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Sons of Anarchy to return September 8th.

After a ten month hiatus, Sons of Anarchy is coming back for an eventful second season. Season 2 will premiere TUESDAY night September 8, 2009 @ 10:00pm on FX.

This season, Jax and the club are forced to deal with the fallout from Donna’s death which brings internal tensions to an all time high. All the while, a new SAMCRO threat takes hold in the fictional town of Charming.

The League of American Nationalists, a white separatist organization headed by Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) with help from his lieutenant, AJ Weston (Henry Rollins), set up shop in Charming in an effort to force SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) out.

Set your TIVO's cause this season is sure to be entertaining.

See past posts on Sons of Anarchy HERE and HERE.


Round 5-6 Canadian Enduro Championships

Rounds 5 & 6 of the Royal Distributing Canadian Enduro Championships are fast approaching (September 12-13/09). It's sure to be a popular event for both riders and spectators. It's limited to 150 riders so pre-registering is a good idea.

You can get registration info HERE.

Here's a couple copies of the event posters in both official languages:


Demo a Zero motorcycle!

As of the end of June, Zero motorcycles (maker of electric motorcycles) has the following new dealers that have demo units on the floor now or they will very soon:

- Ottawa, ON - Gear Head Canada (
- Duncan, BC - Duncan Motorsports (
- Surrey, BC - Greater Vancouver Powersports (
- Penticton, BC - Ceder Motorsports
- Pemberton/Whistler, BC - Valley Chainsaw & Recreational Ltd
- Calgary, AB - Bow Cycle (

Check one out, then let us know about it!


Canadian Olympian - from bobsled to motorcycle

Helen Upperton, Canada's top bobsled driver and Calgary resident, is a bit of a daredevil. She likes to travel down a twisty icy track at 150 km/hr. Now she's had the chance to go a similar speed on two wheels. She bought her first motorcycle, a 1100 cc Yamaha V-Star cruiser.

An 1100cc bike is not a typical first time rider bike but Upperton isn't a typical rider either. She bought her bike after the 2006 Olympics in Turin Italy as a present to herself for her fourth-place finish.

In a recent interview with she said riding her motorcycle at 150 km/hr makes her realize just how crazy bobsledding is! There's so much going on during the bobsled run that you're not really paying attention to the speed as much, but on a motorcycle you're "out there" and more exposed to the wind.

The parents of the 29 yr old Upperton aren't said to be too thrilled about the motorcycle, her coaches haven't really said too much about it, and she's been told by several people that they think the bike is too big for her. She takes it all in stride though and plans to enjoy the off-season from her winter training and competing.

Her teammates, well they just want to go for a ride with her! They've already experienced riding with her at speed.


Lobster + Motorcycles = "Good Times" in Shediac, NB

If you're looking for something to do this Sept 17 - 20th; why not go for a ride, check out a bunch of bikes, AND eat some delicious lobster!

Wow - is it lunch time yet? That's making me hungry!

All proceeds of the Rally go to the Lions Sick Children's Fund.

This is the 6th Annual Rally and to date we have raised over $50,000.00 for the Lion's Sick Children's Fund.

The event includes a poker Run, downtown biker party, biker breakfast, harvest run, meet & greet, BBQ and live music, dealer displays, Casino night with steak or lobster supper, ladies run, Sunday family activities, burnout competitions, and lots more!

For more details check out the event website HERE.


Honda's new V4 teaser video - hear the new V4

Honda's got a new Ad that's been posted to YouTube. It doesn't give away very much but features about 5 seconds worth of V4 engine sound that's reportedly from the new V4 engine.

Check it out! You've got to wait until the very end, about the 1:22 mark, to hear the engine.


Ural - Special Canadian editions

We got word from the Canadian distributor of Ural's that they've got two special new models in their warehouse right now!

The olive drab Patrol, which is a full spec Patrol and includes all the goodies, and another very special model - a Patrol with the Ural T colors (matte black with a red pin-stripe).

Canadian customers get the full spec Patrol with it's engagable 2wd but with the color of the T-model from the US. The US "T" model is a stripped down model that removes many accessories and isn't a 2wd model.

NB - This picture is the US "T" model Ural and not the Canadian version but it'll give you an idea of the color. Looks great!

See more Ural news HERE.

UPDATE: We received a picture of the "T" colored Patrol model. Feast your eyes!


Kawasaki to move some production to Thailand

Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri Daily Online, is reporting that Kawasaki is set to shift production of medium-sized and large motorcycles to Thailand from Japan in 2010 because of cheaper labor costs.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) produced about 150,000 motorcycles at the Akashi factory and about 110,000 in Thailand during fiscal 2008 in the midst of the financial crisis.

The firm is said to plan to start producing motorcycles with engine capacities of more than 650cc (and increase output of midsize motorcycles) in Thailand, according to the sources. They'll reportedly continue to make some high-end large models at the Akashi factory but sharply cut production there.

Honda is also reportedly considering a similar shift and may move their midsize motorcycle production to Thailand.

Source - Yomiuri Daily Online via Bloomberg


Honda EVO 6 Concept - build it and they will come?

Honda's EVO 6 concept bike is a high-output naked bike sporting a boxer configuration six -cylinder 1800cc engine, not to mention that single-sided swingarm. The bike was originally shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and received plenty of positive reviews.

According to Spanish news site Solomoto it was reported that Honda was actually going to build it but latest reports are now saying that Honda have shelved it for now.

Too bad, it looks good to us.

All rumor of course but it's certainly an interesting looking design that would provide some competition to the V-Max. It's an expensive model to introduce in tough economic times though - perhaps the reason Honda won't be producing the model just yet.


Stunning Art Deco BMW R7 Prototype

Okay, I saw this bike for the first time a few months back on Bike EXIF and have wanted to post something about ever since. I've read some history of BMW and seen some of their early bikes but I'd never seen this bike before and it's amazing! BMW bikes of the 30's were works of art meets machine and engineering genius.

