pump in forged and anodized aluminium with adjustable aluminium lever.

The handlebar, with practical Husqvarna personalized pads, has a diameter of 22 mm.

As regards suspension, the Marzocchi fork has 32 mm diameter piston rods and 185 mm stroke.The Sachs shock absorber has a wheel stroke of 200 mm , adjustable spring preload and Hydraulic rebound.

The front wheel is 12” the back one is 10” with aluminium rims, while SM version has a different colour, different sized front wheel (10”) and racing slick tyres.

As regards the engine, both versions are fitted with a liquid cooled two stroke 50 cc engine which supplies 11.2 HP at 10,500 rpm. The speed ratio is single gear with adjustable centrifugal dual clutch transmission:one configuration for learner riders and one for experts.

The carburettor is a 19 mm Orto PHBG.The fuel tank has a capacity of 2.7 litres.

Thanks to the stability offered by the steel framework, the over-dimensioned suspensions and the disc brake system, the CR/SM 50 sets new standards in terms of safety and at the same time represents the starting point for tomorrow’s motocross , enduro  and supermoto champions.


Giroux Battles His Way To Another Podium Finish

FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s Guy Giroux battled his way to another podium finish last weekend during the second round of the FMSQ series in Beauce, Quebec.  Giroux picked up where he left off at the opening round in St-Alphonse de Granby by grinding out another solid 2nd overall at the bone dry and dusty Beauce event.

Giroux had some extra motivation as he headed to the start line after he had just finished watching his girlfriend, the smoking fast Karine Geoffrion, pound her way to a 1st place finish in the highly competitive ladies class on her Husqvarna WR 125 two stroke.

After a great a start that allowed her to move into first place before the end of the opening lap, Karine charged ahead and worked on building the gap between herself and second place finisher Vanessa Marcoux.

Geoffrion put consistent time on Marcoux and the pair would remain first and second for the entire race with Karine enjoying a comfortable lead at the end.  The Beauce event had another massive rider turn out with hundreds of entries including a huge number of women.

Giroux roared his way to a top three start and escaped some of the dust that wreaked havoc on the racers behind him as the pack charged its way through the opening lap on the extremely dry race course. Guy moved quickly into second and then focused on hunting KTM’s imported woods ace from the United Kingdom, Jason Thomas.

“I got in second not long after the start and set my sights on Thomas, who was running away pretty quickly” said Giroux. “I rode the first lap pretty well and he put 40 seconds on me, and I put 30 on 3rd place, everything was going good!”

Giroux indicated that he had backed his pace down some after the opening lap and tried to focus on being smooth and conserving energy but realized after a few laps that he was allowing Michel Metcalf in 3rd to close in on him.  “…after lap three I wasn’t putting time on third place anymore, so I put my head down and went faster”

Giroux would begin to increase the distance between third place and himself until a costly mistake with his pit stop would allow Metcalf to get by him and take over second.

In the final laps, a determined Giroux charged after Metcalf to regain the spot that he had just given up. “…time was running low, it was 2:08 hrs on my watch, so I needed to make a move quick. I caught him before the woods section, followed him, then put the pass on him when we jumped back onto the grass track and then for the next two laps I went as fast as I could. I got to the finish line with about 1:20 minute lead on Michel."

In a repeat of round one, Giroux would take home a well earned second with Jason Thomas out front with a comfortable lead in first. Metcalf had a solid hold on third with a healthy buffer between himself and fourth place. As further confirmation on how competitive the top ten Pros are in this year’s Quebec series, 5th through 9th positions all finished within a few seconds of each other!

Giroux, along with his Husqvarna Canada teammates, will be attending additional regional races in the coming weeks as they continue to prepare for the opening round of the 2010 Canadian Enduro Championship series that begins July 3rd and 4th in Blairmore, Alberta.

Team Sponsors: Husqvarna Canada, Feeding Performance Inc., Motovan, Rekluse, Ogio, Dragon, Xtreme, TCX, Axis, Zox, Pro-Tech, Etnies, Throttle Entertainment, UNI Filter, DID, LeoVince, GPR

Stabilizer, Motul, LimeNine, Impact Canopies, GoPro, Enduro Engineering, Supersprox, SkyCap, Boyesen, Dunlop and Zip Ty Racing.

