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Corner Grass Racing Team unveil their 2010 Husaberg ice machine

CGRT have completed preparations for their 2010 program and are ready to launch another attack on the Alberta Endurance Ice Racing Association - Pro Open title. This year Jay McGregor and Nick Riewe will be riding a 2010 Husaberg FE570, which has been specially prepped for the brutal duty of Endurance Ice. “The 2010 Husaberg is showing to be perfectly suited for Endurance Ice racing. It’s awesome turning capability makes it very easy to ride at our limit and still conserve energy” comments Jay. CGRT begins the assault on their third Pro Open title this Sunday January 31 at Sandy Beach, Alta.

CGRT video footage from testing last week:

For 2010, the AEIRA series runs every weekend from late January through early March. Each event is 6 hours long (except for the famous Numb Bum 24 hour on Feb 13/14) and held on road course style tracks plowed into lakes around central Alberta. Typical lap lengths vary from 5-15 km per lap. This year the schedule totals 54 hours of intense racing and enduring the elements. For more race information on the races visit ; and for next day race results visit under the MX category.


Stay cool as a cucumber - with your own air conditioner!

Imagine it - you're riding to work on a hot summer day and all of the sudden - Bam! You're in a traffic jam. Rather than feeling the wind and cool breezes you're stuck in the heat - hot, stifling, heat - sweat starts to form on your brow when you remember... Hey, I've got my Entrosys air conditioner!

Yes, there really is such a product. Doubt there will be huge market for them up here in Canada but it's an interesting product. Use it if you think you can handle the ribbing you're going to get from your buddies if you do! Look's like they're offering a factory rebate of 20% if you purchase it now - before it becomes available for purchase.

It does look ultra portable, and they say you can also use it as a heater too.


Have a Konker? Ride it 'a lot' and win a spare!

Konker Motors, the BC based provider of the KSM 200 street bike is holding a contest whereby owners can win parts cash (individual prizes valued at $200 and a total of $3,200), an accessory package (valued at $1,500), or the top prize - a 2009 KSM 200 street bike.

If you don't already own a Konker - you can still get in on the contest. Non-owners can tell Konker who they think will win the race, have the most miles, and estimate the number of kilometers they ride; then they pick up $200 in Konker Parts Cash.

Maybe they can sell it at a discount to the people who actually own a Konker to put the parts on?

For more news and background on Konker and their Super Moto check out our Konker category HERE.

To go to Konker's website to check out their products and the contest visit their website HERE.


Cell phones and driving don't mix - even hands free

Okay - this seems like common sense to most people, yet you still see lots of people driving distracted. A quote from the CBC news piece (linked to at the bottom of this post) indicates that...

"Nearly half of the study participants hit something after taking a call"

Full Press Release:

On January 24th, 2010 hosted a Distracted Driving Experiment at Formula Kartways in Brampton, ON. The objective was simple enough…take drivers with various levels of experience and get them to drive while distracted. Each driver was subjected to various exercises including a slalom course, swerve & avoid as well as reaction time tests. At first participants drove without any distractions but later had to perform the same tests while talking on a cell phone (including using hands-free kits) and while texting.

With our affiliation with Toronto Police Services Traffic Service Division, Constable Hugh Smith was on hand to speak to the media and participants about road awareness and distracted driving. We also had Scott Marshall and James Kilpatrick of Young Drivers of Canada observing and gauging the results of the participants.

The results were obvious to everyone. Any distraction, including talking with a hands-free kit, seriously affected the drivers situational awareness, skill level and reaction time. One driver actually had to stop on the track to read and reply to a text message. Other drivers were observed driving more slowly so that they could engage in a text conversation or phone call. Kathy Buckworth (author of The Blackberry Diaries) had to slow her driving by 50% so that she could still negotiate the course safely, although she still hit some of the cones on the course.

Many Provinces across the country have already enacted some form of law either limiting or out-right banning the use of hand-held devices but will such laws really help? Fining someone for using their phone while driving seems rather “re-active”. What about being “pro-active”? What about adding funding and resources to educate drivers that choosing to allow in-car distractions is actually dangerous? We all have a choice. We can choose to ignore our phone and Blackberry while driving. We can choose to not apply make-up or shave on our way to work. We can choose to be safer drivers.

Driver complacency and lack of “situational awareness” is one of the most serious issues on our roads and is certainly something that can be addressed. It’s only driver awareness and advanced skills training that will make our roads a safer place. I would rather teach people to avoid collisions than fine them after the fact.

The study received some coverage on the CBC - Watch the news piece HERE.


As seen on Virtual Riding TV - Vancouver, host city to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Jeff Pennock over at Virtual Riding TV has been busy riding, filming, and editing. He has found some time to put together a video showing some great riding in Vancouver and Cypress Mountain.

The new high definition video has been posted featuring, Vancouver, host city to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games as seen from the Cypress Mountain point of interest. From there you will zoom into city center and visit the 2010 Olympic countdown clock, then back to Cypress Provincial Park to see a cruise ship passing under the Lions Gate Bridge. Then, take a virtual motorcycle ride on the Sea to Sky Highway to Porteau Cove Provincial Marine Park, British Columbia, Canada.

This video has also been posted on Tourism British Columbia's website. Great work Jeff!

You can check out the video below or on the Tourism British Columbia's website. If you like it - please consider giving Jeff's video a few stars.


PEI - it's not just about Anne of Green Gables

There's a new attraction coming to PEI in the summer of 2010 - a motorcycle rally. The rally is aptly named, the Red Island Run Motorcycle Rally, for the Island's famous red soil.

It'll be the inaugural year for the event and hopes to attract 1,000 motorcyclists and 1,500 visitors. Tourism Charlottetown is on-board and jointly announced the event with the Red Island Run organizing committee on Friday.

If the event attracts the numbers they're expecting it could provide economic impact of about $1.5 million. Hopes are that it will grow as people discover what Prince Edward Island has to offer as a tourist destination.

The weekend rally (Aug. 27-29, 2010) includes a poker run with proceeds going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of P.E.I., a motorcycle parade, entertainment, vendor village, and trade show.

The trade show will feature demo rides from various motorcycle manufacturers, including Harley Davidson, a Dyno, and other various exhibitors.

Check out the Red Island Run website for more detail as it becomes available. You can also call the Bell Aliant Festival Hotline at 1-800-955-1864.


BMW Superbike - Portimao testing (Day 1-3)

BMW Motorrad Motorsport - Superbike World Championship - Test Portimao - Day 1

Weather conditions: Overcast, partly sunny.
Temperature: Air: 17 – 21 °C, Track: 15 – 23 °C
Number of riders participating: 20 from 11 teams
Fastest lap overall: Leon Haslam (Team Suzuki Alstare) 1:42.778 min
Circuit length: 4.658 km


For the first test of the 2010 season, BMW Motorrad Motorsport brought along bikes with a new engine set-up and new swing arms. While Troy Corser (AUS) had already been able to ride the newly set-up BMW S 1000 RR during the final test of the 2009 season in Almeria, Ruben Xaus (ESP) rode the race bike for the first time today after his accident in the last race of that season. Ruben’s crew focussed on bike ergonomics and tested different handlebar and footrest positions in the morning. In the afternoon, Ruben’s crew worked on bike geometry and weight distribution. Troy’s crew worked on bike geometry and weight distribution in both sessions.

Troy Corser:

Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
Test kilometres today: 293 (63 laps)
Fastest lap free practice 1: 1:44.756 min / fastest lap free practice 2: 1:44.376 min

“Today was not too bad, although we are not exactly where we wanted to be. We tried a lot of different things on the bike today. We compared two different swing arms, and I can feel the difference. However, it is too early to say whether it is a big improvement. I think we made a step forward with the engine. Now we have to get the combination right between engine and chassis.”

Ruben Xaus:

Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
Test kilometres today: 260 (56 laps)
Fastest lap free practice 1: 1:45.034 min / Fastest lap free practice 2: 1:44.570 min

“I am pretty impressed with the progress we made over the winter. Most of the other riders tested a lot more than I did and have a lot more kilometres on the bikes. Taking that into account, I am quite satisfied. We tested a lot of different things today, and we were not totally off the pace. The bike is much more rideable with the new engine set-up. However, we still have to understand some issues. I experienced some wheelies at points round the track, which does not allow me to open the throttle fully. There we are losing time.”

What comes next:

This week’s testing in Portimao will continue until Sunday. On Saturday, both riders will test a new rear shock. On top of that Troy Corser will test a new front fork.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport - Superbike World Championship - Test Portimao - Day 2

Weather conditions: Rain in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon.
Temperature: Air: 13 – 19 °C, Track: 11 – 15 °C
Number of riders participating: 20 from 11 teams
Fastest lap overall: Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 1:49.107 min
Circuit length: 4.658 km


Rain in the morning only allowed a limited testing programme in the first free practice session today. Although the track was almost dry at the end of the afternoon session, for today Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport focussed on working on the rain set-up.