But after seeing the R7 prototype it makes those machines I enjoyed seeing look like ugly ducklings. Cue Hell For Leather who just recently who just found a bunch of great pictures of it and beat us to it. So credit to HFL for finding the pictures. The BMW R7 prototype motorcycle is perhaps the most beautiful motorcycle I've seen.

The R7 was produced as a prototype in 1934 and was never intended for production. The bike was found in June of 2005 after over 70 years of neglect sitting untouched in a box. It was only 70% complete and in bad condition. The battery had leaked and caused quite a bit of damage and metal corrosion.

But many hands at BMW helped restore this piece of history back to its original glory. It's now on display in the BMW museum but will also be shown on the road at classic events and rallies.

For a more detailed history of the R7 check out BM Bikes - the source of the high quality photo's.


Ural brings back Olive Drab

According to latest news brief we've received from Russia, the extremely popular military olive green palette from the 90's Urals is back by popular demand. Seems people can't get enough olive green and Ural has finally given the people what they want; engagable 2wd and military coloring.

We'll have to talk to the Canadian distributors of Ural to see if we're going to get this version in Canada but in the US it's going to come with a suggested retail price of $12,399 USD. The Patrol T has already arrived at several US dealerships and coming soon to others.

Available now at:

Adirondack Ural (Chestertown, NY)
Holopaw Corvette (St. Cloud, FL)
Triquest Motorcycles (Santa Clara, CA)
Ural of New England (Boxborough, MA)

Coming soon to:

Heindle Engineering (Eaton, OH)
ReCycle (Ralston, WY)
VT Cycles (Poland, ME)


Trail Tours - BMW Dual Sport Clinic (ON)

Trail Tours, a dirt-bike and ATV school operating in the Ganaraska forest (just 20 minutes from Peterborough), will be holding a BMW Dual Sport Clinic on August 22nd/09.

They have an arrangement with BMW whereby if you buy a BMW dual sport bike you get a free day of training. The participants are first put on the Trail Tour owned motorcycles in the morning and they're taught all the basic fundamentals, then they get on their own bikes, performing drills etc. in the afternoon.

Anyone is welcome if they own a BMW but they pay $129.

Check out Trail Tours on the web HERE.


Royal Enfield coming to Canada

India based Royal Enfield, the motorcycle division of the Eicher Group, if reportedly set to export motorcycles to some new markets this year, because of the potential for increased demand it sees abroad.

“We will export our 500cc international models to new markets such as Canada, Argentina, Russia and Israel this year,” Shaji Koshy, general manager (divisional), sales and marketing, Royal Enfield, said.

The motorbike maker already exports to several countries such as the UK, the US, Germany, and Italy among others. The firm exported 2,110 units last year and expects the number to increase by 20 per cent this year.

Royal Enfield is also planning to launch two models by year-end or early next year. They also plan to add eight more dealers to its present tally of 149 by year-end.


Martini racing Ducati 1098

Pictures and details of this hopped up Ducati 1098 S have emerged and even though this is US focused news the details are too good not to share with our Canadian audience.

Press Release follows:

Ducati North America has proudly unveiled a 170hp, 362lb two-wheeled tribute to the historic “Martini Racing” Porsches of years past.

The one of a kind Martini-Ducati was the idea of Ducati’s North American CEO and Public Relations Manager, both major fans of the Martini-Porsche competition cars of years past. The project began life as a 1098 S Superbike, and was outfitted with most of the Ducati Performance accessories catalogue. Upon completion, it was decided the bike needed a special paint scheme to accent the significant modifications performed to make it the ultimate street/track weapon. With the bike to be shown at the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races, held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Martini was a natural choice and the scheme was designed and painted right away. It has been embraced as the ultimate expression of a custom Ducati Superbike since its initial showing within the motorcycle industry.

Modifications to the Ducati 1098 S include: racing camshafts, race pistons and titanium connecting rods; all connected to a lightened crankshaft. Chassis modification includes magnesium wheels, a World Superbike racing-spec gearbox, 1/4 turn throttle for instant response, billet racing footpegs, Ohlins suspension, titanium exhaust with 70mm tubing and carbon mufflers, and numerous carbon fiber panels- all from Ducati’s own performance catalogue. As the project came together, several of Ducati’s friends and partners also took part in the celebration.

As a result of Shell’s dedication to motorsport throughout the decades in Formula One, the Le Mans Series and more recently in MotoGP and Superbike with Ducati Corse, Shell was proud to support the project.

The Martini Superbike was displayed alongside a Martini Racing Porsche 908/3 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca this past weekend in the Canepa Design pit area.

*Click pictures for larger versions.


Zero DS - Video of street and trail riding

Electric motorcycle maker Zero has a video posted on YouTube of the Zero DS, that's dual sport, in action. It's shown zipping along on the street and on a fire road. They even take it down a set of stairs.

It's strange to hear just the whirring of the engine and mechanical noises rather than an internal combustion engine. Pretty cool. It's just 37 seconds so check it out:


Cristine Sommer Simmons interviewed on RIDE!

Adrian Blake over at RIDE! is going to be interviewing three-time motorcycle hall of fame inductee Cristine Sommer Simmons, live from the 2009 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference in Keystone, Colorado.

Cris will talk about the history of women and motorcycling and her new photography book The American Motorcycle Girls: 1900-1950. Tune in on August 19 at 5pm ET.

Check out the podcast HERE .

According to the Amazon description of Summers' book:

Chris Sommer Simmons, something of an American motorcycle pioneer herself, has been collecting photographs of women motorcyclists for nearly thirty years. A long time rider, often on a Harley-Davidson, she has scoured photo collections across the country and then spend hundreds of hours researching the contents of the photographs she has found. This book is the best of her veritable treasure trove. 'Charming' is the best word to describe each and every shot. Equally, one might say 'informative' or even 'evocative' but in truth this is a hugely significant work that seeks to charm and inject the reader with nostalgia for a surely bygone era.


Custom bike builder Billy Lane sentenced

Custom bike builder Billy Lane has been sentenced to six years in prison and three years probation for his part in a Sept. 4, 2006 accident that killed Gerald Morelock.