Special thanks to the Husqvarna Canada dealers that provide extra assistance help ensure our race program is a success; Bow Ridge Sports in Cochrane, Echo Cycle in Edmonton and RiverCity Cycle in Kamloops.


Husqvarna 630 Dual Sport Models enroute to Canada (with slideshow)

The Husqvarna 630 Dual Sport motorcycles are en-route to Canada!

For the first time time since Husqvarna re-entered the Canadian market in 2004 their highly sought after dual sport models will finally be available on dealer's showroom floors.

When Barrett Marketing took over Canadian Distribution last fall their first priority was to get the street legal models homologated with Transport Canada. The competition ready TE and SMR units were the first to arrive and now the all new TE630 and SM630 are on their way from Italy as early release 2011 models.

TE 630 -

The Husqvarna TE 630 benefits from having many parts in common with other four-stroke racing Enduro Husqvarnas. The TE 630 will take you anywhere. With the TE 630, Husqvarna intends to widen its range to include Enduro enthusiasts who use their bikes every day and need more comfort and practicality but want to combine this with the thrill of owning a race bike. The Husqvarna TE 630 is perfect for those of you that want a bike with muscle and class. It is without any doubt the best example of how a racing off-roader can be transformed into a road-going machine. The Husqvarna TE happily took up the challenge of racing and in the last Italian Championship Motorally and Marathon Raid narrowly missed winning the Marathon class category for production bikes that it had claimed in 2008. 

The TE 630 combines strong looks and character with a frame built for daily off-road use thanks also to the superlative engine that is highly tractable even at low to medium revs. The main news item on the new TE 630 is the engine that has been bored out from 98 to 100 mm to give a capacity of 600cc The head now has a red rocker box like the race machines and houses DOHC valve gear from the racing 450/510 that provides 20% more power than the previous 570cc version. The TE 630 now has an electronic injection system that was developed in collaboration with Mikuni. The engine now features a 45 mm throttle body with the starter command on the handlebars and there is a 300 Kpa Mitsubishi “twin jet” fuel injector fitted to the throttle. The Kokusan 360W three-phase ignition flywheel is also new. The water temperature sensor has been positioned on the head. The cooling system has a new impeller and pump body. The clutch is hydraulically operated and the left cover plate has been redesigned. New components include the rugged 12 litre polyethylene fuel tank with a 40l/h pump; the non-return fuel circuit has quick-fit connections. Stainless steel heat protection has been added on the agressive looking exhaust system around the passenger footpegs. The suspension remains unchanged except for the Marzocchi forks that now have the same black sleeves as on the 450 and 510 models. The 2010 version of the TE 630 will have Tommaselli tapered handlebars with new steering head clamps and no cross bar.

SM 630 -

The big news on the new SM 630 is the engine that has been bored out from 98 to 100 mm to give a capacity of 600cc The head now has a red rocker box like the race machines and houses DOHC valve gear from the racing 450/510 that provides 20% more power than the previous 570cc version. The SM 610 i.e. now has an electronic injection system that was developed in collaboration with Mikuni. 

The engine now features a 45 mm throttle body with the starter command on the handlebars and there is a 300 Kpa Mitsubishi “twin jet” fuel injector fitted to the throttle. The pressure regulator (3 Bar) regulates any return of excess fuel to the tank and the MAQS (Modularised Air Quantity Sensor) consists of air temperature, mapping and TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) sensors. The Kokusan 360W three-phase ignition flywheel is also new. The water temperature sensor is positioned on the head. The injection ECU processes signals and governs the operation of the solenoid-operated valve fitted to the right hand side of the radiator. 

The cooling system has a new impeller and pump body. The clutch is hydraulically operated and the left cover plate has been redesigned. New components include the rugged 12 litre polyethylene petrol tank with a 40l/h pump; the non-return fuel circuit has quick-fit connections. Seat padding has been increased to make longer rides more comfortable. Stainless steel heat protection has been added on the exhaust system around the passenger footpegs. 