Troy Corser:

Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
Test kilometres today: 135 (29 laps)
Fastest lap free practice 1: 1:57.237 min / Fastest lap free practice 2: 1:49.606 min

“Obviously with this morning’s conditions it was quite difficult to really test anything. We tried to get a feeling for the bike in the wet. We worked on improving the feeling for the rear grip and the position of the bike. After the end of the second session I can report the bike’s balance really improved. I am not too excited, but I am happy we are closer to the front runners than we were yesterday.”

Ruben Xaus:

Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
Test kilometres today: 135 (29 laps)
Fastest lap free practice 1: 2:04.764 min / Fastest lap free practice 2: 1:51.170 min

“I have the feeling we understand the bike a lot better than yesterday. We have a couple of new components on the bike compared to last year, and yesterday there were still a lot of question marks. However, today we made some good progress.”

What comes next:
On Sunday, both Troy and Ruben will continue working on the basic set-up of the bike.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport - Superbike World Championship - Test Portimao - Day 3

Weather conditions: Overcast in the morning, sunny in the afternoon.
Temperature: Air: 15 – 20 °C, Track: 12 – 22 °C
Number of riders participating: 20 from 11 teams
Fastest lap overall: Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 1:42.270 min
Circuit length: 4.658 km


Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport today worked on the chassis set-up of Troy Corser’s (AUS) and Ruben Xaus’ (ESP) BMW S 1000 RR. Ruben crashed in the first session, but was able to return to the garage under his own steam and continued testing. Troy’s crew had no technical difficulties.

Troy Corser:

Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
Test kilometres today: 302 (65 laps)
Fastest lap free practice 1: 1:44.608 min / Fastest lap free practice 2: 1:43.931 min

“We tried a lot of new stuff today on the chassis side and compared the different tyre compounds. The lap time on the race tyres was quite ok, but we did not quite achieve what we expected with the softer tyre. We gained a lot of valuable information which is good as there is still a lot of work to do.”

Ruben Xaus:

Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
Test kilometres today: 247 (53 laps)
Fastest lap free practice 1: 1:45.810 min / Fastest lap free practice 2: 1:44.925 min

“Today was not a lucky day for me. In the morning I crashed and later I faced some technical issues we have to work on. However, the test was worth a lot. During the season, there will be a couple of days like that. We have to make the best out of it. I know what I can achieve, and the team is really motivated.”

What comes next:

Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport will head directly to Valencia. Both Troy and Ruben will test at Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo on Wednesday and Thursday.


Harley Davidson gives CVO treatment to 2010 Ultra Classic Electra Glide

(January 24, 2010) – The new 2010 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle trades the shine of chrome for a fade to black in its debut as the new, darker version of this truly exceptional Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle.

Each motorcycle is serialized from one to 999, and displays a formidable array of blacked-out components, led by the serialized CB pod insert, the gloss black Rumble collection and the low-smoked windshield. The new CVO Ultra Classic motorcycle adds leading-edge technology with a handlebar-mounted Road Tech zūmo 660 GPS Navigator and an integrated automatic lock system that now includes the ignition knob.

The CVO Ultra Classic motorcycle is powered by a black and chrome Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine and a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission, which is the largest-displacement V-Twin engine offered from the Factory by Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Besides the black powertrain, this menacing touring bike revels in all things dark with a Crimson Mist Black/Dark Slate and flame graphics base colour, and approximately 185 other unique black parts, components and accessories meticulously melded to form and function by the CVO team.

Among the main attractions on the dark road to CVO Ultra custom inspiration are the contrast chrome roulette wheels, Rumble Collection featuring nine gloss black accessories from mirrors to saddlebag latch covers, black engine and saddlebag guards, and diamond black gauge faces. All of these deeply dark features combine to make the Ultra Classic bike into an inspired motorcycle that could only come from the Harley-Davidson CVO team.

The CVO Ultra Classic motorcycle presents a lower profile up front with a 6.5-inch smoked windshield and adds premium Touring features like an anti-lock braking system (ABS), LED saddlebag lights, Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), a six-gallon fuel tank, Brembo brakes and a 160-watt CD/AM/FM/WB/ MP3 Advanced Audio System by Harman-Kardon, CB and intercom, and passenger audio with controls, cruise control, plus standard XM Radio.

The CVO Ultra Classic motorcycle is built on the innovative Touring chassis introduced by Harley-Davidson in 2009, based on a single-spar, rigid backbone frame and swingarm, specifically developed to suit the needs of long-haul touring rides. Key CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide Motorcycle Features - Screamin’ Eagle black and chrome Twin Cam 110 engine with 110 cid (1,803 cc), rubber-mounted to the frame, is rated at 115 ft. lbs. of torque at 3,750 rpm. The six-speed Cruise Drive transmission with black and chrome case features a helical-cut fifth gear.

- Developed for Harley-Davidson by Garmin, the Road Tech zūmo 660 has a new mounting position for convenient viewing by both rider and passenger with a glove-friendly touch screen, left-handed controls and a bright, UV-resistant display that is easy to read in sunlight.
- Gloss black Rumble Collection featuring rider footboard inserts and pans, passenger footboard inserts and pans, shifter pegs, brake pedal, highway pegs, mirrors, windshield trim, saddlebag latch covers and heated hand grips with end caps.
- Contrast chrome roulette wheels, 17-inch front and 16-inch rear
- Suspended, dual-control heated leather seat with new perforated printed insert
- Leather passenger backrest with adjustable lumbar support and new perforated, leather insert.
- New custom paint scheme is Crimson Mist Black/Dark Slate with flame graphics.

Production of the 2010 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle will be limited to approximately 999 units. This model has a suggested Canadian Retail price of $43,359.


Harley announces new 48

The new Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight motorcycle is a Factory custom bike in the legendary tradition of the hot rod Sportster line with the raw, elemental appeal of the Dark Custom bikes.

Riding low with a slammed suspension and featuring the classic 2.1-gallon “peanut” fuel tank, the Forty-Eight model backs up its “bulldog” appearance with the performance of its blacked-out and polished rubber-mounted Evolution 1200 cc V-Twin engine. The low solo seat, under-mounted mirrors, side-mount licence late, clean rear fender, and tall and fat front tire emphasize the Forty-Eight motorcycle’s focus on chiselled customization.

With radical attitude and straight-on style, the Forty-Eight model will not break the bank, starting at just $12,479 Canadian MSRP in Vivid Black.

“With its classic ‘bulldog shoulders’ stance, the Forty-EightT [model] strikes a distinctive look and low profile that could only come from Harley-Davidson [Motor Company],” said Ray Drea, Senior Director of Styling at Harley-Davidson. “The Forty-Eight model has a collective past-life experience and broken-in look that is raw and authentic.”

As a Harley-Davidson Dark Custom motorcycle, the Forty-Eight bike is ready to ride as a radical custom and is also primed to take on its rider’s character and personality. Dark Custom accomplices of the Forty-Eight bike include the Nightster, Iron 883, Cross Bones, Fat Bob, and Street Bob models. Check out more on Dark Custom motorcycles at

Harley-Davidson Sportster models like the Forty-Eight bike have retained an aura of rebellion since their introduction in 1957, when the foundation of custom culture was laid by hot rod gearheads hanging out on city street corners, in gritty garages, or at dusty drag strips. Sportster motorcycles became an iron canvas for many legendary choppers of that hot rod era and beyond.

Lying low from tire-to-tire, the Forty-Eight model showcases more of its black 1200 Evolution radical attitude and straight-on style V-Twin engine with polished accents and other components with a clean look, highlighted by the traditional “peanut” fuel tank, small solo seat, and lightening holes in the backbone mounting bracket.

With a smooth ride on new front fork sliders, a tall and fat front tire and slammed rear suspension, the Forty-Eight bike has more than just custom cool styling.

With Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and performance tuning with a broad torque curve, the Forty-Eight motorcycle delivers a powerfully responsive ride with smooth clutch effort. The pipes on the chrome shorty dual exhaust pound out the distinctive Harley-Davidson American V-Twin sound.

The Forty-Eight model embraces the street up front with forward foot controls, a low-profile custom handlebar, under-mounted mirrors, fork-mounted turn signals, a slammed speedometer mounting bracket, and a fork brace with lightening holes. A unique dual texture solo seat with a height of 26 inches fits the lone rider, while a passenger pillion, footpegs, and a backrest are some of the many accessories that can be added.

The black chopped rear fender with combination stop/turn/tail lights and a side-mounted licence plate help to show off the 150 mm rear tire and 16-inch Black Steel Laced wheels. The front tire also rides on a wide black wheel.

NOTE: The Canadian model actually deviates from what's written here slightly - It has a centre mounted licence plate and a centre mounted tail light.

The Forty-Eight model comes in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, and Mirage Orange Pearl colours, and with a Canadian suggested Retail price of $12,479 for black and $12,819 for pearl colours, it will be available soon at Harley-Davidson Retail locations across Canada.