Lane, 39, will also have his driver’s license suspended for life. Toxicology tests showed that Lane’s blood-alcohol content was 0.192 percent (more than twice the state’s legal limit of 0.08 percent) when he crossed over a double-yellow line to pass and crashed head-on into Morelock.

Morelock, a 56-year-old park ranger, was riding a small motorcycle at the time.

Lane was popularized on numerous programs on the Discovery Channel and his Choppers Ink business. He had been facing nine years in prison after he made a plea deal with prosecutors to drop a charge of DUI manslaughter in exchange for pleading guilty to vehicular homicide.

There doesn't seem to be any mention of the sentencing on the Choppers Ink website or how Lane's sentence will affect the business.


Honda's SH150i scooter hits dealerships in 1-week

We just got word from Honda that their new to Canada SH150i scooter is going to be arriving in Canadian dealerships one week from now.

The scooter is already a popular model in Europe. It features a 153 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with PGM-FI fuel injection and Honda's V-Matic automatic transmission. Easy on gas, yet powerful enough for the highway; its big 16-inch wheels contribute to the SH150i's confident handling and sure control over bumps in the road.

If you're heading to work, or the grocery store, and you've got some stuff to carry - don't worry, the SH150i has plenty of under-seat storage and a standard 35-litre top box.

MSRP $4,999

- More Honda news HERE.
- Full details on the Honda SH150i HERE.


Parts Canada Superbike - Round 6 picture slideshow

We had a fantastic time roaming around, chatting to the folks in the pits and people in attendance at the Parts Canada Superbike races at Atlantic Motorsports Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. Camera in hand I managed to get a few interesting pictures. You've got pretty amazing access to the bikes and racers at these events.

So here's a few random images from Sunday at Atlantic Motorsport Park. Hope you enjoy!


Ride to Yak Peak, and the Coquihalla Summit with Virtual Riding Television

Jeff over at Virtual Riding Television has posted a new HD quality video of a ride to Yak Peak, and the Coquihalla Summit, located between Hope and Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

Jeff made use of not one, but THREE high definition video cameras to make this video. One of which is a helmet mounted HD camera, offing a great point-of-view experience.

Be sure to check out Virtual RIding Television on the web HERE to see all their videos.


4 Buells make Top Ten in Shubie

SHUBENACADIE, Nova Scotia – Atlantic Motorsport Park. In very clement weather conditions for both Saturday and Sunday, spectators scattered around the track claiming stakes to the many different viewpoints that the Atlantic Motorsport Park has to offer. To the viewers’ glee, Steve Crevier, a veteran of the Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc. racing team, powered by BuellTM, delivered the entertainment he is renowned for, and throughout the sun-drenched weekend, amused the crowd with a myriad of wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts on his No. 14 1125R bike.

Crevier had pre-qualified for the Pirelli Superpole on Sunday morning with a time of 1.08:658 on his twelfth lap around the eleven-turn undulating track, to be ranked sixth in the limited ten-rider field. Deeley Racing/Ruthless Racing Inc., powered by Buell, teammates Dave Estok and Darren James missed the cut with Estok ranked thirteenth and James fifteenth.

In the actual Superpole, Crevier was slightly off his morning pace, recording an official run of 1.09:267, dropping him to seventh, landing him a start in the final from the inside of row two. He was right back on pace for the race, clocking in at 1.08.553, which was the fourth-fastest time of the superbikes. “Naturally, I’m disappointed,” Crevier explained post-race. “Not for myself, I got what I deserved, but for the team. My guys worked their butts off for me, as usual, and we made steady progress all weekend and they deserve to see this bike on the podium. Actually, truth be known, they deserve a win, but we’ll start off with a podium. We’ll get there!” he chirpily added after a moment of seriousness.

In the Yoshimura Pro Sportbike category, the BuellTM 1125R motorcycle was well-represented in the seventeen-rider field, with Darren James posting a qualifying time of 1.10:926, putting him in eleventh position, Dave Estok, stopping the clock at 1.10:283, placing him in ninth position, and the speedy Crevier in seventh position after recording a lap time of 1.08:997. In the eighteen-lap final, Estok maintained his starting position in ninth place while his teammates each moved up a spot, with Darren James a mere 0.221 seconds adrift of Estok in tenth position and Steve Crevier placing sixth. The very defining grumble of the collective group of BuellTM 1125R motorcycles made for an interesting show for the spectators, with all three motorcycles finishing within the top ten.

Steve Crevier of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, looked to be on his way to a podium finish in the twenty-two lap Parts Canada Superbike feature race when a low-side crash derailed his run on the exit of turn eight. Uninjured, he jumped to his feet and ran to the fallen BuellTM 1125R bike, restarted it, and rejoined the race to place an eventual sixth. “I just got in there a little hot and tucked the front end,” he explained, smiling after the race. “The Buell [bike] was running so strong, it’s a shame. Actually, I was really lucky, I wasn’t hurt anymore than I already am. I’m always hurting it seems.” He laughs again, “No, but the bike wasn’t damaged at all and other than digging up some turf, it was all good. I don’t know if I could have caught Clint [McBain], but I was sure trying.” At the time of his mishap, Crevier was running a strong fourth position after running seventh on the first lap, and then benefitted from a Kevin Lacombe (Toyota Yamaha) crash before catching and passing Andrew Nelson (Algonquin College Yamaha R1) and then doing the same with local star and Atlantic Roadracing League Champion Brian Blaauwendraat.

While looking for another means of transport to wheelie around the pits, Crevier left with one comment, “I told you I’d save the best for the last, so watch the BuellTM space in Shannonville.”

We will.

Check out for details on the season finale in Shannonville, Ontario, which will take place September 5 and 6.


Kyle Beaton demo's a Yamaha 2010 - YZ250F

Pro Racer Kyle Beaton has been riding Yamaha’s for nearly a decade and Yamaha recently had him test out their brand new 2010 model YZ250F. The bike features a new bilateral beam frame, quicker revving motor, better handling, and revised ergonomics and they wanted Beaton's impressions and see what he could do with it.  Massive air!

He was impressed!

