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Join the Dakar in South America!

GlobeBusters - Motorcycle Expeditions is offering the adventure trip of a lifetime.

The Dakar South America trip runs from 28 December 2008 to 22 January 2009. The tour is led by GlobeBusters founder and BMW Motorrad UK's Rider Training Director, Kevin Sanders and is also planned to support Simon Pavey, the UK Director for BMW Off Road Skills. This will be Simon's seventh Dakar Rally, and his knowledge of the rally will provide a unique insight for tour participants.

Here's the story straight from GlobeBusters:

This is your chance to participate in a truly one-off event. Supporting GlobeBusters sponsored rider and Race to Dakar star, Simon Pavey, we bring you a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and thrills of the legendary Dakar Rally when it is held for the first time ever in South America.

No other UK motorcycle adventure company knows South America with the depth of knowledge than the team at GlobeBusters and combined with insight of the race provided first hand by Dakar veteran, Simon Pavey, this makes for simply the best tour that Dakar fans could wish for.

Your personal bike will be shipped over to Buenos Aires ready for you to follow stages of this epic race. The Latin Americans are passionate about motorsport and a good party, so the atmosphere will be electric. You will be there to celebrate the 2009 New Year with Simon Pavey and GlobeBusters founder, Guinness World Record Holder, Kevin Sanders in one of the top tango bars in Buenos Aires, before seeing the start of the race leave from the City. We follow, hot on its heels, out along the world's widest road and towards the Andes Mountains!

Over the next two weeks, we will ride to coincide with certain sections of the race to support Simon Pavey as he battles his way on a BMW G650 X Challenge (specially prepared by Touratech) through the hard core, extreme challenges set by the Dakar. This includes arriving in Valparaiso for the official rest day, and returning back to Buenos Aires for the official finish, as well as soaking up local culture, sights, food and drink en route. Blazing orange deserts, breathless high altitudes, shimmering salt flats, ancient volcanoes will all be the incredible backdrop to this amazing ride.

Detailed itineraries will not be available for this trip until just prior to the trip. However, with our detailed knowledge of South American routes, we can envisage that the Rally will take advantage of great desert riding in the north of Chile and also the spectacular heights of the Northern Andes where riding at altitudes of 5,000 metres is possible. A loop into the remote wilderness of Patagonia may also be on the cards. Whichever route the Dakar takes, rest assured that the GlobeBusters team have ridden there before and can lead you expertly you through this amazing continent.

This is a "ride hard, play hard" trip, with days of up to 600 miles and some wilderness rough camping to be close to the nightly rally bivouacs, so you can soak up the intensity of the race at close quarters. But this will also be combined with some of the best hotels and top eating places that Argentina can offer.

For more details contact GloberBusters - Motorcycle Expeditions


Motorcycles, cellphones, and kids don't mix

Do you transport your under 14 year old on your motorcycle? You may not be able to in Ontario for much longer.

Bill 117, a Highway Traffic Act amendment to prohibit carrying kids under 14 years old on motorcycles passed first reading on October 28th in the Legislature. It will have to be read twice more before it is made into law. The amendment is the work of MPP Helena Jaczek (Oak Ridges-Markham).

Ontario is also seriously considering the idea of banning cell phones and other e-comm devices for drivers. The ban would not include hands-free devices, though the Ontario Medical Association says hands-free doesn't lower the risk of a crash when people talk on the phone while driving.

Newfoundland and Labrador banned hand-held phones for drivers five years ago. It's also illegal in Quebec and Nova Scotia.


Ducati 1098 naked streetfigher on its way?

Ducati has confirmed it will be producing a naked version of it's World Superbike championship-winning 1098 superbike and it looks like it'll probably be unveiled at EICMA on Monday November 3rd.

Here's a little sample of what it may look like!

It's thought that the Ducati 1098 Streetfighter - as it is being called - would not cannibalize sales from Ducati's current naked range of Monsters, it would instead stand alone as competition against other naked bikes such as the Triumph Speed Triple, Aprilia Tuono and the KTM Super Duke.

If you need more evidence that it's coming check out this teaser video from Ducati.


Custard like body armour

Racer brand jackets are being unveiled at EICMA in Milan Italy (November 4-9, 2008) that feature 'custard-like' body armour.

The CE-approved armour is soft like custard during normal riding but hardens on impact to provide the same protection as regular armour. This new technology makes them less bulky than jackets with traditional armour.

In addition to having the special armour they have more common features like being waterproof and feature thermal linings. They've got six jackets in their range; some made from abrasion resistant textile, cordura, and leather.

Doubtful we'll see it in Canada very soon but if you'd like more information check out Racer's website at:

Most of it's in French - even the English language sections.


KTM builds electric ready to race bike.

Austrian motorcycle company KTM plans to produce an electric off-road motorcycle within the next two years. KTM already makes some of the most successful off-road bikes on the market - one needs only look to the Dakar Rally for evidence of their ability to deliver competent machines.

KTM says it already has a prototype that weighs 200 pounds, develops approximately 35 hp, and can run for 40 minutes at race pace before recharging. It offers very quiet operation reportedly and will use a lithium ion battery and the engine group and battery will weigh only 17kg. Considering you won't have a traditional engine and all the parts that go with it (like gasoline which is very heavy) this bike should be a lightweight.

KTM says the most important aspects of the project are that the machine have high power output, low weight and as long a range as possible using today’s technology. Now, after extensive testing, the project has moved from concept to series development.

Restrictive rules on noise and pollution emissions make all-terrain activity illegal in many parts of Europe, including KTM’s home country of Austria. By producing a no-emissions two-wheeler it would allow the company to sell bikes to a larger group of riders.

“As an innovative and market leading company, KTM must continuously look into new ways with which to power our sport motorcycles,” says KTM director Harald Plöckinger. “The zero-emissions concept mates our known competencies with a new highly interesting motor technology. We see emissions-free vehicles as offering the greatest chance to expand enduro sport to a wider and new audience in the mid- and long-term, and to perhaps even start a brand-new trend sport.”

KTM’s in-house research and development team worked on the project with Austrian firm Arsenal Research.

“Use of the latest in battery technology, a highly efficient electric motor, and the best components available integrated into the drive system make up the cornerstones for realization of this motorcycle concept,” says Franz Pirker of Arsenal Research. “Use of a virtual simulator to design and test the concept made it possible to work out all of the bugs without first building the components into a test mule. This so-called ‘hardware-in-the-loop-simulation’ makes it possible to develop such a vehicle quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible.”

