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VIctory motorcycle sales for 2010

Polaris Industries reported a 55% increase in sales revenue from Victory Motorcycles in 2010.

On-road vehicle sales, for the Victory brand - which consists primarily of Victory Motorcycles, generated $81.6 million in sales for Polaris in 2010. That's a reported increase from $52.8 million reported in 2009. The 2010 fiscal year marked the first year-on-year sales increase for Victory since 2007 and the largest percentage increase since a 70% rise reported in 2003.

Polaris reported a record net income of $147.1 million in 2010 including a record $54.5 million in the fourth quarter.
“2010 was an exceptional year for Polaris. Not only did we deliver record sales and earnings, but the Polaris team made significant progress toward our long-term strategy and positioned the business for profitable growth in the future. We gained market share in all of our businesses and grew sales in every region of the world,” says Scott Wine, chief executive officer of Polaris Industries Inc.

Polaris reports strong demand for its Cross Country and Cross Roads models.

The fourth quarter represented the fifth consecutive quarter of year-on-year sales and market share gains. Victory sales totaled $20.6 million in the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2010, an increase of 8% from the same quarter of 2009.

Unit sales increased 15% in the fourth quarter with North American dealers reporting a 30% decline in Victory Motorcycles inventory.


Ducati Official Art presents "Desmo" a photographic art collection by Elizabeth Raab

We've gotten word from Ducati about some unique photographs from the Ducati Official Fine Art Collection.  If you like motorcycles - which I know you do - and you like beautiful women, well this art could something you might appreciate.

It's not entirely safe for work (hey, it's Art!) but do check out the links within this post.

Full details:

An exploration of the aesthetical relationship between the female body and the mechanical body of iconic Ducati bikes.

Perfect organisms which become the extension of one another. A fine art edition available exclusively on:

About the collection

The “Desmo” collection presents sixteen unique photographs in which the artist has approached and juxtaposed the abstract qualities of the organic and mechanical forms, highlighting both the complexity in design and the emotion of iconic Ducati motorcycles.

The shots explore the multiple relationships between the designed and the natural.

The lines of the mechanical body reflecting the lines of the organic form it was designed after. The unique color palette of the motorcycle extends from the framework to the features of the model. The model is in an extension of the bike herself.

About the artist

Elizabeth Raab (b. 1981) is a photographic artist specializing in automotive and creative portraiture imagery. Her images often contain a visually strong emotional sensuality that crosses the boundary between her subjects and objects. Uniquely vivid color palettes and a detached sense of forlorn beauty and intrigued silence permeate most of Elizabeth’s scenes, as realism and objectivity are commonly set aside. Elizabeth’s career in the arts started with her move to Rome, Italy in 1999 where she lived for two years working in creative portraiture before returning to her native North West in 2001.

Her work has been featured in exhibitions and many areas of publication in the US and Italy. Features include a range from the Seattle Art Museum, published works of David Lynch, to Joseph Kosuth’s “Perloined.”

She has recently been most noted for her work in conjunction with Ducati motorcycles and now resides in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and their two children.

The Editions

The artworks from the “Desmo” Collection are reproduced exclusively in numbered editions. Each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and limited edition, guaranteeing its collector value.

They are available exclusively on

About the Ducati Official Fine Art Collection

The legend of Ducati formulated through the language of graphic art and art photography.

Ducati bike design, technology and message become authentic art to design the life and working spaces of Ducatisti, bike enthusiasts and art collectors.

Ducati artworks are authentic originals reproduced as museum quality fine art giclée prints. The works are by upcoming and established international artists, illustrators and photographers, passionate about bikes and mechanical design products.

The Ducati Official Fine Art Collection unites Ducati aficionados, bike enthusiasts and artists to give motorcycle design a new form of expression.

Ducati and Cultwork

The Ducati Official Fine Art Collection is an artistic venture between Ducati and Cultwork. Cultwork is a unique lifestyle fine art brand and publisher of fine art print editions in collaboration with iconic brands.


Deely Harley-Davidson Canada expands the Pink label collection in support of Rethink Breast Cancer

Canadian Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts Embrace a “Purchase with a Purpose”

CONCORD, Ontario (January 25, 2011) – True to the spirit of the Harley-Davidson motorcycling culture, Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts have demonstrated strong support to Rethink Breast Cancer’s cause through the purchase of Pink Label Collection garments which the Harley-Davidson® Brand introduced in Canada in January 2010.

Since the launch of its partnership with Rethink in March 2009, Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada has been able to contribute over $53,000 to the charity to aid in the continued operation and expansion of their vital education, research, and supportive care programs across Canada.

There are approximately 5,000 women under the age of 50 diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada every year. Spread across our vast country, they often feel isolated and struggle to find support that is relevant to them. Thanks to the generous contribution of a number of companies, Rethink will be able to continue to fill support gaps for young women in Canada.

“We are delighted with our partnership with Deeley Harley-Davidson [Canada], a company passionate about the cause and committed to empowering Canadian women through awareness and education about the disease,” says MJ DeCoteau, Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer. “The dollars raised have made a tremendous impact on our organization and have helped Rethink get closer to its goal of reaching every newly diagnosed young woman in the country and making all young women (and men) aware of the risk factors of the disease”.

Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, the exclusive distributor of Harley-Davidson products in Canada, is proud to announce that it will be growing its partnership with Rethink Breast Cancer and continuing to help the charity achieve its mission by offering an even more extensive clothing line consisting of 25 items. A portion of the sales proceeds from each item will go towards Rethink.

Six trendy new items have been added to the Pink Label Collection to include a stylish rhinestone-refined Pink Label Embellished Hoodie (part number 99195-11VW), a Pink Label Embellished Hooded Pullover (part number 99196-11VW), a revamped Pink Label Activewear Hoodie (part number 99197-11VW), a new Pink Label Headwrap (part number 99426-11VW), a practical Pink Label Travel Mug (part number 99401-11V), as well as a symbolic, yet essential, Pink Label Water Bottle (part number 99402-11V).