Braking system upgraded - the front now has a radial race-derived Brembo caliper acting on a floating 320 mm disc while the rear has a 220 mm Brembo disc with a single piston caliper. The suspension remains unchanged except for the Marzocchi forks that now have the same black sleeves as on the 450 and 510 models. The 2010 version of the SM 630 will have Tommaselli tapered handlebars with new steering head clamps and no cross bar. Dry weight is 158 Kg.


Husqvarna's "Graffunder" On The Box Again

FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s Ryan Graffunder fought his way to another podium position this weekend during the 2010 edition of the Squealin Pig Cross Country. Graffunder continued his string of podiums by capturing 3rd overall at the Vernon, British Columbia event.

Ryan was followed not long after by his brother, and Husqvarna Canada team mate, Nick Graffunder. After illness and some bad luck prevented him from finishing the first few regional races, Nick finally got some redemption by completing his first full race on his 2010 Husqvarna TXC 250 with a solid 5th position.

Following some bad starts that left him at the back of the pack at the last few rounds, Ryan Graffunder was able to get away clean and launched his TXC 450 into second place off the start. Graffunder battled with Geoff Nelson, who would finish 2nd, as they chased KTM’s Ryan Durkee for the lead.

At the finish, the top three were very close with Durkee maintaining a small margin over Nelson followed closely by Graffunder. Dillon Bucknell would bring home 4th with Nick Graffunder chasing him in 5th.

“I was pretty happy to finally get a good start” said Ryan. “Geoff and I had a battle going on. I was in second for a bit and then he got by me. We stayed pretty tight right to the end. It was definitely a great race.”

“We have been dialing in my 250 and got it really ripping so it was nice payback to have a good race” offers Nick. “I got into 4th behind Ryan and then had a bit of a war with Dillon Bucknell. I made a couple of mistakes and he got by me but I was still stoked that we were so close at the end…the top five were all within a few minutes of each other.”
In Alberta, Husqvarna Canada’s Marty Halmazna competed in his first race on his 2010 TXC 510 by pounding his way to the finish of the Porcupine Cross Country.

Halmazna had a tough day that began with a dead last start. With just shy of 20 riders in the Pro class, Halmazna had his work cut out for him as he picked off riders and made his way forward. Towards the end of the first loop, Marty was able to fight his way into the top ten and was focused on hunting the leaders.

With less than 3 kms to the end of the first loop, and more importantly the gas check, Halmazna ran his big 510 out of fuel and lost an estimated 20 to 30 minutes getting to the check and fueling up. With any chance of a top result gone, Marty focused on finishing the event.

“It was a tough way to end my first race on the 510” indicates Marty. “My start sucked but the bike was working great and I was pretty comfortable as I worked my way past riders in the first loop. I had no idea what position I was in but knew that I had passed a bunch of guys and was hoping that I might catch the lead riders in the second loop.”


“When I finally got to the check, they told me I was probably in about 7th before I ran out of gas. I just put my head down in the second loop and tried to pick off as many riders as possible. I got a few and think that I had made it up to about 11th at the end. I’m definitely looking forward to the races in the next few weeks so I can get back out there and have another crack at a win.”

The podium at this year’s Porcupine Cross Country was occupied by three seasoned racers with well documented fast guy status in Western Canada. Honda Canada’s Jason Schrage took the top step followed by multi-time champion Jared Thomas in 2nd and the infamous Paul Petrin in 3rd.
Ryan, Nick and Marty along with Husqvarna Canada’s Guy Giroux, will be attending additional regional races in the coming weeks as they continue to prepare for the opening round of the 2010 Canadian Enduro Championship series that begins July 3rd and 4th in Blairmore, Alberta.


Giroux and Graffunder Nail Podium Positions

FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s Guy Giroux and Ryan Graffunder hammered their way to podium positions on the weekend while competing at regional races in their respective home turfs of British Columbia and Quebec. Giroux nailed 2nd place at the opening round of Quebec’s FMSQ series, held in St-Alphonse de Granby, while Graffunder backed up the podium he earned at his last race by delivering a 3rd overall at Rock Hound Hare Scramble in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

In Giroux’s first Canadian race on board his 2010 Husqvarna, the seasoned veteran from Quebec was able to pound his way through the slippery rocks and roots of the St-Alphonse course and secure his spot on the podium.

