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Bill 117 - Still a work in progress

For those that don't know about Bill 117, it is a private members bill that aims to amend Ontario's Highway Traffic Act to ban anyone younger than 14 from riding on a motorcycle, and to prohibit anyone from operating a motorcycle with an underage passenger aboard. It's being pushed by Oak Ridges/Markham MPP Helena Jaczek.

Just in case you were wondering where this stands, in short, it's still a going concern. On December 4th, 2008 it was Ordered referred to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy according to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website. That's the latest status according to the site.

A few more details:

Jaczek, who is also an MD, relies heavily on information supplied an Ontario-based non-profit organization called SmartRisk that's "dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives." According to SmartRisk, some 199 motorcycle passengers under the age of 15 sustained injuries in the years 1995-2005, and 46 under-15 riders were hospitalized due to motorcycle-related injuries in the fiscal year 2005-2006. "The research," Jaczek has said, "is alarming."

Lot's of industry insiders are weighing in on the bill. "The problem with SmartRisk's data and Ms. Jaczek's assertions," explains Peter Jacobs, president of the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada, "is that the statistics and emergency room numbers for injured motorcyclists comes from all kinds of scenarios, especially off-road riding mishaps involving motocross riders and dirt bikes.

"Despite what she believes, there is not an epidemic of widespread accidents involving children falling off bikes on the streets and highways that warrants this bill, and many riders feel it could set a precedent for more legislation regarding motorcycles.

"Pretty much the entire motorcycle community is concerned about Bill 117 because it could potentially affect everyone who owns a motorcycle and has children."


BMW Motorrad Canada signs Guy Giroux to compete in the 2009 Canadian Enduro Championship

BMW Press Release -

Whitby. BMW Motorrad Canada is pleased to announce that it will compete in the all-new 2009 Canadian Enduro Championship, confirming that it has signed Guy Giroux to campaign the BMW G450X in this season’s series.

Based in St-Hippolyte, Quebec, Giroux has an impressive resumé in the world of off-road competiton. In Quebec, Guy is somewhat of an off-road juggernaut, having reigned as the off-road Champion 16 times – from 1988 through 1994 and 2000 through 2008, in addition to capturing the 2004 Supermoto Championship in both the SM1 and SM2 classes. Guy also has a long streak of main event appearances at the Montreal Supercross.

“I’m pumped! I have been following the progress of the G450X since early 2008.”, stated Guy, “ This is an incredible challenge for me and one I have been looking forward to!”.

Nationally, Guy also has three Canadian Off Road Championships to his credit, along with four Canadian Vice-Champion finishes and a Vice-Champion finish in the 2003 Supermoto series.

On the international front, Guy earned bronze and gold medals at, respectively, the ’88 French and ’89 German International Six-Day Enduro (ISDE) events, finished 16th in 2002 in the world’s toughest motorcycle race, the Paris Dakar Rally and competed successfully in World Enduro events from 2005 through 2007.

Chris Duff, Marketing and race team Manager for BMW Motorrad Canada, enthuses over the new addition to the Motorrad Canada racing team: “Guy was always the first choice that we wanted racing the new BMW G450X in Canada. He is an off-road racing icon in Canada and we’re confident that he will put the G450X in a podium position everytime out on the bike.”

The Canadian Enduro Championship (CEC) is brand-new to Canada and has been created under the auspices of World Enduro Canada (WEC), the umbrella organization for Canadian enduro off-road motorcycle competiton.

The CEC was developed to provide Canadian off-road riders with an exciting, safe and enjoyable competition experience. The new CEC series features well-thought out principles and a formula that aligns with international standards, with up-to-date liability, environmental and organizational guidelines. The primary objectives of the CEC are to unite Canadian endure off-road racers in one National series and to help provide a platform to develop riders who can compete in the World Enduro Championship.

The inaugural 2009 CEC series is comprised of a 4 event, 8 race schedule:

July 4 & 5 2009 - Blairmore, Alberta
July 11 & 12 - Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
September 12 & 13 - Labelle, Quebec
September 19 & 20 - Parry Sound, Ontario

The schedule integrates a consistent special test format modeled after the World Enduro Championship (WEC).

The BMW G450X Enduro, developed in 2007 to challenge the contenders in international enduro competition, made its competition debut in the 2008 World Enduro Championship. Showing increasingly promising results throught the year, the 2008 season culminated with BMW rider Simo Kirrsi winning the European Cross-Country Championship in October of 2008.

The production BMW G450X Enduro, fully street-legal, yet designed for “hard-core” off-road competition, went on sale in Canada in the fall of 2008.


Your chance to own a one of a kind Ural

On April 3rd a Ural Tourist, hand painted in the Gzhel style goes on sale on Ebay. Gzhel style is a 14th century pottery painting style - luckily this Tourist is not so fragile though. The paint comes with a clear coat to protect it and keep it looking great. The painting is done by Ural factory painter Svetlana Zyryanova.

Ural Gzhel was test ridden by a motorcycle journalist and enthusiast Jack Lewis and will be featured in the next issue of Motorcyclist magazine.

The Tourist is equipped with leading link forks, both electric and kick start, electronic ignition, and a roomy trunk. The Canadian MSRP is right around $13,995 which does not include shipping, setup and tax (HST). They come with a warranty of 2 years, and unlimited km. The Tourist does not feature on demand 2wd like the Patrol and Gear-Up models.

Ural plans to donate 10% of proceeds from the sale of Ural Gzhel to the Irbit Children School of Arts to support local arts program in Irbit.

The winning bidder also gets a special souvenir - an exclusive bottle of Gzhel vodka. Jokingly, the folks at Ural even said they'd leave some of the vodka in it!

The sale starts April 3rd, 2009 at noon EST.

- For full details from Ural on the sale of this one of a kind Tourist check out a section of their site dedicated to it - here.
- For more Ural news check out CMR's "Ural" category.


Ticket Give Away Today (March 31th) - Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show

Canadian Motorcycle Rider is giving away a ticket today, March 31th/09, in our ticket a day giveaway. It's your easiest way to get a free ticket to the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show taking place in Toronto this April 4-5.

In order to win the ticket - be the 10th emailer with the answer to the following question:

What was the date that Canadian Motorcycle Rider published a review of the Ducati Monster S4RS?

Hint - There's a link to the article in the Ducati Streetifghter News item on the front page. Follow the link, and the date of publication is at the top.

Direct your emails here.

Good luck!


Ducati Streetfighter vs. Monster S4R S

Apparently Ducati held a dealer presentation in which they compared the new Streetfighter to the Monster S4R S model it replaces as the top gun naked street bike in the Ducati line up.  They also gave quite a few details about the bike and some of the interesting features it has.

But first, some of the most impressive stats of weighing 10 kg less but packs 25 extra horses. Having had the pleasure of test riding a Monster S4R S, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Streetfighter is going to be one very fast machine!  I enjoyed every single moment with the S4RS  -- the Streetfighter is 22 lbs less, and has 25 more horsepower!!  I know I said that already but it is quite shocking.  

Check out this graph comparing the Streetfighter to the Monster S4R S:

Here's a couple more goodies too.  Some new high tech switchgear that looks pretty cool and details on the instrumentation too.


Atlantic Roadracing League schedule (Nova Scotia)

Atlantic Roadracing League (ARL), with assistance from various levels of governement will promote Atlantic Canada and the Atlantic Roadracing League as part of a vacation destination for race fans. 

ARL has strategically aligned its 2009 race schedule with the Parts Canada National Superbike Series to allow a week between events which is a perfect fit for ARL and the tourism industry to promote the area as a racing destination for fans and racers across Canada and beyond. Fans and racers can attend the Round 4 of regional racing, stay for the week and experience world renowned hospitality and finish their vacation with Parts Canada National Superbike Series weekend. 

They've posted the details for of the 2009 schedule.

May 9, 10  -- Pre-season Test

May 16,17 -- Round 1

May 30,31 -- Riding School

Jun 20,21 -- Round 2

July 11,12 -- Round 3

Aug 1,2   -- Round 4

Aug 6,7,8,9  -- Parts Canada Superbike Championship

Sept 12,13 -- Round 5

They've got a five track day package that includes a set of Pirelli tires for $1,050 or you can get individual track days for $150.

For full details check out their website here.

Image courtesy ARL.


Ticket Give Away Today (March 30th) - Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show

Canadian Motorcycle Rider is giving away a ticket today, March 30th/09, in our ticket a day giveaway. It's your easiest way to get a free ticket to the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show taking place in Toronto this April 4-5.

In order to win the ticket - be the 10th emailer with the answer to the following question:

How many numbered tips are listed in our latest article "Motorcycle insurance tips for beginners and seasoned riders?"

Hint - click on the "Motorcycle insurance tips for beginners and seasoned riders" article listed on the front page and count up the numbered tips offered.

Direct your emails here.

Good luck!


Press Release -

KYMCO Canada is pleased to announce that it will continue its partnership with Vicki Gray and in 2009 – a partnership that is three years strong! is a lifestyle resource for women who ride or are just starting to ride which connects women with motorcycling.

KYMCO Canada and both agree that scooters are a great avenue for women to enter into the world of riding. They are light weight, easy to ride, and come in a variety of colours and styles. Scootering has become more than just a mode of transportation; it is a lifestyle synonymous with style and fashion while being both affordable and environmentally conscious.

KYMCO Canada will also be promoting and participating in International Female Ride Day which takes place on May 1st, 2009. IFRD encourages women to “just ride”. With an updated image icon and even more buzz surrounding this year’s campaign, we are excited to see women on the road riding their scooters and motorcycles, or on the trails riding their dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs!


Ticket a day give away - for five days - starts today!

We've got 5 tickets to give away to the Toronto Spring International Motorcycle show and we thought we'd do it in style.

We're going to give away a ticket a day until they're gone!

The draw starts today! - March 29th.

In order to win the ticket - be the 10th emailer with the answer to the following question:

What is the street address of where the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle is going to be held this April 4-5th?

Hint - check out the event site here - the answer is there!

Direct your emails here.

Good luck!


KTM's naked superbike on hold

KTM revealed a prototype of its naked 1150cc "Venom" superbike back in 2004. The Venom was originally intended to hit the streets a year after the RC8. So it should have showed up as a new model for the 2009 season. Looks like that's not the case though.

It appears that plans to release the Venom have been put on hold for now while KTM builds some success racing with the RC8. No doubt it's also a financially wise move to delay the costs of a new model until the economy bounces back a little. Better still to use that money to ensure the support for the RC8 superbike is present.

KTM are reported still interested in the idea but are putting the emphasis on the RC8 for now.

Disappointing for some no doubt, but you may still see it in the future hopefully.


Francis Martin signs on with the BMW Motorrad Canada

Looks like Quebec native, Francis Martin has a new gig with the 2009 BMW Motorrad Canada Motorsport Team. He'll be competing on a 2009 BMW HP2 Sport in the Pro Sportbike class in the Parts Canada Superbike Championship.

