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Dakar Rally Preview from KTM

The Dakar Rally, a highlight of the annual motorsports calendar has been safe in the hands of KTM since 2001 when Italian rider Fabrizio Meoni won on the Austrian brand’s LC4 660R machine. Now, ahead of the 2013 event in South America it will be up to last year’s winner and KTM factory rider Cyril Despres of France to challenge for his fifth Dakar prize and KTM’s twelfth consecutive title riding the KTM 450 Rally bike.

Together Despres and his KTM teammate Marc Coma of Spain have dominated the rally since 2005, winning the title in alternate years. But just before Christmas came the disappointing news that Coma has had to withdraw from the 2013 edition because he has not fully recovered from a shoulder injury sustained in the Rally of Morocco. It was a blow to the KTM Factory Team but team manager Alex Doringer underlined that because the Dakar is one of the world’s toughest offroad competitions it was the correct decision. Even though Coma was working with physiotherapists and his doctors right up to the last minute, he still has some lack of movement in his shoulder and misses the high level of fitness needed for such a grueling event.

While Despres is in good form and is again the outstanding rider in the field, the challenge of winning the twelfth title for KTM will not be easy as rival teams go all out to break the KTM deadlock on the bike category.

In 2012, Despres and Coma were only minutes apart in actual riding times after 15 days and more than 8,000 km of the world’s most challenging terrain. While it will now be up to Despres to again challenge for the title, American Kurt Caselli has been named to ride Coma’s 450 Rally bike in 2013.

KTM had registered a reserve rider with the organizers in case one of the factory team was unable to compete and Caselli has welcomed the opportunity to step in. Winner of multiple AMA offroad titles and the current US Hare and Hounds Champion, Caselli says it was always a career goal to compete in the Dakar. “To be able to race the greatest offroad race in the world aboard the best bike in the world is truly a blessing,” he said. “This is not only a milestone in my career but also in my life.” Meanwhile team manager Doringer underlined that Caselli would be riding in his first Dakar for experience and adventure and there would be no pressure on him to achieve a top position.

Despres is quick to point out that it is the race itself that is his biggest rival. “I am always cautious,” he says. “I always say that my biggest rival on the Dakar isn’t the other competitors but the desert itself. That is the thing on the Dakar that no one can master!” The French rider, considered at the peak of his career goes into the 2013 edition after victories in 2012 in the Desafio Littoral and the Morocco Rally.

Also riding in KTM colors once again and on the KTM 450 Rally factory bike will be the two regular support riders or “water carriers”, Ruben Faria of Portugal and Juan Pedrero of Spain. This year KTM is also fielding a Factory “B” Team made up of South African duo Darryl Curtis and Riaan van Niekerk, who are joined by Poland’s rising star rally personality Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski.

The rally was moved to South America when the 2008 edition was canceled after terrorist threats in North Africa emerged the night before competitors were to set out from Portugal. Now for the first time the South American Dakar will take a north-south perspective over the 14 stages, starting in Lima, Peru and traveling south to finish in Santiago, Chile, taking in four stages in Argentina on the way. Riders set out on January 5 and finish on January 19 with one rest day scheduled on January 13. They will first tackle the coastal desert of southern Peru and according to organizers will be under constant pressure for the eight stages up until the rest day. Stage nine will be the longest of 2013, some 852 km.

While KTM will be challenging for its twelfth title, the company continues to support the many amateur riders who enter the race, many who wish to satisfy a lifelong desire for this big adventure. KTM supports some 40 riders with its comprehensive Customer Service Package as they attempt to complete what is one of their biggest physical and mental challenges.  Recently Despres offered tips for rally first timers (, where he advised them to know their machines and understand the physical and mental demands of this epic event.

The Dakar Rally in South America has proved to be a big success in the countries it visits. The 2013 edition is set to deliver the thrills and excitement to riders and fans that will continue to cement it as one of the highlights of the motorsports calendar. KTM goes into the race with the hope of claiming its twelfth title but regardless of the outcome, the Austrian brand will continue to use the Dakar Rally to showcase both its premium rally bike and the skill of the KTM factory riders.

The KTM Dakar story so far:
2001: Fabrizio Meoni, Italy
2002: Meoni
2003: Richard Sainct, France
2004: Nani Roma, Spain
2005: Cyril Despres
2006: Marc Coma
2007: Despres
2008: Rally cancelled
2009: Coma
2010: Despres
2011: Coma
2012: Despres
2013: ???