Tagged with the motto “Purchase with a Purpose”, the Canadian Pink Label Collection features a tasteful touch of pink on stylish MotorClothes silhouettes and also makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. The collection will be available in-Store at authorized participating Harley-Davidson Retail Stores as of February.

Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada is proud of its alliance with Rethink Breast Cancer, an organisation that is dedicated to providing innovative education, research, and support programs and shares a common desire to empower women. This partnership fits perfectly with the broader Harley-Davidson Garage Party event initiative in Canada, one with women as its focal point. Many of the 60+ Retailers across Canada hosting Garage Party events in the month of March will be showcasing the brand-new Pink Label Collection. These events assist women in starting the incredibly rewarding experience of cruising the open roads and living the dream. For further information on the nearest Garage Party event, go to

To find out more about the Pink Label Collection in Canada, or to purchase items from the collection, visit your local Harley-Davidson Retail Store, or visit

About Rethink Breast Cancer

Launched in 2001, Rethink is the first-ever Canadian breast cancer charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd, to foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters, to infuse sass and style into the cause, and, most importantly, to respond to the unique needs of the young women going through it. To find out more about Rethink Breast Cancer, visit



Concord, Ontario (January 21, 2011) – Lean as wire, hard as iron, and dark as a tar road at midnight, the new Blackline motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson Softail model pared to the bone. A rebellious creation of the Dark Custom movement, the Blackline model celebrates three fundamental elements of motorcycling: mechanical beauty, internal combustion, and the long black line of the road ahead. 

The Blackline motorcycle balances allegiance with rebellion, discarding previous conventions of colour and chrome for a Dark Custom look that is honest, functional, and attainable. Visual elements of the original bobber movement are combined with the raw, hand-hewn style embraced by today’s young builders. The Blackline motorcycle, available in Canada at a MSRP of $17,149, throws new fuel on a fire that burns across generations: an unquenchable desire to ride.

Lean and Tight

Stripped to the legal limit, the Blackline motorcycle keeps decorative trim and lighting sparse. The rear fender is bobbed high and tight over a slim, 144-mm tire that emphasizes an authentic hard-tail profile. The compact headlight and speedometer are tucked low into the wide, FX front end, and there is just enough shine to make the black parts look blacker. Black-rimmed laced wheels complete a look that is tough, tempered, and undeniably typical of the Harley-Davidson Brand.

The styling spotlight shines on a Big Twin engine dressed in black and silver, and on a fuel tank shaved smooth and low. Aboard the Blackline bike, the rider hugs the frame on the lowest two-up seat ever offered by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and reaches high for new Split Drag handlebars that are bolted right to the top triple-clamp.

The Softail chassis uses rear suspension control provided by coil-over shock absorbers mounted horizontally along the frame rails below the powertrain, where they are kept out of sight. So while the swingarm section replicates the lines of a vintage hard-tail frame, the Blackline motorcycle delivers suspension performance and handling that are thoroughly modern. The internally counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B engine is rigid-mounted within the frame, creating a solid connection between rider and power that moves the motorcycle to enhance the emotional riding experience.

Key features of the 2011 Blackline motorcycle include:

- NEW Powertrain styling.
- The powertrain is finished with a gloss black powder coating on the rocker box covers, the crankcase, the outer primary cover, and the transmission side cover. The cylinders have a silver powder coating with machined highlights. The derby cover and timing covers are chromed.
- Rigid-mounted, counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B V-Twin engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), rated at 89 ft. lbs., peak torque at 3,250 rpm.
- Six-speed Cruise Drive transmission.
- NEW Round air cleaner cover in brilliant chrome.
- NEW Black Denim powder-coated frame and swingarm.
- NEW Profile laced aluminum wheels with black anodized rims. Front wheel is 21 x 2.15 inches; rear wheel is 16 x 3 inches. Dunlop D402 tires are MH90-21 front and MU85B16 rear.
- NEW FX front end with black powder-coated triple clamps and black painted fork lowers.
- NEW Split Drag internally wired handlebars mount directly to the top triple clamp.
- NEW Asymmetric five-gallon Softail fuel tank is clean on the left side, with a low-profile fuel fill on the right. Die-cast Blackline trim panel flowing down the centre of the tank is just high enough to cover the fuel pump hardware.
- NEW Analogue speedometer on a triple-clamp mount that also holds indicator lights. LCD screen on the speedometer includes low-fuel warning and “kilometres to empty” display function.
- The Canadian configuration features a new bobbed rear fender with centre mounted LED tail light and licence plate illuminator, along with a new composite licence plate holder mounted on the lower edge of the fender.
- NEW Raw forged rear fender supports are finished in Black Denim powder coating.
- NEW One-piece, two-up seat and passenger pillion. Laden rider seat height is 24 inches, the lowest two-up seat offered by Harley-Davidson. The gap between the nose of the seat and the fuel tank exposes the top of the frame.
- NEW 5.75-inch diameter headlamp in a glossy black shell.
- Polished forward foot controls.
- Over/under chrome shotgun exhaust.
-  Optional security package with anti-lock braking system and Smart Security System.


Zero Motorcycles to double capacity

Zero Motorcycles build new US manufacturing facilities as it ramps up for continued growth in 2011.
- More Space, More Workers and Higher Volumes to Meet Growing Global Demand -

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, has announced plans to open a new motorcycle manufacturing facility that will more than double the company’s current production capacity. Being built alongside Zero Motorcycles’ corporate headquarters in Santa Cruz County, it will provide Zero with a powerful competitive advantage in a fast paced industry. By keeping manufacturing and R&D working shoulder to shoulder, Zero’s strategy is to streamline the inclusion of their latest technology into production before the competition. Falling on the heels of Zero’s recently announced $1.84 million ‘next generation’ powertrain project, the new factory is another sign of the company’s continued growth and momentum. For motorcyclists the result will be more advanced motorcycles that they can actually own and for California this means more ‘green jobs’.