For more information on the 2010 Yamaha YZ250F check it out on Yamaha's website HERE.


Szoke closes in on titles; crash sidelines unlucky Welsh

SHUBENACADIE, N.S. -- Jordan Szoke moved a step closer to a record fourth straight Parts Canada Superbike Championship with a runner-up finish in the penultimate round of the series at Atlantic Motorsport Park on Sunday.

The Brantford, Ont. racer led the opening lap of the 22-lap race before settling into a comfortable second place on his Canadian Kawasaki Motors Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. He now has 296 points and takes a 14-point lead in the Parts Canada Superbike standings to the final race at Shannonville Motorsport Park in Shannonville, Ont. Sept. 4-6. A race win is worth 50 points.

Szoke, who is also trying to equal the all-time record of six Canadian Superbike titles, had qualified second for the Superbike race in the Pirelli SuperPole session on Saturday. His lap at 1:06.975 missed pole position by just 0.047 secs. And he was one of only three riders to improve on his pre-qualifying time in the SuperPole run-off.

He also managed to get under the four-year-old outright motorcycle track record at AMP.

"I saw through the session how everybody wasn't really improving and I knew I could put in a good lap to get ahead," he explained. "But I didn't want to risk everything for one more point. The bike was a lot better than what we did but I wanted to keep a little in reserve and limit the chances I was taking."

The 30-year-old Szoke got the lead off the start but didn't put up too much of a fight when he gave up the top spot in turn two on the second lap.

"I wish I could have gone a little harder for the win," he said. "But this championship means so much to me. It's all I've been thinking about. Maybe I could have gone a lot harder, but I didn't want to do anything silly."

Szoke is in an almost identical situation in the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike class. A second place finish at AMP leaves him with 300 points and a 16-point edge heading to the Shannonville finale. He is trying for a fourth straight title in that division as well.

On Sunday he was third off the start on the factory Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R but grabbed second place on lap four of the 18-lap race and was able to ease clear for a safe runner-up finish.

"It was an awesome race for us and we were able to protect our points lead," he said. "After I got into second place I noticed my gap to third was getting bigger and I thought I should calm down. I have to think about the championship and I want to save some energy for the Superbike race later."

Szoke had also qualified second in the Pro Sport Bike class, just 0.387 secs. off the top spot. He was one of only two racers to top the previous class record in qualifying.

"The bike is really good," he said after the session. "Every time out it gets a little better and we're faster than we were going here last year."

While Szoke consolidated his position at the top of the table in both Pro classes, his young teammate Alex Welsh saw his Maritime weekend come to an early end when he suffered a big crash near the end of Saturday morning's Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike practice session.

The 21-year-old from Uxbridge, Ont. suffered a big highside exiting turn three on his final lap of the session. He was taken to hospital with hip and back pain, and although initial x-rays revealed no broken bones he was badly bruised and elected not to race on Sunday.

"It's frustrating because we were coming off a couple of good rounds," said last year's winner of the HJC Pro Rookie of the Year award. "Nothing appears to be broken so I'll go home, get some physio and be ready for the final round at Shannonville.

"I guess I got on the gas pretty hard coming out of the corner. The back end got loose and that was it."

Welsh had come into the AMP weekend third in the Pro Sport Bike standings and fourth in Superbike points. He lost a position in the Sport Bike class, where he has 178 points and dropped to sixth in Superbike with 145 points.


Deeley Harley-Davidson - A Solid Partnership with CANEX to be Celebrated in Calgary

TORONTO, Ontario – Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, the exclusive distributor of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in Canada, will be holding its annual Canadian National H.O.G.® Rally in the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies from August 13 to 15.

While being focused on investing in the Company’s most loyal Customer base, namely the more than 50,000 National H.O.G.® members, this event also offers a great opportunity for Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada to extend its thanks to the courageous, deployed Canadian troops.

As part of the festivities, an estimated 800 participants will kick off a formal motorcycle parade at Canada Olympic Park on Saturday, August 15. Escorted by the Calgary police, the parade will end at the recently-opened Military Museums. Befitting the location and in attendance of Brian Brake, President & CEO of the Military Museums, and several other representatives from the Military Families Fund of the Canadian Forces, a formal ceremony will be held at 11:15 am on Saturday, August 15, in which the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, Don James, will unveil a specially-customized motorcycle which will be handed over to the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services’ Gerry Mahon, President of CANEX.

“I am constantly surprised by the generosity and the altruism that our H.O.G.® members throughout the country show in their incessant efforts in fundraising and charitable events. So I will be extremely proud on our end to have the opportunity to be able to show a little corporate citizenship and unveil a motorcycle which will represent our ‘Thanks to the Troops'”, commented Don James.

In addition to the donation of this unique commemorative motorcycle to CANEX, Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada further supports the troops by offering a $500 Canadian Parts & Accessories/GM credit to any regular or reserve forces members with the purchase of a new, previously untitled motorcycle. Deeley is also giving members of the armed forces who ride an opportunity to ride longer under warranty when they return home. The extended warranty will cover the number of days they were deployed to account for the balance of the remaining warranty period.

About Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada

Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Harley-Davidson® and BuellTM motorcycles, Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories, and MotorClothes® apparel, which are provided through a national network of authorized Harley-Davidson® and BuellTM Retailers. Office and distribution warehouse facilities are located in Richmond, British Columbia, and Concord, Ontario.

About the Military Families Fund

Created in 2007 by then Chief of the Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier, the Military Families Fund is an agile and responsive means for Canadian Forces leadership to provide emergency support to military families when events related to the conditions of military service disrupt normal family life. Please visit for further information.


BMW Motorrad Summerfest rocks Mosport again

Whitby, ON - BMW Motorrad Canada’s 2009 Summerfest event welcomed its largest audience of BMW Motorrad enthusiasts on the recent July 17 – 19 weekend, held at Mosport International Raceway in conjunction with rounds 4 and 5 of the Parts Canada Superbike Championship.

