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Yamaha brings back the Factory Ride Award for 2016

For 2016, Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to bring back their popular and newly rebranded ‘Yamaha bLU cRU Factory Ride’ award. One award will be given at each of the three biggest amateur motocross events in Canada. Last year’s big winners were Kyle Biro (WCAN), William Mirreault and Nick Denniston (ECAN), and Marco Cannella (TransCan). Each won a ‘Factory Ride’ in addition to a $2500 parts credit!

This year, Yamaha has adopted the bLU cRU program from the United States and brought it north to Canadian riders to further offer amateur racing support. 

Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha’s Race Director commented, “Right now we already have Canadian amateur riders like Marco Cannella and Jake Tricco being supported by bLU cRU while riding in the U.S. so making this a North American program makes sense. What’s great about the ‘Yamaha bLU cRU Factory Ride’ award is, not only do the winners get the use of a new YZ of their choice for the next race season but they also can use the parts credit for our GYTR and Yamalube lines as well as our affiliated brands like One Industries, Factory Effex, Matrix and Cycra. 

With the award available at the Raymond Western Canadian Amateur National (July 1-3, 2016), Deschambault Grand National Amateur Championship (August 4-7, 2016) and at the Walton TransCan (August 17-21, 2016). Hudgin went on to discuss the importance of giving one award away at each event, “The ‘Yamaha bLU cRU Factory Ride’ award gives amateur Yamaha riders from coast to coast a chance to earn this prize. We want to show customers our commitment to amateur racing and our appreciation for their business.”

How Do You Win?
Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider must attain the most cumulative points for their finishes.
The Rules:
• Contest open only to amateur Yamaha riders.
• You must be a resident of Canada.
• Your Yamaha must be a Canadian purchased unit.
• Rider cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.
• Winner is only eligible for one prize. (Cannot win at multiple events)

Hudgin concluded, “If you race Raymond, Deschambault or Walton, make sure you’re doing it on a Yamaha. You may ride for free in 2017 on a ‘Yamaha bLU cRU Factory Ride’!”


2016 Yamaha XSR900 and FJR1300 Series

All-new for 2016 the XSR900 blends Yamaha’s world-class engineering with standout neo-retro sport styling, creating a new type of machine for riders looking for an authentic and honest motorcycle that doesn’t sacrifice performance. The Yamaha XSR900 comes equipped with the same thrilling engine that’s found in the award winning FZ-09 along with traction control, ABS, stepped seat and all-digital instrumentation. The XSR900 will be available in the Yamaha 60th anniversary paint scheme for $10,999 and $10,699 in Matte Gray.

Famous for outstanding reliability and performance, the Yamaha FJR1300 has a reputation that is second to none in the sport touring world. New for 2016 is a 6-speed transmission that has been modified to offer smoother, quieter running and a tall 6th gear for relaxed highway riding. The FJR1300ES features all-new LED lean angle cornering lights allowing the rider to see through corners along with electronically adjustable suspension. Both FJR’s will be available in Cobalt Blue and Dark Metallic Gray with MSRP for the ES version at $19,499 and $18.099 for the non-electronic suspension model.


2016 Yamaha MT-03 Gets Confirmed by Japan

Following the recent unveiling of the MT-25 in Indonesia, Yamaha is set to introduce a larger capacity version based on the YZF-R3 sport bike. It should likely be called the FZ-03 if it hits Canada. No emails from Yamaha on that possibility yet!

Like the MT-25 only with a larger 321 cc motor

Just like the MT-25 is a naked version of the R25 sportbike, the MT-03 will be a naked version of the R3 featuring the same 321 cc motor.


Cannella Conquers Walton Again!

Yamaha Rider Takes Home His 2nd Yamaha Factory Ride

Marco Cannella ripped his YZ through the Walton Transcan in Walton, ON to take home the final Yamaha Factory Ride for the 2015 race season!

The 14 year-old from Waterdown, ON finished the week winning the championship in Schoolboy 2 and grabbing second over in MX2 Intermediate and MX3 Intermediate.

For his efforts, Cannella will get the use of a YZ of his choice along with $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2016 season.

“It's an amazing opportunity to win a YZ and a $2500 parts credit. I think it's fantastic that Yamaha offers this award to Yamaha riders. After winning last year, I know how much it helps. I have been riding Yamaha’s since I was on 85's and look forward to continue racing on blue!”said Cannella of his Factory Ride for 2016.

 “For next year, I’ll be riding a YZ250F. I’m really hoping I can get my hands on the 60th Anniversary colour. They yellow and black look amazing! I’d like to thank my parents and brother who work so hard and let me live my dream, Iain Hayden and everyone at Motopark, all my sponsors, everyone that cheers me on and Yamaha Motor Canada.”

The Walton TransCan race week concluded the 2015 Factory Ride Award contest. Winners from across the country have won YZ’s of their choice and collected $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2016 race season.

Conquer Dirt on a Yamaha next year and you could be on a Factory Ride in 2017!


2016 Yamaha Spring Motorcycle Launch

60th Anniversary Colours and an All-New Model

After the massive 2015 motorcycle launch, Yamaha Motor Canada is continues the trend of releasing all-new exciting motorcycles for 2016!

Last year, Yamaha ventured into the growing world of cross country and enduro racing with the introduction of the YZ250FX. Yamaha is pleased to announce the second model in our cross country lineup… the all-new YZ250X. Based on the legendary YZ250 2-stroke, the new "X" version has been developed using all of Yamaha's extensive 2-stroke knowledge to produce a model that offers a high level of performance for cross country racing for only $7,899 MSRP. New cross country focused chassis features include revised suspension settings, an 18" rear wheel, a new aluminum side stand and a new fuel petcock that offers a reserve position for peace of mind.


Also for 2016, both the YZ450F and YZ250F have been updated. The YZ450F engine has been revised and has also seen the addition of launch control for faster starts and a larger front disc. For the YZ250F, a number of detail improvements to the piston, piston pin, crank, clutch and transmission have been made. On the chassis side a larger 270mm front disc brake has been added as well as revised suspension settings. The most noticeable change for both these motorcycles for 2016 is the limited edition yellow and black colour scheme celebrating Yamaha’s 60th Anniversary.

Other models released for 2016 with a fresh look include the FZ-09, FZ- 07, Bolt, Bolt R-Spec, WR250R, TW200, XT250, TT-R110E, PW50 and the rest of the YZ lineup.

For more information on these models and the entire Yamaha lineup, visit:



Ride a YZ For Free In 2016!

Yamaha’s ‘Win a Factory Ride’ Returns

Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to announce the return of the popular ‘Win a Factory Ride’ award. As always, one award will be given at each of the three biggest amateur motocross events in Canada. Last year’s big winners were Casey Keast (WCAN), Raphael Lemieux (ECAN), and Marco Cannella (TransCan). Each won a ‘Factory Ride’ in addition to a $2500 parts credit!

Matt Fletcher, Yamaha’s Motorcycle Marketing Coordinator commented, “We know how expensive racing can be and appreciate anyone spending their hard earned money on a Yamaha. With this award, amateur Yamaha riders from coast to coast have a chance to earn a free YZ and $2500 in parts and accessories for next season. This is our way of saying thank you for riding blue!”

The award will be available at the Raymond Western Canadian Amateur National (July 2 – July 4), Deschambault Eastern Canadian Amateur National (July 22 - 25) and the  grand finale, the Walton TransCan (August 12 – 15).

How Do You Win?

Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider will attain the most cumulative points for their finishes. Enter as many classes as you can to increase your chances!

The Rules:

- Contest open only to amateur Yamaha riders.
- You must be a resident of Canada.
- Your Yamaha must be a Canadian purchased unit.
- Rider cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.
- Winner is only eligible for one prize. (Cannot win at multiple events)

Fletcher concluded, “If you’re racing Raymond, Deschambault or Walton, make sure you’re doing it on a  Yamaha. If you do, you could ride for free on a Yamaha ‘Factory Ride’ in 2016!”


Save on a Yamaha at Costco

Looking to get a new Yamaha this Spring? Well - if you're a Costo member you might be able to save a few hundred dollars.

More information here:

But it looks like it's:

$300 off Bolt and V-Star series
$200 off FZ-09, FJ-09, FZ-07, FZ6R, YZF-R6 road motorcycles; TMAX, SMAX, BWs, ZUMA X, VINO, and BWs 50 scooters, and TT-R230, TT-R125 off-road motorcycles

If you're not a member they've even got a promo code to use to get a bonus $10 Costco Gift card.


The perfect Secret Santa gift! - paper motorcycles

Get that sepcial someone on yor secret santa the gift they've always wanted... a new motorcycle!

Well, this motorcycle is paper but it's a motorcycle! There's several models available and they're all extremely detailed.

For a link to more info and to download the various models check out the link:

You can even get Rossi!


Yamaha - My Yamaha Magazine - Fall/Winter 2015

All the latest news from Yamaha in the Windter Edition of "My Yamaha"

Click here for more details:


Exciting new models from Yamaha for 2015

Yamaha Motor Canada is thrilled to introduce the all-new Yamaha R3, Bolt Café, YZ250FX, WR250F and SMAX!

Highlighting the group is the all-new Yamaha R3. Sporting a new, twin cylinder 320cc engine and all-new chassis, the R3 offers class-leading power combined with light, agile handling. The Yamaha R3 will be available for $4,999 in Yamaha Blue, Vivid Red and Metallic Black.

There’s a new member of the Bolt family. Available in Dark Grayish Metallic Green and Silver, the 2015 Bolt C-Spec has all the great engine characteristics of the Bolt, plus low slung clip-on handlebars, new solo seat with rear seat cowl and a more sporty riding position. Canadian MSRP for the Bolt C-Spec $9,699.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss, said “I can’t remember a bigger motorcycle launch in Yamaha’s history. This isn’t a ‘bold new graphic launch. These are five all-new bikes. There is a new motorcycle for every type of rider. This is only the beginning. Come November, we will be launching more all-new bikes!”

For the off-road enthusiasts, there are the all-new YZ250FX and WR250F, both available in Yamaha Blue. The YZ250FX is the perfect cross country or hare scramble machine. With the performance potential of the YZ250F, but with electric start and an 18-inch rear wheel, the YZ250FX is the bike for those serious about winning or for the weekend warrior who wants maximum performance in a convenient package for woods or track. For the WR250F, Yamaha has taken all the revolutionary YZ four-stroke technology such as; rearward slanted engine, reversed cylinder and a compact chassis and delivered it in an enduro package for light, agile handling on tight trails. The all-new YZ250FX will be priced at $8,749 while the WR250F will be $8,799.

Finally, for the crowd looking for fun, affordable transportation there is the fully automatic SMAX. Powered by a 155cc single cylinder, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine, the SMAX can easily keep up with traffic. With loads of wind and weather protection, it’s virtually vibration free. Priced at $3,999 in either Matte Titan or Dark Purplish Metallic Blue, the SMAX is the perfect commuter scooter.

Also released are the new-look Yamaha V-Star 1300 Deluxe SE, Stryker SE and Raider SE. Both Stryker SE ($12,599 MSRP) and Raider SE ($16,499 MSRP) models have all the same great features of the original units, but with the addition of a cool, small bikini fairing. Not only does it look great, it also helps reduce wind fatigue. Available at $14,999 MSRP, the V-Star 1300 Deluxe SE is sure to turn heads with its aggressive blacked out power plant and contrasting vivid red paint scheme.

For more information on these models and the entire Yamaha lineup, visit:


Raphael Lemieux takes home his second consecutive Factory Ride!

–Raphael Lemieux powered his Yamaha YZ125 to top finishes at the ECAN in Deschambault to claim back-to-back Factory Rides!

The 14 year-old, Terrebonne, QC native collected the most points of any amateur Yamaha rider. For his efforts, Lemieux will get the use of a YZ of his choice along with $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2015 season.

“After winning this great award last year, I was determined to repeat. I am proud of myself and very excited to have a new 2015 Yamaha for next season!" said Lemieux.

“For next year, I will definitely be choosing the 2015 YZ250. I’m a big fan of the Yamaha 2-strokes and love the new look of the 2015’s. I have to give a big thank you to Benoit Léveillé. Without his help, this would not have been possible. I’d also like to thank my sponsors, Yamaha Motor Canada, my parents and my brother.”

The Yamaha Factory Ride Award will conclude for 2014 at the Walton TransCan from August 13th-17th. One moreYamaha rider still has the opportunity to ride away with a YZ of their choice and collect $2500 in parts and accessories for next year.

Conquer Dirt on a Yamaha and you could be on a Factory Ride in 2015!


Casey Keast Rides Away With a Factory Ride!

Casey Keast has conquered the Western Canadian Amateur National in Raymond, AB to take home a 2015 Yamaha Factory Ride for the 2015 race season!

The 15 year-old Kelowna, BC native dominated by going 1-1-1 in Super Mini and 85 while finishing on the podium in Schoolboy to collect the most points of any Yamaha rider at the Temple Hill track.

For his efforts, Keast will get the use of a YZ of his choice along with $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2015 season.

This feels great! I was in contention for the award last year and was determined to bring it home this time. I knew I had a good chance to win with my top finishes in Schoolboy and Super Mini.” said Keast of his victory.

Right now Im torn between a new YZ125 or YZ250F for next year. I love the new look of the Yamaha 2-strokes, but I could be ready to make the jump to the YZ250F. For the last four years, Kelowna Yamaha has really helped me out. It’s where I get all my Yamahas. I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship next year. I’d like to thank Terry Poirier at Kelowna Yamaha, all my sponsors, Yamaha Motor Canada, and my parents.”

The Yamaha Factory Ride Award will continue at the Eastern Canadian

Amateur National in Deschambault and conclude for 2014 at the Walton TransCan in August. Two more Yamaha riders still have the opportunity to ride away with a YZ of their choice and collect $2500 in parts and accessories for next year.

Conquer Dirt on a Yamaha at these events and you could be on a Factory Ride in 2015! 


Nick King Crowned Canadian Yamaha Tech GP Champion!

After months of gruelling tests and interviews, Yamaha’s top nine technicians from across Canada arrived at Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. headquarters in Toronto for the 2014 Technician Grand Prix.

Competitors were put through nine skill-testing labs that included Yamaha computer systems, troubleshooting mechanical issues and precision measurement. In the end, Nick King of Kelowna Yamaha in Kelowna, BC was awarded the title of 2014 Yamaha Canadian Tech GP Champion!

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. National Manager - Service, Jeff Waite said “The Tech GP is a contest that pits the very best Yamaha technicians to promote Yamaha’s worldwide service network. For Canadian dealers and their technicians, Tech GP is a prestigious event rewarding their on-going training as well as a level of excellence and commitment.”

Second place was awarded to Greg Zeniuk from Riverside Yamaha in St-Albert, Alberta and rounding out the top three was Brett Hart from Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary, Alberta.

The journey doesn’t end here for Nick. In September, he will fly to Japan to represent Canada in the Yamaha Motor Technician World Championships. King will compete against Yamaha Technicians from across the globe for a chance at the World Championship title.


Yamaha Introduces Short Anime Series “Master of Torque”

Yamaha Motor Corporation has released an original anime series titled “Master of Torque”. The series focuses on the exploits of three young motorcyclists set in a semi-fictional future Tokyo.

This is the first time Yamaha Motor has created an anime series. The purpose is to present the adventures and joy that motorcycling brings to your life, as well as highlighting the very popular, recently released Yamaha FZ-09 and FZ-07.

The main character, Dan Amo, is a typical Japanese office worker with a dull, daytime job. However, he’s a natural biker with skills that few can match. Dan is constantly hounded by a freelance journalist and the elite heir to the Hyuga Corporation, a world leader in the electro-fiber industry—for reasons that are still unclear.

Past episodes are available on the Master of Torque website.

The site will release content introducing National Route 246 where the series takes place—a road made famous by video games and car culture—as well as interesting aspects of Tune in for the third episode on Friday June 13th and don’t miss the conclusion of the series on July 18th


Yamaha offer at Costco

Spotted this deal via an email from Costco. Looks like Yamaha is offering a discount to Costco members on the 2014 Bolt and the 2014 TT-R110E.

It's only at select dealerships in Ontario and Quebec.


New Corbin seats for the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09

Among the new offerings from Corbin are TWO seat models for Yamaha's new FZ-09.

There's a a solo Gunfighter model and a Gunfighter & Lady style for two up sport touring comfort. Both provide excellent rider comfort and clean, integrated looks. The Gunfighter is for for solo riding and the Gunfighter & Lady for comfortable two-up riding.


Yamaha's Win A Factory Ride

For Immediate Release – Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to announce the return of the popular ‘Win a Factory Ride’ award. One award will be given at each of the three biggest amateur motocross events in Canada. Last year’s big winners were Kyle Biro (WCAN), Raphael Lemieux &Tommy Dallaire (ECAN), and Dylan Wright (TransCan). Each won a ‘Factory Ride’ in addition to a $2500 parts credit!

Matt Fletcher, Yamaha’s Motorcycle Marketing Coordinator commented, “Racing takes a lot of time, effort and commitment. This award gives amateur Yamaha riders from coast to coast a chance to earn a Factory Ride and $2500 in parts and accessories for 2015. The award shows our commitment to amateur racing and our appreciation of their business. We want our customers to know they’re always a part of the Yamaha family and hopefully this helps do that.”

The award will be available at the Raymond Western Canadian Amateur National (July 2 – July 5), Deschambault Eastern Canadian Amateur National (July 25 - 26) and the grand finale, the Walton TransCan (August 13 – 17).

In 2014 you could ride away with a YZ of your choice AND $2500 parts credit

Walton Raceway’s Brett Lee commented, “The entire team at Walton Raceway is proud to have Yamaha and the Yamaha Factory Ride program as part of the Grand National Championship. This will mark the fourth year for the Yamaha Factory Ride and we are sure it will once again showcase the talent represented by the best Yamaha Amateur Athletes in Canada."

How Do You Win?

Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider will attain the most cumulative points for their finishes. Enter as many classes as you can to increase your chances!

The Rules:

- Contest open only to amateur Yamaha riders.
- You must be a resident of Canada.
- Your Yamaha must be a Canadian purchased unit.
- Rider cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.
- Winner is only eligible for one prize. (Cannot win at multiple events)


Yamaha FZ-07 launch

Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to introduce the newest member of the FZ family for 2015, the
Yamaha FZ-07!

The FZ-07 is a fun, naked sports bike powered by an all-new, liquid-cooled, 689cc, inline twin engine. It has been designed to provide deep, powerful torque in the most frequently used RPM range (3,000 to 6,500 rpm). On top of the all-new engine is the eye-catching, aggressive styling and outstanding value. Priced at $7,299, the all-new FZ-07 is following in the footsteps of the FZ-09 as a high quality motorcycle at an amazing price.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss, said “The all-new 2015 FZ-07 is a special breed of motorcycle that brings fun, affordability and riding enjoyment back to the street. This versatile naked roadster offers deep engine torque, a comfortable up-right riding position and a lightweight, easy to handle sports chassis. The FZ-07 is the perfect machine for new and experienced riders who are looking to conquer road at an outstanding value.”

The Yamaha FZ-07 will be arriving in dealerships by the end of June 2014 and be available in Matte Metallic Gray, Bluish White and Vivid Red.


Yamaha releases two more new models for 2014

The FZ-09 and Zuma X are here!

Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to introduce two more motorcycles for 2014!

The all-new FZ-09 is a naked sports roadster powered by an all-new liquid-cooled, 850 cc inline 3-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. This bike has been developed around the concept of a "Synchronized Performance" motorcycle, which allows a rider to enjoy the feeling of complete control in typical everyday riding situations. The FZ-09 is offered in Vivid Red or Dark Metallic Grey and will be available in dealerships in October.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss, said “Yamaha is very excited for the release of the new 3- cylinder, FZ-09. With all day riding comfort, powerful low and mid- range torque, excellent agility and weight and performance similar to an R6, the FZ-09 truly is the full package.”

Also new for 2014 is the Zuma X scooter. Based on the proven BW’s50F platform, the Zuma X includes all of the BW’s great features including its incredible fuel economy, in a package that is highlighted by its eye-catching ‘supersportstyling and single headlight. Available in Metallic Black & Yellow and Deep Purplish Metallic Blue & White, the Zuma X will be arriving at dealerships in December.

Bayliss continued “Hot on the heels of the Bolt and Bolt R-Spec release, the FZ-09 and Zuma X bring Yamaha’s total to four new motorcycle models for 2014. This is a sign of things to come. Yamaha is back and will continue to release new and exciting models moving forward.”

For more information on the FZ-09, Zuma X and all other models, visit:


'YamaBucks For You’ Returns

Yamaha Motor Canada is bringing back the popular ‘Yamabucks For You’ program. This program distributes thousands of dollars’ worth of Yamabucks to Yamaha enthusiasts across the country through motorcycle track days and amateur Enduro and ATV racing.