Forty-Eight Features and Highlights:

- Blacked-out rubber-mounted Evolution 1200 cc V-Twin engine with polished covers

- Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)

- Steel 2.1-gallon peanut fuel tank with lightening hole mounting bracket

- One-piece, solo Sportster classic seat 26-inch seat height

- Tall and fat 130 mm Dunlop MT90 front tire

- 16-inch Black Steel Laced wheels

- Low-profile custom handlebar

- Under-mounted mirrors

- New front forks with wide triple clamps

- Chopped front fender mounted on fork brace with lightening holes

- Blacked components including air cleaner cover, clutch and brake levers and turn signals

- Chopped rear fender

- Stop-turn-tail lights

- Side-mounted licence plate

- Two-year Factory warranty

- Optional Harley-Davidson Smart Security System


Testing concludes at Portimao; Encouraging finish for Haga and Fabrizio

Portimao (Portugal), Sunday 24th January 2010 – On the third and final day of Superbike testing at the Portuguese track, the Ducati Xerox riders Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio were finally able to get properly to work having been impeded over the last two days by both the heavy rain and, for Michel, influenza.

The asphalt had completely dried out by mid-morning and lap times started to tumble with Noriyuki and Michel able to clock up a decent number of fast laps during the first of the day’s two sessions. The riders made small set-up changes and tested the three rear solutions that Pirelli provided and by lunchtime the team-mates had powered their Ducati 1198 machines to 3rd (Noriyuki) and 4th (Michel) place.

The afternoon remained dry and the final two-hour session saw Noriyuki and Michel continuing to work with various rear tyre compounds in an attempt to maximize grip, but unfortunately the softer compounds didn’t bring the results that were hoped for.

Over the three-day testing period, consistently fast performances have come mainly from the “Brit-pack”, or rather Rea, Haslam, Byrne and Crutchlow and in the final list of timings over all three days, it was those four riders ahead of Michel with the fifth fastest time and Noriyuki with the eighth. Respectable performances were also given by Ducati privateers Team Althea Racing, with Shane Byrne and Carlos Checa riding their Ducati 1198 bikes to 3rd and 11th position respectively.

Noriyuki Haga
“We got in a lot more track time today, and the weather held thankfully. This morning I had a fairly good feeling on my bike and was able to record some consistently fast laps but then in the afternoon, even though we didn’t make many changes between the sessions, I found it harder to improve. It seems like today was the day of the four cylinders! Having said this, these days were definitely useful after the long break over winter. We have worked well as a team and now we go straight on to Valencia to continue with the work.”

Michel Fabrizio
“Today wasn’t an easy day, despite the fact that the weather stayed dry. I don’t know why but I just didn’t find the right feeling. We tried three different tyres and we also changed the clutch but I couldn’t really feel the differences in riding the bike. Maybe we needed more track time in order to solve the problem. I hoped to go faster but we’re remaining positive; we’ll see if we can make further improvements at Valencia this week.”

Ernesto Marinelli – Team Manager
“In the last three days we have started the work that we will continue for a year, we have seen some changes of personnel and the team is responding well. This first test didn’t give us exactly the results we were hoping for but the long break away from the track and the difficult conditions yesterday certainly didn’t help. Now the team travels directly to Valencia where we will carry out two more days worth of important testing; it will be a hard-fought championship but we are ready to give it our all.”

TIMES - FINAL DAY – 1. Rea (Honda) 1’42.2; 2. Haslam (Suzuki) 1’42.5; 3. Byrne (Althea Racing) 1’42.8; 4. Crutchlow (Yamaha) 1’42.9; 5. Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) 1’43.1; 6. Toseland (Yamaha) 1’43.1; 7. Biaggi (Aprilia) 1’43.3; 8. Haga (Ducati Xerox) 1’43.4.


Rain affected day two of World Superbike testing at Portimao

Portimao (Portugal), Saturday 23rd January 2010 - As forecast, the first of today’s Superbike sessions was conditioned by the rain and, although many of the riders took to the track, Ducati Xerox men Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio took the decision, together with their technicians, to sit the session out. Both riders already know their Ducati 1198 machines well, and understand how they behave on a wet track, for which the morning’s conditions were not deemed to be useful.

By the early afternoon the asphalt had tried out somewhat but only in parts, the mixed conditions meaning that very few of the riders were able to improve on times set in the wet this morning. Noriyuki and Michel were nevertheless able to continue with the planned work, with Noriyuki concentrating on testing tyres and Michel testing the clutch. Times only began to drop in the final minutes once the track had begun to dry and, at the end of today’s action, Noriyuki had registered the sixth fastest time and Michel the fourteenth, having only made one fast lap.

Noriyuki Haga

“The weather impeded us today. In the morning we didn’t ride as it was too wet and then in the afternoon, even though it had stopped raining, some sections of the track remained wet meaning we couldn’t make any fast laps. With regard to what we tested, to be honest we were just working with different tyres today; there’s still work to do so we hope it stays dry tomorrow.”

Michel Fabrizio

“Physically I feel a lot better than I did yesterday but we decided to not go out this morning as it was just raining too hard. In the afternoon the track was still wet of course but at least it had stopped raining allowing us to get back to work. Today we spent time testing a new clutch, and we saw some positive results in the end; just that, in concentrating on that, we then didn’t have enough time left at the end to get some fast laps in.”

TIMES - DAY 2 – Rea (Honda) 1m49.1s; Haslam (Suzuki) 1m49.3s; Corser (BMW) 1m49.6s; Crutchlow (Yamaha) 1m50.1s; Sykes (Kawasaki) 1m50.6s; Haga (Ducati Xerox) 1m51.1s; Xaus (BMW) 1m51.1s; Guintoli (Suzuki) 1m51.2s….. Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) 1m55.0s


Ducati Xerox Team's 2010 World Superbike Campaign gets underway with testing at Portimao

Portimao (Portugal), Friday 22nd January 2010 -

The 2010 World Superbike season officially got underway today with the start of a three-day test session at Portimao. Most of the riders signed up for the new season were present at the Portuguese circuit, and the Ducati Xerox team and riders Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio were very enthusiastic about getting back on board their Ducati 1198 machines after the winter break. The squad, at the track in its new formation for the first time, were equally eager to get back to work.

In the morning, and in ambient conditions (air temperature of 17°C, track 21°C), both Nori and Michel were straight out on track and, working with last year’s post-race test settings as a starting point, made constant improvements during the two-hour session. Unfortunately for Michel, a virus that had already made its presence felt in the last couple of days took hold and he was taken sick towards the end.

In the early afternoon, Michel felt well enough to go back on track but the undulating track surface only exasperated his nausea and so the team was unable to complete all of what was planned for today, cutting Michel’s afternoon session slightly short in the hope that he will have chance to recuperate before tomorrow. Noriyuki meanwhile had a very productive day and worked with his team to improve settings, both suspension and mapping, concluding today’s testing with the seventh fastest time overall, with Michel just behind him in eighth.

Noriyuki Haga
“We have made a positive start today and I’m definitely feeling better than I did the last time I was here! We have made various modifications to suspension and mapping settings throughout the day and we will continue to work on those areas tomorrow. Rain is forecast for tomorrow I think so we will see how that affects things. I’m getting on very well with my “new look” team and feel very much at ease; it’s very easy to communicate with Luca, my race engineer. So I am feeling fairly confident and hope we can move forward over the weekend.”

Michel Fabrizio
“It’s a shame I don’t feel totally in shape today but there’s nothing we can do about it. I did my best throughout this morning and managed to make some improvement, but I just felt more and more sick during the afternoon, this is a particularly undulating track which doesn’t help matters. Anyway the Clinica Mobile are helping me, and I hope to be in better shape tomorrow in order to have two much more productive days tomorrow and Sunday.”

TIMES - DAY 1 – Haslam (Suzuki) 1m42.7s; Crutchlow (Yamaha) 1m42.9s; Rea (Honda) 1m43.0s; Biaggi (Aprilia) 1m43.3s; Toseland (Yamaha) 1m43.5s; Haga (Ducati Xerox) 1m43.5; Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) 1m43.7s


Stunning high-resolution Dakar photo's

Who doesn't love pictures of motorcycles?

We certainly do - and we're always looking for new pictures to enhance the desktop of our computers! If you're the same you may want to check out to view the galleries of stunning Dakar photo's.

This year was the 31st running of the event and the second time in South America - rumor has it the race may move back across the pond. It's apparently very expensive for the Europeans to ship their bikes across the Atlantic Ocean to get to South America so there's a business motivation there.

Photo credit to: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images


Turn 2 features new super lap TT series at the Canadian Motorsports Expo

CALABOGIE, Ontario - January 20, 2010. Turn 2 Sportbike School will be featuring their all-new club level Turn 2 Moto Club Super Lap TT Series, presented by Kahuna Powersports, at the fourth annual Canadian Motorsports Expo (CME), being held at Toronto's International Centre on January 22 - 24, 2010.

Based at Calabogie Motorsports Park, the Turn 2 Moto Club Super Lap TT Series adds another exciting element to Turn 2's existing Controlled Riding Group (CRG) program. Participants will focus on refining new skills and practicing good sportsmanship within a true club atmosphere. The series consists of 22 eligible events for the 2010 season.

