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Motorcycle Experience on TSN Saturday March 31

Toyota Truck presents Motorcycle Experience on TSN

Episode 2  - Saturday March 31 at 12:30pm (Eastern)

Catch the longest running televised Motorcycle Magazine in North America with it's uniquely Canadian
perspective on the sport of motorcycling and get set to keep your feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked!

This week, host Dave Hatch invites viewer Dave Fox to sample Honda's all new CBR250R ..
Dave and Norm also travel to Signal Hill in St. John's Newfoundland during their "BMW Ultimate Ride".

Honda reporter, Aliki Karayan turns the spotlight on rider training in downtown Toronto while Paul Kahnert drops in on a group of motorcycle riders in Belfountain, Ontario. Plus Yamaha's Bryan Hudgin completes Round 1 in this season's Ultimate Motorcycle Challenge!

EPISODE 2  Schedule on TSN*
Saturday March 31 - 12:30pm
Monday April 02 - 3:30pm

EPISODE 2 Premiere Schedule on TSN2*
Saturday March 31 - 6:30pm
Wednesday April 04 - 10:30pm
Friday April 06 - 4:30pm

*All times eastern

Check out the War of 1812 Rider's Club Contest at

Motorcycle Experience is presented by Toyota Truck and is proudly sponsored by; Yamaha Motor Canada, Honda Canada, BMW Motorrad Canada and Motovan.

Host Dave Hatch exclusively wears Joe Rocket riding gear and Shoei helmets.


BMW Motorrad documents history on Facebook Timeline

If you're a Facebook user you may be aware of "Timeline" feature which shows what you've been doing over the years. It was controversial with some but BMW Motorrad has used it to document their history for all to see.

It's a great use of technology and BMW Motorrad fans will LOVE it. There's tons of interesting information and historical photo's dating back to the beginnings of the company.

Check out the link HERE.


Husqvarna Enduro Team prepare for GP of Argentina

The Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing’s participation in the Enduro World Championship continues this weekend with Matti Seistola, Lorenzo Santolino, Ricky Dietrich, Juha Salminen, Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier competing in the GP of Argentina, round two of the 2012 EWC series.

As the final leg of the championship’s visit to South America for a second consecutive weekend the event will take riders to a never before scene location. In contrast to last weekend’s Chilean terrain, the tracks and trails in and around San Juan after crossing the Cordillera of Andes , will present new arid and rocky challenges.

The 50km lap, which features one extreme, one motocross, and one enduro test, will be ridden four times each day.

Enjoying a winning start to his participation in the 2012 Enduro World Championship having topped the Enduro 2 class on day one in Chile Juha Salminen starts the GP of Argentina second in the E2 championship standings, just three points behind class leader Ivan Cervantes. Looking to continue his good form, Juha will again start at the front of the E2 class, which, like in Chile, could well prove to be extremely important in the expected dusty conditions.

Juha’s Enduro 2 class mates Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier will also be looking for success in Argentina. Salvini, who after a frustrating opening day placed a creditable third on day two, will be looking to lift himself up from his current position of sixth in the E2 standings. Likewise Dumontier is also determined to improve his results in what will be only his second event as a ‘senior’ class rider.

In the Enduro 1 class all team riders will be looking to improve on their results from the GP of Chile. Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino delivered the best performance for the Husqvarna Enduro Team with a fourth place result on day one. Frustratingly mistakes on the second day prevented Santolino repeating his impressive results.

For Enduro 1 class team leader Matti Seistola the GP of Argentina will offer the chance to put right to disappointing results at the season opener. Like many riders, Matti saw his day one result spoiled due largely to catching slower riders on the enduro test. Day two saw an improvement with Matti placing fifth but the Finn was anything but pleased with his results and is determined to finish on the podium on both days in San Juan, Argentina.

2012 Enduro World Championship – Standings

Enduro 1:1. Antoine Meo (KTM) 40; 2. Rodrig Thain (Honda) 32; 3. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) 25; 4. Simone Albergoni (Honda) 23; 5. Jeremy Joly (Yamaha) 21; 6. Matti Seistola (Husqvarna) 21; 9. Lorenzo Santolino (Husqvarna) 16; 12. Ricky Dietrich (Husqvarna) 9.

Enduro 2:1. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 34; 2. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) 31; 3. Pela Renet (Husaberg) 30; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 26; 5. Oscar Balletti (Beta) 25; 6. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 23; 13. Romain Dumontier (Husqvarna) 5.


Zero motorcycles - appearing at a Costco near you

We mentioned awhile back that Zero Motorcycles had teamed up with Costco to offer a special discount on Zero Motorcycles to Costco members. Well, having just visited the local Costco here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That time is now.

There's a 2012 Zero S sitting at the exit just before you have your receipt checked and leave the store. It's a high traffic and highly visible placement. Traditional motorcycle manufacturers might cringe at offering product at Costco but whenever I go to Costco... it could be a Tuesday at 11AM - it's ALWAYS busy! That's a lot of people seeing your product and plenty who wouldn't likely EVER visit a motorcycle shop. Not to say that it will translate into huge volumes of sales but it will, if nothing else, create awareness of the brand amongst the public and likely introduce at least a few people to motorcycling.

Creative and bold marketing move if you ask me.

You don't purchase the Zero directly at the Costco, you buy it at a Zero dealership but get a discount on the purchase for being a  Costco member. 

It's a $750 discount on the ZF6 version and $1000 on the ZF9. The ZF6 being a 6kWh battery bike and the ZF9 being a 9kWh bike.


Husqvarna Enduro Team By CH Racing - EWC GP Chile - Rd 1

Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing riders Juha Salminen and Alex Salvini both secured podium results at the opening round of the 2012 Enduro World Championship, the GP of Chile held in Talca. Reigning Enduro 1 World Champion Salminen claimed a convincing win in the Enduro 2 class aboard his TE310 on day one, while Salvini put a difficult opening day behind him to claim third in E2 on day two.

With conditions extremely dry and dusty in Talca, the opening day saw many surprise result, due largely to one difficult uphill on the enduro test. While several of the Husqvarna Enduro team riders saw their results suffer as a result of lost time on the troublesome enduro test, Juha Salminen delivered the goods to start his season in the best way possible – by placing his TE310 on the top step of the E2 class podium. Despite improved speed on the event’s motocross test on day two Juha made a few too many mistakes to challenge for the podium, including one costly error on the enduro test. Despite his day two frustrations the Finn showed impressive speed throughout the event, and now looks forward to next weekend’s GP of Argentina.

Competing alongside Salminen in the Enduro 2 class, Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier endured two tough days of racing. Both riders suffered numerous falls on day one but Salvini was able to turn his fortunes around on day two to claim a deserved third place result, placing just 20 seconds behind runner-up Ivan Cervantes. Romain Dumontier crashed on numerous occasions throughout both days to place 11th and 19th in the Enduro 2 class.

In the Enduro 1 category team riders Matti Seistola, Lorenzo Santolino and Ricky Dietrich all battled through two challenging days of racing, with Seistola delivering the best results. Aiming for podium finishes on both days the Finn showed good speed throughout days one and two but saw several mistakes on day one prevent him from finishing higher than sixth in class. Determined to improve his result on day two, on several occasions Matti caught slower riders ahead of him and lost time riding through their dust. Seistola placed fifth.

Making their debut’s for the Husqvarna Enduro team by CH Racing Frenchman Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino finished a strong fourth on day one but down in 13th on day two in Enduro 1. Ricky Dietrich placed 12th and 11th over the two days in the same class on his debut in EWC.

Juha Salminen – Enduro 2: ‘It’s been a good weekend really. The first day went surprisingly well, and to win first time out on the new bike was really great. It was a strange day. One enduro test decided everything. It wasn’t a great situation for a world championship race, having so many slower riders effectively blocking the track in the hardest part, but that was what it was like for too many riders. I was really pleased with how things went on the motocross test. It was very encouraging. But I felt like I generally rode better on the second day. My times on the motocross test were better than on the first day but I made too many mistakes. I hit a tree on the first enduro test and fell off, and lost a lot of time. I also made a mistake on the second lap. It was generally a very technical race, but not too hard. But it’s been a great start to the series, I’m looking forward to Argentina now.’