“The Yamabucks program is always a big hit. Customers across the country seem to really appreciate the support. However, we are the ones that are grateful. This program is a way for us to say thank you to many of the customers who have chosen Yamaha.” said Yamaha Race Director, Bryan Hudgin.

Racers will receive varying amounts based on their finishing position in the classes and events specified. Street motorcyclists who take their Yamaha to selected track day organizations will receive a one time, $75 Yamabuck at event registration. The Yamabuck certificate is redeemable at any local Yamaha dealer for purchase towards anything Yamaha Motor Canada sells including units, parts, accessories and apparel.

“For the racing portion of the program, amateur racers may not even need a top three finish to win Yamabucks. For example, if a racer finished 10th but was the third finishing Yamaha in the class, they would still be in the money.” relayed Hudgin.

All Yamabucks will be distributed by track and series promoters at the event or the conclusion of the series for which it is designated to. Only the events and organizations listed on our website will be in possession of Yamabucks. Offer is good only while supplies last.


Earn a Yamaha Factory Ride!

Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to announce the return of the popular ‘Win a Factory Ride’ award. One award will be given at each of the three biggest amateur motocross events in Canada. Last year’s big winners were Daniel McNaughton (WCAN), Dylan Wright (ECAN), Tanner Ward and Steven Anderson (TransCan). Each won a ‘Factory Ride’ in addition to a $2500 parts credit!

Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha’s Race Director commented, “We know racing is expensive, especially for the amateurs. What’s great about the Yamaha ‘Factory Ride’ award is, not only are we assisting amateur riders by giving them use of a YZ, but also access to our great accessory and gear partners like AXO, One Industries, Matrix and our own Yamalube and GYTR brands!”

With the award available at the Raymond Western Canadian Amateur National (June 26 - June 29), Deschambault Eastern Canadian Amateur National (July 26 - 28) and the Walton TransCan (August 14 - 17), Hudgin went on to discuss the importance of giving one award away at each event, “The award gives amateur Yamaha riders from coast to coast a chance to earn this prize. This award shows our commitment to amateur racing and our appreciation for their business. We want our customers to know they’re always a part of the Yamaha family and hopefully this helps to do that.”

In 2013, you could ride away on a YZ of your choice AND receive a $2500 parts credit!

How Do You Win?
Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider must attain the most cumulative points for their finishes. Enter as many classes as you can to increase your chances!

The Rules:
- Contest open only to amateur Yamaha riders.
- You must be a resident of Canada.
- Your Yamaha must be a Canadian purchased unit.
- Rider cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.
- Winner is only eligible for one prize. (Cannot win at multiple events)

Hudgin concluded, “If you race Raymond, Deschambault or Walton, make sure you’re doing it on a Yamaha. You may ride for free in 2014 on a Yamaha ‘Factory Ride’!”


2014 Yamaha Bolt 950

Yamaha Motor Canada is proud to introduce the 2014 Yamaha Bolt. Powered by the fuel-injected, 4-valve, V-Star 950 engine, the Bolt showcases an all-new “less is more” design.

Simple and compact, with a low seat height, the Bolt offers light, agile handling that instills rider confidence. A new breed of “crossover”, the Bolt is a blend of cruiser features in a chassis that offers a more natural, upright riding position. The Bolt is available in dealerships by the end of April and will be offered in Bluish White Cocktail and Metallic Black.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss said “A new ‘back to basics’ trend is emerging in the motorcycle world. Designers and custom builders are stepping back to a time when the mechanical beauty of a motorcycle was highlighted in its design. The Bolt’s simple design, compact styling and V-twin power combine to offer an incredibly fun riding experience.”

Beginning in June, over 40 bolt-on accessories will be offered for the Yamaha Bolt. Everything from windshields to rims and saddlebags will be available to help personalize your Bolt.

The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec will be available in dealerships by mid-summer 2013. The R-Spec model features premium gas charged piggyback shocks, a special upgraded seat finish and gas tank logo design. The Bolt R-Spec will be available in Matte Metallic Gray and High Sparkle Green.

With a MSRP of only $8,999 for the Yamaha Bolt and $9,199 for the Bolt R-Spec, less really is more!


Rockstar Energy/Yamaha OTSFF signs Shawn Maffenbeiber

OTSFF Sports Marketing Group’s Andre Laurin is pleased to announce the signing of Shawn Maffenbeier to Team Rockstar Energy Yamaha for the 2013 CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals.

The Swift Current, SK native will campaign the MX2 National Championship for the factory team aboard the new YZ250 2-stroke.

“We believe in Shawn’s potential to make a dent in the MX2 title hunt and we’re glad to have him aboard for the season,” said Laurin. “Shawn has a long history riding Yamaha product, which should make the transition to our team a smooth one for him.”

Maffenbeier, who won pretty well every amateur motocross championship in his home province of Saskatchewan at one time or another, made his breakthrough on the CMRC Nationals scene during the 2011 motocross season, when he traded his No. 23 plate for a noteworthy No. 6 in the MX1 class.
The highly anticipated 2012 season proved to be filled with highs and lows for Maffenbeier, which saw him finish the MX1 points chase with a No. 10 ranking. Maffenbeier experienced consistency issues and finding the right focus, something he hopes to put behind him this year.

“I’m quite excited to have been presented with the opportunity to sign with Rockstar Energy Yamaha, OTSFF. I’m looking forward to the challenge of contesting the MX2 class, and I’m definitely aiming for the No.1 plate,” Maffenbeier said.


Yamaha FJR1300 and V-Star 1300 showcased in Toronto

For the 2013 Toronto Motorcycle Show, Yamaha Motor Canada will be displaying the newly released FJR1300 and V-Star 1300 Deluxe. This will be the first time both models will be on display for the public since their October launch. There will also be a stripped down FJR1300 for everyone to get a closer look into Yamaha’s sophisticated sport tourer.

The Yamaha Riding Academy is back! Introduce your child to motorcycles in a safe, controlled manner with certified instruction for free! Also at the Yamaha Riding Academy will be scooter demo rides. You’ve seen them around town, here’s your chance to try out a Yamaha scooter for free! Stop by the booth for more details.

Visit our Yamalube display to see why it’s the best oil to put in your bike. But it doesn’t stop with just oil; we have a full line of quality care products to better maintain your Yamaha.
Also at our booth this year is Bobby Kiniry’s #2 YZ450F. Swing by to get a closer look at the bike that was tearing up the track all summer long.

Follow us on twitter (@yamahamotorca) and Facebook ( for your chance to win some great giveaways. Including men’s and women’s riding jackets, shirts, bracelets and posters!

Visit Yamaha at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, December 7th, 8th and 9th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Job opportunities at Yamaha Motors Canada

If you're in the market for a new job and motorcycle also happen to be your thing, there's a couple job openings at Yamaha Motors Canada that you might be interested in:

Administrative Assistant (Bilingual)

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is an innovative and dynamic player in the leisure vehicle industry. A career at Yamaha means being involved in the leading edge of the leisure vehicle industry. Employees are offered a supportive work environment with training and development programs to help them grow and achieve their career goals. We offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. currently seeks a candidate for the position of Administrative Assistant (Bilingual) for our Sales & Marketing Department located at our Head Office in Toronto, ON.

The Administrative Assistant (Bilingual) will primarily facilitate communication within the Corporate and Sales & Marketing departments.

Key Responsibilities:

- Improve efficiency and facilitate communication within the Corporate and Sales & Marketing departments by preparing correspondence, receiving, returning and redirecting phone calls and completing other administrative tasks.
- Act as the first line of contact for Sales and Marketing staff. Act as the first line of contact for all Corporate calls, check voicemail messages when Corporate staff are out of the office.
- Prepare and distribute all internal incoming and outgoing correspondence, computer reports, mail and KPI reports. Complete responsibilities within one day of receipt.
- Administer payment of all Sales & Marketing internal and regional invoices by preparation of internal cheque requisitions ensuring proper authorization is obtained by the appropriate manager.
- Working within company policies, coordinate all travel arrangements for Corporate and Sales and Marketing staff. This includes airline, hotel, rental cars and other related items.
- Coordinate internal and external Sales and Marketing meetings; i.e. travel arrangements, dealer show coordination, hotel & restaurant reservations, and boardroom bookings.
- Prepare monthly output reports for department managers.
- Manage Division calendar including all meeting schedules and project status.
- Prepare and distribute all aspects of the monthly retail sales awards.
- Other duties as assigned.

Qualification & Skills:

- Bilingualism (French/English) is required
- 2-3 of related experience is required.
- Excellent organization, communication and customer service skills.
- Excellent computer skills proficient in MS Office programs.
- Excellent problem solving skills with attention to detail.

Please forward your resume, including a cover letter and salary expectations, to:


Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.
480 Gordon Baker Road,
Toronto, ON M2H 3B4

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is committed to employment equity. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No agencies please.

Marketing Events Coordinator

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is an innovative and dynamic player in the leisure vehicle industry. A career at Yamaha means being involved in the leading edge of the leisure vehicle industry. Employees are offered a supportive work environment with training and development programs to help them grow and achieve their career goals. We offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. currently seeks a candidate for the position of Marking Events Coordinator for our Marketing Department located at our Head Office in Toronto, ON.

The Marketing Events Coordinator will primarily coordinate activities associated with our participation in consumer/trade shows and dealer conferences.

Key Responsibilities:

- Coordinate all corporate events, consumer shows, demo rides etc. This includes overseeing of event contracts, marketing support materials, staffing schedules, internal and external communications, transportation of displays, product etc. Ensure events adhere to budgetary parameters.
- Maintain an up to date and accurate “Annual Event Schedule”.
- Coordinate the reservation of and sales of all loan units required to support the event requirements.
- Oversee all cross promotional opportunities. Review and share recommendations. Initiate new opportunities, proof promotional materials, coordinate giveaways and maintain accurate records of all transactions.
- Assist in the management of corporate sponsorships. Review opportunities, draft letters of agreements and ensure all important aspects of these agreements are performed as negotiated.
- Assist in the coordination of the “Summer Event Team”.
- Assist in the execution of special projects as required.

Qualification & Skills:

- Post secondary education in Marketing or related field.
- Excellent organization, communication and computer skills.
- Attention to detail.
- Excellent problem solving skills.
- Must be comfortable lifting heavy items.
- Able to work evenings and weekends.
- Must have a valid class “G” drivers license and be comfortable driving a cube van.
- Bilingualism will be considered an asset.

Please forward your resume, including a cover letter and salary expectations, to:


Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.
480 Gordon Baker Road,
Toronto, ON M2H 3B4

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is committed to employment equity. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No agencies please.


2013 Yamaha motorcycle Canadian lineup

Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to introduce our 2013 motorcycles. This year’s lineup is highlighted by the new FJR1300 and V-Star 1300 Deluxe.

New for 2013, the FJR1300 sets the benchmark against which all other sport touring motorcycles are measured. New state-of-the-art innovations include electronic cruise control, traction control system, drive-mode that lets you select performance character, meter panel design with advanced styling and function, and a new aerodynamic front cowl for improved comfort on long distance rides.

Also new for 2013 is the V-Star 1300 Deluxe. The world’s first production midsize “bagger” is loaded with features including: a fuel injected, liquid cooled 1300cc V-Twin, stylish fork mounted fairings, hard shell saddlebags, iPod/iPhone ready audio system and a Garmin Zumo 665 Navigation system.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss said “The new FJR1300 is attracting lots of very positive feedback. A number of customers have already stepped up and left deposits with our dealers, without even seeing the bike in person! This tells us the designers and engineers have done a great job. We are also very excited by the new V-Star 1300 Deluxe. This mid-size “bagger” fills a gap in the market place. The V-Star 1300 Deluxe is truly in a class by itself and offers incredible comfort and convenience for a variety of riders”.

Both these bikes will have their official Canadian unveiling at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, December 7th-9th. You can also see them across the country throughout winter (see schedule below).

Come by the Yamaha booth and take a closer look at the FJR1300, V-Star 1300 Deluxe and all the other 2013 Yamaha motorcycles.

To find a motorcycle show near you, click HERE

To check out the entire Canadian Yamaha 2013 line, visit the Yamaha page HERE.


Yamaha Gives Away TWO Factory Rides at Walton TransCan!

Steven Anderson of Hillsburgh, ON, and Tanner Ward of Bright, ON both received   Factory Rides at the Walton TransCan Amateur Motorcross Nationals on Aug 14-19.

Ward was initially awarded the prize on Saturday’s award ceremony after the Amateur races had concluded. However, a scoring error was found later and the points were re-calculated. The actual top Yamaha point getter was Steven Anderson.

“Unfortunately, there was a miscalculation that was out of our control and we originally awarded the final Factory Ride to Tanner”, said Bryan Hudgin, Marketing Supervisor and Race Director for Yamaha Motor Canada. Hudgin continued “After meeting Tanner, seeing his excitement and the Ward family’s dedication to Yamaha, I really struggled with the idea of taking the award back. So, we gave out two factory rides this weekend.”

Anderson tops in points with a total of 137 racing the MX1, MX2 and MX3 junior classes.

The Walton TransCan race week concluded the 2012 Factory Ride Award contest. Four winners across the country have won YZ’s of their choice and collected $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2013 race season.

Be sure to get on a Yamaha next year, you could win a factory ride!


Yamaha announces parts and accessories pricing drop

Yamaha has dramatically altered pricing on over 135,000 of their parts and accessories! The change in pricing has allowed Yamaha to be more competitive with aftermarket, online and foreign vendors. Some items have been decreased over 50%!

The pricing alignment covers all product groups that Yamaha sells, from the smallest engine components to the largest bolt-on accessories. The changes aren’t limited to obscure, dated, highly stocked parts. Some of Yamaha’s popular ‘fast moving’ parts have received some sizeable decreases.  Here's some examples:

Yamaha’s National Manager, Parts & Accessories Sales, Jay Bretherick, commented on the massive pricing overhaul, “Yamaha customers can now get the quality, fit, and finish of Genuine Yamaha Parts & Accessories at a price comparable to those products supplied by other vendors. We feel that if given similar pricing, most customers would prefer to use OEM equipment for its quality and fitment advantages.”

Yamaha parts and accessories are developed in conjunction with the unit and are specifically made for a Yamaha, not an ill-fitting universal product designed for different makes and models.

Bretherick went on to say, “If you visit, you’ll see we’ve highlighted over 1100 accessories that have had a 10% or greater decrease from the original MSRP. When you factor in the tens of thousands of parts that were also impacted, this is some of the biggest news to come from Yamaha Motor Canada in quite some time. ”

If you’re looking to accessorize, repair or freshen up your Yamaha with new parts, be sure to look at Yamaha first.


McNaughton Earns a Yamaha Factory Ride

Daniel McNaughton Earns a Factory Ride!
Yamaha Rider is the First to Earn a Factory Ride at Raymond WCAN!

Daniel McNaughton used consistent finishes in MX3 Junior B, MX2 Junior B and School Boy to take the first Yamaha Factory Ride Award for 2012.

The Rumsey, AB native steered his 2010 YZ250F to 4th overall in Junior B, 4th overall in Schoolboy and a 2nd overall in MX3 Junior B to collect the most points of any Yamaha rider at the Western Amateur National.

For his efforts, McNaughton will get the use of a YZ of his choice for 2013 along with $2500 in parts and accessories.

I was told I was in contention after Day 2, and I knew going into the last moto that I had to get at least a 15th in order to earn the ride.” McNaughton commented.

“It was a little nerve-wracking but I brought it home. I buy all my Yamahas at Romar Powersports, so it will be nice to walk a YZ out the door without having to pay this time! Thanks Yamaha!”

The Factory Ride Awards will continue this weekend at the Eastern Canadian Amateur National at Deschambault and conclude for 2012 at the Walton TransCan in August. Two more Yamaha riders still have the opportunity to ride a YZ of their choice and collect $2500 in parts and accessories in 2013.

Will it be you?


Job openings at Yamaha Canada

Yamaha's looking for a few people to fill some spots. Maybe it's you?

District Sales Manager -Quebec

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is an innovative and dynamic player in the leisure vehicle industry. A career at Yamaha means being involved in the leading edge of the leisure vehicle industry. Employees are offered a supportive work environment with training and development programs to help them grow and achieve their career goals. We offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. seeks a professional candidate for the position of District Sales Manager, in the Quebec region. This role is based out of our Montreal Branch office.

As a District Sales Manager, you will implement Yamaha Motor’s sales and marketing policies and develop our dealer network to achieve sales targets by increasing retail and wholesale market shares.

Key responsibilities include:

- Achieve dealer network targets by maintaining or replacing existing dealers and appointing new dealers in open areas.
- Maintain a high level of communication with Yamaha dealers and head office by frequent dealer contact and dealer visits.
- Complete weekly and monthly reports on territory sales and market analysis.
- Work with the Parts and Accessories sales team to ensure corporate sales targets are met.

Qualification and Skills:

-Bilingualism (French/English) is required.
- 3-5 years related experience.
- Extensive knowledge of Yamaha products.
- Ability to travel extensively.
- Excellent organization, communication and computer skills.

Please forward your resume, including cover letter and salary expectations to:

480 Gordon Baker Rd.
Toronto, ON M2H 3B4

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is committed to employment equity. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No agencies please.

Assistant Technical Specialist, Motorsports

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. currently seeks an Assistant Technical Specialist, Motorsports for our Service Department located at our Head Office in Toronto, ON.

The Assistant Technical Specialist, Motorsports will primarily assist the Technical Manager on designated Yamaha product lines.

Key Responsibilities:

- Assist with research and distribution of technical and market information to appropriate parties. Produce status reports for each of the designated product groups
- Assist with the production for technical bulletins, tips and service seminar materials for the dealer body and assist with the distribution to field staff
- Assist in field testing and product evaluations including competitive product to assist the Technical Manager
- Assist Technical Manager with other department technical inquiries on accessory development and customer relations matters. This includes support for accessory development and planning

Qualification and Skills:

- Excellent organization, communication and computer skills
- Knowledge of Yamaha Motor products and a passion for the industry
- Related technical service experience and/or education
- Bilingualism (English/French) will be considered an asset

Please forward your resume, including a cover letter and salary expectations, to:

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.
480 Gordon Baker Road,
Toronto, ON M2H 3B4

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is committed to employment equity. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No agencies please.


Miller Motorsports Park Up Next for Ben Young

After missing the third round of the 2012 AMA Pro Road Racing season at Infineon Raceway, BYR/FOGI Racing’s Ben Young is eager to get back in the mix this weekend as AMA Pro Road Racing returns to Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Valley, Utah for the BigM Weekend on May 26-28.

Not only will this weekend highlight the best road racing in North America, AMA Pro Road Racing will share the spotlight with the stars of the Superbike World Championship as it makes it’s only stop in North America. This particular event schedule consists of single races for each of the AMA Pro Road Racing classes. Conveniently located just 25 minutes west of Salt Lake City, this event will feature a fantastic range of activities as part of The BigM Weekend, Utah’s Memorial Day tradition, mixing motorcycles, live music and a major military tribute.

Although the young Scottish-Canadian was absent from the AMA Pro GoPro Daytona Sporbike grid at Infineon he kept himself busy training, and making additional improvements to his Scotbuild/Yamaha R6 as well as spending some time at a locally organized trackday at Calabogie Motorsports Park.

Collingwood-based custom home builder and long time associate sponsor Scotbuild will be featured on Young’s  #86 Yamaha R6 for not only Miller Motorsports Park’s BigM Weekend but also at the following weekend’s Subway SuperBike Doubleheader at Road America.

“Scotbuild has been a sponsor since my 125/250 days racing in the USGPRU and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for the team to show its appreciation with a new Scotbuild-themed livery designed by The Graphix Factory.” said FOGI Racing’s young apprentice.

Young commented. “We were disappointed we missed Infineon but I can’t wait to get back out there at Miller Motorsports Park.  The last time I was at Miller I was testing the Aprilia RS125 GP machine with Veloce Racing in 2010 for the Indy wildcard entry.  I will know some of the track configuration we will be running for the Daytona Sporbike class which is a bonus.  I am very confident we will run well and give the Scotbuild livery a well deserved showing.”


Yamaha’s ‘Right Here Right Now’ Promotion is Back!

Win Your Yamaha or $5000 

Yamaha’s ‘Right Here Right Now’ program has returned. This means great savings for customers purchasing a Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, outboard, snowmobile, side-by-side, WaveRunner, Sport Boat, or Power Product. On top of this, starting May 15th until June 30th, any customer purchasing a new unit could win the Yamaha they bought, while still qualifying for the cash savings!

“We have some great savings across our entire 2012 Yamaha lineup” said National Manager, Marketing, Tim Kennedy. “The ‘Right Here Right Now’ sales event and ‘Win Your Yamaha’ promotion are intended to inform our customers that the best time to buy a new Yamaha is now. Even Yamaha fans without a purchase during these events can enter and win $5000 for anything found”

For more details on both events, see your local dealer or visit Yamaha's website - HERE.