After a bad start that left him picking his way through the pack on his WR 250 two stroke, Guy battled with an inspired Scott Bowes for second position and then focused on hunting down the United Kingdom’s ultra-fast export, and current GNCC contender, Jason Thomas.

In the end, although Giroux was unable to close the significant gap that Thomas had stretched out, he was able to finish the day with a solid lock on second position.

In British Columbia, the 2010 installment of the Rock Hound Hare Scramble offered up a dust choked start that saw Ryan Graffunder on his TXC 450 shadowed by his brother, and Husqvarna Canada team-mate, Nick Graffunder, on his TXC 250 as they gobbled up riders in the opening lap.

Although Nick would run into problems early into the race that would prematurely end his day, Ryan was able to forge his way forward on the demanding race course that left many riders exhausted and nursing blistered hands.

Following some close bar to bar combat with notorious Alberta fast guy, Paul Petrin, Graffunder was able to break away and went after the leaders.  At the finish of the grueling five lap event, Ryan’s efforts were rewarded when he snagged third overall and the final spot on the podium spot.

Guy, Ryan and Nick, along with Husqvarna Canada’s Marty Halmazna, will be hitting additional regional races in the coming weeks as they continue to prepare for the opening round of the 2010 Canadian Enduro Championship series that begins July 3rd and 4th in Blairmore, Alberta.

Team sponsors include Husqvarna Canada, Feeding Performance Inc., Motovan, Rekluse, Ogio, Dragon, Xtreme, TCX,  Axis, Zox, Pro-Tech, Etnies, Throttle Entertainment, UNI Filter, DID, LeoVince, GPR Stabilizer, Motul, LimeNine, Impact Canopies, GoPro, Enduro Engineering, Supersprox, Boyesen, Dunlop and Zip Ty Racing. 
Special thanks to the Husqvarna Canada dealers that provide extra assistance help ensure our race program is a success; Bow Ridge Sports in Cochrane, Echo Cycle in Edmonton and RiverCity Cycle in Kamloops. 


Graffunder Delivers Podium Finish for Husqvarna Canada

Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada’s Ryan Graffunder delivered in a big way for his new team and sponsors on the weekend, earning a solid podium finish with his 2nd place overall during his first race aboard his 2010 TXC 450. Ryan earned the new addition to his trophy collection during the inaugural Main Jet Hare Scramble, a regional event that was held in Merritt, British Columbia on May 2nd.

Graffunder fought his way to the front after a bad start that left him at the back of the pack. Ryan charged his way through the other riders, eventually taking the lead for a short period before having a minor problem in an uphill section that allowed KTM’s Ryan Durkee to build a small lead that he was able to carry to the finish. Although Graffunder was unable to bridge the gap between himself and Durkee, the two Ryan’s were very close at the finish. 

“It was a great way to finish my first race on my new 450 Husqvarna” said Graffunder. “I have not had much time on the bike yet and, other than some basic suspension set-up, it is still completely stock. I was comfortable on it right away and I am looking forward to getting it dialed in during the regional races over the next two months before the National series starts”.

Ryan’s brother and team mate on the new Husqvarna Canada team, Nick Graffunder, was unable to attend the Main Jet race. Nick did race his 2010 TXC 250 at a regional event a few weeks ago but struggled with illness that forced him to withdraw before the finish. Nick is working with his new team to get his 250 set-up for battle and will be attending regional races in preparation for his assault on the E1 class during the 2010 Canadian Enduro Championship that begins July 3rd.

Husqvarna Canada’s other two riders, Guy Giroux and Marty Halmazna, are training hard and looking forward to their first races aboard their new bikes in the coming weeks.

Team sponsors include Husqvarna Canada, Feeding Performance Inc., Motovan, Rekluse, Ogio, Dragon, Xtreme, Zox, Throttle Entertainment, UNI Filter, DID, Leo Vince, GPR Stabilzers, Dunlop, Motul, Lime Nine, Enduro Engineering and Zip Ty Racing.