Alex Salvini – Enduro 2: ‘My speed was good on many of the tests on the first day, and I managed to get some special test wins. I was really pleased about that. But I had a few problems on the first day, which cost me a good result. Day two was much better. I crashed in the first extreme test but after that I felt good and rode well. The enduro test was still difficult, despite the changes that were made. Generally I’m happy with my riding. I hope that in Argentina I can have a little better luck and also remove the few mistakes I made this weekend.’

Matti Seistola – Enduro 1: ‘It’s been a tough weekend for me. My speed was good in the extreme and cross tests but I messed up both timed enduro tests. The first time I had a big crash and the second lap I got stuck on the big hill and lost one-minute. My speed was good for a podium result, but with the mistakes it meant that I couldn’t get a top three finish. The second day was a little bit the same, as I was struggling with the enduro test. I didn’t have any crashes but I had some problems with the dust. My times weren’t as good as I wanted on the motocross and enduro tests. I was loosing a few too many seconds each time. Sixth and fifth isn’t what I was looking for at the first GP but I know I can improve.’

GP of Chile – Enduro 1, Day 1
1. Antoine Meo (KTM) 56:11.20; 2. Rodrig Thain (Honda) 57:32.77; 3. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) 57:32.81; 4. Lorenzo Santolino (Husqvarna) 57:38.89; 5. Eero Remes (KTM) 57:56.53; 6. Matti Seistola (Husqvarna) 58:19.50

GP of Chile – Enduro 2, Day 1
1. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) 57:04.30; 2. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 57:22.74; 3. Oscar Balletti (Beta) 57:39.99; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 57:41.85; 5. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 57:48.20; 8. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 58:47.19

GP of Chile – Enduro 1, Day 2
1. Antoine Meo (KTM) 54:15.10; 2. Simone Albergoni (Honda) 54:45.84; 3. Rodrig Thain (Honda) 55:07.61; 4. Jeremy Joly (Yamaha) 55:16.71; 5. Matti Seistola (Husqvarna) 55:23.01

GP of Chile – Enduro 2, Day 2
1. Pela Renet (Husaberg) 54:10.87; 2. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 54:36.54; 3. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 54:56.87; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 55:20.95; 5. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) 55:23.51


Motorcycle camping with a trailer

Not really a news piece here - just something interesting we came across.

If you're a motorcycle camper but still aren't too please about sleeping in a tent then this US based company might have just the rig for you. The company is called Moby1 and they make a lightweight teardrop trailer that's suitable for use with a motorcycle.

It's the "C2 Compact/Cycle" model and it starts at under 300lbs. It's currently undergoing some re-engineering so there will be a new and improved version coming soon. 

Basic details are that it is a short body trailer at 80″ long with the body the full length of the mattress and comes in two widths, 40″ and 48″. There's a half galley with cabinets and a countertop workspace for cooking and cleanup, and interior cabinets in the cabin for storage of clothing and gear.

The C2 has rim sizes available from 12″ to 15″ and available with low profile tires. Prices starting at $5500.00.

See Moby1 for more details.


Husqvarna’s 2012 Enduro World Championship Team Ready For Action

After the great successes of the 2011 Enduro World Championship – winning both rider and manufacturer titles in the Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 classes, Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing will start the new season once again focused on success. With a revised rider line-up the squad are looking forward to competing in what will undoubtedly be a highly competitive eight-round series.

Competing exclusively in the Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 categories for 2012, the Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing squad has one goal – to repeat last year’s TE250 and TE310 powered championship-winning successes. With a gruelling series taking riders to Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland and France, competition in all classes will be tougher than ever.

The first of this season’s eight Grand Prix, the GP of Chile will take place in the capital of the Maule region in the city of Talca where 25-degree temperatures await the riders and teams in and around the foot of the Cordillera of Andes. For the first time in its Enduro history, the Federation International Motociclisme has awarded the Federacion Motociclisme de Chile the honor of hosting the first round of what is expected to be a thrilling season.

The tracks, trails and special tests are expected to be very dry, dusty, challenging and rocky.

Leading Husqvarna’s EWC assault is Juha Salminen. The 2011 Enduro 1 World Champion moves up into the Enduro 2 category for 2012, where he will race aboard a TE310 machine. The most successful EWC rider ever, Salminen will start the new season hopeful of securing a ninth world championship title. With his vast racing knowledge, skills, and his will to deliver Husqvarna further titles, Juha will head a three-rider team in Enduro 2 alongside Alex Salvini and Romain Dumontier.

Looking to deliver his best EWC season to date following numerous impressive performances during this winter’s FIM SuperEnduro World Championship series, Alex Salvini starts 2012 determined to secure a top three overall result. Improving greatly during 2011, Salvini now has the experience to match his speed.

Romain Dumontier joins the team for 2012 fresh from his outstanding performances in the Enduro Junior class of the EWC in 2011. Stepping into senior competition for the first time, the determined Frenchman knows that he faces many challengers in the competitive Enduro 2 class but is unwavering in his belief that he will fight for regular top five results.
Spearheading the Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing squad’s Enduro 1 class attack is Finland’s Matti Seistola. A multiple podium finisher during 2011, Matti’s goal is to do what countryman and friend Salminen did last year – secure the Enduro 1 title.

Racing alongside Seistola will be Spaniard Lorenzo Santolino and US EWC first timer Ricky Dietrich. Fifth in the 2011 Enduro 1 series standings, Lorenzo, with Husqvarna backing, looks to further improve his World Championship ranking. For Ricky Dietrich moving to Europe to compete in the EWC series represents a major change of direction in the young American’s career – one he’s unquestionably looking forward to. With speed to match both Seistola and Lorenzo, Ricky will ensure Husqvarna enjoy a highly competitive presence in the Enduro 1 class.

Juha Salminen – E 2: “I think it will be an interesting year for me competing in Enduro 2, which will bring some extra motivation for success. It will be a tough championship for sure, but I view it much the same way as any other season I’ve raced. As always my goal is to win and I will ride at my maximum ability in order to try and do that. I’m enjoying riding the new TE 310. It feels exactly like my TE 250 but with more power - I haven’t had to change anything on the bike.”

Alex Salvini – E 2: “Last year was quite tough as it was my first season in the world championship. It was a big step but I learned a lot from it and I’m ready to improve in 2012. I’m looking forward to racing in Enduro 2. It’ll be a tough class with a lot of competitive riders but I’m focused on securing a strong result. I’ve made some good progress during the winter months and feel happy with my speed on the TE 310. My goal is to finish top three overall and hopefully with a strong start to the season in South America it will be possible.”

Roman Dumontier – E 2: “I’m really excited for the start of the season. After a successful number of years competing in the Junior class I am now able to move into the Seniors classes with one of the best teams in the paddock. Competition in Enduro 2 will be very strong but I think a top five result will be possible.”

Matti Seistola – E1: “It was nice to win some races in 2011 but this year I want to try and win the world title. It will be important to remain competitive at every round of the championship and try to push for the win. I’ve learned to be more calculated and patient with my riding, which I think will help me throughout the season to be one of the top riders. I’m looking forward to getting started again and I’m excited to start the championship in Chile.

Ricky Dietrich – E 1: “This will be a big year for me but a learning one as well. I’m really thankful for CH Racing Husqvarna for giving me this opportunity to compete in the Enduro World Championship and hopefully I can reward them with some solid results.”

Lorenzo Santolino – E1: “My goal is to keep improving in the Enduro 1 class. There will be many fast riders in my class but I believe that I am one of them and I will be focused on finishing inside the top five at each round of the championship while also pushing for a podium result. I’m really happy with the TE 250, I feel very comfortable on the bike and I’m looking forward to getting started.”

Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing 2012

Enduro1 - Matti Seistola (Finland) TE 250
Enduro1 - Lorenzo Santolino (Spain) TE 250
Enduro1 - Ricky Dietrich (USA) TE 250
Enduro2 - Juha Salminen (Finland) TE 310
Enduro2 - Alex Salvini (Italy) TE 310
Enduro2 - Romain Dumontier (France) TE 310


Motorcycle Experience on TSN this weekend

Motorcycle Experience has their season premiere this weekend and airs Sunday, March 25 at 12:00pm (Eastern).