Motopark and Yamaha Team Up

Yamaha Motor Canada and Motopark have joined forces to give riders the full off-road experience at Canada’s longest serving motocross facility, with Yamaha now being the exclusive rental bike at the famed track.

Riders can rent a Yamaha of their choice at the Chatsworth, Ontario track. With trail bikes as small as the electric starting TTR50E all the way up to the YZ250F for the more experienced motocross rider. Iain Hayden and Zeb Dennis, Motopark’s President and head instructor, will be on the championship winning YZ450F for teaching, racing and of course, just having fun.

PR Specialist and Race Director Bryan Hudgin said “Yamaha   always looks to be involved at the grassroots level. What excited us about Motopark is the facility and the opportunities riders have here. Riders can come for the weekend and take lessons or riding schools, while having accommodations available as well. Iain’s made some big changes to the track and it’s been for the better. If you’ve never rode before, Motopark is a fantastic place to try a Yamaha.”

With regards to the partnership, Iain Hayden, Motopark’s President, said “Yamaha came to us and was looking to provide some bikes so we can get more people riding. We share the idea that we want people to have fun, but also get more people riding. Through my background with Yamaha, I know they make a great product and I am thrilled to have their bikes at our facility. “

For track information and everything else visit Motopark


Yamabucks for you

Yamaha Motor Canada is bringing back the popular ‘Yamabucks for You’ program. The promotion distributes over $40,000 of Yamabuck gift certificates to Yamaha enthusiasts across Canada through motorcycle track days and amateur MX, Enduro and ATV racing.

PR Specialist, Bryan Hudgin said “We’re bringing back our ‘Yamabucks for You program’ for the 4th straight year because of the outstanding feedback we’ve received from customers. They love the support at the track and amateur race levels. This is a great way to say thank you for representing us and riding a Yamaha.”

Street motorcyclists who take their Yamaha to selected track day organizations will receive a one time, $75 Yamabuck certificate at event registration. Amateur racers will receive varying amounts based on their finishing position in the classes and events specified. “What’s great about the racing portion is that it doesn’t matter where you finish overall,” relayed Hudgin. “As long as you’re one of the top 3 Yamaha’s, you’re in the money.”

The Yamabuck certificate is redeemable at any Yamaha dealer for purchase towards anything Yamaha Motor Canada sells, including units, parts, accessories and apparel.

All Yamabucks will be distributed by track and series promoters at the event or upon the conclusion of the series for which it is designated. Offer is good only while supplies last.

Get your Yamaha to the track this season. There could be more than just an adrenaline rush in it for you!


Yamaha XTW250 Off-trail Camping Motorcycle Concept

Here's some video of the Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU Off-trail camping motorcycle concept that was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. Pretty cool!

It features a 250cc engine and some pretty custom features to make it 'the' perfect motorcycle for some off-road camping.

The folks at Yamaha describe it as “a reliable tool for people who love the outdoors.”

It's purely a concept so don't go looking for this one any time soon!

Some highlights:

- Small trail motorcycle with utilitarian character
- Big tires like a TW200
- Protective elements like crashbars and other heavy duty racks
- 100V accessory plugs to power campsite gear and act as a generator
- Cooling fans
- Removable engine guard that can be used as a shovel


Halifax International Motorcycle Show brings motorcycles to downtown

The Halifax International Motorcycle Show is kicking-off their inaugural gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts at the Cunard Centre on February 17-19, 2012. Industry leading motorcycle  manufacturers and accessory products will be on site and under one big roof.Major manufacturers and dealer representatives will be there to answer your questions and provide you with an opportunity to throw a leg over the latest machines or try on the latest gear.

With 45,000 square foot of column free floor space the Cunard Centre sits on the scenic Halifax waterfront with big bright windows overlooking the harbour. The event and venue offer up a powerful mixture of salty sea air and visual stimulation. Anticipated attendance is expected to approach 20,000 and draw attendees from all the Atlantic provinces and beyond.

With the top motorcycle manufacturer product lines represented this event is the first of its kind east of Quebec.The show has attracted a lot of industry attention and support in this first year. Kawasaki Canada chose the event as one of the few venues to bring their national tour. They will be showcasing the hottest 2012 models like the supersport ZX-14R, KX450F motocross, cruisers from their revered Vulcan ine-up, street/touring, dual-purpose, and off-road motorcycles.

Event organizer Tim Leslie indicates,"Halifax is the gateway to Atlantic Canada, and its largest city. There's a vibrant and active motorcycle culture here, which makes Halifax the perfect location for a world-class motorcycle show. We're excited to be bringing the best the motorcycle world has to offer to downtown Halifax and already making plans for next year!"

With motorcycles from all the top brands, this event will be the first, and only, opportunity to see many of these machines in Nova Scotia before they appear in dealerships in the spring.There's going to be some rare models too that you might not otherwise get a chance to see at all except in the pages of a magazine. Motorcycles like the limited production Norton Commando 961. With production of this bike limited to 200 models they're sure to be very rare. Zero Motorcycles is sending some of the first production 2012 electric motorcycles in Canada to Halifax to be displayed at the show.

Aside from all the special interest motorcycles, enthusiasts of every level will find something to surprise and delight from new 2012 models and the latest in accessories to unique touring destinations. Cruisers, sport bikes, off-road, trials, touring, sport/adventure touring, even 2WD sidecar motorcycles - there's going to be something for everybody.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran motorcyclist or just somebody with a passing interest there will be something to excite you at the Halifax International Motorcycle Show.


Halifax International Motorcycle Show
February 17 to 19, 2012

Cunard Centre
961 Marginal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 4P7

Friday, February 17, 2012: 5 pm – 8pm
Saturday, February 18, 2012: 10 am –8 pm
Sunday, February 19, 2012: 10 am – 5pm

- $10 in advance at the show website(
- $15 at the door

Free parking all weekend (Friday after 4PM).


Moncton Motorcycle Show opens Feb. 10, 2012

The Atlantic Motorcycle and ATV show opens its doors this Friday (February 10th, 2012) and runs through to Sunday.

Here's the full details on the event:

The Atlantic Motorcycle and ATV Show will roar into Moncton, this Friday thru Sunday. This event will encompass the entire Moncton Coliseum complex and will showcase the latest products for motorcycle, ATV and off-road enthusiasts available on the market today. The nation’s leading manufacturers will be well represented and visitors will not be left disappointed.

The Atlantic Motorcycle and ATV Show is one of 7 successful, national manufacturer supported motorcycle shows from coast to coast. Owned by the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council (MMIC) this event is the only show of its kind and caliber in Atlantic Canada. Since 2008, the event has delivered over 50,000 qualified buyers who have enjoyed the biggest and best names in motosports.

Show Manager Scott Sprague is revved up about the 2012 edition of this event. “Being a part of this huge chain of manufacturer supported shows is phenomenal. For a visitor to be able to see a booth that is the same display at the MMIC-COHV Shows in Toronto, Vancouver or elsewhere right in Moncton, the hub of the Maritimes, is fantastic and convenient for all of Atlantic Canada and beyond,” said Sprague.

The Atlantic Motorcycle and ATV Show is where Atlantic Canada RIDES and BUYS! Visitors will be shopping the show and trying that new ATV or Motorcycle on for size and discussing the purchase with their local dealer plus getting all of those tough questions answered right from manufacturer representatives. Visitors can take home awesome deals on parts & accessories, clothing and apparel and so much more. The event is also the leading venue to meet the organizers of local rallies, motorcycle and ATV clubs, destinations, anything and everything to do with the lifestyle that comes with this pastime.

Visitors can enter to win His and Hers Riding Gear compliments of Speed and Strength Gear and Toys for Big Boys. Simply fill out a ballot and it could be you!

Triumph Motorcycles have come out in a big way this year with several custom show bikes including the Tom Cruise Mi3 Scrambler, the Orange County Choppers Triumph Retro Bonneville Custom and many more. Also Triumph, in partnership with Atlantic Motoplex will be presenting Juno Award Winner, Clayton Bellamy of the Road Hammers. Clayton will appear on stage performing during ladies night and in the Triumph booth alongside THE WILD ONE.’ Sucker Punch Sally builds us a modern day BRANDO WILD CHILD, this Bird will be ridden in the release video of Clayton’s new album. See them both at the show.

This year’s highlights include the Yamaha Riding Academy for kids that will also feature ALL NEW ATV training for youth. ATV Training available upon request. In addition to that there will be Yamaha Scooter School training, especially appealing to the ladies; this will be held on Friday and Saturday evening.

And speaking of the ladies, join us on Saturday night from 5 pm – 9 pm when it’s free admission for ladies night, when a regular admission is purchased. There will be special prizes and giveaways just for women, plus our fashion show at 7 and Ladies Scooter training at 8.

The Women on Wheels Fashion Show will also be on each day so be sure to check out the terrific line up of manufacturers clothing modeled on stage from Yamaha, Honda, Harley Davidson, KTM, Victory, Ducati, Suzuki, Triumph and BMW.

And join world rider, Rene Cormier, as he talks passionately about his moto-adventures through Africa and beyond. Meeting him is an adventure YOU won’t want to miss. Also, visitors can check out the all new show and shine featuring local motorcycles. Proceeds to benefit the Bernice McNaughton Bike Club.

Join special guests from River Glade Speedway, as they celebrate 35 years and showcase some of the hottest bikes from the 70s right there on display including a slide show of racing at the track from past and present. The bikes that will have on display for comparison purposes are a 1977 Cr-125 Honda, a 1987 CR-125 Honda as well as a 1997 CR-125 Honda. There will also be a 1979 Can-Am MX-5 250. These Honda's will illustrate the many changes the bikes have undergone over the years. Although 125's are no longer made for the most part, as the 250 4-stroke took over that class of racing we will most likely have a four stoke on hand as well to show further enhancements. These bikes will show the progression from air cooled to liquid engines, from drum brakes to disc brakes, steel frames to aluminum frames and from four inches of suspension travel to twelve. Also, horse power more than doubled over the years!


Tier Motorsports patented four-bar steering mechanism

Came across a Sunnyvale, California company called Tier Motorsports who are doing some interesting stuff with the front end of a Yamaha WR 250. They've developed a four bar front swing arm suspension kit.

According to their website their "patented Four-Bar Steering Mechanism is the only steering design unaffected by uneven terrain. Road imperfections tending to steer your front wheel will not be fed back into the handlebars like on standard forks equipped motorcycles. Light steering in mug or sand also comes standard on Tier Motorsports equipped bikes."

It's still in development stages but they've got a short working prototype video on their Facebook page. 

Check it out - HERE

When the kits do become available (later this year according to their website) they're expected to have an MSRP of $2,950 USD and will include all necessary parts for a “plug and play” installation:

• Front swing arm
• Front wheel with tire
• In-hub Four-Bar steering mechanism, patent pending
• Swing arm frame attachment cradle
• All necessary hardware


Dylan Kaelin to race the Yamaha Hully Gully Motorsports YZ250F for 2012

Dylan Kaelin is stepping aboard the championship-winning YZ250F to contest the 2012 Canadian Motocross Nationals.

Kaelin has his eye on podium finishes for 2012 after a promising sophomore season that saw him earn top 10 finishes, including two in the top 5 at the last two races of the season.

“I’m so happy to have locked up this deal with Yamaha and Hully Gully for 2012,” related a pleased Kaelin. “I’ve put a lot of work into my program the last couple years, despite some injuries, and it seems Yamaha has noticed. This year, I want to cement myself as one of the top MX2 riders in Canada and consistently get on the podium.

Chuck Collins of Hully Gully Motorsports in London, ON relayed, “We’ve known Dylan for years now. We actually sold him his first bike, a Yamaha PW50! He has always had a great attitude and it’s a pleasure to have him represent Hully Gully at both the local and national level. He’s a fantastic representative to spearhead our motocross racing efforts.”

Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha’s race director, commented on signing Kaelin for 2012. “Dylan’s got a lot of upside. He’s young, fast, dedicated, and approachable. There’s a lot of room to grow here at Yamaha with our racing program and this could be Dylan’s coming out party. I think he’ll surprise a lot of people this year with just how competitive he will be. He’s another quality piece for our race program.”

Kaelin’s plan is to train in the US for most of February before coming back to represent Yamaha and Hully Gully in the South Western Ontario regional series for April and May.

Kaelin concluded with, “When the gate drops at Nanaimo, I’ll know I’ve put in the work to be mixing it up at the top, and that confidence is half the battle. I’m really looking forward to this season and letting my riding do the talking.”


More good news for Ben Young

Indiana-based Four Feathers Racing’s team principal Scotty Van Hawk has signed on to mentor and provide race strategy support to BYR / Fogi Racing’s development rider Ben Young for his debut at America’s most historic motorcycle event, the Daytona 200. Young, aboard his Tim Hortons-Sudbury/Yamaha R6 will take to the legendary Daytona International Speedway on March 15-17th 2012.

Toyota/Lucas Oil backed Four Feathers Racing (4FR) has a long history at the historic venue contesting their first Daytona 200 in 1997. In the past fifteen years 4FR has experienced nearly all that can happen on the high banks earning many respectable finishes through hard work and persistence.

Young, who resides in Thornbury Ontario Canada, will be shown the ropes of the Daytona 200 event by 4FR’s owner and founder Scotty Van Hawk.  Van Hawk is no stranger to the Daytona circuit as he has raced there numerous times himself and has assisted other notable riders over the years such as 2007 Daytona 200 winner Steve Rapp and 2012 World SuperSport rookie Josh Day.

Van Hawk met the eighteen year old Scottish/Canadian rider last year at Mid Ohio and was able to spend some time with him and his family at the AMA RRGC.  Mutual friend and sponsor, Geoff Maloney of GP Tech was instrumental in facilitating the relationship.

Since then Fogi Racing’s Team Manager Scott Young and Van Hawk have kept in touch and the idea of Toyota/Lucas Oil backed 4FR assisting Young at Daytona and hopefully beyond became evident as both 4FR and Fogi Racing Development Team are striving to achieve the same goals; to cultivate future champions.

"We like to surround ourselves with good people and the Youngs are just that, a family team with ethics and morals. They run a good program and provide quality representation to their team partners.” said Van Hawk. “We are excited to work with Ben and we know it will be a potent partnership." Van Hawk concluded.

Fogi Racing’s team manager, Scott Young is delighted with the joint venture. He stated: “4FR and Van Hawk’s support will be a great asset for Ben to compete in the Daytona 200.  It will also give him an advantage at the opening round and will put him in good stead for the remainder of the season.”  Young added, “We are looking forward to working with Scotty and 4FR and becoming long-time partners in our sport.”


Earn a Yamaha Factory Ride

Yamaha Motor Canada is expanding its popular ‘Win a Factory Ride’ award to three of the biggest amateur motocross events in Canada!

At the 2011 Parts Canada Walton TransCan, RJ Marnoch accumulated the most points of any amateur Yamaha rider. For his efforts, RJ has been awarded the use of a YZ of his choice and a $2500 parts credit for the 2012 race season.

Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha’s Race Director commented, “I think RJ was a little surprised last year when he realized what he had won. The prize not only includes the use of a YZ, but also access to our great accessory and gear partners like AXO, One Industries, FMF, Matrix and our own Yamalube and GYTR brands, so there’s a lot of value!”

With the announcement that the award is available at the Raymond Western Canadian Amateur National (June 29 - July 2) and the Deschambault Eastern Canadian Amateur National (July 7 – 8) in addition to the Walton TransCan, Hudgin went on to talk about why Yamaha expanded the program, “The expansion now gives Yamaha riders from coast to coast a chance to earn this prize. It also shows our commitment to amateur racing and our appreciation for their business. We want our customers to know they’re always a part of the Yamaha family and hopefully this helps to do that.”

How Do You Win?

Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider must attain the most cumulative points for their finishes. Enter as many classes as you can to increase your chances!

The Rules:

- Contest open only to amateur riders.
- You must be a resident of Canada.
- Your Yamaha must be a Canadian purchased unit.
- Rider cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.
- Winner is only eligible for one prize. (Cannot win at multiple events)

On top of the ‘Factory Ride’ award, Yamaha will continue with their ‘Yamabucks For You’ campaign for the Walton, Raymond and Deschambault events. The top 3 Yamaha riders in each class will collect $75, $50 and $25 in Yamabucks, no matter their finishing position.

Hudgin concluded, “If you race Raymond, Deschambault or Walton, make sure you’re doing it on a Yamaha. You may ride for free in 2013 on a ‘Factory Ride’ or at least get a little extra money to spend at your dealer!”


Yamaha drops prices for 2012

Popular models like Raider, Road Star, V-Star 950, R1, R6, YZ125 see BIG decreases! (For immediate release) - Yamaha Motor Canada has announced sizeable price reductions to most of their 2012 motorcycles, including models like the Raider, V-Star 950 and R1! This is great news for Canadian customers as suggested retail pricing gets more in line with those offered in the United States. “Due to market fluctuations and inventory levels, we weren’t able to address the pricing gaps of the last few years as quickly as we would have liked”, commented Peter Swanton, National Sales Manager, Motorsports for Yamaha Canada. “But to kick off 2012, we’re well positioned to bring about this price reduction. Yamaha customers can now get many models for the same price they would have paid 7 or 8 years ago, even with the product technological advances that have happened in the meantime.” While some prices remain unchanged, many key models, including those listed below, have seen significant reductions:
2011 PRICE
2012 PRICE
- $3,600
Roadstar Silverado S
- $3,700
Royal Star Venture S
- $3,900
V-Star 950 Tourer
- $1,100
V-Star 250
- $1,000
YZF – R1
- $1,800
YZF – R6
- $1,300
FJR 1300
- $3200
- $900
- $1,000
- $1,000
- $800

Swanton added, “We have great sales programs to complement this change and we’re ready to get Canadians putting quality Yamaha motorcycles back at the top of their wish lists. At Yamaha, customers come first and we’re always welcoming new members to the Yamaha family.”


Yamaha releases 2012 TMAX

Yamaha releases All-New 2012 TMAX: The styling and flare of a sport bike; the comfort and practicality of a scooter

Yamaha’s 2012 TMAX is the ‘R1’ of the scooter world. Other than its step-through design, the all-new TMAX features sport bike inspired torque, handling and braking power!

“The TMAX is a very interesting machine,” says Yamaha Motor Canada’s Motorcycle Product Manager, John Bayliss. “For sure it’s practical, comfortable and fuel efficient like most scooters, but the TMAX also offers a very exciting ride. From the engine and chassis, to brakes and suspension, the TMAX features impressive performance in every category. Even the most skilled rider would be amazed with its ability to react like a sport bike!”

Inside the TMAX is a 530cc, fuel-injected 4-stroke engine that delivers instant throttle response and great power; a unique, CF die cast aluminum frame contributes to its sporty handling, and large diameter wheels and motorcycle inspired suspension create an agile yet stable ride. This machine is great for zipping through busy downtown traffic, but equally as comfortable cruising along major highways.

Complementing its high performance character, the TMAX also features outstanding details, like an angular instrument panel, new headlights and height-adjustable windscreen.


TapOut autograph signing at Yamaha booth - Toronto MC Show

Attention fight fans: this is your chance to get up close and personal with two of mixed martial arts biggest stars, Punkass and SkySkrape!

The fearless leaders and faces of the TapOut brand, Punkass and SkySkrape are in Toronto supporting the second coming of UFC to Ontario, which kicks off Saturday December 10 at the Air Canada Centre. While they are in town, Punkass and Skrape are dropping by Yamaha’s booth at the Toronto Motorcycle Show to interact with fans and show off the custom, one-of-a-kind TapOut Edition YZF-R1.

Don’t miss out!

TapOut Autograph Signing
Saturday December 10
Noon to 1pm
Metro Convention Centre - Yamaha booth

For complete details, show times and directions, please visit


Yamaha's "Why Do You Yamaha?" Contest.

Continuing with their grassroots advertising approach, Yamaha Motor Canada is spotlighting real world Yamaha owners in their 2012 ad campaign.

After asking Canadians ‘What Kind of Yamaha Are You?’ the company now wants to know, ‘Why do you Yamaha?’

“We had a great response to last year’s ad campaign, where we invited Yamaha owners to upload photos of them with their Yamaha to our Facebook page,” says Yamaha Motor Canada’s National Marketing Manager, Tim Kennedy. “We received hundreds of photos, and placed many of them into our corporate advertising. Now we want to know why they choose Yamaha.”

What’s the process to entering Yamaha Motor Canada’s new ad campaign? It’s simple:

- Organize your best ‘you and Yamaha’ photos.
- Write down the reasons why you choose Yamaha
- Email your photos and testimonial to

“For each person featured in Yamaha’s 2012 ad campaign, we will send them a $250 Yamabuck, good for anything and everything Yamaha at their local dealer!” adds Kennedy. “This includes many of our partners like Irish Setter, AXO, Yamalube, TRIC, and more.”