With attendance doubling last year’s event, the prominent 500,000 square-foot BMW Motorrad Summerfest 2009 site on the Mosport infield was once again a feature attraction of the exciting Superbike double-header weekend, with an array of BMW displays and activities, highlighted by:

•A full display of the 2009 BMW Motorrad lineup of products, including an example of the spectacular BMW S 1000 RR Superbike (coming in 2010)
•The BMW Rider Equipment & Apparel Tent, offering great deals on a wide range of BMW Motorrad gear, prompting record sales.
•A jam-packed schedule of on-road and off-road test rides of the full range of BMW motorcycles, with 314 riders testing BMWs on the breathtaking roads around the Mosport venue, and 117 off-road enthusiasts enjoying BMW’s extensive Enduro lineup on the 30km-long snowmobile trail system woven in and around the Mosport property.
•Six BMW Motorrad Retailer kiosks offering product advise and consultation
•A very busy BMW Rider Training area offering abbreviated training courses to event goers, with expert demonstrations by BMW Retailer Moto Internationale’s Sécurité Active instructors .
•Exclusive participation in a parade-lap of the legendary Mosport track on Sunday morning for all BMW Motorrad Summerfest riders.
•Product displays including the vendors Touratech Canada, Farewell Travel – the Canadian agent for Edelweiss Bike Travel, and the BMW MOA Club.
•A Saturday night concert, with full stage, featuring Canadian music icons Sloan and Crash Parallel – the popular concert drew an enthusiastic audience of over 2500.

The BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team competed in both rounds of the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike Class on BMW HP2 Sport race bikes, with Francis Martin finishing 16th on Saturday and 13th on Sunday, and Mike Ferreira finishing, respectively, 18th and 16th on the same days.

Commenting on the weekend, BMW Motorrad Canada’s Marketing Manager, Chris Duff, said: “This year’s BMW Motorrad Summerfest was the most successful yet, and our third consecutive year has helped establish the event as a regular and much-anticipated feature of the mid-season Superbike weekend at Mosport.The BMW Motorrad Canada team is already working on plans for next year’s event, with a host of new ideas to make Summerfest 2010 even bigger and more exciting than this year.”


KTM Brennraum newsletter edition #3 hits the Internet

Now available in four languages (German, English or now Italian and French) the third edition of KTM's online Brennraum magazine has hit the Internet.

This edition is packed with interesting information that will surely lure you over to the orange way of thinking.

Some of the many interesting topics covered include;

- Technology & Maintenance | Enduro
- KTM Company History
- Travel | India,
- 990 SMR road test
- Racing
- X-Bow
- And MORE!

To see issue #3 of KTM's Brennraum click HERE.

For more KTM news click HERE.


Yamaha 2010 VMax special - warranty boost and book

If you put down a $1,000 (non-refundable) deposit on a 2010 Yamaha VMax between August 5 and 12 noon EST on November 30th, 2009 you'll get a few extras to go along with that monster torque engine.

Yamaha will throw in Yamaha Protection Plus for an additional 2 years. That extra time means you'll have total coverage 36 months when you include the standard warranty.

You'll also receive a special edition VMax development book.

MSRP for the 2010 Yamaha VMax is $22,999. Not cheap, but don't forget it comes with an arm stretching 1679cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, 65 degree V-4 engine. Approximately 200 hp and mounted to a chassis that's much upgraded from the original class breaking VMax. This one actually doesn't mind corners!

- Full details of the promotion HERE.
- More Yamaha News HERE.


Ducati cuts production and salaries

Italian motorcycle maker Ducati is cutting production and senior executives have taken a pay cut in a move prompted by the economy and declining sales. Senior execs at Ducati have taken a 10 per cent cut in their pay and will not receive any bonuses, while chief executive of Ducati Gabriele Del Torchio has reportedly taken a taken a 20 per cent pay cut.

The market for luxury goods is reportedly soft in Ducati's main markets; Italy and the US, which account for about 50% of Ducati's sales and revenues. Del Torchio doesn't expect a recovery before the spring of 2010.

Del Torchio told the Financial Times in an interview that the that the market for luxury bikes had probably shrunk by about 30 per cent in the six months to the end of June. The hardest hit market has been the US where sales were down by an estimated 50%.

Another key factor impacting sales is credit availability in their key markets. Upwards of 80% of consumers purchasing a Ducati finance it and it's getting tougher, and tougher to find financing.


CBBTrader - Free motorcycle trade-in values and classified listings

Thinking about selling a motorcycle? Sometimes it's difficult to know just what your pride and joy is worth on the market. Likewise, when you're looking to buy a used motorcycle you want to be sure you're not paying an inflated price.

Finding out the fair market value of a motorcycles used to require lots of research or maybe a paid subscription. Maybe you'd scour the Internet classifieds, browse through newspapers, check out some magazines, or ask some friends to try to figure out a ballpark number.

Well, the times they are a'changing and you can now get FREE definitive pricing information - the same source that dealers of new and used motorcycles use - from the Canadian Blue Book on's parent company is All Seasons Publications Ltd., publishers of the Canadian Blue Book. With over 65 years combined experience in the powersports industry, we want to share, educate and empower you to make informed decisions when buying or selling your powersports vehicle. You can look up Canadian Blue Book retail and trade-in values, list a vehicle for sale or browse vehicles for sale for FREE.


Jay Leno's Garage - Not just cars...

I'd hazard a guess that most people know that Jay Leno is an American stand-up comedian, television host, and huge car fanatic. What they may not know is that he's also a motorcycle guy.

When you combine Jay's love of everything with an engine and the paycheques he's earned over the years, you've got one fantastic collection of vehicles. He buys plenty of interesting bikes and also invites company representatives of the bikes he's showcasing in to talk as well. Then he posts that mini-review to his Garage website as a video. There's some advertising up front but Jay's take on things is usually pretty interesting. He's well informed too.

The garage itself is spread across two low-slung buildings and occupies about 17,000 square feet. Jay has amassed one of the world's great car collections and undoubtedly one of the world's best-equipped garages too; it's custom-built from the ground up. He's got full time staff dedicated to keeping his fleet running. Jay's not a hands off guy though and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty with some repairs.