This weekend, Motorcycle Experience returns for it's 23rd season on TSN.

Catch the only televised Motorcycle Magazine in North America with it's uniquely Canadian perspective on the sport of motorcycling and get set to keep your feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked!

This season, host Dave Hatch along with a handful of the show's viewers will sample a whole batch of new motorcycle models. The series also travels to Newfoundland for a brand new "BMW Ultimate Ride". Honda reporter, Aliki Karayan turns the spotlight on rider training while Paul Kahnert drops in on motorcycle riders and gives them an opportunity to show off their rides. Plus Yamaha's Bryan Hudgin accepts Dave's six stage Ultimate Motorcycle Challenge!

Season Premiere Schedule on TSN*
Sunday March 25 - 12:00pm
Thursday March 29 - 1:30pm

Season Premiere Schedule on TSN2*
Tuesday March 27 - 4:00pm
Thursday March 29 - 7:30pm
*All times eastern

Episode 1
- A former Canadian Enduro Champion roadtests the new Yamaha Super Tenere
- Aliki visits the Learning Curves motorcycle rider training school
- Dave and Norm land in St John's Newfoundland
- Paul rides to Belfountain and Bryan hit's the dirt!
- Plus Motorcycle Experience announces a brand new War of 1812 Rider's Club contest.

Motorcycle Experience is presented by Toyota Truck and is proudly sponsored by; Yamaha Motor Canada, Honda Canada, BMW Motorrad Canada and Motovan.

Host Dave Hatch exclusively wears Joe Rocket riding gear and Shoei helmets.


Honda Crosstourer on-board video

A little video from the folks at 1000PS featuring the Honda Crosstourer 1200. Its not expected to come to Canada really soon but its likely to eventually come to our market as a competitor to all the other "big" adventure bikes.

The Crosstourer is powered by a 76-degree 1237cc V-Four which makes a claimed 127.4 hp according to Honda press material. Peak torque is said to be 92.9 lb-ft.

The Crosstourer features a Traction Control System (TCS) that monitors rear wheel speed. If wheel spin will result in loss of traction (determined by the system) engine power is reduced. Press materials indicate the traction control can be turned off by the rider.

It tips the scales at 606lbs apparently - a symptom of its sophisticated v4 engine and robust shaft drive system perhaps.  While not lightweight it should undercut BMW in terms of price and provided you're not taking this 1237cc machine too far off-road it would appear to have many of the right elements to make it a success.


Off-duty police officer receives stunt driving charge

An Ottawa police officer has been charged with stunt driving charges after being clocked at more than 200 km/h on Highway 174 while off-duty.
Officers were conducting radar options on the eastbound highway near Tenth Line Road and caught the off-duty police officer.
Const. Yannik Bernard was charged with stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act.As a result his motorcycle was impounded and his rider's license was suspended for seven days.
If he's convicted, Bernard face fines up to $2,000. Needless to say he has been reassigned to a 'desk job.'


Dunlop enhances web presence

Premier motorcycle tire manufacturer Dunlop recently partnered with digital design agency Cuker Interactive to launch a new site that showcases Dunlop products and the highlights the company's rich history of motorcycle racing.  The new is a best-of-class website that solidifies the company's position as the leader in the global tire industry.

Since Dunlop is the largest maker of motorcycle tires in the U.S., supplying major brands like Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Ducati, the site includes an easy process for tire selection. The interactive fitment guide helps consumers chose the right tire for their particular make and model of bike, while the product detail pages provide comprehensive tire information, with zoom, alternate images, find a retailer, and other powerful merchandizing features.

"We designed the Dunlop site to blow away the competition," said Cuker Interactive CEO Aaron Cuker.  "While most sites in this industry are by nature loud and cluttered, we wanted to energize and excite Dunlop customers while still providing the intuitive navigation and easy access to product information that is imperative for online success."

The new site was developed with engagement and interactivity in mind.  Both core enthusiasts and new customers can experience the Dunlop brand with a full photo gallery and videos that include viewing controls, an embed link, and full screen mode option.  There's also a dynamic news page, a detailed info center, and technical illustrations that explain the sophisticated technology used to make Dunlop tires.

Since Dunlop is renowned for their extraordinary national and international motorcycle racing success, the site also includes a section dedicated to featured riders, current racing news, the company's racing history, and celebrated racing legends.

About Dunlop Tires:

Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S. and the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America. With North American operations headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Dunlop has been making and selling high-quality tires in the U.S. since 1923.


Dakar 2013 schedule

The route of the 2013 Dakar has just been disclosed at a press conference and the 2013 event is set to depart from Lima on January 5th and after crossing Argentina, racers will finish the adventure in Santiago on January 20th. If they make it to the finish, the riders will have traveled more than 8,000 kilometers. It all starts 288 days from now according to the counter on the official Dakar website.

This will be the fifth edition organised on the South American continent. It'll be hosted by three countries. The new route puts the riders in the desert (a first) in a large chain of dunes right away and takes a north to south route.

There's the Grand Start plus five stages in Peru followed by 5 stages and a rest day in Argentina then 4 stages and the finish in Chile.


Last chance offers from Ducati

Just got a reminder from Ducati that their "Freedom Of Choice" promotion is quickly coming to an end. Act now for some financing deals - one deal includes panniers too.


Financing rates starting at 3.9% APR* for 36 months on select new Ducati models, now through March 31, 2012 Ducati gives you the Freedom of Choice; choose your favorite Ducati Model and enjoy unprecedented financing and more!

Between February 1 and March 31, 2012 Ducati is expanding your Freedom of Choice to include 3.9% APR* on ALL new 2009, 2010, and 2011 Ducati Motorcycles. In addition to this exciting opportunity, if your choice is the Game Changing 2010/2011 Multistrada 1200 you can choose between two exciting options: Free Luggage plus 5.45% APR* or 3.9% APR*.

Your Freedom of Choice, continues to include 5.45% APR* financing on ALL new 2012 Ducati motorcycles in stock.

From the unstoppable Multistrada 1200 to the category crushing Ducati Diavel, your selection is limited only to the inventory on hand. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this special offer and ride home on the Ducati of your dreams! This unique opportunity is available now through March 31, 2012.

3.9% APR* financing over 36 months:
All remaining new 2009, 2010, 2011 Ducati models

Free Side Panniers or Top Case + 5.45% APR* Financing over 36 months OR 3.9% APR* Financing:
2010/2011 Multistrada 1200 Standard & Sport – 58 Litre Side Panniers
2010/2011 Multistrada 1200 S Touring – 48 Litre Top Case

5.45% APR* Financing over 36 months:
All new in stock 2012 Ducati models


Husqvarna - Everything you wanted to know

Husqvarna has had a bit of a tough 12 months; sales are down. BMW (who own the Husqvarna brand) is taking steps to try to improve those numbers though and have brought about Husqvara's return to street motorcycles; a move that will surely boost sales somewhat. BMW on the other hand has been steadily pumping out good sales and new or improved models. They seem to have product that people want and surely some of that skill will translate into some changes to help Husqvarna move more units.

Looks like they're starting with an awareness campaign that provide a company profile and history of the brand. It's long - but does include a lot of interesting information about the company. They've also included information on what they're calling a "new model offensive." The next few years could be really interesting for Husqvarna motorcycles!

Full details:

Husqvarna Motorcycles – a company profile

Husqvarna Motorcycles is an international manufacturer of motorcycles for cross-country and road use. Originally founded in Sweden, the company has been part of the BMW Group since 2007 and can look back on more than a century of manufacturing motorcycles. This makes it the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production. For decades now, the brand has clocked up great successes in international racing, including 82 world championship titles in off-road events.

Since 2008, the development, manufacture and marketing of Husqvarna motorcycles have been located in Cassinetta di Biandronno, in the north Italian province of Varese. That is where the headquarters was established back in 1987 when the company was taken over by the Cagiva MV Agusta Group. In 2011, shipments totalled 11, 243 units.

In addition, the introduction of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Husqvarna Nuda 900 R models signalled the brand’s return to the street bike segment. These models, too, developed in partnership with BMW Motorrad, are distinguished by their typically purist and sports-oriented Husqvarna design. Most recently, prospects of a further expansion of the model range have been opened up by the prototype Husqvarna Concept MOAB and Husqvarna Concept Strada and Concept BAJA.

