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Honda's City Adventure scooter headed for production

Honda's City Adventure scooter seems to be headed for production. Whether we'll see it (eventually) in Canada remains to be seen. Despite the spoked wheels and "ADV" moniker it might not so fun to take off road BUT looks to be a very capable city and all-round scoot. The engine is the forward-tilted 745cc parallel-Twin engine from the Honda Integra and NC series.

A camouflaged prototype was recently spotted undergoing road testing. Italian site - Omnimoto - recently published a video of scooter very closely resembling the concept model that debuted at EICMA. 

From Google translator here's what they had to say about the video:

We have caught the new adventure of Wing House scooters being tested on the notorious cobblestones of the capital . After seeing him in the concept version last EICMA in Milan, the project City Adventure - introducing a new concept of mobility, somewhere between an urban commuter and an adventurous bike - " takes to the streets " for development in view of of montagio chain. We are able to provide them a preview thanks to our exclusive images.


KYMCO & Parts Canada proudly present the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

KYMCO Canada is proud to host the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, headquartered at the Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre in Guelph, ON (June 19-21) and presented by Parts Canada.
KYMCO Canada is pleased to welcome a brave group of 75 riders to this biannual event founded in 2005. The rally takes riders 600+ km through an as of yet, undisclosed route (participants find out where they're riding the day before they set off - adding navigation to the challenge!). Being a rally, and not a race, participation is all about getting points which includes them completing the ride in full costume. Perhaps surprisingly, for many it will not be their first time committing themselves to this act of madness over the summer solstice weekend!
The scooter, particularly the 50cc scooter, was never designed for six to eight hundred kilometer outings. Known for their convenience, storage capability, fuel efficiency, affordability, ease of use and nimble handling, a small displacement scooter is perfectly suited for running errands and commuting on a daily basis. But rally after rally has shown it can just as well handle the open road, albeit at an often dreadfully slow pace! And that's where functionality becomes secondary, and the fun takes over.
This is the first year the rally will be hosted by new owners, KYMCO Canada. The rally was founded in 2005 by Rob Harris (editor of Canada Moto Guide) and has taken place every odd year since,being headquartered in cities such as Barrie, Bellville (twice!), and Gatineau.
We would also like to express our appreciation to the wild group of media representatives who have enthusiastically agreed to saddle up on a KYMCO scooter and ride alongside the rest of the pack despite not being eligible to win the grand prize. That's right, there is some incentive, although we're convinced that most competitors would still ride the rally just to be a part of such an extraordinary event!
This year, the rally winner will take home a KYMCO Super 8 150 scooter along with capturing the coveted title of Maddest Bastard. A highly complex system of points, understood only fully by our new rally master, Sabina Heilman, determines the winner. Winning the rally has little to do with speed and much to do with commitment, quick thinking, navigational skills, and sometimes a willingness to embarrass oneself for the sole purpose of public mockery. The combination of scenic routes, road side scavenger hunts, daring photo challenges, and outrageous costumes is appealing to many, but throw in the early morning send off (4am) for a grueling 600+ km ride (over 24 hours) and only the strong will survive.
Good luck to all and ride safe!


BMW Motorrad delivers first fleet of electric scooters

    BMW Motorrad delivers first fleet of the electric scooter BMW C evolution to local police in Barcelona.The City of Barcelona receives the first ever fleet of the electrically powered scooter to be delivered to an official authority.

    A fleet of maxi scooters comprising 30 of the innovative BMW C evolution was delivered to the Barcelona City Hall for use by the local police. The first completely electrically powered scooter manufactured by BMW Motorrad will allow the police to move with maximum efficiency and zero emissions.

    The BMW C evolution is BMW Motorrad’s answer to zero-emissions urban mobility. With a continuous output of 11KW and a maximum output of 35 KW, the scooter is homologated to be ridden with an A1 or B licence. The BMW electric scooter combines sheer electric riding pleasure with excellent dynamic qualities as well as the advantages of a zero emission vehicle, thereby providing a whole new riding experience.

    With its high performance, the BMW C evolution was a perfect choice for Barcelona - a pioneering city in the use of environment-friendly vehicles. The model purchased by the city authorities is identical to the regular version but with modifications to adapt it to police use. These include a raised screen for protection purposes and a public address and signalling system.

    Highlighting the importance of the delivery of this fleet for BMW, Guenther Seemann, President of BMW Group Spain, was there to hand over the scooter keys to mayor Xavier Trias. Seemann said: “The delivery of this fleet is a special achievement for the BMW Group for two main reasons: it is the first fleet of electric maxi scooters worldwide to be supplied and secondly the recipient is the city of Barcelona - a role model in Europe when it comes to two-wheel mobility. At the BMW Group we believe strongly that the future of urban mobility will be shaped in the next few years by cities with minimum emissions."

    Alphabet, leasing multi-brand company of the BMW Group, participates as administrator of the motorcycle fleet. Rocío Carrascosa, CEO of Alphabet Spain, said "With this project we show once again our commitment to promote a more sustainable mobility in our cities." Alphabet offers innovative solutions such as AlphaCity, which offers its customers the possibility to rent vehicles incorporating technology developed for shared use by multiple users and also billing for private use use. AlphaElectric offers also rentals of electric vehicles, with solutions for the installation of charging points and tools to determine the possibilities to electrify a fleet in the optimal way.


    The new BMW C evolution

    The arrival of the new C evolution marks the start of a new chapter in the urban mobility segment for BMW Motorrad. The two conventionally powered maxi scooter models – the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT – already succeed in combining the superb ride qualities of a motorcycle with the specific agility of a scooter and the design’s inherent comfort. The new electrically powered C evolution now goes even further by fusing riding fun and dynamism with the benefits of zero-emission performance to create a whole new experience on two wheels.

    In keeping with the BMW Group’s sustainability strategy, BMW Motorrad is taking a fully committed approach to electric mobility. As with BMW i, development of the C evolution revolved around creating a visionary vehicle concept offering maximum everyday practicality and an inspirational design.


