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MBSR 2015 - We Survived

What happens when you take a dedicated team of volunteers, task them with facilitating a one of a kind scooter rally, welcome a motley crew of about 75 willing participants, and send them on some of the best roads in Ontario for a wild and crazy 24 hour adventure on two wheels?

You get the most successful Mad Bastard Scooter Rally EVER - and it's all thanks to every single one of our volunteers, participants, sponsors, supporters and hosts!
Here's what you missed, if you missed it:
The 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally brought riders to Guelph, Ontario as their Headquarters for their weekend of madness. With an almost even mix of new bastards vs. old, the inaugural tailgate style party was the perfect atmosphere for hanging out, scoping out the competition, final costume details, and last minute fixes to scooters. It was a spectacle, to say the least. From American Minions and Ferries, to local Animals, Knights & Maidens, and Crash Test Dummies - anyone walking by the Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre got an eye full, to say the least!
Late Friday night the top secret route for the 2015 rally was revealed to participants. It was challenging, but hey, this is the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally we're talking about! A 639km route heavy in complex navigation, taking riders through both rural and urban landscapes, up and down the escarpment, a trek for even the most experienced of Bastards - and so much fun!

Riders left Guelph in the early and dark hours of Saturday morning making their way through the urban jungle of Hamilton before they encountered the Niagara Region. They continued to follow the lake as they headed toward Ontario's SouthWest, with stops in Port Dover as well as Turkey Point (the farthest point in the rally). The route back home would take them through scenic Caledonia, up through Brantford and back into Guelph, but not before routing them to a roadside clue and mandatory gas stop in the Tri-City area.

How did everyone do? Here are the stats if you're interested:
Of 75 riders registered for the rally:
- 6 DNS (Did Not Start)
- 7 DNF (Did Not Finish)
- 31 DNQ (Did Not Qualify to win)
- 4 attempted the bonus route
Of those 75 riders, these were deemed the Maddest Bastards:
Day Release Class (201cc +):
Rider #069 - John S.
Therapy Required Class (111cc - 200cc):
Rider #043 - Richard D.
Heavily Medicated (51cc - 110cc):
Rider #035 - Kevin B.
2 UP too Crazy (rider + passenger):
Rider #050 - William & Shawna V.
Team Prize:
Intergalactic Psychopathics
Rider #001 - Todd M.
Rider #009 - Jim L.
Rider #010 - Jorge R.
In the end, the winner was crowned.

Rider #001 - Todd M.
for being the Maddest Bastard of 2015
earning the title for the 2nd rally in a row.


Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our participants, the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally was able to raise over $16,000 for our local charity Big Brothers Big Sister of Guelph. A special thank you to Michael Treadgold of BBBS and the Big & Little who attended our Tailgate Party & Rider Meeting on Friday.


KYMCO & Parts Canada proudly present the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

KYMCO Canada is proud to host the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, headquartered at the Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre in Guelph, ON (June 19-21) and presented by Parts Canada.
KYMCO Canada is pleased to welcome a brave group of 75 riders to this biannual event founded in 2005. The rally takes riders 600+ km through an as of yet, undisclosed route (participants find out where they're riding the day before they set off - adding navigation to the challenge!). Being a rally, and not a race, participation is all about getting points which includes them completing the ride in full costume. Perhaps surprisingly, for many it will not be their first time committing themselves to this act of madness over the summer solstice weekend!
The scooter, particularly the 50cc scooter, was never designed for six to eight hundred kilometer outings. Known for their convenience, storage capability, fuel efficiency, affordability, ease of use and nimble handling, a small displacement scooter is perfectly suited for running errands and commuting on a daily basis. But rally after rally has shown it can just as well handle the open road, albeit at an often dreadfully slow pace! And that's where functionality becomes secondary, and the fun takes over.
This is the first year the rally will be hosted by new owners, KYMCO Canada. The rally was founded in 2005 by Rob Harris (editor of Canada Moto Guide) and has taken place every odd year since,being headquartered in cities such as Barrie, Bellville (twice!), and Gatineau.
We would also like to express our appreciation to the wild group of media representatives who have enthusiastically agreed to saddle up on a KYMCO scooter and ride alongside the rest of the pack despite not being eligible to win the grand prize. That's right, there is some incentive, although we're convinced that most competitors would still ride the rally just to be a part of such an extraordinary event!
This year, the rally winner will take home a KYMCO Super 8 150 scooter along with capturing the coveted title of Maddest Bastard. A highly complex system of points, understood only fully by our new rally master, Sabina Heilman, determines the winner. Winning the rally has little to do with speed and much to do with commitment, quick thinking, navigational skills, and sometimes a willingness to embarrass oneself for the sole purpose of public mockery. The combination of scenic routes, road side scavenger hunts, daring photo challenges, and outrageous costumes is appealing to many, but throw in the early morning send off (4am) for a grueling 600+ km ride (over 24 hours) and only the strong will survive.
Good luck to all and ride safe!


KYMCO Super 8 R Naked 50 coming to Canada

The Super 8R Naked 50 has been designed for young urban riders with a modern, sporty style that is focused on the essentials.

The dynamic and sophisticated silhouette has a striking high tech multifunctional dashboard, aluminum "naked" stem, rear passenger seat, and a bold colour scheme. Add to that a large headlamp, a larger disk brake in the front and 12 inch aluminum rims and you've got a scooter with a rebellious spirit and well executed styling. Made for the everyday, it is the ultimate accessory.

Additional Features: high stance low center of gravity, adjustable rear shock, low oil light indicator on instrument cluster, modern colour schemes with graphics, black aluminium rims, DOT approved headlight with high and low beam, spring loaded side stand, sturdy center stand, under seat storage, integrated rear passenger pegs.

Warranty: All KYMCO Scooters come with a 2 year limited warranty!