The newly revamped classes should make for some interesting racing this year. Full press release follows.

Press Release -

Whitby. BMW Motorrad Canada is pleased to announce the addition of Francis Martin to the 2009 BMW Motorrad Canada Motorsport Team.

Martin, hailing from Sherbrooke, Quebec, is a veteran of the Parts Canada Superbike series having competed with five different teams in the series and claiming the Canadian Open Sportbike Championship in 2002 and reigning as Canadian Superbike Champion in both 1999 and 2005.

“I am delighted to be part of the BMW Motorrad Canada race team.” states Martin, adding, “I’m itching to get familiar with the BMW racebike as soon as possible – the season can’t start soon enough!”

Both Mike Ferreira and Francis Martin will be competing in the newly-revised Parts Canada Superbike Championship aboard the 2009 BMW HP2 Sport, race-developed in the last two years of the previous CanadianThunder series. Competing in the Pro Sportbike class, Mike Ferreira will wear number Pro 210, while Francis Martin will display his customary Pro 16.

Chris Duff, Marketing and Race Team manager for BMW Motorrad Canada states : “As we work toward the possibility of entering superbike racing in Canada in 2010, the opportunity to have a two-time Canadian Superbike Champion on the team for 2009 is an incredible bonus.”, continuing, “We are very excited to have Francis on board for this season. With Francis teamed up with Mike Ferreira, a former Pro 600 Sportbike Regional Champion and veteran of two Canadian Thunder seasons with BMW, we are looking forward to seeing BMW running up front in the new Pro Sportbike Class.”

This year sees a heavily revamped landscape for the Parts Canada Superbike Championship with the elimination of the Canadian Thunder and Sport Twin Classes after the withdrawal of Ducati and KTM from the series. This has resulted in major changes to the rules to the former 600cc Sport Bike classes, opening the door for a range of new machinery to participate.

Starting with the 2009 season, twin cylinder motorcycles from Buell and BMW will be allowed to compete in the Sport Bike classes, running to separate weight and horsepower limitations than their 600cc four cylinder opposition.


Motorcycle Experience (Episode 7) airs Saturday Mar 28th

Toyota Truck presents Motorcycle Experience, March 28 at 11:30 am*

What to expect this week:
- Dave checks out BMW Summerfest at Mosport International Raceway
- Former national Sportbike Champion Clint McBain talks about UpShifting
- Yamaha’s Bryan Hudgin “counts his pennies” during this weeks “Scooter Sense” segment
- This week’s guest rider, Josee Bouchard will sample the super slick and very trick…Buell 1125r
- Dave and Norm make a pit stop in Warner Springs during their Ultimate Ride in southern California

For more info visit …this season Motorcycle Experience will be giving away a brand new Yamaha BWs125 scooter! Just log onto our program website and click on the Scooter Sense “Less Is More” hot link for all the contest details and learn more about your chance to win a new set of wheels. Contest closes March 31st!

Episode 7 – Repeat Air Times on TSN and TSN HD Tuesday, March 31 – 00:30 am*
Wednesday, April 01 – 16:30 pm*
Sunday, April 05 – 03:30 am*

And don’t forget to check us out on TSN 2… Saturday March 28 at 14:00 pm* & Thursday April 2 at 17:00 pm*

*All times eastern

Motorcycle Experience is created with the help of our very good friends at BMW Motorrad, Honda Canada, Suzuki Canada, Yamaha Canada and Parts Canada.

Host Dave Hatch enthusiastically endorses Thor, Icon, HJC and Alpinestars riding gear.


Honda teams up for high performance lithium-ion R&D

Honda Motor Co. Japan and GS YUASA Corporation signed an agreement on March 24th/09 to establish a joint venture company with the purpose of manufacturing, selling, and conducting research and development for high performance lithium-ion batteries for application in hybrid vehicles.

On the surface this may not seem overly interesting but if you've bought a motorcycle battery lately you may recognize the GS YUASA Corporation name. They're a very large player in the supply of motorcycle batteries. So this joint venture may also help to give Honda an inside track on development of batteries for motorcycles too. Honda already have plans to release an electric motorcycle by 2010.

The new company, Blue Energy Co., Ltd., is scheduled to be establish April 1, 2009. The capital ratio split with be 51% GS Yuasa Power Supply Ltd which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation) and 49% to Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Suzuki Gladius gets a Canadian price tag

The Gladius is Sukuki's new naked styled model for 2009. It features the widely praised 645 cc, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90-degree V-Twin engine from the SV model. The engine is down very slightly on horsepower* from the SV as it's tuned for low-to-midrange power in this model.

* Edit: April 1/09 - This is 'reported' information and not confirmed by Suzuki Canada yet. We'll try to get some horsepower ratings from the folks at Suzuki. One popular and typically reliable publication is claiming 75.9 hp.

* Edit: April 2/09 - Suzuki indicated to us that they don't publish horsepower figures. So we'll have to be content with the dyno run test of 75.9 hp as being fairly close to accurate.

Suzuki's new 650cc Gladius has been given a price tag here in Canada. Suzuki provides a suggested MSRP of $9,199.

Looks like we get two color choices here in Canada which is a Blue/White or Red/White combination. In other parts of the world Suzuki gives these two color choices some pretty fancy names; metallic triton blue/glass splash white and candy ruby magenta/pearl mirage white.

The all black model pictured here is not an option in Canada. Too bad I'd say, the all black looks like a more traditional motorcycle color that would have broad appeal. I'm not sure how many guys are going to be pleased to tell their buddies their bike is "candy ruby magenta."

Here's some of the other key specs:

curb weight: 202kg (446lbs)
fuel tank capacity: 14.5 L (3.8 US gal)
seat height: 785 mm (30.9 in.)
Brakes Front: 2-piston calipers, 290 mm disc, twin
Brakes Rear: 1-piston caliper, 240mm disc
Colour: Blue/White, Red/White
Curb Weight: 202kg (446lbs)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 L (3.8 US gal)
Seat Height: 785 mm (30.9 in.)
Suspension Front: Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear: Lynk type, coil spring, oil damped, spring preload 7-step
Tires Front: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Tires Rear: 160/60ZR17M/C (69W), tubeless
Transmission: 6-speed, constant mesh

* images courtesy Suzuki


Site maintenance today - 10 min @ 4:00PM PDT

We've got a scheduled outage today of the News and Articles content at 4:00PM PDT for maintenance. The outage should only be for about 10 minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ride for Sight event dates posted

We've just updated the Motorcycle Events calendar (best viewed with any browser other than Safari) with the dates for all the Ride for Sight events listed across Canada. We thought we'd post the schedule for you here too and provide a little information about this worthwhile event:

Ride for Sight is the longest running motorcycle charity fundraiser in Canada; the first ride began in 1979 in Central Ontario.

In 2008, eight Ride for Sight events will be enjoyed in seven provinces across the country (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Maritimes, Newfoundland, Central Ontario and Northwestern Ontario); each regional Ride has its own unique features.

Annual Ride for Sight weekend celebration events are supported in part by generous corporate sponsorship and are organized by volunteer Ride for Sight Planning Teams.

While Ride for Sight participants are primarily comprised of motorcyclists -- volunteers, fundraisers and supporters also include non-motorcyclists and families affected by retinal diseases.

Ride for Sight is the single largest private fundraising initiative for vision research in the world.

To-date, Ride for Sight has raised more than $17 million in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the only organization in Canada whose sole mandate is to fund research for blindness caused by retinal degenerations.

Canada wide event schedule:

- Central Ontario Ride for Sight 2009, June 19, 20, 21, 2009, Collingwood Waterfront, Downtown Collingwood
- Alberta Ride for Sight 2009, June 12, 13, 14, 2009, Agricultural Centre Fairgrounds, Olds, Alberta
- Manitoba Ride for Sight 2009, July 10, 11, 12, 2009, Treherne Campground, Treherne, Manitoba
- Maritimes Ride for Sight 2009, June 5, 6, 7, 2009, Fox Mountain Camping Park, Aylesford, Nova Scotia
- Newfoundland & Labrador, June 26, 27, 28, 2009, Gander Community Centre,  Gander, NL
- Northwestern Ontario Ride for Sight, June 19, 20, 21, 2009, Riverview Campground, Longlac, ON
- Saskatchewan Ride for Sight 2009, June 27, 2009, Western Development Museum, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


Ducati Streetfighter hits the scales

Ducati Streetfighter project leader Giulio Malagoli has just revealed the weight of the 155bhp naked Ducati at the world press launch in Spain.

In line topping S guise the Streetfighter weighs just 167kg dry (368lbs), making it 17kg lighter than Monster S4RS it replace. The non-S version is 169 kg (373 lbs). Not only is it lighter than the S4RS, it's the lightest bike in it's class.

Peak power is slightly less than the 1098 at 155bhp @ 9,500 rpm (compared to 160bhp for the 1098) and torque is down to 85lb-ft, compared to 90lb-ft on the 1098. It does use the same the steel trellis frame and Showa suspension (Ohlins on the more expensive Ducati Streetfighter S), and Brembo monobloc calipers.

- For more Ducati news check out our Ducati category here.

- For more details about the Ducati Streetfighter you may want to check out the Ducati's Streetfighter specific website. They've got lots of information there and some very nice wallpapers available for download. Even some sized for your mobile. Cool!


4,500 kilometers on a 49cc scooter!

How far would you think you could reasonably go riding 2-up on a 49cc scooter (2-up is just another way of saying 2 people on the same scooter)?  A few hundred kilometers maybe?

Well - a young Canadian couple recently went on a ride that might just destroy your image of what's possible on a 49cc scooter.  On September 2, 2008 they set out from Vancover, BC and started heading east.  Where did they stop?

Eleven days after their journey began they stopped in Barrie, Ontario.  That's about 4,500 kilometers just in case you're wondering.  

Their vehicle of choice was a 49cc 2007 Yamaha C3 scooter! I think that might possibly be some kind of a record.  

The top speed of a scooter isn't terribly fast, particularly on hills, and with two riders on board. Be sure to read the daily logs.  There's some pretty humurous stuff in there.

Some key facts about the trip:

Money spent on Gas = $153.76
Liters of Gas bought = 115.68
Kilometers traveled = 4486kms
Average gas consumption = 109 MPG or 2.58litres/100kms

See all the crazy adventures unfold on their website. They've made some posts about each day of the adventure and posted some pictures and video.  

Check it out!


The "biggest" production bike

Leonhardt Manufacturing of Germany has started production on what they claim is the world's 'biggest' production motorcycle. After looking at the specs and the pictures I'd have to say it's a very believable claim. The GUNBUS 410 will be manufactured and assembled in a small series by the German company. The number produced will be the only thing small about this bike. This is one truly giant motorcycle.