    Powerful drive unit with liquid-cooled electric motor and air-cooled high-voltage battery. Range of 100 kilometres (62 miles) under practical conditions.
    The C evolution is powered by a drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor via a toothed belt and ring gearing. The rated power output is 11 kW (15 hp), with a peak output of 35 kW (47 hp). This enables the C evolution to achieve a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph, electronically limited) and gives it better acceleration than some maxi scooters powered by engines with displacements of 600 cc or more.

    The generous 8 kWh capacity of the air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery allows the two-wheeler to cover a range of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) before it needs to be charged from any domestic mains supply. When plugged in to a standard 220V domestic socket with a 12A charge current, recharging fully from empty takes around 4 hours (with 220V / 16A = 3 h).

    Intelligent recuperation and four ride modes ensure riding fun as well as efficiency.
    BMW Motorrad has opted for a form of energy regeneration for the C evolution that has never been seen before on a single-track vehicle. Recuperation takes place automatically both when coasting with the throttle closed and when braking.

    Riders of the C evolution can set their preferred mix of dynamic performance and efficiency by selecting from the four ride modes. In Road mode, for instance, they have at their disposal maximum acceleration, approximately 50 per cent energy regeneration when coasting and full regeneration when braking. In Eco Pro mode, meanwhile, acceleration and therefore energy consumption are restricted, while the maximum possible amount of energy is recuperated. Sail mode suppresses recuperation while coasting, allowing the C evolution to glide along virtually free of any braking effect when the throttle is released. And for an added touch of dynamism, Dynamic mode combines full accelerating power with a high degree of recuperation.

    Supreme safety thanks to synergies with BMW Automobile.
    As part of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad was able to harness synergies with BMW Automobile during development of the C evolution. Besides adopting the same energy storage modules and electronic componentry used in the BMW i3, this was particularly beneficial for electrical safety, which is to passenger car standard. The C evolution is the first electrically powered two-wheeler to meet the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety and the ECE R100 standard governing high-voltage safety, both of which have been ratified by the leading carmakers.

    As far as the chassis is concerned, the C evolution no longer has a main frame in the conventional sense. The central component here is the battery casing made from diecast aluminium, which has a steering head support made from steel tubing attached to it at the front and, at the rear, the single-sided swing arm as well as a rear frame, also made from steel tubing. The task of wheel suspension and damping is performed by an upside-down telehydraulic fork at the front and a spring strut mounted on the left at the rear. As on all vehicles from BMW Motorrad, the C evolution comes equipped with safety-boosting ABS together with powerful disc brakes as standard.

    Torque Control Assist (TCA) for superior traction control.
    The new C evolution is available with Torque Control Assist (TCA), which works in a similar way to the Automatic Stability Control feature on BMW motorcycles with combustion engines. TCA limits the motor’s torque depending on the slip at the rear wheel.

    To ensure optimum controllability of the drive torque for the rider, the electric motor’s control electronics monitor the rear wheel speed and reduce the drive torque if a certain plausibility threshold is exceeded. TCA is a particularly useful aid for the rider when starting off and prevents uncontrolled spinning of the rear wheel on road surfaces with reduced grip (e.g. wet cobblestones).
    The Torque Control Assist additionally serves to stop the rear wheel from skidding when a sharp rate of recuperation produces a correspondingly high level of drag torque, especially on slippery road surfaces.

    Large TFT colour display and LED daytime running light.
    A host of other features further underline the innovative character of the C evolution. It is equipped with a reversing aid, for instance, that enables easy manoeuvring at walking pace. There is also a first in the form of an LED daytime running light, which additionally dims to double as the sidelight. And for added comfort on cold days, there are heated handlebar grips.

    A large TFT colour display in the instrument cluster offers a wealth of information. Apart from the current speed, the rider is also kept informed of data such as the average consumption in kWh/100 km, total power consumption, battery charge status in kWh, average speed, voltage of the on-board electrical system and the high-voltage system, as well as the remaining range in kilometres taking into account the selected ride mode. A bar graph furthermore indicates the current level of energy draw or regeneration.

    Inspirational design.
    Last but not least, the C evolution also charts new territory in terms of styling and colour scheme. Design-wise, the C evolution fits harmoniously into the BMW Motorrad family, while the colour combination of Light White non-metallic and Electric Green symbolises its ability to blend maximum eco-friendliness with superb dynamic performance.

    The highlights at a glance:
    •      Innovative electric drive system via drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor, toothed belt and ring gearing.
    •      Rated power output 11 kW (homologated according to ECE R85) and 35 kW peak output.
    •      Maximum torque 72 Nm (53 lb-ft).
    •      Top speed 120 km/h (75 mph).
    •      Acceleration 0 – 50 km/h (31 mph) in 2.7 s.
    •      Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.2 s.
    •      High range of 100 kilometres (62 miles) in practical operation.
    •      4 ride modes available to choose from: Road, Eco Pro, Sail and Dynamic.
    •      Reversing aid for supremely easy manoeuvring.
    •      Torque Control Assist (TCA).
    •      High-voltage battery with high capacity of 8 kWh and innovative air cooling.
    •      Intelligent recuperation when coasting and when braking.
    •      Recharged from the domestic mains supply.
    •      Takes just 4 h to charge to 100 % capacity at 220V / 12A (220V / 16A = 3 h).
    •      Synergies with BMW Automobile harnessed during development.
    •      Electrical safety to passenger car standards.
    •      Hybrid chassis with agile handling due to low centre of gravity.
    •      Powerful braking system with ABS.
    •      Large TFT colour display.
    •      LED daytime running light and sidelight.
    •      Inspirational colour scheme and design.


    KYMCO Canada - exclusive organizer of the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally!