How much? Well no, word yet of course but it's been suggested that the price will be slighter higher than a current KTM enduro.


News from Nipponia

We got an email from the folks at Nipponia. We can only guess that it's in response to our recent posting about the EICMA, that they were doing a press release at the event, and that we hadn't heard of them.

** UPDATE - The folks at Nipponia sent along the only publicly available photo of their new Vorrei model which will be just one of the whole new range of scooters they'll be presenting at the EICMA exhibition. You'll get to see the rest of the range following their presentation on November 4th, 2008.

Here's what came in the mail:

We are pleased to inform you of the launch of our new range of scooters that will take place at the EICMA international motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy between the 4th and 9th of November this year.

Nipponia has been active in the motorcycle market for many years. Our first company, Nipponia Boeki was established in 1992 in Saitama, Japan. Since then, it has been specializing in the international trade of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters and maintains a client network around the world, ranging from Southeast Asia to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Apart from Japan, we maintain a presence in the Dominican Republic (Nipponia Caribe CxA), in Venezuela (Nipponia Venezuela CA), in China (Nipponia Shanghai Ltd) as well as in Greece, where our headquarters are located. Our main goal has always been to offer motorcycles that meet our customers’ everyday needs for safe and reliable use, at an affordable price.

In relation to this, we have recently developed a new range of scooters, bearing the Nipponia brand name, which will appeal to the modern everyday consumers. They incorporate elements of innovation and originality in both design and development. The design, in particular, is the outcome of the company’s cooperation with the renowned automotive designer Sotiris Kovos (Toyota Yaris, Lexus SC430) resulting in a scooter series with unique lines, like no other offered on the market today.

Although external design is a crucial factor, we believe that engineering is of even greater importance. With this in mind, we tried to create innovative and quality solutions through use of engines with increased output and improved performance, reduced fuel consumption, enhanced reliability and superior design, but also through improvements in performance and design of frames, as far as safety and comfort is concerned.

Please note that the official presentation of the new scooter series, will take place at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, November 4th at our stand, booth M65 in Hall 4.

If you're interested in learning more about Nipponia feel free to check them out at


Ducati shareholders approve merger plan

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. shareholders have approved of a plan to merge with majority owner Performance Motorcycles S.p.A. The plan was approved in a shareholders meeting on Oct. 20 in Milan, Italy.

Performance Motorcycles is an investment group formed of three of Ducati’s main shareholders, Investindustrial, BS Investimenti and Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan. The group made its initial offer to absorb Ducati in May when it held a 29.9% share of the Italian OEM. In June, Performance held an 84.7% share and on Aug. 22, Performance reached a share capital equal to about 92.75% of Ducati.

Performance will purchase the remaining shares at a price to be determined by CONSOB, the regulating body that oversees Italy’s stock exchanges. Ducati Motor Holding is listed on the Borsa Italiana stock exchange where it closed on Oct. 23 at 1.661 Euros.

Ducati Motor Holding will be delisted from Borsa Italiana stock exchange once the merger is complete.


World's biggest motorcycle exhibition - November 4th

World's biggest motorcycle exhibition will open its doors on November 4th at Milan, Italy to an ever increasing public.

This year at Milan's EICMA exhibition, we should see several new motorcycles and scooters - probably not as many as last year when it seemed everybody had something new.

But like at Intermot show in Germany, there will no doubt be a lot of Asian manufactured electric motorcycles and scooters showcased.

The main conference day is Tuesday, with 2 conferences called on Monday and one on Wednesday.

Several companies have announced that they're be doing a press conference at the show. Which would generally indicate that they have something interesting they want to make public - but time will tell. Here's the list of companies:

Yamaha - Yamaha have organized a conference the day before the show opens (Monday), and it's held off-site.

Ducati - They're having their press conference the day before the show opens. Fighter model perhaps?

Honda - Honda starts off the press conference heavy Tuesday

New Max - New Max have several brands of clothing and helmets. Haven't heard of these folks.

BMW - Having already announced three new K series models at Intermot it's hard to say what they'll have to say.

Husqvarna - These guys immediately follow BMW (they're a subsidiary of BMW) and both are scheduled for 30 minutes a piece.

Leo Vince - Might be a good guess that the Italian Leo Vince will probably be presenting new exhausts.

KTM - KTM have two conference, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday (together with Zadi - an Italian parts manufacturer). Rumors are that they may show an electric motorcycle.

Aprilia - The Piaggio group's Aprilia have 15 minutes so not too much time for big announcements here.

Moto Guzzi - Piaggio group's Guzzi have 10 minutes

Gilera - Piaggio group's Gilera have 15 minutes

Vespa - Piaggio group's Vespa have 15 minutes

Piaggio - Piaggio themselves took 15 minutes

Scarabeo - Piaggio group's Scarabeo have 10 minutes

Derbi - Piaggio group's Derbi have 10 minutes

Kymco - Scooter manufacturer Kymko rarely call for conferences so there will likely be something new out of this Taiwanese company.

Nipponia - Never heard of these guys.

Suzuki - Suzuki have 30 minutes but announced new bikes at Intermot so we're not sure what to expect here.

Metzeler - Tire manufacturer Metzeler are closing the day with a press conference


Honda gets motorcycles and cars communicating

In its efforts to improve safety for everyone, Honda has developed a motorcycle to car communication system.

The system generates warnings to riders and drivers of other vehicles by continuously exchanging positioning data from satellite GPS sources. This is particularly relevant as road users approach intersections, alerting them to other vehicles that are potentially on a collision course.

The technology is being demonstrated for the first time in Europe at the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium event taking place at the Opel Test Track in Dudenhofen, Germany, from 22-23 October 2008.

European research data has shown that the majority of accidents involving a motorcycle are caused by perception failures and this system will reduce these failures.

According to Honda:

Both a visual and an audible warning are provided in safety critical situations. The visual HMI is located on the upper edge of the motorcycle dashboard, as close as possible to the line of vision, enabling the rider to spot the information and warnings easily without actually having to take his eyes off the road. The intensity, colour and the position of the lights provide intuitive information on the seriousness and the location of the danger ahead. To augment the riders' recognition and further specify the hazard ahead, an acoustic warning by means of spoken text is given in the helmet, which is connected by means of Bluetooth® communication link with the on-board system.

It's an interesting concept and one that would likely be useful for some riders. Riders in the Dakar rally have a system that warns them of fast moving vehicles approaching them from behind. Course they're often going flat out through the desert and would have no idea when a vehicle is behind them. In an urban environment I'm not sure how this system would filter out regular traffic. Surely the big brained folks who came up with the system have a way around this though.