Dakar 2013: The first half stages
Jan. 5 - Stage 1: Lima (Peru) – Pisco – total distance 263 km: 250 km liaison and 13 km special (shortest stage in the 2013 edition)
Jan 6 – Stage 2: Pisco - Pisco (loop) total distance 327 km: 85 km liaison; 242 km special
Jan 7 – Stage 3: Pisco - Nazca – total distance 343 km: 100 km liaison; 243 km special
Jan 8 – Stage 4: Nazca - Arequipa – total distance 718 km: 429 km liaison; 289 special
Jan 9 – Stage 5: Arequipa - Arica – total distance 411 km: 275 km liaison; 136 km special
Jan 10– Stage 6: Arica – Calama – Total distance 767 km: 313 km liaison; 454 km special
Jan 11 – Stage 7: Calama  – Salta (rally enters Argentina) – total distance 806 km: 586 km liaison; 220 km special
Jan 12 – Stage 8: Salta – Tucuman – total distance 738 km: 247 liaison; 491 km special

Jan 13: REST DAY in Tucuman, Argentina

Dakar 2013: The second half stages
Jan 14 – Stage 9: Tucuman – Cordoba – total distance 852 km: 259 km liaison; 593 km special (longest stage of the 2013 edition)
Jan 15 – Stage 10: Cordoba – La Rioja – total distance 636 km: 279 km liaison; 357 km special
Jan 16 – Stage 11: La Rioja - Fiambala – total distance 483 km: 262 km liaison; 221 km special
Jan 17 – Stage 12: Fiambala – Copiaco (rally enters Chile) - total distance 715 km: 396 km liaison; 319 km special
Jan 18 – Stage 13: Copiaco – La Serena – total distance 735 km: 294 km liaison; 441 km special
Jan 19 – Stage 14: La Serena – Santiago– total distance 630 km: 502 liaison; 128 km special.
Jan 20 –Closing ceremony Santiago

Dakar 2013 – the numbers
Dates for start and finish of the 2011 Dakar Rally: January 5-20
Total route: 8432 km (5,239.4 miles)
Total timed specials: 4146 km (2,576 miles)
Longest distance in a single day: 852 km (Stage 9)
Shortest distance in a single day: 250 km (Stage 1)
Highest point of altitude: 4800 m
Average rainfall in the Atacama Desert (Chile): 0 mm
Number of competitors (bikes): 196
Number of KTM starters: 66
Engine capacity of KTM Rally machine: 450 cc
Number of KTM Dakar victories: 11
Number of Dakar victories for KTM’s Marc Coma: 3
Number of Dakar victories for KTM’s Cyril Despres: 4


BMW S1000RR Recall

Transport Canada Recall # 2012428
Recall Date 2012/12/13
Notification Type Safety Mfr
Units Affected   161

Recall Details
On certain motorcycles, the side stand may have been installed incorrectly during the vehicle assembly process. As a result, the side stand attachment bolts could loosen. This could cause the motorcycle to fall over (while resting on the stand), which could result in property damage and/or personal injury.

Correction: Dealers will remove the side stand mounting plate, clean the components, and reinstall using new fasteners.

Make: BMW Model: S1000RR
Model Year(s) Affected: 2012 2013


Don Hatton races in the 2013 Dakar Race

The bike is built, shipped and is hopefully at the customs depot in Lima along with the rest of the Dakar competitors vehicles.  A thousand little details are being looked after by various people around the globe all cumulating in Canadian Don Hatton starting in the 2013 Dakar Race on January 5, 2013 in Lima Peru. The race lasts 17 days and covers nearly 10,000 kilometers throughout South America.

“I’m nervous about the race but really excited about being back in the Dakar” Don said in a recent interview. This will be Don’s fifth attempt at the fabled endurance race.

The next big hurdle on the agenda is the day all Dakar racers fear: scrutineering day.

Scrutineering is where the organizers of the Dakar Race go over everything with the racers. We mean everything. They review your documentation, your race vehicle, your support vehicle (if you have one), the registered members of your team. Everything. And if they find something that cannot be fixed by the time scrutineering closes you do not get to compete.

The technical inspectors review your vehicle. Does it have the proper lights, navigation equipment, adequate fuel supply, and emergency water carrying capacity? Does it have the proper and authorized decals in the correct places? Are all the movable pieces, certain nuts and bolts, secured by the proper safety wire?

There is a mind boggling myriad of technical inspections any of which if the vehicle fails could cause the organizers to disallow you from competing in the race. There are some 18 different inspection stations that the competitor, his documentation and his vehicle must pass through to get final approval. Then they are allowed to get their time card and target time (time they will start the race on race day) and enter the Parc Ferme (secured parking area for the vehicles).

Lets keep our figures crossed that Don and Simon bikes make it through this next step in the process and onto Dakar !

For more information and photos check out


Ural YAMAL's coming to Canada

Perhaps you've seen the new limited edition Ural - the YAMAL. If you're in Canada you'd better act fast because we're told there's only eight allotted for Canada and three of them have deposits.

Here's a few details on this very limited edition model:

Snow, and ice-and better yet-permafrost as far as the eyes can see. They call it the Yamal Peninsula, which translates as the end of the Earth. A peninsula in Russia, which is known for being nothing short of inhospitable, barren, and perpetually frozen. What a perfect namesake then for a  Russian icebreaker.

These ships spend their days forging paths through the impasse that is the frozen Arctic Ocean, just north of Siberia. Heavy, rugged, and focused intently on their mission, these boats are truly one of a kind.

When we chose our inspiration for this year's limited edition, we struck upon the brilliance of the Yamal.

A vehicle designed to conquer the impasse, a vehicle that may not always make sense, but one which-when you speak to the right people-is absolutely necessary. Our bikes are much like this strange breed of sea-going vessel: durable, dependable, and able to conquer what typical motorcycles cannot conquer.