Parallel to this, the alliance between Husqvarna Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad strengthens the company’s capacity for technical innovation. The prototype of an anti-lock braking system specifically designed for off-road use, as well as the all-electric Husqvarna e-GO concept bike, underscore the future viability of this tradition-rich motorcycle maker.

History: roots in Sweden, motorcycle development since 1903.

Husqvarna is the original name of a town in southern Sweden, where a metalworking business was founded in 1689. Today, in the same town (now spelled Huskvarna) there is a factory museum, in which exhibits from all former and present branches of production can be seen. Production of motorcycles began in 1903.

The first motorised bicycle bearing the Husqvarna badge was powered by a 1.5 hp single-cylinder two-stroke engine and achieved a maximum speed of 50 km/h (30 mph). In the years that followed, the firm consistently pushed ahead with the expansion of this new line of business. At first the engines were bought in, but all other components were developed in-house. From the outset, Husqvarna motorcycles were distinguished by their light weight and high reliability. Their qualities quickly proved themselves in sporting competitions, which in those days were staged predominantly on unsurfaced tracks. The first Husqvarna motorcycle completely developed and produced in Sweden was launched in 1918 and subsequently sold in large numbers. The 550 cc V-twin engine of the Husqvarna 150 model delivered 12 hp.

As early as the 1920s and 1930s, Husqvarna motorcycles were being built for the road, but were also entered for prestigious racing events such as the Tourist Trophy. Its commitment to international competitions made Husqvarna famous throughout Europe, and sporting triumphs contributed substantially to rising sales figures. It was chiefly on the light and robust four-stroke machines that the Husqvarna works riders scored Grand Prix victories, and in 1933 also won the European Championship title in the 500 cc class, thus cementing the brand’s reputation. Husqvarna became a byword for reliability and advanced technology, and up until the late 1930s the brand enjoyed steadily rising demand.

Realignment: lightweight two-strokes, off-road sport and a leap into the USA.

The post-war years brought a fundamental reorientation to the motorcycle industry as a whole, to Husqvarna, and to its motorcycle division. The parent company focused on domestic appliances, and in the 1950s even introduced chainsaws and other garden equipment into its catalogue. The Husqvarna motorcycle range was limited to lightweight two-stroke models which, in modified form, were also deployed in the off-road sports that were becoming popular in the mid-1950s. The best-selling model was the single-cylinder Silverpilen (Silver Arrow), whose 175 cc engine produced 9 hp and which could be upgraded with modern technical refinements such as a telescopic front fork and hydraulic shock absorbers.

In the years that followed, numerous competition machines with two- and four-stroke engines were developed; and between 1960 and 1963, the first four Motocross world championship titles were won in the 500 cc and 250 cc classes. The sporting achievements of the robust and manoeuvrable Husqvarna motorbikes made the brand popular in the USA too, boosting sales figures there. Among the high-profile Husqvarna riders in the successful era of the 1960s and 1970s was Hollywood film actor Steve McQueen.

The move to Italy.

In 1983 Husqvarna marked yet another milestone with its TE 510 model. The exceptionally light and easy-handling off-roader with all-round lubrication and air cooling became the forerunner of a generation of four-stroke motorcycles for off-road use. As other manufacturers followed suit, it led to a revival of the four-stroke classes in international competitions. Here, too, Husqvarna riders scooped collected numerous world championship titles in the following years.

By 1977 the entire Husqvarna business had already become part of Sweden’s Electrolux Group. Then, in 1987, the Husqvarna motorcycle division was sold to the Cagiva MV Agusta Group and the company headquarters transferred to Varese in Italy. In parallel with the continuing sporting successes, the production models were subjected to ongoing development. The unmistakable personality of the brand, characterised by lightness, reliability and cool, minimalist design, was retained after the move.

Restructuring under the aegis of the BMW Group.

Since October 2007, Husqvarna Motorcycles has been owned by the BMW Group. The resulting strong partnership between Husqvarna Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad enables the strengths of each to be combined in a selective way. Husqvarna can thus continue to build on the outstanding off-road performance of the brand and at the same time conquer new market segments. At the same time, the development know-how of BMW Motorrad is feeding into fascinating concepts and models. One of the first fruits of the partnership is Husqvarna’s re-entry into the street bike segment with the Nuda 900 and Nuda 900 R models. The introduction of these models – based on the BMW F800 – signals Husqvarna’s product offensive in the coming years.

Motorsport: Triple triumph in the 1916 “Novemberkåsan”, 82 world championship titles to date.

The development of Husqvarna Motorcycles is closely tied to sporting success. Participation in competitions brought the performance and reliability of the developed products to the attention of the public. Success became the proof of those quality attributes that also singled out Husqvarna motorcycles in everyday use. Hence, at an early stage the company competed in race events, which in the home country of Sweden took place on varied and usually mixed surfaces. The most famous example of these is the rally known in Swedish as the “Novemberkåsan” (November Turnout), which is held annually to this day. In 1916, on only the second occasion of the competition, Husqvarna dominated in impressive style. After 475 kilometres (295 miles), ridden largely on dirt roads and trails, the first three places were taken by Husqvarna riders.

This was followed in the 1920s and ’30s by further triumphs at this and other cross-country trials, as well as numerous road-run Grand Prix successes. At this time the young engineer Folke Mannerstedt was developing highly competitive road racing motorcycles, including the V-twin four-stroke, weighing in at a mere 127 kg, on which works rider Ragnar Sunnqvist won the 1932 Swedish Grand Prix in the 500 cc class. His team-mate Gunnar Kalén repeated the success in the following year to become European champion in the 500 cc category. In 1934 and 1935 Husqvarna was again successful in the Swedish Grand Prix. Between 1923 and 1933 Kalén won the Novemberkåsan six times, and in 1934 he also rode a Husqvarna in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. In the Swedish TT, Husqvarna picked up a total of 13 class wins between 1926 and 1935. Sunnqvist also won the Finnish Grand Prix in 1932, the Italian and French in 1936, and the 1935 AVUS race in Berlin, all on Husqvarna machines.

Straight into a winning streak, even away from surfaced roads.

With its specialisation on purely off-road competitions, which became common during the 1950s, another glorious era began for Husqvarna, when off-road riding defined the character of the brand for decades. Participation in the Six Days with lightweight 175 cc machines marked the start of a success story which would surpass even the run of victories in road racing. In Motocross the first European championship, in 1959, and the first world championship, in 1960, were both won on Husqvarnas. The European title was picked up by Rolf Tibblin in the 250 cc class, and in the following year in the 500 cc category Bill Nilsson laid the foundation stone for an impressive collection of overall world championship victories. As well as Tibblin and Nilsson, in the years up to 1970 the Husqvarna riders Bengt Aberg, with two overall world championship victories, and Torsten Hallman with four, contributed to the dominant role of the Swedish brand in Motocross. Further world championship titles were won by Heikki Mikkola in 1974 and 1976 and by Håkan Carlqvist in 1979.

Technical innovations, new categories and the introduction of completely new competition categories illustrate the profound transformation that off-road sport has undergone in the past three decades. Husqvarna has taken up the sporting challenges associated with this and definitively influenced them through its own developments. For example, Husqvarna was one of the pioneers of the reintroduction of the four-stroke class in Motocross in the early 1980s. Then in the mid-1980s a new sports discipline came into being with the Supermoto series. This blend of asphalt and off-road racing, also known by its French name Supermotard, has likewise proved to be a promising field of activity for Husqvarna, as demonstrated by numerous national and international titles. In 2011 the brand won the “Supermoto of the Nations” and dominated the International German Supermoto Championship. What’s more, Mauno Hermunen triumphed on a Husqvarna SMR 449 in, among other events, the “Superbikers Mettet” in Belgium, Europe’s premier Supermoto race.