Pretty soon Honda Goldwings are going to do the driving for you!


North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW (Toronto)

Get ready for it folks! Mark your calendars - or use our calendar page to keep you up to date. There's a BIG bike show coming to Toronto, Ontario first thing in the new year. No, it's not that far off.

The North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW, will be presented in Seven Halls of the Toronto International Centre, comprising over 425,000 square feet of motorcycle exhibits. An unparalleled motorcycle shopping extravaganza offering something for every interest including sport bikes, cruisers, motocross, off-road, vintage, touring and custom bikes, as well as scooters and ATV’s.

The SUPERSHOW brings together more than 500 exhibitors, 80 clubs & associations on display, top custom bikes competing for a $50,000 jackpot in the Canada Cup Championships, ‘A Century of Motorcycles’ vintage exhibit, plus the new 2009 motorcycles, riding gear, bike accessories, special guests, racers, seminars, contests, fashion shows, live bands and much more. It’s “Everything in Motorcycling”!

More information at


Harley-Davidson Ladies Night and Garage Party (Nov 8th)

Mackie Harley-Davidson in Oshawa, Ontario is going to be holding a "Ladies Night and Garage Party" on November 8th, 2008.

The event starts at 5:00 and runs to 9:00pm.

Location: Thickson Road & HWY 401, 880 Champlain Avenue, Oshawa, ON

Here's some basic details of what to expect at the event:

Do you ride or do you know a woman who has always dreamed of riding a motorcycle? You are invited to our Ladies Night & Garage Party event! Mackie Harley-Davidson is hosting a FREE event to introduce women to the fun of riding and give them \"inside information\" on how to enter the sport. Existing women riders will also find the event informative and fun.

More details can be found at Mackie's website here.


Big brother is watching... and listening now too.

Thankfully we don't have speed camera's in many parts of Canada. BC and Manitoba are exceptions I believe (where they're allowed).

The state government of New South Wales in Australia have just taken ticket cameras to a whole new level! They've deployed fully automated noise cameras.

The cameras have sensitive microphones attached to it, and a computer to analyze the noise. If your motorcycle exceeds a noise threshold, a film is taken of your motorcycle, the plate number analyzed, and a ticket sent automatically to your home.

The system is equipped with a hard drive with a capacity of 10,000 tickets. Each ticket will have a 10 second video and audio clip, but the first time you can actually see and hear your motorcycle is in court.

The states of South Australia and Victoria have also started up similar programs.

Motorcycles are not the only vehicles being targeted by the cameras with ears. Trucks with noisy brakes, cars with loud subwoofers and even inappropriate honking of your car horn will get you ticketed.


Get helmet advice from Jay Leno and Arai

Are you in the market for a new helmet? Think your helmet fits properly?

If you're like a majority of riders, you might think you're wearing the right sized helmet but chances are good that you're not.

Jay Leno, the late night guy with the big head - talks one on one with Bruce Porter from Arai. Bruce has figured out that Jay's head isn't so big after all - it's his hair!

There's a lot of information packed into this short video about proper helmet fit and some of the myths surrounding helmet life, answers common questions such as what if I drop a helmet off my bike? Will painting damage the helmet?

It's an information packed video and it's only 10 minutes long. Worth a watch.

Click here for the link.

Comments (2)

Ontario/BC Buell Demo Days

Want a chance to ride a new Buell? Do you live in Ontario or British Columbia? If you do, then you're in luck. There's a few Buell Demo days scheduled in the next few days.

BC Events:

Demo Rides at Barnes H-D/Buell
October 18, 2008
Langley, British Columbia

Demo Rides at Trev Deeley Motorcycles
October 19, 2008
Vancouver, British Columbia

Ontario Events:

Demo Rides at Rocky’s Harley-Davidson
October 18, 2008
London, ON

Demo Rides at Kitchener Harley-Davidson
October 19, 2008
Kitchener, ON

For further information check out the Buell website here.


Honda sued by Blackfoot for 1.5 million

One of the largest Honda powersport dealerships in Canada, Blackfoot Motorcycle Ltd, and Honda dealer since 1970, is suing Honda Canada for 1.5 million.

The Calgary based dealership launched a lawsuit against Honda Canada Inc. over the auto maker's Powerhouse concept that brings together the sales of cars, motorcycles, outboard engines, and other products under a single roof.

Blackfoot Motorcycle Ltd., which began selling Honda motorcycles and other equipment in 1970, is suing Honda for $1.5-million after its dealership agreement with the company was terminated at the end of 2007.

The relationship began to sour in 2006 when Blackfoot alleged in filings with the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench that Honda began urging the motorcycle dealership to help it sell off excess inventory that Honda had ordered. Blackfoot resisted because they thought they would stand to lose $100,000 through the program.

During negotiations, Blackfoot alleges it became aware that Honda was considering a strategy change that would involve its car dealers taking on the sale of the other equipment as part of the "Honda Powerhouse" concept.

Around the same time, Blackfoot said, it was told by Jerry Chenkin, then a Honda vice-president responsible for the company's relationship with the dealership, that its dealer agreement would be renewed if it agreed to take on the excess inventory.

But Blackfoot claims that Honda had already decided to cancel the dealer agreement even before Blackfoot agreed to take on the excess inventory on July 13, 2006. Five days later, Blackfoot said, it got a letter dated July 14 terminating the dealer agreement as of Dec. 31, 2007.

The allegations have not been proved in court.

In a statement of defence, Honda said the case should be dismissed.

"Honda denies that Honda's strategy included treating Blackfoot any differently than any other Honda dealers," the auto company said.


Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor Concept

First up - this is a concept vehicle so the likelihood of it coming to Canada in the near future is very, very small. But, this concept is so interesting and a sign of where some alternative transportation is heading we just had to tell you about it.

Those who recall the BMW C1; a scooter with a roll cage and seat belts that didn't require it's occupants to wear a helmet. Well cross that (with an extra margin of cool), with a three wheeled scooter, with a hybrid and you might have something resembling the Peugeot HYmotion 3.

Just unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show the HYmotion3 is really something! It's a two seater scooter with two wheels up front and a glass bubble roof. It's powered by a 3Kw electric motor located in each of the two front wheels with a 125cc gasoline engine in the rear (yes - it's a three wheel drive!).

The HYmotion3 has the option of being ridden in an electric-only mode, a gasoline engine only mode, or hybrid three-wheel-drive mode. It is able to hit 100km/h from a standstill in 11.2 seconds, with a maximum speed of 110km/h.