Our limited edition Yamal is spec'd with its own double hull like the boat: we've weather proofed the lower portion of the sidecar body and the fenders for additional protection. 

We painted it flat orange-the Yamal can be spotted anywhere. 
And to defeat the long nights as you travel from waypoint to waypoint, we included additional lighting.
Knobby spare tire, and hand guards round out the mission capability of the Yamal. 
An impasse may come in other shapes and sizes beyond weather and topography, so our Yamal also includes an oar-which can double as a defensive tool or your last hope of survival on thin never know. 
Finally, the sea-going Yamal is unforgettable with its menacing teeth. We thought teeth made absolute sense for Ural. And yes, they come with the bike. 
The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal-the only motorcycle that comes with an oar...and survival instructions.

Snow, and ice-and better yet-permafrost as far as the eyes can see. They call it the Yamal Peninsula, which translates as the end of the Earth. A peninsula in Russia, which is known for being nothing short of inhospitable, barren, and perpetually frozen. What a perfect namesake then for a  Russian icebreaker.

These ships spend their days forging paths through the impasse that is the frozen Arctic Ocean, just north of Siberia. Heavy, rugged, and focused intently on their mission, these boats are truly one of a kind.

When we chose our inspiration for this year's limited edition, we struck upon the brilliance of the Yamal.

A vehicle designed to conquer the impasse, a vehicle that may not always make sense, but one which-when you speak to the right people-is absolutely necessary. Our bikes are much like this strange breed of sea-going vessel: durable, dependable, and able to conquer what typical motorcycles cannot conquer.

Our limited edition Yamal is spec'd with its own double hull like the boat: we've weather proofed the lower portion of the sidecar body and the fenders for additional protection. 

We painted it flat orange-the Yamal can be spotted anywhere. 
And to defeat the long nights as you travel from waypoint to waypoint, we included additional lighting.
Knobby spare tire, and hand guards round out the mission capability of the Yamal. 
An impasse may come in other shapes and sizes beyond weather and topography, so our Yamal also includes an oar-which can double as a defensive tool or your last hope of survival on thin never know. 
Finally, the sea-going Yamal is unforgettable with its menacing teeth. We thought teeth made absolute sense for Ural. And yes, they come with the bike. 
The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal-the only motorcycle that comes with an oar...and survival instructions.
The complete list of special features on the Yamal includes:
  • Flat orange powder coat
  • 3M undercoating applied in areas exposed to possible corrosion
  • Rider fairing and passenger windshield
  • Dual accessory front mounted fog lights
  • Rider handguards
  • Knobby spare tire 
  • Accessory paddle 
  • "Yamal teeth" decal
  • LE badging
Quantity: 50
Availability: at dealers now
MSRP: $14,250*

*MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, delivery, and dealer-installed options. Dealer prices may vary 



Coma out for Dakar 2013

KTM announces Coma unable to ride in Dakar 2013

KTM, the brand whose factory teams and bikes have sealed eleven consecutive Dakar Rally victories announced in a press conference in Barcelona on Friday that one of its key riders, Spaniard Marc Coma will be unable to ride in the 2013 edition of the world’s most famous rally.

Coma, who injured his shoulder in an accident in the Morocco Rally in October is not completely fit. The team has therefore decided he should not tackle the event that involves more than 8000 km of perilous riding over the world’s toughest offroad terrain through Peru, Argentina and Chile.

“Marc is one of our key riders and together with his teammate Cyril Despres has giving KTM the last seven Dakar titles. While we are disappointed that he is unable to ride, the health and welfare of our factory riders is the most important consideration. If he is not 100 percent fit, it is better for him to sit out the 2013 rally,” said KTM factory team manager Alex Doringer. Coma, winner of three Dakar titles and the reigning World Cross Country World Championship is, together with his teammate Despres, recognized as one of the world’s finest exponents of rally sport.

A deeply disappointed Coma spoke after the press conference saying: “We worked really hard with the doctors and the physiotherapists right up until the last minute but we have to be realistic. One of the muscles in my shoulder is still giving me problems and there is a lack of movement. This is the logical consequence and we must be honest and clear about the situation.”

Coma, who will now concentrate his efforts on regaining complete fitness ahead of the rest of the 2013 season and looking forward to the Dakar 2014 said he was sad for the team but underlined that the Dakar is a ‘winning project’ for KTM so there was no alternative than to make this announcement. Team manager Alex Doringer said he hoped Marc would be at the start in Lima to wish the team well and see them launch their attack.

Doringer underlined that in view of the high profile that the Dakar Rally has for KTM, that the company had always taken the precaution of having a reserve rider registered with the Dakar organizers, ASO. He said they had now given the green light for the accredited reserve rider to step in and ride Coma’s KTM 450 Rally bike.

“We always took the precaution to have a reserve rider properly registered in case of such circumstances and it will be KTM USA’s Kurt Caselli who will step in to ride Coma’s bike. We want him to ride the Dakar without any pressure, embrace the adventure and learn from the experience,” Doringer said.