To compete in this series, riders must be Turn 2 Moto Club members and be enrolled in any one of Turn 2's CRG track groups. Full details are available HERE:

"We're very proud to represent Calabogie Motorsports Park at this year's Canadian Motorsports Expo," says George Budacki, owner of Turn 2 Sportbike School. "This is our second year operating out of this world-class facility and we'll have some exciting news in the coming weeks about a few things we have in the works at Calabogie."

More than just a tradeshow, the CME is Canada's ultimate racing show that features a wide range competition vehicles and includes appearances by many racing celebrities, including Canada's first family of motorcycle road racing - Miguel, Mario and Yvon Duhamel - plus NASCAR star Matt Kenseth, 'The Thrill from West Hill', IndyCar champion Paul Tracy and Canadian Le Mans 24-Hour winner Ron Fellows.

Watch for a special appearance at the Turn 2 Sportbike School Booth Saturday night by one of the hottest new talents in Canadian motorcycle road racing - Alex Welsh - courtesy of the Competition Systems Kawasaki Race Team.

Turn 2 Canadian Motorsports Expo Specials include:

1.First 10 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) sign-ups of each day receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership. Limited Offer: 10 per day only.

2.Purchase 1 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) Course with a Bike Rental at regular price and receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership, free RFID Timing, free Riding Gear Rental, free Class Photo and a free Premium Lunch. Limited Offer: 20 per day only.

3.Purchase 1 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) Course and 1 CRG Day with a Bike Rental for both days (scheduled back-to-back) at regular price and receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club

Membership, free RFID Timing, free Riding Gear rental, free Class Photo, free Premium Lunch and a 50% discount off second day bike rental fee. Limited Offer: 20 per day only.
For details, visit Turn 2 online at, and at the Canadian Motorsports Expo ( Turn 2 Sportbike School Booth. A complete schedule of events is also available at


Ural new model enhancements

Here's the details - straight from Ural about the enhancements they've made for new models:

1. Engine Updates - unforgivingly-tested and brutally challenged by famous English adventuress Lois Pryce and her no less famous husband and adventurer Austin Vince's cross country trip last summer. (We asked them to go full throttle on it)

1.1. Rocker arms with needle bearings. The new rocker arms use needle bearings - the design similar to most modern bikes. This reduces friction between rocker arm and rocker arm shaft improving valve train efficiency and longevity. This also increases horsepower and fuel economy.

1.2. Centering bushing between cylinder and cylinder head. 2010 heads utilize an improved alignment bushing to help center the cylinder and the head. This will increase longevity of the push rods.

1.3. Camshaft with rear needle bearing.The standard rear brass bushing has been replaced with a new needle bearing. Reduced friction increases horsepower and fuel economy while providing better performance at higher RPM.

1.4. Machined (smoothed) intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder head. By flowing the intake and exhaust ports the heads can more efficiently move fuel at higher RPM's and increased horsepower.

1.5. Redesigned alternator adapter. The new design of the alternator adaptor provides better oiling to the seal preventing premature failure while also preventing bearings from overheating and failing.

2. Transmission

New polymer material instead of rubber for flexible U-joint. The strength and durability of the coupler is increased due to using new polymers in place of the original rubber. The new coupler is 40% stronger and can sustain heavy loads with minimum distortion.

3. Sidecar frame

Flexible front prop (same as rear prop) - offers more options for sidecar alignment. You now have the ability to adjust the sidecar alignment at both mounting points on the frame. This allows you to set sidecar angle, ride height, and toe-in adjustments more easily.

4. Replacement of the chromed parts

Complete exhaust system, handlebar, rear and front fender clips, passenger grab handles, sidecar bumper, turn signal steams, push road covers are now made from 304 grade stainless steel.Stainless steel is stronger and more durable than chromed steel and will not rust.
Small parts formerly chrome plated are now covered with polished hard chrome or powder painted.

5. Wheels: Aluminum rims

Aluminum 19" rims are installing on Patrol and Tourist models starting container 195 (shipped 12/31/2009). Rims made from 7050 aluminum alloy and have reinforced central channel. These rims are manufactured to higher tolerances and utilize a specific design for sidecar applications.

6. Retro Marzocchi Front Forks 42mm telescopic forks and low front fender for Retro.

Oversized front forks provide a more stable ride and better control with a sidecar. The 42mm forks have less side deflection and twist than the original 36mm forks and use better oil and dust seals.

7. Powder painted body parts (gas tank, fenders, sidecar body, side panels etc.) for Tourist-T and Gear-Up (main color) models.


Ural puts an end to some Internet rumors

Apparently, there have been some very recent Internet rumors that Ural would be shutting down as of March 1st. So today (Jan. 20th), the folks at Ural sent out a message that the rumor is untrue.

There was also a rumor that the shutdown was because of a multi-million dollar tax debt. Also untrue - Ural does have a tax debt, but it's certainly not a multi-million dollar one!

Here's the details direct from the people at Ural:

Now the official clarification, from the horse's mouth:

1. PK IMZ has tax debt. As of November 1, 2009 the amount was 10.5 mln rubles ($350K). This debt accumulated at the end of 2008-beginning of 2009, during the peak of the crisis when the factory stopped building bikes due to the drop in demand.

2. As of today, January 20, 2010 PK IMZ tax debt is 7.9 mln rubles ($280K). IMZ is negotiating with the regional government authorities on obtaining a payment plan for this remaining amount. The reason and purpose for negotiations is to keep the lined up reserve $$ for more useful projects including R&D rather than paying out the tax debt at once.

3. Today, January 20, the newly elected Governor of Sverdlovsk region is paying a visit to the factory and during the meeting with factory management they will be discussing this question. Another issue that will be discussed with the Governor - is providing the factory with a way to import foreign components under temporary importation terms. This would allow the factory not having to pay enormous import duties and taxes for goods that upon assembly of motorcycles immediately get exported. Unfortunately, current customs regulation is not manufacturer friendly (duty runs up to 15-20% on imported components, non-refundable) which forces IMZ management to look at and consider options of moving the assembly outside of Russia.

In conclusion - the factory is working and very busy, motorcycles are being built every day to catch up with the demand that's again running ahead of supply. If everything continues as well, this year we plan to get back to the production level of CY 2008.


Don Hatton - Returns from the Dakar Rally

Duncan BC's own Don Hatton will be arriving at Victoria airport 11:45 Thursday January 21 from his adventure in the 210 Dakar Rally in Argentina. He welcomes media and fans to greet him there if available. 

Don's KTM race bike is being shipped back to England via France to be prepared for the balance of the Rally Raid race season. Although Don was unable to complete the grueling Dakar race this year he is excited to compete in more FIA World Cup events with the next one scheduled in Abu Dhabi. 

Don and the Rally Raid Canada Team will also be at the 2010 Vancouver Motorcycle Show Saturday January 23 and Sunday January 24 at the Tradex – Trade and Exhibition Center in Abbotsford. Look for them at the “Kimpex” booth. 

For more information and photos check out Destination Dakar


Shane Watts to race in the West and have more school dates

DMX recently had the opportunity to interview Shane Watts - an off-road riding whiz and very winning rider. He's going to be doing some racing in the Canadian Enduro Championship series and is signed up for the Alberta rounds.

His off-road riding school sessions are increasing in popularity in the US and he's still offering some dates in Canada; operating out of the Ganaraska forrest in Ontario.

Press Release:

Shane Watts is a legend. He’s won the overall at the ISDE on a 125. He has an AMA GNCC title and once holeshot a WORCS race on a 200 two-stroke against a gate full of 450Fs. He has an FIM World Enduro Championship title and an Australian National Motocross title. Yes, the man from OZ has done it all. I’ve met Watts a couple times, the latest one a couple years ago when I coerced Derek Schuster into racing the Unadilla GNCC. We were pitted beside him, and he was patient enough to put up with our barrage of stupid questions and chronic tool and zip-tie mooching.

The funny, friendly rider has busted himself up over the years but kept bouncing back. His last crash was serious though, and his fans feared he was down for the count. Then news trickled in that Watts had signed up to race the two Alberta rounds of the 2010 Royal Distributing/Parts Canada Canadian Enduro Championship. I caught up with Watts for a phone interview while he was driving down I-95 on his way to Florida to discuss the Canadian races and his DirtWise riding schools.

DMX: Shane, first things first. How are you doing?
Shane Watts: Everything is going good Dan, I’m just trying to get better. These things take time, but I’m riding again and it feels good. With more time on the bike and some more rehab it will keep getting better. My back will never be like what it used to be, sort of like the rest of my body…we all have our permanent injuries. You just deal with them and move on.

If you don’t mind me asking, how exactly did you get hurt?
It was just a small, dumb crash. It was a small drop-off and the engine stalled on me. I was only going five miles an hour and the front end dropped straight down into a three- metre deep creek bed and I went straight over the handlebars. The bike drilled me in the back and broke five vertebrae. They ended up fusing six of them together, making them rock solid in somewhat the right position. I went and saw the doctor the other day and he gave me the green light, so I’m good to go.