The engine itself isn't used to power the batteries; regenerative braking does that. It can run in electric mode only at low speeds and the electric motors themselves are in the front wheels.

The in-wheel electric motors are capable of producing 4bhp, and they power the front wheels independently of each other and the gasoline engine. The ride-by-wire system keeps everything in sync.

While the Peugeot MP3 has two front wheels in a similar manner, they aren't powered, still they reduce the possibility of front-end washout drastically improve braking distances. However the powered front wheels of the HYmotion3 increase performance, allowing more power to be delivered to the road earlier in corners through all three wheels being driven at the same time.

The primary source of "go" is the supercharged four stroke 125cc engine that produces 20 bhp. Combine that with the electric motors and you have performance that's on par with 400cc scooters.

The engine will stop/start that turns itself off when you're stationary (like the Toyota Prius car) and fires up instantly when it's time to get moving. All this technology produces a scooter that is capable of delivering 118 mpg while carrying two people with far more weather protection and stability than any other 2 wheel scooter on the market right now.

Peugeot is one of "the" largest scooter makers in the world so if anybody would produce this thing it's likely to be Peugeot. They sell the majority of their machines in the European where there is a high demand for large, practical scooters. So in that market, a vehicle like this makes a lot of sense.

Maybe the BMW was just a little ahead of it's time with the C1.


BMW loses some weight - Canada gets the skinny

BMW is said to be offering its popular ENDURO helmet with a carbon and aramid shell for 2009. By switching over to the high-tech material, the weight is dropped to an all-in weight (size large) from 1380 to 1170 grams (or right around 3lbs to 2.6lbs).

BMW helmets don't come cheap but their quality makes them stand out. The lining, for instance, uses Coolmax like several other manufacturers, but it also features Alcantara (a synthetic suede) just so you know it's a BMW.

Like the Arai Tour X3 and Shoei Hornet DS, the ENDURO can be worn with or without it's peak or visor and, with the visor removed, with goggles too.

Folks in the US aren't able to buy BMW helmets but we can in Canada. This model isn't shown on the BMW Motorad Canada website yet, the 2008 rider equipment is there now. But if you're looking for a new lightweight helmet in the new year get yourself down to your local BMW shop and ask them about this model.


One day only - Long Way down in HD on big screen

Most of you are probably already familiar with Ewan McGregor's motorcycle adventures and the TV series/book/DVD's he's done as follow-ups.

For one night only, Canadians will be able to see a two-hour, high-definition cut of Long Way Down at select Cineplex theatres, before it begins airing later this month on National Geographic Canada.

For those unfamiliar, McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman ride from John O'Groats, Scotland, to Cape Town, South Africa. Throughout the 85-day, 24,140-kilometre journey, they take in a lot of sights; from visiting villages in Malawi, Uganda and Ethiopia to watching the direction that water flows as they cross the equator. Fellow biker and cameraman Claudio von Planta comes along for the ride too, as do the producer/director team of David Alexanian and Russ Malkin, who travelled in 4x4s with a rotating support staff consisting of a medic and a guide.

Thoughts and discussions about a third expedition appear to be pointing in the direction of South America, from bottom to top. But McGregor doesn't want to rush into things. He was quoted as saying, "For my liking, they were a bit too close together the last two," he says. "They're such experiences of a lifetime, you don't want to use them all up."

All 10 hours of Long Way Down will be aired in segments starting Oct. 21 on National Geographic channel, but the condensed big-screen version shows details that no home television could match. As Alexanian says: "You see the hairs between the hairs of the gorilla."

Long Way Down will screen in 50 theatres across Canada on Oct. 15 (for details visit and begins airing on National Geographic Canada on Oct. 21.

Here's the list of theatres:

SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas SilverCity Riverport Cinemas (10 pm
170 Schoolhouse Street Late Show)
Coquitlam, BC 14211 Entertainment Way
Richmond, BC

SilverCity Victoria Cinemas Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver
3130 Tillicum Road 900 Burrard Street
Victoria, BC Vancouver, BC

Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo Famous Players 7 Cinemas
213-4750 Rutherford Road 275-2306 Coldstream Road
Nanaimo, BC Vernon, BC

Colossus Langley Cinemas SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas
20090 91A Avenue 4700 Kingsway Avenue
Langley, BC Burnaby, BC

Cineplex Odeon Aberdeen Mall Cineplex Odeon Strawberry Hill Cinemas
Cinemas 12161 72nd Avenue
700-1320 Trans Canada Highway Surrey, BC
Kamloops, BC

Scotiabank Theatre Chinook Galaxy Cinemas Red Deer
6455 MacLeod Trail SW 357-374000 Highway 2
Calgary, AB Red Deer, AB

Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton
Cinemas (10 pm Late Show) Cinemas
1525-99th Street 14231-137 Avenue
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB

Cineplex Odeon Crowfoot Crossings Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
Cinemas 501-1st Avenue
91 Crowfoot Terrace NW Park Place, AB
Calgary, AB

Galaxy Cinemas Regina Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon (10 pm Late
420 McCarthy Boulevard N Show)
Regina, SK 347 2nd Avenue
Saskatoon, SK

Galaxy Cinemas Prince Albert
2995 2nd Avenue W
Prince Albert, SK

SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas
817 St. James Street,
Winnipeg, MB

Scotiabank Theatre Toronto (10 pm Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Late Show) 1025 The Queensway
259 Richmond St. W Etobicoke, ON
Toronto, ON

SilverCity Yonge-Eglinton Cinemas Colossus Vaughan Cinemas
2300 Yonge Street 3555 Highway 7
Toronto, ON Vaughan, ON

Cineplex Odeon Sheppard-Grande Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre
Cinemas (10 pm Late Show) Cinemas
4861 Yonge Street 22 Lebovic Drive
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas Coliseum Mississauga Cinemas
300 Borough Drive 309 Rathburn Road West
Scarborough, ON Mississauga, ON

SilverCity Brampton Cinemas SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas
50 Great Lakes Drive 8725 Yonge Street
Brampton, ON Richmond Hill, ON

Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square
1351 Grandview Street N Cinemas
Oshawa, ON 7555 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls, ON

Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas
Cinemas 355 Barrydown Road
626 Gardiners Road Sudbury, ON
Kingston, ON

SilverCity Burlington Cinemas SilverCity Oakville Cinemas
1250 Brant Street 3531 Wyecroft Road
Burlington, ON Oakville, ON