Available Accessories: Disk Brake Lock / Wireless Brake Light

MSRP: $2,695.00 *

Check out the specs below. A 4-stroke 49cc.


KYMCO Canada - exclusive organizer of the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally!

KYMCO Canada is thrilled to be taking over the reigns from CMG to exclusively organize the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally.  As a long-time title sponsor, we have participated as rally organizers, co-rally masters, and of course, rally participants.  With nearly a decade of exposure to the insanity of this event, we promise to stay true to MBSR's core elements, but equally look forward to taking it up a notch! 
Editor 'Arris will stay on as the asylum's resident consultant, and may have the opportunity to finally get a taste of his own medicine if he dares to ride with the pack this time. Ah, revenge is sweet isn't it?  Dust off those scoots, and fire up those engines.  You will not want to miss this one!


KYMCO's 2013 lineup

In 2013, KYMCO will celebrate 50 years of quality manufacturing in the powersport industry. First established in 1963, KYMCO has evolved over the past five decades from an Original Equipment Manufacturer to a leading competitive global brand. Proudly based in Taiwan, KYMCO has always maintained a commitment to superior quality, innovation, creative technology, and an unwavering dedication to providing customers worldwide with reliable everyday transportation.

KYMCO Canada is proud to announce a diverse and comprehensive line up for 2013. Notable additions are featured below, and the entire series can be found on

Vitality 50 4T
Agility City 50 4T
Like 50 2T
Super 8 50 2T
New Sento 50i
New Sento 110i
Super 8 150
Movie 150
Like 200i
Frost 200i
People GT 200i
Downtown 300i
Xciting 500Ri ABS

KYMCO Like 50 2T & Like 200i

It just doesn't get any more classic scooter than the new Like series from KYMCO. Merging retro styling with urban function, modern technology and solid reliability, the new Like 50 2T and Like 200i
infuse excitement, old school charm and even a little romance to an otherwise ordinary daily commute. Set up for rider and passenger plus extra cargo space in the colour-matched rear storage trunk, this series may be new for 2013 but the features are quite familiar to KYMCO riders.  The smaller 50cc is equipped with a peppy 2-stroke air-cooled engine and is perfect for commuting to work, running errands, or meeting up with friends. The highway capable 200cc is a 4-stroke air-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection for smooth acceleration and unfailing power for longer trajectories. Priced with MSRPs of $2495 and $3295 respectively and coupled with KYMCO's solid two year warranty, this series offers great value to Canadian scooterists. They won't just like this ride, they're bound to love it!

Like 50 2T        MSRP $2495
Like 200i          MSRP $3295

KYMCO Movie 150 

 Lights, camera, action. The Movie 150 will make you feel like you're on the silver screen at every corner. Also known as the "Racing 150", this mid-size, easy to manoeuvre scooter is powered by a peppy 13.5hp engine and styled with striking design elements. Enjoy a superior ride quality with a modern flair that will be an essential part of your life story. Available in classic black or tangerine orange, complete with front & rear disk brakes, light weight aluminium wheels, and a modern digital multifunction display with analog tachometer. This ride is for those who know that their KYMCO scooter is an integral part of their lifestyle and much more than a more convenient way to pick up a carton of milk.

Movie 150        MSRP: $3,595

KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS

It's amazing how much a small alteration can completely transform the look and feel of an entire vehicle, and so it is with the new cat eye headlights on the KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS maxi scooter. Complete with the same trusted luxury features of previous years, the exterior lighting upgrade pulls this model into the modern age. Standard equipment includes a fuel injected liquid cooled twin cam motor, CVT transmission, ABS, dual slotted front disk brakes, slotted rear disk with twin piston floating callipers, sport tuned suspension, adjustable brake levers, adjustable back rest, large under seat storage with cell phone holder and charging outlet. It's worth taking a second look, and at an MSRP $6995 it's clear that KYMCO is as committed to value as it is to quality.

Xciting 500Ri ABS    MSRP: $6,995


KYMCO Canada 2012 Model Line Up

KYMCO Canada announces their latest scooter additions to the Canadian market place for the 2012 season

Agility City 50 4T

The Agility City 50 4T is the perfect choice for any urban commute with its modern lightweight design, 16" wheels, under seat storage space, rear top case, and efficient 4 stroke KYMCO engine. The big wheel design offers a great road feel for confident riding while the low centre of gravity makes the scooter easy to maneuver around city streets. A built-in front storage box with 12V outlet provides added convenience and easy access to valuable items. Simplicity at its finest!
MSRP $2,495

New Sento 50i

The New Sento 50i combines old school styling with new school technology. Retro inspired design with a modern touch lets you zip across town in style with this small frame, easy to ride scooter. An environmentally friendly option, the New Sento 50i comes loaded with extra features such as a front LED positioning light, a built in open storage compartment under the front handlebar, redesigned gas tank, and fuel-injection for precise fuel delivery and great mileage. The long textured seat offers superior comfort, room for a passenger, and optimizes under seat storage space. Elegant, classic, and remarkably reliable.

MSRP $2,845

New Sento 110i

The New Sento 110i combines the same old school styling with new school technology as its 50cc counterpart, but with noticeable added power. The same small frame, easy to ride scooter is retro inspired and environmentally friendly, but offers an unexpected 9.8 horsepower from this 111.7cc four stroke engine with fuel injection.

MSRP $2,995

* Looks identical to the 50cc model but with a bigger engine.

People GT 200i

From the newly designed People series emerges the People GT 200i, now with a powerful 205cc liquid cooled engine, new dual cradle frame and electronic fuel injection. The five position adjustable rear suspension, 16" aluminium wheels and fold away foot pegs provide the comfort and stability expected of the People series scooters. You'll only need to ride it once to appreciate the performance, style and balance of the all new People GT from KYMCO. It's distinctive contemporary design, impressive ergonomic comfort, highway capability, additional storage space and modern technology gives this scooter instant rider appeal.