First up - don't expect this one in Canada! I'm not quite sure what you'd do with a bike of these proportions. I can't imagine it would be an easy to ride machine or that it would turn.

When you see a picture of the bike alone it looks well proportioned and it's difficult to even see the true massiveness of this bike without any scale of reference. That might certainly be considered a testament to the build quality and design. No question, it looks professionally made.

The GunBus 410 is a full 3.47 meters in length (that's a little over 11 feet long). It's got a 45 degree v-twin engine that's a mere 410 cu inches in size (about 6720 cc) and a weight of 650 kg. Yes, kilograms! - that's about 1,430 lbs. That's the empty/curb weight too so you've still got to consider fuel weight on that too which, with a weight this high won't really be a factor but that tank looks like it might hold enough fuel to run a monster truck for a week.

Let's just say that if you drop this one you're going to need some help picking it back up again, from 'several' burly friends. You might have to hire a football team or a forklift.

The back tire is a foot and a quarter wide!

It's an impressive looking bike but I'd hate to have to turn this thing around. Its a good thing it comes with a reverse gear! Dare say it's wise to not make a lot of these as they seem to be a very impractical and highly indulgent purchase.

Despite the lack of practicality, it is an impressive bit of design and fabrication. It might attract the wealthy and its certainly gotten them some free press so perhaps it will serve its purpose for Leonhardt.


Kawaski KLR 650 recalls

Looks like there's two recent recalls on the big thumper from Kawasaki. Both recalls on the Kawasaki KLR 650 were issued on March 3, 2009 and are separate issues. It seems to affect the exact same number of units though.

Further details below:

Transport Canada Recall # 2009069
Model Years affected: 2008, 2009
System: Electrical
Manufacturer Recall Number: MC09-04
Units Affected:   3,247

Recall Details

On certain motorcycles, the main wiring harness can chafe against the frame, causing the engine to stop running. Engine stalling would result in lost propulsion which, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash. 

Correction: Dealers will reinforce and reroute the main wiring harness. 

Transport Canada Recall # 2009068
Model Years affected: 2008, 2009
System: Other
Manufacturer Recall Number: MC09-03
Units Affected:   3,247

Recall Details

On certain motorcycles, the muffler mount bolts could loosen due to heat expansion of the exhaust pipe and vibration. Should the bolts loosen completely, the muffler could separate from the motorcycle, which could result in a vehicle crash causing personal injury or death. 

Correction: Dealers will remove the paint from the muffler mount tabs and replace the mount bolts, nuts, washers and gasket. 

Source: Thanks to CMGonline for the heads up on the recall.


Mackie Harley-Davidson Garage Party (Mar. 26)

Mackie Harley-Davidson, one of the largest Harley-Davidson dealerships in the GTA area, is having a big bash for all the ladies on March 26th, 2009. Looks like it's going to be a very fun and informative event.

Not only will you get all kinds of helpful information but there's going to be a riding gear prize package valued at $625.00 given away that night! Plus you'll be entered into a national draw with thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

Mark your calendars - more details follow:

Press Release:

Oshawa, Ontario March 20, 2009 – Mackie Harley-Davidson® will be hosting an event exclusive to women on their premises at 880 Champlain Avenue on Thursday, March 26th, 6-9pm. Harley-Davidson® understands and respects the different approach that it takes for women to begin to realize their passion for motorcycles.

Garage PartiesTM offer an opportunity for present and future female riders to learn more about motorcycling activities as well providing guidance on how to obtain a motorcycle license. It also offers guests the chance to experience new lines of merchandise that are specifically tailored to female riders needs. Best of all, it is a social event which allows women to relax and mingle with like-minded people.

In honour of Harley-Davidson® “Women Riders Month” in May, this event will feature interactive riding and safety related sessions, such as how to pick up a motorcycle, how to strap down your bike for transportation, helmet safety, riding gear demonstrations as well as information on new rider training and licensing. Guests will be able to enjoy special presentations, refreshments and snacks, door prizes, temporary tattoos and other surprises in a fun, informative and informal atmosphere. At the March 26th Garage Party, one lucky woman will take home a riding gear prize package valued at approximately $625.00.

On top of that, the ladies will be able to enter a national contest allowing them a chance to win a grand prize of an exclusive getaway package with three of their closest girlfriends, including accommodation in Toronto at The Suites at 1 King West, a luxurious day at the spa, a $2,000 shopping spree at an authorized Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer, and VIP access to Precious Metal – the most decadent Garage Party™ of the year – held on May 6 in Toronto. Other prizes include weekly prizes such as $100 gift cards to be redeemed at Mackie Harley- Davidson®.

Mackie Harley-Davidson® is Durham region’s premier Harley-Davidson® motorcycle dealer, located off highway 401 and Thickson Road at the Whitby/Oshawa border.


Completely updated travel books from Whitehorse Press

Whitehorse Press is well known for publishing a wide range of fantastic books geared towards motorcyclists. Their motorcycle travel books dubbed the "Motorcycle Journeys Series" are MUST have guides for those planning or considering trips to destinations covered by them.

They've recently updated their bestseller "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Southwest - Second Edition by Marty Berke" and "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps and Beyond." The Alps and Beyond book with it's full color pictures of spectacular roads and attractions will surely have you dreaming of the countless rides of a lifetime documented within its covers.


Not only does this newest edition of John Hermann's Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and Beyond show you how to find every Alpine road you have ever heard or dreamed about, it will also get you to hidden road treasures that even the locals don't know about. Now covering more of Europe than any previous edition, John "King of the Alps" Hermann brings nearly 100 dream trips to life.

Hermann's fun-to-read text has been thoroughly refreshed, with many brand new trips including some in the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa mountain ranges. The maps now have mountain relief backgrounds to let you preview the exciting topography, and Hermann has added spectacular new pictures. All contact information has been updated.

The book first plants you in the middle of the Alps at the Swiss village of Andermatt, where every road is a traffic-free wonder. From there you can circle Mt. Blanc west across France to check out marvels such as the Grand Goulet as well as all the mountain climbs made famous on the Tour de France. You'll be more than tempted to try some of the highest passes in Europe such as the Col d'Agnel and wild single-lane tracks like La Bonette and Col de Lombard, only to finally twist over the Col de Braus to the Mediterranean with its beckoning towns and sun-filled beaches.

South from Andermatt the book highlights major pass roads leading down to breathtaking Italian finger lakes and the snaking roads between them. Or you can ride east from Andermatt to the mighty mountain roads around Davos and St. Moritz and Liechtenstein and the spectacular roads of the Italian Dolomites where you and fellow motorcyclists rule the roads and cafes and hotels. Motorcycle heaven.

Farther south is the mountainous Mediterranean isle of Corsica, tourist-free and chock full of fantastic motorcycle roads. Where they are and how to get there are all in this book. Plus all the wonders of the Pyrenees, almost as high as the Alps, half in France and half in Spain. And don't miss the little known Costa Verde (it is green) and the dominating towers and roads of the Picos de Europa, out west on the north Atlantic coast of Spain.

Anyone considering or dreaming of a European trip on two wheels, or four for that matter, needs this book. It has been the guidebook of choice since its first edition in 1993, and with good reason. Each trip has a detailed route description, easy-to-follow maps, places to stay, culinary hints, and unique photographs-all brought to life by Hermann's informed and witty narration. Local customs, history, and amusing travel stories help to enrich your journey.

Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 416 pages, full color illus and maps, USD $29.95. Copies are available at your local bookstore, dealer, or directly from the publisher, Whitehorse Press, 107 East Conway Road, Center Conway, NH 03813-4012. Telephone toll-free 800-531-1133 or visit their web site at

You can also get this book at a significant discount from retail (and support Canadian Motorcycle Rider at the same time!) via our Amazon store:


In this new, updated edition, motojournalist Marty Berke shows the way to the best scenic, curving roads the great American Southwest has to offer.

From favorite belt-notching rides like Pikes Peak Highway, the Million Dollar Highway, and Route 66, to small no-name two-lane delights that lead to places like Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon National Parks, unforgettable roads and adventures await those wanting to explore the “four-corner states” of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah on two wheels.

The book suggests 64 separate riding trips, each about a day in length, with seasoned advice on the best campgrounds, parks, scenic landmarks, and restaurants along the way. Topographical maps, clear directions, and plenty of photographs enhance Berke’s lively description of each ride.

This popular travel guide for motorcyclists captures all the grandeur and natural beauty of the region and introduces riders to places and sights they would never find on their own. Now completely updated, new generations of riders can enjoy the celebrated treasures as well as the little-known gems the region has to offer, refreshingly free of tourist traffic. For, as Marty says, “a journey, unlike a trip, is an opportunity for wandering and exploring new territory with all five senses."

Format: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, Pages: 320, Art: 144 b/w pictures and 92 maps, Price: $19.95. Copies are available at your local bookstore, dealer, or directly from the publisher, Whitehorse Press, 107 East Conway Road, Center Conway, NH 03813-4012. Telephone toll-free 800-531-1133 or visit their web site at

You can get this book at a significant discount from retail (and support Canadian Motorcycle Rider at the same time!) via our Amazon store


Motorcycle Experience - Episode 6 (Sat. Mar 21)

Motorcycle Experience Episode 6 will air this Saturday morning on TSN and TSN HD

Toyota Truck presents Motorcycle Experience, March 21 at 11:30 am*

In this installment:

- Dave checks out the Women’s Cup Challenge series at Shannonville
- Former national Sportbike Champion Clint McBain talks about Group Riding
- Yamaha’s Bryan Hudgin “hugs a tree” during this weeks “Scooter Sense” segment
- This week’s guest rider, Jacqui Prospero will sample the all new Suzuki GSX650F Dave and Norm stop in the Anza Valley during their Ultimate Ride in southern California

Motorcycle Experience celebrates its 20th anniversary!

For more info visit …this season Motorcycle Experience will be giving away a brand new Yamaha BWs125 scooter! Just log onto our program website and click on the Scooter Sense “Less Is More” hot link for all the contest details and learn more about your chance to win a new set of wheels.

Contest closes in just 1 week!

Episode 6 – Repeat Air Times on TSN and TSN HD

Wednesday, March 25 – 12:30 pm*
Friday, March 27 – 03:30 am*
Saturday, March 28 – 04:30 am*

And don’t forget to check us out on TSN 2…

*All times eastern


Henry Rollins to guest star on Sons of Anarchy

Don't know if you watched the 13 episodes of FX drama series Sons of Anarchy last year but Grammy® Award-winning musician and actor Henry Rollins is set to guest star in the second season, which is scheduled to return to the network in the fall.

Nick Grad, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, FX Networks indicates that Rollins will play a new antagonist in the show’s fictional town of Charming, California. He'll pose a deadly threat to the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club and be featured in six episodes.