    KYMCO Canada is thrilled to be taking over the reigns from CMG to exclusively organize the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally.  As a long-time title sponsor, we have participated as rally organizers, co-rally masters, and of course, rally participants.  With nearly a decade of exposure to the insanity of this event, we promise to stay true to MBSR's core elements, but equally look forward to taking it up a notch! 
    Editor 'Arris will stay on as the asylum's resident consultant, and may have the opportunity to finally get a taste of his own medicine if he dares to ride with the pack this time. Ah, revenge is sweet isn't it?  Dust off those scoots, and fire up those engines.  You will not want to miss this one!


    Yamaha releases 2012 TMAX

    Yamaha releases All-New 2012 TMAX: The styling and flare of a sport bike; the comfort and practicality of a scooter

    Yamaha’s 2012 TMAX is the ‘R1’ of the scooter world. Other than its step-through design, the all-new TMAX features sport bike inspired torque, handling and braking power!

    “The TMAX is a very interesting machine,” says Yamaha Motor Canada’s Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss. “For sure it’s practical, comfortable and fuel efficient like most scooters, but the TMAX also offers a very exciting ride. From the engine and chassis, to brakes and suspension, the TMAX features impressive performance in every category. Even the most skilled rider would be amazed with its ability to react like a sport bike!”

    Inside the TMAX is a 530cc, fuel-injected 4-stroke engine that delivers instant throttle response and great power; a unique, CF die cast aluminum frame contributes to its sporty handling, and large diameter wheels and motorcycle inspired suspension create an agile yet stable ride. This machine is great for zipping through busy downtown traffic, but equally as comfortable cruising along major highways.

    Complementing its high performance character, the TMAX also features outstanding details, like an angular instrument panel, new headlights and height-adjustable windscreen.


    'Scooter School' at this year's Toronto Motorcycle Show

    There's going to be free Scooter rides at the Toronto Motorcycle Show this year courtesy of Yamaha Canada and facilitated by Clinton Smout.

    Full Details:

    Scooters don’t always get the credit they deserve. We know how fuel efficient, practical and easy they are to get around town on, but what about the actual sensation of riding a scooter?

    Riding is believing and riding a scooter is an absolute blast. That’s why Yamaha is allowing people 16 years and older to demo their latest and greatest 50cc scooters at this year’s Toronto Motorcycle Show on December 9-11. There is no cost involved and you don’t even need a motorcycle license! Those interested in trying out a Yamaha scooter are asked to visit the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) at the show. 

    Scooter School schedule:
    Friday 5:30pm-6pm (Ladies Night – FREE show entry after 5pm for all women!)
    Saturday 1pm - 1:30pm & 4pm - 4:30pm
    Sunday 1pm - 1:30pm & 4pm - 4:30pm

    The YRA’s Head Motorcycle Instructor, Clinton Smout, will suit up riders in proper riding gear and ensure they know everything there is to know about riding a scooter (which shouldn’t take long, since there are no gears or clutch)

    Yamaha scooters available to demo: BWs 50, Vino 50 and C3. To view all of Yamaha’s latest scooters, visit


    BMW scooters - to be seen in Canada?

    Urban Mobility – our future is on two wheels.

    The city is the epitome of our times - both fascinating and challenging. At the pulsating centers of megacities, parking spaces are becoming increasingly rare, roads are becoming more crowded and it is taking longer to get from A to B. The shortage of resources calls for a new approach.

    We are proud to present two brand new scooters, the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT, offering affordable technology and intelligent details which make everyday life easier. Ride our new Maxi-Scooters to any destination in the city, or explore the worlds beyond, whether alone or with a passenger, with or without luggage. Introducing the new urban mobility solutions from BMW Motorrad.

    C 600 Sport

    The city is waiting for you and for the first ever BMW Motorrad Maxi-Scooter. The new C 600 Sport is perfect for anyone who is looking for an intelligent mobility solution combined with BMW Motorrad riding experience.

    The C 600 Sport offers excellent handling and performance. The striking design in characteristic BMW style, is a definite attention grabber. This is certainly the way to handle urban mobility. A world full of possibilities, adventures and challenges.

    C 650 GT

    Conquer the city, or get away from it all, with the new BMW C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter, you can put your plans into practice in high style. The C 650 GT's powerful 60 hp engine will handle long distances with ease. C 650 GT is also a great handling scooter that offers exceptional comfort too. This C 650 GT touring scooter will give you a whole new sense of freedom and independence.

    The C 650 GT offers the biggest storage volume in its class along with superior wind and weather protection.


    BMW's electronic concept scooter

    There's been a lot of news coming from BMW this week and here's a little more.  They're showing off their concept e-scooter; that's "e" for electric.  While an electric scooter may or may not be your thing a internal combustion engine scooter from BMW might be.  Imagine this with an ICE engine or maybe a combination electric/ICE.  Now that might be something!

    Here's all the details:

    Space is becoming increasingly scarce in the major conurbation centres and traffic density is growing continuously. Political and social conditions are changing. All these factors coalesce in increasing demands in terms of  private transportation. The concept vehicle BMW E-Scooter with electric drive provides an innovative look at changing urban mobility needs.

    While the currently available, purely electrically-powered scooters have been almost exclusively used inside towns and cities to date due to their performance and range, which makes them suitable for short distances only, the concept vehicle BMW E-Scooter offers a much broader spectrum of use.

    High range and excellent performance figures.

    Since it was conceived as a future-oriented vehicle for commuting between urban areas and the city centre, therefore attracting funding from the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, there were two main requirements for its development: dynamic figures comparable to those of a maxi scooter with a combustion engine and a high range in realistic conditions of use.

    The concept vehicle BMW E-Scooter provides the necessary sustained output and maximum speed for safe and reliable overtaking on urban motorways and also when carrying two people. It is also easily capable of managing hill starts on steep slopes with a pillion passenger.

    The development study also has the necessary maximum output to be able to achieve acceleration figures within the important 0 - 60 km/h range, which are at the level of current maxi scooters powered by a 600 cc combustion engine.