Husqvarna Canada Expands Race Team

March 9, 2010 – Saint John, NB – After the successful launch of its race program at the Toronto motorcycle show in December, Feeding Performance Inc. and Husqvarna Canada are pleased to announce the addition of two up and coming racers to the FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada team.

Canadian off-road warriors Guy Giroux from Quebec and Marty Halmazna from Alberta will now be joined by young guns Nick and Ryan Graffunder from British Columbia to compete at select events in 2010 including the Canadian Enduro Championship (CEC) rounds and various regional events across Canada. As indicated in December, Halmazna also has his sights set on some of the worlds most extreme races including a return to the infamous Erzberg Hare Scramble in Austria.

“I am really happy to have brothers Nick and Ryan Graffunder as part of this program” says Marc Coffin, Director of Racing for the FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada Team. “We felt that it was important to support some young, rising stars that represent the future of this sport and I really wanted to reward riders who have proven that they have the skills and desire to compete at a top level.”

Both Ryan and Nick have won Regional Championships in Western Canada and more importantly, they contested the new CEC series in 2009 and turned heads with their impressive rides. The brothers both earned top 10 results highlighted with Ryan finishing top 5 overall in the E2 class and also earning the Top Pro Junior Award for riders under 20 years old. Guy Giroux, who in addition to racing for the team, will be the driving force behind its operations and will provide valuable guidance to the rest of the team. “I was able to get to know Nick and Ryan during last year’s CEC series. They are great guys with loads of potential and I am definitely looking forward to working with them this year.”

With the 2010 season just about ready to shift into high gear, the Husqvarna Canada program is shaping up nicely and the team is eager for the racing to get started!

Team sponsors include Motovan, Rekluse, Ogio, Dragon, Throttle Entertainment, Lime Nine and Zip Ty Racing.


BMW Motorrad achieves and Husqvarna motorcycle sales strong - for 2009

Here's a big summary of 2009 from the folks at BMW Motorrad. It's a little long but it's definitely worth a read. It gives an excellent overview of the BMW marquee and compares their sales to their competitors. The BMW Group achieved a global sales volume of over 87,000 motorcycles for the 2009 financial year.

Press Release:

BMW Motorrad can look back on a successful year in 2009 in spite of a very difficult market environment marked by the global financial and economic crisis. Last year 87,306 (previous year: 101,685) BMW motorcycles were delivered to customers which is equivalent to a comparatively moderate drop of 14.1%. BMW Motorrad has thus not only reached the target it set itself, but also achieved the second-lowest decline in sales amongst the competition.

While the world market for motorcycles above 500 cubic centimetres was still approximately 1.5 million vehicles in 2007, it shrank to about 900,000 units in 2009. This corresponds to a market drop of around 40% in two years. In the crisis year of 2009 alone the world market declined by more than 30%.

Despite these downward tendencies in the motorcycle markets, BMW Motorrad was able to grow in the European markets Great Britain and Eastern Europe, in the Asian markets of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as in the Middle East and Brazil.

Due to its continued powerful product offensive, the white and blue brand performed outstandingly on other export markets, often expanding its market share considerably. In the seven important motorcycle markets of Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, the USA, Japan and Germany, BMW Motorrad increased its market share throughout.

This was achieved even though market sales dropped by 32% in the segment above 500 cubic centimetres. Compared to the competition, which lost between 20% and almost 50% of its sales, BMW Motorrad sales dropped by only 16%.

In Germany, which is still the biggest market for BMW Motorrad, 15,833 (previous year: 18,112) BMW motorcycles were registered, representing a drop of 12.6%. In spite of this environment BMW Motorrad was able to defend its market leadership in the once again shrinking overall market (-14.5%) as well as in the segment above 500 cc. The BMW share in the overall market was 17.7% in December (previous year: 17.3%). In the segment above 500 cc the market share was 19.0% (previous year: 18.1%).

Italy continues to be the second largest for BMW Motorrad. Here a total of 13,207 BMW motorcycles were registered (previous year: 15,342), a decline of 13.9% (market as a whole: minus 20.0 %). The market share of BMW Motorrad in the segment over 500 cc increased to14.3 % (previous year: 13.0 %).