In the Enduro World Championship, held since 1990, Husqvarna has also played a leading role from the outset. Until the reallocation of rankings in 2004, the brand won at least one world championship title in each season. Most recently, Husqvarna became the 2011 Enduro constructors’ world champion in classes E1 and E2. In the rider classification Juha Salminen on a Husqvarna TE 250 and Antoine Meo on a Husqvarna TE 310 each won the world championship in their category. This meant that four of the six possible titles were credited to the old-established badge. To date, a total of 82 world championship titles in the Motocross, Supermoto and Enduro categories have been won on Husqvarna motorcycles.

Also in 2011, in cooperation with the Speedbrain team, Husqvarna made a successful entrée into rallying. In the 2012 Dakar Rally good use was made of the experience gathered prior to the event on a motorcycle based on the Husqvarna TE 449. The Husqvarna / Speedbrain rally team ended the 2012 Dakar Rally on the Husqvarna TE 449 RR without a breakdown or any technical failure. By the end of the South American rally, Husqvarna had earned one stage win and a total of six podium places.

Corporate and product structure: a fruitful partnership, the launch of a model offensive.

Since 2008, Husqvarna motorcycles have been developed and manufactured in Cassinetta di Biandronno in the north Italian province of Varese. Their marketing is also directed from the company headquarters there. Currently, 26 models comprise the range across the Enduro, Motocross, Supermoto and street bike segments, spanning a wide capacity range from 50 cc to 900 cc.

In October 2007, Husqvarna Motorcycles became part of the BMW Group, a move that opened up fresh opportunities in concept developments, technical innovations and stronger sales structures. As a complement to the existing Husqvarna dealer network, selected BMW motorcycle dealers worldwide also offer the current range of models.

With the introduction of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R, the company has completed a high-profile comeback in the street bike sector. This spectacular addition to the product range is the opening salvo of a model offensive which is aimed at placing Husqvarna in a significantly strengthened position in the international motorcycle markets. No sooner was the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R on the market than a vote among readers of Germany´s MOTORRAD magazine in 2012 gave it a podium place in the hard-fought Enduro/Supermoto segment, and in the spring of 2012, in the voting for the Red Dot Design Award 2012, the Nuda 900 R earned the “red dot: best of the best” accolade for the highest design quality.

Attractive prospects for further additions to the model range are held out by the prototypes of the Husqvarna Concept Strada and the Husqvarna Concept MOAB and Concept BAJA. A model based on the Husqvarna Concept Strada is already in development for volume production.

The company is systematically building up its exceptional expertise in the off-road sphere as well. Both the two-stroke and the four-stroke ranges are currently undergoing intensive redevelopment and, in some cases, fundamental revision.

Characteristic design, dedication and engineering skill.

The combined engineering knowledge of Husqvarna Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad, together with Husqvarna’s well-known dedication, gives the latest models of the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand their special and unmistakable character. The essential qualities that underlie sporting success are faithfully reflected in the design of the current models, their sporty aura defined by the minimalist lines that emphasise dynamic forward momentum. Their form follows the technical demands placed on a motorcycle designed for racing, and from this the Husqvarna design department has developed a distinctive design language that consistently takes its cue from the product attributes: the traditional values of the brand are preserved alongside modern innovations for optimising performance, handling and safety.

The model portfolio - Motocross in five displacement categories

 Husqvarna’s Motocross models carry in them the racing DNA that has matured over decades, along with the passion for competition. Even the entry-level models, the Husqvarna CR 50 and Husqvarna CR 65, unmistakably reflect the hallmark character of the brand in their design. In appearance and technology, both models borrow from the Husqvarna CR 125, on which two world championship titles have already been won and which, thanks to ongoing development, is repeatedly setting new benchmarks.

Innovations directly influenced by racing experience also determine the character of the Husqvarna TC 250. The return of the brand to the world championship in the MX2 class played a pivotal role in the development of this model. The four-stroke is powered by a single-cylinder engine weighing just 22 kg, with twin overhead camshafts, valve finger followers, weight-reduced piston and Keihin fuel injection. The 250 cc model also benefits from a chromoly frame as well as an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system – two features that also distinguish the top model in the Motocross category, the Husqvarna TC 449. Other specialities include a coaxially positioned rocker arm, of which the countershaft sprocket is located directly on the rocker arm pivot, a centrally installed two-section fuel tank, and a mapping switch with which the rider can adjust the settings while in motion, either to his needs or to the track characteristics.

Supermoto: exciting handling, dynamic design.

Husqvarna offers a diversity of choice, offering Supermoto models in five engine sizes for riding in combined off-road and asphalt competitions. Then there is the entry-level Husqvarna CR 50 and the Husqvarna SM 125, which is available in both a two-stroke and four-stroke versions. With its agile handling and dynamic design, the SM125 embodies those characteristics that have led to victory in countless Supermoto world championships.

Supermoto design reached a new evolutionary stage with the Husqvarna SMR 511. With its avant-garde lines and innovative technology these models similarly generate an easy-handling feel that is typically Husqvarna. The long saddle, the Coaxial Traction System (CTS) with a coaxial drive sprocket to the swing arm pivot pin, the linkage mounted on the upper side of the swing arm and the Sachs suspension strut, not to mention the four-stroke engines with electronic injection and double butterfly throttle, set new standards in this category. The Husqvarna SM 630 likewise provides an exceptionally versatile top-of-the-range model with a 600 cc four-stroke engine – a particularly high-performance single-cylinder model that is a true rarity in the Supermoto class.

Enduro: the basis of Husqvarna’s 82 world championship titles.

Of the 82 world championship titles won by Husqvarna to date, the overwhelming majority have been in the Enduro category. The technical expertise that made these repeated successes possible has been faithfully transferred to the brand’s production models. There is currently a choice of six Enduro motorcycles. The three two-strokes – the Husqvarna WR 125, Husqvarna WR 250 and Husqvarna WR 300 – are not only designed for speed and lightness, but their handling is extremely agile, combined with a ready delivery of power.

Husqvarna’s four-stroke TE 250 and TE 310 models are currently making their name in world championships. At the same time, the 2012 models offer numerous innovations which are based directly on the brand’s racing expertise, including a modified frame, a new, fully-adjustable shock absorber for the rear suspension, a newly-tuned front fork and a LeoVince exhaust system, likewise new. The external design also has a fresh look. Heading the range is the Husqvarna TE 449 – in this model, too, the extensive experience gained from racing has been systematically applied to further development. With a lower saddle height, some tweaking of the chassis and a heat guard over the exhaust pipe, the Husqvarna TE 449 has been optimised for 2012.

As an addition to the model range there is a choice of three models in the “Dual” category. The two-stroke Husqvarna WRE 125 as well as the four-stroke Husqvarna TE 125 and TE 630 convey a racing feel in everyday riding.

Streetwise: a comeback on the road and the start of a new model offensive.

The introduction of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Nuda 900 R models marks the brand’s comeback in the street bike segment. Both of these twin-cylinder models are based on the BMW F800 and offer the fascination that typifies the brand but in an innovative form. With a spaceframe, weight-saving construction and a modified 900 cc engine, both models occupy a position between crossover and naked bike. At the same time, the hallmark Husqvarna features have been preserved in combination with trusted BMW qualities. Characteristic design, a purist look and performance-oriented technology make for intense riding fun.

The development of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Nuda 900 R models is the first result – actually seen on the road – of the close cooperation with BMW Motorrad. As further results of this partnership, the prototype Husqvarna Concept Strada as much as the Husqvarna Concept MOAB and the Concept BAJA have already been presented. With these concepts, Husqvarna offers a realistic look ahead to the short- and medium-term expansion of the range. 

Innovative technology, futuristic concepts.

A further example of the potent technological alliance between BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles is the world’s first anti-lock braking system (ABS) for use in off-road sport, already presented as a prototype. The first vehicle to carry this development is the Husqvarna TE 449. The off-road system comprises a twin-channel ABS, which analyses and assesses the rotation speed of the front and rear wheels, but only operates on the front wheel. In this way the rear wheel remains fully lockable. Optimised braking performance, enhanced braking safety and very high ride stability are thus coupled with maximum off-road enjoyment. BMW has already been offering ABS for motorcycles for the past 23 years. During this period the system has been systematically improved and has now reached a high state of development. To achieve this, the expertise of Husqvarna Motorcycles in the Enduro field and BMW Motorrad’s innovative “Know-How” in rider assistance systems have been brought together. It marks the first presentation of a prototype which is adapted to the particular demands of ride dynamics in cross-country sports events and which, in the future, should markedly increase rider safety both on and off surfaced roads.