"With this exciting new expansion, we reconfirm our commitment to building the best electric motorcycles in the world as well as creating U.S. based manufacturing jobs”, said Steve Salyer, Vice President of Operations for Zero Motorcycles. "Quality Control at the highest levels means personally inspecting each bike as it comes off the assembly line. Moreover, in the spirit of continual improvement and innovation, we believe that having our manufacturing and engineering teams collaborating within the same space gives us both an operational and developmental competitive advantage."
The new facility will bring Zero’s total production space to 34,000 square feet and is supported by a redevelopment grant from the city of Scotts Valley. Rewarded for their innovative technology, Zero will utilize the space to meet an increase in consumer demand and to continue to develop their advanced powertrain technology. As the motorcycles come off the line they will be crated and shipped off to meet Zero’s growing global demand.

"Since the inception of Zero Motorcycles, Santa Cruz County has been our home. With many companies looking outside of the U.S. to develop and build their products, we are proud to say we are continuing our support of our local community," said Gene Banman, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. "At the same time, we are responding quickly to an increasing global demand for our motorcycles. This investment positions us ideally for further growth, innovation and development as we move into 2012 and beyond.

Renovations begin in early 2011 with the first production motorcycle expected to roll out by late February 2011. The company plans to add twenty-five employees by mid-2011.


VRide TV posts another motorcycle video

We got an email from Jeff Pennock over at VRide TV and he's been hard at it again.  He's posted yet another video motorcycling in Canada video.

Check out all the details for yourself:

A new high definition video has been posted of a Lakeside Motorcycle Ride in British Columbia.

Nicola Lake is located alongside Highway 5A between Merritt and Kamloops British Columbia. This stretch of highway is loaded with lakes, windy roads, and incredible scenery with a number of roadside points of interest, and rest areas.

While shooting this video we were fortunate to capture footage of an Osprey feeding her young in their nest.

Here's the link to the video:

After watching the video be sure to visit our news and blog pages to see what has been going on since your last visit.

He's got some nice looking 2011 motorcycle touring and travel calendars as well - they're 40% off so pick something up today.


Ducati recall - Multistrada 1200

And a little more news about Ducati that will cause some inconvenience for a few Canadian Ducati riders at least.  Ducati has issued a recall affecting the engine of 131 units.  

Model affected is the 2010 Multistrada 1200's. The Transport Canada Recall number is 2011005 while the manufacturer recall number is RCL-10-004. The Transport Canada issue date of the recall is January 5th, 2011

Recall details:

On certain motorcycles, the engine could stall while downshifting or maneuvering with the clutch disengaged and the engine at idle. Lost propulsion (engine stalling), in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. 

Correction: Dealers will update Engine Control Unit software.


Ducati 'very' satisfied with company sales in 2010

Ducati posts two consecutive quarters of consecutive growth and closes December up 35%

The company announced retail sales growth of eight percent in the third quarter and nine percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, defying the trend of an industry that declined 15 percent and 14 percent in each respective quarter. Ducati closed the year with record market share in North America due to a combination of innovative new product, dealer network support and dynamic marketing programs.

In 2010, Ducati introduced a host of exciting new products that contributed to the company’s retail success in North America including, the Hypermotard 796, Hypermotard 1100EVO and EVO SP; Monster 696 ABS, Monster 796, 848EVO Superbike, 1198S Corse Superbike and the Multistrada 1200 family.

The Ducati Performance department; which oversees accessories, apparel and spare parts, followed the positive trend set by motorcycle sales. In 2010, spare part sales were up seven percent, accessories up five percent and apparel sales increased a phenomenal 24 percent. The company has more innovative programs set for 2011 that promise to deliver a further increase in Ducati Performance sales.

Ducati’s marketing programs were another cornerstone of the brand’s 2010 successes. Ducati raced and won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with the versatile Multistrada 1200 and re-signed American MotoGP rider, Nicky Hayden. Perhaps the most exciting was the addition of Italian icon, Valentino Rossi, to Ducati’s MotoGP racing team. Ducati prominently appeared in blockbuster films including Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Knight & Day and Tron Legacy. The Ducati Islands were the off-track center of attention at the three international road races in the United States, while the Ducati Academy redefined the standard in dealer training. Unveiled at November’s EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show, the new-for-2011 Ducati Diavel has set the stage for further success the New Year.

To compliment all of the above Ducati received numerous industry awards including Best Open Streetbike (Multistrada 1200 S Sport) from Cycle World magazine and Manufacturer of the Year from

‘We are very satisfied with Q3 and Q4 results, with a solid growth from 2009 and a record market share. These achievements mark the turning point for Ducati in North America,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO of Ducati North America. “We are extremely excited about our potential for 2011 with the arrival of the Diavel complimenting our outstanding product line-up and our marketing and dealer support programs coming into full fruition.”

For more information about Ducati North America, and Ducati’s line of performance motorcycles; please visit


New model from Harley Davidson on the way

We just got word from the folks at Harley Davidson that on Jan 21st they're going to be officially introducing a brand new model into the Harley-Davidson family! 

Darren James, (racer #29) will be doing the honours of unveiling it at just after 10:00am on Jan. 21st at the Vancouver MMIC Show at the Tradex Centre in Abbottsford, BC.

More information should arrive on Friday of this week.  So stay tuned!


Fly and Ride Program will now be delivered through Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals at Retail locations

Concord, Ontario (January 18, 2011) – The highly rated Fly & Ride Program will now be delivered through Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals at Retail locations ranging from Anchorage, Alaska, to Johannesburg, South Africa. For 2011, the Harley Owners Group Fly & Ride Motorcycle Rental Program will grow nearly ten times bigger with rental locations for Fly & Ride increasing from 37 to more than 300 locations around the world. This expansion gives H.O.G. members worldwide another way to hit the road for their future adventures. H.O.G. members will enjoy a premium experience when they rent through the program.