Caselli is at the forefront of the US offroad scene and is the current AMA National Hare and Hound Champion. He is a multiple national title winner in premium US offroad events, has been a stalwart in the US International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) Championship and was a member of the KTM team that recently finished second in the 2012 edition of the legendary Baja 1000. Caselli’s start number is yet to be confirmed.

Kurt Caselli: “It has always been a goal in my career to compete in the Dakar. There would be no way possible for me to achieve this without the ongoing support of KTM. To be able to race the greatest off road race in the world aboard the best bike in the world is truly a blessing. This is not only a milestone in my career but also in my life.”


Happy Haulidays from Ural

The folks at Ural would like to wish you "Happy Haulidays."

Hey - if you had a Ural you might actually be out riding today despite the ice and snow that will be appearing now that it's officially winter in Canada!


Warmest wishes and a sidecar full of gifts to everyone this holiday season!

May all of your families and friends (and pets!) have lots of fun to share and special memories to keep.

We wish you more smiles, good times and easy riding!

Love always from all of us in Redmond and Irbit,

The Team at Ural


BMW F 800 GT - USA pricing released

No pricing info for Canada yet but the BMW Motorrad USA website has some details on the upcoming F 800 GT. It'll be $13,190 with tax, title and all other local charges are additional.

The water-cooled 4-stroke in-line two cylinder makes 90 hp at 8,000 RPM and 63 LB/ft of torque at 5,800 RPM. According to BMW it'll also get 69 MPG at a constant 90 km/hr or 55 MPG at 120 km/hr.

It also uses a belt rather than a chain or shaft drive. Its road ready weight is 470 lbs.

So if you don't need a massive bike for getting around town and touring this new BMW might be just the thing for you.

More details on the BMW F 800 GT can be found on the BMW Motorrad USA website HERE.


Ducati Riding School

If you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket and want to get some instruction and seat time on the latest motorcycles from Ducati this might be just the thing for you!

Full details:

Subscription opens for highly anticipated Ducati Riding Experience 2013

- Ducati prepares for tenth edition of prestigious riding school
- Twelve dates at four different venues confirmed for 2013
- Troy Bayliss to continue “Academy” with race kit 1199 Panigale S Superbikes

Ten years after its initial introduction, Ducati’s prestigious Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) is again preparing its motorcycles and riding school staff to teach riders of all levels in 2013, from absolute beginners to experienced race track specialists.

Subscription for the tenth edition of DRE is now online at, offering a highly successful, tried-and-tested format with a number of new features for 2013, including the 1199 Panigale for all track courses and the introduction of the brand new Multistrada 1200 and new generation Hypermotard for the Intermediate levels. Internationally famous race circuits, highly qualified instructors and an enviable line-up of Ducati motorcycles will now combine to enhance the riding skills of participants while delivering a unique and unforgettable experience.

After two years of sell-out success, Ducati is delighted to welcome back the legendary Troy Bayliss for 2013. The three-times World Superbike Champion is set to continue the 'Troy Bayliss Academy', an exclusive and advanced course that focuses on extreme riding techniques. On each of the Academy’s four dates, participants will get the unique opportunity to ride with the Australian and learn specialised track craft on the World Championship circuits of Misano and Mugello. The once-in-a-lifetime experience will use Ducati 1199 Panigale S Superbikes equipped with racing kit components, including complete Termignoni exhaust system, Ducati Performance aero kit and additional carbon fibre parts.

DRE 2013 also sees the introduction of the award-winning Ducati 1199 Panigale to both Racing 1 and Racing 2 courses. The outstanding usability of the 1199, with its Riding Mode technology, makes it an ideal choice for both expert riders and those new to track riding, while the more sophisticated “S” version will be used for the Master Racing and Troy Bayliss Academy courses. The Racing 1 course, intended for riders with little or no track experience, will take place on dedicated circuits, separating participants from the faster Racing 2, Master Racing and Troy Bayliss Academy.

Completing the DRE 2013 offer with road-oriented activities are the very popular Intermediate and Basic courses. The Intermediate course is specially designed to improve participants existing road-riding skills and techniques, while enhancing overall motorcycle safety awareness. The course uses Ducati’s Monster 1100 EVO, the new Multistrada 1200 with semi-active Ducati Skyhook Suspension and the new generation Ducati Hypermotard, all three models equipped with the Ducati Safety Pack of ABS and Ducati Traction Control. Intended for those riders who are completely new to motorcycling, the Basic course provides one-on-one tuition in the paddock area of each event venue using Ducati’s Monster 796, an 'iconic naked' motorcycle ideally suited to those on two wheels for the very first time.

Chief DRE Instructor and highly successful racer, Dario Marchetti, co-ordinates an impressive line-up of teachers, including Troy Bayliss (three-times World Superbike Champion), Marco Lucchinelli (500 World Champion), Manuel Poggiali (125 and 250 World Champion), Paolo Casoli (World Supersport Champion), Andrew Pitt (two-times World Supersport Champion) and Niccolò Canepa (2013 FIM Superstock Championship competitor). While one of Ducati’s very own development riders, Alessandro Valia, presents the Master Racing courses, the formidable track team combines with highly qualified road-oriented instructors to provide a totally professional Ducati Riding Experience.