It’s awful to say this and it’s terrible you got hurt, but you were lucky…
Ya, it could have been way worse…but then again it didn’t have to be that bad!

So lets talk about Canada. You signed up to race the Alberta CEC rounds?
It looks now like I will be racing both the Alberta and British Columbia Canadian Enduro rounds. I’ll be doing the Saturday and Sunday races in each Province plus teaching my DirtWise schools on Thursday and Friday. It should be a good time.

That’s great news. Hey, in between races Guy Perrett invited me for a trail ride. You in?
For sure! Yeah, I plan on doing some trail riding during the week in between the races and my schools. I don’t plan on sitting beside a lake and fishing, I’m going up there to go trail riding! I’ve been in Kamloops before with Guy Perrett and it was just sensational. So I’m really looking forward to going back there. I’ve heard about Alberta too, so I am really exciting about not only doing my schools and racing there but taking the time to do some awesome singletrack riding.

Before I forget, I shot you an email this morning about the Xtinction Extreme Enduro in Alberta this August…
I heard something about that, but with all the schools my schedule is so full. Pretty much every day of 2010 I have accounted for.

How have your DirtWise schools been going?
The schools are going ballistic here in America! There are 50 States and only 52 weeks in a year. I have to make sure I put my schools in the right spots, especially when I am doing a few up in Canada as well. The demand is huge…I wish there were two or three of me! I’ve been doing the schools up in the Ganaraska forest North of Toronto for the last couple years and it’s always a really good time. There is great terrain up there and it’s always nice to hang out and meet everyone.

Will you be racing any GNCCs in the ‘States this season?
I’ll be doing the first two GNCCs, but they will basically be the last two that I do. I’ve moved on now and schools are my focus. I’ll be riding some AMA National Enduros and those Canadian ones out West, but I just don’t have time to train enough to be at the top level to race the GNCC series and run my schools The GNCCs I ride will just be for fun with my friends and that’s it.

We’ll look forward to seeing you in Canada this summer. But in the meantime, be careful man!
No worries Dan, Take care and I’ll see ya in a couple months.


Buell Motorcycles - Factory Liquidation sale! Everything must go!

Looks like the final nail is being placed in the coffin of Buell Motorcycle; they've announced that a liquidator is going to be selling off all 'stuff' at the Buell factory. That includes office equipment, tools, tool boxes, bikes (some aren't even Buell's! - like a KTM Dakar, and a Triumph Speed Triple), transport trucks, bike haulers, and trailers.

The sale is going to be taking place from January 28th to February 28th at 2815 Buell Drive, East Troy, WI and will run every day until everything is gone. According to the Press Release:
"Regardless of cost or loss, millions of dollars worth of equipment and tools will be sold directly on the factory floor. The Liquidation firm will be selling at enormous discounts, right from the start."
Road trip anyone?

Looks like there's going to be some great deals to be had! To see pictures of the inventory check out the Liquid Asset Partners LLC website HERE.

Full Press Release below:

East Troy, WI - based Buell Motorcycles, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, has ceased manufacturing and starts it's liquidation sale this January 28th. Grand Rapids, Michigan - based Liquid Asset Partners will run a liquidation sale for a period of 30 days to maximize the sale of vehicles & factory equipment from the State-of-the-Art facility. The liquidation event will be a historic chance for Motorcycle riders and fans to buy a piece of history and see the inside of the factory for the last time.

The Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, has ceased manufacturing motorcycles. On January 28th, 2010 Liquid Asset Partners, a Michigan liquidation firm, will begin the liquidation sale of vehicles and factory equipment from the State-of-the-Art facility. Over the past 26 years Buell has manufactured over 130,000 motorcycles and created avid fans worldwide. The liquidation sale will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Buell riders and fans to view the inside of the factory and purchase the equipment used to make the high tech sportbikes.

"Buell had a great run as a quality American motorcycle with fans worldwide." says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. "Buell spared no expense in making their beautiful bikes and in purchasing the factory equipment. There is a tremendous interest in the equipment and vehicles left in the factory and there are so many tools nobody will go home empty handed!"

The liquidation sale will start January 28th and run everyday for 30 days until everything is sold. Regardless of cost or loss, millions of dollars worth of equipment and tools will be sold directly on the factory floor. The Liquidation firm will be selling at enormous discounts, right from the start. Customers can buy tools for their garage, computers for their offices, and motorcycle specific equipment for making and testing their bikes.

"This factory was a state of the art, small scale factory. It's the type of facility that many tools and items will be of great interest to the home mechanic and motorcycle fanatic." says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. " To make the sale successful we are prepared to deeply discount the inventory and sell everything in one month! It's stacked high and we're selling it cheap. The public won't want to miss these deals".

The liquidation sale starts January 28th at the Buell Factory at 2815 Buell Dr, East Troy, WI. It is open to the public everyday until everything is sold. Hours of operation are 10am till 7pm Monday thru Saturday and 12noon to 5pm on Sunday. Buyers may view photos and inventory online at

Press Release Contact: Bill Melvin Jr. 616.719.5917 or email


Montrealer - Patrick Trahan finishes the Dakar

Montrealer Patrick Trahan has just joined an elite group of only six Canadians who've completed the Dakar Rally!

Lawrence Hacking, Guy Giroux, Eric Dubeau, Sean Price, and Bob Bergman being the others. Trahan finished 55th out of 88 finishers - 176 motorcyclists were on the competitors list at the start of the race. The 2010 running was Trahan's third attempt at it and the 31st running of the event.

The race is said to be one of the biggest challenges in motorsports - being on par with climbing Everest. It's a bit hard to make a comparison like that but covering some 9,000 km's, with the majority of that off-road, through rocks, sand dunes, difficult terrain, and sweltering heat over fourteen days it's very clear this race is among the toughest out there.

Trahan rode with Team Honda Europe and collected a lot of the $80,000 needed for him to compete in the Dakar this year. A big investment. There's no prize money for competing; just the glory that comes with having competed.

There were definitely some highs and lows during the race for Trahan. A low, or maybe a high, depending on your perspective would be surviving a crash at 120 km/hr with only bruises and some bike damage - he was able to continue on to finish the race! He decided to slow it down a little after that though.

For more details on Trahan's race from a personal perspective you may want to check out his personal Blog - DakarTrahan

Photo - courtesy Team Honda Europe


Buy a Ninja - get a track day!

CALABOGIE, Ontario - January 14, 2010. Turn 2 Sportbike School is proud to announce their participation in a new National promotion with Canadian Kawasaki Motors. With the purchase of an eligible Ninja model new riders will receive a 'FULL DAY' TURN 2 GIFT CERTIFICATE allowing them to explore the potential of their new Ninja in a safe, controlled track environment at the Turn 2 Sportbike School at Calabogie Motorsports Park.

The KAWASAKI TURN 2 "Full Day" Gift Certificate has a retail value of up to $400 and provides professional training for all skill levels. This promotion is effective December 11, 2009 to May 31 2010 with the purchase of an eligible model.

Eligible models for this promotion include:

Visit your local Kawasaki dealer, or for complete details. Additional information on this promotion is also available at the Turn 2 Sportbike School booth at this weekend's 2010 North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW. "The Big One by the Airport" is North America's largest and most comprehensive motorcycle show and has something for every type of rider in its seven themed halls housing all aspects of motorcycling. The North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW runs from January 15 - 17, 2010.

Turn 2 SUPERSHOW Specials Include:

  1. First 10 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) sign-ups of each day receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership. Limited Offer. 10 per day only.

  2. Purchase 1 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) Course with a Bike Rental at regular price and receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership, free RFID Timing, free Riding Gear Rental, free Class Photo and a free Premium Lunch. Limited Offer. 20 per day only.

  3. Purchase 1 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) Course and 1 CRG Day with a Bike Rental for both days (scheduled back-to-back) at regular price and receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership, free RFID Timing, free Riding Gear rental, free Class Photo, free Premium Lunch and a 50% discount off second day bike rental fee. Limited Offer. 20 per day only.

For complete details, visit Turn 2 online at, and at the 2010 North American International Motorcycle Supershow( Turn 2 Sportbike School Booth. A complete schedule of events is also available at


World Enduro Canada continues expansion for 2010

World Enduro Canada is very pleased to announce the continued expansion of the MCC in off-road racing in Canada with the WEC - CMRC Ontario Cross Country Championships. 2009 was a year where WEC focused their efforts on the Royal Distributing Canadian Enduro Championship and the Wiesner Insurance Canadian Trials Championship. 2010 will see World Enduro Canada broaden their scope of competition disciplines.

“Even though our attention was sharply focused on the disciplines of Enduro and Trials, we were working for the past year in the background with race organizers and land owners to create a Cross Country series in Ontario for 2010” says Sean Wiesner of World Enduro Canada.