    The high storage capacity of the battery allows a daily driving range of over 100 kilometres. In this way, the BMW E-Scooter concept vehicle provides a long-term, zero-emissions urban and suburban travel option which is suitable for everyday use.

    Fast charging at conventional power sockets.

    The E-Scooter concept vehicle's battery is charged at regular household power sockets as found in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan, so no special charging station is required. When the battery is completely flat, the charging period is less than three hours. However, practical experience has shown that the battery rarely runs out completely, so charging times are generally shorter.


    Unlike existing maxi scooters with combustion engines, the concept vehicle does not have a main frame. Instead, the aluminium battery casing — which also contains the electronic system required for battery cell monitoring —takes over the function of the frame. The steering head support is connected to it, as is the rear frame and the left-hand mounted single swing arm with directly hinged, horizontally installed shock absorber.

    Electric machine, power electronics and charging device.

    Due to its high output, the BMW Motorrad development study has no hub motor with direct drive or planetary gearbox. Instead, the high-performance electric machine is mounted behind the battery casing. The secondary drive consists of a toothed belt from the electric machine to the belt pulley mounted coaxially on the swinging fork pivot with drive pinion. From here, power transmission occurs via roller chain to the rear wheel. When the E-Scooter is decelerated in trailing throttle or when braking, the energy released is recuperated, thereby increasing the vehicle's range by between 10 and 20 per cent depending on driving profile.

    The electrical components required for the electric drive are installed on the top of the battery casing. The external battery electronics system permanently collects and monitors data such as the temperature and voltage of the battery cells, both during travel and while charging. The power electronics acts as a control system and controls the electric machine. The charging device includes a charge cable which allows the battery to be recharged at a conventional household power socket. In addition to the other components like an ISO insulation monitor, high-voltage indicator and a high-voltage distributor, a DC-DC converter is included. It is required to change high voltage to low voltage power to supply the 12 volt vehicle supply and especially for the control units.

    Cooling system.

    During travel, the electric machine and power electronics are liquid-cooled, as is the charging device during charging. An electric coolant pump ensures coolant circulation through the radiator. While a coolant is commonly used for the battery in electrically powered cars, the E-Scooter concept vehicle uses an air cooling system in order to save space.


    BMW Motorrad is one of the very few motorcycle manufacturers to be able to draw on its own experience and expertise in the automobile field in the development of electrically powered vehicles. Synergies are derived from the development of the BMW E-Scooter concept vehicle not just in the ready availability of technical components but also in the area of high voltage engineering and the associated safety requirements. Here for the first time, standards established by the leading automobile manufacturers relating to high voltage safety (> 60 volt) and functional reliability are being applied to a two-wheel vehicle with electric drive.


    Mad Bastard Scooter Rally registration opening soon!

    A little publicity for the folks over at CMGonline - the 2011 version of their Mad Bastard Scooter Rally is a go this June 24-26th and registration opens March 1st.  We've never been to the event but have shared a pint or two with Editor Arris.  I'm sure it'll be a fun event. 

    And here's the full press release from their event partner - KYMCO:

    The countdown is on for the 2011 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally that will be occurring on the weekend of June 24th - 26th. This year's rally will see over 100 normally sane riders go for title of Maddest Bastard and their chance to win a brand new KYMCO scooter.

    The long awaited details of the 2011 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally - presented by CMG Online in partnership with KYMCO Canada - have finally been released on the newly designed MBS Rally web site

    Location, Location, Location

    This year's rally will send riders through the beautiful cottage country of the Muskokas for a 24 hour, 800+ km long loop of loopiness starting and finishing at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Centre in Barrie, Ontario.


    Rider registration opens on March 1st, 2011 but we'll be staggering this process to give the smaller scooters a head start to ensure we get as many as possibleentering. Registration is limited to 100 riders on a first come first served basis.

    The Sponsors

    KYMCO Canada is the official Premium sponsor of the event offering up the Grand Prize of a People S 125 to the maddest of the Mad Bastards!

    The Charity

    After raising over 16,000 for Kids Help Phone at the 2009 rally, we've decided to keep our partnership with this nationwide organization that has been helping Canadian children for over 20 years. Participants of the rally will be asked to collect pledges prior to the rally date with all proceeds going to the Kids Help Phone. For more information on KHP, please visit


    BMW Concept C. The scooter of the future made by BMW Motorrad.

    It's a BIG scooter from BMW - the "C" concept is designed for commuters. Don't know if those blue tires would make it to production but I could see BMW selling a few of these machines.  It's a very sporty and aggressive looking scooter that might appeal to a more traditional motorcycle riders than a typical scooter might.

    Full details:

    Recent years have seen radical changes in the world of individual mobility, specifically in the conurbations, and the number of registrations has rocketed for virtually all individual transport concepts. However, the space available to traffic has not grown to the same extent, so individual mobility must come to terms with the new circumstances.

    Against this background, BMW Motorrad will be expanding its present motorcycle adventure world to include the big scooter. This new product segment will first give rise to two innovative premium scooters with internal combustion engines. The differing characteristics of this concept will appeal to a broad target group. In addition, some thought is being given to a future alternative drive with electric motor.

    BMW Motorrad will be combining in these scooters the outstanding handling of the motorcycle with the particular agility and conceptual comfort of the scooter for the maximum experience of dynamic riding – a big scooter made by BMW Motorrad. There are plans to manufacture these future production vehicles at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.

    BMW Motorrad is continuing its strategy of strong and sustainable growth and so will be intensifying its traditional work in the enduro, touring, and sport touring fields. Following its successful entry to the super sport segment, BMW Motorrad will now be expanding its range yet again to include a highly promising business line.

    This path leads straight to the big scooter segment. These high displacement vehicles with dynamic handling characteristics have gained considerable popularity all over the world. Moreover, they present an interesting alternative to returnees who up to now were undecided about motorcycles after long periods of abstinence.

    BMW Concept C. New dimension in the field of big scooters.