MSRP $4,995


New models from KYMCO

Kymco has announced their 2012 Canadian lineup, and it includes four new scooters.

Kymco’s new 50cc offering is the Agility City 50 4T. The Agility City 50 4T is a good choice for any urban commute with its 16" wheels, under seat storage space, rear top case, and efficient 4 stroke KYMCO engine. The big wheel design offers a great road feel for confident riding while the low centre of gravity makes the scooter easy to maneuver around city streets. A built-in front storage box with 12V outlet provides added convenience and easy access to valuable items.

MSRP for the Agility City 50 4T is $2,495.
If you favour a more classic style, KYMCO's new 50cc four-stroke, the New Sento 50i might be for you.  Yes, the "New" is part of the name of the scooter so that capital is intentional.

The New Sento 50i combines old school styling with new school technology. Retro inspired design with a modern touch lets you zip across town in style with this small frame, easy to ride scooter. An environmentally friendly option, the New Sento 50i comes loaded with extra features such as a front LED positioning light, a built in open storage compartment under the front handlebar, redesigned gas tank, and fuel-injection for precise fuel delivery and great mileage. The long textured seat offers superior comfort, room for a passenger, and optimizes under seat storage space. Elegant, classic, and remarkably reliable.

MSRP for the New Sento 50i is $2,845 .

On the larger size of the spectrum there's two new scooters of interest from KYMCO; The New Sento 110i and the People GT 200i.  And

The New Sento 110i combines the same old school styling with new school technology as its 50cc counterpart, but with noticeable added power. The same small frame, easy to ride scooter is retro inspired and environmentally friendly, but offers an unexpected 9.8 horsepower from this 111.7cc four stroke engine with fuel injection.

MSRP for the New Sento 110i is $2,995

From the newly designed People series emerges the People GT 200i, now with a powerful 205cc liquid cooled engine, new dual cradle frame and electronic fuel injection. The five position adjustable rear suspension, 16" aluminium wheels and fold away foot pegs provide the comfort and stability expected of the People series scooters. You'll only need to ride it once to appreciate the performance, style and balance of the all new People GT from KYMCO. It's distinctive contemporary design, impressive ergonomic comfort, highway capability, additional storage space and modern technology gives this scooter instant rider appeal.

MSRP for the People GT200i is MSRP $4,995


KYMCO Scooter Deal

For the hardy fold there's still plenty of riding time left this season.  Put on a sweater and save yourself some cash! 

KYMCO's got a deal on scooters. Purchase any new 2011 or prior model year KYMCO vehicle between September 1 2011 and October 31 2011 and benefit from one of the following offers:

- Instant $600 cash rebate off the original MSRP at the time of sale.
- No money down, no interest & no payments for 6 months.
- A FREE KYMCO KP-3000 Generator.


KYMCO discount for Christmas

Canadians that purchase any non-current KYMCO scooter, maxi scooter, or motorcycle between December 1st, 2010 and January 31st, 2011 can take advantage of the following offers from KYMCO:

- $400 REBATE on any non-current 50cc scooter
- $600 REBATE on any non-current 125-250cc scooter or motorcycle
- $800 REBATE on any non-current 500cc maxi-scooter

** PLUS **

A limited 3 year manufacturer warranty on any 4-stroke model.

AND some of the small print aka - "details and conditions:"

- Offer valid only for all non-current KYMCO on road models (2010 and earlier).
- Previously registered vehicles, trade-ins and other models not specified in this promotion do not
- Vehicles must be purchased from a participating authorized KYMCO dealer in Canada between
December 1st 2010 and January 31st 2011.
- This offer is only valid in Canada and only to Canadian residents.
- Cash rebates are deducted from MSRP amounts before taxes, available only at participating dealers
and vary by model as stated in the promotion. Freight, PDI, taxes, registration, insurance, and
administration fees are extra. Dealer may sell for less.
- Please see warranty card for complete original and extended warranty details and exclusions.
- Extended warranty offer excludes the following KYMCO on road models: Vitality 50 2T, Super 9
AC and all off road models.
- This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.
- Offer subject to change or extend without notice.


KYMCO's 2011 Canadian models

KYMCO Canada is pleased to introduce the latest additions to the Canadian market place for the 2011 season. Visit to see the complete line up in detail or to download the specifications and features charts.

Super 8 150

Ideal for people on the move, the Super 8 150 is agile, reliable and sporty! The fully automatic transmission provides seamless acceleration and the 4 stroke engine offers exceptional fuel mileage.

MSRP $3,695.00 (More info and specifications HERE (PDF))

Downtown 300i

With the open road performance of a maxi scooter and sport bike agility, the Downtown 300i delivers the ultimate scooter riding experience. This new entry in the KYMCO scooter family is powered by an all new 4-valve Electronic Fuel Injected engine coupled to an agile, responsive, light weight dual cradle steel chassis.

MSRP $5,995.00 (More info and specifications HERE (PDF))


Enduro Champ Rides off on a KYMCO

KYMCO Canada would like to extend a congratulations to all of the organizers and participants of this years Royal Distributing Canadian Enduro Championship presented by Parts Canada. The second season of the series was a great success and boasted the participation of over 30 pro riders who represented 9 provinces.

The champion, Jason Schrage of Alberta not only took home the #1 plate, but also won himself a brand new KYMCO scooter! Congratulations Jason on your fantastic win! We sincerely hope you enjoy your new ride!

KYMCO Canada is a proud sponsor of the Royal Distributing Canadian Enduro Championship presented by Parts Canada.


Win a KYMCO Scooter!

KYMCO is holding a special promotion for Canadian residents and you can win a one of a kind special edition KYMCO scooter valued at $4895.

Here's the details, straight from KYMCO:

You could win this one of a kind special edition KYMCO scooter simply by completing our online trivia questions. Answer correctly and complete your contact information on the ballot entry form by race day June 13, 2010.