SilverCity Newmarket Cinemas SilverCity Thunder Bay Cinemas
18151 Yonge Street 850 North May Street
Newmarket, ON Thunder Bay, ON

SilverCity London Cinemas Galaxy Cinemas Sault Ste. Marie
1680 Richmond Street, 293 Bay Street
London, ON Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Galaxy Cinemas Barrie Galaxy Cinemas Peterborough
72 Commerce Park Drive 320 Water Street
Barrie, ON Peterborough, ON

Galaxy Cinemas North Bay SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas
300 Lakeshore Drive 771 Golf Link Road
North Bay, ON Ancaster, ON

Galaxy Cinemas Guelph SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas
485 Woodlawn Road West 2385 City Park Drive
Guelph, ON Gloucester, ON

SilverCity Windsor Cinemas Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
4611 Walker Road 550 King Street N
Windsor, ON Waterloo, ON

Famous Players Lambton 9 Cinemas
1450 London Road
Sarnia, ON

Cineplex Odeon Brossard Cinemas Cineplex Odeon Ste. Foy Cinemas
9350, boul. Leduc (10 pm Late Show)
Brossard, PQ 1200 boul. Duplessis
Ste. Foy, PQ

Colossus Laval Cinemas Scotiabank Theatre Montreal
2800 rue Cosmodome 977 Ste-Catherine West
Laval, PQ Montreal, PQ

Coliseum Kirkland Cinemas Galaxy Cinemas Sherbrooke
3200 rue Jean Yves 4204 Bertrand
Kirkland, PQ Sherbrooke, PQ

StarCite Montreal Cinemas
4825 Avenue Pierre De Coubertin
Montreal, PQ


Canadian MSRP for Ducati Monster and GT

Ducati has just released the Canadian pricing for the new Monster 1100 and the GT1000.

The Monster 1100 will sell for $13,495.00, ($15,695.00 for the S version).

The new GT1000 will sell for $12,995.00 and will be available in March 2009.


Italian's not coming to Canada

The recently held German Intermot show was a chance for many manufacturers to show off some new bikes. It was a busy week with new models galore!

Moto Guzzi and Aprilia were no exception. Moto Guzzi has the 1200 Sport 4V (which is actually an 8-valve engine). The name gives it a away a little but it's a 1200 cc v-twin. In recent trim the engine is said to have 105 bhp at 7,500 rpm with max torque of 81 ft-lb coming in nice and low at 6,500 rpm.

What kind of specifications does the bike have? Well, for starters the chassis is made from steel tubes, sporty suspension is by Marzocchi, and radial brakes by Brembo.

ABS stoppers are optional as are heated grips, panniers, top box, and GPS.

It's a sporty looking machine with a minimal front footprint. Guzzi has said that particular attention was paid to making the passenger seat a comfortable place, so despite the sporty appearance it should be a great two-up rider. You may notice that the passenger footpegs are a bit more rear-ward and higher up than on models like say the Breva.

Another Italian model was shown off too - the Aprilia Shiver GT.

The GT adds to the standard model that gives the machine a fresh face in the form of a half-fairing to make the bike a bit better suited for sport touring.

The engine remains unchanged which isn't a bad thing; you get the 95 hp, 750 c motor with standard ride-by-wire throttle. The engine also has adjustable mapping for sport, touring, and rain riding. Sport is normal power delivery, with maximum power and torque; Tour scales back the responsiveness a bit; Rain does that and reduces the 60lb/ft of torque by 25%. You'll also get 43 mm USD forks, radial mounted brake discs and optional ABS are also featured on the GT version.

Canada Scooter Corp, who are the importers for the Guzzi and Aprilia brands to Canada, reportedly have no plans to bring the bikes to Canada but reserve the right to change their mind when they announce the new line-up in December. So we'll have to wait and see.

If past performance is an indicator of what may happen in the future though, Canadians will likely have to wait a little while (typically a model year) before we see the latest Aprilias and Guzzis on our roads.


Ducati SportClassic GT 1000 Touring

Yet more news from the Intermot Motorcycle event in Cologne Germany. Ducati has chosen to unveil the latest version of their SportClassic line, the GT 1000 Touring. It's basically an accessorized GT 1000.

The engine is a 2 valve, 992 cc, fuel injected, desmo L-twin with 92 hp and 67 foot pounds of torque runs through a 6 speed box. The bike weighs 407 pounds.

The bike looks straight out of the 1970's with it's classic paint job and accessories. It's black with a white stripe, there are chrome wheels and fenders plus a chrome luggage rack/passenger grab rail combination.

It also comes with a tall touring windscreen so when you're out cruising the roads you'll have a bit of protection from the elements. I don't see mounts for the side panniers but they're an available accessory for the GT1000 so I would assume they'll fit this model too. They'll hold 10 litres each apparently and are black leather. They come with mounting brackets which would seem to explain why you don't see them on the bike.

Ducati have been doing very well recently and Ducati CEO Del Torchio prefaced the new model announcement with a rosy perspective on recent sales history. With the introduction of a bevy of new models that were announced at last year's EICMA show in Milan, the Bologna firm has greatly increased its number of units shipped, from 27,588 in 2006 to 34,669 for 2008 (as of August), with a corresponding 34.7 percent increase in revenues.


What the future holds for BMW

Hendrik von Kuenheim, the President of BMW Motorrad and Peter Müller, the Executive Vice President Development and Model Lines BMW Motorrad gave some speeches at the Intermot show in Cologne Germany on October 10th. We thought you'd be interested to read them.

Hendrik von Kuenheim, the President of BMW Motorrad

"Ladies and gentlemen, Let me also welcome you warmly to BMW Motorrad at the INTERMOT.

I am very pleased to celebrate the world premiere of three BMW motorcycles here with you. The BMW Motorrad model offensive continues with undiminished momentum.

2008 Review

Before we present the new models in our range for the 2009 season, I would like to look back briefly on this year’s motorcycle season. In 2008 we launched no less than six new models. The year began with the model revision of the most successful BMW models ever.

The R 1200 GS and her sister model, the Adventure, are still among the most popular motorcycles in the world. Since March the dream bike of many boxer fans has been on the market.

The HP2 Sport is the sportiest and most powerful series production flat-twin of all time. What makes it so fascinating are its exclusive detail features which have only been seen in motorsports up to now.

In March we also launched two further Enduro models – this time in the middle range. The F 800 GS combines first-class off-road capabilities and convincing all-round qualities like no other middle-range Enduro at the moment.

With the two-cylinder F 650 GS we are continuing the concept of the successful predecessor model. It is a light, uncomplicated all-round motorcycle for the road and the occasional light off-road trip.