What are you waiting for? Send in your photos and story and you could be Yamaha’s next star!


Toronto Motorcycle Show top ten Yamaha attractions

From the novice rider to a seasoned racer, Yamaha has you covered at this year’s Toronto Motorcycle Show! Here are ten reasons why stopping by the Yamaha booth is a must:

1. Always wanted to try a scooter but never had the opportunity? Yamaha will be giving free demo rides out of the Yamaha Riding Academy. Stop by the booth for more details.

2. How do you make one of the most sought-after motorcycles even more so? Throw in 7-stage traction control, a redesigned front end and a classic, MotoGP 50th anniversary paint scheme for a stunning reinvention of the 2012 R1.

3. The Yamaha Riding Academy is back! Introduce your child to motorcycles in a safe, controlled manner with certified instruction. The price? Free with admission!

4. The Super Ténéré debuted at the show as a 2012 model last year. But now, production bikes are in Canada and customers have already started snapping them up. Come see why this is the most talked about motorcycle in the Yamaha line.

5. Do You Yamalube? You should. Visit the Yamaha display to see why Yamalube is the best oil to be putting in your bike. And with a full complement of care products to unveil, Yamalube is a one stop shop for winterizing your ride.

6. Everyone has a reason for buying what they do. So why do you Yamaha? Submit your reason and a photo. If yours is selected, you’ll get $250 Yamabucks and be featured in Yamaha advertising. Send submissions to:

7. Revamping a customer favourite like the BWs50 is not easy, but Yamaha’s come to the table with a four-stroke successor that gives you everything you liked about the previous version with better fuel economy and less harmful emissions.

8. Ever heard the expression, “It’s what’s inside that counts?” View the championship winning YZ450F and all new BWs50 from the outside - and the inside. Both models will have engine cutaways on full display.

9. The 2012 WR450F. Radically redesigned with an all new, fuel-injected engine and bilateral beam frame, the WR even lets you change ECU settings on the side of the trail via the handheld Power Tuner.

10. Don’t leave the show without entering your name in the Toronto Sun Yamaha Sweepstakes! Enter to win a choice of FZ6, V-Star 950 or Kodiak 450 ATV with electric power steering.

Visit Yamaha at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, December 9th, 10th and 11th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


'Scooter School' at this year's Toronto Motorcycle Show

There's going to be free Scooter rides at the Toronto Motorcycle Show this year courtesy of Yamaha Canada and facilitated by Clinton Smout.

Full Details:

Scooters don’t always get the credit they deserve. We know how fuel efficient, practical and easy they are to get around town on, but what about the actual sensation of riding a scooter?

Riding is believing and riding a scooter is an absolute blast. That’s why Yamaha is allowing people 16 years and older to demo their latest and greatest 50cc scooters at this year’s Toronto Motorcycle Show on December 9-11. There is no cost involved and you don’t even need a motorcycle license! Those interested in trying out a Yamaha scooter are asked to visit the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) at the show. 

Scooter School schedule:
Friday 5:30pm-6pm (Ladies Night – FREE show entry after 5pm for all women!)
Saturday 1pm - 1:30pm & 4pm - 4:30pm
Sunday 1pm - 1:30pm & 4pm - 4:30pm

The YRA’s Head Motorcycle Instructor, Clinton Smout, will suit up riders in proper riding gear and ensure they know everything there is to know about riding a scooter (which shouldn’t take long, since there are no gears or clutch)

Yamaha scooters available to demo: BWs 50, Vino 50 and C3. To view all of Yamaha’s latest scooters, visit


Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. To Transfer Shares to Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A.

The Board of Directors of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) have voted to transfer all shares of Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. (YMCA), to its American subsidiary, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS).

The transfer, to be completed by December 31, 2011, will see YMUS assume additional responsibilities for financial reporting and audit. The move will allow YMC to draw a centralized financial report from a single North American operation, similar to their Yamaha Europe, Yamaha South America and Yamaha Asia subsidiaries.

The investment arrangement will not impact YMCA’s organizational structure. YMCA will maintain all of its current, independent responsibilities to serve the Canadian dealers and customers. The change is part of the on-going business reform process for YMC to simplify reporting for North American business.

YMCA joins nine other subsidiaries, including Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America, Skeeter Products Inc., and Tennessee Water Craft Inc., under the YMUS ownership portfolio.


Help support Jonah Street and his Dakar bid

Jonah Street is once again hoping to take on the Dakar Rally and he's looking for your help.

By purchasing something on Jonah's site you become a member of the "Riff Raff"- the official unofficial crew of Jonah Street’s Dakar Rally Racing maniacs.

As a part of Riff Raff you get exclusive discounts, custom gear and sweet swag from Jonah’s sponsors. All proceeds go directly to Jonah Street’s race effort. All goodness comes directly to you and your bike 

About Riff Raff:

Started by Rally Pan Am fanatics on in 2007, Riff Raff has grown into a cultural malady, infecting enduro and motocross junkies, hard core adventure riders and rally fans the world over.

“Being in the Riff Raff is like being a member of Jonah’s elite race team in the hostile Dakar environment except we get to wear really sweet clothes, take showers daily and cash in on discounts while swimming in freebies from his sponsors. ” –Unidentified Ruffian.


Codie Johnson named ‘AXO Athlete of the Week’ at MMRS MX Championships

Yamaha Motor Canada congratulates Codie Johnson on being voted as the ‘AXO Athlete of the Week’ at the Maguires Motocross Racing Series (MMRS) Championships in Madoc, Ontario.

Codie and his father, who hail from nearby Courtice, Ontario, arrived in Madoc well ahead of the first motos. They helped drive in stakes, hang up banners and prepare the facility for the 4-day event. 

“He’s a very polite, humble and overall nice kid. Like a lot of young racers, he’s happy just to be riding a dirt bike,” noted MMRS announcer, Kyle Carruthers.

The award is directed towards riders 50cc to 85cc classes, who show dedication and good sportsmanship towards competitors and race officials, qualities Yamaha strongly considers when reviewing racing sponsorship.

Codie’s positive and helpful attitude is matched with some great racing skill, as he finished top-10 in the 85cc 12-16 and Schoolboy classes. Attached to the ‘AXO Athlete of the Week’ honour is a complete set of AXO riding gear. Look for a very well dressed Codie Johnson in 2012! 

Congratulations to all MMRS National award winners and champions!


Yamaha at the final round of the Canadian MX Nationals

A video showcasing some of Yamaha's biggest moments from the final round of the Canadian MX Nationals


RJ Marnoch earns a ‘Yamaha Factory Ride!’

A month before the Parts Canada Walton TransCan, Yamaha Motor Canada announced a brand new award to the event: a Yamaha Factory Ride, which includes a 2012 YZ of the rider’s choice plus a $2500 parts and accessories credit. It would be awarded to the amateur Yamaha rider who scored the most points in their respective classes. After crunching the numbers, it was Coldwater, Ontario’s RJ Marnoch who topped the chart! We caught up with Marnoch shortly after his big results at Canada’s ‘Biggest Dance.’

Hello RJ, congratulations on winning the ‘Yamaha Factory Ride’ award at this year’s Walton TransCan!
RJ Marnoch: Thank you.

How many times have you raced the TransCan?
About 5 years now.

Is this your best year as far as results go?
Yeah, definitely.

What clicked for you this year at Walton?
Riding the big bike, my YZ250F, helped me out a lot. I’m a little too big for an 85cc, and I feel more comfortable on the 4-stroke.

You raced a 125 2-stroke in the Schoolboy, and a 250F in MX2 Junior. What’s the biggest difference for you between the two bikes?
Probably my corner speed; it’s way easier to roll-on the throttle on the 250F compared to the 125. I only got onto my 250F a few weeks ago, and now I’m wishing I had of been on one sooner.

You’ve had great results all summer. Are you the type of person who sets goals, or do you just go out, ride and let the results come?
I just go into it with my head held high, try my best and take it moto by moto.

Regarding the ‘Yamaha Factory Ride,’ which includes a 2012 YZ of your choice and a $2500 parts and accessories credit, have you given much thought to which bike you’ll choose?
Probably another 250F.

How did you get into motocross, RJ?
I started riding when I was 4 years old, when my parents got me a dirt bike for my birthday. A friend down the street was into racing, he was friends with my dad, and we started going with them to the races. We just kept getting a little more serious every year. I’ve been on Yamaha’s since I started racing 80s.

Do you have a certain type of track that you prefer, or that you’re riding style suits best?
I like loam with lots of jumps.

Oh really, so Walton probably isn’t your favourite track but you still won!
Yeah, not really but it’s still a good track to ride. I like Sand Del Lee, and down in the states Area 51 is pretty fun.

Aside from racing, any other hobbies or interests?
I ski in the winter and race in the summer. That’s about it.

I know your dad, Roddy, is very supportive and enthusiastic about racing, and you have many other people helping you out. Who do you want to thank for helping you in 2011?
My whole family, Stouffville Toyota, DMX, Renegade Fuels, Fox Shox, Progressive Lighting, Lime Nine graphics, and everyone else.

Yamaha is planning to bring back the ‘Yamaha Factory Ride’ award to the TransCan and other amateur events in 2012. So keep your results up next year and you could win another Factory Ride!
That’s awesome, thanks!


4 Year old racer gets AXO Athlete of the Week award.

Yamaha Motor Canada congratulates Jessica Froese on being voted as the ‘AXO Athlete of the Week’ at this year’s Western Canadian Amateur Motocross Championships (WCAN) in Raymond, Alberta!

A local to Raymond, Jessica competed in the Mini ATV Beginner class and did her best to tame the rough and tumble Temple Hill track. The 4-year-old, first-year racer ended the three-day event in second overall. A great finish, for sure, but it’s her hard work, passion and respect for the sport and fellow racers that earns her the AXO Athlete of the Week, Presented by Yamaha. The award was directed towards riders 50cc to 85cc classes, who show dedication, sportsmanship and perseverance. Included with the award is a complete set of AXO riding gear.

“New Way Motorsports Yamaha set up a ballot box at their booth,” says Yamaha’s National Marketing Manager, Tim Kennedy. “Race attendees were encouraged to stop by and vote for a rider they felt best displayed a strong devotion to racing, as well as great respect towards competitors and track officials. After seeing Jessica’s photo and her smile—and considering her family’s efforts in helping to prep the pit area at Raymond—we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Ironically enough, the Raymond Amateur National was Jessica’s first race—what a way to start off her career!

“Jessica started riding her quad last spring when she was three-years-old,” says her father, Tony. “Temple Hill is where she always rides and this was the first race she has been in. She loves riding her little quad around and had a blast at the races. We plan to keep her going in motocross as long as she wants to; we’re going to get her a dirt bike and see if she enjoys that as much as her quad.”

Congratulations to all Raymond award winners and Western National Champions!

To view AXO’s complete line of 2011 MX gear, please visit the website HERE:. AXO gear is available, exclusively, at Yamaha dealers across Canada.


Canada's Best Selling Scooter - gets some upgrades.

Yamaha's BWs 50 has been the best selling scooter in Canada for at least the last 10 years.  Making big changes to something so popular with such as impressive sales history is risky.  But Yamaha have taken the chance and made some big changes for the all-new 2012 BWs50.

Here's Yamaha's Bryan Hudgin speaking about the changes and a few of the things that make riding a scooter great:


Schedule for the Yamaha Demo Ride Tour

If you reside in Alberta, BC, or Ontario you've got a opportunity to take part in the Yamaha Motorcycle Power Tour. It was scheduled to make a few stops in Quebec too but it looks like those dates have been canceled.

The demo rides are no charge and you'll have a chance to test ride many of Yamaha's latest cruisers, sportbikes, dual-sports, and scooters. Make sure you bring your MC license and riding gear.


Friday, July 22, 2011 - Saturday, July 23, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: High River, Alberta
Please Contact Dealers on site: Seitzco Motorsports (403-995-1555)
Northern Star Riders Cruise-In


Saturday, June 18, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place: Daytona Motorsports
13479 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC
Dealers on site: Daytona Motorsports (604-588-4988)

Friday, June 24, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place: Valley Yamaha
Unit 2, 44310 Yale Road West, Chilliwack, BC
Dealers on site: Valley Yamaha (604-795-4403)

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place: G.A. Checkpoint
3034 St. John's Street Port Moody, BC
Dealers on site: G.A. Checkpoint (604-461-3434)


Friday, June 24, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: Northern Freedom Homes&Recreation
20 Archer Drive, Kirkland Lake, ON
Dealers on site: Northern Freedom Homes&Recreation(705-567-5291)

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: J&B Cycle&Marine Co. Ltd.
360 Algonquin Boulevard East, Timmins, ON
Dealers on site: J&B Cycle&Marine Co. Ltd.(705-267-1417)

Friday, July 1, 2011 - Sunday, July 3, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place: Biker Reunion
New Liskeard-Waterfront, ON
Biker Reunion (705-563-2134)

Saturday, July 9, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: R.L. Equipment Sales&Services Ltd.
10402 Hwy 17 West, Verner, ON
Dealers on site: R.L. Equipment Sales&Services Ltd.(705-594-2373)

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Ride Manitoulin 2011
Call supporting dealer for more information.
Dealers on site: Trail Side Sports Ltd (705-869-0170)


New 2012 Yamaha BW50

Today marks the release of Yamaha’s all-new 2012 BW’s 50 scooter. Already the best selling scooter in Canada, thanks to its sporty performance and styling, the 2012 version allows riders to go that extra mile, literally, with a new, fuel injected, four-stroke 49cc engine (prior BW’s housed a two-stroke powerplant).

Setting a new standard for fun and practicality, the new BW’s couldn’t have come at a better time, as fuel prices are at an all-time high.“Ask anyone who has ridden a scooter and they’ll tell you how much fun they are to ride, says John Bayliss, Yamaha Motor Canada’s Motorcycle Product Manager. “But the new BW’s 50 offer more than a good time on two wheels; it produces less emissions, has a smoother engine response, is quieter, and for about $6 worth of fuel—at today’s gas prices—you can travel for 200 kms!”

Complementing its new four-stroke engine, the new BW’s also features liquid cooling for improved performance, a repositioned fuel cap for easier re-fueling, painted, wave-style brake rotor, a flashy new gauge system, and anti-theft locking system.

Smart, practical and much cheaper to operate than most other vehicles on the road …Do you need another reason to try a scooter?

“Depending on the province you live in, you may not even require a motorcycle license before turning the throttle,” adds Bayliss. “Plus, with no clutch or gears to change, they’re relatively easy to operate.”

Complete details, specs and pricing are available at If you wish to dig deeper into the benefits of riding a scooter, search ‘Scooter Sense’ on YouTube. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to join the club!


Building the TapOut Yamaha R1

Some really interesting information on some of the work that went into the R1 sportbike that Yamaha Motor Canada and Flat Out Industries partnered to build.  Check it out:


Official unveiling of TapOut Edition YZF-R1 takes place Friday April 29

Yamaha Motor Canada and Canadian bike builder, Flat Out Industries, have paired up to build the ultimate 2-wheel street fighter: the TapOut Edition YZF-R1!

Yamaha Motor Canada and Flat Out Industries are proud to present the ‘TapOut Edition YZF-R1!’ In celebration of UFC 129 coming to Toronto, Canadian bike builder, Sean Mance of Flat Out Industries, has partnered with Yamaha to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind supersport motorcycle.

Images of this 2-wheel fighter have been leaked on, with the official unveiling taking place Friday April 29 at 11am inside TapOut’s booth at the Toronto UFC Fan Expo. Be there!

Reflecting the synergy between the world’s fastest motorcycle racers and the world’s ultimate fighters, the TapOut R1 pays homage to the fearlessness and energy surrounding both; it’s a perfect blend of performance, athleticism and style!

Decked out with many high performance racing parts, custom, CNC machined components and a race-replica inspired paint scheme, this is the Ultimate 2-Wheel Street Fighting machine!

Get to the Direct Energy Centre for this weekend’s Fan Expo and see this bike live! TapOut’s Punkass and Skyscrape, Yamaha and Sean Mance of Flat Out Industries will be on hand to unleash this unique creation to Canadian fight fans.

Expo show times and details available at


"Yamabucks for You" program Returns at Canadian Enduro Championship

Yamaha Canada is excited to announce the "Yamabucks for You" campaign is back.  They want to reward Yamaha owners who love to take their motorcycle to the track.  This year they have once again included the Canadian Enduro Championship in the program. 
    At each of the 4 events they will be paying for the top 3 finishing Yamaha's in each Amateur Class.  At the conclusion of the 2nd day of racing the combined results from both days will be calculated and the first overall Yamaha rider receives $75.00, second $50, and third $25.  The great thing about this program is you have a chance to win something even if you don't finish on the podium!
Yamaha Motor Canada is bringing back the popular ‘Yamabucks For You’ program that successfully launched last year. The program distributes thousands of dollars worth of Yamabuck gift certificates to Yamaha enthusiasts across the country via motorcycle track days and amateur MX, Enduro and ATV racing.
“For many of our customers, the track becomes their second home during the riding season. We want to show our support to members of the Yamaha family who help to represent us at tracks across Canada.” commented PR Specialist, Bryan Hudgin.

Street motorcyclists who take their Yamaha to selected track day organizations will receive a one time, $75 Yamabuck at event registration. Racers will receive varying amounts based on their finishing position in the classes and events specified. The Yamabuck certificate is redeemable at any local Yamaha dealer for purchase towards anything Yamaha Motor Canada sells including units, parts, accessories and apparel.

What is unique about ‘Yamabucks for You’ is that, for the racing portion of the program, amateur racers may not even need a podium finish to reap the rewards. For instance, if a racer finished 15th but was the third finishing Yamaha in the class, the racer would still qualify for a Yamabuck.” relayed Hudgin, “It’s a way for us to say thank you to many of the customers who have chosen Yamaha and help support them, if even just a little, at the track.

All Yamabucks will be distributed by track and series promoters at the event or the conclusion of the series for which it is designated to. Only the events and organizations in the chart below will be in possession of Yamabucks. Offer is good only while supplies last.


Tap-Out Marchesini wheels

Yamaha's Motorcycle tech, Matty H, attaches Pirelli Diablo Superbike slicks to a set of custom Marchesini YZF-R1 wheels. The wheels are a one-off set of "TapOut Edition"created in Canada. 

See the full TapOut YZF-R1 inside TapOut's booth at the Toronto UFC Fan Expo on April 29-30.


Yamaha makes Canadian Superbike Series comeback

Yamaha is returning to the Canadian Superbike Championship after taking a one year hiatus.

The Japanese manufacturer will be back with the Yamaha YZF-R1 in the Superbike class and the YZF-R6 in the Sport Bike class in both Pro and Amateur divisions.

“Yamaha are thrilled to be back road racing in Canada,” stated Tim Kennedy, Marketing Manager of Yamaha Motor Canada. “We felt that after a short absence, it was time to come back and be part of a series that we strongly believe in. We know that the CSBK series is headed for great things, and we want to not only support, but be an active part of it.”

New management has taken over the CSBK series and they're apparently quite happy about Yamaha's return. “We are very pleased to make this announcement and looking forward to welcoming Yamaha back into our ranks,” explained Kevin Graham of Frontline CSBK. “Competitors want to race these motorcycles and the loyal blue fans want to see them on the grid. This is a win-win situation, and we are looking forward to a great season of competitive racing in all classes on a national level.”

The Parts Canada Canadian Superbike Championship is sponsored by its competing manufacturers including BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and now Yamaha. The 2011 season kicks off on May 27-29 at the ICAR circuit in Mirabel, Quebec


Yamalube Oil Change Kits for Canadian customers

Yamaha Motor Canada is now offering 'all-in-one' Yamalube Oil Change Kits for Canadian customers. These kits are available at all Yamaha dealers. Details in attached news release.

These kits are available for most Yamaha motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, outboard, watercraft, and side by side. Each kit includes:

- Specified Yamalube oil (quantity depends on model)
- Genuine Yamaha oil filter
- Genuine Yamaha gasket (s)
- A pair of disposable nitrile gloves
- General oil change instructions and torque specs

For a more interactive view of these kits and Yamalube, please refer to these videos:

- Yamalube Home Page
- Dean Dufour explains difference between Yamalube oil filters and competition:


Job openings at Yamaha Canada

District Sales Manager-Southwest Ontario

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd., an innovative and dynamic player in the motor sport industry, seeks exceptional candidates for a District Sales Manager.The successful candidate will achieve fiscal year sales targets, including maintaining and/or increasing retail and wholesale market shares. He or she will achieve dealer network set-up target and maintain a high level of communication with Yamaha dealers and head office by frequent dealer contact and dealer visits. Additional responsibilities include completion of territory sales and market analysis, dealer contact reports, weekly and monthly reports and prompt submission to head office. The candidate will be working with Parts and Accessories staff within the territory, ensuring that the territory’s Parts and Accessories participation and corporate sales targets are met.