Participating authorized Canadian Retailers include:

Trev Deeley Motorcycles – Vancouver, British Columbia
Calgary Harley-Davidson – Calgary, Alberta
Kane’s Harley-Davidson Calgary – Calgary, Alberta
Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson – Red Deer County, Alberta
Harley-Davidson of Toronto– Toronto, Ontario
Rocky’s Harley-Davidson – London, Ontario
MotoSport Plus – Kingston, Ontario
The Shop Harley-Davidson – Sudbury, Ontario
Harley-Davidson of Ottawa – Ottawa, Ontario
Freedom Harley-Davidson – Nepean, Ontario
Eldridge’s – Saint John, New Brunswick

In addition to an increase in rental locations, the Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental experience for H.O.G. members includes:

  • Exclusive H.O.G./Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals keepsake (available in Canada for Spring 2011)
  • Choice of a wider selection of motorcycles, including the Tri-Glide Ultra Classic motorcycle at select locations
  • 24/7 online reservation capability at most locations (in Canada reservation capability directly through the participating Retailers)
  • H.O.G. Member Services assistance
  • Free use of Harley-Davidson helmet & rain gear
  • Free short-term luggage storage
  • Minimum age in Canada is 25, and 21 at many other locations outside of Canada
  • Same-day and one-day reservations now available 

“We’ve taken an extremely popular H.O.G. benefit and made it even better”, said Steve Piehl, Director of Customer Experience at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “What motorcyclist hasn’t dreamed of riding in far away parts of North America or even other countries? H.O.G. members have access to new-model, low-mileage Harleys at great locations around the world. And, most locations offer 24/7 booking and information through our website.”

H.O.G. members can access more information through the exclusive members’ website ( and can find participating worldwide Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals locations at


BMW Motorrad - 2010 summary and 2011 outlook

BMW Motorrad raises sales by 12.3% and boosts global market position. Encouraging sales trends on all relevant motorcycle markets. Market leader in eleven countries. Strong sales figures from Husqvarna Motorcycles.

Munich. BMW Motorrad can look back on an extraordinarily successful motorcycle season in 2010. By December 2010, 98,047 motorcycles worldwide were delivered to customers (previous year: 87,306 units), a growth of 12.3%. In a highly challenging market environment, BMW Motorrad has recorded the strongest growth by far in the competition.

BMW Motorrad has recorded considerable growth in virtually every country. Supported by its continued product offensive, the blue and white brand could raise its market share to a historical high.

Hendrik von Kuenheim, Head of BMW Motorrad: “The 2010 motorcycle season was a delightful year for us. Our range of innovative models met with great customer interest all over the world. Not only could we sell 10,741 more motorcycles than in the previous year, but at the same time we were able to considerably strengthen our market position in a highly discouraging market environment. Our market share rose to an all time high, and by December BMW Motorrad was the volume leader on eleven markets.”

In Germany, again the largest single market in 2011 for BMW Motorrad, 17,816 BMW motorcycles were registered (previous year: 15,833), a growth of 12.5%. BMW Motorrad could therefore maintain its leadership on both the total market and the 500 cc plus segment.

The share of the total market was 21.5% by December (previous year: 17.7%), and 23.2% (previous year: 19.0%) on the 500 cc plus segment. In other words, almost every fourth new motorcycle over 500 cc registered in Germany originated from the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.
Italy continues as the second strongest single market for BMW Motorrad. Here 14,386 BMW motorcycles (previous year: 13,089) were registered, a growth of about 10%. The BMW Motorrad share on the 500 cc plus segment rose to 18.4% (previous year: 14.3%). On the highly traditional motorcycle market in Italy, BMW Motorrad could considerably expand its market position and take over as volume leader.

The next most important sales markets are the USA, France, Spain, and the UK, followed by Brazil. The latter emerging market is gradually becoming one of BMW Motorrad's strongest sales markets. To do just to the importance of this market, BMW Motorrad will continue to expand its local motorcycle production facility in Manaus/Brazil, which was first established at the end of 2009.

R 1200 GS once again the most successful BMW Motorcycle.

And once again the most successful model overall was the large touring enduro BMW R 1200 GS, selling 18,768 units (previous year: 15,864 units), followed by its sister model, the R 1200 GS Adventure, selling 11,648 units (previous year: 8,803 units). Third place went to the classical tourer BMW R 1200 RT, with 11,132 vehicles sold.

BMW Motorrad also experienced extraordinary success with the S 1000 RR. In the first full year of marketing, 10,209 units were delivered to customers, and the first supersports motorcycle from BMW is heading the sales statistics in Europe. Considerably more than 90% of the orders for these vehicles opted for the innovative “Race ABS” and the dynamic traction control DTC.

At the same time, excellent sales figures were also achieved with the F 800 GS (9,669 units), the F 800 R (7,805 units), and the F 650 GS (6,951 units).

BMW Motorrad outlook for 2011

There are excellent opportunities for a successful 2011: in 2010 BMW Motorrad could increase its market shares over a wide front, take over leading positions on other markets, and so create the optimal platform for future growth.

At the start of the 2011 season, BMW customers will benefit from the revised flat-twin engine roadster BMW R 1200 R that for the first time will also be available as a classical variant. Moreover, BMW Motorrad will be presenting the new G 650 GS, yet another particularly appealing GS model with a single cylinder engine.

The first half of the year will see the launch of the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL, innovative, de luxe touring motorcycles with six cylinder inline engines, the first of their kind in the history of BMW Motorrad. Featuring the most compact six cylinder inline engines in series motorcycle production, these two top models in the BMW Motorrad range will be unlocking new dimensions for riding, long distance, and comfort characteristics.