Ensuring constant development and control of teaching protocols and standards of excellence within all DRE activities during 2013, the courses will continue the valuable collaboration created between Ducati and the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana.

Course participants are provided with a Ducati motorcycle, instructor, lunch and a welcome kit and those without suitable technical riding gear can simply hire it during the online subscription process.

DRE 2013 Courses:

- Basic (Monster 796)
- Intermediate (Monster 1100 ABS, Multistrada 1200, Hypermotard)
- Racing 1 (1199 Panigale)
- Racing 2 (1199 Panigale)
- Master Racing (1199 Panigale S)
- Troy Bayliss Academy (1199 Panigale S + racing kit)

DRE 2013 Calendar*

- Apr 17-18 -  San Martino del Lago Circuit
- May 16-17 - Mugello International Circuit
- Jun 5-6 - Adria International Raceway
- Jun 25-26 - Misano World Circuit
- Jul 16-17 - Mugello International Circuit
- Sep 10-11 - Adria International Raceway

* Dates and venues are subject to change. Changes will be posted on

Further DRE information

- Online:
- Email:
- Telephone +39 0542 655 141 (Mon-Fri 09.30 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 17.30)


Zero Motorcycle rider sets distance record

Zero Motorcycles customer Terry Hershner sets distance record during cross country ride across the United States. 

Zero S Equipped For Journey, Logging more than 3500 Miles 

Zero Motorcycles announced that one of their customers and an avid electric advocate, Terry Hershner recently rode his 2012 Zero S 3500 miles in a total of six days as part of a demonstration to showcase the possibility of electric vehicles and motorcycles as cross country options for transportation. Hershner logged nearly 1000 miles in his home state of Florida before heading west where he completed an additional 2500 miles in four days to reach western Texas before loading up to attend the North American debut of Zero Motorcycles 2013 Launch event, held in conjunction with the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California this past weekend.

“Terry Hershner is a pioneer in the world of electric motorcycles. His determination to accomplish such a feat speaks volumes about his character and we are thankful to have him as part of the Zero family,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Global Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “This also speaks volumes about the future of electric motorcycles. The Zero S performed flawlessly and is now ready for its trip back home to Florida."

While the Zero S is designed for primarily urban use, Hershner modified his 2012 Zero S to make the long distance journey. Complete with three Delta Q QuiQ chargers, two Elcon PFC 2500 chargers and a J1772 car charging port Hershner was able to reduce charging time from eight hours to less than one hour. During the course of this adventure Hershner would alternate between 45 minutes of riding and 45 minutes of charging to complete the ride.

“I just wanted to prove a point and show that we aren’t far away from real cross country travel on electrical vehicles. My Zero performed flawlessly and allowed me to cover an average of 500 miles a day,” said Terry Hershner. “I also learned a lot about the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and while we’ve made great progress there is still a ways to go to build the system out on a national basis. I hope to showcase the growing infrastructure by doing similar cross country rides in the future.

Terry will be looking to set the first coast to coast motorcycle record by departing Santa Cruz, Calif. the end of December and making his way back home to Orlando, Fla. You can follow Terry’s ride back to Florida and check out photos and updates on Facebook, off the Grid.


Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray from BelRay

Powersports enthusiasts can now attain a protective, shine-enhancing coating on various equipment surfaces with the new Bel-Ray Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray.

The product is safe to use on numerous surfaces ― plastic, fiberglass, chrome, metal, glass and rubber ― this spray, specially formulated for powersports, provides a water-resistant, protective film that enhances color and hides flaws, restoring that desired factory-finish look and sheen to machines.

The durable coating will resist dirt and dust, making it easier and faster to keep equipment clean. Regular powersports cleaners can be used for easy wipe down, since the spray's unique finish thwarts dust and dirt from sticking to machines.

"Bel-Ray has long been recognized as a leader in the manufacture of premium quality, high-performance powersports lubricants," said Jennifer Liquori, Chief Operating Officer at Bel-Ray. "Now we can help powersports enthusiasts take care of their machines, both outside and inside, to get a shiny machine that performs better."

For more information on Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray or other Bel-Ray products for powersports, visit


The sound of the new Indian Motorcycle engine

Watch and listen as Mike Wolfe (American Pickers) invites you to be a part of history. Experience the sound of the new engine that will be powering the next generation of Indian Motorcycles.


Impressive sales and awards for Ducati 1199 Panigale

Impressive sales and awards underline success of the Ducati 1199 Panigale

- 2012 sees the Ducati 1199 Panigale set new industry benchmarks in technology and style
- Over 30 international media awards presented to the best twin-cylinder sports motorcycle ever
-  More than 7,500 Ducati 1199 Panigale motorcycles sold in 2012

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy) 11 December, 2012 – For motorcycle enthusiasts, 2012 will undoubtedly go down in history as “the year of the Panigale”, the Italian manufacturer’s high-tech model generating massive interest since its first public appearance and opening a new chapter in the company’s long and successful history.