It's a bit of a Soprano's on motorcycles drama - a 1%er type club. If you can't stand violence on television, this might not be the show for you.

I was planning on tuning in again next season anyway but the appearance of Henry Rollins in 6 episodes should be a great new addition to the show.

For those who didn't watch last year -- Henry Rollins! C'mon. You've gotta watch!

Image courtesy FX network


Mototerminators arrive in theatres this Friday

Are you ready for Salvation? I hope so - because Termininator Salvation is coming to theatres this Friday, March 22nd.

It looks like it's going to be a blockbuster film if the new trailer featuring very appropriate industrial rock music from Nine Inch Nails and some amazing looking special effects are any indication.

The movie had a massive $200 million dollar budget. Remember when that was enough to warrant a lot of publicity? The newest trailer (trailer #3) features another sneak peak at the motorcycle terminators. Might just have to go see this one!

Some of the key cast members include: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Bryce Howard, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Common, Jadagrace.

Warner Bros. release the following plot synopsis:

Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor (Christian Bale), the man fated to be the leader of the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators, and the future he was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. John must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, John and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they find out a terrible secret that may lead to the possible annihilation of mankind

Check out the newest trailer here:


June 15th is Ride to Work Day

June 15 is Ride to Work Day! So keep the car parked at home on June 15th and ride your motorcycle instead.

The event encourages motorcycle owners to leave their cars in the garage and ride their bikes to work to demonstrate the benefits of two-wheeled commuting. Organizers say the event will show that motorcycles and scooters are efficient, economical forms of transportation.

Out of a total 129 million commuters in the US in 2003 only approximately 150 thousand of them ride motorcycles to work regularly.

Of all the motorcycles registered in the USA, (6,567,197) 4.3% of them are used for year-round primary transportation (282,389), with an additional 9.9% used seasonally for this purpose (932,542 total).

Ride to Work Day is observed in the United States, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Turkey and Russia.

For full details about ride to work day, check out their website here.


North American Ural dealership lists

For all the Ural owners and prospective owners - we've gathered up a listing of the Canadian and US Ural retailers in Canada and the US. The list was published by Ural so should be current as of March 18th/2009.

It's a handy refernce if you've got a Ural and plan to do some adventure traveling - as Ural owners are prone to do. Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Here's the Canadian list - in no particular order:

Here's the US list - in no particular order:


BMW reports 2008 financial information

The BMW group has just released their financial reports for 2008 and if you're really interested you can check out the online version here.

For those interested in just how the motorcycle side of things went, here's a brief overview:

Motorcycles segment reports earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of euro 60 million.

The earnings performance of the Motorcycles segment in 2008 was influenced by difficult business conditions. EBIT fell to euro 60 million (2007: euro 80 million/-25.0%) and the profit before tax dropped to euro 51 million (2007: euro 71 million/-28.2%).

Revenues totalled euro 1,230 million (2007: euro 1,228 mil-lion/+0.2%). BMW Motorrad was almost able to match its previous year's record sales volume figure despite unfavourable business conditions on the world's motorcycle markets.

In total, 101,685 BMW motorcycles (2007: 102,467 units) were sold in 2008 (-0.8%).


Get 20 years of motorcycle tips in one DVD

Motorcycle Experience has been produced and hosted by David Hatch since 1989. In the beginning it was know as the Motorcycle Rider. The name may have changed over the course of those twenty years but the show remained dedicated to motorcycling in North America.

The 20 year mark seemed like a good time to compile the very best of two decades worth of rider tips that are featured on every episode. The result is a two-hour DVD with over 30 riding tips and advice that first aired on The Sports Network, and is aimed at helping riders to improve their open road skills.

The selected "Shifting Gears" segments feature Dave Hatch himself and Canadian superbike road racing champion Clint McBain.

The DVD is full of practical advice for real-world riding and can be yours for $19. The DVD is available exclusively at your local Suzuki dealership.


May 1st, 2009 - International Female Ride Day

May 1st, 2009 is International Female Ride day. It's a day when the ladies - wherever they may be to just get out and ride. There's no specific place you need to go to be a part of it. Just hop on your motorcycle and ride!

The brainchild of Motoress founder Vicki Gray, International Female Ride day marks its second year in 2009.

According to details on the Motoress website - "Female Ride Day is a campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride or have access to a motorcycle; inviting women to “JUST RIDE”. By being on a motorcycle on the Female Ride Day, by participating and by riding, women enthusiastically contribute to building awareness of female motorcyclists. They also demonstrate to others the fun and enjoyment women of all diversities share in this wonderful activity—motorsport."

For full details about the event check out the motoress website here.


BMW Motorrad Motorsport - Superbike World Championship - Doha, Qatar - Races

Press Release BMW Motorrad (03/16/2009):

Three top tens for BMW Motorrad Motorsport.

Munich. BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus rode superbly in both the two 18-lap races in Doha today and earned themselves three top ten placings. Troy finished ninth in both races and Ruben took 13th in race one and followed that with a hard-fought for tenth in race two. Today's tremendous results were all the more spectacular considering that Ruben and Troy had started the races from the fourth row of the grid after a problem in Superpole yesterday.But almost more special than the top ten finishes was the sight of Troy in fourth place after two laps of race two! The Aussie had blasted off the line superbly from 16th on the grid and stunned everybody by crossing the line in fifth place at the end of lap one. By lap two he had stormed into fourth - a position he held until lap four. Although he ended the race in ninth, his spell in fourth place made up for all the disappointment the past two days and gives Troy, Ruben and the whole team a tremendous boost before the next race in three week's time.

Troy - Race 1: 9th, Race 2: 9th
After practice and qualifying, we were a bit disappointed about our prospects of any good results from the fourth row of the grid. Overnight we found a solution to our top speed problem and that gave me a slim chance today. In race two, I made one of the best starts of my life, saw a gap and just went for it! It felt great to be up front with the race leaders and although I knew it wouldn´t last, it was great while it happened. At the moment, we are about half a second down on bike and chassis set-up and if we could cut that gap we'd be competitive for sure. It certainly doesn't help starting from row four and, at Qatar, that probably means you lose seven or so seconds on the first lap and you have to spend the rest of the race playing catch up. To get two top tens today is certainly more than I was expecting before the season started and shows that the bike has real potential. After three weeks or so away, we'll now be able to return to our workshops, analyse all the info and get the work started for the next round.

Ruben - Race 1: 13th, Race 2: 10th
I'm really happy with the races today and although there's lots of work to do, I think Troy and I did a great job. I'm very happy with race two, because I ended nearly nine seconds closer to the front then in race one. On my sighting lap for race two, I thought it might be better to go longer on the rear sprocket. I knew that it would be a problem on the start, but it was a risk I wanted to take. And it wasn't a good start, but I soon got into a good rhythm. My biggest surprise was seeing that Troy was fourth! I was jealous because I wanted to be there! I just kept pushing hard and I managed to catch Troy towards the end of the race. I thought about trying to pass him, but thought 'Ruben don't do anything stupid', so I stayed behind. Then Haslam overtook me two laps from the end and pushed me out of the top ten, but I said 'No, no, no!' and made sure I got past him before the finish so that Troy and I could both be in the top ten.

Berti Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director)
The most important thing this weekend is that we have learnt a lot, but I must also say that the results today make me more than happy. Troy did an amazing job in both races and the great work between the two riders helped us get both in the top ten in race two. Considering that our team is still learning, I think this is a great achievement this early in the championship and I'd like to thank them and riders for all the hard work here and at Phillip Island. Friday was 'Black Friday' for us, but today our results mean we can all leave Qatar happy.


Race 1: 1 Spies (USA-Yamaha), 2 Haga (J-Ducati), 3 Biaggi (I-Aprilia), 4 Nakano (J-Aprilia), 5 Checa (E-Honda), 6 Byrne (GB-Ducati), 7 Sykes (GB-Yamaha), 8 Kiyonari (J-Honda), 9 Troy Corser (Aus-BMW Motorrad Motorsport), 10 Laconi (F-Ducati), 13 Ruben Xaus (E-BMW Motorrad Motorsport),

Race 2: 1 Spies, 2 Haga, 3 Biaggi, 4 Kiyonari, 5 Sykes, 6 Neukirchner (D-Suzuki), 7 Nakano, 8 Rea (GB-Honda), 9 Troy Corser (Aus-BMW Motorrad Motorsport), 10 Ruben Xaus (E-BMW Motorrad Motorsport),

Points: 1 Haga 85, 2 Spies 75, 3 Neukirchner 40, 4 Biaggi 38, 5 Haslam 36, 6 Sykes 32, 7 Laconi 30, 8 Rea 30, 9 Nakano 27, 10 Kagayama 25, 12 Troy Corser (Aus-BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 22, 17 Ruben Xaus (E-BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 14,


Buell Police motorcycle now in Canada

US law enforcement had it first but it'snow available in Canada too. Buell has equipped the Ulysses for Police duty and it should be available for order through Buell dealers. 

Courtesy Buell:

The new Buell Ulysses® Police XB12XP offers government agencies and private security firms a quick and very nimble “special duty” patrol vehicle that is capable of travel over a variety of terrain, from open highways to city streets to unpaved back-country roads.

Based on the versatile Buell Ulysses adventure sportbike, the Ulysses Police features long-travel suspension, generous ground clearance and aggressive tires that allow it to tackle roads too rough or narrow for confident travel in an automobile or on a traditional police motorcycle. On smooth pavement, the Ulysses Police is an agile sport motorcycle. The Ulysses Police can also accommodate a passenger. 

Special features of the Ulysses Police include hard-shell top and side cases, each removable and lockable. The side cases are narrower than the standard Ulysses accessory side cases, allowing for more clearance in tight situations. On the Ulysses Police model, the Buell Triple Tail system functions as a luggage rack with tie-down hooks over the rear seat position, or as a cushioned passenger backrest with grab rails. A tall windshield, heated hand grips, and handlebar deflectors are also standard equipment. An available emergency response kit provides a siren and an LED lighting package in three different color configurations (Red/Blue, Red/Red, or Blue/Blue).

The Ulysses Police is powered by an air/oil/fan-cooled, fuel-injected Buell Thunderstorm 1203cc V-Twin engine that delivers 103 peak horsepower. This engine’s broad powerband and abundant torque gives the Ulysses the ability to proceed at lower speeds over uneven or unpaved roads with less gear shifting, and to deliver instant bursts of acceleration. The Ulysses Police has an EPA fuel mileage rating of 51 mpg urban/64 mpg highway*. A Goodyear Hibrex final drive belt with Flexten Plus technology is durable and never needs adjustment or lubrication.

Premium Showa front and rear suspension is fully adjustable. Rear spring preload can be adjusted for passenger and gear weight simply by turning a dial located below the left side of the seat. Suspension travel is 6.5 inches in front and 6.4 inches at the rear. Ground clearance is 6.75 inches.