Candidate must possess excellent organization, communication and computer skills. Candidate must have extensive knowledge of Yamaha products and 5-7 years of related experience. Bilingualism will be an asset.

Please forward your resume, including salary expectations to:

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.,
480 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, ON M2H 3B4.

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is committed to employment equity. We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No agencies please.

Dealer Service Support Coorinator

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd., an innovative and dynamic player in the motor sport industry, seeks exceptional candidates for a Dealer Service Support Coordinator.

The successful candidate will provide dealer support through telephone contact in areas of technical assistance, troubleshooting, parts delivery and substitutions, and warranty authorizations. Assist Customer Relations Coordinators by supplying technical data and parts information. Coordinate dealer administration with respect to warranty claims and part returns. Advise dealers on Service, Warranty, and Parts and Accessories policies and procedures.

Bilingualism (English/French) is required as well as knowledge of our products and related dealership experience. Excellent organization, communication and computer skills are also required. In addition, Service support to South-Western Ontario Dealers which includes periodic visits/inspections to support service operations.

Please forward your resume, including salary expectations to: Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd., 480 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, ON M2H 3B4.


Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is committed to employment equity. We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No agencies please.


Yamaha Announces 2012 Super Ténéré Pricing

We let you know about the pricing on the 2012 Super Ténéré a while back via our Twitter feed but the official announcement and press release came from Yamaha a few days back. Just getting around to posting this with all the holiday rush!

Yamaha Motor Canada has announced the pricing on the much-talked about 2012 Super Ténéré. The bike will have an MSRP of $16,499

Peter Swanton, National Manager, Motorsports for Yamaha Motor Canada, commented, “This is a fantastic motorcycle the market has been eagerly anticipating. We wanted to ensure we gave Canadian customers a value-added price for a bike that includes some of our latest technology. $16,499 includes great features like ABS, 3-ModeTraction Control, 2-position engine mode, immobilizer key, spoked, tubeless tires, adjustable seat height…the list goes on!”

An early deposit program was announced in conjunction with the price of the Super Ténéré. Those customers who place a $500 deposit before April 30, 2011 will receive:

• An extra two years of Yamaha Protection Plus extended warranty (for a total of 3 years warranty)
• Service kit (4L of 10W-40 Yamalube with Genuine Yamaha oil filter)
• Priority delivery
• $250 retail value credit towards the purchase of Genuine Yamaha Super Ténéré accessories. (Minimum order of $1500).

Swanton relayed further, “The Ténéré is a bike that can blur the line between so many types of riding; street, off-road, touring, sport, adventure. It takes you places you couldn’t go on a regular motorcycle and do so in a comfortable manner. We’re very proud of this bike and know that Ténéré owners will feel the same satisfaction that other Ténéré owners have in the rich, twenty-nine year history of the model.”

The Super Ténéré will land at your Yamaha dealer in June 2011. Availability is limited so be sure to place your deposit early. For more information on the latest Yamaha motorcycles, visit:


Stryker and Super Ténéré headline Yamaha effort at this year’s Motorcycle Show

For consumers eagerly anticipating this year’s motorcycle shows, there will be a significant buzz coming from the Yamaha booth. Much of that energy will emanate from four impressive models that Yamaha launched to much fanfare earlier in the year, those being the Stryker, Super Ténéré, FZ8 and Fazer 8.

The Stryker was built for riders who demand that their bike embody the same attitude as its owner; style, aggression and confidence. A raked front end, with special yoke offset, offers a custom look without sacrificing low speed handling. The belt drive is powered by a macho, fuel-injected, V-Twin that complements the “fists in the wind” riding position. Be sure to sit on the new Stryker to see just how comfortable riding a chopper-inspired bike can be.

The Super Ténéré’s rabid following will have a chance to get up close and personal with one of the most talked about Yamaha’s in years. What they will find are goodies like an 1199cc, fuel-injected, inline twin powerplant, traction control, ABS and unified braking – all coming as standard equipment on the base model. For those with an adventurous soul, the Super Ténéré can comfortably take you where few others dare to tread.

Not all motorcyclists prefer to lean back in the saddle or crouch over the tank. Many riders love the performance of a sport bike but require more practicality for every day use. Enter the versatile and fun FZ8, and its fairing endowed brother, the Fazer 8. Heart quickening acceleration with an upright riding position makes for a great ride on any stretch of road.

The new bikes aren’t the only attraction. Yamaha is pleased to bring the Yamaha Riding Academy back for another year, offering kids aged 6 – 12 free rides on some of the latest off-road models. Switching gears from first ride to seasoned professionals, Yamaha is displaying the two fastest motocross bikes in Canada, that being the #1 YZ450F of Dusty Klatt and the #1 YZ250F of Tyler Medaglia as part of a race display.

A few select Yamaha dealers will be set-up selling all of the latest apparel and accessories, and in some cases, “blowing out” non-current inventory! If you come to the show looking to buy, be sure to visit their booths!


Yamaha names 2010 Five Star Dealers

Yamaha Motor Canada is proud to announce their qualifying 2010 Five Star Dealers! The Yamaha Five Star Dealer Program is a progressive dealership improvement plan used to increase the professionalism of our dealer network and heighten the value received by Yamaha customers.

To qualify for Five Star, a Yamaha dealer must undergo a detailed and rigorous testing process that sees the dealer excel above the national average in the following areas:

- Customer Satisfaction
- Brand Support
- Customer Service Excellence
- Parts & Accessories Stocking and Display
- Technician Education and Ability
    In order to attain or retain their Five Star standing, each year a dealer must apply and successfully complete the Five Star measurement criteria as determined by Yamaha Motor Canada. Criteria is updated and adjusted accordingly to reflect market conditions. Retail sales results are not a component of the measurement process.

    Yamaha Motor Canada boasts the finest recreational vehicle dealership group in Canada. Through hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence, 77 Yamaha dealers have been awarded the prestigious 5 Star designation for 2010.  This is up from the 61 who were awarded Five Star status in 2009. Rest assured, when a customer visits one of the following Yamaha Five Star dealers, they can expect to receive the best end to end customer care in the recreational vehicle industry. Congratulations to new and existing Five Star dealers!

    Seitzco Motorsports, Okotoks
    E&S Motorcycles, Fort Saskatchewan
    Riverside Yamaha, St-Albert
    Scanalta Power Sales, Hines Creek
    P.G. Auto Marine Specialties Ltd., Calgary
    Maximum Powersports, Peace River
    Slave Lake Yamaha, Slave Lake
    Mountain’s Edge Cycle & Sled Ltd., Sundre

    British Columbia
    Port Boat House, Port Alberni
    Galleon Marine, Richmond
    Jones Boys Boats, Ainsworth
    Parker Marine Nanaimo, Nanaimo
    Peak Performance Motorsports, Cranbrook
    Alpine Motorsport, Salmon Arm
    Parker Marine Campbell River, Campbell River
    Capstan Marine, Richmond
    G.A. Checkpoint, Port Moody
    Kelowna Yamaha (Downtown), Kelowna
    Kelowna Yamaha (West Side), Kelowna
    Vernon Motorsports, Vernon

    Winnipeg Sport and Leisure, Winnipeg
    Powerhouse Sports, Lac Du Bonnet

    New Brunswick
    Rae’s Trailer and Sports Centre, Miramichi
    West End Sports, Beresford

    Newfoundland & Labrador
    M and F Motors Limited, Stephenville
    Wiseman’s Sales and Service, Clarenville
    Atlantic Recreation, Mount Pearl

    Nova Scotia
    Seamasters Services, Dartmouth

    Go Power Sports, Portland
    CO2 Inflatable Boats, Oakville
    Desmasdons Boat Works, Pointe Au Baril
    Powersport Junction, Guelph
    Ottawa Yamaha, Ottawa
    Hastings Marine, Hastings
    The Performance Shed, Harrowsmith
    Bracebridge Yamaha, Bracebridge
    Monto-Reno Marina Ltd., Lefroy
    Haliburton Outdoor Equipment Ltd., Haliburton
    Tomkins Hardware, Emo
    Brian’s Service Centre, Hensall
    Vincent Payne Marine, Pointe Au Baril
    R.L. Equipment Sales and Services, Verner
    Kelly’s Cycle Centre, Hamilton
    Gordon Bay Marine, Mactier
    Walsten Marine, Kinmount
    Arnprior Sportland and Marine, Arnprior
    Irwin Supply, Cornwall

    P. Labonte et Fils, Mont Joli
    Eugene Fortier & Fils, Princeville
    Chambord Sport Yamaha, Chambord Lac St. Jean
    Desjardins Ste-Adele Marine Inc., Ste. Adele
    Moto Sport Newman Inc., Pierrefonds
    Gagne-Lessard Sports Inc., Coaticook
    Moto JMF Inc., Thetford Mines
    Motos Thibault Mauricie Inc., Trois-Rivieres
    Motos Thibault, Sherbrooke
    Mini Mecanique Gaspe, Gaspe
    Aventures Sport Max, Pointe a la Croix
    Evasion Sport D.R., Laterriere
    Aqua Services Enr., Repentigny
    Xtreme Miller Sport, Mont Tremblant
    Harricanna Aventures Val-D’or, Val-D’or
    Nadon Sport Saint-Eustache, St. Eustache
    Dimension Sport, La Sarre
    Centre Du Sport Alary, St-Jerome
    Gerald Collin Sport, St. Lin
    Gregoire Sport, St. Ambroise de Kildaire
    Gregoire Sport, Notre-Dame De Lourdes
    Varin Yamaha, Napierville
    J. Sicard Sport, Louiseville
    Le Docteur de la Moto, Ste. Perpetue
    S.M. Sport, Loretteville
    Saguenay Marine, Jonquière

    Schrader’s Holdings, Yorkton
    Tru-North RV, Auto & Marine, Prince Albert
    Robertson Yamaha, Swift Current

    Yukon Yamaha, Whitehorse


    Like motorcycles - Parlez Vous Francais?

    If you speak French and know a lot about motorcycles and customer service - Yamaha's got a job for you.  They're looking for a territory sales manager in Quebec. 

    The Ad is on their website HERE if you're interested.


    Bryan Hudgin's Trans-Labrador trip is now underway

    Yamaha's Bryan Hudgin's Trans-Labrador trip is now underway!

    While riding the new Super Tenere, with minimal supplies and a TV crew following his every move, Hudgin looks to travel from Baie Comeau, QC to Goose Bay, NL (a total of 1113KM’s ). You can follow his every move (with photos)on Facebook HERE  

    The trip will be later broadcast on TSN's A Motorcycle Experience.


    Yamaha Tenere on Trans Lab Highway this October

    Viewers of A Motorcycle Experience and Yamaha bloggers have spoken. It was time to up the ante! So we’ve manned up! It’s time to tackle North America’s Final Frontier!

    What’s the deal? From October 3rd – 7th, the much talked about, 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere will transport me (Bryan Hudgin) the 1113KM’s from Baie-Comeau, QC to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL on the legendary Trans-Labrador Highway. The term highway may be a bit of a misnomer here. As a resident of populous Southern Ontario, I tend to think of a highway as a 6-lane, concrete overpass filled, stop-and-go nightmare for my daily commute. To the residents of Labrador though, the Trans-Lab qualifies as a “Highway” because it’s the one and only road that can take you right through the heart of Labrador. Stop and Go or scenic wilderness? The latter works for me!

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a challenge without any adversity. Last year’s rules of no money, no food and no accommodations, (yes that means a tent…in Labrador…in October…. What have I got myself into?) are still in effect. Toss in additional factors like nearly 1000KM of dirt roads and hundred’s of KM’s between gas stations and I think we’ve got quite the trek on our hands!

    On the heels of this, I phoned Tim Kryski, our district sales manager for Newfoundland and Labrador to get his thoughts. We gabbed for about 20 minutes but only three of his comments really stuck with me after our conversation. They were, “Labrador in October? I can remember 2 years ago when they had 6-inches of snow in the middle of September”. THEN, “I’ve ridden motorcycles all my life and never once had the urge to do that trip” AND FINALLY “I had a person tell me it would have been fun if they didn’t need to have their feet down the whole time.”  (GULP) “Really? Gee Tim, I sincerely appreciate the pep-talk!”

    But what is a life half-lived? Let’s cast away the boat lines and get this show started! The tour will start at Baie-Comeau Motorsports on the morning of the 4th. After that, we’ll try and stick to the tentative agenda below. If you live on QC’s HWY 389 or the Trans Lab look for the crew! I will be doing my best to provide updates (as long as wireless internet lets me) as the trip unfolds on the Yamaha Facebook page and Twitter accounts, so if you’re wanting to get all the grisly details be sure to bookmark; or follow us on twitter at: YamahaMotorca.

    In the meantime, anyone with any tips, preferably those that deal with edible plants, winter camping and how to fight off bears, please be sure to write in!

    Monday, October 4

    9:00 AM – Baie Comeau Motorsports
    12:30 PM – Manic 5 Dam
    2:00 PM – Manicougan Reservoir
    4:00 PM – Relais Gabriel, QC

    Tuesday, October 5

    9:00 AM – Gagnon
    10:00 AM – 52th Parallel
    2:00 PM – Mount Wright
    3:15 PM – Enter Labrador!
    4:00 PM – Hewlett Minpaco, Labrador City/Wabush, NL

    Wednesday, October 6

    8:00 AM – Hewlett Minpaco
    12:00 PM – Churchill Falls
    4:00 PM – Central Labrador Plateau
    6:00 PM – Frenchie’s Service Centre, Goose Bay, NL


    Yamaha Introduces Stylish Stryker for 2011 and Early Release 2012 Super Ténéré!

    Two completely different bikes - same jaw dropping impact!

    Toronto, ON – September 1, 2010 Yamaha Motor Canada is proud to announce the launch of two exciting new motorcycles, the 2011 Stryker cruiser and 2012 Super Ténéré adventure tourer. These motorcycles complement the FZ8 and Fazer 8 motorcycles previously launched in June.

    The all-new Stryker, with a 1304cc, fuel-injected powerplant and chopper-inspired styling, is a motorcycle that begs to be ridden and admired. Ride quality is bolstered with typical V-Twin attributes like arm-stretching torque and a classic rumble sound. The Stryker also boasts the 34-degree rake with 6-degree yoke offset found on the larger displacement Raider, allowing for comfortable low speed handling while maintaining the stylish, low and raked look of a custom.

    John Bayliss, Product Manager, Motorcycles at Yamaha Motor Canada says, “Customers can now get that original, custom look with the reliability, fit and finish that Yamaha provides from the factory. They no longer have to choose as the new Stryker offers the best of both worlds.”

    Yamaha’s extraordinary new Super Ténéré has been a hot topic of conversation among motorcyclists since its European launch earlier this year. Although it will not hit showrooms until the spring, Yamaha is proud to introduce it to Canada, a land made for adventure. At the heart of the Ténéré lies a fuel-injected, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 1199cc mill that mixes gobs of torque with quick-revving acceleration for excellent performance in varied conditions. The bike has a number of advanced rider assist technologies like; Intelligent Unified Braking System with ABS, Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle with 3-mode traction control, a low, centralized mass for confidence-inspiring handling and adjustable seat height and suspension.

    “The new Ténéré is the ultimate bike for an adventurous soul. It’s has some of Yamaha’s latest technology with everything you need to cover big miles on a route less traveled”, says Bayliss.

    In launching two bikes with completely different applications, Bayliss mused, “The only thing similar about these bikes is they require a motorcyclist with a bold personality who is passionate about their riding. Whether you want to attract attention on the boulevard or go exploring in remote areas, these bikes are yet another example that Yamaha has something for everyone.”

    For more information on the latest Yamaha motorcycles, visit:


    Rossi to ride a Ducati

    Just in case you missed the horribly kept secret - it's official. Valentino Rossi is moving from Yamaha and will ride a Ducati next year. 31-year-old Rossi, a winner of nine motorcycling world titles in all, created rumours of a departure from Yamaha by entering into the last year of his contract without a new deal.

    The Italian rider has been a dominant force in MotoGP for many years and the move to Ducati will bring new challenges for him.

    No doubt Yamaha isn't overly joyed to see him leave the Yamaha tent because even if he isn't winning he's one of the biggest names in MotoGP and brings a ton of attention to the brand that he's riding.

    Ducati on the other hand is beaming with the news that they've got Rossi lined up for next year.

    "We are delighted that Valentino Rossi will be with us from 2011. He is a paragon of excellence in the world of motorcycling," Ducati Motor Holding president Gabriele Del Torchio said in a statement.


    Scooter Sense Challenge 2011 - You pick the adventure!

    You may recall that last season on A Motorcycle Experience, host David Hatch made a side bet with Yamaha “Scooter Sense” host, Bryan Hudgin.
    Dave bet Bryan that he couldn’t ride his Yamaha BWS125 scooter from Montreal to Toronto - with stops in Ottawa and Kingston along the way - using only a $25.00 gas card, tent and sleeping bag for the 3-day trek. Well Bryan not only accepted the challenge but he also completed the journey in record time with gas money to spare. Bryan wisely used “Scooter Sense” t-shirts to barter for food and lodging was provided by the great outdoors. He was able to camp out on viewer Bruce Haskin’s lawn on the first night while sneaking into a provincial park for the second!
    In the end, Dave lost the bet and was forced to wear a Yamaha motocross jersey for 7 days straight. Dave has nothing against Yamaha off-road apparel, but he certainly did stand out at a good friend’s wedding!
    So, as the fall riding season approaches, Dave and Bryan are at it again. Dave wants Bryan to push the envelope and take on another challenge. Will it be a “Northern Lights” ride from Toronto to James Bay? A “Rocky Mountain High” cruise from Vancouver to Calgary? A “Maritime Mayhem” tour of the East Coast?
    Neither man can decide. Instead they are throwing the challenge out to the loyal Motorcycle Experience TV audience….putting you in the saddle! Do YOU have a great idea for his challenge? We’d like to hear it. Post it here on the Yamaha motorcycle blog under the “Leave a Comment” section! Perhaps you’d like to invite Bryan and the Motorcycle Experience crew to explore your home town or favourite local back roads? It’s completely up to you. Just remember, Bryan must remain safe while executing the challenge. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit!
    Please send us your suggestions by August 15th. Dave and Bryan will weigh the pros and cons of each submission and decide upon a winner - then they‘ll shake hands and it will be game on!
    Stay tuned to the Yamaha motorcycle blog at for updates on when and where the challenge will take place. Bryan will also be updating to the blog and Yamaha Facebook page as the challenge plays out. Finally, you can watch the tour in it’s entirety on TSN’s A Motorcycle Experience in the spring of 2011.
    Don’t delay! Get your submissions in before August 15th! We may choose yours!


    Yamaha wants your suggestions

    Last season on A Motorcycle Experience, host David Hatch made a side bet with Yamaha “Scooter Sense” host, Bryan Hudgin.

    Dave bet Bryan that he couldn’t ride his Yamaha BWS125 scooter from Montreal to Toronto - with stops in Ottawa and Kingston along the way - using only a $25.00 gas card, tent and sleeping bag for the 3-day trek. Well Bryan not only accepted the challenge but he also completed the journey in record time with gas money to spare. Bryan wisely used “Scooter Sense” t-shirts to barter for food and lodging was provided by the great outdoors. He was able to camp out on viewer Bruce Haskin’s lawn on the first night while sneaking into a provincial park for the second!

    In the end, Dave lost the bet and was forced to wear a Yamaha motocross jersey for 7 days straight. Dave has nothing against Yamaha off-road apparel, but he certainly did stand out at a good friend’s wedding!

    So, what to do for an encore? Dave wants Bryan to push the envelope and take on another challenge. Will it be a “Northern Lights” ride from Toronto to James Bay?

    A “Rocky Mountain High” cruise from Vancouver to Calgary? A “Maritime Mayhem” tour
    of the East Coast?

    Neither could decide, so the choice was made to throw it out to the viewers. Do YOU have a great idea for his challenge? They would like to hear it. Post it on the Yamaha motorcycle blog under the “Leave a Comment” section! Perhaps you’d like to invite Bryan and the Motorcycle Experience crew to explore your home town or favourite local back roads? It’s completely up to you. Just remember, Bryan must remain safe while executing the challenge. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit!

    Please send in suggestions by August 15th. Dave and Bryan will weigh the pros and cons of each submission and decide upon a winner - then they‘ll shake hands and it will Stay tuned to the Yamaha motorcycle blog for updates on when and where the challenge will take place. Bryan will also be updating to the blog and Yamaha Facebook page as the challenge plays out. Finally, you can watch the tour in it’s entirety on TSN’s A Motorcycle Experience in the spring of 2011.

    Don’t delay! Get your submissions in before August 15th! They may choose yours!


    Make a video and you could win a scooter!