If you've got some spare time check out Jay Leno's Garage website. Check out all the motorcycle video's posted at Jay Leno's Garage website HERE.


Parts Canada Superbike Series - Round 6 - Atlantic Motorsports Park

Brett McCormick kept his hopes of claiming his first Parts Canada Superbike Championship alive with a convincing win in round six of the series, sponsored by Pro Cycle and the Atlantic Suzuki Dealers, at Atlantic Motorsport Park on Sunday.

The Saskatoon rider led 21 of 22 laps around the 2.56km (1.6-mile), 11-turn track to take his third victory of the season aboard the Team Suzuki / Blackfoot / Picotte Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000 and gain 10 points on series leader Jordan Szoke.

Szoke placed second riding the Canadian Kawasaki Motors Kawasaki ZX-10R, 5.420 secs. behind McCormick and now has 296 points in the Parts Canada Superbike point standings to McCormick’s 282 heading into the final round at Shannonville Motorsport Park on the Labour Day weekend. A race win is worth 50 points.

“The first couple of laps were pretty exciting,” said McCormick, who took the lead from Szoke in turn two on the second lap. “I got a great start but Jordan’s was a little bit better. We used the softer compound tires and I wanted to check out early in the race and manage the gap from there.”

McCormick completed the race in 26 minutes, 13.8 seconds for an average speed of 134.818 km/h.

Clint McBain of Cochrane, Alta. finished third on the Suzuki Dealers /
Acceleration Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Truro, N.S.’s Brian Blaauwendraat placed a career high fourth riding the Pro Cycle / Atlantic Honda Dealers Honda CBR600RR.

McCormick had qualified on pole and broken the track record on Saturday but was beaten off the line by Szoke, who started alongside him on the front row. Once in the lead the 17-year-old Suzuki rider was able to open a gap to Szoke and set the race’s fastest lap, a 1:07.539 on his fourth tour.

Szoke maintained a safe second place to maintain his bid for a record fourth Parts Canada Superbike title and a record-tying sixth career national championship.

“I really think that Kawasaki gave me a great motorcycle but I had to ride a little smart and conservative today,” said the 30-year-old points leader. “I wish I could have gone a little harder for the win but this championship means so much to me. It’s all I think about.”

McBain suffered a poor start and was sixth at the end of the opening lap. But by lap two he was up to fourth and he passed Blaauwendraat for third two laps later.

“I didn’t have it for Brett today but it seemed like I kept closing in on Jordan then making little mistakes,” said McBain, who maintained third place in the Parts Canada Superbike point standings. “It’s nice to be back on the podium, especially out here.”

The 24-year-old Blaauwendraat had delighted the partisan crowd by qualifying on the front row on Saturday.

He ran as high as third in the race before being passed by McBain and then Steve Crevier, but he regained fourth when Crevier crashed his Deeley Racing Powered By Buell / Buell 1125R in turn nine on lap 15.

“Everything was great but I was getting a little tired,” he admitted. “On this track you’re working the whole time. Clint was a little far off and I knew I couldn’t catch him.”

Andrew Nelson of Kars, Ont. took fifth on the Nelson Racing Yamaha YZF-R1 and Maple Ridge, B.C.’s Crevier recovered from his fall to take sixth.

Erick Beausejour (Beausejour Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000), Martin Grande (Suzuki Sport Collette Suzuki GSX-R600), Ross Millson (RMP Motorsports Suzuki GSX-R1000) and Franklyn Dominguez (Seamont Brokerage Kawasaki ZX-10R) completed the top 10 of an attrition filled race.

Kevin Lacombe of Granby, Que. started third on the Team Toyota Yamaha / OTSFF Yamaha YZF-R1 but crashed in turn four on lap two. Four laps later the same spot claimed Jodi Christie on the Honda Powerhouse Dealers of Ontario / Roz-Gar Racing Honda CBR600RRwhile he was running a strong sixth. Neither rider was injured.

In other action at AMP, McCormick closed to within 16 points of Szoke in the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike standings with his third win of the year on his Suzuki GSX-R600. Szoke was second aboard his Kawasaki ZX-6R, 7.347 secs. behind McCormick and heads to Shannonville with 300 points to the 284 of McCormick.

Lacombe placed third on a Yamaha YZF-R6 and moved up to third in points ahead of Canadian Kawasaki Motors rider Alex Welsh of Uxbridge, Ont., who was unable to race after badly bruising his back and right hip in a Saturday practice fall.

Keene, Ont.’s Christie finished seventh aboard his Honda CBR600RR and took over the lead of the HJC Pro Rookie of the Year standings from Coaldale, Alta.’s Royce McLean, who crashed his Team Toyota Yamaha / OTSFF Yamaha YZF-R6. McLean was taken to IWK Health Centre in Halifax with an undetermined right leg injury.

Szoke is aiming for a fourth straight championship in the Pro Sport Bike class.

Cody Matechuk of Cochrane, Alta. took his fourth win in five races in Armour Bodies Amateur Sport Bike and all but clinched the title. Riding the Suzuki Dealers / Acceleration Racing Suzuki GSX-R600 Matechuk finished 2.473 secs. ahead of his closest title rival, Sebastien Tremblay on the A. Perusse Kawasaki / Kawasaki ZX-6R. He leads the Longueuil, Que. racer by 44 points, 263-219.

St-Colomban, Que.’s Raphael Archambault scored his fourth straight Suzuki SV650 National Cup victory and heads to the season finale 42 points clear of his nearest rival in the championship, Brantford, Ont.’s Rob Busby. Archambault edged Busby by 0.197 secs. for the win at AMP on Sunday.

The Honda CBR125R Challenge race saw a spectacular three-way scrap between Bodhi Edie, Karl Robitaille and Steven Nickerson. Edie took the win with a bold double draft move on the back straight and held off Robitaille and Nickerson at the line. The three were covered by 0.168 secs.

Hamilton, Ont.’s Nickerson now leads Edie, from Warman, Sask. by 26 points in the class standings, 359-333 heading to the final round.