    New ideas and concepts on the subject of two-wheeled mobility are a decades old tradition at BMW Motorrad. Countless times, concept studies and drafts have been presented that reflect the power of innovation and future orientation of BMW Motorrad.

    With its Concept C study, BMW Motorrad is yet again embarking on a new path and demonstrating a fascinating mobility option for the future. Here, C stands for “commuter”. Particularly in view of the traffic development in urban areas, it presents the prospect of an innovative, sporty big scooter for the future premium segment.

    As usual at BMW Motorrad, there is more to this study than just an attempt to present a big scooter for the highest demands. Rather, the designers and engineers of BMW Motorrad focused above all on the emotive component in addition to the technical function and quality – and the thrill from the very first moment on.

    BMW Concept C. Emotion, dynamic handling, and function in the design.

    When unveiling its Concept C at EICMA in Milan, BMW Motorrad will be directing the maximum possible emotion to its interpretation of this subject, which will bear witness to the primary claims of maximum, all round functionality.

    Concept C as a vision of the big scooter is immediately recognisable as a member of the BMW Motorrad family. For instance, it also presents the so-called “split face”, a visual tripartite of dynamic response extending from the front silhouette to the front wheel cover and beyond. In the style of highly sporty
BMW Motorrad models, such as the S 1000 RR, Concept C also features a twin-tipped front spoiler.

    Unlike the L shaped side view presented up to now by big scooters, with their predominantly vertical body lines and colour scheme, Concept C has ventured on a new, much more sporty and dynamic path. The body lines sweeping up to the vehicle’s rear underscore this big scooter’s active riding character. The high rear section emphasises the lightness and agility of Concept C's powerful two-cylinder engine. Sportiness and dynamism are also underscored by the close cut, speeder-style windscreen.

    The functional side of this scooter is expressed in stylish design elements, such as the aluminium look of the bash plates with the air intake adopted from the BMW GS.

    The black chromium of the suspension and frame parts form a thrilling, dynamic relationship with the aluminium chromium, silver, and blue paintwork of the body parts. In addition, the black satin sections present a high-contrast emphasis on the vehicle’s central area. This highly technical and high-quality elegance is borne further by finely worked details, such as the fuel tank cover reminiscent of aircraft and the short, sporty muffler. The visionary facet of Concept C is presented by the tyres with flanks and treads of blue.

    BMW Concept C. Pioneering technology that fuels enthusiasm.

    Concept C presents unusual and innovative solutions that offer a wide prospect of what in future can become reality in this segment.

    For instance, Concept C features a highly complex monolever mechanism with hollowed-out shaft connected to a suspension strut visible from the outside. In this study, front-wheel control takes the form of an upside down fork.

    The stable twin disc brake at the front features two radial brake callipers that also underscore the dynamic sportiness of Concept C. In addition, the single disc brake at the rear and the BMW Motorrad ABS provide the maximum possible safety during braking manoeuvres.

    The dynamic and equally comfortable driving force behind Concept C is provided by a new, two-cylinder inline engine in conjunction with CVT (continuously variable transmission). Engine power, torque, and therefore performance will be moving towards the top of the segment.

    Light is cast on a more distant point in the future by the LED headlamp integrated into the face panelling. This future vision is also continued by the deliberate absence of conventional rear view mirrors, which will be replaced in Concept C with two video cameras in the rear. These record the area behind the vehicle and transfer the images to two LCD monitors in the cockpit within view of the rider. The road speed, engine speed, and other data appear on a third LCD display integrated at the centre of the cockpit.

    BMW Concept C. Perfected rider equipment and stowage space concept.

    Concept C also testifies to thoughts and ideas extending beyond the actual vehicle. In line with the BMW Motorrad philosophy, a big scooter realised in the Concept C style will also come with a range of adequate rider equipment. In the best BMW Motorrad tradition, the development of a big scooter will also include a suitable stowage space concept.


    Mini / BMW does "scooter"

    Nobody would question that Mini has a pretty big marketing budget and slew of loyal buyers. That might be worrisome to scooter makers should Mini decide to put their new scooter concept into production, particularly brands that appeal to fashion and lifestyle conscious buyers - say Vespa perhaps.

    It's electric, and suitable for city dwellers which limits its praticality for a lot of Canadians. Still, we're told the biggest market for scooters in Canada is in Quebec. This would certainly work in a city like Montreal. 


    Memoirs of a Mad Bastard

    You’ve heard about the rally, right? About 75 normally respectable individuals (plus a few journalists) turn into scooter maniacs for 24 hours while riding a mad 800 km route through Quebec and Ontario.

    You may have seen pictures, but to really experience the sights, sounds and chaos of the rally, check out the 5 minute video created by talented cinematographer Sarah Moffat. The attention challenged can view a shorter 2 minute version on the CMG website.

    For the “full length feature” complete with the smell of 2 stroke oil and monkey butt powder, start planning for the 2011 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally (taking place somewhere in Ontario). Be sure to sign up for the MBSR mailing list to keep up with the latest details.


    More Chinese scooters on their way to Canada

    BC based Motorsports Craze is bringing a few models of Baotian scooters to the Canadian market. The Baotian Motorcycle Industrial Company is a large Chinese manufacturer that's been operating 1994. They make motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, motors, and other products.

    Motorsports Craze will be bringing in three different Baotian scooters; the air-cooled 50cc Quadro and Lotus, and a liquid cooled-150cc Euro. Prices range from $1299 for the Quadro, $1499 for the Lotus - $1499 and $2399 for the Euro.

    Full press release follows:

    Motorsport Craze is pleased to announce the arrival of Baotian Scooters in Canada. Baotian Motorcycle Industrial Co., produces 1000 scooters per day; is distributed in 33 different countries; and consistently tops the 50cc scooter sales chart in the U.K. The Baotian factory produces their own engines, and drive-trains allowing them to maintain much higher standards for quality control. They also hold the copyright to the 4 VALVE- 50cc GY6 motor, which is soon to be released this year. We strongly feel that a 4-Valve, 4-Stroke motor is the way of the future, as it meets the stringent California CARB, and EPA emissions standards, without the loss of power, that most 4-stroke 50cc engines are known for.