During a random draw on June 15, 2010 following the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2010, one ballot entry will be selected as a winner of the 2009 special edition KYMCO Bet&Win 250 scooter (valued at $4895). The odds of winning this prize depends on the number of eligible registrations received during the contest period.

For full details visit KYMCO Canada's website HERE. Good luck!


KYMCO is the official scooter supplier for the Formula 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA

Speed, class, excitement, distinctiveness – all words synonymous with KYMCO and the celebrated FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA. It is with much enthusiasm that we announce KYMCO Canada as the Official Scooter, All Terrain and Utility vehicle supplier of the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA for the 2010 event!

The GRAND PRIX DU CANADA in Montréal is the only Formula 1 event held in North America in 2010 and is the longest running Formula 1 event outside of Europe. In fact, June 11-12-13 2010 will mark the 31st edition held on the Circuit Gilles- Villeneuve and will kick off the summer festival season in Montréal.

As the official vehicle supplier of the event, an entire fleet of KYMCO scooters, ATVs and UTVs will be on site during the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA weekend moving race teams, organizers and volunteers around the island with ease! Fans will have an opportunity to visit the KYMCO on site display and witness for themselves that performance is not only reserved for professional race car drivers! One lucky fan will also ride away with a brand new KYMCO B&W 250 scooter adorned with custom carbon fibre graphics!

To learn more about KYMCO and its line of scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, visit


Celebrating Women with KYMCO Canada

KYMCO Canada invites you to “Celebrate the PEOPLE You Love All Over Again” during the months of May and June by bringing back the popular promotion that was first introduced in February of this year. This special offer to Canadian residents offers rebates of up to $400* on non-current People S series scooters (available in 50, 125, and 200 cc). 

But wait… there’s more!
With Friday, May 7th 2010 marking the 4th edition of International Female Ride Day, and Sunday, May 9th being Mother’s Day, KYMCO Canada wants to do something a little extra special for Canadian women who choose KYMCO:
All new KYMCOs purchased by women between May 1st, 2010 and May 15th, 2010 will benefit Look Good Feel Better, Canada’s only cancer charity dedicated to empowering women to manage the effects that cancer and its treatment can have on their appearance, and ultimately their self esteem. A $20 donation will be made to LGFB in honour of each new female KYMCO vehicle owner who will also receive a complimentary International Female Ride Day T-shirt to further celebrate women and riding.*
Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to support an incredible charity and to celebrate women and riding!


Memoirs of a Mad Bastard

You’ve heard about the rally, right? About 75 normally respectable individuals (plus a few journalists) turn into scooter maniacs for 24 hours while riding a mad 800 km route through Quebec and Ontario.

You may have seen pictures, but to really experience the sights, sounds and chaos of the rally, check out the 5 minute video created by talented cinematographer Sarah Moffat. The attention challenged can view a shorter 2 minute version on the CMG website.

For the “full length feature” complete with the smell of 2 stroke oil and monkey butt powder, start planning for the 2011 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally (taking place somewhere in Ontario). Be sure to sign up for the MBSR mailing list to keep up with the latest details.


KYMCO Canada and MOTORESS continue their partnership

It is with pleasure that KYMCO Canada announces that the three year partnership with Vicki Gray and MOTORESS will continue onto its fourth year! MOTORESS is an attitude, a lifestyle, and it prides itself on engaging its readers within the passion they seek in every aspect of their motorcycling lifestyle.

KYMCO Canada and MOTORESS both agree that scooters are a great avenue for women to enter into the world of riding. Over the last few years, MOTORESS has reviewed a number of KYMCO scooters and motorcycles, including most recently the People S 125 and the Xciting 500Ri offering readers honest, introspective and intelligent reviews.

In 2009, MOTORESS integrated its ever popular series “KYMCO and the City” into its website by establishing a permanent link in the Motoressence sub-menu. The series invites readers to follow Vick Gray and her KYMCO Bet&Win 150 scooter on various adventures through the city of Toronto. Most recent episodes took Vicki and her Bet&Win 150 to Toronto Island and the Royal Ontario Museum!

Friday, May 7th 2010 also marks the fourth annual International Female Ride Day – an event that encourages women all over the world to “Just Ride”. KYMCO Canada will again be promoting and participating in this fantastic event which brings awareness to female motorcyclists and encourages other women to take up the activity.

Keep following KYMCO Canada and MOTORESS for exciting new initiatives and events in the months to come!


Two new KYMCO models for 2010; a 150cc and a 2-stroke scooter

The Quannon 150 is the sexiest KYMCO to date. This small displacement, entry level sport bike is ideal for an effortless ride. The lightweight Quannon is sure to fit perfectly into an urban lifestyle, is easy to handle and is equally light on fuel, insurance, and the environment.

It is, on the other hand, loaded with great features such as a smooth five speed transmission, front and rear disk brakes for superior braking power, a digital instrument cluster, and 110/80-17 front and 140-70-17 rear tires for excellent stability and great grip. The 150cc 4-valve highly fuel-efficient engine has all the power to get around town with plenty of fuel to spare.

MSRP: $3495

The Super 8 2T turns heads, there's no denying that. Sports 14” tires for confident riding with a high stance and low centre of gravity create a sport bike feel and offer great handling capabilities. The two stroke engine offers superior acceleration and the large front disk brake provides unmatched stopping power - the perfect combination for an exhilarating ride!

MSRP: $2845


The Great Canadian KYMCO Winners!

The Great Canadian KYMCO Contest has given both KYMCO Canada and our local authorized KYMCO dealers an opportunity to give back to Canadians. This year we allocated five KYMCO vehicles to donate to individuals or organizations that stand out in our communities. We got some outstanding nominations, but there can only be 5 winners, and here they are!