The Ulysses Police features a 4.4-gallon fuel reservoir integrated into the aluminum frame. The lower center of mass achieved by carrying fuel in the frame, rather than in a tank located high on top of the frame, enhances rider confidence on and off pavement. The muffler is located below the engine to further lower the center of gravity and centralize mass for improved handling in all situations. Low unsprung weight helps keep the tires in contact with uneven road surfaces for improved control. The 17-inch, six-spoke, reinforced cast-aluminum wheels feature a durable rim design, and Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires deliver good traction on paved and unpaved roads. A dual front fender system provides debris protection for the rider and the bike.

The Ulysses Police will be offered in two color choices: Birch White and Midnight Black.


Ural parts distribution moves to Michigan

Ural has done some major restructuring and in September, 2008 one of those restructuring moves was to relocate the parts warehouse from Washington State, to Michigan.

For full details of many of the changes made in 2008 check out our February posting about the Russian motorcycle maker.

The move was a big win from a logistical standpoint and brings them closer to the ports where their products arrive from the factory in Russia. This translates into savings for Ural owners and purchasers.

David George - the so called "Ural Parts man" had this to say about the move:

In addition, most of our dealers and service centers are located in the eastern or central states. The money saved on shipping alone was enough to justify the move. How does this benefit you? Lower shipping costs have resulted in many prices being lowered, and the savings have been passed on to you, our customers - Ural owners.

The move was an enormous undertaking, requiring thousands of hours to count and pack every nut and bolt in inventory. Huge crates and boxes were stuffed with nearly every motorcycle part imaginable, enough to fill more than two freight trucks.

Even though the warehouse was operational January 2nd, 2009 - sorting, organizing and stocking continue even now under the management of Shelley Crawford.

Our goal is to improve our parts distribution network; and with new dealers and service centers coming on board every month, we are trying to make it easy to find quality service and the parts you need to keep you on or off the road - wherever your preference would be.

Photo courtesy Ural website.


Piaggio MP3 'Hybrid' coming to America Q1 2010

Piaggio Group USA President and CEO Paolo Timoni has recently announced that the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid will to coming to America. America generally means the US so without a comment specifically that it'll make it into Canada it's hard to say with 100% certainty if it'll be available here but it seems likely it will.

What's so special about this hybrid scooter from Piaggio? Plenty - Piaggio claims gas efficiency of 141 mpg for the 125cc scooter which also incorporates a electric motor. Piaggio says the scooter will do 0-60 mph in about 5 second. That's comparable performance to the larger 500cc MP3 and it's 40 hp internal combustion (ICE) motor. 141 mpg fuel economy is better than most 50cc scooters. So a 125cc with power comparable to a 500cc and fuel economy better than a 50cc. That's certainly appealing if the price is right. The scooter uses regenerative braking to recover energy and stores that otherwise wasted energy into the batteries. 

The internal combustion engine is an advanced four-stroke unit and Piaggio claims emits just 40 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, by comparison, the Toyota Prius emits 104 grams.

Notably, the MP3 boasts a larger than typical battery system allowing the machine to be used exclusively in electric-only mode. Operating solely on electricity it has a range of about 20 km's. Another nice feature is that you can plug it for charging whereas many current combo hybrids rely purely on the ICE motor for recharging duties. A full charge takes about 3 hours.

Timoni suggested a retail price in the 8-9 thousand range should be expected.  Of course, those are American figures so a direct conversion to Canadian currency today gives somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,200 - $11,500. 


2 Free tickets to give away (Friday March 13th) Toronto International Spring Motorcycle show

Today - Friday March, 13th - we're giving away our TWO free tickets third ticket to the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show being held April 4-5, 2009.

Here's how to get a free ticket. Be the 5th or the 10th person (one entry per person) to email us here with the correct answer to the following question:

What Aprilia model is being tested on Motorcycle Experience this Saturday?

Hint: The answer is in a News post made on Thursday. Just scroll down on the front page of - looks for the News posted on Thursday and you've got your answer!

Send your emails here.

Good luck!


A Smart diesel adventure touring motorcycle

A while back we told you about what might be THE ultimate adventure touring motorcycle. Made by a company in the Netherlands, it's called the Track-T800CDI Diesel motorcycle.

Why are we telling you about this again you may ask? Well, it's a long shot and a little more than a year away from even becoming a possibility... but they might come to Canada! Read on for more details.

The motorcycle incorporates a diesel engine based on the one used in the Mercedes Benz produced "Smart ForTwo" car. In EVA's application it produces 45 bhp (same as the Smart ForTwo) and a bit less torque; 74lb/ft vs the 81lb/ft of the ForTwo. The power and torque is distributed across a wide, and decidedly low, rev range of 1,800 to 4,500rpm.

It's reported that just 150 units will be built this year, but the company plans to expand production from 5 to 25 bikes a week in 2010.

The CVT transmission when coupled with the diesel engine delivers fuel sipping economy of up to 112mpg at 55mph. An added benefit of the diesel engine is that it provides unbelievably long service intervals. Like up to 31,000 mile. Engine life is anticipated to be in the range of 250,000 to 375,000 miles.

Currently the Track T-800CDI diesel motorcycle is only available in the Netherlands. Sales will open to the rest-of-Europe in 2010. Canada and the US are being considered for the end of 2010 depending on how things go domestically, exchange rate fluctuations, and plenty of other factors.

Hey, least it's not a NO!

EVA was thinking about having 2wd as an option and aren't ruling it out in the future, but current testing has shown negligible benefit. Other adjustments such as the torque produced and steering lock angles permitted produced more significant advantages. So, the focus is on higer performance modifications than the 2wd for now.

The price on the EVA site is listed at 17,500 euro's which at a direct conversion to Canadian dollars is $28,900. Better start saving!

Source: Hell For Leather & EVA Products BV Nederland


Motorcycle Experience - Episode 5

The fifth episode of Motorcycle Experience will air this Saturday, March 14th on TSN and TSN HD.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about the Aprilia Mana 850. It features automatic operation or semi-automatic control with three different engine mappings ( Sport, Touring and Rain) if you want.

A motorcycle with no clutch - a thing of the future?

Another interesting feature of the Mana 850. It's got a trunk! In the place of the gas tank on a typical motorcycle, the Mana has a storage area capable of securely swallowing up quite a bit of stuff. The gas tank is moved under the seat.

The Mana is jam packed with interesting technology. It'll be really great to see it up close and get real rider impressions.

Press Release:

Toyota Truck presents Motorcycle Experience, March 14 at 11:30 am*

In this installment:

- Dave visits the National Motorcycle Show in downtown Toronto
- Former national 600 Sportbike Champion Clint McBain talks about preparing for your worst track day
- Yamaha’s Bryan Hudgin gets “dressed for success” during this weeks “Scooter Sense” segment
- Toronto Star Motorcycle Journalist, Steve Bond will sample the all new Aprilia Mana 850
- Dave and Norm roar out to Palm Springs during their ultimate ride in southern California

Motorcycle Experience celebrates its 20th anniversary!

For more info visit …this season Motorcycle Experience will be giving away a brand new Yamaha BWs125 scooter! Just log onto our program website and click on the Scooter Sense “Less Is More” hot link for all the contest details and learn more about your chance to win a new set of wheels.

Contest closes in 2 weeks

Episode 5 – Repeat Air Times on TSN and TSN HD

Friday, March 20 – 00:30 am*
Friday, March 20 – 15:00 pm*
Saturday, March 21 – 05:00 am*

And don’t forget to check us out on TSN 2… Saturday March 14th at 2:30 pm*.

*All times eastern


Latest Recalls from Transport Canada

Here's the most recent recalls from Transport Canada. They affect models by Aprilia and Yamaha. The Yamaha model affected is the Trailway 200; more commonly known as a TW 200.

The person writing the Aprilia recall must have had a thesaurus nearby: "could cause a litany of drivability concerns." My dictionary gives "a repetive series" as an alternate for litany. However you say it, sounds like it's something you should get fixed ASAP.

Transport Canada Recall # 2009064
Recall Date: 2009/03/02
Notification Type: Safety Mfr
System: Emissions
Manufacturer Recall Number:
Units Affected: 276
Model SCARABEO 200

Model Year(s) Affected: 2008, 2009

Recall Details:

On certain scooters, should the fuel tank be overfilled, or the motorcycle be tipped-over on it's side, raw fuel may be allowed to enter the hoses of the evaporative emissions system. This could cause a litany of drivability concerns including: difficulty starting, random stalling, low power, reduced top speed, float bowl overflowing, etc. Engine stalling would result in lost propulsion which, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash. Correction: Dealers will re-route emission system hoses and replace the "Hose Routing Diagram" sticker.

Transport Canada Recall # 2009066
Recall Date: 2009/03/02
Notification Type: Safety Mfr
System: Suspension
Manufacturer Recall Number: M09-045
Units Affected: 1,948
Category: Motorcycle
Model: TRAILWAY 200

Model Year(S) Affected: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

Recall Details:
On certain motorcycles, the rear shock absorber lower mounting boss could fail. Should this occur while underway, the shock assembly could detach, allowing the rear suspension to completely sag, possibly resulting in a loss of vehicle control and a crash causing personal injury or death. Correction: Dealers will replace the rear shock assembly with an updated version.


BMW Superbike readies for Losail track in Doha, Qatar

BMW are excited about their top 10 finish in Australia in the first Superbike race of the season and think they'll be very competitive this year with their newly developed S1000RR.

They're readying for the Losail track but know they'll face challenges because they have no bike data for the track.

Should be an interesting race! The Qatar race starts up on March 14th. See our previous post on the Superbike series for details on when it airs.

Press Release -

Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport head to the Losail circuit in Qatar knowing that it will be harder to get another superb top ten position than it was in the opening round of the championship in Phillip Island, Australia. In Phillip Island the team benefited from a two-day test prior to the event, but their first chance of seeing the Losail racetrack will be the first practice session on Thursday morning. The circuit in Qatar will be just the first of many tracks about which the team have no data or information from previous seasons and their task will be that much harder than that of the competitors. The first two sessions will be vital for the Troy, Ruben and the team, but hopefully the experience of the riders will help the technicians do their work smartly and provide a good platform for raceday.

Getting an eighth in Phillip Island was a fantastic result and gave us all great hope for the season. But now we are going to a track and we have no data about if for our bike and that is going to be a big disadvantage. The race weekend in Phillip Island was real eye-opener for our team and things happened during the three days that don't happen in tests, so the team gained a lot of experience. We all have to build on that but all the guys are very committed and are working hard to push this project forward as quickly as possible. Qatar will be an interesting test for us all, but we're going to give it 100% and see what happens.