“Ontario, as we know, has a long history of off-road racing and has hosted some very good events over the years and we have seen some talented riders emerge. The fact is; there is a much greater depth of talent in Quebec and in the West than what currently exists here in Ontario. It is our full intention of promoting Cross Country racing in this province to a level that will attract new riders to the sport and motivate those good riders we have to a level of excellence where they can compete at a National and International level. We will be working with some highly motivated new event organizers with new venues. You will also see Cross Country racing at some National level Motocross facilities. I am also very happy to say we will be working alongside some very experienced Ontario Clubs. It’s going to be a great year for Ontario racers.”

This new series promoted by WEC, will be sanctioned by the Canadian Motorsports Racing Club who also sanction the premier Motocross Series in Canada. The partnership with the CMRC demonstrates the co operative nature of the MCC Competition Working Group and exemplifies the unification that is happening within Canadian motorcycle competition.

Through our partnership with the CMRC, WEC is looking forward to attracting many of the talented motocross racers in Ontario to test themselves on these courses that will combine MX tracks with woods and grass track sections.

To compete in the series a World Enduro Canada competition license will be required. They will be available online for $70 at . CMRC Motocross licenses will also be accepted so these riders will not need a separate license to try out Cross County racing. In addition, off-road riders looking to try out CMRC Motocross need only to upgrade their WEC off-road license to a full CMRC license for an additional $50.

Sponsors for the series and various rounds will be announced prior to the beginning of the race season.
Spring Series
May 30 Port Colborne

June 5 Mansfield 

June 13 Burnt River 

June 20 Parry Sound 

June 27 Vienna 

July 11 Moorefield

Fall Series
Aug 22 Wingham 

August 29 St Thomas 

September 26 Gopher Dunes 

October 3 Walton 

October 10 Orillia 

October 17 Wheatly

Detailed event information will be available soon at:


Want to learn how to use your GPS better?

If you said yes, well then you've got another reason to attend the North American International Motorcycle SuperShow.

Daily GPS Seminars are going to be offered to SuperShow attendees who want to learn more about navigating and planning rides using GPS technology.

Taking place in the Corduroy Enduro Riders’ booth in Hall 4 and hosted by experts Warren Thaxter and Kevin Burnett, the illustrated seminars will be followed by a question and answer session.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about using GPS specifically for motorcycle riding (on-road and off-road). Scheduled times are 3pm on Friday, 4pm on Saturday, and 3pm on Sunday. Seating is limited so please check in at the booth early.

The International Motorcycle SuperShow opens this Friday January 15th at 10am - 10pm, Saturday 10am - 10pm and Sunday 10am - 6pm, at the International Centre on Airport Road.


Joe Rocket attending North American International Motorcycle Supershow

Joe Rocket Canada is going huge for the 2010 North American Supershow.

They're bringing out 2 of the motorcycle industries biggest names, Kane "INSANE" Friesen and 8-time AMA dragbike champion Rickey Gadson for the entire weekend.

The show is being held at the International Centre in Toronto ("Big One by the Airport") January 15 - 17, 2010.

For full details check out the SuperShow Events website HERE.


Extreme Hard Enduro event scheduled in Alberta - summer 2010

Canada's first Extreme Hard Enduro is scheduled to take place this summer (2010) in Patricia, Alberta.

Event organizers are hoping to attract not only Canada's best, but some top notch riders from around the globe.

More details come by way of the Press Release:

Travel back 245 million years to when Dinosaurs ruled the earth. Imagine a land so desolate, where vegetation has been cooked by the baking sun, where flat land has been eroded into jagged ravines, where dirt has been petrified into rock… Not even the magnificent
Dinosaur could survive this place!

Now for the first time in Canadian history, a premier ‘Extreme Hard Enduro’ event will be staged in the ‘Badlands’ where the Dinosaur species came to rest… This event will test the desire of the modern day Off-Road motorcycle enthusiast and present those brave enough a chance to beat XTINCTION!!!

CGRT founder and Xtinction mastermind Lee Fryberger has been working diligently to make this event a reality. “This is my backyard ~ yes it is rugged ~ but it will offer an incredible riding experience for those brave enough to try. With the advent of ‘Extreme Hard Enduro’ events in recent years; as well as CGRT’s involvement in many of these events; I really wanted to combine our experiences and bring this type of event back to North America.”

“We have recently secured access to an incredible area for XTINCTION. It is the most compact ~ gnarliest terrain imaginable and will offer unbelievable spectator and media viewing opportunities! Best of all, it is the perfect place to showcase the immense skill and precision of the competitors” adds Fryberger.

The event will offer a significant purse to attract the best riders from Canada, the U.S, and even Europe. In addition, a CMRC sanctioned Harescramble event will be help the day prior to allow the vast majority of enthusiasts a taste of the ‘Badlands’ without the potential of facing XTINCTION!

Date: August 22, 2010
Patricia, Alberta, CANADA

Further details coming soon at


BMW Motorrad Global sales report Dec

BMW's numbers are out for the month of December and when compared to last year - things aren't rosy.

It's all to be expected though considering the continued global economic crisis. Overall, BMW is doing well - all vehicles considered, they're up 10.1% for the year (ending December).

In terms of motorcycles, this is what their Press Release had to say:

BMW Motorrad sold 5.360 (prev. yr. 7457/-28.1%) motorcycles in December. In a difficult market environment it was not possible to match the previous year’s high sales figures in 2009. 87.306 (prev. yr. 101.685/-14.1%) BMW motorcycles were sold to customers throughout the full year.


BMW - New team management for the Superbike World Championship

BMW Motorrad Motorsport is restructuring its team management in the Superbike World Championship. Davide Tardozzi (50) has been appointed to a senior position at Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport with immediate effect. The Italian will head up team management and operational control at the race tracks in the Superbike World Championship.

Up to now, Rainer Bäumel (43) has been responsible for engineering, team management and team organisation in his capacity as BMW Motorrad Motorsport Project Manager in the Superbike World Championship. Bäumel will continue as Head of Project Management and Project Management Engineering.

The collaboration between BMW Motorrad Motorsport and Tardozzi is part of a package of measures aimed at optimising the competitiveness of BMW Motorrad Motorsport in the Superbike World Championship. In his role as Team Manager, Tardozzi will look after the operational management of the team at races and tests, act as an interface between the team and the promoters and organisers of the Superbike World Championship, and provide a link to suppliers.

“I am delighted finally to be able to announce our partnership with Davide Tardozzi,” said BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Berthold Hauser. “The new structure ensures that the team will be well set up for the future. Team management and team organisation are important areas in which we can see further potential for improvement. The key here is to approach every situation in a structured and target-led way. This applies to both general processes and tactical decisions with a direct influence over performance. With his many years of experience in the sport, Davide will play a decisive role here. At the same time, the restructuring will allow Rainer Bäumel to fully focus on the core areas of overall project management and engineering.”

Tardozzi said: “I imagine a lot of people will be surprised to hear of my decision to join BMW. However, for me the decision was simple. I had offers from MotoGP, but my heart is in the Superbike World Championship and I feel at home here. BMW Motorrad Motorsport is a young and hungry team, and that gives me the challenge I have been looking for. I’m looking forward to working behind the scenes to the benefit of the team. I know that I can fulfil this role at BMW. Of course, already knowing our riders Troy and Ruben well makes my job easier. 2010 will be a tough year, as there are many good riders and teams in the Superbike World Championship. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that BMW can take a big step forward over the coming year.”

Tardozzi rode in motorcycle races himself from 1984 to 1992. In his first two seasons he competed in the 250 cc World Championship and later moved to the Superbike class. He finished third in the 1988 Superbike World Championship after racking up five race wins, and in 1991 he secured the European Superbike Championship title. Tardozzi has remained involved – and continued to enjoy success – in motorcycle racing since bringing the curtain down on his career as a rider. Since 1995, as a team principal, he has won a total of nine manufacturers’ titles and eight riders’ titles in the Superbike World Championship.


North America's Largest Motorcycle Show SUPERSHOW 2010 - This weekend!

North America's Largest Motorcycle Show SUPERSHOW 2010 is set to open this week. January 15 . 16 . 17 . 2010 to be exact.

WHERE: Toronto International Centre - 6900 Airport Road, Toronto, Ontario L4V 1E8

If you haven't won a free ticket to the show from us; well you can still get a $3 break on admission by visiting this LINK.

You won't want to miss this one. There's 425,000 sq feet of motorcycle related stuff to check out. They've jam packed the place - there's no more room for additional vendors or exhibitors even.

As a small sampling of what you'll get to see:

- The new 2010 motorcycles
- over 1,000 motorcycle on display
- more than 500 Exhibitors
- motorcycle accessory bargains
- showbike competitions with big money up for grabs
- much more.

Check out the SuperShow website for more details. But more importantly - get yourself a ticket and check out the show in person!

PS: We've still got four tickets to give away and we're going to do it on Tuesday, Jan. 12th! So get your entry in. Want to go to the show for FREE? Details HERE.