In the USA, too - BMW Motorrad’s third largest market - the market as a whole decreased by 41.6 %. Here 9,168 (previous year: 11,831) BMW motorcycles were registered, a drop of 22.5 % as compared to the previous year. However, it was possible to increase the market share over 500 cc by 2.0% to 2.6%.

In 2009 once again, the most successful model overall was the large travel enduro BMW R 1200 GS (15,864 units) along with its sibling model, the R 1200 GS Adventure (8,803 units). Outstanding sales figures were also achieved by the F 800 GS (10,974 units) and the F 800 R (5,828 units), where the conquest rate was especially pleasing.

BMW Motorrad in 2010 - a look ahead.

The prospects for 2010 look promising: this is because BMW Motorrad was able to extend its market share across the board and take on market leadership in several instances, thereby creating an excellent basis for future growth.

With the new S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad has a supersports volume model in its program for a full season for the first time, with some 2,300 orders already having been placed by the time of the market launch on December 6th 2009.

From February 6th 2010 BMW customers will benefit from the model revision of the new BMW 1200 GS / Adventure and BMW R 1200 RT which are to be launched with the new DOHC flat twin engines.

In addition to this, the BMW Motorrad model program is in excellent shape generally for 2010. In the worlds of experience Enduro, Tour, Urban, Sport and HP there are fascinating motorcycles to suit virtually every taste. The model range is supplemented by an extensive program of accessories and innovative BMW Motorrad rider equipment.

Husqvarna Motorcycles puts in a powerful sales performance.

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the second motorcycle brand of the BMW Group, achieved worldwide sales figures of 13,052 units (previous year: 13,511) - a decline of just 3%. And in the seven major motorcycle markets the drop in sales was only 2%.

Sales in Australia, Germany and France developed very positively, with the previous year’s figures being far exceeded in each case. Husqvarna Motorcycles even increased its performance in the heavily declining US market (- 41.6%).

Now that the new model TE 250 has been so well received by the market, a model offensive is planned for 2010: in spite of a difficult market environment, this provides hope of a positive sales development.


Husqvarna Canada Announces New Off-Road Team for 2010

December 11, 2009 – Toronto, ON - On the heels of the announcement that Husqvarna Corporation has chosen Barrett Marketing Group (BMG) as the new Canadian distributor of their motorcycle products, Husqvarna Canada is pleased to announce an exciting new off-road race team for 2010.

Canadian off-road icons Marty Halmazna from Alberta and Guy Giroux from Quebec will compete at select events in 2010 including the Canadian Enduro Championship (CEC) rounds and various regional events across Canada. Halmazna also has his sights set on some of the worlds most extreme races including a return to the notorious Erzberg Hare Scramble in Austria.

“It has been an exciting and satisfying process to put this race effort together” explains Husqvarna Canada’s Josh Barrett.

He indicated that he has been working closely with Feeding Performance Inc.’s Race Team Director, Marc Coffin to select the best combination of racers for their program. “We really wanted a solid combination of proven racers” indicated Coffin.

“Halmazna and Giroux were easy choices when it came to picking seasoned racers. They both have had amazing careers and are still keen on continuing to add to their trophy collections and causing grief for their competition.”

In addition to numerous regional titles and an ISDE medal, Halmazna has accumulated four Canadian National Cross Country Championships and has earned the respect of fans and fellow racers in Canada and around the world with his outstanding performances in International events including finishing the nearly impossible Erzberg Hare Scramble on his first two attempts and solid results at Last Man Standing in Texas and Hell’s Gate in Italy”.

“Giroux is one Canada’s most versatile and well known off-road racers and has been a force to be reckoned with for many years” said Coffin. Guy has an impressive list of accomplishments including 17 Quebec Off-Road Championships, 2nd in the E2 Class and 4th overall in the 2009 CEC series and 3rd at the Endurocross race that was held during this year’s Montreal Supercross. He also has a ridiculous laundry list of results including an ISDE Gold Medal, 3 top 10 overalls in the Canadian Motocross Nationals, over a dozen main event appearances at the Montreal Supercross and is one of only a handful of Canadians to finish the legendary Paris to Dakar Rally. “I have known Guy for many years” adds Barrett. “We have worked together in the past and he has also raced for me on other brands. He is a great fit for what we are trying to accomplish and I am very pleased to have him on board.”