Ducati collected the “Best Bike of the Show” award for the Superbike 1199 Panigale as soon as the motorcycle was unveiled at the 2011 EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan. The incredible model, which set new benchmarks in the motorcycle industry, has since gone on to collect over 30 major international acknowledgements and awards from highly respected motorcycle publications and major lifestyle titles.

Despite a motorcycle market in downward trend, the 1199 Panigale has performed as well in the showroom as it has on the road and track, with a total of over 7,500 motorcycles sold during 2012. The sales performance further acknowledges the energy and resources that Ducati has poured into the constant research and development of new product, an approach that has subsequently enabled the company to achieve record commercial and financial results in 2012. The difficult market and depressed world economy has done little to slow Ducati as it continues to expand and improve in terms of market share and output and sales volumes, confirming the security of the company and providing an improved structure and organisation ready to face the coming years with more confidence than ever before.

Bred for the track and trained for the road, the 1199 Panigale is a true revolution of the species destined to influence the entire sports motorcycle environment. The most high-tech, most powerful twin-cylinder production engine on the planet is now an integral part of an innovative monocoque chassis that combine to deliver an astonishing 195hp from 164kg (361.5lb) of futuristic Italian thoroughbred. The highest production motorcycle power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios in the world are fitting trophies for the incredible results that Ducati have achieved.

With the click of a button, Ducati’s Riding Mode concept delivers performance with enhanced rider confidence by combining seven class-leading technologies. The latest-generation sports ABS system, Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES), Ducati Quick-Shift (DQS), Ducati’s race-derived Engine Brake Control (EBC) and Ride-by-Wire (RbW) are now all programmed into seamless, electronic rider assistance. Even the full colour Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display changes to suit the rider’s environment.

With a unique styling that sets the heart racing even when the motorcycle is at standstill, the innovative and high performance Ducati is available in 1199 Panigale, 1199 Panigale S and 1199 Panigale S Tricolore versions. For 2013, the new 1199 Panigale R will extend the family of models even further, the exclusive flagship of the range representing the machine specially developed with enhanced technical specification by Ducati Corse for World Superbike competition.


Young signs with DUA Motorsports Bodywork

Canadian road racer Ben Young is excited to announce a new partnership with Toronto-based DUA Motorsports Bodywork for the 2013 AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike season.

DUA Motorsports specializes in sport bike fairings and carbon fiber parts constructed from a proprietary blend of quality high-strength premium fiberglass, cloths and resins. That combined with years of development, attention to detail, a stellar finish and ease of use make for an unbeatable combination.

As a road racer himself Rahul Dua, President and Founder of DUA Motorsports, wanted develop a new standard for aftermarket bodywork and based on the feedback from racers competing at the regional and national level in Canada this goal has been achieved. This past year Dua felt that it was time to grow his brand and develop opportunities throughout North America.

“I’ve been following Ben’s career since he raced GP125’s in Canada and the US. When it was decided to introduce DUA Motorsports Bodywork to the American market I couldn’t think of anyone else who I’d rather have as our ambassador south of the border.”  said Rahul Dua, President and Founder of DUA Motorsports.

Young, coming off a successful AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike rookie season was very pleased with the opportunity stated: “I’m honored that Rahul entrusted me and BYR to be their first team to introduce DUA Motorsports Bodywork to America through our presence in the AMA Pro Road Racing series.

The resident of Thorbury Ontario will have DUA Motorsports Bodywork on display at the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW, January 4th - 6th, 2013. Young will debut his new DUA Motorsports Bodywork on his #86 Yamaha YZF-R6 at the legendary Daytona 200 at the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida - March 14-16, 2013.

For more information about DUA Motorsports visit, on Facebook at: or on Twitter: @duamotorsports

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Get them what they really want... a BMW

If you're looking for something for a motorcycle enthusiast on your shopping list this year you may want to consider giving them something from the BMW Motorrad Catalog.

There's 14 pages of BMW Motorrad goodies to choose from.

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KLIM acquired by Polaris

Polaris Industries Inc. has announced the acquisition of Teton Outfitters, LLC, a privately owned, Rigby, Idaho-based company which designs, develops and distributes KLIM Technical Riding Gear. Calendar year 2012 sales for KLIM are anticipated to approach $30 million. KLIM is an industry leader in technical riding gear. This acquisition adds KLIM to Polaris’ growing parts, garments and accessories (PG&A) business. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“The KLIM acquisition provides yet another growth opportunity for our PG&A business, a key contributor to Polaris’ top-line growth and profitability,” said Steve Eastman, Polaris’ vice president of PG&A. “KLIM is an established leader in the powersports apparel market with a strong track record of providing innovative, premium technical riding gear to a broad range of consumers. Adding an outstanding brand like KLIM, whose strengths complement our existing business, gives us a more complete PG&A product lineup, one which will flourish in the global market. We are excited to welcome KLIM employees into the Polaris family. With our common culture and vision, we believe this will be a mutually beneficial partnership for everyone involved.”

Polaris will maintain the KLIM brand positioning and name while continuing to drive its existing apparel brands. KLIM will continue operations in Rigby with its current staff. Polaris has plans to establish the Rigby facility as its new apparel Center of Excellence, bringing the unmatched capabilities, expertise and knowledge housed in Rigby to all Polaris branded apparel.