The Cool Aid Society – Victoria, BC
The Cool Aid Society is a non-profit organization with over 300 volunteers that has been working to eliminate homelessness through community based solutions since 1968. Nominated by Scooter Underground, the Cool Aid Society will receive a donation of a KYMCO Vitality 50 2T scooter which will allow staff members to travel around their urban centre and reach marginalized members of their community. A scooter is particularly helpful in this effort as it is a friendly and non-threatening vehicle in the eyes of the community members to whom they are reaching out. Congratulations Cool Aid Society on winning the Great Canadian KYMCO Contest and on the support you provide your local community!

Municipal District of Bonnyville Public Safety Department – Bonnyville, AB
The Municipal District of Bonnyville Public Safety Department responds to the needs of their community by providing effective local law enforcement and related community based services, all in an accountable and cost effective manner. With a large ATV community, the department offers training for safe and lawful operation of ATVs to school age children through their School Resource Officers. They also patrol approximately 70km of the recreational trail system that spans the entire municipality. Nominated by X Power and Performance, the department will be
awarded an MXU 500 ATV which will provide them with a modern, reliable vehicle that will not only be used to patrol the recreational trail system, but will also be used for ATV safety courses with the youth of the community. Congratulations to all the staff in the Public Safety Department on winning the Great Canadian KYMCO Contest and on the support you provide to your Municipality!

Ontario Camp for the Deaf – Parry Sound, ON
Established in 1962, The Ontario Camp for the Deaf is run by the Bob Rumball Organization. The Camp aims to meet the social, recreational and spiritual needs of the deaf and special needs community (both children and adult) in a residential summer camp setting. The camp operates solely on donated funds, goods, and services while subsidizing over 60% of the children who attend. Nominated by Studio Cycle Group, the Ontario Camp for the Deaf has been awarded a UXV 500 UTV to help them not only maintain the 400 acre camp ground, but to also help transport visitors around the property. It is worth noting that the camp is also a CMRC sanctioned race venue which welcomes hundreds of riders and supporters to their site every summer. Congratulations to everyone at the Bob Rumball Organization and to all volunteers who work at the camp on winning the Great Canadian KYMCO Contest and on the support you provide to the deaf, special needs, and ATV communities in Ontario and beyond!

Zec Mars-Moulin – Laterrière, QC
Established in 1978, Zecs are territorial infrastructures that are run by non-profit organizations; they are responsible for the management and conservation of wildlife on their territories. The 15-20 volunteers at Zec Mars-Moulin educate local visitors and tourists alike about the wildlife in the area, responsible hunting and fishing, and the importance of environmental protection. Nominated by Bouchard Sports Loisirs, and the recipients of an MXU 500 ATV, Zec Mars-Moulin will be able to use the quad as both a surveillance vehicle and a work vehicle to transport equipment and people. Congratulations to all the volunteers at Zec Mars-Moulin on winning the Great Canadian KYMCO Contest and on the work you do in wildlife conservation and the protection of the environment in your area!

Springhill Fire Department – Springhill, NS

Established in 1890, the Springhill Fire Department with its 30 volunteers faces some very difficult terrain in its area. From large open fields surrounded by rural homes and businesses to forested acreage, the firefighters sometimes find it difficult, if not impossible, to reach some of these areas with conventional fire equipment. Nominated by Warren MacDonald & Son Garage Ltd., and the recipients of an MXU 500 ATV, the Springhill Fire Department has also offered to make the unit available to assist the efforts of the local Search and Rescue team. Congratulations
to all the brave volunteers at the Springhill Fire Department on winning the Great Canadian KYMCO Contest and for the services you provide to your local community!


BECO Motor International Inc. to Distribute NEXO brand in Canada

BECO Motor International Inc., current importer and distributor of KYMCO scooters, motorcycles and ATVs, secured exclusive distributorship of the NEXO Sports brand of MX & motorcycle gear and apparel in Canada this month.

We are extremely pleased to be representing this brand and working with the NEXO team.

NEXO Sports is a family owned and operated manufacturer dedicated to designing high quality motorcycle safety gear & accessories. NEXO fine leather and fabric garments are made with breathable, water-repellant cowhide or textiles, YKK visor zippers, and removable thermo lining. NEXO is one of the few brands in Canada with CE safety rated protectors designed, made and tested to protect riders against impact. They use only premium quality materials for superior protection and comfort.

We will be accepting new dealer applications and will be releasing a 2010 booking program shortly. For more information, please contact BECO Motor International Inc.


The Great Canadian KYMCO Contest!

Do you or an organization that you are a part of feel that you could benefit from a KYMCO? This year we will be allocating up to five KYMCO vehicles to donate to individuals or organizations that stand out in our communities!

The Great Canadian KYMCO Contest gives authorized KYMCO dealers an opportunity to nominate up to two individuals/organizations and explain to us how they could better assist their communities with a KYMCO vehicle. Preference will be given to non profit organizations, associations or volunteers.

If you want to be nominated, visit your local authorized KYMCO dealer and tell them why they should nominate you or your organization!

Visit for contest rules. All nominations must be received by October 1st, 2009. Winners will be announced on October 9th, 2009 for Thanksgiving Weekend.


KYMCO & Kawasaki Form New Company

Unveiled at a ceremony on August 2nd, 2009, a new joint venture company has been formed by Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd. (KYMCO) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Established in Changzhou, China, the new company, “Changzhou Kawasaki and Kwang Yang Engine Co., Ltd. (CK&K)”, will produce general purpose gasoline engines and parts to be sold internationally for both brands.

The new joint venture company will construct an engine factory in the Changzhou National Hi-tech District which should begin production in January 2010. With an estimated capital of 5 million USD and a production capacity of approximately 200,000 units annually (with an expected increase to 1 million units annually within
5 years), we congratulate KYMCO on their new joint venture!