The team will operate under the direction of Feeding Performance Inc. and in addition to having direct factory support from Husqvarna; the team will have some serious assistance as a result of securing backing from Ty Davis and his Zip-Ty Racing program. “I called Cory Graffunder, who has earned a Factory ride with Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna in the USA, to get the scoop on some Canadian riders that I was considering for our program” says Coffin. “That led to discussions with Ty Davis about what I was trying to accomplish in Canada. Ty was very receptive and has agreed to not only provide us with technical and parts support, but has also opened the door for our riders to train with his crew in California. With the success that Ty has had as a racer and in preparing Husqvarna’s for battle, I could not have dreamed of a better fit. My whole goal is to provide better support for Canadian racers and to raise the bar in our sport. I think this is a huge step forward. The off-road racing scene in Canada is really gaining momentum. It is an exciting time and I am looking forward to how things will develop in the coming years.”

In an addition to racing for the new FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada team and working with Coffin to run its race program, Guy Giroux is joining Husqvarna Canada as an employee. Guy will be providing technical support to dealers across the country and will also have responsibility for Husqvarna Canada’s race program for dealer supported riders.

Following its launch at the Toronto motorcycle show, FP Husqvarna / Zip-Ty Racing Canada will be promoting its new team at the upcoming shows in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal. Look for announcements about additional riders to this new team in the coming weeks.

About Husqvarna Motorcycles

Tradition on two wheels since 1903. Husqvarna Motorcycles, a part of the BMW Group since October 2007, are widely known and respected in the off-road world for a heritage of competition and have accumulated over 70 World Championships in Motocross, Enduro and
Supermotard. Originally founded in Sweden in 1903, Husqvarna motorcycles have been designed and manufactured in Varese, Italy since 1987.

For more information on Husqvarna Motorcycles, visit


World's biggest motorcycle exhibition - November 4th

World's biggest motorcycle exhibition will open its doors on November 4th at Milan, Italy to an ever increasing public.

This year at Milan's EICMA exhibition, we should see several new motorcycles and scooters - probably not as many as last year when it seemed everybody had something new.

But like at Intermot show in Germany, there will no doubt be a lot of Asian manufactured electric motorcycles and scooters showcased.

The main conference day is Tuesday, with 2 conferences called on Monday and one on Wednesday.

Several companies have announced that they're be doing a press conference at the show. Which would generally indicate that they have something interesting they want to make public - but time will tell. Here's the list of companies:

Yamaha - Yamaha have organized a conference the day before the show opens (Monday), and it's held off-site.

Ducati - They're having their press conference the day before the show opens. Fighter model perhaps?

Honda - Honda starts off the press conference heavy Tuesday

New Max - New Max have several brands of clothing and helmets. Haven't heard of these folks.

BMW - Having already announced three new K series models at Intermot it's hard to say what they'll have to say.

Husqvarna - These guys immediately follow BMW (they're a subsidiary of BMW) and both are scheduled for 30 minutes a piece.

Leo Vince - Might be a good guess that the Italian Leo Vince will probably be presenting new exhausts.

KTM - KTM have two conference, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday (together with Zadi - an Italian parts manufacturer). Rumors are that they may show an electric motorcycle.

Aprilia - The Piaggio group's Aprilia have 15 minutes so not too much time for big announcements here.

Moto Guzzi - Piaggio group's Guzzi have 10 minutes

Gilera - Piaggio group's Gilera have 15 minutes

Vespa - Piaggio group's Vespa have 15 minutes

Piaggio - Piaggio themselves took 15 minutes

Scarabeo - Piaggio group's Scarabeo have 10 minutes

Derbi - Piaggio group's Derbi have 10 minutes

Kymco - Scooter manufacturer Kymko rarely call for conferences so there will likely be something new out of this Taiwanese company.

Nipponia - Never heard of these guys.

Suzuki - Suzuki have 30 minutes but announced new bikes at Intermot so we're not sure what to expect here.

Metzeler - Tire manufacturer Metzeler are closing the day with a press conference