Action from Atlantic Motorsport Park can be seen on TSN HD and TSN in a one-hour program on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 1:00 p.m. (EDT). The show will be repeated on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 4:00 a.m. (EDT). The races can also be seen in Quebec on RDS. Please check local listings for dates and times.


BMW S1000RR Superbike slideshow

We had a chance to see the BMW S1000RR up close and personal and took a few pictures. The bike we saw was the acid green metallic color but it also comes in mineral silver metallic, and thunder grey metallic.

The S1000RR is a elite supersport litre-bike with a 999cc water-cooled, DOHC, sixteen valve four-cylinder inline engine. It's brand-new from the ground up, bred for racing, developing a maximum output of 193 hp at 13,000 rpm (rev-limited to14,200 rpm) and maximum torque of 82.5 lb- ft at 9,750 rpm.

An overall weight of just 204 kg including fuel (183 kg dry weight, 206.5 kg with Race ABS) the S 1000 RR will also take its place as the lightest motorcycle equipped with ABS in the supersports category.


KYMCO & Kawasaki Form New Company

Unveiled at a ceremony on August 2nd, 2009, a new joint venture company has been formed by Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd. (KYMCO) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Established in Changzhou, China, the new company, “Changzhou Kawasaki and Kwang Yang Engine Co., Ltd. (CK&K)”, will produce general purpose gasoline engines and parts to be sold internationally for both brands.

The new joint venture company will construct an engine factory in the Changzhou National Hi-tech District which should begin production in January 2010. With an estimated capital of 5 million USD and a production capacity of approximately 200,000 units annually (with an expected increase to 1 million units annually within
5 years), we congratulate KYMCO on their new joint venture!

For further information please visit or one of the following links:



Transport Canada - latest motorcycle recalls

Not quite sure what to make of this recall of the Honda SH150i scooter - there are several hundred units affected but there's no corrective action required.

The date of the recall in the Transport Canada database is 2009/07/06, yet the SH150i hasn't hit showroom floors yet.

Honda SH150i
Transport Canada Recall # 2009195
System: Lights And Instruments
Units Affected: 324

Certain scooters do not have any horizontal headlight aim adjustment. This does not comply with the requirements of TSD 7.8.2. The handlebar mounted headlight is aimed at the time of manufacture. Correction: Since this does no pose any safety risk, no corrective action is required.


Meetup with East Coast Ducati Club

I attended a weekly meet up with the East Coast Ducati Club on Wednesday, August 5th. They meet every Wednesday in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for a coffee and (weather permitting) a ride.

The ECDC is pretty new to Atlantic Canada. The East Coast Ducati Club (ECDC) is a recognized Desmo Owners Club dedicated to providing an exciting brand enthusiast experience for Ducati owners and aficionados. Be sure to check them out if you're on the East Coast and interested in Ducati's.

There wasn't a big turnout the night I went but the folks who were there were quite friendly. Especially considering I ride a Honda! There was a 696, a pair of Hypermotards, and the big kahuna - an 1198 S. Gorgeous!


Dave Grohl likes his Harley's

There's a pretty decent video on YouTube from musician/singer/drummer front-man of Foo-Fighters Dave Grohl on YouTube. It's called "Everything Sonic" and Grohl talks about his love of Harley's. His wife - not particularly, not until he got a Steet Glide Trike.

Here's the description from YouTube:

Everything Sonic featuring Dave Grohl
A film by Danny Clinch

Family man, father, Foo Fighter front man, Dave Grohl is taking time off from the road this summer to focus on a newborn, recording new songs to be included on the forthcoming Foo Fighters Greatest Hits & probably a few other things. Doesn't sound like much of a break and yet he still finds the road in the form of two, or as you'll see, three wheels. Dave recently took an afternoon to talk about his riding history and its influence on his life & music.

Check out the above video and the rhythm Dave catches from the sound of his Road King® engine.

If you're easily offended by swearing - better not watch this one.


Szoke aims to stretch lead. Welsh looking to keep momentum.

TORONTO, Ont. - Fresh off a sweep of the doubleheader at Mosport International Raceway, Canadian Kawasaki Motors factory rider Jordan Szoke will try to extend his lead in the Parts Canada Superbike Championship point standings at round six of the series at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, N.S. this weekend.

The Brantford, Ont. rider comes into the penultimate round of the 2009 season with a 25-point lead in the standings and in an excellent position to win an unprecedented fourth straight national Superbike title and record-tying sixth career crown.

Szoke has three Superbike victories on the 2.56km (1.6-mile) AMP circuit, including one last year on the venerable Ninja ZX-10R.

"It's going to be a tough race and the other guys are all flying right now," said the 30-year-old Szoke. "I have to stay as close to the front as possible and not take any unnecessary risks. The start will be the most important thing - getting a good launch and settling in early."

Szoke also feels his excellent physical conditioning could come into play in the race over the tight and technical track.

"It can get hot and humid at ‘Shubie'," he said. "The Carousel is about the only place you have time to pull off a tear-off. The rest of the track you're giving it everything you got. It's a tough place."

Szoke also heads to Nova Scotia with a 27-point lead in his bid for a fourth straight Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike Championship with the all new Ninja ZX-6R. He has three wins this year and has qualified fastest in every race but one on the bike.

"The Sport Bike times will be really impressive," he said. "It's a pretty awesome bike and I'm pretty sure our race pace will surprise a lot of people."

Szoke's Canadian Kawasaki Motors factory team-mate Alex Welsh is riding a wave of momentum coming to AMP. The 21-year-old from Uxbridge, Ont. earned his first career national Superbike podium with a third-place finish at Mosport on his Ninja ZX-10R and is now fourth in the Parts Canada Superbike standings.

"The Superbike is coming along pretty well and I was pleased with Mosport," said the second-year Pro rider, who is in his first season on a Superbike. "I was at the shop a couple of times over the past couple of weeks talking with my crew chief Jeremy Sharrard and we've got a couple of ideas for this weekend.

"It's one of those tough races and you want the bike to be compliant. The easier the bike is to ride the better. You need it to get you through the laps consistently."