    The Quadro (BT49QT-9S3) The ultimate all rounder, this scooter is lightweight, maneuverable and nippy around town. Whilst economical, it has sports-styled alloy wheels, aluminum silencer and pedal plates.

Optional equipment includes remote starting and factory-fitted alarm. A color coordinated top box is also available for optional fitting.

    The Lotus (BT49QT-18E1) The Lotus continues Baotian's move away from generic design of Chinese manufactured scooters. Whilst still utilizing the BT49QT-18 frame and engine, this design encompasses all the key features of recent development including twin halogen headlamps, 2 stroke style "scorpion" exhaust, 12-inch alloy wheels and directional tires. The indicators, both front and rear, are integrated into the bodywork.

    This model also benefits from a tachometer. As with all Baotian Canada models, optional accessories are; a standard factory fitted alarm/immobilizer; a color coordinated top box which fits directly to the rear carrier/grab handle. And, as with all models, it is powered by our reliable, efficient, 4 stroke, air-cooled engine.

    The Euro (BT151T-2B4) The Euro is appropriately named for it’s European styling and sleek urban lines. This 16” “Big Wheeled” full size commuter is packed with power with an impressive liquid cooled 150cc motor while Front and Rear disc brakes complete the driving experience. It’s loaded with modern design features such as LED lights, and Fold-away passenger foot pedals.

    Based on Baotian’s world wide reputation as a quality manufacturer of excellence, and success in the UK we feel that this is the best product to bring into Canada. Baotian China will also debut their scooters in the USA for the first time at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis this year. Booth # 4105.

    The Quadro, Lotus, and Euro will each be backed with a comprehensive 2 year limited warranty. More details will be available soon at


    More news about Scooter Sense "Almost World Tour"

    If you haven’t already heard or are wondering what Motorcycle Experience - Scooter Sense segment host Bryan Hudgin’s Twitter feed has been referring to lately, we’re just about to shoot the second season of “Scooter Sense” for the next season of TSN’s “A Motorcycle Experience”. The concept this time around? The aptly titled, “Scooter Sense Almost World Tour: Big City Lights and Camp Fire Nights”. Bryan will be going on a good old fashioned road trip with his trusty Yamaha BWs125 scooter for 3 days. He’ll be going from Montreal, to Ottawa, to Kingston and finally landing in Toronto with a bunch of stops in between.

    The rules of engagement? No money, a $25 gas card, a stack of t-shirts, a tent for camping and a mission to spread the scooter gospel. His cell phone is rigged to the Yamaha corporate Twitter account, so he’ll be updating frequently along the way. You can follow along from each of Yamaha’s motorcycle or snowmobile blogs or search for “YamahaMotorCa” to follow with your Twitter account.

    Bryan says that he would love to have any fans and riders join him along the way, which is we’re posting a tentative itinerary below. Keep in mind, this is a pretty complicated beast to organize and shooting TV can always take longer than expected, so things can change really quickly. We will be changing things throughout this week and during the trip but we wanted to get you up to speed to keep you in the loop. You’ll need to check back with Bryans blog fairly frequently to stay on top of our shooting locations!

    Having said all of that, if you come out to support the tour, Bryan will give you a limited edition “Scooter Sense Almost World Tour” t-shirt for your troubles (while his limited supply lasts). Of course he may use it to trade you for food though!!

    Here is the current tour schedule as posted on Bryan’s blog.

    Day One – Sunday October 4th

    - 8:30am to 9:00am at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium
    Feature 1 – The last breakfast! From now on in - no money, just a gas card, a tent and t-shirts for the next 3 days. Can you eat cotton?
    - 9:00 depart for Chateau Montebello via Hwy 15N and Route 50W
    - 10:30am to 11:00am at Chateau Montebello gates.
    Feature 2 - Unfortunately, I won’t be sleeping at the Chateau Montebello, but it is a scenic place for a stop!
    - 11:00am depart for Ottawa via Cty Rd 17 & Regional Rd 174W
    - 12:30am to 3:30pm at Ottawa at the Parliament buildings.
    Feature 3 – I’ll do my best to recruit some government leaders to chat about the benefits of scooters! Heck we pay their salary, it’s the least they could do, right??
    - 3:30 depart for loyal “A Motorcycle Experience” viewer Bruce & Jan Haskin’s home via Hwy 7W and Hwy 15
    - 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Portland.
    Feature 4 - Meet the Haskins! Set up camp for the night!

    Day Two – Monday October 5th

    - 8:00am to 8:30am at Haskin Home in Portland.
    Feature 5 – Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Bruce leads the convoy down Cty Road 10 to Kingston, the old hometown!
    - 8:30am depart for Kingston
    - 10:00am to 12:00pm at Queens University Kingston
    Feature 6- Math quiz! Who can figure out a scooter’s gas mileage the quickest? Shouldn’t have any problems finding any scholar’s here
    - 12:00pm depart for Shannonville via Hwy 2
    - 1:30pm at Shannonville
    Feature 7 – What are my lap times? Face off against some road racing veterans!
    - 3:00pm depart for Sandbanks Provincial Park via Cty Rd 49
    - 5:00pm to 7:30pm at Sandbanks Provincial Park

    Feature 8 - Set up camp. Dinner of champions over the open fire.

    Day Three - Tuesday October 6th

    - 8:00am to 8:30am Sandbanks morning in Prince Edward County.
    Feature 9 - How was the sleep? How was breakfast? Where are we off to?
    - 8:30am depart for Port Hope via Loyalist Pkwy and Hwy 2
    - 10:00am to 10:30am at Port Hope
    Feature 10 – Fuel Stop. How much money have I spent on gas?
    - 10:30am depart for Toronto via Regional Rd 9, Taunton Rd and Hwy 7
    - 12:00pm to 3:30pm at Toronto
    Feature 11 – Group Ride with Toronto Scooter Club. These guys are hardcore!
    Feature 12 – Hit the showers!! Cap it all off!