And with the G 450 X we have moved into the Sports Enduro segment for the first time. In typical BMW style we are offering a highly innovative and trailblazing sports bike. In line with this we will significantly expand our commitment in Enduro motorsports with this bike. We want to ride right up front next season with a top team of riders.

Ladies and gentlemen, our model offensive will contribute to BMW Motorrad achieving excellent sales figures this year, too. This is especially encouraging since all important motorcycle markets are downshifting and some very fast indeed.

Markets such as Spain or Italy have shrunk double-digit and in the US, sales also dropped by a high single-digit figure. Here on the German market, too, the downward trend still continues. Amplified by the worldwide recession tendencies, the motorcycle market in the segment above 500 cc dropped considerably by more than 7%. This development affected us, too.

In addition we have decided to change our sales strategy. In future leading the German market in terms of units sold will no longer be the main objective, but rather the fact whether the dealer network and thus also BMW Motorrad is doing solid business.

That is why we have significantly reduced our direct sales promotion measures this year. This naturally affects our sales figures which in Germany are 12 percent lower than last year’s up until August.

Looking at the situation worldwide, due to the weak important markets, our deliveries to customers have dropped slightly by 2.9 % compared to last year up until. In Italy, our second-most important market, we are 6% ahead compared to the previous year.

In France and Great Britain including Ireland we were able to sell more motorcycles as compared to the same period in 2007. However, this growth has not been able to balance the downturn in other important markets such as Germany, Spain and the USA.

However, if one looks at the market shares in the segment above 500 cc, we have gained market share in all relevant markets. Compared to the overall market, BMW Motorrad has been able to hold its own very well. You could almost call it a special BMW Motorrad economy.

In the prognosis for worldwide annual sales we expect to come very close to last year’s record sales figure. So we will only be taking a break regarding growth in 2008.

Once again the R 1200 GS and the GS Adventure were the most popular BMW motorcycles. As expected, middle-range Enduro sales of the F 800 GS and F 650 GS are very positive. It should be noted here that we are only currently beginning to deliver these models overseas.

Ladies and gentlemen, progress at our second brand, Husqvarna Motorcycles, is very strong. Operative business is very robust, meaning that motorcycle availability in the markets and the spare parts business are very stable. We have also been able to improve product quality considerably. Deliveries are proceeding according to plan.

As announced, Husqvarna will probably be delivering about 30% more motorcycles than last year before BMW took over. The plant in Cassinetta is undergoing further modernization.

The separation of the Husqvarna and MV Augusta production areas has been completed with the move of Husqvarna’s engine production. By the middle of next year the new headquarters on the factory grounds will already commence operation.

In the meantime we are also making use of our synergy potential. Husqvarna is cooperating with our engineers in Munich in the engine development area and the first BMW Motorrad dealers are offering Husqvarna models.

BMW Safety
Back to BMW: BMW Motorrad has always been a pioneer with regards to environment protection and safety. We already introduced the catalytic converter in the early nineties and today our engines are among the most efficient in the competitive field.

20 years ago, in 1988, we were the first manufacturer to present an ABS braking system for motorcycles. Today every BMW, with the exception of the G 450, is available with ABS. No other manufacturer offers such a wide ABS range. Worldwide more than 90% of our bikes are equipped with ABS. This is unique in the motorcycle industry and a great success.

We extended this innovation lead in the area of safety with the first automatic stability control system for motorcycles in 2006. We will continue to focus strongly on our innovative power in the area of environment technology and safety. I can announce to you today that our S 1000 RR supersports bike will already include a new generation of innovative control systems.

In addition we are also thinking about other mobility topics and customer needs of the future. In this respect we also have our focus on the world’s metropolitan areas. In the coming years we can envision that - apart from the combustion engine - the electric drive could be implemented in a new vehicle concept at an acceptable price combined with an acceptable range. Our core business, however, will remain innovative, thrilling motorcycles which brings me to our new models at the INTERMOT.

"New" BMW K-Series

You will remember that 25 years ago BMW Motorrad decided to create a wider base for its model range. With the introduction of the K Series in 1983 we launched a motorcycle with four-cylinder inline engine for the first time.

Next to our boxer models this gave our BMW Motorrad range a second strong leg to stand on. In 2004 we presented the K 1200 S, the first motorcycle of a new K generation featuring a transverse inline four-cylinder engine. We expanded the K Series with the K 1200 GT high-performance tourer and K 1200 R roadster.

We have sold almost 65,000 four-cylinder motorcycles in the past four years. Now the time has come to give this attractive model series a new and powerful impulse.

This brings me to the world premiere of the new K model series. I use the term “new K Series” on purpose because we have conducted profound changes both with regards to all the technology and visual appearance.

Our aim was to significantly improve the three models in terms of performance, handling, dynamics, visual appeal and quality.

Allow me to point out a few central points. By raising capacity to 1300 cc, our engineers have not only increased output but also torque on all three models. At the same time the driveline was intensively revised from air/gas mixture formation right through to the exhaust system. In this way we have been able to optimize partial load behavior as well as throttle response.

Now the clutch can be operated with even less effort and with greater refinement. Shifting has been improved tangibly due to constructional changes to the gearbox and drive. Both the K 1300 S and also the R will also have the shift assistant - familiar from the HP2 Sport - available as an option for the first time.

We have also advanced the chassis. The new lower longitudinal strut is now made of aluminum and is thus considerably lighter. This makes the front wheel guidance response even more sensitive. The result of this comprehensive development work is superior handling, improved rideability and lower fuel consumption.

The electronically adjustable suspension – called ESA in short – was launched as a world first on the K 1200 S. Now we are presenting the new, well-proven ESA II as an option for the K Series, too.

Apart from the suspension and damping this unique system also allows the spring rate to be adjusted at the press of a button.

In addition to the standard BMW Integral ABS, our customers can again order ASC Automatic Stability Control as a sensible extra. The K Series model revision also heralds a new and innovative generation of switches and controls.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is simply not enough time to present all the measures here. Please also see the comprehensive press material for further details.

Now let me briefly come to the individual models: With a maximum output of 175 horsepower and a maximum torque of 140 Newton meters, the new K 1300 S is until today the most powerful and fastest series production BMW of all time.

We have changed the chassis geometry for even more neutral cornering and even greater agility. More than ever before the “S” combines sportiness, riding dynamics and easy handling with comfort and perfect everyday suitability.

The new design also suits these significantly improved properties. The K 1300 S now has a much slimmer and sportier visual appeal due to these numerous changes.