For further information please visit or one of the following links:



Demo Day for Charity at Studio Cycle Group – Sunday, July 26 (ON)

Studio Cycle Group, located at 2923 Dundas St. W in the heart of Toronto’s Junction district will be hosting a Demo Day for Charity this Sunday, July 26th between 11am and 3pm.

Licensed LSM, M, M1, or M2 riders will have the opportunity to try out a KYMCO scooter or motorcycle and participants will be asked to make a $5.00 donation which will go directly to Kids Help Phone. Studio Cycle Group will also be donating $1.00 from every purchase on Sunday July 26th to Kids Help Phone as well!

Not interested in test riding? Well, there are a lot of other reasons to visit Studio Cycle Group on Sunday July 26th, here are just a few:

- Custom helmet fittings for ARAI helmets on site – If you purchase an ARAI that
day you’ll receive a 10% discount PLUS a free Ogio helmet bag.
- In store sales offering 10% and 25% off select items including all Hart &
Huntington apparel, NEXO Sports Gear, Troy Lee Designs, Etnies shoes and more!
- A Humber College Training instructor will be on site to answer any questions about licensing.
- Be sure to ask about our selection of Pirelli bike tires as well!
-Pick up a Studio Cycle Group magnet tag and sign up on our customer list to qualify for ongoing offers. You can even take one for a friend!

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday – rain or shine!


Live Green with KYMCO Canada & Studio Cycle Group

KYMCO Canada and corporate store Studio Cycle Group have been selected to participate in the Live Green Toronto Festival taking place at Yonge & Dundas Square.

Join us and 30,000 others on Saturday, July 25th 2009 for the weekend festivities which promise local food, live music, over 100 “Green” exhibitors, and so much more!

KYMCO Canada will be featuring scooters on site that are an environmentally conscious alternative mode of transportation both within the urban landscape and beyond. This zero-waste event will allow visitors to investigate products that fit into their green lifestyle. With scooters consuming less fuel, and with every litre taking you further and further, choosing to ride a scooter guarantees that your carbon footprint will be significantly smaller than those who rely on cars without sacrificing your urban mobility.

Coinciding with the events of the Live Green Toronto Festival, Studio Cycle Group (located at 2923 Dundas St. W) will be hosting a Demo Day for charity on Sunday, July 26th between 11am and 3pm. The demo day, which allows licensed LSM, M, M1 or M2 riders a chance to try out a KYMCO scooter or motorcycle, will ask participants for a $5.00 donation which will go directly to Kids Help Phone.

More details coming soon!


Let the Madness Begin!

The Mad Bastard Scooter Rally is just days away, and Team KYMCO is ready to ride! This year’s rally has proven to be bigger and madder than ever – and with all 75 rider positions filled, there have never been so many mad bastards out on the road at once!

With the Gatineau Four Points as this year’s home base, the rally takes riders on a 560km journey through Quebec and Ontario – but if you’re serious about actually WINNING the rally, you must complete the bonus leap, which brings the total km travelled to 749. Rally Master Rob Harris has revealed that the route will be particularly challenging for the 50cc class as there are lots of hills along the route.

The charity aspect of this year’s rally has taken on a life of its own. The online pledges officially ended yesterday at 12:01pm with a grand total of $11,920.37 collected for Kids Help Phone. KYMCO Canada’s own Director of Finance and Communications, Sabina Heilman, lead in online pledges, collecting an amazing $1,575.00. Riders are still able to collect pledges the old fashion way and bring all moneys collected to the rally to submit directly to representatives of the Ottawa chapter of Kids Help Phone.

Team KYMCO wishes all participants a safe, fun, exciting, and above all MAD weekend!


KYMCO Canada goes to the Movies

The month of May marks the launch of KYMCO Canada’s in-theatre ad campaign with one of Canada’s largest cinema chains, Cineplex. This four week initiative will pilot within the province of Quebec and coincide with some of the season’s hottest blockbuster movie releases!

The ad, which airs within the 7-minute period before the start of the film, focuses primarily on the youth market and features a range of 50cc KYMCO scooters. The majority of 50cc scooter riders in Quebec are teenagers, although there is growing appeal among many adults to take up scooter riding as an alternative and fun means of urban transportation.


Humber College Motorcycle Training Institute Acquires 18 KYMCO scooters

The Humber College Motorcycle / Scooter Training Program in Toronto has acquired a fleet of 18 KYMCO Super 9 AC scooters for their scooter training program. Humber College, one of the largest motorcycle rider training schools in the world, will now be listed as KYMCO’s preferred training centre in the Greater Toronto Area.

The scooter training program is designed to teach students the necessary skills required to feel comfortable and confident while riding. Humber College and KYMCO continuously emphasize the importance of protective gear, safety, and proper riding skills, and recommend that all riders invest in the Humber rider training program. As an added incentive, KYMCO’s corporate store in the GTA (Studio Cycle Group Inc.) is offering a $100 discount to any Humber College student or Humber College training school graduate that decides to purchase a KYMCO.

For more information about the Humber College Motorcycle / Scooter Training Institute, please visit

For more information about KYMCO in Canada or Super 9 AC scooters, please visit


Studio Cycle Group Inc. wins Business Innovation Award in the Junction

Press Release KYMCO -

KYMCO Canada’s newly opened corporate store, Studio Cycle Group Inc., recently won the Spring 2009 Business Innovation Award for best new business in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood. The award was issued and presented by Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale – High Park, at an award dinner on Tuesday, March 24th 2009.

Studio Cycle Group Inc. is the authorized Toronto area KYMCO dealer and carries the full line of scooters, motorcycles and ATVs. The building is located in the heart of the Junction and underwent eight months of renovations last year prior to opening its doors.

The concept was to launch an upscale, urban retail store for KYMCO’s modern product line up that complemented the local neighbourhood. The Junction is quickly becoming one of Toronto’s trendiest areas, attracting artists and entrepreneurs alike, while maintaining a warm and welcoming community atmosphere. We are proud to be a part of the Junction, its storied history, and it’s promising future.