    Yamaha is running a contest that can bag you a brand new BW50 scooter. You don't need to be Martin Scorsese to win - just make it entertaining, and humorous and you stand a pretty good shot at the prize. You have to be just 14 to enter too.  Cool!

    Full Press Release:

    Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to announce the finding of the proverbial “needle in the haystack”. Amidst the thousands of “cool” messages you receive each day from the media and your peers – Yamaha’s been able to find out exactly what is cool, AND how you can get it! Who knew it was so easy?

    Quite simply, being cool is being an individual and Yamaha is offering a so cool it’s freezing cold BW50s scooter to the best video that demonstrates why you need a scooter to be cool. It’s that easy. Make a fun, short video and submit it on the site!
    Not to be outdone, Yamaha has posted three of their own videos. Can the greasy bandit’s pick up lines get him some sweet babes? Will Dilton finally be the big man on campus? How can Tiffy get a deal on shoes at the mall? Watch to find out!

    Simply log on to and click on the “Get Your Cool” tab. All details are posted. Contest is open to all residents of Canada aged 14 years and older and closes on July 31. Have fun and good luck! 


    Closer look at the 2011 Yamaha Fazer 8 and FZ8

    Here's some more footage and commentary about the 2011 Yamaha Fazer 8 and FZ8.  They've got some comments from several Canadian motorcycle press - not us - but several!


    FZ8 and the Fazer 8 are 2011 - models release for Yamaha

    Here's a Press Release from the folks at Yamaha - they've got a new model with half-fairing and naked with an 779cc , 4-valve, inline 4 engine; the Fazer 8 and the FZ8.

    The Fazer 8 has a MSRP of $10,999 while the FZ8 comes in at $10,499 CDN.  So $500 extra for the half fairing.

    Weight for the half-faired version with it's 17 Litre tank is 216kg (475.2 lbs) while the naked version trims a few pounds to come in at 212 kg (466.4 lb.)

    Full Details:

    Have you been wondering what’s under the hood of Yamaha’s new motorcycles? Stop scratching your head because today Yamaha releases their 2011 motorsport lineup! While each model is refined for better performance and durability, Yamaha is especially pleased to announce two brand new machines.

    Leading the new wave of Yamaha motorcycles is the all-new FZ8. A first to the fold, the FZ8 is designed to satisfy every rider’s desire and then some. Featuring the same chassis and many components of the FZ1, the FZ8 is refined for a lighter, more nimble ride. Yamaha’s goal was to create a motorcycle that is an absolute pleasure to ride for any rider, on any occasion. 

    “We’re very excited with the final result of the FZ8,” says John Bayliss, Yamaha’s Product Manager, Motorcycle. “Both European and Canadian media are saying the same things; the bike handles very well, has great low-to-mid throttle response and is an overall fun, versatile bike to ride.”

    The FZ8 is also available in a half-fairing version called “Fazer 8.” 

     If you'd like more details on the new model it's up on Yamaha Motor Canada's website HERE.


    Yamaha's 2010 'Yamabucks for you' program launched

    Yamaha Motor Canada is pleased to announce a sweeping customer appreciation program that will include various track day organizations and major amateur motocross, enduro and ATV racing events.
    “Let’s face it. A lot of our customers take their Yamaha motorcycle or ATV out to the tracks to ride and compete. We wanted to do something that supported them, if even in a small way.” commented PR Specialist, Bryan Hudgin. 

    Street motorcyclists who take their Yamaha to selected track day organizations will receive a one time, $75 Yamabuck at event registration. Racers will receive varying amounts based on their finishing position in the classes specified. The Yamabuck certificate is redeemable at Yamaha dealers for purchase towards anything Yamaha Motor Canada sells including units, parts, accessories and apparel. 

    “What’s unique about ‘Yamabucks for You’ is that, for the racing portion of the program, amateur racers may not even need a podium finish to reap the rewards. If a racer finished 9th but was the third finishing Yamaha in the class, the racer would still qualify for a Yamabuck.” relayed Hudgin, “It’s a way for us to say thank you to many of the customers who have chosen Yamaha and help support them a little at the track.”

    All Yamabucks will be distributed by track and series promoters at the event or the conclusion of the series for which it is designated to.  Offer is good only while supplies last. Safe riding!


    Ride a Yamaha - iPhone App

    The subtitles in the video are in Japanese, and hey, we don't know what it says but it it looks like Yamaha has an iPhone app that simulates the sound of riding a YZF-R1 or YZ450F.  You can blip the throttle with the twist of a wrist or put it in driving mode to simulate the sound of actual driving.

    I could see this being entertaining for oh, about 30 seconds or so.


    2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere unveiled

    Yamaha is gunning to take some market share from the segment leading BMW 1200GS and 1200GSA. It's meant to appeal to the adventure riding/touring segment and be capable of taking its rider off the beaten track if desired. The SUV of the motorcycle world - capable but not necessarily used to its full potential in the off-road department. So, the bike has to be really comfortable on-road too.

    It looks like Yamaha has equipped the Super Tenere to do the job - spoked rims suggest off-road ability, available crash bars, and low maintenance shaft drive give this bike some of the characteristics it'll need to steal away potential BMW riders.

    I'm not too sure about that front fender though. That's a little vulnerable looking for extended off-road sessions. Time will tell I suppose.

    Forward momentum comes by way of a 1,199cc inline twin putting out 110PS at 7250rpm m of torque at 6,000rpm. It also packs some sophisticated technology such as a 3-stage traction control module and intelligent ABS braking system.

    The Super Tenere is no lightweight at 261 kg wet, but that puts it in the ballpark with the equally sized BMW. The Super Tenere is about 5kg heavier - but is said to carry the weight low for a very balanced and stable feel.

    No word on pricing yet, or whether we'll get this bike in Canada. We'll let you know as soon as we hear.

    For full details on the Super Tenere along with a large gallery of pictures - be sure to check out the Yamaha Motors Europe website HERE.


    Atlantic Motoplex brings Triumph and Suzuki into the fold

    New Brunswick based Atlantic Motoplex has some big news. In addition to the Yamaha, BMW, and Ducati's they've been selling - they've just added two new makes to the list... Suzuki and Triumph.

    That's a lot of brands under one roof, making for a wide range choices when it comes to buying a new or used motorcycle. You can try out a lot of bikes in one convenient location.

    They've also recently launched a new accessories catalog that can be downloaded directly from their site. Get your copy HERE (it's a PDF).

    They buy big and pass the savings on to you.

    In a recent discussion with a member of the sales team at Atlantic Motoplex they indicated they're one of the leaders in motorcycle tire sales in the region - they offer 30-40% off suggested MSRPs as standard. A tire rep confirmed independently that if you're in the market for a new set of rubbers it'd be a good idea to check out the prices at Atlantic Motoplex.


    Yamaha launches Facebook Photo Contest - Win 5,000!

    Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. is making a splash into social media. First, they launched their snowmobile and motorcycle blogs back in 2007, enabled viewers to follow them in real time on Twitter this summer, and now they’re making a push on the most infamous platform of all—Facebook. To generate excitement about their Facebook page, they’ve launched a photo contest with a grand prize of a $5,000 Yamaha Shopping Spree.

    “People want to talk about Yamaha and it has motivated to enter social media,” says Yamaha Motor Canada’s Marketing Manager, Tim Kennedy. “We want to stay connected with consumers as well, and in a way that engages conversation from both sides. To help kick things off with our Facebook page, we’re inviting people to become fans, upload a creative photo of them and their Yamaha and they could win $5,000 to spend on anything found on As a bonus, photos that really stand out, may even be selected for use in future Yamaha ads!”

    The URL is - - and you’ll find more than a bag full of cash to win. Yamaha says their fan list is growing daily, and people from not only Canada, but the world, are constantly uploading videos, photos, and cool links relating to Yamaha and the motorsports industry.

    “We really want to create a hub for not just Yamaha owners, but anyone who wants to share tales from the track or trail, find the best roads to ride, or meet new people who share the same passion for recreational motorsports,” adds Kennedy.

    If you haven’t done so already, visit - - become a fan, sign up for the “This is my Yamaha” contest and enjoy some good chatter with fellow riders. You may even end up in a Yamaha ad!


    Some reasons to stop and see Yamaha at the Toronto Motorcycle Show

    The Toronto Motorcycle show is set to take place December 11th- 1th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For full details check out their website HERE.

    Yamaha is going to be in attendance of course, and they've sent us some details on why you should come see them!

    Press Release:

    With the latest bikes, live presentations, autograph signings and the Yamaha Riding Academy, there’s a lot to see and do from Yamaha.

    It’s time to usher in the 2010 riding season at the Toronto Motorcycle Show! Yamaha will have all the new models you’ll want to see including the revolutionary YZ450F, stylish Stratoliner Deluxe and MotoGP inspired FIAT Yamaha R1. Come sit on your favourite ride and find out What Kind of Yamaha you are! While you’re in the booth, sign up as a “FAN” on our Facebook page - ( - and you’ll have your chance to win a $5000 Yamaha shopping spree! Draw prizes also available to be won each day by filling out a ballot.

    Vicki Grey from headlines “She Rides Night” on Friday in the Yamaha booth, answering questions from show patrons about women and riding. She will also be conducting new model introductions with Yamaha Motorcycle Product Manager John Bayliss all weekend.

    Canada’s fastest motocross rider and MX1 Champion, Colton Facciotti, will be signing posters on Saturday AND Sunday from 11am – 12pm and 2pm - 3pm. Facciotti has won back to back MX1 championships and is busy preparing for another title defense atop the all-new YZ450F. Don’t miss your chance to shake hands with the Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing ace and take home a souvenir.

    The Yamaha Riding Academy will be in full swing, training youngsters between the ages of 6 – 12 the basics of riding an off-road bike. No experience necessary. Yamaha instructors will be on hand to ensure your child gets proper instruction. This is the best way to introduce your child to the world of two wheels, and it’s FREE!

    All this from Yamaha and a whole lot more. We’ll see you at the show!


    New 2010 Yamaha FZ8

    Yamaha's European site is offering a teaser photo of a new 2010 FZ8. There's not much information there yet; you're just given the opportunity to sign up to get news updates in the future.

    The headlight looks good though and a 800cc engine will give Yamaha a bike with a torque curve that should put a bigger smile on your face than if you had just been riding, say, an FZ6.

    The Fz8 is set to replace the FZ6 in Yamaha's European lineup. No word on what's happening in Canada and whether we'll get this model.

    If you're interested in getting updates you can sign up at Yamaha's European site HERE.

    See more Yamaha news HERE.


    Yamaha Motor Canada Withdraws Participation from Superbike Series

    Looks like tough financial times are taking their toll at Yamaha with an announcement they're withdrawing from the 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Series.

    Press Release follows:

    Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. announced today (November 4th/09) that it is withdrawing from participation in the 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Series. As a result of this decision, there will no longer be an official Yamaha race team or the traditional manufacturer support for the series.

    “Today’s economic climate forces us all to make tough decisions.” commented Tim Kennedy, National Manager, Marketing. “Our participation in the series was one of them.”

    Although there will be no involvement in 2010, Kennedy stated, “Racing is integral to the Yamaha brand, and we will re-visit this opportunity in the future.”


    Yamaha Hybrid Motorcycle ICE+electric

    Yamaha presented their new hybrid motorcycle prototype dubbed the HV-X at the 2009 Tokyo motor show. A feature that makes this hybrid unique when compared to say Piaggio's MP3 hybrid is the fact that it uses electric and gas powered motors in combination to improve acceleration.

    The HV-X can be ridden in electric-only via a manual selection. Featuring a liquid cooled 250-cc single, the internal combustion engine shuts down automatically when the vehicle is at a standstill

    The 15 kW electric motor is utilized at low speeds and the gas engine kicks in when a little extra torque and speed is needed. The HV-X's electric engine uses a large lithium ion battery.


    2009 Tokyo Motor Show opens Friday October 23rd

    Organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.(JAMA), the 2009 Tokyo Motor show opens its doors to the public on Friday, October 23rd. There's going to be plenty to see there but perhaps most interesting will be the motorcycles of course!

    Yamaha is going to be showing some interesting electric scooters dubbed the EC-F and EC-Fs:

    The EC-F is an electric-powered vehicle designed to serve as a commuter bike for city dwellers. Constructed using lightweight aluminum, the scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery and can easily be plugged into a normal electrical socket for recharging. Strictly a concept at this point.

    Honda will have some interesting bikes too; like the CB1100 Customize Concept, CB1300 Super Four, and CB1300 Super BOL D'OR.

    The CB1100 Customize Concept is aimed at providing new value for the CB1100. Its specially striped Italian red tank coloring, compact bikini cowl solo seat all combine to project a more vivid race-winning image reminiscent of Honda's 1960s World Grand Prix Champion RC racers.

    The CB1300 SUPER FOUR is Honda's flagship Naked road sports model. It debuted in 1988 based on the "Project Big-1" concept that set out to embody dramatic riding pleasure coupled with exhilarating riding performance. For 2010, the big CB features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.

    Based on the CB1300 SUPER FOUR, the CB1300 SUPER BOL D'OR was released in 2005 with an attractive half cowl that offered excellent wind protection, improved comfort at highway speeds and convenient storage spaces. For 2010, the CB1300 BOL D'OR features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.

    And a company I haven't heard of before, Adiva, is showing a scooter that looks to be very BMW C1 like. It's got a roof and a windshield wiper. In the picture, the white scooter looks to have two wheels in the rear, while the black unit behind it seems to be a standard two-wheeled version.


    2010 YZ450F video test in Montreal

    Blackfoot Yamaha rider Colton Facciotti and Dusty Flatt recetnly had a chance to take the all new YZ450F out for a little spin inside Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec. This took place Friday night prior to the Montreal SX.

    They're catching some SERIOUS air. The bike looks like it's goign to be a great performer.


    More news about Scooter Sense "Almost World Tour"

    If you haven’t already heard or are wondering what Motorcycle Experience - Scooter Sense segment host Bryan Hudgin’s Twitter feed has been referring to lately, we’re just about to shoot the second season of “Scooter Sense” for the next season of TSN’s “A Motorcycle Experience”. The concept this time around? The aptly titled, “Scooter Sense Almost World Tour: Big City Lights and Camp Fire Nights”. Bryan will be going on a good old fashioned road trip with his trusty Yamaha BWs125 scooter for 3 days. He’ll be going from Montreal, to Ottawa, to Kingston and finally landing in Toronto with a bunch of stops in between.

    The rules of engagement? No money, a $25 gas card, a stack of t-shirts, a tent for camping and a mission to spread the scooter gospel. His cell phone is rigged to the Yamaha corporate Twitter account, so he’ll be updating frequently along the way. You can follow along from each of Yamaha’s motorcycle or snowmobile blogs or search for “YamahaMotorCa” to follow with your Twitter account.

    Bryan says that he would love to have any fans and riders join him along the way, which is we’re posting a tentative itinerary below. Keep in mind, this is a pretty complicated beast to organize and shooting TV can always take longer than expected, so things can change really quickly. We will be changing things throughout this week and during the trip but we wanted to get you up to speed to keep you in the loop. You’ll need to check back with Bryans blog fairly frequently to stay on top of our shooting locations!

    Having said all of that, if you come out to support the tour, Bryan will give you a limited edition “Scooter Sense Almost World Tour” t-shirt for your troubles (while his limited supply lasts). Of course he may use it to trade you for food though!!

    Here is the current tour schedule as posted on Bryan’s blog.

    Day One – Sunday October 4th

    - 8:30am to 9:00am at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium
    Feature 1 – The last breakfast! From now on in - no money, just a gas card, a tent and t-shirts for the next 3 days. Can you eat cotton?
    - 9:00 depart for Chateau Montebello via Hwy 15N and Route 50W
    - 10:30am to 11:00am at Chateau Montebello gates.
    Feature 2 - Unfortunately, I won’t be sleeping at the Chateau Montebello, but it is a scenic place for a stop!
    - 11:00am depart for Ottawa via Cty Rd 17 & Regional Rd 174W
    - 12:30am to 3:30pm at Ottawa at the Parliament buildings.
    Feature 3 – I’ll do my best to recruit some government leaders to chat about the benefits of scooters! Heck we pay their salary, it’s the least they could do, right??
    - 3:30 depart for loyal “A Motorcycle Experience” viewer Bruce & Jan Haskin’s home via Hwy 7W and Hwy 15
    - 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Portland.
    Feature 4 - Meet the Haskins! Set up camp for the night!

    Day Two – Monday October 5th

    - 8:00am to 8:30am at Haskin Home in Portland.
    Feature 5 – Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Bruce leads the convoy down Cty Road 10 to Kingston, the old hometown!
    - 8:30am depart for Kingston
    - 10:00am to 12:00pm at Queens University Kingston
    Feature 6- Math quiz! Who can figure out a scooter’s gas mileage the quickest? Shouldn’t have any problems finding any scholar’s here
    - 12:00pm depart for Shannonville via Hwy 2
    - 1:30pm at Shannonville
    Feature 7 – What are my lap times? Face off against some road racing veterans!
    - 3:00pm depart for Sandbanks Provincial Park via Cty Rd 49
    - 5:00pm to 7:30pm at Sandbanks Provincial Park

    Feature 8 - Set up camp. Dinner of champions over the open fire.

    Day Three - Tuesday October 6th

    - 8:00am to 8:30am Sandbanks morning in Prince Edward County.
    Feature 9 - How was the sleep? How was breakfast? Where are we off to?
    - 8:30am depart for Port Hope via Loyalist Pkwy and Hwy 2
    - 10:00am to 10:30am at Port Hope
    Feature 10 – Fuel Stop. How much money have I spent on gas?
    - 10:30am depart for Toronto via Regional Rd 9, Taunton Rd and Hwy 7
    - 12:00pm to 3:30pm at Toronto
    Feature 11 – Group Ride with Toronto Scooter Club. These guys are hardcore!
    Feature 12 – Hit the showers!! Cap it all off!

    Anyone wishing to join us along the way are more than welcome! The more the merrier!

    Please ensure you check back regularly to Bryan’s blog and the Twitter feed as things will be changing constantly.


    Yamaha offers customers a chance to win a $10,000 Shopping Spree on

    If you won $10,000 to buy anything and everything Yamaha, what would you spend it on? A new Raider? Rhino? YZ? R1? WaveRunner? Much needed parts and accessories? You might not be wondering any longer as Yamaha Motor Canada launches their fall “Right Here Right Now” campaign that involves a $10,000 shopping spree on

    Back in May, Yamaha kicked off their annual “Right Here Right Now” promotion with “Win Your Yamaha,” where one lucky contestant won their Yamaha purchase. That lucky individual was Quebec’s Philippe Gouger, who won his purchase of a Yamaha F6 Outboard and was awarded a big cheque at his dealer, Gregoire Sport.

    “We were definitely happy to reimburse Philippe with the price of his outboard, but we were hoping to send off our winner with something a little bigger, a little more costly,” says Yamaha Motor Canada’s National Marketing Manager, Tim Kennedy. “But, hey, that’s how it worked out and we’re happy to have reimbursed Philippe a few thousand bucks.”

    To ensure that every customer—no matter their purchase—was in contention to win some big bucks this time around, Yamaha has switched to the Shopping Spree method. From September 8 to October 12, those who purchase a new Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, outboard, snowmobile, side-by-side, WaveRunner, Sport Boat, or power product, is entered to win a $10,000 Shopping Spree for anything on!

    “We’re even more excited with this new contest,” adds Kennedy. “The first one was great, but now everyone who purchases a Yamaha can win the same great prize of $10,000 to spend on whatever they want from our website!”

    For more details on Yamaha’s $10,000 Shopping Spree, please see your local dealer or visit While you’re there, take a peak at some items you’d like on your “Yamaha Wish List!”


    2010 Yamaha YZ450F internal features video

    Yamaha has a video on YouTube that showcases the unique features of the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. The video runs 1 min, 19 seconds and provides a great overview.

    Check it out:


    2010 Yamaha lineup news

    Radical, all-new 2010 YZ450F steals headlines with “reversed” engine, tornado exhaust, FI, and bilateral beam frame.

    The motocross world is about to be turned upside down, and backwards (literally), with the release of the much anticipated 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. Credited with developing the first competitive four-stroke motocross bike—in both the 400 and 250 classes—Yamaha is proud to once again wear the hat of innovation.

    Totally revamped for 2010, the YZ450F has received a laundry list of changes, beginning with the “reversed,” rear slanted, fuel-injected four-stroke engine. The FI throttle body and airbox are front mounted, while the exhaust exits from the rear of the cylinder. This design is used to centralize mass for excellent handling and a light feel.

    The all-new “Tornado” design exhaust system exits from the rear of the cylinder and features a spiral winding of the header pipe. A power chamber is built into the header pipe to limit sound, and the entire system continues to centralize mass.