“I built KLIM with a passion for the category and a commitment to the world’s adventure snowmobile and motorcycle riders,” said Justin Summers, KLIM founder, president and CEO.  "We had a vision of making products that mattered, that solved problems and that were the best they could be. I am very proud of what we have built at KLIM, and I am fired up that the next chapter of the KLIM story will be written through our exciting partnership with Polaris.  KLIM will now have the resources to reach the next level as we continue to innovate and lead into the future.”

KLIM is known not only for superior quality, innovation and performance, but also for its understanding of riders’ needs and devotion to addressing them in its products. This passion underscores KLIM’s culture and vision, which in many ways mirror Polaris’ own guiding principles.

KLIM was advised by The Meriwether Group.

KLIM’s Rigby facility and its business culture, are highlighted in this video:


2013 Husqvarna Rallye Team presented

Husqvarna Motorcycles hosted the presentation of the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain who will take part in the 2013 Dakar rally.

The Husqvarna Rallye Team By Speedbrain will be made up of four official riders: Joan Barreda (Spain), winner of the latest Pharoans Rally and second in the Morocco Rally, Paulo Goncalves (Portugal), Alessandro Botturi (Italy) and Australian Matt Fish.

The bike will be the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain with which the team competed in all 2012 events of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship finishing in second place in the constructor's standings. The bike's success rate and its competitiveness has aroused a lot of interest amongst private riders, including seasoned title winners such as Jordi Viladoms who has hired a Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain for the Dakar 2013.

Klaus Allisat President of Husqvarna Motorcycles: “Rallies, in general, and especially Dakar are strong and growing communication channels which attract people and have a worldwide media visibility. Husqvarna is a global player which is expanding its business into new markets and this visibility helps us to increase our brand awareness. I'm really confident in our team and I can say we have been working hard to be a protagonist. The bike, the Husqvarna TE449 RR, is competitive and has already showed itself to be fast and reliable. Finally, our riders have worked hard to be perfectly fit for the race, so we'll be expecting to be on the podium as many times as possible in this race”.

Wolfgang Fischer Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain, Team Manager: “We can't wait for the Dakar Rally to get started and are well equipped for this endurance test. The summer preparations ran superbly. We have further developed and optimized the Husqvarna TE449RR by Speedbrain, and our riders have shown regularly during the season that they are capable of competing with the best in the world. They have a say in who wins and who ends up on the podium. And that is also what we have set our sights on for the ‘Dakar'. I would like to thank all the team members, riders, mechanics and engineers who have been so committed and worked so hard on this project. A huge thank you goes to the BMW Group and Husqvarna Motorcycles in Varese.” The thirty-fifth edition of the legendary rally will set off from Lima exactly a month from today on January 5th, being held on South American soil for the fifth time in its history. The race will head down through Peru, Argentina and finishes some 8423 km (5264 miles) later in Santiago Chile on the 20th of January.“


2013 Wiesner Insurance Ontario Cross Country Championship

World Enduro Canada is finalizing the last details of the 2013 Wiesner Insurance Ontario Cross Country Championships. Building on our winning platform of fast, wide open courses and flawless time keeping, 2013 will be another great season. The CMRC and some local MX clubs are working with WEC to prevent event conflicts and increase racer numbers in all classes from Pee Wee to Pro.

Many of the popular venues we have used in the past will be returning such as Walton, Gopher Dunes and Motopark as well as others. World Enduro Canada is a strong supporter of those racing facilities that work hard to keep legal race facilities open. The future of off-road racing is dependent on these facilities continuing to exist.

Racers have told us they like the series being seven to eight rounds as it enables them to race the full championship while limiting travel costs and time constraints. 2013 will continue to follow this template. Also back for next season will be our consistent Pro Payback, Pro Holeshot Award and the Fastest Lap award. It continues to pay to race the WEC Ontario Cross Country Championship!

This year riders will see double header events with racing on both Saturday and Sunday and counting toward the Canadian Cross Country Championship (CXCC) East. Riders will be racing for both Provincial and National titles in this industry supported series. Our Moto Cross Country format will continue at certain venues in the upcoming season due the very positive response after its introduction this past year.

In addition to the Cross Country Championships the Ontario Mini Enduro Championship will be back and this year, expanded to four rounds. This series has seen a strong growth in popularity since it began three years ago. Beginner riders get a taste of competition in a safe closed course venue. The fun atmosphere entertains young riders of all abilities in an FIM Enduro format. Parents and friends are able to follow their riders around the course adding to the fun.

More information will be coming in the following weeks – keep an eye on our site for updates.


New stuff from Harley Davidson


Matching Allover Mesh with Perforated Leather and a Quilted Liner

Accented with perforated leather on the shoulders, sleeves, chest, and back, the new men’s Rumble Mesh with Leather Accents Jacket (P/N 98203-13VM) from the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line is a modern twist on traditional mesh jacket construction. The 100 percent polyester allover mesh construction provides maximum airflow, and yet is bolstered by a removable zip-out, full-sleeve quilted twill liner that battles cooler temperatures. Adjustability is offered via snap tabs on the sleeves and waist. Plus, six spacious pockets deliver ample storage space. Its pre-curved sleeves and padded back waist optimize comfort, while 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material enhances its low-light reflectivity. Available in sizes S – 5XL, and Tall sizes.