Visit the store at 2923 Dundas Street W (just west of Keele St), or call 416-766-5300 for more information.

The website isn't fully completed as of this writing but it looks like it'll be here once it is.


CMG's Mad Bastard Scooter Rally - a couple months off

Looks like it'll soon be time to dust off the scooter that's been gathering dust over the cold winter months in the back in the corner of the garage. Because CMG and sponsor KYMCO are getting ready for the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally which takes place June 12-14th.

Press release from KYMCO Canada follows:

In a little over 2 months, approximately 75 normally respectable people (and journalists) will turn into scooter maniacs for up to 24 hours while they ride a mad 850kms on, you guessed it: scooters!

The long awaited details of the 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally (presented by CMG Online in partnership with KYMCO Canada) have finally been released on the newly designed MBS Rally web site

The Details
Here are some of the basics: the event takes place June 12-14, 2009 and the start location will be in Gatineau, QC this year (with the rally leading riders through both Quebec and Ontario).

The Sponsors
For those who haven’t been following previous rally details, KYMCO Canada is the official sponsor of the event offering up the winning Super 9 to the maddest of the mad bastards! We would also like to acknowledge Ipone Oil and Studio Cycle Group who have come on board to sponsor the event as well.

The Charity
For this year’s rally we have embraced the idea of having a charity benefit from our insanity. Kids Help Phone is a nation wide organization that has been helping Canadian children for over 20 years. Participants of the rally will be asked to collect pledges prior to the rally date with all proceeds going Kids Help Phone. For more information on this fantastic charity please visit


Press Release -

KYMCO Canada is pleased to announce that it will continue its partnership with Vicki Gray and in 2009 – a partnership that is three years strong! is a lifestyle resource for women who ride or are just starting to ride which connects women with motorcycling.

KYMCO Canada and both agree that scooters are a great avenue for women to enter into the world of riding. They are light weight, easy to ride, and come in a variety of colours and styles. Scootering has become more than just a mode of transportation; it is a lifestyle synonymous with style and fashion while being both affordable and environmentally conscious.

KYMCO Canada will also be promoting and participating in International Female Ride Day which takes place on May 1st, 2009. IFRD encourages women to “just ride”. With an updated image icon and even more buzz surrounding this year’s campaign, we are excited to see women on the road riding their scooters and motorcycles, or on the trails riding their dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs!


KYMCO Canada gets a new look on the web

The KYMCO Canada website has officially been re-launched. Having spoken to the KYMCO Canada folks at the motorcycle show in Moncton NB on February 14th - we're told that KYMCO Canada is placing a renewed emphasis on the Internet and reaching out to customers via this important medium.

The new website features easy navigation, details on their on and off-road models, general information on how to get into scootering (including links to licencing information for each province), dealer locators, etc. They've even launched an official KYMCO Canada group on Facebook.

Press Release follows:

For Immediate Release
February 12, 2009
KYMCO Canada Web Site Re-Launches!

Content driven, rich photo galleries, additional features such as lifestyle pages,
testimonials and current news – the new KYMCO Canada web site offers visitors
an easy to navigate experience.

KYMCO Canada understands that the Web is an important vehicle for directly
communicating with consumers. Whether you’re looking for information on our
on road products, our off road products, or general information on how to get into scootering, visitors will find what they need with ease!

And our new and improved dealer locator makes it easier than ever to find an authorized KYMCO dealer in your area.

We hope to have visitors interact with the Web site and invite KYMCO riders
across the country to send us testimonials. Your story could be featured on our
testimonials page.

We have also created an Official KYMCO Canada Group on Facebook to help KYMCO
riders and scooter and ATV enthusiasts alike find one another on the well
known social networking site.

We see this new Web site as a work in progress and will continue to keep it
current and relevant to Canadian consumers. We invite you to stop in at and tell us what you think!


Consumer Reports - Scooter and motorcycle testing

The huge spike in gas prices last summer got many people thinking about motorcycles and scooters as a means to improve fuel economy and reduce their transportation costs.

This apparently got the people at Consumer Reports to do some motorcycle testing for the first time since 1981. Consumer Reports has long been considered a trusted reviewer of just about everything - from digital cameras to cars. So, having them report on motorcycles and scooters will likley help some folks in making the purchase decision.

The group of machines tested wasn't really that large - just 8 in total. They concentrated on small-displacement models that featured excellent fuel economy. Three 50cc scooters, three scooters in the 125cc to 150cc range, and two 250cc entry-level motorcycles were selected for testing.

The Vespa LX scooter managed to take top honors in the smallest 50cc class but performed well against the slightly larger 150cc competitors too where it tied with the KYMCO People for the win.

In the 250cc class, the Kawasaki Ninja won out over the Honda Rebel to earn the recommendation.

Full results can be seen online now if you're a subscriber and the article will be published in the March 2009 issue of Consumer Reports.

Press Release follows:



Rising consumer interest in transportation alternatives spurred CR's Auto Test Center to test two-wheelers

YONKERS, NY ― Fueled by painfully high gasoline prices, 2008 saw many consumers looking for new alternatives to big-bucks fill-ups at the pump. With rising interest in lower-priced two-wheelers that sip rather than guzzle gas and thousands of new riders on the road, Consumer Reports has tested small motor scooters and motorcycles for the first time since 1981.

Consumer Reports tested a total of eight fuel sipping, small-displacement models: three 50cc scooters, three scooters in the 125cc to 150cc range, and two 250cc entry-level motorcycles, all priced between about $1,000 to $4,400 and delivering as much as 60 to 100 mpg fuel economy, at a steady cruise. Among the scooters, models from Italy's Vespa and Taiwan's Kymco achieved the highest overall ratings, with the Vespa LX 50 leading the 50cc category, and the Vespa LX 150 and Kymco People 150 sharing best overall ratings in the bigger engine class. Among the motorcycles, the Kawasaki Ninja 250, an entry-level sports bike, achieved a higher score than the Honda Rebel.