Welsh is now third in the Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike standings following two finishes on the box at Mosport, including a runner-up result behind Szoke to give the Canadian Kawasaki Motors team an impressive 1-2 with the Ninja ZX-6R.

"I can't say enough about the new bike and now we're at the point where I think I, the bike and the team deserve to be," Welsh said. "I'm looking forward to the last two rounds."

Practice at Atlantic Motorsport Park opens Friday, August 7 with qualifying scheduled for both the Parts Canada Superbike and Yoshimura Pro Sport Bike classes on Saturday August 8.

The 18-lap Pro Sport Bike race is set to launch at 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, August 9 with the 22-lap Superbike race to follow at 3:00 p.m.


Zox helmets launches YouTube Channel and Facebook Fan page

Press Release:

Zox has recently launched the YouTube channel Zox TV (

Zox will be posting videos on this YouTube channel, on their website at as well as their Facebook page at These educational videos will present the features of Zox Helmets to enthusiasts as well as provide other information on helmet safety.

Currently they've got nine video's but more will be added on a regular basis:

Episode 1: History of Zox Helmets
Episode 2: DOT, Snell and ECE Safety Standards
Episode 3: How to choose the Right Helmet
Episode 4: Zox Marketing Issues
Episode 5: Zox Full Face Helmets Line-Up
Episode 6: Zox Motocross Helmets Line-Up
Episode 7: Zox Modular/Flip-up Helmets Line-Up
Episode 8: Zox Etna Open Face Helmet
Episode 9: Interview with Pro Racer Genevieve Lesieur .

Check back often to see new episodes of Zox TV!

Zox Helmets has also created a Facebook page at You can visit our Facebook page and add Zox Helmets as your friend to receive up to date information and pictures of new helmets as well as the results of current Zox Racers. On this page you can also view the videos from Zox TV (posted in the video section of the Zox Helmets profile page). Zox Helmets also has a group page HERE whereby you can post pictures and participate in monthly contests to win a new Zox Helmet.

Details about Zox:

ZOX – Developed in 2005, Zox helmets offers the powersports industry a wide range of helmets designed with a focus on comfort, fit and style.Motorcycle, MX, Off Road, ATV, Snowmobile and Scooter enthusiasts will find the perfect helmet for their passion with Zox. DOT or SNELL 2005 approved, fiberglass and thermoplastic alloy shell constructions, various removable washable comfort fit liners as well as custom color, style and finishes provides powersports enthusiasts with a unique helmet solution. Zox – Power Ahead.


BMW quarterly report

BMW has reported their quarter end financial figures for the three months ending June 09. They're not very good in terms of automobiles with a loss of $158 million euros before tax, but the motorcycle division continues to be profitable, albeit at a significant percentage reduction from the same period last year.

Profits for the 2nd quarter in 2009 for the motorcycle division were 24 million euros before tax. That's a 54.7% reduction from the same quarter last year.

According to the report "The negative trend on international motorcycle markets continued throughout the second quarter of 2009. As a consequence, the 500cc plus motorcycles segment relevant for the BMW Group contracted sharply (by 31.9%) compared to the same period last year. In Europe, motorcycle sales were down in all markets, resulting in an overall contraction of 21% for the first half of the year."

The Canadian market appears to be bucking the trend though, July was a record motorcycle sales month. BMW Motorrad Canada set a July sales record of 220 units, up 8.37% compared to July 2008. Year-to-date, sales are up 21.8% to 1,391 units compared to the same period last year. If you're keeping track that's at least the last three months that BMW Motorrad Canada has set sales records.

More BMW news HERE.


WSB racing in the rain (video) and sliding around like a dirt tracker!

We recently came across a video of Japanese rider, Ryuichi Kiyonari racing around a very wet track that we had to share. The announcers aren't talking English, so I can only imagine what they're saying. Probably some emphatic talk about how incredible it is that Kiyonari is keeping the bike upright punctuated with incredulous expletives. Or maybe that's just me!

He's seriously motoring, and sliding around the track on his 1000cc superbike like it was a dirt tracker. Impressive to say the least:


10 seater Harley-Davidson to appear at Sturgis Rally

Steve "Doc" Hopkins has a Harley like none other. It's 24 feet long, seats 10 people and has 7 engines, some of them antiques dating back 100 years.

"It's like a rolling history of Harley Davidson's engines -- since 1909 to present," Hopkins said. "In 1909, Harley Davidson came out with the first v-twin. And that's what this bike reflects, is the first v-twin on up to through brand new twin cam."

Hopkins and nine passengers apparently started a 900-mile ride to Sturgis on Saturday. Hope there's not too many tight corners or right hand turns.


Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver Motorcycle Show date announced

It's perhaps a little early to be thinking ahead to December and the new year for some, but for others who like to plan well in advance - break out your schedule - you won't want to miss this!

Dates for the first four of seven events of the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council (MMIC) new model tour and showcase have been set. The event travels coast to coast each year, bringing riders and media their first glimpse of the new models, gear and accessories.

The Toronto Motorcycle Show marks the first of the events, followed by Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Toronto -- December 11-13th, 2009
Calgary -- January 8-10th, 2010
Edmonton -- January 15-17th, 2010
Vancouver -- January 21-24th, 2010

Keep an eye on the Canadian Motorcycle Shows website HERE.


Report on economic benefits of trail riding released

The Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) has recently issued comments about a study they completed that outlines the economic benefits of trail riding in Ontario. The study was completed with the help of our members and The Tourism Company, an independent tourism consulting company.

What did they find? Big shock here - trail riding provides a huge economic benefit in Ontario! Just how much though is something you may find interesting.

The report indicates that during 2008 there was approximately $132.4 million spent on motorcycle trail-riding activities.

That's 58.2 million of labour income from employment, approximately $288,200 of municipal tax revenues, $23.7 million of provincial tax revenues, and 27.8 million in federal tax revenues.

To read the full press release on the report as written by Jon Dinsmore - OFTR director (and details on how they arrived at these numbers) check out the link at OFTR -- HERE.

For a copy of the report click HERE. Note - It is a PDF.