Beyond this, the all-electric Husqvarna e-Go concept opens up an alluring prospect for emission-free mobility in the future. Both in conceptual and technological terms, Husqvarna Motorcycles is today setting a course for the further strengthening of its position in the international motorcycle markets and for a successful future in both the short and the long term.


Motus Motorcycle - pricing announced

Motus Motorcycles, a US based start-up motorcycle manufacturer, has announced pricing and dealerships for their two 1650 CC V-four engine based models. The engine appears to be a real gem and sounds heavenly. The bikes themselves are getting good first reviews by those lucky enough to get a chance to ride one. The engine was at least partly designed and manufactured by Katech - the same folks who designed the 505 HP Corvette Z06 engine. It's almost like a half a Corvette engine!

We've mentioned the Motus Motorcycle brand to you several times before.

The MST and MST-R are a small production bikes and it therefore come with a premium price. The MST comes in a $30,975 USD and the higher-spec MST-R at $36,975 USD. Hopefully they'll sell a few of them and can bring that price down. Even if they do - expect it to continue to be a premium price.

Both bikes are well-equipped. The MST gets a fully adjustable Öhlins front fork and Progressive Suspension rear shock, Brembo brake calipers, Givi side cases, a Sargent seat, centerstand, 720-watt alternator and the 1650cc liquid-cooled pushrod V-Four rated at 165 horsepower and 122 foot-pounds of torque. The MST-R adds race-quality Öhlins components front and back, forged monobloc Brembo calipers, forged OZ wheels and an upgraded powerplant that makes 185 hp.


- AF1 Racing, 304 East Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX, 78701, 512-482-8377,
- Battley Cycles, 7830 Airpark Road, Gaithersburg, MD, 20879, 301-948-4581,
- Cruisin’ 66, 1310 S Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, MO, 65804, 417-891-9998,
- Moto Corse Performance, 11227 NE 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, 954-522-8047,
- Motus Louisville, 1700 Arthur Street, Louisville, KY 40208, 502-634-1340,
- Redline Performance Motorsports, 7331 George Washington Memorial Parkway, Yorktown, VA, 23692, 757-989-5000,
- Riders Hill, 3003 Morrison Moore Parkway E, Dahlonega, GA, 30533, 706-864-7777
- RPM Cycles, 13700 N. Stemmons Freeway, Farmers Branch, TX, 75234, 972-620-3883,


Sena - a bluetooth headset and intercom pioneer partners with Driven

Sena - a leading maker of bluetooth communications devices has teamed up with Driven Public Relations (the same company that works with Zero Electric Motorcycles) so expect to see a lot more about Sena in the motorcycle press!

Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, announced today that it has partnered with southern California based DRIVEN Public Relations. Specializing in motorcycle, automotive, power sports and lifestyle public relations, DRIVEN Public Relations will support Sena Bluetooth in raising its company profile across the North American media landscape. The partnership will work to fully engage motorcycle and outdoor sports enthusiasts with Sena’s award-winning products, state-of-the-art wireless and multi-functional devices.

“Since we began in 1998, we at Sena Technologies, Inc. have worked tirelessly to bring the very latest in Bluetooth technology solutions to a wide array of business and personal applications,” said Marc Woo, President North and South America of Sena Technologies, Inc. “Every motorcyclist and outdoor sports fanatic I have talked with who has used our products has given positive reviews. With DRIVEN Public Relation’s industry expertise and proven media relations track record, we aim for Sena to become a household name with motorcyclists, skiers, snowboarders, hunters, fisherman and more.”

DRIVEN Public Relations

DRIVEN Public Relations is an award-winning, international public relations firm based in southern California, consistently delivering high-impact and targeted public relations and event management results in the automotive, motorcycle, technology, alternative energy and lifestyle industries. Sena Technologies is looking to expand key media exposure in print, online and on television and believes DRIVEN Public Relations will greatly bolster media attention for its already acclaimed, technologically advanced Bluetooth Headset and Intercom devices. With valuable relationships with endemic motorcycle, luxury and lifestyle media, DRIVEN’s addition will position Sena as the authority in wireless connectivity while motorcycling and participating in outdoor and adventure sports.

About Sena Technologies, Inc.

Sena Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Bluetooth communication devices, including Bluetooth motorcycle intercom. Since its first and flagship product, the SMH10 Bluetooth intercom/headset for Motorcycle helmets, Sena has been a leading provider of Bluetooth communication systems for power sports and other outdoor activities. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners.


Triumph Announces Limited-Edition 110th Anniversary Bonneville T100

Since 1902, Triumph has prided itself on building some of the finest motorcycles in the world. For 110 years, Triumphs have been associated with high performance and timeless appeal. As a way to honor that tradition, Triumph is proud to announce the 2012 Bonneville T100 110th Anniversary Edition.

The 110th Anniversary Edition is a fitting tribute to the iconic Triumph brand and the bikes that have made it great for over a century. Based on the standard T100 model, itself a modern reinterpretation of the classic Bonnevilles from the 1960s, the 110th Anniversary Edition features an Aluminum Silver and Khaki Green paint scheme similar to those featured on the earliest Triumph motorcycles. Other special features include a reinterpretation of the original Triumph crest on the bike’s side covers, as well as a chrome chain guard, cam cover and grab rail.

Mechanically, the 110th Anniversary Edition features the same, torquey 865cc parallel twin from the standard Bonneville T100. With dual overhead cams, modern fuel injection and 67bhp on tap, this stirring engine offers real-world performance, clean running and a uniquely British soundtrack. Suspension is also identical to the T100, with 41mm front forks and traditional chromed rear shocks delivering poised handling and a comfortable ride.

Each limited-edition 110th Anniversary Bonneville T100 includes a numbered plaque on the handlebar clamp and a certificate of authenticity. Only 1,000 models will be built worldwide, with 250 allotted for the U.S. and 25 for Canada. Price for the 110th Anniversary Edition is set at $10,499 U.S ($10,999 Canada), with availability beginning in May.


2012 Zero Motorcycles are in dealerships now

 The complete 2012 model line that Zero announced in November is now in dealerships and ready for riders to take home. This is the first riding season in history that you can own a production electric motorcycle capable of exceeding 180 km (EPA UDDS) on a single charge. To celebrate they're offering a special promotion - just until the end of March.

Buy a Zero and receive up to $1,000 towards Zero Motorcycles apparel and accessories*

*$1000 (CAD) voucher is valid when purchasing a 2011 Zero motorcycle and $500 (CAD) voucher is valid when purchasing a 2012 Zero motorcycle. The vouchers are only valid to purchase Zero Motorcycles apparel and accessories. They have no cash value and are non-transferable. Vouchers cannot be used towards the purchase of the motorcycle, taxes or destination fees. Vouchers are valid through authorized Canadian Zero dealers only. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. See your nearest dealer for details. Offer expires March 31, 2012.


Tim Hortons-Sudbury Backed Ben Young is Ready To Roll

After months of preparation, BYR/Fogi Racing’s Ben Young is ready to roll up the rims of his Tim Hortons-Sudbury/Yamaha R6 to this coming weekend’s Daytona 200 starting grid.

The Daytona 200, known as "THE WORLD'S GREATEST MOTORCYCLE RACE", being held at the legendary Daytona International Speedway - March 17th 2012, kicks off the AMA Pro Road Racing season with a 200-mile battle on Daytona's 3.51-mile road course with top motorcycle racers from the US and around the world.

In the weeks leading up to the Daytona 200, Fogi Racing’s crew members painstakingly went over both of Young’s Tim Hortons-Sudbury/Yamaha R6  ‘A’ and ‘B’ bikes which were also treated to freshly painted and decaled Armour Bodies bodywork, courtesy of the team’s latest sponsor, The Graphix Factory.

As if the previous weeks weren’t busy enough, the young Scottish-Canadian pilot promoted the team and its partners’ participation in this world-class event through local and international media.