BMW K 1300 R
The K 1300 R is a high-performance bike of quite a different kind. No other BMW radiates its power with such force as this naked bike. With newly designed fairing and trim as well as a more compact front wheel guard, the new K Roadsters now has a more stretched dynamic look.

We have also revised the “R” chassis geometry compared to the predecessor model. The new settings ensure even greater agility without losing any ride stability. With 173 horsepower, a maximum torque of 140 Newton meters and a weight of only 243 kilograms, our extravagant power roadster meets our customers’ highest demands regarding riding dynamics.

BMW K 1300 GT
Our third new model at the Intermot will extend its worldwide market leadership among the dynamic tourers even further. The K 1300 GT has also profited from the raised capacity and has been significantly improved in all ride dynamics areas compared to her predecessor.

With an output of 160 horsepower and a torque of 135 Newton meters, the K 1300 GT stands for “Gran Turismo“ at the highest level. In order to emphasize the touring character compared to the other K models, we focused more on pulling power at low and medium engine speeds for the GT.

Like no other high-performance tourer, the K 1300 GT combines the highest possible level of agility and sporty dynamics with a travel-suitable overall package.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the theory on our new K Series. Now get ready to experience the three motorcycles live!

Ladies and gentlemen, the new BMW K Series. Here you can see another motorcycle standing next to me. I think I know what you’re suspecting. I will hand you over to Peter Müller, the head of development and model series, and he will unveil the secret. Could I ask you to step up, Mr Müller …"

Speech by Peter Müller Executive Vice President Development and Model Lines

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would also like to welcome you very warmly. Before you look at our K 1300 models close-up, I would ask for a moment of your attention. We would like to inform you briefly about our motorsports activities, especially about our Superbike project.

As far as our off-road plans for the 2009 season are concerned, we will inform you later this year. At this point I can only say this much: we have a lot planned next year and a couple of surprises in store.

However, today l want to concentrate on on-road motorsports. In 2007 and 2008 our factory team competed against strong competition with the HP2 Sport in a total of nine international long distance races.

Famous endurance classics such as Le Mans, Bol d’Or and Daytona 200 were raced. Considering how far the other teams were ahead of us with regards to performance and experience, we did very well and achieved the successes we were aiming for.

The encouraging reactions also clearly showed how the public welcomes the renewed BMW Motorrad commitment in on-road motorsports.

BMW in World Superbike
Apart from competing itself these two years were also important in preparing for the Superbike world championship. We used the time to update our racetrack skills and knowledge and gained a lot of experience.

By entering the Superbike world championship we are taking the next step. The interesting and very emotional long-distance commitment by BMW Motorrad is thus over for the time being. However, we are convinced that the BMW brand will be represented by private teams riding our S 1000 RR in the Endurance world championship.

This brings me to our Superbike project. Let me say a few words about our S 1000 RR – our series motorcycle – before I talk about our racing activities. I can already promise you that this completely new motorcycle with 1000 cc inline four cylinder engine will be an absolutely convincing and competitive offer both with regards to price and technology.

I will point this out by highlighting a few details: With its compact cylinder head the engine has a very slim design. The valves are operated by very small, compact and light cam followers whose dimensions are at Formula One level.

This type of construction ensures very high engine speeds and permits the greatest degree of freedom in designing the engine with regard to torque and output.

The motorcycle will weigh less than 205 kg fully fuelled. That means we will be right up front next year regarding output-to-weight ratio. Overall the entire package is very compact and light. Which of course mainly benefits the handling of the motorcycle.

And, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to specially developed electronics components on the S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad is once again the trailblazer in this area. A dynamic traction control will be available for our supersports bike. The functional principle of this traction control is taken directly from motorsports.

In addition a completely new Sport ABS will be available for the series model. We are totally convinced that we have here exactly what the customer wants. The S 1000 RR will be thrilling to ride both on the road and on the racetrack. Handling, output delivery and output-to-weight will be at top level.

A great deal of inventive details will contribute to the S 1000 RR achieving an illustrious place in the series of four-cylinder motorcycles. The motorcycle can be ordered from spring 2009.

As far as our motorsports preparations for the Superbike world championship are concerned we have been able to win over two real Superbike racing personalities for our team – Ruben Xaus and Troy Corser.

We are very proud of having these two riders in our Motorsport Team. With the Spaniard Ruben Xaus we have a great, aggressive rider capable of enormous emotion and racing passion who has Superbike WC and MotoGP experience and is consistently up at the front in this year’s Superbike World Championship.

I don’t need to tell you much about Troy Corser. With over 300 races the Australian is the most experienced rider in the Supebike World Championship. Two World Championship titles and countless victories and podium positions speak for themselves.

These two riders are ideal for us. I would even go so far as to say they are the absolute dream team. Their long years of experience will be very valuable especially in the challenging early stages. They will contribute greatly to us reaching the level of the top teams as fast as possible.

As we already announced, BMW Motorrad is not joining the Superbike World Championship just for the fun of taking part. Our mid-term goal is quite clearly to win the World Championship title. We are exactly on schedule regarding the development of the race bike.

As you know our racing activities are carried out in close cooperation with our partner Alpha-Racing. The newly built racing team headquarters near Rosenheim have been operational for some time and will be officially opened this month. Our racing bike will be further refined in the workshops there as well as on diverse test tracks.

The entire team is highly motivated and can’t wait for the first race. In April of this year we presented the first racing bike prototype. Some of you have already witnessed us testing the bike on the race track.

Today we are proud to be able to present to you the official race bike for the Superbike World Championship 2009. May I ask our head of motorports Berti Hauser and our model series manager Markus Poschner to join me up on the stage. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the (BMW S 1000 RR) race bike by BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team Alpha Racing for the season 2009."


Bigger news from BMW!

Some very interesting news has trickled out of the 6th annual Intermot Moto show being held in Germany! Very exciting indeed!

BMW is not only adding some displacement to its K-series motorcycles, namely the K1300S, K1300R and K1300GT, but they've finally decided that it's time to switch to a motorcycle turn signal switch that's mounted on the left. It's a move that's sure to raise the ire of some BMW faithful but it's a fantastic move if you ask me. I'm all for engineering things to make them better but I didn't like the switchgear on the BMW F650 (twin) that I test rode. I think the throttle is a pretty important control on a motorcycle, I don't need to be fiddling with a turn signal every time I pull away from a right hand turn.