I think that Phillip Island showed that our team is going to be competitor - and sooner rather than later. If I hadn't had two or three collisions in race one, I am sure I would've had a much better result and probably been able to challenge for a top ten place. But at least, I stayed on the bike and I'm happy because Troy got a great result in the first race and we managed to finish both races. Qatar is going to be harder because our bike will be racing there for the first time and so we don't have any data or telemetry to work from. We all have to be at 100% right from the start and push all the way to end, but this is a great team and who knows what may happen?

Berti Hauser (Director BMW Motorrad Motorsport)
It was great to finally start our big adventure and fantastic to get such a good result in the first race. If there hadn't been a problem in Superpole, who knows what result would've been possible? Our team have a tremendous work ethic and I am so happy because I think everybody can see that we mean business and that we are going to be a competitive force before too long.

2008 Results
Race 1: 1 Bayliss (Aus-Ducati), 2 Biaggi (I-Ducati), 3 Troy Corser (Aus-Yamaha), 4 Ruben Xaus (E-Ducati), 5 Max Neukirchner (D- Alstare Suzuki),
6 Checa (E-Honda)

Race 2: 1 Nieto (E-Suzuki), 2 Ruben Xaus, 3 Biaggi, 4 Bayliss, 5 Fabrizio
(I-Ducati), 6 Lanzi (I-Ducati), 7 Troy Corser

Comments (1)

Crazy Internet rumor drives up Harley Davidson stock

Harley-Davidson (nyse: HOG) stock took northward ride last Friday on very questionable rumors that Honda (nyse: HMC) was ready to purchase the motorcycle maker.

Shares of Harley-Davidson initially rose 6.3% but settled to a 4.2% gain, or $2.51, to $62.63 by noon trading.

Chances are quite slim that Honda would follow through with a purchase of Harley Davidson because of regulatory hurdles. It's reported that if Honda and Harley combined, the union would control 65% of the U.S. motorcycle market. The next leading competitor, would be Yamaha at a distant 16%.

The US Federal Trade Commission would almost certainly put the kibosh on that deal, seeing as its has squashed other, more mundane mergers in the past.

Analysts have been quoted as saying it doesn't seem a great fit - Harley the American icon of motorcycles and a large Japanese corporation. Brilliant deduction!

Honda-Davidson anybody?


BC RPM supermoto series events posted

British Columbia’s RPM Supermoto Championship has posted details on their motorcycle racing schedule for the 2009 season.

Supermoto is a style of racing that's part motorcross, part flat track, and part road racing on pavement and dirt. The tracks are typically a 70/30 split of pavement and dirt with motorcross-style jumps as well. Should make for some very exciting racing!

This year, in what is RPM Supermoto’s third race season, they'll visit four tracks and have nine rounds of racing.

RPM Supermoto will include races in Quesnel, Williams Lake, Agassiz Speedway and at home track in Tradex, Abbotsford.

- Round 1: Sunday, April 12 - Tradex, Abbotsford (season opener)
- Round 2: Sunday, April 26 - Agassiz Speedway (Racing alongside MX races)
- Round 3: Sunday, June 7 - Quesnel Cart Track (special prizing)
- Round 4: Sunday, June 21 - Tradex, Abbotsford (New dirt section)
- Round 5: Sunday, July 12 - Tradex, Abbotsford
- Round 6: Sunday, July 26 - Tradex Abbotsford
- Round 7: Sunday, August 9 – Thunder Mtn Speedway, Williams Lake
- Round 8: Sunday, August 30 – Tradex, Abbotsford – Canadian National Championship
- Round 9: Sunday, September 27 - Agassiz Speedway

For full details about the events check out the British Columbia Riders Promoting Motorsports Association website.


Former Canadian Open Sportbike Champ Passes

Press Release from Parts Canada Superbike Championship:

The Parts Canada Superbike Championship is saddened to report that former Canadian Open Sport Bike champion Mike Desmarais died on February 26 in Delta, B.C. He was 33 years old.

A native of North Bay, Ont., Desmarais was a factory rider with the Honda Canada team and won the 1996 national Open Sport Bike title riding a CBR600F3. He was a protégé of Michel Mercier's FAST Racing School at Shannonville Motorsport Park and was a top Canadian Amateur in 1994.

Most recently Desmarais had made appearances at Parts Canada Superbike Championship rounds with privateer Suzuki efforts.

"This is extremely sad news for the Canadian motorcycle racing community," said Colin Fraser of Professional Motorsports Productions, which runs the Parts Canada Superbike Championship. "Mike was a tremendous talent and enjoyed great success. More importantly, he was a popular competitor and very well-liked in the paddock. He leaves behind many friends in Canadian motorcycling and motorsport."

A funeral service is scheduled for St. John's Anglican Church in North Bay on Saturday, March 7 at 11:00 a.m.

Donations in Mike's memory can be made to the Toronto General Hospital Transplant Unit (checks only).

He is survived by his parents Peter Desmarais (Susan) and Linda Smith, sisters Cindy Desmarais and Jennifer Desmarais, and grandparents John and Letitia Smith, and Simone Desmarais.

To Mike's family and friends everyone associated with the Parts Canada Superbike Championship offers their most sincere condolences.



When you get tired of your stock VFR

Got a 5th generation (98-01) Honda VFR kicking around? Maybe you're getting a little bored with the stock 106 or so ponies but still love the handling, styling, and comfort of the "gentleman's express." Honda hasn't come out with the long anticipated and rumored 1000cc VFR so you're options have been limited. Until now that is...

Thanks to a Dan at A&A Performance in Pennsylvania you've now got an option. He custom fabricated a supercharger for his own VFR and was so pleased with the results and got so much attention on the VFRD discussion board website that he's packaged up a complete kit for purchase.

The kit has been dyno tested to increase horsepower over 50 percent! The dyno runs show near 160 horsepower on 93 octane pump fuel. The price of this insanity is $5495 USD + shipping.

Efforts are already afoot to produce kits for the newer 6th generation Honda, the ZX-10R, and GSX-R1000.

For full details check out the company website - A&A Performance. Here's a little quote from A&A about the kit:

"It has been 2 years in the making, but it's now official: A&A Performance proudly introduces our supercharger kit for 5th-gen VFR800s.

Utilizing a C15-60 Rotrex supercharger, this kit allows you to bolt on 50-60% more to your VFR, all while running pump gas and hiding behind your stock fairings. Only the best materials and construction methods are used to bring the kit to life, ensuring great performance for years to come.

There's quite a bit of detail in this YouTube clip. Including a dyno run so you can hear what this beast sounds like. Wow! Not cheap by any means but that's some serious performance.


Privateers Harley-Davidson® named Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer of the Year

Sounds like things are really rolling over at Privateers Harley-Davidson in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They cinched up the Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer of the Year award from Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada for the third year in a row!

Keep up the great work!

Press Release follows:

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (February 23, 2009) – Privateers Harley-Davidson® has been named Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer of the Year for the third year in a row, an unprecedented feat for any Canadian Retail Store.

The prestigious Trev Deeley Award is presented to the Retail establishment that scores the highest in a ranking system established by Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada. Each retail outlet across Canada is rated on a number of quality assurance checks including, but not limited to, sales, promotions, Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and on-the-job training, and other levels of excellence as determined by the head office.

The Deeley name has been synonymous with both Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and excellence in Canada since 1917. Today its mission is to further develop and support the most respected motorcycle network in the world. For locally owned and operated Privateers Harley-Davidson®, taking the award home from the annual conference in Washington D.C. for the third consecutive time was a real vote of confidence in the calibre of service and sales it offers its customers.

“We’re all thrilled by the recognition we’ve received, not only nationally, but in the United States as well. This award speaks of a great team here at Privateers Harley-Davidson® that works hard to keep our Customers at the centre of all we do. That it’s the third year in a row, especially in a marketplace suffering an economic downturn, makes us very proud,” says John Larson, the company’s Dealer Principal.

About Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada
Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Harley-Davidson® and Buell® motorcycles, Genuine Motor Parts and AccessoriesTM, and MotorClothes® apparel, which are provided through a national network of authorized Harley-Davidson and Buell Retailers. Office and distribution warehouse facilities are located in Richmond, British Columbia, and Concord, Ontario.


Ticket Give Away Today (March 6th) - Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show

Today - Friday March, 6th - we're giving away our third ticket to the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show being held April 4-5, 2009.

Here's how to get a free ticket. Be the 10th person (one entry per person) to email us here with the correct answer to the following question:

How many Ural's were sold in Canada in 2008?

Hint: Click the "News" page in the left sidebar, then click the "Ural" category - also in the left sidebar. The answer is in the News item posted on the top. It's really an easy one!

Good luck!


New BMW clothing mimics pine cone principle

Yes, you read it right. - Pine cones.

BMW has just come out with a new riding suit, the Streetguard 3 to replace their Streetguard 2. The Streetguard 3 features fabric that mimics the principle of a pine cone, whose scales open and close in response to heat and cold. The technology is dubbed "c_change™" and it is said to "breath" in the summer and insulate in cold weather.

Well, when put that way, it does appeal to my inner technology lover!

Not only that though, it suit also has what BMW calls the "coldblack®" feature on the outside. Coldblack® causes 80 percent of sunlight to be reflected off the black surfaces. Protecting you from heat and UV radiation - the suit also remains cool for longer even in bright sunshine, which will undoubtedly make riding with all your gear on when it's 35 degrees celsius in stop and go traffic a whole lot more bearable.

It sounds like some pretty amazing stuff. It doesn't come cheap, the Streetguard 3 will have an MSRP of $1,033.50 for the jacket and $807.50 for the pants, but it does sound like it could be "the" gear to have. Sizes and cuts specifically for men, or women, are available.

Press Release with full details follow:


Munich/Whitby. Arriving just in time for the start of the new season this spring, the Streetguard 3 suit is to replace its predecessor, the Streetguard 2, offering new safety features and improved comfort for the wearer.
The new Streetguard 3 suit is equipped with the latest safety and comfort features from Swiss textile manufacturer schoeller®, guaranteeing perfectly coordinated functions. The external material is made from a new protective fabric developed exclusively with and for BMW Motorrad - schoeller®-keproshield™. The high-strength composite fabric with Kevlar, cotton and polyamide elements resulted in an increase in durability and toughness, resistance to tearing and frictional heat of about 20 percent in comparison with its predecessor.

In order to achieve maximum comfort for the wearer, the outer material is directly bonded to an inner water- and wind-proof c_change™-membrane. Nature provided the inspiration when the designers came to develop c_change™. Mimicking the principle of a pine cone, whose scales open and close in response to heat and cold, c_change™ "breathes" in the summer and insulates in cold weather. This makes the membrane very breathable, while its air-permeability enables it to adapt to the external temperature and the body temperature of the wearer. This guarantees the perfect body temperature whatever the weather. In addition, the membrane also offers an elasticity that enables a fully elastic outer shell to be constructed, ensuring even more comfort for the wearer. Thus kitted out, the rider can withstand wind and weather, while still looking good thanks to the fashionable cut.