Above and beyond these, the model range from BMW Motorrad will be presented at its best in 2011. The adventure worlds Enduro, Tour, Urban, Sport, and HP will be presenting fascinating motorcycles for virtually every taste. The range will be supplemented with an extensive line of options and innovative BMW Motorrad rider equipment.

Husqvarna Motorcycles with strong sales figures

Against the backdrop of a heavily declining international market in the field of off-road sports motorcycles, Husqvarna Motorcycles was able to sell 12,066 units in 2010 (previous year: 13,052 / -7.6%). As compared to the relevant competition, Husqvarna Motorcycles asserted itself well, not least as a result of the model offensive started last year.

As of model year 2011, Husqvarna Motorcycles now has the new 450 cc generation in the enduro, motocross and supermoto version available for a full sales year.

These new core models with their innovative single-cylinder engine will generate powerful growth stimuli for 2011. In view of the ongoing model offensive and further expansion of the sales network, the Italian manufacturer is looking forward to significant growth during this year's motorcycle season.


Canadian Motorcycle Rider looking for a graphic designer

We're looking for some assistance from a graphic designer to help produce some new marketing content to jazz up the site a bit.

If you're a creative person with a few hours to spare then we want you!

Tasks might include:

- Logo creation
- Banner/Button Ad design
- Branding concepts

Experience with RapidWeaver  software by Realmac considered a plus.

Contact us HERE with your rates, experience, contact info, and links to sample work you've done if possible.


Motorcycle licencing to tighten up in New Brunswick?

The death of  a prominent lawyer in Saint John, New Brunswick, 46-year-old  Caroline Higgins may have future implications for those seeking their motorcycle licence in the province.

Ms. Higgins was killed last year after being accidentally struck by an out-of-control motorcycle while she was out jogging.  According to the Telegraph Journal, Ms. Higgins' family is now asking the provincial government to make changes to regulations and licensing for motorcycles.

They feel that that motorcyclists should be held to the same safety and skill standards as automobile owners.  New Brunswick doesn't have a graduated licensing for motorcycle drivers, nor does it require annual mechanical inspections, or training for new drivers.

The rider that killed Ms. Higgins had purchased it not long before the accident and it was found to have mechanical problems. The rider who lost control had just recently obtained his licence - about 2 weeks prior to the accident.


Round the World DVD's by Horizons Unlimited

Thinking about a round the world trip but not sure where to start?  Horizons Unlimited - the folks who've been helping adventurers fulfill their dreams for a number of decades now have produced a series of DVD's that'll give you a lot on invaluable knowledge gleaned from people with experience.

Check out the trailer below:

The entire series can be bought for $139 USD or you can buy just the individual video's that interest you.  For more details check out the Horizon's Unlimited website HERE.

Canadian connection!:  Grant and Susan; the people behind Horizon's Unlimited are both Canadians, though they now live in the UK according to their website.

Thanks to CMG for the tip


BMW Motorrad receives “2010 GOOD DESIGN Award” for BMW S 1000 RR and BMW Concept 6.

Due to their exceptional dynamic and emotional design, both the BMW S 1000 RR and the design study BMW Concept 6, already launched at the Milan Motor Show in 2009, received the Chicago Athenaeum’s "2010 GOOD DESIGN Award."

Founded in 1950 in Chicago, this is the longest-standing design award in the world with an outstanding reputation: for the last 60 years it has recognized the work of designers and manufacturers who have created outstanding innovative and visionary products, concepts and ideas stretching the envelope beyond what is considered ordinary product design.

In 2010, the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design received a record number of entries from around the world. In November 2010 the jury met in New York and selected over 500 product designs and graphics from over 36 nations as potential candidates for the GOOD DESIGN Award.

All awards and winners will soon be posted on the museum’s website with photographs. 

The Chicago Athenaeum will also be mounting the annual GOOD DESIGN SHOW in Chicago in June 2011 to exhibit the winning products.


Lean Angle Presents Lee Kuhn Jr with Cheque from MICS Campaign

Steve Reed, president of Lean Angle Canada, the exclusive global distributor of the Medical Information Carrier System (MICS) for wearers of powersport helmets, recently presented a cheque to sponsored rider Lee Kuhn Jr. at the Inside Motorcycle booth at the 2010 Toronto Motorcycle Show held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Kuhn, a competitor in the 2010 Parts Canada Superbike Championship Amateur 600 Sport Bike class, was featured in an Inside Motorcycles magazine article that struck a cord with the staff at Lean Angle Canada this past summer.

The Hamilton-based racer is not only a top-level amateur competitor in Canada’s premier motorcycle road racing series, but is also a student at Trillium College's Paramedicine program. This past spring, Kuhn was flagged down by a fellow racer shortly after leaving the Circuit ICAR race track,  just north of Montreal, where he put his new skills to good use by assisting a downed rider just outside the facility.

Steve Reed, after reading the story by John Hopkins of Inside Motorcycle in the  July/August 2010 edition of the magazine, was inspired by Kuhn's desire to assist those in need. The Lean Angle team developed a campaign to assist Kuhn with his tuition by donating $1.00 of each $3.00 Medical Information Carrier System (MICS) helmet system sold through the website and at the track in the months of August, September, October and November.

The Medical Information Carrier System (MICS) warns non-medical bystanders not to remove a rider’s helmet and provides paramedics and other trained emergency personnel with life-saving information about the rider's identity and medical history.

Reed, was recently able to connect with Kuhn to thank him in person and presented him with a cheque for Three Hundred dollars at the Inside Motorcycle “Winner’s Circle” booth at the 2010 Toronto Motorcycle Show.

“Lee’s educational background, especially his helmet removal training course, has helped him become an ideal ambassador for the Medical Information Carrier System (MICS) helmet system and for rider safety. We’re extremely proud to do our small part to assist Lee with furthering his education and his future racing endeavors.” said Steve Reed, President of Lean Angle Canada.