    Anyone wishing to join us along the way are more than welcome! The more the merrier!

    Please ensure you check back regularly to Bryan’s blog and the Twitter feed as things will be changing constantly.


    Scooter Sense Almost World Tour!

    Just heard from Dave Hatch over at Motorcycle Experience and they've got something brewing with Bryan "Mr. Scooter Sense" Hudgin. If you watch Motorcycle Experience that'll be enough for you to know who he is! For those who don't recognize him - we snagged a photo from Yamaha Canada's website.

    Now guys, Quebec and Ontario are only two of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada but having driven from Winnipeg to Nova Scotia several times I can say that Ontario is pretty huge! Might be a long ride for Bryan depending on what scooter he chooses to make the trip on.

    Best of luck!

    Now on to the news:

    In two weeks Motorcycle Experience will be shooting the:Scooter Sense Almost World Tour Big City Lights and Camp Fire Nights!

    Starting October 4th until October 7th, Scooter Sense segment host Bryan Hudgin will be riding his Yamaha scooter from Montreal to Toronto on a good old fashioned road trip! This isn't just any tour though. Bryan's only form of currency will be a $25 gas card and some Almost World Tour t-shirts. But that's not all! Rain or shine, he must camp at night and carry everything he uses on his back or in his scooter! Tents, sleeping bags, name it!! He is truly a scooter nomad.

    To follow along, log on to and watch the Twitter feed to see where we're at! Or search YamahaMotorCa on Twitter to follow.

    We'll be rolling from Montreal, to Ottawa, to Kingston and finally Toronto with stops along the way!

    For you die hard Motorcycle Experience fans we invite you to join up with show host Dave Hatch and cameraman “Brownie” while they ride along the route shooting and chatting with Bryan.


    Honda's SH150i scooter hits dealerships in 1-week

    We just got word from Honda that their new to Canada SH150i scooter is going to be arriving in Canadian dealerships one week from now.

    The scooter is already a popular model in Europe. It features a 153 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with PGM-FI fuel injection and Honda's V-Matic automatic transmission. Easy on gas, yet powerful enough for the highway; its big 16-inch wheels contribute to the SH150i's confident handling and sure control over bumps in the road.

    If you're heading to work, or the grocery store, and you've got some stuff to carry - don't worry, the SH150i has plenty of under-seat storage and a standard 35-litre top box.

    MSRP $4,999

    - More Honda news HERE.
    - Full details on the Honda SH150i HERE.


    Demo Day for Charity at Studio Cycle Group – Sunday, July 26 (ON)

    Studio Cycle Group, located at 2923 Dundas St. W in the heart of Toronto’s Junction district will be hosting a Demo Day for Charity this Sunday, July 26th between 11am and 3pm.

    Licensed LSM, M, M1, or M2 riders will have the opportunity to try out a KYMCO scooter or motorcycle and participants will be asked to make a $5.00 donation which will go directly to Kids Help Phone. Studio Cycle Group will also be donating $1.00 from every purchase on Sunday July 26th to Kids Help Phone as well!

    Not interested in test riding? Well, there are a lot of other reasons to visit Studio Cycle Group on Sunday July 26th, here are just a few:

    - Custom helmet fittings for ARAI helmets on site – If you purchase an ARAI that
    day you’ll receive a 10% discount PLUS a free Ogio helmet bag.
    - In store sales offering 10% and 25% off select items including all Hart &
    Huntington apparel, NEXO Sports Gear, Troy Lee Designs, Etnies shoes and more!
    - A Humber College Training instructor will be on site to answer any questions about licensing.
    - Be sure to ask about our selection of Pirelli bike tires as well!
    -Pick up a Studio Cycle Group magnet tag and sign up on our customer list to qualify for ongoing offers. You can even take one for a friend!

    We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday – rain or shine!


    Honda SH150i scooter arrival to Canada delayed

    Honda's newest scooter to come to Canada - the SH150i - is being delayed a little because it needs some minor modifications to meet Transport Canada Compliance Requirements.

    It's still coming to Canada via Europe, where it's already a popular model. The word from Honda Canada is that the SH150i will arrive in Canadian dealerships in late summer 2009.

    - To learn more about the SH150i check out the dedicated site Honda created for it HERE.

    - Check out more Honda News via CMR - HERE

    Image via Honda Canada


    Peugeot HYmotion 3 to see production in 2010

    According to French reports the Peugeot HYmotion; Peugeot's leaning 3 wheel scooter is set to start production before the end of 2010. We first brought you news and pictures of the HYmotion back in October, 2008. The production of the HYmotion will closely follow behind the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid. The HYmotion uses a similar two front wheel, one rear wheel design but the systems used to power the scooter differ substantially.

    The HYmotion has electric motors powering each of the two front wheels and a 125cc internal combustion engine powering the rear. In the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid only the rear wheel is powered by both the electric motor and gas-powered engine.

    Reports indicate the HYmotion should offer fuel economy in the 117 miles per gallon range. That's not quite as good as the 141 mpg estimate of the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid but the HYmotion incorporates a roof! So it will provide a lot more protection from the elements than any scooter currently on the market.

    The protection that the roof offers from the elements might be just the thing that converts a lot of those people sitting on the fence about a making a two-wheeled purchase because let's face it, it does take some forethought and dedication to ride in inclement weather.

    It's uncertain whether this model will make it to Canada or even the US, or what it will cost (in Europe) but we'll let you know as soon as we find out more.


    Piaggio MP3 Hybrid coming to US in 2010

    Piaggio has launched the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid in Europe and it will be coming to the US in the first quarter of 2010.

    Capable of returning up to 141mpg; it will come with a price tag of $8 or $9,000 USD. The fact that it's coming to the US seems to suggests it will likely come to Canada as well but we've seen no confirming reports yet. Keep your fingers crossed.