But that's not all: for the first time, the suit also has the so-called coldblack® feature on the outside. This causes 80 percent of sunlight to be reflected off the black surfaces. This means that the body is effectively protected from heat and UV radiation - the suit also remains cool for longer even in bright sunshine, thus palpably increasing the comfort of the wearer.

The jacket has a single special zipper to the front (riri® storm) that keeps out wind, water and UV radiation effectively without resorting to the labyrinth construction used to date. Similar water-resistant special zippers (riri®AQUAzip) can also be found on the outside pockets. The jacket also has a detachable storm collar and practical sleeve cuffs for a water-proof transition to the gloves. If conditions are particularly frosty, the removable, high-quality 3M Thinsulate lining provides optimum insulation. In addition, a high waistband with fleece lining on the inside prevents unpleasant cold drafts.

The protectors provide yet another safety element. That's why the suit now comes complete with the NP protectors developed by BMW Motorrad with optimum shock-absorbing properties. These are located on the back, shoulders and elbows and at the hips and knees (knee protectors adjustable to three different heights). An optional coccyx protector can be added. To ensure that the rider is highly visible at all times, reflective fabric has been incorporated on the front, back and on the sides of the trouser legs.

The versions for men and women differ not only in their design, but also in their cut. The Streetguard 3 suit is available in black in ladies' sizes 36-46, 72-88, or 18-22 and in men's' sizes 46-66, 98-118, or 25-32. For additional combination options, the jacket is also available in a black/gray/orange color combination in men's sizes 46-60 and ladies' sizes 36-46.

The Streetguard 3 will have an MSRP of $1,033.50 for the jacket and $807.50 for the pants.


Motorcycle Experience - Episode 4 airs this Saturday

Don't forget to tune in to the fourth installment of Motorcycle Experience this Saturday morning on TSN and TSN HD. Last week featured some great advice on how to deal with unavoidable obstacles and a test ride of KTM's big orange 990 SuperDuke.

Expect more great things this weekend. Here's a preview:

Toyota Truck presents Motorcycle Experience, March 7 at 11:30 am*

· During this show:

- Dave visits a BMW press launch of the new HP2 Sport at Shannonville Motorsports Park
- Former national 600 Sportbike Champion Clint McBain gets “all reflective” on your motorcycles mirrors
- Yamaha’s Bryan Hudgin “puts it up on the curb” during this weeks “Scooter Sense” installment
- Canadian suspension guru, John Sharrard will sample a race track prepped BMW F800S
Dave and Norm roar out to the Joshua Tree National Park during their ultimate ride in southern California

Motorcycle Experience celebrates its 20th anniversary!

For more info visit For more info visit …this season Motorcycle Experience will be giving away a brand new Yamaha BWs125 scooter! Just log onto our program website and click on the Scooter Sense “Less Is More” hot link for all the contest details and learn more about your chance to win a new set of wheels.

Episode 4 – Repeat Air Times on TSN and TSN HD

Friday, March 13 – 00:30 am*
Friday, March 13 – 13:00 pm*
Tuesday, March 17 – 04:30 am*

And don’t forget to check us out on TSN 2… Thursday March 5 at 7:00PM and Saturday March 7th at 2:30PM.

*All times eastern


Buell MSRP's as of March 1, 2009.

Deeley Harley Davidson Canada was kind enough to provide pricing information for the Buell line-up for 2009 to Canadian Motorcycle Rider. The prices represent the 2009 suggested retail pricing as of March 1, 2009.

Feel free to compare them to the prices we provided that were effective as of December 1st, 2008. Looks like there were some increases across the board.

Models covered include Blast, XB9SX - Lightning CityX, XB12R - Firebolt, XB12Scg - Lightning XB12Scg, XB12Ss - Lightning XB12Ss, XB12X - Ulysses XB12X, XB12XT - Ulysses XB12XT, 1125CR, and the 1125R.

Click the picture for a larger view.

For more details on the models that Buell has to offer check out their Canadian site.


Harley Davidson - Canadian Demo Ride schedule for 2009

We're adding the dates to the Calendar page but some may prefer to have it all in one spot. In chronological order no less!

Here's a listing of the Harley Davidson Demo Ride days clear across Canada.

April 3-4, 2009
Demo Rides at Steve Drane Harley-DavidsonVictoria, BC
April 5, 2009
Demo Rides at Trev Deeley MotorcyclesVancouver, BC
April 11, 2009
Demo Rides at Barnes Harley-Davidson / BuellLangley, BC
April 18, 2009
Demo Rides at Mountain View H-D / BuellChilliwack, BC
April 18, 2009
Demo Rides at Poole's CycleHamilton, ON
April 19, 2009
Demo Rides at Barnes H-D BuellPort Coquitlam, BC
April 19, 2009
Demo Rides at Kitchener H-DKitchener, ON
April 23, 2009
Demo Rides at Thunder Road H-DWindsor, ON
April 25, 2009
Demo Rides at Duke's H-DBlenheim, ON
April 25, 2009
Demo Rides at Kane’s H-DKelowna, BC
April 26, 2009
Demo Rides at Kamloops H-DKamloops, BC
April 26, 2009
Demo Rides at Rocky's H-DLondon, ON
April 29, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D / Buell of the KootenaysCranbrook, BC
May 1-2, 2009
Demo Rides at Calgary H-DCalgary, AB
May 1, 2009
Demo Rides at Motorsport Custom AccessoriesSarnia, ON
May 2, 2009
Demo Rides at Jacox H-DMississauga, ON
May 3, 2009
Demo Rides at Davies H-DRichmond Hill, ON
May 3, 2009
Demo Rides at Lethbridge H-DLethbridge, AB
May 7, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of Medicine HatDunmore, AB
May 9, 2009
Demo Rides at Heritage H-DEdmonton, AB
May 9, 2009
Demo Rides at Mackie H-DOshawa, ON
May 10, 2009
Demo Rides at Barrie H-DBarrie, ON
May 10, 2009
Demo Rides at Gasoline Alley H-DRed Deer, AB
May 14, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of EdmontonEdmonton, AB
May 15-16, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of TorontoToronto, ON
May 16, 2009
Demo Rides at Kane’s Motor Cycle ShopCalgary, AB
May 23, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of OttawaOttawa, ON
May 23, 2009
Demo Rides at Redline H-DSaskatoon, SK
May 24, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D de L'OutaouaisGatineau, QC
May 24, 2009
Demo Rides at Prairie MotorcycleRegina, SK
May 30, 2009
Demo Rides at Lone Star H-DWinnipeg, MB
May 30, 2009
Demo Rides at Sport BoutinValleyfield, QC
May 31, 2009
Demo Rides at Goulet MotosportsHawkesbury, ON
May 31, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D WinnipegWinnipeg, MB
June 3, 2009
Demo Rides at Thunder Bay H-DThunder Bay, ON
June 6, 2009
Demo Rides at Harley-Davidson LavalLaval, QC
June 6, 2009
Demo Rides at The ShopSudbury, ON
June 7, 2009
Demo Rides at Pete’s Sales & ServicePembroke, ON
June 7, 2009
Demo Rides at Vision H-DSaint Sauveur, QC
June 11, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D RimouskiSt. Basil, NB
June 13, 2009
Demo Rides at J.H. StewartMiramichi, NB
June 13, 2009
Demo Rides at Longley H-D PeterboroughPeterborough, ON
June 14, 2009
Demo Rides at MotoSport PlusKingston, ON
June 16, 2009
Demo Rides at Ramsay's Cycle & SportSydney, NS
June 18, 2009
Demo Rides at Privateers H-DHalifax, NS
June 19-20, 2009
Demo Rides at Ride For SightCollingwood, ON
June 20, 2009
Demo Rides at Red Rock H-DCornwall, PEI
June 21, 2009
Demo Rides at Eldrige'sFredricton, NB
June 21, 2009
Demo Rides at Fox H-D / BuellOwen Sound, ON
June 23, 2009
Demo Rides at Toys for Big BoysMoncton, NB
June 26, 2009
Demo Rides at Atelier de Mechanique PremontQuebec City, QC
June 27, 2009
Demo Rides at Moto Sport BibeauVal-d’Or, QC
June 27, 2009
Demo Rides at Motosports G.P.Victoriaville, QC
June 28, 2009
Demo Rides at Shawinigan H-DShawinigan, QC
July 2, 2009
Demo Rides at R.P.M. Moto PlusJonquière, QC
July 4-5, 2009
Demo Rides at Biker ReunionNew Liskeard, ON
July 4, 2009
Demo Rides at Hamilton & BourassaBaie-Comeau, QC
July 10, 2009
Demo Rides at Boileau Moto Service et H-DActon Vale, QC
July 11, 2009
Demo Rides at Clare’s Cycle & SportsNiagara on the Lake, ON
August 2, 2009
Demo Rides at Barrie H-DBarrie, ON
August 6, 2009
Demo Rides at MotoSport PlusKingston, ON
August 7, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of YorktonYorkton, SK
August 8, 2009
Demo Rides at Centre de MotosBrossard, QC
August 8, 2009
Demo Rides at Redline H-DSaskatoon, SK
August 9, 2009
Demo Rides at Prairie MotorcycleRegina, SK
August 9, 2009
Demo Rides at Vision H-DRepentigny, QC
August 13-15, 2009
Demo Rides at Canadian National H.O.G. RallyCalgary, AB
August 13, 2009
Demo Rides at Moto Sport BlanchetteVille de Bécancour, QC
August 14, 2009
Demo Rides at Sherbrooke H-DSherbrooke, QC
August 15, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D MontrealMontreal, QC
August 16, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D Laval / Laval BuellLaval, QC
August 16, 2009
Demo Rides at Lethbridge H-DLethbridge, AB
August 18, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D / Buell of the KootenaysCranbrook, BC
August 19, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D / Buell of the KootenaysCastlegar, BC
August 19, 2009
Demo Rides at Pete's Sales & ServicePembroke, ON
August 20, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D de L'OutaouaisGatineau, QC
August 21, 2009
Demo Rides at Kane’s H-DKelowna, BC
August 22, 2009
Demo Rides at Kamloops H-DKamloops, BC
August 22, 2009
Demo Rides at Sport BoutinValleyfield, QC
August 23, 2009
Demo Rides at Mountain View H-D / BuellChilliwack, BC
August 23, 2009
Demo Rides at Shawinigan H-DShawinigan, QC
August 26-27, 2009
Demo Rides at Steve Drane H-DVictoria, BC
August 28, 2009
Demo Rides at Barnes H-D / BuellPort Coquitlam, BC
August 29, 2009
Demo Rides at Barnes H-D / BuellLangley, BC
August 29-30, 2009
Demo Rides at Cycle CityMount Pearl, NL
August 30, 2009
Demo Rides at Trev Deeley MotorcyclesVancouver, BC
September 2-3, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of Prince GeorgePrince George, BC
September 3, 2009
Demo Rides at Privateers H-DHalifax, NS
September 5, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of SmithersSmithers, BC
September 5-6, 2009
Demo Rides at Wharf Rat RallyDigby, NS
September 9, 2009
Demo Rides at Eldridge'sSt. John, NB
September 9-10, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D Grande PrairieGrande Prairie, AB
September 10, 2009
Demo Rides at Red Rock H-DCornwall, PEI
September 11, 2009
Demo Rides at J.H. StewartMiramichi, NB
September 12, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of EdmontonEdmonton, AB
September 12, 2009
Demo Rides at Toys for Big BoysMoncton, NB
September 13, 2009
Demo Rides at Heritage H-DEdmonton, AB
September 15, 2009
Demo Rides at Redline H-D Shop LloydminsterLloydminster, AB
September 17, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of Fort McMurrayFort McMurray, AB
September 17, 2009
Demo Rides at R.P.M. Moto PlusSt. Felicien, QC
September 19, 2009
Demo Rides at Gasoline Alley H-DRed Deer, AB
September 19, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D RimouskiRimouski, QC
September 20, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of Medicine HatDunmore, AB
September 20, 2009
Demo Rides at Motosports G.P.Victoriaville, QC
September 24, 2009
Demo Rides at Atelier de Mécanique PrémontQuébec City, QC
September 25, 2009
Demo Rides at Lone Star H-DWinnipeg, MB
September 25, 2009
Demo Rides at Prémont Beauce H-D (Shop)Notre-Dame-des-Pins, QC
September 26, 2009
Demo Rides at Boileau Moto Service et H-DActon Vale, QC
September 26, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D WinnipegWinnipeg, MB
September 27, 2009
Demo Rides at Gaslight H-DMorden, MB
September 27, 2009
Demo Rides at Goulet MotosportsHawkesbury, ON
September 30, 2009
Demo Rides at Thunder Bay H-DThunder Bay, ON
October 3, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of OttawaOttawa, ON
October 3, 2009
Demo Rides at The ShopSudbury, ON
October 4, 2009
Demo Rides at Fox H-D / BuellOwen Sound, ON
October 4, 2009
Demo Rides at Longley H-D of PeterboroughPeterborough, ON
October 6, 2009
Demo Rides at Clare's Cycle & SportsNiagara on the Lake, ON
October 6, 2009
Demo Rides at Motorsport Custom AccessoriesSarnia, ON
October 9, 2009
Demo Rides at Duke’s H-DBlenheim, ON
October 10, 2009
Demo Rides at Davies H-DRichmond Hill, ON
October 10, 2009
Demo Rides at Mackie H-DOshawa, ON
October 17, 2009
Demo Rides at H-D of TorontoToronto, ON
October 17, 2009
Demo Rides at Rocky's H-DLondon, ON
October 18, 2009
Demo Rides at Jacox H-DMississauga, ON
October 18, 2009
Demo Rides at Kitchener H-DKitchener, ON
October 24, 2009
Demo Rides at Thunder Road H-DWindsor, ON