    Like its little brother, the YZ250F, the 450F receives an all-new bilateral beam frame and sharp, new styling package as well. A unique incentive to the all-new 450F is the ability to optimize the power curve. For those who purchase a YZ450F before December 31, they’ll be given a “YZ Power Tuner” that allows for tailoring of FI settings and ignition mapping.

    Yamaha didn’t forget the street, touring or four-wheeled enthusiasts either. For 2010, Yamaha welcomes aboard the all-new Stratoliner Deluxe. Based off the award winning, XV1900 Stratoliner platform, the Deluxe features a hard fairing with mini windshield, integrated speakers that are pre-wired for easy connection with an iPod, and colour matched hard saddlebags.

    Also new for the street is the Valentino Rossi Replica YZF-R1. Complete with all of the great features of their standard R1, the Rossi Edition comes dressed just like “The Doctor’s” factory race bike.

    Yamaha’s ATV lineup sees a host of changes. The all-new YFZ450X is a woods version of the 450R and has a narrower track chassis for better performance and confidence between the trees. On the utility side, Yamaha now offers GYPA kits (Explorer and Polar) for specific types of demand.

    Get onto today and find out the complete list of changes to see these and many more 2010 models!


    New 2010 Yamaha YZ450F video's from Yamaha Canada

    Yamaha Canada has posted a new video on YouTube that showcases a unique artistical view of the all-new 2010 YZ450F. Definitely something a little different, something a little funky but cool.

    Check it out here:


    All new YZ450F coming September 8th/09

    Yamaha is set to introduce the all new YZ450F in just a few short days - September 8th, to be exact.

    In the meantime they've posted a funny little YouTube clip in which James Stewart telling you about a bunch of things that it doesn't have! None of which will be surprising.

    Check out the YouTube clip here:


    Canadian Olympian - from bobsled to motorcycle

    Helen Upperton, Canada's top bobsled driver and Calgary resident, is a bit of a daredevil. She likes to travel down a twisty icy track at 150 km/hr. Now she's had the chance to go a similar speed on two wheels. She bought her first motorcycle, a 1100 cc Yamaha V-Star cruiser.

    An 1100cc bike is not a typical first time rider bike but Upperton isn't a typical rider either. She bought her bike after the 2006 Olympics in Turin Italy as a present to herself for her fourth-place finish.

    In a recent interview with she said riding her motorcycle at 150 km/hr makes her realize just how crazy bobsledding is! There's so much going on during the bobsled run that you're not really paying attention to the speed as much, but on a motorcycle you're "out there" and more exposed to the wind.

    The parents of the 29 yr old Upperton aren't said to be too thrilled about the motorcycle, her coaches haven't really said too much about it, and she's been told by several people that they think the bike is too big for her. She takes it all in stride though and plans to enjoy the off-season from her winter training and competing.

    Her teammates, well they just want to go for a ride with her! They've already experienced riding with her at speed.


    Kyle Beaton demo's a Yamaha 2010 - YZ250F

    Pro Racer Kyle Beaton has been riding Yamaha’s for nearly a decade and Yamaha recently had him test out their brand new 2010 model YZ250F. The bike features a new bilateral beam frame, quicker revving motor, better handling, and revised ergonomics and they wanted Beaton's impressions and see what he could do with it.  Massive air!

    He was impressed!

    For more information on the 2010 Yamaha YZ250F check it out on Yamaha's website HERE.


    Yamaha 2010 VMax special - warranty boost and book

    If you put down a $1,000 (non-refundable) deposit on a 2010 Yamaha VMax between August 5 and 12 noon EST on November 30th, 2009 you'll get a few extras to go along with that monster torque engine.

    Yamaha will throw in Yamaha Protection Plus for an additional 2 years. That extra time means you'll have total coverage 36 months when you include the standard warranty.

    You'll also receive a special edition VMax development book.

    MSRP for the 2010 Yamaha VMax is $22,999. Not cheap, but don't forget it comes with an arm stretching 1679cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, 65 degree V-4 engine. Approximately 200 hp and mounted to a chassis that's much upgraded from the original class breaking VMax. This one actually doesn't mind corners!

    - Full details of the promotion HERE.
    - More Yamaha News HERE.


    2010 Yamaha YZ250F details released

    Details about the new YZ250F have been released and are published on Yamaha's Canadian website. It sounds like it's going to be a killer off-road! An all new Bilateral Beam aluminum frame centralizes mass and according to Yamaha the new frame provides "exceptional cornering and handling performance."

    The new YZ also features improvements to the intake and exhaust system, lighter valve train, and new carburetor settings which should boost power at low- to mid-revs, result in a more rider friendly engine, and provide more linear power.

    The liquid cooled, 250cc DOHC engine has titanium valves (40% lighter than than conventional steel) and a 13,500 RPM redline.

    Canadian MSRP is $8,599


    Rumor - Yamaha turbo diesel motorcycle

    Some breaking Internet rumor is surfacing about Yamaha developing an inline 4 turbo-charged diesel motorcycle. Hell For Leather has come upon what are patents reportedly filed in July by Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha.

    In the patent drawings it appears that the intercooler is located above the engine or could be concealed in the frame; the turbocharger itself is mounted adjacent to the cylinder head. This placement provides some protection for these sensitive components.

    If it gets the green light, Yamaha would be the only major manufacturer producing a diesel motorcycle.

    More diesel related posts here.
    More rumor related posts here.


    Two Canadian Bands Set to Rock BMW Summerfest

    Two great Canadian Bands will be entertaining the masses at Mosport this July 17-19 weekend at the 2009 BMW Motorrad Summerfest. Halifax based Sloan and Toronto based Crash Parallel will be taking the stage on Saturday.

    There's going to be a lot more than music at Summerfest too though. Racing, BMW Marketplace, on and off-road test rides, an off-road skills course, and demo rides.

    Plan to be there! Full press release follows -

    Courtesy of Canadian Superbike:

    Canadian recording artists Sloan and Crash Parallel will headline the BMW Motorrad Summerfest as part of the Parts Canada Superbike Doubleheader at Mosport, July 17-19, Canada’s biggest motorcycle road racing event of the year.

    The bands will take to the BMW Motorrad Concert Stage on the Saturday of the manufacturer’s three-day motorcycle lifestyle experience, making its return to Mosport for the third year. Designed to cater to the motorcycle enthusiast, Summerfest features the BMW Marketplace, on and off-road test rides and an off-road skills course. New for 2009 is the addition of BMW Motorrad Enduro rider Guy Giroux, who will act as an instructor for the off- road skills course.

    Formed in 1991 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, four-member Sloan released its first record in 1992. Since then, the band has recorded and released 10 records to critical acclaim across North America. Sloan’s contemporary, yet instantly recognizable rock and roll sound has endeared them to a large and devoted fan following across the continent, particularly in Canada. Nominated numerous times during their career, Sloan has won four East Coast Music Awards and a Juno Award. Now based in Toronto, Sloan’s latest record, Parallel Play, was released in 2008.

    Relative newcomers to the Canadian rock music scene, Toronto’s Crash Parallel was formed in 2005 and released their successful debut album, World We Know, in May 2008. The record has produced five singles to date, including the smash hit, World We Know. The band hit number one on the Billboard Emerging Canadian Artist Chart in the spring of 2008 and won the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Group of the Year.

    In addition to Summerfest, the Yamaha Riding Academy will once again be offering it’s free riding clinic for children ages 6 to 12. The Academy provides professional instruction to youngsters on how to ride off-road motorcycles in a safe and fun manner.

    Adults will also have any opportunity to do some riding when top manufacturers such as Suzuki offer demo rides on their latest models on neighbouring roads near Mosport. With the exception of the Yamaha Riding Academy (which supplies all required equipment), participants for all riding activities must have a valid motorcycle license, riding gear and helmet.

    The Parts Canada Superbike Doubleheader, the only Toronto-area stop for the national Parts Canada Superbike Championship, features Canada’s top riders.

    Three-time defending Superbike champion Jordan Szoke of Brantford, Ontario, and current points leader, 17 year-old phenom Brett McCormick of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan will battle it out in two points races against a deep field of perennial contenders and up-and-coming stars.

    The weekend schedule also includes races in the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike class, the Armour Bodies Amateur 600 Sport Bike Championship, the Suzuki SV650 Cup, the Pro Honda Oils Women's Cup Challenge and the Honda CBR125R Challenge.

    A three-day SuperTicket is just $50 until July 15 ($60 at the Gate) and each ticket includes parking, paddock admission, and entrance to Saturday Night Stock Car racing at Mosport Speedway. Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by a paid adult admission. Single day tickets are also available.

    General and family camping areas are available complete with full-service washrooms, showers and children's playgrounds. An advanced three-day weekend general camping pass is just $30 (for tents or pop-up trailers). RVs are $50 for the weekend.

    For more information about Mosport ticket packages and camping, call the Mosport Hotline at 1-800-866-1072 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET) or visit online at Tickets are also available at Ticketmaster.


    Perfect Scooter Sense - Yamaha series now online.

    Fans of the Canadian motorcycle program Motorcycle Experience which airs on TSN may recall the Scooter Sense segments that aired with each episode. If you tuned in regularly chances are you've already seen Yamaha Canada PR specialist Bryan Hudgin talk about all the things that make scooters so popular, practical, and fun! But, maybe you missed an episode or two, or maybe you'd just like to revisit some episodes.

    All 12 episodes of the Scooter Sense segments are posted on Yamaha Canada's website HERE. Be sure to check them out!


    Fresh posts at Yamaha Bike Blog

    The folks at Yamaha Motor Canada have updated their Yamaha Bike Blog with a few new posts so if you're interested in some of the latest news from Yamaha check it out here:


    TRIC Accessories – Now Available Through Yamaha Motor Canada!

    Looks like Yamaha Canada is going to be offering some TRIC gear. They're starting with a roll-out of ATV accessories but indicate TRIC accessories will eventually be available for motorcycles too (and all Yamaha powersport lines).

    Toronto, ON) - The iconic TRIC brand first introduced by Yamaha Motor Canada in the late 1970’s is being reintroduced to better serve the needs of Canadian motorsport enthusiasts. TRIC, which stands for; Tested, Reliable, Innovative, and Canadian, represents the highest quality accessories in the industry and will be made available only through our premium Yamaha dealer network.

    Similar to the Yamaha’s they will be mounted to, TRIC accessories measure up to the durability and reliability that Canadians demand and provide features and benefits to perform well in our unique environment. While many powersport accessories are made by foreign companies for use all over the world in many different types of situations, TRIC accessories are developed for and tested in Canada for Canadians. TRIC accessories have the ability to handle our harsh climate, rugged terrain and high mileage treks.

    Starting with the roll out of several new ATV accessories, TRIC brand products will continue to expand and represent select accessories throughout all Yamaha powersport lines.


    Yamaha to build Honda DN-01 automatic rival?

    If Spanish motorcycle website solomoto is to be believed, Yamaha is working on a rival machine to Honda's automatic scooter/motorcycle "crossover bike", the DN-01.

    In the report on solomoto they indicate that three Yamaha engineers from the Janapese factory have patented a new motorcycle design that's similar to the DN-01. The engine for the Yamaha "crossover bike" will come from Yamaha's big T-Max scooter.

    Patent drawings registered early in June seem to suggest that Yamaha is working on some sort of an automatic transmission similar to that on the DN-01.

    Pure Internet speculation!

    Via CMG Online.


    Yamaha and KLIM® forge partnership

    Toronto, Ontario/ Cypress, CA — Yamaha Motor Canada (YMCA) and Yamaha Motor Corporation USA (YMUS) are excited to announce that they have forged a partnership with KLIM® Technical Riding Gear of Rigby, Idaho, to offer branded versions of the company’s line of premium, high tech enduro riding apparel at its dealerships.

    “We are very excited to offer the new KLIM products through our Yamaha dealer network. The Yamaha brand is known around the world for offering quality and performance. The premium line of KLIM gear is a perfect fit with Yamaha and will most assuredly meet the highest expectations of our dealers and customers.” said YMCA National Planning & Research Manager, Chris Reid.

    Yamaha riders will now have Yamaha-branded enduro in-the-boot-pants, along with enduro over-the-boot-pant which will keep the enduro rider performing at the highest level. Yamaha dealers will also offer branded versions of KLIM’s F4, fully-vented enduro-style helmet, jerseys and gloves.

    KLIM® President Justin Summers stated, “Two industry innovators and leaders in advancing technologies are coming together to give the enduro rider a line of clothing that meets their needs. With our KLIM® high-quality apparel and Yamaha’s high-quality machines, riders will have the ultimate outdoor experience.”

    Stop by the Klim Technology section of Yamaha's website to see the whole line of Yamaha-branded KLIM® technical gear and other Genuine Yamaha Apparel and Accessories.


    Royce Mclean top finishing rookie at Mirabel

    Piloting the potent YZF-R6, Royce Mclean stepped up to the plate at Circuit ICAR in Mirabel, QC this past weekend claiming a noteworthy seventh place in both Pro Superbike and Pro Sport Bike racing action. His results saw him chalk up top finishing rookie honours in both championship series.

    It was only the second Pro Superbike and Pro Sport Bike start for the 14-year-old up and comer from Coaldale, Alberta. Mclean began the weekend in good form by qualifying ninth in Superbike and sixth in Sport Bike on the rough and challenging 2.8 km (1.7 mile) ICAR circuit, putting him on the third and second row of the starting grid respectively.

    In the 16 lap Superbike feature, he quickly moved into seventh place to then fight a race-long battle with Alex Welsh for sixth place but the teenager was unable to get by the Ontario native. Although Mclean’s main focus this year is on the Sport Bike Championship, he is contesting the Superbike class on his YZF-R6 in order to get in the extra bike time. In Sport Bike, Mclean basically spent the race on the tail of the veteran Steve Crevier, but as in the Superbike class he was unable to make a pass.

    “I’m really excited with my performance today, especially getting my first top ten result in Superbike,” said Mclean. “I felt comfortable in both classes and my R6 was totally awesome. I’d like to thank my team for all their hard work and the confidence they have placed in me.”

    Mclean’s Toyota Yamaha OTSFF teammate Kevin Lacombe – who clocked fourth fastest qualifying in Sport Bike to then nail down a fourth place finish in the race – was victimized by a crash on the second lap of the Superbike feature. The Granby, QC native, looking to repeat at his home province national the two podium finishes he carded at the opening round in Calabogie, had secured a front row start on the strength of third fastest qualifying.

    Although the feature race started on a positive note for Lacombe, with an explosive start on his YZF-R1that saw him command the holeshot, he was foiled by a crack in the old Mirabel Airport circuit which sent him sprawling while leading the rest of the field. He was able to pick up and quickly restart his bike and get back into the fray but damage to his rear set and the casing saw him retire from the race a few laps later.

    “Today was definitely not one of my better days. Fourth in Sport Bike is not exactly what I was looking for but to DNF in Superbike was a lot worse,” said Lacombe. “The crack in the concrete had been sealed with silicone but the area I hit was sticking out a little bit and it caused me to tuck the front end. I tried to continue the race to get some points but there was no way I could make the bike do what I wanted it to do with the damaged rear set.”

    Third Toyota Yamaha OTSFF team member Tony Kasper, who recorded 13th place in Sport Bike qualifying, finished ninth in the 14 lap event but was subjected to a five-second jumpstart penalty which relegated him to tenth on the scoreboard. The Becker, MN native does not compete in the Superbike Championship.

    “From my point of view, I didn’t jump the start but according to the officials I did and I got bumped one position in the results. That being said, I felt good to actually finish the race and not DNF like at Calabogie,” said Kasper. “It took me a while to come to terms with the track and get up to speed but getting top ten and some championship points is very encouraging. We can build on that at the next round and keep chipping away. It’s a long season.”

    Team Toyota Yamaha OTSFF Racing would like to congratulate Royce Mclean for claiming the Top HJC Pro Rookie of the Weekend award and thank the following sponsors for their valuable support: Yamalube, GYTR, West Central, Pirelli, Zox, Joe Rocket, VP, Vortex and ESP. Also a special thanks to the crew, for a great job, and our Yamaha supporting dealers Jack n Jill’s Motorsport (Midland), Gregoire Sport and Powersports Junction (Guelph).

    The Parts Canada Superbike Championship resumes for Round 3 of the title chase June 25-28 in Calgary, AB at Race City Motorsport Park.


    Yamaha Bike Blog - get the inside scoop direct from Yamaha Canada

    Check out the latest posting on the Yamaha Canada blog where you get some behind the scenes footage and information from the Team Toyota Yamaha OTSFF at the opening round of the Parts Canada Superbike Championships in Calabogie, ON.

    Or you can watch the footage via YamaTube - Yamaha Canada's YouTube channel:


    Yamaha Test Ride day- Today (NS)

    The Yamaha Power Tour is stopping in at Dartmouth, NS based dealership - Pro Cycle Limited. It's happening TODAY!  So if you want to get on the new cross-plane crank R1 you'd better get over there right away.

    KNOWN BIKES FOR THE POWER TOUR include the R1, FZ6R, V-STAR 950, T-Max, V Star 1300 Standard, and 1900 Roadliner.

    For more details check out the event section of their website  here.


    Yamaha "Power Tour" -Yamaha demo's across Canada

    Yamaha is bringing their roadshow across Canada, exact locations haven't been listed. They indicate that you should contact your local dealership for further details.

    What they have provided is a list of motorcycles that will be available in the different regions of Canada though. Looks like everybody is going to get the new cross-plane R1!

    Here's the information:

    Beginning this May, Yamaha will be traveling across the country with our latest and greatest motorcycles for you to demo!

    Get your gear and come and test ride our Yamaha 1900s, and the new V Star 950 Tourer! We haven’t forgotten about the rest of our amazing motorcycles. Below is a sample of the product that will be available on our tour this year. (Dealer may supply more)

    Western Canada:
    R1, FZ6R, T-MAX, V Star 950 Tourer, WR250X, 1900 Stratoliner S

    Central Canada:
    R1, FZ6R, V Star 950 Tourer, V Star 1300 Tourer, 1900 Stratoliner S, 1900 Raider

    Quebec and Eastern Canada: R1, FZ6R, T-MAX, V Star 950 Tourer, V Star 1300 Standard, 1900 Roadliner

    Check the schedule for the dealer nearest you… this is an experience you don’t want to miss.


    Transport Canada - latest motorcycle recalls

    Transport Canada posted a recall affecting Yamaha BWS 125's on April 20th/09. Here's all the details:

    *Update - We added details of a Ducati 696 recall that we didn't catch when it was released. Details below!

    Make, Model, Model Year(s) Affected: YAMAHA, BWS 125, 2009

    Transport Canada Recall # 2009115
    Recall Date: 2009/04/20
    System: Lights And Instruments
    Units Affected: 380

    Recall Details:

    On certain scooters, the taillight bulb does not meet the regulation standards for intensity of illumination for the brake lamp.

    A brake lamp which isn't as bright as required could result in following road users being unaware of the driver's intentions, as well as reducing vehicle conspicuity during hours of darkness.

    This could result in a vehicle crash causing personal injury or death. Correction: Dealers will replace the taillight bulb.

    Make, Model, Model Year(s) Affected: Ducati, Monster 696, 2009

    Transport Canada Recall # 2009089
    Recall Date: 2009/03/26
    System: Electrical
    Units Affected: 240

    Recall Details:

    On certain motorcycles, the main wiring harness may contact the vertical cylinder head and become damaged. This could result in a loss of vehicle lighting and/or degradation of engine performance. Failure of the lighting system may result in the following road users being unaware of the rider's intentions, as well as reducing vehicle conspicuity during hours of darkness. This could result in a vehicle crash causing personal injury or death. Correction: Dealers will reposition the wiring harness.


    Kobe Bryant to ride a scooter?

    No - I doubt that he or any other NBA stars will but...

    Yamaha has signed a multi-year deal in Europe with the National Basketball Association (NBA) - North America's premier professional men's basketball league. To commemorate the partnership Yamaha has launched a new BW's NBA scooter in Europe.

    It’s got all the BW’s original features that "set you free in the city: a rugged, lightweight frame; strong braking and grip; fully-automatic 50cc motor; and lots of great practical touches."

    The BW’s NBA will get some flashy NBA graphics, white paint, and a basketball colored seat. Along with a genuine NBA logo on the front engine cover you get logo-sets from six leading NBA teams (Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks), a pack of ‘number 1’ stickers, and an ‘NBA’ embroidered seat.


    Latest Recalls from Transport Canada

    Here's the most recent recalls from Transport Canada. They affect models by Aprilia and Yamaha. The Yamaha model affected is the Trailway 200; more commonly known as a TW 200.

    The person writing the Aprilia recall must have had a thesaurus nearby: "could cause a litany of drivability concerns." My dictionary gives "a repetive series" as an alternate for litany. However you say it, sounds like it's something you should get fixed ASAP.