“It’s been an honour to assist Lean Angle in getting the word out about the Medical Information Carrier System for helmets and I can’t thank them enough for their continued support!” stated Kuhn. “EMS personnel are trained to look for this sort of medical information carrier. Having critical medical information at hand gives first responders the edge and can save precious seconds when it really counts."

The Medical Information Carrier System (MICS) for helmets is currently available at an ever-growing network of dealers, online powersport accessory retailers across Canada and is currently used at Shannonville Motorsport Park’s RACE racing series and will be implemented this coming season at the FAST Riding School.


Chris Pfeiffer BMW G450X vs. a BobSled

What happens when you mix one bobled track, one bobled descending the track, and Chris Pheiffer on his BMW 450X going UP the track - at the same time?  Pure entertainment!

I don't know who's crazier - the BMW sponsored bobsled riders or Chris Pheiffer.

Check it out:


Marc Coma takes third Stage victory in Stage 8

Marc Coma takes third Stage victory in Stage 8; Despres a close 2nd
KTM factory rider Marc Coma of Spain on Monday succeeded in taking his third stage victory in the 33rd edition of the Dakar Rally and the 14th of his career. The day's ride, a punishing 508 km special was again a cat and mouse game between the Spanish rider and fellow KTM factory rider Cyril Despres with the two arriving at the finish separated by just 1 minute 55 seconds
Coma has now accrued a 9 minute 19 advantage on Despres, the current title holder, as the two best exponents of rally sport battle it out for personal glory and what will be - if either ride in Buenos Aires in triumph on January 16 after more than 9000 km of hard riding - the tenth consecutive Dakar title for KTM, the Austrian sports motorcycle specialist. Coma and Despres have now won five of the eight stages between them and continue to be only minutes apart as the rally moves into its second half. The difference between them amounts to roughly the equivalent of the 10 minute penalty Despres incurred in the early stages for failing to pass a mandatory flag during one dawn start. All evidence points to a battle between these great riders right through to the finish.

A hard stage, Coma says
Marc Coma said it had been a hard stage that turned out fine at the end of the day. He rode together with Despres and "Chaleco" Lopez. "We took turns to open the way and at a very fast pace. It was a good stage after a complicated one yesterday. But in the end, everything turned out fine. I'm glad, because it was a 500-km special. That's a hell of a lot". 

Ongoing tough battle between Coma and Despres
 Despres did manage to briefly break away after the first 40 km on Monday but Coma quickly came back to hit the front and remained there for the rest of the day. While Coma and Despres incrementally edge their way in front of the rest of the pack and are looking more likely to be the ones who will be in front in Buenos Aires, their biggest rival remains Francisco (Chaleco) Lopes, the Chilean rider who is very much at home in the Atacama Desert. He now trails Coma by 22.48 minutes overall while fourth overall after Stage Eight is Portugal's Helder Rodrigues who is now almost 42 minutes behind Coma. Despres said Chaleco led the way on all the quick parts while he did the dunes. "The problem with navigation is the same as in cycling," he said. "In cycling some riders stick to your back wheel like leeches and it's the same in rally raids - but that's just part of the game". 

Best finish this edition for Norway's Ullevalseter
KTM rider Pal Anders Ullevalseter of Norway, who was second behind Despres in the 2010 edition of the rally, had his best finish in this edition, finishing fifth in Stage Eight. He was followed home today by Despres' team co-rider, Ruben Faria who finished sixth and is currently fifth overall. Juan Pedrero, Coma's Spanish co-rider was eighth today and is seventh overall. After Stage eight five of the top seven riders are on KTMs and 10 of the top 14 are riding the Austrian brand.

Second last day in the sands of the Atacama
Organizers presented the riders with another tough in the sands of the Chilean coastal desert in what is the penultimate day in Chile before the bikes cross back across the Andes and head for the Argentinean capital. They had to tackle a complicated alternating mix of sand dunes, off-road, rios and even more dunes then finished with a challenging offroad section coming into Copiapo. The stage also saw the exit of Paolo Goncalves of Portugal who crashed and suffered a broken collarbone in the morning to take one of the top riders out of contention.

Tricky loop tomorrow and a mass start
Tomorrow riders face a tricky loop through the desert from Copiapo to Copiapo with a 35 km link and 235 km of timed special that organizers promise can trick even the most experience of riders. There is also a group start with the front runners going off in rows of 10 riders and the later rows of 20 riders so there will be no traditional, dust free advantage for the front rider.

Stage Eight Results
1, Marc Coma, Spain, KTM 6:05:02
2, Cyril Despres, Andorra, KTM, at 1:55
3, Francisco (Chaleco) Lopez, Chile, Aprilia, 4:21
4, Helder Rodrigues, Portugal, Yamaha, at 8:38
5, Pal Anders Ullevalseter, Norway, KTM, 25:03
6, Ruben Faria, Portugal, KTM, 29:06
8, Juan Pedrero, Spain, KTM, 42:28

Standings after Stage Eight
1, Marc Coma, Spain, KTM
2, Cyril Despres, Andorra, KTM, at 9:19
3, Francisco (Chaleco) Lopez, Chile, Aprilia, 22:48
4, Helder Rodrigues, Portugal, Yamaha, at 41:42
5, Ruben Faria, Portugal, KTM at 1:09:59
6, Pal Anders Ullevalseter, Norway, KTM at 02:02:26
7, Juan Pedrero, Spain, KTM at 02:03:01


Tiffany Coates - Adventure Rider!

You may or may not have heard about Adventure rider extraordinaire Tiffany Coates. She's ridden on five continents on her trusty BMW.  According to her website she's "The world's furthest travelled solo woman motorcyclist... with well over a hundred thousand miles have been covered." 

And there's some Canadian content in her travels - she made a recent trip to Labrador!  Canadian Content!

The folks at BMW have taken notice of her and in March 2010 they flew her to southern Turkey to film some bike travel exploits for a short documentary.  The documentary has now been released and is posted on YouTube.