Here's the news straight from BMW:

"The formerly separated functions for the direction indicator lights left and right are now grouped in one and the same function on the left-hand side of the handlebar to avoid any confusion of the direction indicators and the horn."

Here's a brief summary of some of the key changes for 2009.

The K1300S is a fully-faired beauty that delivers 175 hp at just 9,250 rpm. It comes with an optional quick-shifter and self-adjusting suspension.

The 175 horsepower is up 8 hp on the previous model which is good, but it also comes in a significant 1,000 rpm lower down the rev range. Maximum torque is up 7.5 ft-lb to 103 ft-lb, at 8,250 rpm.

So what you've got here is the most powerful (and fastest) BMW to date. The claimed top speed is 100 KM/H plus. With an emphasis on the "plus" I'd say!

The naked K1300R remains the most powerful naked bike available from BMW – the same modifications to the faired S version make their way to the unfaired machine.

You'll see a newly designed fairing on the front suspension strut, headlight, radiator cowling, and modified side panels which should give a little more wind protection.

The claimed dry weight of the R is 217 kg (478 lbs).

The touring GT gets a slightly detuned version of the engine with 160bhp with 99 ft-lb of torque.
- integrated fall-over protectors.
- bars have up to a 40 mm range of adjustment, the windshield can be raised or lowered via a switch on the bars, seat is adjustable from 820 mm to 840 mm (32.3-33.1") with a lower 800-820 mm option

Dry weight is a claimed 255 kg (562 lb). You can optionally get heated seat and grips, cruise control, ASC, and ESA II. The quickshifter won't be available on this model apparently.


Honda DN-01 only at Power House Dealers

Just like the Honda Varadero, it looks like when the DN-01 does arrive in Canada it will only be available at Honda Powerhouse dealers, and in limited numbers (also like the Honda Varadero).

It will reportedly be available in the the spring. No pricing information is available from Honda just yet but more information on that should be released some time in October.

For details on where your nearest Power House dealership is in Canada you can check out the following link on the last page:


Honda DN-01 coming to Canada

The DN-01 was first shown as a concept bike at the 39th annual, 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. It looks like what you might imagine the offspring of a motorcycle and a scooter would be. Is it a motorcycle? Is it a sooter? Well, it features a motorcycle chassis, a 680cc liquid-cooled V-twin (claimed 61 hp), and comes with an automatic transmission.

Honda offers the following opinion of what the DN-01 is "The DN-01 was developed as a large sports cruiser materializing a new concept, equipped with distinctive HFT."

* HFT being a Human Friendly Transmission.

The transmission is a constantly variable type, which is typical of most scooters, but unlike most scooter system which rely on belts and pulleys, the DN-01 coverts power into hydraulic pressure, using it to vary gearing. The transmission is said to have two automatic modes and and a six-speed manual. In manual mode you get 6 pre-selected ratios that simulate a standard motorcycle gearbox.

Stopping power is provided by twin 296 mm discs up front that use a pair of 3-piston calipers. The front brakes are linked to the rear using Honda's combined brakes technology, add ABS in there too to help make things smooth even if the rider isn't.

The suspension is typical motorcycle variety with 41 mm conventional forks up front and a standard shock on a single sided swingarm at the rear. Sportbike radial tires are mounted to 17 inch wheels.

Seat height is pretty low at 691 mm (27.2"). Claimed curb weight is 270 kg (595 lbs). The DN-01 is available in red or black in the US but no word from Honda on what we'll get in Canada exactly.


New Suzuki for 2009

Suzuki is launching a new naked model - the SFV650 (the Gladius in the US and Europe), a variant of the highly popular SV650. The bike seems aimed at bringing younger folks into the Suzuki family.

It features a Ducati-like steel trellis frame (cast aluminium lower) and the familiar 90 degree, V-twin, SV motor. The motor is retuned for improved low and midrange power and a heavier crank to smooth things out.

Suspension seems to be conventional 41 mm forks up front and spring and damper at the rear, both with preload adjustability only. 17 inch wheels and twin 290 mm discs and dual piston calipers in the front. In the rear you get a single 240 mm disc with single piston caliper. It looks like this model gets ABS in Europe - not so in Canada.

Claimed weight is 202 Kg (445 lbs) with a fuel capacity of 14.5 litres. The seat height is 785 mm (30.9"), which is pretty low - perhaps a higher seat option will be available.

Colours are blue/white and red/white. MSRP is $8,899.00.

Some other Suzuki news

The 2009 GSX-R1000 pricing has reportedly been released. It'll set you back $15,499.00 MSRP - an increase of $300 over the 08 model.

Canadian Specific Editions – New for 2009 is are Canadian Editions of both the 1000 and 650 V-Stroms, which comes tail trunk and hard bags. Pricing is $12,499.00 for the 1000 and $9,999.00 for the 650. The 1250 Bandit CE gets a tail trunk as well.

GSX650F – Now comes with ABS as standard with an MSRP of $8,799.00 up $200 over the 2008 price.


INTERMOT - Germany show

The 6th annual International Motorcycle and Scooter Fair is fast approaching.

Cologne opens its doors on 8th October 2008 and the city becomes the meeting point of the international motorcycle sector. More than 1,100 exhibitors from all over the world are expected to attend the fair, where they will showcase the entire motorcycle/scooter sector's new and established products.

This fair is a major event for companies in the motorcycle business; enabling trade from around the world. Companies come together to establish business relationships. The business folks aren't the only ones who attend INTERMOT though - it's a major event that attracts a huge turnout of motorcyclists and interested visitors.

We'll keep an eye on the news from the show to bring you stories about new motorcycle products. But if you're tempted to have a sneak peak - you can find out what to expect from the show here.


2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 revealed

The new 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 has been shown this week at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. AMA road racing champions Ben Spies and Aaron Yates were on hand for its introduction as well.

There are plently of changes but perhaps one of the most interesting changes is that the GSX-R1000 was put on a diet - dropping a pretty significant 11 lbs. The liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine is the most compact GSX-R1000 engine yet. The bike is a little more aerodynamic and power has been boosted as well.

The upper fairing has been widened to give the rider's upper body and hands better wind protection. The multi-reflector headlight protrudes from the front and the high and low-beam halogen bulbs are stacked and centered between the position lights. The front turn signals are nicely integrated cleanly into the rear-view mirror mounts.

There doesn't appear to be any information listed on Suzuki's Canadian site about the Gixxer but the US site shows some pictures and specifications - no MSRP is listed yet; just that it's coming soon.

If you're looking for a highly detailed list of the changes for 2009, the US site is the place to check at the moment. Here's the link.