The Thornbury Ontario based racer will have an all-star team supporting him in the pits at the renowned Daytona International Speedway. Heading up the pit crew will be Team Manager and former British Superstock competitor Scott Young, Four Feathers Racing’s team principal and AMA racer Scotty Van Hawk, Team Sponsor and former Canadian Superbike racer Gilles Bolduc as well as Roland Riedmann, a former AMA GP250 rider.

Scott Young was asked about the upcoming event and season, “As a team, BYR/Fogi Racing we are very excited about competing in the AMA Pro GoPro Daytona Sportbike Championship this season.  It’s a big step for Ben but it is a vital step in the direction of his development.  Anything can happen at Daytona, it’s going to be interesting!”

For tickets to the Daytona 200 please visit or by calling 1-800-PITSHOP.  Coverage of the Daytona 200 will be broadcast on SPEED on Saturday March 17th, staring at 2:30pm EST. Please refer to your local TV listings.  Live Timing can be accessed through the team’s website , click on the AMA Live Timing icon.


Harley Davidson teams up with Marvel in Canada

Avengers “Assemble Your Freedom” Contest Goes Live

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has recently entered into a promotional partnership with Marvel Entertainment for the new movie, The Avengers, which is slated to premiere in theatres on May 4, 2012. Based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series, The Avengers film brings together the mightiest superhero characters, such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, on screen for the first time.

As part of the promotion around The Avengers, the “Assemble Your Freedom” Contest is now running throughout Canada, with the exception of the province of Quebec. From now through July 1, the “Assemble Your Freedom” contest will be running online at Contestants can “heed the call” by creating their own character and designing their own bike. A total of five lucky winners, one of whom will come from Canada, will be immortalized by being drawn in an Avengers comic and will win the bike that they designed in this first-of-its-kind promotion.

The involvement of Harley-Davidson in Marvel’s The Avengers includes product integration into the film, a promotional partnership, and media placement through print and online media properties. The recently launched Harley-Davidson Softail Slim motorcycle will also have a role in the new film, which will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


BMW sells more motorcycles in 2011, Husqvarna - not so much

BMW Motorrad had a good year in 2011.  They sold 6.4% more motorcycles in 2011 as they did in 2010. They sold 104, 286 units in 2011 and 98,047 in 2010.

Husqvarna on the other hand experienced a pretty significant drop in sales in 2011. They went from 12,066 units sold in 2010 to just 9,286 units - a drop of 23%. The regional numbers are broken but the Canadian Distributor just recently declared bankruptcy. A sign of troubled sales in Canada perhaps?

With some new street models coming out for the Husqvarna line-up it looks like BMW is pushing for better sales and they've taken that to the street. Husqvarna is widely known for their off-road bikes but the street models should help bolster sales.


KTM Ride Orange Moto Tour 2012 (Demo Rides in Canada)

Dates and locations are now available for KTM's RIDE ORANGE Moto Tour 2012. Sadly there's no east coast love but folks in BC, AB, ON and QC are in luck.

KTM’s RIDE ORANGE Moto Tour is back for 2012, with 10 events across 4 provinces. The first demo ride takes place on April 15 in British Columbia and the tour wraps on May 19 in Quebec. 
NEW! Riders now have option of test riding motocross AND off-road bikes!

What you can expect at every Moto Tour stop:

- A total of 12 to 15 new motocross & off-road models
- Supported with Factory Racing KTM 18-wheeler
- Professional mechanic support
- KTM and dealer staff on hand for any assistance needed
- Special guest appearances by Factory KTM racers (select events)

If you’re interested in attending a Moto Tour, please register with your nearest KTM Dealer.


Date - Location
April 15 - Agassiz (BC)
April 18 - Bear Creek (BC)
April 21 - Castrol Raceway (AB)
April 24 - Wild Rose MX Park (AB)
April 28 - Southern Alberta (TBA)
May  5 - Gopher Dunes (ON)
May 9 - RJ Motorsport Park (ON)
May 11 - Sand Del Lee (ON)
May 16 - X Town (QC)
May 19 - Deschambault (QC)

Get a preview of KTM's Ride Orange Moto Tour with this video from last year's visit to Gopher Dunes.

KTM Ride Orange Demo Tour from Greg Oldham on Vimeo.


Ducati Team presents the Desmosedici GP12

Monday, March 19th at 13:00 (Italian time) the Desmosedici GP12 will be presented to the world and you can watch it live online. That's 'next' Monday if you don't have a calendar handy!

It will be the Ducati Team riders, Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden that personally unveil the new livery that will accompany them during the 2012 Moto GP Championship season.

You can follow the live streaming on TIM Official Facebook Page


2012 Wieser Insurance Ontario Cross Country Championship presented by Apex Cycle KTM

The 2012 race season is almost upon us and World Enduro Canada pleased to announce our Ontario Cross Country event schedule. As most know, online competition license registration has been open since November of last year. I number of riders have already registered early to maintain their race number for the upcoming season.  WEC would like to extend a special thanks to our new presenting sponsor APEX Cycle & KTM Canada!

We will be continuing with a number of our popular features that revitalized the sport in Ontario:

- The Wiesner Insurance $100 Fastest Lap Award
- The Wiesner Insurance $100 Pro Holeshot Award
- The KTM Amateur Holeshot Award
- 100% Pro Payback
- Flawless and immediate electronic scoring
- Results posted immediately on the WEC website for transparent analysis
- A fast moving race day program with super fast sign in.
- Continued dedication to our Pee Wee (50cc) racers with a full Championship series.

After an off-season of listening to rider and sponsor input, we are happy to introduce some exciting changes to our already successful model of regional racing in 2012.

- The introduction of the Moto-X-Country format at select rounds
- A single Ontario overall Series Championship with all rounds paying championship points
- The Ontario round of the new Canadian Cross Country Championship National will pay points to our Ontario championship series.
- The introduction of the Pro Royal Distributing Mid-Race Leader Award
- The introduction of the Royal Distributing Top Pee-Wee and Mini Rider Award at every round.

Three of the seven rounds of the Wiesner Insurance Ontario Cross Country Championship will run the Moto-X-Country format. These events will feature a motocross gate and two motos that will be one our each for all adult classes. At these rounds the Pee Wee and Mini classes will remain unchanged running in the morning. Overall placing for the event at Moto-X-Country will be the sum of the points from the finishing position in moto 1 and moto 2 combined (not elapsed time. More details on the race day schedule and other specific event information will be provided on the well in advance of race day.

With the September CXCC event paying points in the Ontario Championship riders will get to experience the thrill of racing alongside the fastest off-road racers in the country.


- WHEATLY Moto - XC Sunday JUNE 3
- WALTON Moto - XC Sunday JUNE 10
- GOPHER DUNES Moto - XC Saturday AUG 11


Safety Recalls - Kawasaki

Here's the latest recall listed for Kawasaki on the Transport Canada Road Safety Recalls Database:

Transport Canada Recall # 2012086

On certain motorcycles, the voltage regulator can overheat, causing uncontrolled current output which can provide insufficient charge to the battery. This can cause engine stalling and/or an inability to start the engine. Engine stalling would result in lost vehicle propulsion which, in conjunction with traffic and road condition, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the voltage regulator.

Units Affected: 1,347

Models affected:

Kawasaki NINJA ZX-10R: 2008, 2009, 2010
Kawasaki NINJA ZX-6R: 2009, 2010, 2011


Zero Motorcycles - An Interview With Scot Harden

Great interview with Scot Harden where he candidly talks about the 2012 Zero motorcycles and the improvements they've made.

Zero looks to industry professionals to up their profile.Scot Harden started with Zero in August 2010 as the company’s VP of global marketin. He's a five-time winner of the Baja 500/1000 and AMA Hall-of-Famer and has also worked for KTM North America and Husqvarna.

Zero also have a former Buell employee (Abe Askenazi) as the current Zero CTO, and long-time Triumph employees Karl Wharton and Mark Kennedy, Zero’s COO and VP of manufacturing, respectively.