Check it out:

For more information on Tiffany Coates why not check out here website HERE. It's chock full of interesting riding stories and pictures.  Enjoy!


New Core Series Paint Program Offers Individual Designs for Harley Davidson's

The new Core Series Paint Program from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories offers Harley owners the opportunity to create their own paint using select designs, colours, and finishes. Painted by professional artists and pinstripers to strict original equipment standards, the Core Series offers 58 possible combinations utilizing five designs, six custom colours and the choice of gloss or denim finish.
A Customer begins the Core Series process by selecting one of five designs: Two-Tone, Grind, Flames, Graphics or Touring Flames. All designs start with a black base, and are detailed with Vivid Black, Shiny Side Up Silver, Real Fine Red, Push the Boundaries Pink, Agave Blue or Iconic Orange accents. Each design is available in Denim or Gloss finish.

The Core Series is available as a complete set, including Factory-fresh sheet metal, for many 2010 and 2011 Harley-Davidson Touring, Sportster, Dyna and Softail models. Core Series colour sets are covered by a two-year Factory warranty when installed within 60 days of the purchase of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Core Series paint is available year-round and in unlimited quantities. Standard lead time is 45 days. 

See an authorized Harley-Davidson Retailer for details.


California law enforcement agency becomes first to use Zero DS

Bad guys on the streets in California have one more thing to worry about - stealth police officers on Zero electrick motorcycles!

Full details below:

The Scotts Valley Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in California to accept delivery of a Zero DS electric motorcycle to assist in local patrols and traffic enforcement. The acquisition serves as a benchmark for evaluating the performance capabilities of the Zero DS in law enforcement situations, such as responding through traffic and on local bike trails. Due to its remarkably quiet all-electric drivetrain, the Zero DS is the perfect motorcycle for patrolling in urban areas where noise may be a factor.

“We are excited to be the first police department in California to receive an electric Zero motorcycle because it will allow our officers to patrol more places, more often,” said Lt. John Hohmann of the Scotts Valley Police Department. “Riding a police motorcycle requires a very special skill set because the officer needs to be alert and keep the public safe, while simultaneously scanning the area for criminal activity. We anticipate that the upright seating position, dual sport configuration and silent operation of the Zero DS is the perfect combination for local patrols and we can’t wait to put it to the test.”

“The city of Scotts Valley and its police department have been very supportive of Zero Motorcycles and we are very pleased that they chose us,” said Jay Friedland, Vice President of Sustainability for Zero Motorcycles. “We hope this opportunity serves as the touchstone for other law enforcement agencies to see the benefits electric motorcycles have when it comes to community patrols and traffic enforcement. The silent operation of the Zero DS allows each officer to hear what’s going on around them, which enhances awareness and safety. Zero DS motorcycles also are a great cost-effective solution for small departments and we are proud to be able to support those who keep our communities safe.”

Built from the ground up using Zero Motorcycles' proprietary Z-Force™ power pack and aircraft grade alloy frame, Zero achieves an industry leading power-to-weight ratio that increases range and maneuverability. The Zero DS has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) and is highway legal. Each model combines state-of-the-art Z-Force technology with an ultra-light frame design to make them agile and fast where it counts. Characterized by instant acceleration and lightweight design Zero’s product line allows riders to take on anything from city streets to off-road trails.


Deals Gap on a 1800cc Goldwing

This guy has become somewhat of an Internet phenomenon.  Well, over 1 million views on YouTube anyway.

When you think of speedy motorcycles to get though all the twists and turns at Deals Gap the first bike that comes to mind probably isn't a banana yellow 1800cc Goldwing.  Not until now at least!  This guy is FAST!


Dakar News from KTM - Stage 4

Second Stage win for Marc Coma as two-way KTM battle ensues Marc Coma of Spain took line honors in Stage Four of the Dakar Rally on Thursday to even up the reckoning with arch rival and fellow KTM factory rider, French-born Cyril Despres. Coma also takes control of the overall standings by a mere two seconds in what is shaping up to be a battle royal between the two giants of the sport. Marc Coma of Spain took line honors in Stage Four of the Dakar Rally on Thursday to even up the reckoning with arch rival and fellow KTM factory rider, French-born Cyril Despres. Coma also takes control of the overall standings by a mere two seconds in what is shaping up to be a battle royal between the two giants of the sport.

Important day, Coma says Coma said it had been "a very important day" for him, even if a relatively short special. "It was difficult to open the way. I'm happy and I felt great. I hope it stays like that right until the end. The general standings don't matter for the moment. The most important thing will be the last day. It's essential to have a good pace and avoid making mistakes. Now we'll have to deal with two very difficult stages".

Coma finished 16 seconds in front in Stage 4
Coma registered the best provisional time of the day by just 16 seconds over Despres, who had stuck closely to his rival throughout the day's special. Despres was never more than 32 seconds behind and constantly shaved a second here and there as the day progressed as the stage took the riders from San Salvador de Jujuy in Argentina over the Andes and down into Calama on the Chilean side of the border. Riders absolved 554 km on the road and a special of 207 km and were rewarded at the end of the day with their first look at the famed Atacama Desert, the driest region on the planet.

Tough competition between KTM's two leading riders
 The rivalry between the two KTM factory riders is legendary and this Dakar is no exception. Despres won the first two stages and Coma the second two but in reality there is nothing between them as they tackle the tricky desert dunes of Chile. The KTM riders were closely shadowed on Wednesday by Francisco (Chaleco) Lopez who would have wanted to enter his home country in the lead, had riding at the top of the field not been so fierce.  He was two minutes behind but now has a deficit of more than 20 minutes in the general standings as the two leaders begin to put serious distance between themselves and the rest of the field. If either wins the event this year it will be the 10th victory for KTM, the Austrian sports motorcycle brand. Despres already owns three Dakar trophies; Coma has two to his credit and neither will concede an inch until after they get back to Buenos Aires on January 16.