    Transport Canada Recall # 2009064
    Recall Date: 2009/03/02
    Notification Type: Safety Mfr
    System: Emissions
    Manufacturer Recall Number:
    Units Affected: 276
    Make: APRILIA
    Model SCARABEO 200

    Model Year(s) Affected: 2008, 2009

    Recall Details:

    On certain scooters, should the fuel tank be overfilled, or the motorcycle be tipped-over on it's side, raw fuel may be allowed to enter the hoses of the evaporative emissions system. This could cause a litany of drivability concerns including: difficulty starting, random stalling, low power, reduced top speed, float bowl overflowing, etc. Engine stalling would result in lost propulsion which, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash. Correction: Dealers will re-route emission system hoses and replace the "Hose Routing Diagram" sticker.

    Transport Canada Recall # 2009066
    Recall Date: 2009/03/02
    Notification Type: Safety Mfr
    System: Suspension
    Manufacturer Recall Number: M09-045
    Units Affected: 1,948
    Category: Motorcycle
    Make: YAMAHA
    Model: TRAILWAY 200

    Model Year(S) Affected: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

    Recall Details:
    On certain motorcycles, the rear shock absorber lower mounting boss could fail. Should this occur while underway, the shock assembly could detach, allowing the rear suspension to completely sag, possibly resulting in a loss of vehicle control and a crash causing personal injury or death. Correction: Dealers will replace the rear shock assembly with an updated version.


    Yamaha predicts big financial loss for 2009

    Yamaha Motor is forecasting a net loss of approximately $570 million Cdn coupled with a 22 per cent drop in worldwide sales for 2009.

    This would be the company's first net loss since since the last major recession in 1984. Reasons behind the projections for 2009 are said to be the rising yen's effect on Yamaha's export market coupled with the current global financial market downturn.

    The projections have forced the Yamaha Motor execs to make or consider some big cost cutting decisions. They're considering postponing a new test track and parts plant in Japan as well as putting the brakes on production expansion for a plant in Indonesia. The company is also cutting back executive salaries by as much as 20% for the remainder of the year.


    Yamaha to recall 50,000+ motorcycles

    Yamaha has issued a massive recall that involves 53,814 motorcycles. The recall is to replace a defect in rear-wheel shock absorbers that caused slight injuries to one rider.

    The TW200E models were manufactured between 1987 and 2001 and all sold in Japan, the motorcycle firm said in a statement. So, there should be nothing to worry about here in Canada.

    The recall followed six reports of problems with the joint part due to a lack of tenacity, the statement said. The problem could result in a breakdown of the part and a loss of stability.

    One rider was slightly injured when a TW200E motorcycle with the defect scraped a guardrail, a Yamaha spokesman said.


    Yamaha to halt production

    Japan's Yamaha Motor Co Ltd. said last Friday that they'd be halting production temporarily at 11 of their facilities because of the global economic slowdown.

    In a news release, they indicated that the stoppage would be for seven to 10 days in February and March.

    Affected facilities produce motorcycles, recreational vehicles, marine sports vehicles, industrial robots, and parts.


    Motorcyclist dies during the Dakar

    Yamaha motorcycle rider Pascal Terry, age 49, died during the Dakar while in the race. He was found 15 meters away from his motorcycle, sitting in the shade in an area of dense vegetation, with his helmet off, and with food and water.

    He went missing on Sunday during the second stage of the race, between Santa Rosa and Puerto Madryn.

    Local police performed an investigation as to the cause of death and it was determined he died of pulmonary edema. According to the Argentinian military body charged with police duties, his life could have been saved if he would have been treated immediately.

    Dakar organizers (ASO) indicate there was an unfortunate breakdown in communications between the local event organizers, the local head office, and the French based head office. The breakdown in communications caused a prolonged delay before a search was held to try to find Terry. Terry had called race organizers Sunday on a Sat phone, to indicated that he had run out of gas but then obtained some from another rider. It's not clear what happened after that call and the time up to his death.

    The tracking device was showing his bike in one place but there was reportedly some confusion as to whether he had made it back to the base camp without his bike. This delayed rescue attempts.

    Before the race he spoke about his long-held desire to compete in the event.

    “I’ve dreamed about being in the Dakar since it started,” said Terry, who had been racing motorcycles for 29 years. “I think it’s going to be great. ... I’m going to do all I can to take full advantage of all the legs of the race.”

    His body was found on Wednesday and the ASO have vowed to review their communication procedures.

    It's a very unfortunate incident that highlights the dangers of the race. Even with all the modern technology and tracking devices available to us that things like this can happen.


    Toronto Motorcycle Show preview

    The Toronto Motorcycle show is this coming weekend.

    We can't possibly tell you everything that's going on at the show, with upwards of 150 exhibitors you can bet there will be something that should interest just about every motorcycle enthusiast. But as a bit of a sneak peak, here's what the big names are scheduled to display:

    BMW Motorrad Canada will be bringing the new K1300S, R and GT along with the F800GS that has finally started to show up at dealers (much to the delight of those who've already put deposits on them and anticipated a September arrival). Riders that like the dirt might be interested in seeing the G450X Enduro. Those of you who are more World Superbike than off-road adventure will surely enjoy BMW's, still under development, S1000RR, BMW's World Superbike entry that won't hit the racetrack in 2009.

    Ducati will have the new 1198S Superbike, the Monster M1100S, and may also bring along a Desmosedici Moto GP replica streetbike with a retail price in the 80 thousand

    Honda should have the 2009 DN01, a $17,499, 680cc tourer with an automatic transmission. Not to disappoint, the CBR600 and CBR1000 sportbikes should be there as well showing off the new optional anti-lock brakes.

    Kawasaki will show off the Vulcan 1700 series and the new ZX-6R 600 sportbike that is said to be an almost unbelievable 10 kg lighter than last year's model. Canadian Superbike and Pro 600 Champion Jordan Szoke and teammate Alex Welsh will be there too doing some autograph sessions.

    KTM has said said they'll be showing off the 1190 RC8 Superbike and their single-cylinder 690 Enduro; the most powerful single cylinder on the market.

    Deeley Harley-Davidson will have the 2009 touring models and Tri-Glide trike and the previously Euro-spec only XR1200 Sportster. You'll get a look at the Police Edition of the Buell Ulysses too.

    Suzuki will be bringing the all new GSX-R1000, new Boulevard M90, and the SFV650 (or Gladius)- a naked styled bike using the famed SV650 v-twin engine. Suzuki will also show off some Canadian only models such as a 650 and 1000 V-Strom that come with locking hard bags and topbox as standard equipment.

    Yamaha will have the new V Max, the 200-horsepower rocket!


    Wrap it up for Christmas - Save up to $800

    Yamaha is running a promotion right now that might appeal to some Christmas shoppers. If you buy a new 2009 sportbike before December 31, 2008 you'll have the choice of:

    - Bonus instant customer rebate of up to $800
    - Up to 12 months Yamaha protection plus
    - Power financing as low as 5.99%
    - Up to $300 in Yamabucks.

    Santa, I've been very good this year so if you're reading this I'd like an FJR1300A please!


    World's biggest motorcycle exhibition - November 4th

    World's biggest motorcycle exhibition will open its doors on November 4th at Milan, Italy to an ever increasing public.

    This year at Milan's EICMA exhibition, we should see several new motorcycles and scooters - probably not as many as last year when it seemed everybody had something new.

    But like at Intermot show in Germany, there will no doubt be a lot of Asian manufactured electric motorcycles and scooters showcased.

    The main conference day is Tuesday, with 2 conferences called on Monday and one on Wednesday.

    Several companies have announced that they're be doing a press conference at the show. Which would generally indicate that they have something interesting they want to make public - but time will tell. Here's the list of companies:

    Yamaha - Yamaha have organized a conference the day before the show opens (Monday), and it's held off-site.

    Ducati - They're having their press conference the day before the show opens. Fighter model perhaps?

    Honda - Honda starts off the press conference heavy Tuesday

    New Max - New Max have several brands of clothing and helmets. Haven't heard of these folks.

    BMW - Having already announced three new K series models at Intermot it's hard to say what they'll have to say.

    Husqvarna - These guys immediately follow BMW (they're a subsidiary of BMW) and both are scheduled for 30 minutes a piece.

    Leo Vince - Might be a good guess that the Italian Leo Vince will probably be presenting new exhausts.

    KTM - KTM have two conference, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday (together with Zadi - an Italian parts manufacturer). Rumors are that they may show an electric motorcycle.

    Aprilia - The Piaggio group's Aprilia have 15 minutes so not too much time for big announcements here.

    Moto Guzzi - Piaggio group's Guzzi have 10 minutes

    Gilera - Piaggio group's Gilera have 15 minutes

    Vespa - Piaggio group's Vespa have 15 minutes

    Piaggio - Piaggio themselves took 15 minutes

    Scarabeo - Piaggio group's Scarabeo have 10 minutes

    Derbi - Piaggio group's Derbi have 10 minutes

    Kymco - Scooter manufacturer Kymko rarely call for conferences so there will likely be something new out of this Taiwanese company.

    Nipponia - Never heard of these guys.

    Suzuki - Suzuki have 30 minutes but announced new bikes at Intermot so we're not sure what to expect here.

    Metzeler - Tire manufacturer Metzeler are closing the day with a press conference


    Honda and Yamaha want electric models

    Two of the worlds largest motorcycle companies; Honda Motor Co. and Yamaha Motor Co., are said to be developing electric models to attract riders amid high gasoline prices.

    "We are pushing forward with the development of electric two-wheeled vehicles, but we haven't decided on the price or the release date," said Honda spokeswoman Akemi Ando.

    Honda plans to debut its electric bikes by 2011, while Yamaha will introduce its version in 2010, the Japanese business newspaper (Nikkei newspaper) reported.

    Yamaha is working on an electric two-wheeler to market along the lines of their 50 cc scooter, said spokesman Takashi Kitagawa. Yamaha stopped selling its EC-02 and Passol-L electric scooters last September after a battery recall.

    According to the report in the Nikkei, both firms will use lithium-ion batteries to power the vehicles.

    No word of course on whether these will come to Canada but probably not initially. No doubt we'll see a day in a few years time when electric motorcycles will come though.


    Yamaha FZ6..."R"

    New for 2009 Yamaha has a new entry-level sportbike - the FZ6R. It's a bike that looks very sporty but has a toned down engine so that you don't have the intense performance of a 600 sportbike, or the big price tag they usually come with either.

    Yamaha tells it like it is on their website, in Yamaha's own words,

    "Somewhere between cruisers and supersport bikes exists a genre simply known as "sports" bikes.

    The new FZ6R fits perfectly into the less intense sport bike world with its easy to control engine, light weight and low seat height. A slim compact chassis and low seat height complement the fuel injected engine and its very linear throttle control. No lap records here, just a bike that inspires rider confidence and is a blast to ride."

    So if you're looking for a sporty bike you can have some fun then this might be just the bike for you. The MSRP is $8,299, which seems a pretty decent bargain considering the FZ6 is $1,000 more ($9,299).

    What do you get for $8,299? You'll get a steel frame, budget suspension, and a 212 kg (466 lb) wet weight, 17-inch wheels, a 1,440 mm (56.7 in) wheelbase, 6-speed gearbox, and 44 lb-ft of torque at 8,500 rpm.

    The bore-stroke ratio of 65.5 x 44.5 mm, similar to the FZ6, provides fewer max horsepower but gives more midrange when compared to the wider-shorter R6 bore and stroke.

    So, if you want some sporty looks but comfortable ergonomics and don't have a huge bankroll the FZ6R, this might just be your next bike.


    New Yamaha R1 unveiled in Las Vegas

    Each of the four Yamaha MotoGP riders took part in the global unveiling of the all-new Yamaha R1 this week in big glittery show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fiat Yamaha Team riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, plus Tech 3 Yamaha team-mates Colin Edwards and James Toseland were surprise guests at the unveiling. It took place in front of 3,000 Yamaha US dealers at the famous Mirage Hotel.

    The all-new version of the R1, Yamaha's premium performance road bike, is more closely linked than ever to the YZR-M1 on which the four riders compete in the MotoGP championship. The riders each came on stage aboard a different colour version of the machine, before being interviewed about it in relation to their own MotoGP bikes.

    Yamaha is indicating some pretty impressive numbers for the new R1 on their site to back up the claims of M1 like technology:

    "Pushing out 182 PS at 12,500 rpm with 115.5 Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm, this MotoGP-inspired engine is without a doubt the most technologically advanced powerplant ever seen on a Yamaha supersport bike."

    Here's some quotes from the MotoGP guys:

    Valentino Rossi:

    "This is a great bike, it's very like my M1 and it's exciting to see so many MotoGP qualities now appearing on a bike for the road. I think everyone who loves the R1 and Yamaha will be very excited about this new version, it's fantastic!"

    Jorge Lorenzo:

    "I think this bike will be very popular. Yamaha have worked very hard to try to make it as like our M1 as possible and it seems they have done a fantastic job. The cornering and agility especially is great, which is of course one of the best qualities of the M1."


    More new models in Yamaha's Canadian line up

    Just days after the big news of the release of the 2009 V-Max, Yamaha took the wraps off another couple new models. With gas prices rising and more consumers looking for cheaper alternatives Yamaha made a smart move and introduced two new scooters; a maxi-scooter, the T-Max 500 and a larger model of tremendously popular BW 50, which bumps the displacement up to 125.

    The largest displacement of the new scooter models is the new T-Max 500. The T-Max has been available in Europe for some time now (around 8 years) but gets an major refresh for 2008 (lighter, new styling, and sporty updates).

    It features a liquid cooled, DOHC, 499 cc four-stroke parallel twin engine. With a maximum horsepower rating of 42 (@7,500 rpm) and torque of 34.2ft-lbs @ 6,500 rpm this maxi-scoot should be a commuters new best friend. Highway speeds should be a breeze.

    You'll have no trouble stopping this scoot with its R6 inspired dual 267 mm discs up front and a 267 mm disc in the back. They're mounted on sporty 15" wheels. Front suspension is by way of a conventional motorcycle style 43mm hydraulic fork with 120mm or 4.7" of travel. In the rear there's a single shock swingarm with 116mm or 4.6" of travel.

    Wet weight is a claimed 222 kg or 488.4 lbs with a fuel capacity of 15 litres. Yamaha claims that the T-Max will get an estimated 47 mpg or 5 litres per 100 km.

    Base MSRP of the T-Max 500 is $9,999 and it should make it's way into Canadian dealerships in July.

    The new, larger, BW gets a 124 cc 4-stroke, air-cooled (with fan assist), SOHC, 4-valve, single. The fan-assisted cooling system maintains consistent engine temperatures, even while idling at stoplights or in stop and go traffic to improve efficiency and extend engine life.

    The seemingly simple engine packs quite a bit of modern tech inside.

    - Light weight aluminum cylinder features a ceramic composite coating on the cylinder bore which insures uniform heat dissipation, reduced friction, reduced weight and an extended service life.
    - Four valve cylinder head design utilizes two intake valves and two exhaust valves for maximum breathing efficiency and great power output.
    - Both the intake and exhaust valves feature a special "carbon cutter" design which removes any carbon build up from the valve stem, keeping the engine operating at maximum efficiency, even during extended slow speed use.
    - 16 bit ECU (electronic control unit) is used to control the fuel injection and ignition systems.

    The big wheel, twin headlight - rally inspired styling is still present on the new, larger, BW. The "underbone-style" steel frame is visible and even incorporates and anti-corrosion paint process.

    Of course the new scooter also features fuel injection so there's no choke or idle adjustment to fuss with. The fuel mixture s all controlled automatically for maximum performance and reduced emissions.

    No gears to worry about either, as it uses a standard continuously variable transmission (CVT); just twist the throttle and go. Yamaha expects that the BW will return an estimated 88 mpg, that's only 2.67 litres per 100 km.

    Dual-shock rear suspension provides a plush, comfortable ride wheel travel is 71mm (2.8"). Up front you get a 220mm hydraulic disc brake with single piston caliper while the rear gets a 150mm drum. They're mounted on rugged but lightweight die cast aluminum 5-spoke "mag style" wheels.

    You get a 6-litre fuel tank, which should be good for quite a bit of driving time even if you're carrying a passenger on the roomy 2-person seat. The locking seat includes 20l of storage underneath that will fit some, but not all, full face helmets.

    Base MSRP of the 125 BWs is $3,999.


    A few more V-Max specs

    The new 2009 V-Max has arrived and Yamaha Motors Canada has released the pricing information on their website. Drum roll please... MSRP $21,999. Yamaha's US site lists the MSRP at US $17,990.

    According to various sources the 1679 cc engine of the V-Max pumps out 200 PS which is the equivalent of right around 197 horsepower.

    Despite all the lightweight aluminum on this power cruiser beast it's still not a lightweight. Wet weight is 683 lbs.


    It's official! The 2009 Yamaha V-Max has been released

    It's official! The 2009 Yamaha V-Max has been released after some 10 years in development.

    The V-Max started production way back in 1985 and is considered a power cruiser class motorcycle. Previously it was powered by a liquid cooled 1,200 cc V4 engine, with shaft drive, and very distinctive styling that earned it the nick name "Mad Max." It's one of the best selling Japanese motorcycles of all time.

    Well, for 2009 the 1,200cc capacity has been uped to 1,679 cc with a reduction in the angle of the V-engine from 70 to 65 degrees. The new engine is more compact front to back allowing the engineers to place the engine in the "sweet spot" of the frame. While no horsepower figures have been provided by Yamaha, there is a huge torque increase with the new model, Yamaha claims a monster 123 ft-lbs (presumably at the crank) while the old Max's rear wheel torque was just about 80 ft-lbs.

    A hydraulic slipper clutch reduces rear wheel hop when making hard downshifts or under hard braking. You've got five gear ratios optimized for maximum acceleration and performance; fifth gear is an overdrive gear to reduce engine rpm at highway speeds for a comfortable ride. The final drive is a compact rear shaft.

    The exhaust system is a four into one into two into four that retains the Yamaha patented Exhaust Ultimate Power (EXUP) valve while keeping emissions down with a catalytic converter.

    Gone is the steel cradle frame, replaced with a lightweight cast aluminium model with detachable sub frame and extra long swingarm to keep the power to the ground. The frame is designed to offer optimized rigidity balance to maximize handling performance. This frame is very rigid or stiff at the head pipe, engine mounts, and swingarm pivot point. In other areas, material is less rigid in order to allow for "tuned flex".

    In terms of suspension; up front you get conventional forks but they're a stout 52 mm and fully adjustable for preload, compression, and rebound. They're good for 4.7 m of travel. In the rear you'll get a fully adjustable mono-shock offering 4.3mm of travel. Seat height should allow for all size of rider as 775mm (30.5"). Just in case that low seat height has you thinking it might be good for new riders - think again. If those specs we just posted aren't convincing enough Yamaha offers a warning: IMPORTANT NOTE: The VMAX offers a significant level of power and performance. It is not intended for novice or inexperienced riders.

    The 15l capacity fuel tank remains under the rider's seat, with the airbox making its home in the top of the bike where tank resides on many motorcycles.

    How do you slow this rocket? In the front you've got 320 mm wave style rotors with massive 6 piston radially mounted calipers. Out back you get a 298 mm, single piston caliper. ABS is now also included to help maximize the safety and ability to slow the bike in all situations.

    The wheels are 18" diameter in both the front and back. The rear tire is a huge 200/50 wide. That'll be an expensive one to replace when you smoke it off!

    Yamaha has thought to include their immobilizer system on the bike as well. The key needs to be recognized before the bike will start (don't lose it!).

    As for colors, as the old Model-T car joke goes - You can get it any color you want, as long as it's black.

    No word on pricing yet but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

    For more information and to see the full specs of the bike be sure to take a look at Yamaha Canada's website.


    More photo's of the 2009 Vmax

    A few more photo's of the 2009 Vmax has made their way to the Internet. Some numbers being thrown around for specs are that it'll have a 1800 cc v4 with 210 horsepower. They're not official specs from Yamaha which won't be released until June 4th.

    Here's a shot from the side.

    Here's a shot of from the rear end of the bike:

    And a shot of the engine:
    With specifications like these the 2009 Vmax may just be able to recapture the honor of being the fastest production bike in the quarter mile.


    Sneak peak of 2009 Vmax

    Image courtesy of

    Motorcycle news has released a sneak peak photo of the new 2009 Yamaha Vmax. Said to offer approximately 200hp. It is expected that the bike will be unvelieved on either June 4th or June 6th if we're to believe the countdown clock on Yamaha's website.


    New Vmax arriving in Canada June 4th?

    A mysterious counter has sprung up on the Yamaha Motors Canada website. It's not really clear what it's counting down but a little bit of digging seems to suggest that it's the arrival date of the long awaited Yamaha Vmax!

    Yamaha Canada have confirmed that two models will be officially released on the 4th and 6th of June. The clock counter shows the moment the announcement for the June 4th announcement will be made in fact.