DUCATI XEROX Team defines its new structure for the 2010 SBK Season

Bologna (Italy), Thursday 7th January 2010: just a few days before the 2010 Superbike season officially gets going with testing at Portimao from 22nd January, the Ducati Xerox Team confirms that it has undergone some significant internal reorganization.

With Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio both back on board their Ducati 1198s for 2010, a series of structural changes within Ducati have allowed for a certain degree of reorganization within the Ducati Xerox team.

Ernesto Marinelli is the newly appointed Ducati Xerox Team manager, and so stepping into Marinelli’s shoes as technical manager of the squad is Marco Lozej who will also have the role of track engineer for Michel Fabrizio. With Ducati since 2000, Marco has most recently been responsible for the GP development team.

Japanese rider Haga also has a new track engineer in the shape of Luca Ferraccioli, who returns to the Borgo-Panigale factory after a four year stint as race engineer with the British GSE Racing outfit. Working alongside Luca, in the role of electronics engineer to Noriyuki, will be Marco Frigerio who moves from the factory MotoGP team to the Superbike side for the coming season. The final change on Haga’s side is the appointment of a new tyre technician, Massimo Meneghin.

The final addition to the “new-look” team is Una Conway, Irish and in Italy for more than a decade, who comes on board as Team Coordinator and Hospitality Assistant.

“2010 will be a little different but I am extremely confident as well as optimistic”, commented Ernesto Marinelli, the Ducati Xerox Team Manager. “Despite the important reorganization within the team, in reality most of the new members have already been working in Ducati for some time. Both Marco Lozej and Luca Ferraccioli have worked in Ducati for years and have a wealth of experience as well as great technical ability and personality. 2010 once again represents a new challenge - we have faced many over the years and in most cases we have come out victorious. We will be doing our very best to take another title this year; our riders are in great shape and the entire team is more motivated than ever. We’re all impatient to get back on track and are looking forward to the Portimao test.”

- Noriyuki Haga (# 41)
- Michel Fabrizio (# 84)
Team Manager
- Ernesto Marinelli

Technical Manager
- Marco Lozej

Press Officer
- Heather Watson

Sponsor Account Manager
- Mauro Grassilli

Team Coordinator/Hospitality Assistant
- Una Conway

Haga Crew

Track Engineer Luca Ferraccioli
Electronics Engineer Marco Frigerio
Chief Mechanic Alberto Colombo
Mechanics Roberto Banci, Michele Bubbolini, Stefano Favalini
Tyre technician Massimo Meneghin

Fabrizio Crew

Track Engineer Marco Lozej
Electronics Engineer Luca Minelli
Chief Mechanic Marco Ventura
Mechanics Andrea Neri, Claudio Montanari, Davide Gibertini
Tyre technician Moris Grassi

Engine Building Engineer
- Benedetto Sciannimanico

Chief Engine Builder
- Karl Putz

Engine Builder
- Francisco Prieto

Spare Parts & Components
- Andrea Baravelli

Truck Driver
- Giuseppe Morielli

- Manuela Barbieri

Öhlins Technician
- Byron Draper

Pirelli Technician
- Alessandro Monzani

Brembo Technician
- Franco Zonnedda


Canadian trials rider receives recognition from Sherco

We've been sent word from the folks at WEC that Stephen Foord - The 2009 Wiesner Insurance Canadian Trials Champion has gotten some recognition from the Sherco factory.

They've sent us what looks like a scanned copy of document Sherco created for them. It's missing some of the detail on the left and right sides, but, you get the picture. Sherco is giving some deserving credit to Stephen.

Press Release:

World Enduro Canada would like to congratulate to Stephen Foord - The 2009 Wiesner Insurance Canadian Trials Champion - on recieving recognition for his efforts from the Sherco Factory. Sherco created the attached document to recognize its champions around the world. Now that Canada has a true national trials series the competitors can finally attract the attention they so richly deserve. Way to go Stephen!

For more information on the Canadian Trials scene and the upcoming 2010 Wiesner Insurance Canadian Trials Championship please visit our site


Turn 2 Sportbike School kicks off the new year at Ottawa International Motorcycle Show

CALABOGIE, Ontario - January 7, 2010. Turn 2 Sportbike School will kick off the New Year with an appearance at the Ottawa International Motorcycle Show from January 8 - 10. Turn 2 is based out of Calabogie Motorsports Park and provides a full range of services, including motorcycle rider training programs, bike and gear rentals, membership offerings, sales, service and special events.

"We are extremely excited to participate in the inaugural Ottawa International Motorcycle Show. It's a perfect fit for all motorcycle enthusiasts, right here in our own backyard!" says George Budacki, owner of Turn 2 Sportbike School. "Very few people will argue that 2009 was a difficult year, but the economy is changing for the better. Turn 2's 2010 plans will help create employment, as well as boost the tourism industry in beautiful Calabogie and surrounding areas. With 25 events planned, the economic spin-off will benefit many local businesses. We expect to draw clients from all over Ontario and Quebec, even the northeastern USA," Budacki comments.

Turn 2 Sportbike School is offering the following specials exclusive to the Ottawa International Motorcycle Show:

1) First 10 Advanced Riding Course (ARC) sign-ups each day receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership.

2) First 10 Controlled Riding Group (CRG) sign-ups each day receive a Turn 2 Moto Club Membership at 50% off.

3) Purchase 1 ARC Day and 1 CRG Day with a bike rental for both days (scheduled back-to-back) at regular price - and receive a free Turn 2 Moto Club Membership, free RFID Timing, free Riding Gear rental and a 50% discount off the second day bike rental fee. Also receive a free class photo and premium lunch.

Turn 2 Sportbike School's recently launched website now offers full e-commerce capabilities, powered by Zoomius. Members can create a personalized profile, register for courses, browse membership offerings and promotions, and pay for purchases online. Members of Turn 2's Moto Club are eligible to win the Grand Prize of a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R with a Nexo Sports Full Road Race Gear Package, to be awarded at the Turn 2 Moto Club GP Labour Day weekend race season finale, presented by Kahuna Powersports. To learn more about Turn 2 Moto Club's rewards and discounts, visit

For complete details, visit Turn 2 at the 2010 Ottawa International Motorcycle Show ( at Turn 2 Sportbike School Booth. A complete schedule of upcoming events is also available at

"We had an incredible turn-out at the Toronto Motorcycle Show in December 2009. We're expecting more of the same in Ottawa and other upcoming shows over the next couple of months," says George Budacki, owner of Turn 2 Sportbike School. "Watch for an upcoming Kawasaki promotion and an article about Turn 2 Sportbike School in the next edition of Inside Motorcycles."

About Turn 2 Sportbike School

Turn 2 Sportbike School was launched in 2008 as a division of Turn 2 Sportbike Rentals Inc. (2003) by former club motocross racer George Budacki. Turn 2 provides a full range of sportbike services: motorcycle rider training programs, bike and gear rentals, membership offerings, sales, service and special events. The organization's vision: "To provide riders of all abilities with access to a safe, controlled environment, and the necessary tools with which to advance their skills, increase knowledge and enjoy sportbike riding to the max."


Still a few Buell's for sale in the US - HD build a tracker

Apparently, rock bottom prices haven't been enough of a temptation for everybody to go out and pick up one of the few remaining Buell's in inventory in these cool winter months.

Buell still has some stock left for sale and they want you to know about it, and they want you to find them. If you live in the US that is.

There's still 1,186 Buell's looking for a home. Maybe you're a Canadian and doing some cross border shopping? There's deals to be had!

486 of them are the Rotax based, liquid cooled, 1125cc engine. Boy, I love that engine! It's a gem. Hopefully it'll get to continue in some form in the future and not just at the racetrack.

Check out the Buell Finder HERE.


Canadian Patrick Trahan - only Canadian moto rider left in the Dakar.

As of stage 5 , the Montreal native Patrick Trahan is the sole Canadian rider remaining in the 2010 Dakar Rally motorcycle field.

Stage 3 had utterly defeated all but one of the Canadian contingent, and many others too (upwards of 20% of the field). There was some bad gas that affected all the competitors, not to mention some of toughest terrain yet, and temperatures that soared into the 40's.

Stage 4 was his best yet of the rally. He started in is rally. Starting in 90th position, 9:05:59 and is now in 76th.

"It was really a great day!", wrote Patrick in his blog, "Pure pleasure. I arrived on time, the bike is intact and I'm not even tired! This day gave me much confidence!"

Go Patrick!


VFR1200F - just don't call it ugly!

The Internet is being a little unkind to the new VFR1200 design, or so some really influential designers think. MCN is reporting that rival designers are coming to the defence of the new VFR 1200 design.

Guzzi V12 LM designer Pierre Terblanche feels that people on the web have gone too far and he's declared the web as “the worst thing to ever happen to bike design.”

Design critic Stephen Bayley has also been quoted as saying “It may be a shock now, but in future all bikes will ­become more visually sophisticated. The VFR1200 is the future now.”

A bit of commentary from me now... I personally ride a VFR 800 and love the looks of that bike. I have always liked it and it looks good from every angle to me. It's a classic style that really holds up well in my opinion.