Switch from Allover Mesh Airflow to Windproof and Waterproof

The new men’s Top Wing Mesh & Textile Functional Jacket (P/N 98200-13VM, starting at $195) from the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line is engineered for ultimate versatility. It delivers maximum airflow via its 100 percent polyester allover mesh and 600 denier polyester construction, plus it has a removable windproof and waterproof polyester liner for cold and rain. Adjustability is built into the sleeves, cuffs, and waist tabs, while body pockets at the padded elbows and shoulders accept accessory armour for even greater protection. Four pockets offer ample storage space, and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material delivers enhanced reflectivity. Available in sizes S – 5XL, and Tall sizes.


Boldly Styled and Loaded with Ride-Friendly Features

The new women’s Juneau Functional Jacket (P/N 98215-13VW) from the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line combines bold styling with ride-friendly features. It is constructed from waterproof 600 denier polyester that is lightweight yet comfortably withstands the elements. Zippered vents on the shoulder and back offer custom core-climate control to complement its pre-curved sleeves and adjustable waist tabs. Pockets at the elbows and shoulders accept accessory armour for increased protection, while 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material delivers enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Available in sizes XS – 3W.


Timeless Design Reflects Over 100 Years of Riding Apparel

Combining the all-time classic biker-jacket design with modern features, the new women’s Legacy Leather Biker Jacket (P/N 98059-13VW) from the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line celebrates more than 100 years of Harley-Davidson riding apparel. Its midweight vintage abrasion-resistant cowhide leather construction incorporates pre-curved sleeves, action back, and padded back waist for maximum riding comfort. Pockets at the elbows and shoulders accept accessory armour for increased protection. Stitching detail on the shoulders, elbows, cuffs, and back waist complement the embossed graphics for a subtle, classic style. Available in sizes XS – 3W.


Yamaha FJR1300 and V-Star 1300 showcased in Toronto

For the 2013 Toronto Motorcycle Show, Yamaha Motor Canada will be displaying the newly released FJR1300 and V-Star 1300 Deluxe. This will be the first time both models will be on display for the public since their October launch. There will also be a stripped down FJR1300 for everyone to get a closer look into Yamaha’s sophisticated sport tourer.

The Yamaha Riding Academy is back! Introduce your child to motorcycles in a safe, controlled manner with certified instruction for free! Also at the Yamaha Riding Academy will be scooter demo rides. You’ve seen them around town, here’s your chance to try out a Yamaha scooter for free! Stop by the booth for more details.

Visit our Yamalube display to see why it’s the best oil to put in your bike. But it doesn’t stop with just oil; we have a full line of quality care products to better maintain your Yamaha.
Also at our booth this year is Bobby Kiniry’s #2 YZ450F. Swing by to get a closer look at the bike that was tearing up the track all summer long.

Follow us on twitter (@yamahamotorca) and Facebook ( for your chance to win some great giveaways. Including men’s and women’s riding jackets, shirts, bracelets and posters!

Visit Yamaha at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, December 7th, 8th and 9th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Jordan Szoke named Grand Marshall for Toronto Motorcycle Show

Ontario’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers’ showcase of the year, The Motorcycle Show-Toronto, starts Friday, December 7 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South),and one of Canada’s best all-time bike racers, Jordan Szoke, has been named Grand Marshal for the Show’s Opening Ceremonies Friday morning.

A Brantford, Ontario native,  the 33-year old Szoke is considered the "Wayne Gretzky" of Canadian Superbike racing, notching eight national championships, along with five national Sportbike titles, three #1 plates in the Canadian Motorcycle Association Observed Trials Championships, and one national 250 GP championship during his illustrious 19-year career. Szoke has represented Canada at the Trials des Nations World Championship seven times.

"I’m honoured the organizers of the Motorcycle Show-Toronto have asked me to be their Grand Marshal for the Show’s Opening Ceremonies,” said Szoke from his Brantford home. “It’s always an exciting weekend for everyone who loves motorcycles, because we get our first look at the hot new 2013 models for next year.  I’m even more stoked now for the Show to start. It’ll be a cool weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting other bike enthusiasts and talking about the sport.”

The Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for 11:45 am near the main Show entrance (Hall D, 800 Level), just ahead of the 12 noon opening to the public.

In addition to his role as Grand Marshal, Szoke will be at the Show all three days as part of the Northeastern Ontario Trials Demonstrations, showing his skill and expertise over an obstacle course built on the show floor, which earned him the Canadian Trials titles. 

Produced by Power Sport Services, the Motorcycle Show-Toronto boasts an impressive line-up of manufacturers, including Arctic Cat, BMW Motorrad, Can-Am/BRP, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, KTM, Piaggio, Polaris, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha.

For Show hours, features, ticket prices and info, visit or call 416-491-4449

People can also become part of the Toronto Motorcycle Show’s online community and win prizes by liking the Facebook Page ( and following on Twitter (