    The MP3 is a leaning three-wheeler that features a 124cc gasoline engine and electric power, reportedly giving the MP3 Hybrid the performance of a 250cc scooter. If the phenomenal fuel economy isn't enough to win people over, the extra stability offered by the third wheel means the MP3 Hybrid could be attractive to non-traditional two-wheeled riders (and even some regular two-wheeled riders) looking for a more secure riding experience.

    The battery of the MP3 Hybrid can be recharged through normal operation of riding the scooter and it can also be plugged in to take advantage of charging opportunities.

    In the words of Piaggio "The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid incorporates a “parallel” hybrid drive in which a combustion engine and an electric motor are mechanically and electronically linked and simultaneously supply power to the wheel in perfect synergy."

    It can be operated in three drive modes – Hybrid Charge, Hybrid Power and Electric, switchable on the move via a button on the handlebars.

    Hybrid Power combines the power of the internal combustion engine with the electric motor to maximize performance.

    Hybrid Charge provides a decreased boost effect and will provide acceleration similar to a conventional two-wheel 125. Additional emphasis is placed on battery chargeback.

    Electric-only mode is intended for special zero-emission zones (which have been implemented in some European town centres). In this mode you have a 30km/h top speed and 11 mile range.

    For more details on the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid check out Piaggio's website HERE.


    Perfect Scooter Sense - Yamaha series now online.

    Fans of the Canadian motorcycle program Motorcycle Experience which airs on TSN may recall the Scooter Sense segments that aired with each episode. If you tuned in regularly chances are you've already seen Yamaha Canada PR specialist Bryan Hudgin talk about all the things that make scooters so popular, practical, and fun! But, maybe you missed an episode or two, or maybe you'd just like to revisit some episodes.

    All 12 episodes of the Scooter Sense segments are posted on Yamaha Canada's website HERE. Be sure to check them out!


    Albertan teens - let them ride!

    Some new changes to the province of Alberta's transportation rules mean that 14-year olds are going to have some new options for getting around on a moped.

    In Alberta, teens 14 and older who get a Class 7 learner's permit can legally ride insured mopeds (scooters). The previous legislation said that the mopeds had to weigh between 35 and 55 kilograms and were limited to a maximum speed of 50 km/hr - which was a little difficult. Because of the weight restriction even the smallest scooters around, at 50 cubic centimetres, were mostly classified as motorcycles in Alberta because they typically weigh more than 55 kilograms.

    As of Wednesday, July 1st/09 the definition of mopeds changes so that they're considered vehicles that can travel up to 70 km/hr and the weight restrictions are gone. But they need to be powered by an electric motor or engine with a displacement not exceeding 50cc's.

    The regulation changes bring Alberta's definition of a moped into closer alignment with that of Transport Canada.


    Vespa Surrey - New Vespa dealer (BC)

    Vespa Surrey is the newest authorized dealer of Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia,and Derbi scooters in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

    Not only scooters they feature great accessory brands such as Corazzo, Nexx Helmets, Zearl Optics, THH Helmets, and Thibault. They've got factory trained technicians in the shop too, original Vespa parts and quick turn-arounds on repairs.

    Be sure to check out their women's only scooter nights and events, as well as group rides, vendor shows and other unique events.

    Check out their website here.


    Lambretta scooters coming to Canada

    2009 seems to the be the year of the scooter in Canada. If you're looking for a scooter for the next riding season in Canada, your choices have never been so broad. Looks like you'll have the scooter of at least one more make to choose from too.

    Motorsport Craze Ent ltd, a Langley BC company, has been given the sole rights to distribute Lambretta scooters in Canada. They're actively seeking qualified Scooter Boutiques and Motorcycle Dealerships to sell the scooters as well. All scooters are 100% Transport Canada, and EPA compliant, and include a 2 year parts and labor warranty. Parts and Scooters are in-stock in Langley, BC. These scooters are listed in the Canadian Blue Book for the January edition of 2009.

    In the spring of 2009 we should see three Lambretta models hit the showroom floors. The biggest of the bunch UNO 150. It features a 150cc 4-stroke, 4-valve engine. It'll also have 12” mag wheels, front and rear disc brakes, tachometer, and 2 year limited parts and labor warranty. Dry weight is 250 lbs. Comes with an electric start and a kick. The tank will take 6.2 liters of fuel. Cooling is forced air with an external oil cooler. MSRP will be $3,299 CDN. Available colors will be red, white, and black.

    Then you've got the two 49cc models - the DUE 50 and the UNO 50.

    The styling of the DUE 50 is said to be "avante garde." It includes a 2 stroke engine, halogen projector beam headlamp, 12" mag wheels, front disc brake. The halogen projector headlight is a distinctive touch. The MSRP will be $2,399 CDN. Available colors will be silver, black, and orange.

    The UNO 50 is also a 2 stroke, and is said to offer an "ideal blend of quality, versatility and substance." It too comes with 12” mag wheels, front disc brake, and an adjustable rear shock. The MSRP will be $2,499 CDN. Available colors will be white, black, and red.

    The company has a bit of an interesting history. After the Second World War the company's steel tubing factory was bombed and destroyed (it employed 6,000). Ferdinando Innocenti examined the situation and according to company lore...

    Innocenti saw the future of cheap, private transport and decided to produce a motor scooter – competing on cost and weather protection against the ubiquitous motorcycle. Aeronautical engineer General Corradino D'Ascanio, responsible for the design and construction of the first modern helicopter by Agusta, was given the job by Ferdinando Innocenti of designing a simple, robust and affordable vehicle.

    It had to be easy to drive for both men and women, be able to carry a passenger, and not get its driver's clothes dirty. General D'Ascanio had falling out with Innocenti. Innocenti wanted to produce his frame from rolled tubing rather than a mould and beaten spar frame, which would allow him to revive both parts of his pre-War company. General D'Ascanio took his design to Enrico Piaggio who produced the spar framed Vespa from 1946.

    Watch for more details soon.