"When fuel prices crossed the $4.00 per gallon mark, some consumers shifted gears and two wheels became a cost-saving alternative," said Rik Paul, automotive editor, Consumer Reports. "And, despite current low gas costs, interest in scooters and motorcycles may continue to increase, especially in urban areas where parking space is at a premium.

The full report on motorcycles and scooters is available in the March 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, on sale February 3 and online at

With their 35 to 40 mph top speed, 50cc scooters may suffice for short trips in suburban and city riding. Of the three models tested, the Vespa LX 50's smooth four-stroke engine, good ergonomics, controlled ride quality, and solid fit and finish made it the favorite choice, but it is very slow. Testers found that "you get what you pay for," with the inexpensive $995 Motorino Allegra getting the worst marks for vibration, harsh ride, and subpar fit.

In the 125cc to 150 cc category, the tested models' top speed range of 55 mph to 57 mph made them much better suited for keeping up with traffic but still not recommended for freeway or interstate use. The 150cc Kymco People and Vespa LX both proved well-rounded, easy-to-ride machines, with responsive handling and easy maneuverability. With its big 16-inch wheels, the Kymco offered superior stability and off-the-line acceleration while the Vespa excelled in ride quality, roominess, under-seat storage, and build quality. The third model tested, the Yamaha Vino 125 could not match the other two models' ride experience. While offering the lowest price point at $2,899, the Yamaha's harsh ride and sluggish engine detracted from its cost benefit.

Of the two 250cc motorcycles tested, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 was the clear winner, outperforming the Honda Rebel 250 in most categories. With its agile handling, and slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission, this entry-level motorcycle is an excellent choice for individuals who want to combine low cost of ownership with a more performance-focused ride experience. Agile, stable, and refined yet brisk, the Ninja also had the best braking performance of any model tested. Compared with scooters, which have easy-shifting automatic transmissions, step-through designs, and handy under-seat storage capacity, motorcycles, however, are less practical and their manual transmissions and higher performance require more skill to handle well.

Like Consumer Reports in-depth auto testing process, scooters and motorcycles were subjected to an extensive sequence of standardized tests to determine their performance in categories such as acceleration, braking, fuel economy, noise/vibration, top speed and comfort. To evaluate ride, handling and everyday liveability features, the staff designed a new 5.2 mile testing route, including stops and starts on hills and a variety of tight turns, utilizing the Auto Test Center's multi-surface, multi-grade facility. New testing procedures were also added to accurately evaluate the machines' response to common urban riding situations, such as the ability to quickly and safely accelerate through an intersection.

"Scooters and motorcycles can be a fun, fuel-sipping alternative for everyday commuting and they are certainly an enjoyable recreational choice, but consumers also need to consider their limitations," said Paul. "Proper protective gear is essential, especially in inclement weather. Even a moderate 40-degrees F temperature can feel like sub-freezing wind chill to a rider." And, says Paul, professional instruction to finetune defensive riding skills, such as a course offered through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, is a must for new riders as risk of serious injury is significantly higher than in a car or truck.

With more than 7 million print and online subscribers, Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted sources for information and advice on consumer products and services. It conducts the most comprehensive auto-test program of any U.S. publication or Web site; the magazine's auto experts have decades of experience in driving, testing, and reporting on cars. To become a subscriber, consumers can call 1-800-234-1645. Information and articles from the magazine can be accessed online at

Comments (2)

KYMCO Canada to hold 2008 prices

KYMCO Canada has made a strategic decision in light of economic instability to retain most of the 2008 prices on their model line-up into 2009.

They've done with the goal to "provide some financial stability to our (KYMCO) dealers and customers during this time of economic uncertainty."

Just the Vitality 50 scooter and the MXU 500 ATV have been adjusted. The price adjustments were 4.5% and 1.5% respectively (or $100). Another benefit to consumers in KYMCO pricing for 2009 is that they've cut the prices on genuine replacement parts by at least 15% from the 2008 levels.

The Vitality 50 2-T had a MSRP of $2299.00 for 2009 so it should move to $2399 for 2009.

In a Press Release statement KYMCO Canada stated:

"There are many indicators that signal positive growth for the powersport industry in 2009, particularly in the scooter category. Team KYMCO and its network of dealers have reason to be optimistic despite some of the hardships that are changing the structure of the Canadian market."

Founded in 1963, KYMCO is the world's 5th largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. Based in Taiwan, KYMCO currently exports to over 70 countries worldwide, including Canada. It is known as a leader in its field, acquiring brand distinction and distribution networks on six continents. Due to its innovative technology, quality of craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, KYMCO continues to be a competitive player in the global marketplace.


KYMCO bringing scooters to Canada

It seems manufacturers and distributors are sensing Canadians love for inexpensive transportation and are bringing scooters to Canada in droves.

KYMCO are bringing in two new scooters to Canada for 2009 – The Sento 50 and the Frost 200.

The Sento has a retro looked inspired by the Vino/Jazz. It's powered by an air-cooled four stroke 50 cc single.

Seat height is 740 mm with a claimed weight of 89 Kg. You get a disc brake up front and a drum in the rear. MSRP is $2,600.00 and it's available in black or light metallic blue.

The other, larger, scooter is going to be called the Frost in Canada. It's a fairly advanced scooter with a 175 cc liquid-cooled single engine that's also fuel-injected.

Claimed dry weight is 140 Kg and it comes with disc brakes front and back. MSRP is $4,700.00 and it will be available in chilly grey or snow white.

Both the Sento and the Frost come with a 2 year warranty and will be in KYMCO dealerships for 2009.

Special thanks to the folks at CMG for the details on these models and the photos.