Different mind set, Despres says
"For this type of terrain that's so different you need to change the way your brain's wired. There's no more hard ground, just desert, off-track riding and surfaces that break up. It was a good start to the desert stages. Today, Marc Coma rode a great stage. It's a superb battle with Marc. Today again we opened up a little more of a gap on the others. This evening, I'm in second, 2 seconds behind. For a number 2, that's a neat trick, isn't it?"
Mixed fortunes for co-riders
It was a mixed day for the co-riders of the two leaders. Juan Pedrero of Spain, Coma's partner in the 33rd edition had his best stage so far to finish sixth, just over seven minutes behind the leaders and now moves up to sixth in the overalls. Ruben Faria, Cyril's co-rider was not so lucky and experienced difficulties between waypoint two and four and dropped from third to 26th at the end of the day, Ruben crossed the line in 22nd place and dropped down the order in the generals to seventh place. The two KTM teams can be satisfied that all of their four factory riders are in the top seven after getting into the tougher stages, while Coma and Despres are now pulling ahead of the rest of the field.

Dakar goes to Chile
Today was the day that the Dakar "caravan" crossed the Andes at an altitude of 4800 m via the Paso de Jama pass so competitors had to content with the thin air as well as tough riding conditions, even if the special was only half the distance of yesterday's Stage Three.  Organizers had made provision for possible negative affects of the altitude on the competitors and some 30 vehicles were positioned along the course to assist anyone with altitude-related difficulties. Stage Four was also the first stage where bikes, cars and trucks in the rally all followed the same route.

High altitude crossing
Having safely managed the stage, the altitude, the crossover into Chilean territory, the teams now have to muster their physical and mental strength to apply themselves to attacking the soft and shifting sands of the Chilean desert, the mighty Atacama. Riders still have two very testing days on the bikes before the one and only rest day on Saturday in this marathon event. Stage Five, another very challenging ride allows them a mere 36 km on the road and 423 grueling kilometers of mixed terrain, including rocky track and dunes. The stage finishes at Iquique on the Pacific coast when they make a heart-stopping descent at an average gradient of 32%. On Friday they continue north through the sand and dunes to a point near the border with Peru, which is also new territory for the rally this year.

Stage 4 Results
1, Marc Coma, Spain, KTM, 2:04:00
2, Cyril Despres, Andorra, at 00:16
3, Francisco Chaleco Lopez, Chile, Aprilia, at 2:05
4, Olivier Pain, France, Yamaha, at 6:20
5, Helder Rodriguez, Portugal, Yamaha, at 6:55
6. Juan Pedrero, Spain, KTM at 7:15
22. Ruben Faria, Portugal, KTM at 17:43

General Standings after Stage 4
1, Marc Coma, Spain, KTM 11:43:12
2, Cyril Despres, Andorra, at 00:02
3, Francisco (Chaleco) Lopez, Chile, Aprilia, at 20:12
4. Paolo Goncalves, Portugal, BMW, 25:40
5, Helder Rodriguez, Portugal, Yamaha, at 26:02
6. Juan Pedrero, Spain, KTM at 26:23
7, Ruben Faria, Portugal, KTM at 27:07


North American International Motorcycle SuperShow - Begins Friday

Just a little reminder that the 2011 North American International Motorcycle Supershow is opening its doors this Friday January 7th and running until Sunday, Jan. 9th.

425,000 square feet make it one of the largest motorcycle shows in Canada (if not THE largest). There's lots of free parking, huge dealer displays, all the 2011's, 50 exhibitors, shopping deals, entertainment, and over 70 clubs, rides and rallies.

Get the full scoop HERE - Get a discount on your ticket HERE.


International Centre
6900 Airport Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Friday Jan. 7:  10am – 10pm
Saturday Jan. 8: 10am – 10pm
Sunday Jan. 9: 10am – 6pm


Adults $18
Youths (6-12 years) $5
Children under 6 admitted free


Chironex partners with Germany’s Sachs

Chironex Motorsports Inc (an Ottawa-based corporation that develops and distributes motorsports, recreational and utility vehicles) has entered a joint venture with German brand Sachs Bikes International. Chironex will act as the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Sachs MadAss 125 motorcycle, starting in the spring of 2011.

The MadAss will be available at authorized Chironex dealerships in March at MSRP 3499; the MadAss will only be available in its 125 cc. configuration for 2011. 

The MadAss 125 features a 125cc 4-stroke motor that drives a motorcycle-style foot shifting manual transmission. The frame of the bike holds fuel in an integral tank and with its 16" wheels and clip-on handlebars, this bike looks as good as it rides.

Light weight (209 lbs by most accounts online ), firm damping, fast-response braking, and great handling work in conjunction to give the MadAss its irresistible road feel.

The bike is growing in cult-like popularity and tuning options are aplenty. The MadAss is available in 4 colour choices: Charcoal (black), Gunmetal (grey), Madder (red), and Magnolia (white).

Founded in 1886, Sachs Bikes International is comprised of a team of accomplished professionals in its research and development, and manufacturing divisions. The company has built a reputation for conceptualizing and subsequently bringing to market innovative and high-performance product offerings, like the MadAss 125.


2011 Dakar is on!

The 2011 running of the Dakar is on - it started on January 1st and runs through to the 16th. The race begins in Buenos Aires and heads north then south in a circuitous route that brings the competitors back to (hopefully) finish in Buenos Aires.

The route brings the competitors over 9,500 km, including 5,000 km of racing stages.  Wow!

Sadly there's no coverage on Canadian television that we're aware of but if you want to keep track of the event there's two very good places to do it.

That's on the Dakar website and on a thread on the ADV Rider website HERE.

There's no Canadian competitors this year either (that we know of) but if you want to cheer for somebody close to home you might want to watch Jonah Street from the US.  He's got a real chance to win - or at least do VERY well - he finished 6th in the opening stage.

Go Jonah!