Atlantic Roadracing League 2012 Schedule

Our 2012 schedule is now available! 2012 sees the most track time available yet. We have a full compliment of racing, track days, test days and riding academies. 
Race Schedule

- Round 1 May 11-13, 2012
- Round 2 June 15-17, 2012
- Round3 July 13-15, 2012
- Canadian National July 19-20, 2012
- Round 4 August 17-19, 2012
- Round 5 September 7-9, 2012 

Track Day Schedule

- May 6- Sunday Test
- May 11- Track Day
- June 8- Track Day
- June 15- Track Day
- July 1- Sunday Test
- July 13- Track Day
- July 19- Track Day
- August 17- Track Day
- September 7- Track Day
- September 30- Sunday Test
- October 14- Sunday Test 

Riding Academy Schedule

- All Female Riding Academy- May 20, 2012
- Co-ed Riding Academy-June 9-10, 2012


StereotypicalHarley Advertising Campaign

Harley-Davidson is fighting the stereotype of a 'typical' Harley rider with their latest advertising campaign which uses a crowd-sourcing Facebook application called Fan Machine. Fan Machine allows Harley-Davidson’s 3.3 million Facebook fans to review an advertising brief, submit their own ideas, and vote on submissions by other community members.

Part of the new campaign is a series of digital videos featuring Harley-Davidson riders and a corresponding stereotype showcased and a Twitter hashtag – “#StereotypicalHarley [fill in the blank].”

The ads are designed to start a conversation through Harley-Davidson’s Web site and social platforms. 

 More details HERE.


Ducati receives prestigious German awards

Readers of the prestigious German magazine, Motorrad, have awarded Ducati “Best Motorcycle of 2012” in three categories.

Readers of the prestigious German magazine, Motorrad, one of the highest selling magazines in Europe, have awarded Ducati "Best Motorcycle of 2012" in three different categories.

Over 39,000 readers voted in Motorrad's 14th edition of "Motorcycle of the Year", an increase of 11,000 over 2011 and further indication of the international interest generated by Ducati, the famous motorcycle brand, based in the Borgo Panigale region of Bologna, Italy.

Ducati was the most successful manufacturer at the award ceremony, winning three of the eight main categories, with the brand new and revolutionary Ducati 1199 Panigale stealing the coveted prize for "Best Sport Motorcycle" with 41.2% of the vote, 20% more than runner-up, BMW for the S1000RR.

Underlining its innovative entry to the highly competitive category, the new Ducati Diavel Cromo claimed the "Best Naked Motorcycle" award with 9.7% of the vote ahead of the Triumph Speed Triple, while the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring won the "Best All-rounder" award with an impressive 23.9% of the vote, 10% ahead of the BMW K1300S.

The voting of Motorrad's readers not only revealed Ducati to be the "Best Sport Motorcycle Manufacturer 2012" with 77% of the vote just ahead of Aprilia and MV Agusta, but also recognised Ducati as "best in style and design" under the title of "Good Look 2012". These recognitions combined to establish Ducati as "Preferred Manufacturer 2012", with 52% of the voting ahead of BMW and Triumph.

In addition to the three prestigious awards and numerous recognitions, the Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP also made a significant mark in voting, taking second position in the "Best Enduro/Supermoto" award, as runner-up to the BMW 1200R GS Adventure.

"Ducati deserve these awards in every sense," said Michael Pfeiffer, Director of the Motorrad publication. "This Italian motorcycle manufacturer has pushed hard in the market and introduced innovative and interesting motorcycles. As well as repeating their success of last year with the Multistrada 1200, they have achieved an additional two valuable awards for the Diavel Cromo and new 1199 Panigale. A fantastic result with voting percentages of significant importantance. Well done!"

"We feel very proud to receive this series of impressive awards and recognitions and our thanks go to Motorrad and the readers who voted for these awards," said Gabriele Del Torchio, President of Ducati Motor Holding. "This is an important result for our company and reward for everyone who has worked so hard on the quality and innovation of our motorcycles. It is a result also confirmed by our growth in Germany, a demanding market in which high quality is essential for success and confirmation of our great work in these recent years."


BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles celebrate eight podiums at the reader’s vote

Winning the categories "Touring“ and “Enduro/Supermoto“ and scoring five more podium places BMW Motorrad achieved another outstanding result at MOTORRAD magazine’s 14th reader’s vote “Motorcycle of the year 2012”.

"I’m glad to hear of the big approval our motorcycles got also this year and I would like to thank the readers of MOTORRAD most sincerely for their votes. In particular I’m glad our new Maxi Scooters C 600 Sport and C 650 GT met with so much readers’ enthusiasm even before starting sales”, said Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad, commenting on the result of the vote.

Scoring 17.8 percent of the votes, the two new Maxi Scooters BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT achieved second place at the first go.

In the category “Touring” the BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL scored sovereignly first place with 25.1 percent – followed closely by the BMW R 1200 RT scoring 14.6 percent. With it just 40 percent of the readers’ votes in this category fell on the big BMW touring motorcycles again.

Once more the BMW R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure confirmed their leadership in the category “Enduro/Supermoto”. With 22.2 percent the MOTORRAD’s readership settled for BMW Motorrad’s best sellers and voted them on first place again.

At the start in this category, too, the new Husqvarna NUDA 900 and NUDA 900R celebrated third place at the first go. After a break of several decades in the on road segment Husqvarna Motorcycles enjoys the popularity of the NUDA-Models acknowledged by the readers of MOTORRAD especially because this first model of the Husqvarna model offensive is available at dealerships since a few weeks only.

In the category “Naked Bikes” the BMW R 1200 R and R 1200 R Classic finished third, and in the category “Allrounder” the BMW K 1300 S scored second place as one year ago.

In the category “Sport” the BMW S 1000 RR scored second place. 21,3 percent of MOTORRAD’s voting readers honored the outstanding technical conception combining four-cylinder performance with Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control DTC.

The prize giving ceremony took place on the occasion of the fair “Motorraeder Dortmund” at 1st of March, 2012.

Not less than 200 motorcycles and scooters went for the titles sought after in the 14th edition of the reader’s vote “Motorcycle of the year 2012” being considered the most important reader’s vote for motorcycles and scooters in Europe. Since 1999 more than half a million readers took part in this vote.


BMW Motorrad Canada sees increased sales in February

Wonder if it was the leap year that did it?

BMW Motorrad Canada achieved 62 motorcycle retails in February, an increase of 3.4 per cent over the same period last year. With spring just around the corner, Motorrad Canada looks forward to a successful 2012 riding season.


Chironex scooter deal via TeamBuy

You may recognize the Chironex name from previous posts we've done about them. They're a an Ottawa-based corporation that develops and distributes motorsports, recreational and utility vehicles and also happen to be the Canadian distributor for the Sachs MadAss scooter.

Well it's deal time again. Last time it was a GroupOn and this time it's TeamBuy they've selected to offer a discount through. The deal is on a Vinny or Chase 50CC scooter with the option to upgrade to a 150cc scooter for a small fee.

For $1,239 you have your choice of a Vinny or Chase 50CC Scooter from Chironex Motorsport (Up to a $2,299 Value) with the option to upgrade to 150CC model for $200 at time of redemption.

Additional details of the deal:

- Tax not included. Shipping is $99. Title, prep, and fees not included. M or M2 class endorsement (or equivalent) required for driver's license.
- 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
- Max 1 per person. Max 1 as gifts. Tax not included.
- Expected Shipping Time: 6-7 Weeks. Ships from Ottawa
- Redemption Instructions: Place order by phone by calling 1-866-749-3231.

You can visit TeamBuy for details on how to purchase in your city.


Looking for a job at an electric motorcycle manufacturer?

Lito Green Motion - makers of the Lito Sora - are looking for a a VP in business development with a lot of experience in automotive or high end product. Sound like you? - Read on... Lito is a Quebec based maker of electric motorcycles.

They made headlines a while back for their Sora model and we posted some news about it back in April. We posted all the tech specs and the price tag in that post ($42,399 reportedly). It's a large motorcycle that features design elements of bobber,  cafe racer, and street fighter but with a sleek look and plenty of modern technology. They say it's the first motorcycle with CVT transmission and integrated touch screen.

You can also ride for up to 300 KM's on a single charge and reported top speed is 200 KM/Hr.

So if you're a VP in business development type and also happen to like motorcycles (I'm guessing you'd best be able to speak French quite well too) you may want to contact Lito:

You can check out Lito on the web - HERE