Canadian motorcycle movie - "One Week" opens Friday

We told you about "One Week" - a Canadian motorcycle movie back in late February. This is just a little reminder that the film is set to open this Friday, March 6th in 60 screens across Canada. Run time is 94 minutes.

The movie was written and directed by Michael McGowan on a budget of just over $2 million. The marketing budget was 1.2 million, most of which is a loan against future receipts.

It showcases some of Canada's fantastic scenery and musical talent (A bit of Sam Roberts and Wintersleep in the trailer alone!). All that, AND motorcycles. Tell your significant other it's a love story, or a motorcycle story - whichever one will get them to the theater!

It's the story of Ben (starting Vancouver born Joshua Jackson), who has just been told he has stage IV cancer, and has little hope of surviving. He resists going into treatment immediately and instead heads out on a cross-country motorcycle odyssey from Toronto to Tofino, B.C. on a Norton Commando.


Latest recall announcements

Transport Canada has issued a recall notice which affects motorcycles made by BMW, Suzuki and Kawasaki.


Motorcyles affected: 373 and 288

On certain motorcycles, the front brake disc fasteners installed during vehicle assembly may have been of insufficient length. As a result, the fasteners may not have received adequate tightening torque, which could eventually allow the brake disc to loosen. This could result in a loss of front brake function which, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash.

Also, on certain motorcycles, the chain sprocket fasteners may become loose which, in the worst case, could cause a loss of vehicle propulsion. Lost propulsion, in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash.


Motorcycles affected: 580 Model Years affected: 2008, 2009

On certain motorcycles, small stones or other road debris can become trapped between the brake pedal and the rear brake master cylinder actuating rod. This can prevent full release of the rear brake. Continuous activation of the rear brake while the vehicle is being operated can result in overheating, damage, rear wheel lockup, or failure of the rear brake, creating the risk of a crash resulting in injury or death.

SUZUKI GSX-R 1000K5, GSX-R 1000K6;

Motorcyles affected: 1,207

On certain motorcycles, crash forces or hazardous maneuvers such as extreme or extended wheelies or other stunts causing extreme stress to the frame can result in frame cracking or breakage behind and below the steering neck, while ordinary vehicle operation does not create a risk of such frame cracking or breakage. Suzuki believes that this issue does not constitute a "defect" within the meaning of the Motor

Vehicle Safety Act because such extreme maneuvers are far outside the ordinary and reasonable operation of the vehicles involved. However, as a precautionary measure for the sake of owners and operators, Suzuki has voluntarily decided to conduct this safety improvement campaign.

Looking for more Transport Canada recall information? Check out Transport Canada's searchable database here.


New Ducati Superbikes start to ship

Ducati has started to deliver the new 1198 S and limited edition 1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition superbikes to dealerships and according to Ducati, they should start showing up in dealer showrooms this week.

With 170 hp and 188 hp, respectively, these are some eagerly anticipated machines for those with a thick billfold and a serious need for speed.

Hopefully that doesn't mean this week for the large US shops and later for the Canadians. We'll see though.

Press Release follows:

Deliveries of the 1198 S and Limited-Edition 1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition Superbikes have commenced.

Cupertino, Calif. (3 March 2009) – Ducati North America announced today that its dealers across the country have begun delivering the highly-anticipated 2009 Superbikes - 1198 S and the limited-edition 1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition.

Ducati’s new 1198 S Superbike with the revolutionary Ducati Traction Control system boasts 170 horsepower and a class-leading 97 lb-ft. of torque. Ducati has upped its game with the Superbike family’s “S” model to a never before seen level of performance, enabling riders to experience Ducati Corse technology both on and off the track.

The limited-edition 1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition Superbike arrives in Ducati showrooms this week. Built in honor of longtime Ducati rider Troy Bayliss’ career and recent retirement; the 1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition commands attention with its impressive 188 horsepower, a 364-pound curb weight, Ohlins TTx suspension and a special Bayliss tribute paint scheme. Paying homage to a racing legend, Bayliss fans can now own one of only 150 limited-edition motorcycles being imported into North America.

For more information about the Ducati 1198 S and 1098 R Bayliss Edition Superbikes, please visit


Ticket Give Away Today - Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show

We're giving away our second ticket to the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show being held April 4-5, 2009.

Here's how to get a free ticket on Tuesday, March 3rd. Be the 10th person (one entry per person) to email us here with the correct answer to the following question:

As of March 1st, what is the MSRP of a XR 1200 with Pearl Paint?
Hint - it's posted in a News item from earlier today!

Good luck!


New Harley Davidson pricing as of March 1, 2009

Deeley Harley Davidson Canada was kind enough to provide Canadian Motorcycle Rider with a listing of the MSRP's for the 2009 line up of Harley's that we thought we'd share. The pricing was set as of March 1, 2009.

Comparing the prices to those the as-of December 1, 2008 prices we had posted. It looks like the prices have risen. You'll find pricing for the Sportsers, Dyna's, VRSC, Softail's, Touring, and the Custom Vehicle Operation units.

Click the images for a larger version:

We also got the fleet sale pricing this time round, so if you're a purchasing manager for Peace Officers, Firefighters, or Shriners you may want to check out these prices - Also effective March 1, 2009.


Buy a Brammo at Best Buy

We told you back in 2008 about the Brammo electric motorcycle. They had gotten a big investment of $10 million and one of the investors was the electronic store - Best Buy. There was some speculation that you might be able to eventually buy the Enertia at the electronic giant's retail stores. Well, turns out the speculation was true.

It'll only be in the US though, starting in May at five Best Buy stores on the West Coast. The Geek Squad gets to do some of the basic repairs in-store. You might even be able to buy some accessories for the Brammo at the store too.

It might seem unusual to go to the local Best Buy to go motorcycle shopping but the stores see tons of electronic buyers. A popular Best Buy on the West Coast can have millions of shopper visits per year. In other words, more visitors may pass through that one store than every motorcycle dealership in the US - combined!

The Best Buy hookup could be the key to success for Brammo and their Enertia electric motorcycle. It will be interesting to see what happens when May rolls around. The bike isn't cheap but lovers of electronics are accustomed to paying top dollar for cutting edge technology and to be the first one to have something. Grammo no doubt hopes this enthusiasm spreads to their slightly more upscale gadget.

The Enertia features an 18 kW, 24 hp @4500 rpm, weighs in at 280lbs, and has a seat height of 33 inches. It was no clutch and a single speed direct chain drive. MSRP will be $11,995 USD.

According to the Brammo website:

"The Enertia motorcycle is an urban commuter bike that exceeds 50 mph and 40 miles on a single 3-hour charge. At roughly $.32 a fill-up and under one-cent a mile – it is positioned to be the compelling green alternative for the new urban consumer.

With a low moment of inertia and agressive rake angle, this motorcycle handles like a dream and has an affinity for changing direction. Couple that with the smooth, efficient power delivery from the electric drivetrain, and you've got a recipe for excitement. With 100% of it’s torque available from 0 rpm, the Enertia is certainly no slouch off the line. At it’s quickest setting, the Enertia will sprint from 0 to 30 mph in 3.8 seconds!"

Another bit of interesting history behind the Brammo Enertia is its CEO and founder Craig Bramscher. Bramscher made his fortune with a tech start up called Dream Media, then started pursuing some other passions. Heard of the Ariel Atom - the four wheeled supercar? The one that does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds? He's the guy that brought it to the masses. He obtained a licence to manufacture the Ariel Atom and gained notoriety from many noted speed junkies - Jay Leno for one.

After the huge success of that machine Bramscher turned his attention to electric powered machines and felt that a motorcycle was the best choice of vehicle. Enter the Brammo Enertia. He wants it to be bigger than Ducati.  A lofty goal - even for somebody with Bramscher's history of success.

For more information about the Brammo Enertia, check out Brammo's website here.