I'm certainly not against change and haven't seen the new VFR in person yet but I don't know why so many people don't like the look of it. I quite like the styling. Honda pushed the envelope with this one. They couldn't just come out and build a bigger version of the VFR 800. If they did there'd be a ton of people criticizing them for not having the guts to do something different. So it's damned if you do and damned if you don't.

There's just one thing I'm not terribly fond of with the new VFR 1200 and that is its price tag - CDN $18,299 + tax; the automatic version pricing is "to be determined" (expect it to fetch a premium over the $18,299 though).

Leftover VFR 800's are going for less than $8,000 in the US right now. You could get yourself several bikes and have some change leftover for the price of a new VFR1200!

Credit to MCN for the designer quotes.


BMW Motorrad sells more in 2009 than 2008 - but not much

BMW Motorrad Canada finished off 2009 on a high note:

BMW Motorrad Canada finished the year with a total of 1,830 motorcycles sold, an increase of 4 per cent over 2008. December sales of 66 units represent a 43 per cent decrease in sales over the same period last year.

Seeing a sales increase in such a tough year is an envious position though, and one that many motorcycle makers would wish to be in.
Congratulations to BMW Motorrad Canada!


Don Taylor Gears Up for Another Successful Season on a Harley-Davidson XR 750 Motorcycle

Six-time Canadian Motorcycle Association National Dirt Track Champion and number one plate holder Donald Taylor has recently confirmed that he will once more ride for Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada.

Taylor actually broke the news at the December Toronto Motorcycle Show in a live interview on the stage of Full Throttle Theatre. “I couldn’t be happier,” the young champion enthused. “I just came from the Harley-Davidson display, and it looks like I’m going to be riding the XR 750 for them again. We have to discuss details, but I’d say it looks pretty good.”

Taylor, who recently relocated to his new home in Port Colbourne, Ontario, commented jokingly, “I guess you could say I’m still happy. […] Riding for Deeley has become more important to me over the years. I’ve gotten to know the people there and they are very good to me, and I’m trying my best for them, and [for] all my sponsors really. I won every race but one in Canada on the XR 750, and I finished second in the other race after a real bad start. I had a lot of help from George Evans and Steve Beattie. George made sure the XR 750 stayed
bulletproof, and Steve is so good with suspension. Every time I rode the XR, I felt more comfortable on it.”

Reminded of his season-ending runaway win in the CMA Short Track Shootout, Taylor commented, “That’s a perfect example. Everyone thought the Harley® [bike] was going to be too much to handle on the short track, but I thought it was great. I’ve honestly never felt so comfortable on the XR. It was a great way to end the season.”

Taylor plans to continue his record run of Canadian dirt track crowns in 2010 with his continued partnership with Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, as well as with the valued support of Clare’s Harley-Davidson of Niagara, Scorpion Helmets, Nexo Sports, Performance Under Gear, Twenty Six Suspension, CP Pistons, and Vortex Racing.

In acknowledgement of its racing heritage, Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is pleased to renew its efforts in support of the national sport of dirt track racing in Canada. We are incredibly proud to be able to back such a promising and inspiring young racer and we look forward to many successful races this season on his XR 750 in Canada as well as south of the border.


Don Hatton retires from Dakar Rally

Some unfortunate news from the Canadian competitor Don Hatton's camp - he's out of the race. Stage 3 was a really brutal one and knocked out quite a few competitors.

More details below:

Don Hatton has been forced to retire on Stage 3 of the 2010 Dakar race upon advice of race medical staff.

For hours Don had been struggling in axle deep in the white sand dunes east of La Rioja in 45 degree Celsius temperatures. The combination of poor engine performance brought on by bad gasoline, fatigue from the heat, and the lingering affects of the food poisoning meant that riding the steep dunes was almost impossible. Riding with fellow Dakar racer Duncan Tweedy they were both overcome with heat issues. They were provided water from passing participants in cars and trucks to help them cope with their situation.

Passing race medical officials advised them both not to proceed as: “you will die in the dunes”, plus, “there are no helicopters available as they are all busy trying to get guys out of the dunes”. Not encouraging news considering their location and physical condition.

Still suffering from dehydration due to food poisoning that Don had on Stage 2 of the rally along with the advise of race officials Don decided to retire from the race. He was one of 20 motorcyclists, nearly 15% of the entrants, to retire from the race yesterday

We know at this time Don was safe at the Bivouac last night and is making his way back to Buenos Aires to meet up with his wife and support team.

We will advise further once we have been able to interview Don

On behalf of Don, Natalie and the whole Rally Raid Canada – Destination Dakar team we would like to give our utmost thanks to our fans, sponsors and especially our media supporters !

Dakar Racing Factoid – things you might not know or thought of :

According to an AFP account, the total death count of people involved in the Dakar race since it’s inception in 1979 is 52 competitors and 16 spectators.


Just keeps getting better and better for Don Hatton

Don Hatton has finished Stage 2 of the 2010 Dakar Rally today in La Roija Argentina. The 626 km route today from last nights bivouac in Cordoba included 332 km of liaison and 294 km of special stages. Due to technological challenges we will not know of Don’s official overall positioning possibly till tomorrow

Today’s stage was over fast mixed terrain as the competitors took two different routes. Motorcycles and quads took one route while the cars and trucks took another. This makes for a safer (no cars overtaking you on your motorcycle) and faster stage for the bikes and quads. The unseasonable rain in the area made for a much trickier stage than expected. Most bikes and riders are set up for the hot, dry dusty conditions; not the wet, rainy, muddy ones like today.

Don was afflicted with a stomach ailment today that kept him awake most of last night and it is serious enough he may have to seek medical attention. According to Patsy Quick, team owner of Dessert Rose Racing who is supplying logistical support to Don in Argentina, that although he is not feeling well “I don’t think a bad stomach would keep Don off the rally”. Nor do we.

This, along with the Stage 1 mix up of Don not getting his time card and having to return 89 km back to the start of the stage to get it, is making a challenging Dakar for Don. It is a grueling endurance rally for many reasons with numerous pitfalls. So far he is taking them all in stride and is concentrating on finishing the 2010 Dakar race !

Dakar Racing Factoid – things you might not know or thought of:

When we all travel oversees we tend to get upset stomachs. It is due to a variety of things such as the stress of traveling, different foods and water supplies, heat etc. Known by various names: Montezuma’s Revenge, Delli Belly, etc it is not fun for a traveler to have to miss part of their vacation due to this ailment. But if you are a competitor in the Dakar race that is even more challenging. There is not a lot of restroom accommodations in rural Argentina and if nature calls you have to answer it. Immediately. So off you go to try and find a private place, stop, remove all your safety gear and go about your business. Oh did we mention that your are surrounded by crowds of spectators ( there were apparently 800,000 spectators on the first day of the Dakar race in Buenos Aires). Challenging to say the least.

For more information and photos check out the Destination Dakar website.


Dakar Day 1 - Don Hatton

Don Hatton finished 69th today, the first day of competition in the Dakar 2010 Rally in Argentina, up from his 74th starting position.

Yesterday was the ceremonial start to the rally in Buenos Aires with a relatively short transit to the inland city of Colon. Don arrived late to the bivouac due to the extremely heavy traffic and after grabbing a less than spectacular dinner (2 chunks of meat and a sausage) he was off to prepare for the next days competition.

Due to his early start time, he had to be at the start line at 5:00 AM, Don retired to his tent to prepare the next days route book and get some sleep as he had to be up at 4:00 AM !

Today’s stage one of the race consisted of a transit stage of 317 km, the special of 219 km, followed by another transit stage of 84 km for a total of 652 km for the day. A transit or connection stage is how the competitor gets from the bivouac to the start of the competition stage known as the special. These are held on public roads with all the hazards of riding a motorcycle in Argentina !!

The special today was mainly good gravel conditions, slightly damp due to the recent heavy rains in the area. Temperatures here are in the low 30 C. Excellent riding conditions and Don has not reported any issues

Dakar Racing Factoid – things you might not know or thought of :

As part of your entrance cost to the Dakar the organizers provided basic meals, bivouac services (shower, toilet, medical personal, etc) along with most of your fuel. But due to the global nature of the event some of the services might not be up to what we would expect for this caliber of event. A constant complaint from most of the privateer participants is the food. It varies greatly in quality and quantities. It has been referred as “poor at best, horrible at worst”


News from Russia - Ural on the move

We've just gotten word from our friends at Ural that office relocation of their US headquarters in Redmond, Washington was a success and is now complete. The new offices are said to be newer, smaller, and more efficient - not to mention a big money saver in terms of rent!

Care to see more? They've got some YouTube video's of the new space - HERE.

The new address is:

Ural Motorcycles
15205 NE 95th St
Redmond, WA 98052

In other news, 2010 model year Urals have hit the dealers' floors this month and more are on the way. There are a few changes to the bikes as well as some additions to the model line up.

We'll provide an update once we hear in January.

For something a little more exciting how about some Ural's doing doughnuts in the snow?! Yeah, much more interesting than looking at office space I think: