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Episode 9 of Motorcycle Experience on TSN!

On this edition of Motorcycle Experience, the pride of the OPP gets a taste of the real world, while on this season's Ultimate Ride we reach our ultimate destination, Percé Rock.  Then, during our "Winging It" segment, touring expert Ken Edick creates his own isolation booth and Shifting Gears editor Jenn Martin takes a closer look at high tech rain gear.

But before we get to all that, we'll be road testing BMW's S1000R. This sharp edge, fly by wire, real world street fighter was sent into the ring late last year, and at first blush the tale of the tape would suggest that this is a stripped down version of BMW's hugely successful racetrack ready super sport, the S1000 double R.  But that would really be selling this bike short because this thing is impressive.  Sure there's ponies under the fairing in the R (a proclaimed 160 in all) and, yes, the weight is there (it's three kilo's more then a double R) but what really impresses here is the usable power delivery and the electronic goodies.  It comes with the now de rigueur ABS braking and accompanying ASC (Automatic Stability Control) but you also get the combination knock-out punch that comes with selectable, on the fly, DDC electronic power delivery mode designed for both wet and dry conditions.  And there's selectable DDC, electronic suspension set-up modes and if that's not enough leading edge technology for you, you can also order the S1000R with an HP gear shift assist probe... it's all pretty trick. 

Also, remember to mark your calendar for Saturday, September 26 for our Wings over the County event celebrating the Gold Wing's 40th Anniversary. 




2016 Yamaha MT-03 Gets Confirmed by Japan

Following the recent unveiling of the MT-25 in Indonesia, Yamaha is set to introduce a larger capacity version based on the YZF-R3 sport bike. It should likely be called the FZ-03 if it hits Canada. No emails from Yamaha on that possibility yet!

Like the MT-25 only with a larger 321 cc motor

Just like the MT-25 is a naked version of the R25 sportbike, the MT-03 will be a naked version of the R3 featuring the same 321 cc motor.


Anna Grechishkina riding her KTM 1190 ADVENTURE around the planet

Anna Grechishkina is riding her KTM 1190 ADVENTURE around the planet on a one-woman expedition called “I HAVE A DREAM … ”.
Her plan is to reach over 50 countries spanning five continents, solo. With over 70,000 kilometers under her belt, the KTM BLOG caught up with Anna as she arrived in Colombia almost two years into her entirely epic expedition to find out what drives this Ukrainian lady (other than her motorcycle) to tackle the long road alone.
No matter the journey or destination, every time you swing a leg over a motorcycle it is an adventure. But some people like to go a little further. What begins as an idea becomes a dream and then an obsession.
Of course we all have dreams; those far flung schemes that we hope to achieve ‘some day’, but 35-year old Anna Grechishkina has an unwavering ambition that has seen her dreams turned into reality despite taking a very difficult road – in every respect – to get there.
From her home in the Ukraine, Anna has so far ridden solo for over 70,000 kilometers on her KTM with a route that has already taken her through Belarus, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and now she has just arrived in Colombia.
Her plan is to reach over 50 countries spanning five continents. It will take longer than the original two years she planned, but this is more than just a selfish endeavour to ride from place to place for her own pleasure; Anna’s mission is to also motivate other people to chase their dreams and never be scared to make the first step towards reaching them.
In every country she visits, Anna conducts talks to disadvantaged children, youths, visits orphanages and elderly people homes and encourages local communities to continue charity work.
The KTM BLOG caught up with Anna in Panama as she arrived in Colombia, nervously awaiting her1190 ADVENTURE to clear through customs and head to Medellin so that her incredible journey could continue.
Hi Anna, how’s it going?“Perfect! Enjoying the warmth of my fourth continent on my journey – South America.”
What are your plans in Colombia?“I have very high expectations of Colombia. I heard from many travellers that this is an amazing country with the nicest people. Actually people are always something that arouses my interest first of all. Therefore, I really look forward to meeting local people; seeing how they live, talking to them, sharing stories.
Of course, I want to visit main cities like Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Cali, to enjoy landscapes, national parks, and twisty roads. I am very excited about meeting KTM teams and sharing with them the story of my adventure. I always feel proud to belong to international KTM family and everywhere I go I try to drop in to local dealerships to say ‘hello’ at least!”
What kind of person were you before you decided to ride around the world and what made you do this?“Before this world trip I had been riding bikes for a few years and I’d always been quite adventurous. I liked long distance rides as much as I could afford it and with the time limits of full-time job. Of course, every time I had to come back, I felt very upset; several weeks or even a month or so were definitely not enough for me to feel the taste of real adventure. That’s how one day this idea to go and travel around the world without any limits came into my mind. It made me scared at first; I realized that it’s not that easy. And I had to make a hard decision – either to accept a very good job offer with promising perspectives or decline it and go somewhere (actually everywhere) without any financial support only with enthusiasm. I chose the latter and I never regretted it.”
Your long distance riding credentials are already confirmed as the first lady in the Ukraine who made “SaddleSore 1000“ standard – 1900km covered on motorcycle in 24 hours. How was that experience?“Yes, I tried it once, in 2009. I think I wanted to test myself if I am able to do it! It was a bit tough. I had to ride 24 hours, and my longest stop was for 20 minutes only. By the time I got back, I was absolutely exhausted. Besides, the roads in Ukraine are not easily to manage for such standards. Well, I was happy that I managed this standard and I was happy to receive all the credentials. But I don’t think I will ever repeat any of such standards again!”
So you take it slower now?“The whole meaning of this trip for me is very different. My goal is not to cover as much and as fast as I can. My goal is to experience the atmosphere of a place I am visiting. And for this I need time. Sometimes I like to ride with the speed of 60km per hour and just to look around, to enjoy the smells, the views. You will never have this if you rush and see only the road in front of you and traffic that you have to overtake. That’s why I prefer to ride alone, without necessity to catch up, to be on time or to prove anything. Sometimes covering just 100km per day brings you much more impressions and experience than 1000.”
How much preparation did you have to make for this journey and what was the most difficult obstacle before you even turned a wheel?“One year and three months – to be precise – passed between the idea first coming into my mind and actual start of the trip. The first step was to choose a proper bike. At that time I was riding for seven years on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 and I was happy with it, but I realized that this was not the proper bike for the world trip. I started to search for another bike and I hoped to get sponsorship from a motorcycle manufacturer because I could not afford to buy a new bike outright. Everybody seemed to be interested but nobody wanted to contribute.
Honestly, at that time I didn’t think about KTM because I didn’t know much about the company and its bikes – I sure know a lot now! The Ukrainian office for KTM approached me with suggestion to think about the ADVENTURE and I agreed; that’s how we started to talk with the factory in Austria about the possibility of giving me the bike.
Fortunately, there was a good feeling from KTM and when I made an arrangement to get an 1190 ADVENTURE I was the happiest. That was obviously the most important part of the puzzle, but still other components were missing – like financial ones!
I tried hard to get sponsorship for the trip and I managed to find some help, but unfortunately it was enough only to cover the preparation stage. So when the day to start the trip came (July 27, 2013) I had 1000 US dollars in my pocket. Almost nobody knew about this fact, I felt sort of ashamed to talk about it. I told to myself that if this trip is meant to be, something would work out. I had to start the trip no matter what – I was committed not just for me, but for those who had supported in whatever capacity they could. This was my biggest challenge and obstacle, I realized that to start this trip is crazy but it was a dream, I had to give it a try at least.”
You call your ride ‘I have a dream …’ What is your dream?“My dream is to make the world a better place. I know it may sound a bit pathetic, but my dream is not only about travelling around the world on the bike; it’s the dream in a narrow sense.
But besides getting my own pleasure of this trip I want and try to do something useful for others. I cannot help financially but I can share my experience and my story. With this aim I try to visit schools, orphanages, colleges, hospitals to meet kids, any groups of people who might need encouragement and motivation to keep following their dreams. I find it very fulfilling to live not only for yourself, but also for making some difference around you. When I get messages from people around the world that listening to me or following my trip they start to believe that their dreams are also possible to accomplish and actually they already do something towards it, I feel that my trip is not in vain and it has some meaning for the world.”
Has ‘The Dream’ ever been a nightmare?“Well, there were definitely tough moments in the trip – with a lack of money, with being extremely tired, with situations of uncertainty, being scared, lonely, discouraged, etc. But I never regretted of starting this trip and I was never seriously thinking about finishing the trip and going back. Even at those moments I realized that this is the best part of my life and I’m very lucky to have this lifetime experience.
But it’s true that long-distance travels like this are not always just fun and enjoyment. Sometimes it’s a hard work and challenge and you have to deal with many situations and issues that you will never experience in a stable life – not all of them are easy to handle. This trip becomes your life, and life has its ups and downs, this is normal and natural. And in order to really appreciate the ups, you need to go through some downs once in a while.”
The KTM 1190 ADVENTURE is very different to what you have ridden before this journey, how do you rate it and what’s the best attribute of the bike?“KTM ADVENTURE is my first bike of a Travel Enduro type. Before I rode cruisers and – honestly, when I first saw my KTM in the Ukrainian office – I was scared and told to myself ‘oh my, what have I done?’ But the decision was already made that I would go for the world trip on this bike and I had to make friends with ‘him’.
Little by little I got more and more comfortable with the bike; it never failed me even though I was making mistakes once in a while. It proved to be very user-friendly. Now when people ask me about my feedback of the bike, I always say that if I can manage to ride it and feel comfortable, then they can do it even better.
But I can honestly say that I cannot be happier with the bike. And though sometimes it feels a bit heavy with all the luggage, I get more and more comfortable with it. It proved its reliability. I treat it actually more than just a bike; it’s my companion, it’s the only stable thing in my life at the moment. When I don’t see it for a few days when it’s being shipped between the continents, I feel that I start to miss it a lot.”
Has the quality of the 1190’s ride changed much from when you got it compared to the 70,000+ kilometers it is now showing on the clock?“No, and this makes me happy! The bike’s performance is the same as it used to be when I just started to ride – perfect. I hope it will be the same at least till the end of the trip. Sometimes I even think that the bike gets better and better with every mile. But my attitude towards the bike changed. Now I feel more and more comfortable and confident with it.”
Although you set out on the journey alone, do you agree that most travellers – particularly motorcyclists – are never really alone on the road?“Well, it’s not easy to answer this question. Yes, I totally agree that once you are on the road, you are not alone actually. You meet many people on the road, in places you visit, etc. But I would differentiate being alone and being lonely. Sometimes you feel lonely while not being alone.
You meet many people, but you cannot develop really close bond with them because you’re always moving and have to say good-bye even to people that you really like. You can keep in touch through the internet or mobile phones but sometimes you just need somebody around who would hug you, and not just as a welcome or farewell hug, but a real friendly hug. And most of the time travelling alone you start to miss it immensely.
On the other hand, you come to realize that true happiness does not and should not depend either on circumstances, or other people in your life but on yourself only. You should enjoy the company of yourself and be happy and satisfied even with nobody and nothing around you.”
What single piece of advice would you give any rider – man or woman – before they contemplated a long distance adventure on a bike?“I would advise them to start with thinking about their reasons and motivation to go for such a trip. There are no rights or wrongs, and reasons can change while being on the road, but I think it’s important to understand why you want to do it and where you want to get – both in a physical, and spiritual sense. Because it’s not only fun and pleasure, it’s also a challenge, sometimes really tough challenge. On the other hand, this is something you will never regret, something you will always be proud of.”
What single piece of equipment or item can’t you live without on this journey?“After my bike, my camera is my number one equipment. I enjoy taking photos and when my camera was broken or didn’t function well, I felt that I missed something really vitally important.”
Do you think you will ever be able to stop moving from place to place after two years of constantly doing this?“No, that’s why my trip will last not two years, but three at least! But after almost two years on the road I miss sometimes the sense of stability. I miss the sense of being at home. Of sleeping in my own comfortable bed. Of meeting old friends whom I know since many years, etc.
When I meet people along my way and they share with me their homes and lives for a while, I feel sort of jealous. Sometimes I don’t want to leave because of the bond with them. But at the same time I know that most of them are jealous of my life; my freedom and disconnectedness. I’m absolutely sure that once you have tasted ‘The Road’, you would never be able to settle down for a long time.
Quite soon after completion of my trip, I will start thinking about next adventure, which may be not so long-term. But I already have a list of places where I would like to come back and explore more. Moreover, during this trip I will not visit all the interesting spots in the countries I’ve been to. I think the whole life is not enough for that. So I know how to entertain myself once this trip is finished.”
We’re not in Anna’s company for long, but the time spent with her is inspirational and the lesson taught without us realizing is to make sure that on the list of dreams we all have is to start putting ‘ticks’ next to them. It appears that all that is stopping ourselves achieving our dreams it seems is us! If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.
After completion of the world trip, Anna will write a book about her world adventure with inspiring stories about ordinary people all over the world achieving their dreams despite all the obstacles and difficulties.
She hopes this will be a source of inspiration for all people, not just motorcyclists or travelers that any dream can become a reality if only you give it a try and don’t give up.
Follow Anna´s journey at or at FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
Photos: Anna Grechishkina


Jordan Szoke crowned champion in the Canadian Superbike Championship

Jordan Szoke crowned champion in the Canadian Superbike Championship achieving a perfect season on his BMW S1000RR with seven wins in seven races.

Jordan Szoke (CA) is the high-flyer in the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK): the BMW racer was crowned champion at the final round last weekend after delivering the perfect season with seven wins in seven races. In the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, he took the lead. The BMW S 1000 RR was also in action on the other side of the globe last weekend at the fourth round of the AustralAsian Superbike Championship (AAS) in Australia.

 Canadian Superbike Championship in Bowmanville, Canada.

An extraordinary performance: seven races, seven wins and the tenth title. BMW racer Jordan Szoke (CA) was crowned 2015 champion in the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) to end a perfect season in which he won every single race. The season finale was held last weekend at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville (CA). Szoke rounded off his brilliant season with another pair of victories on his BMW S 1000 RR by Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team. Starting from second on the grid, Szoke was battling his rival Kenny Riedmann (CA) at the front of the field in both races. On each occasion, he rode the fastest race lap in the final lap and made the race winning manoeuvre in the last corners before the flag. He was crowned champion of the highest category, the Pro Superbike class (CSBK PR), with a total of 378 points and an impressive lead of 110 points over his closest rival. It was his tenth title win in the series. In total, the 36-year-old Canadian has claimed a record 52 CSBK victories.

The successful end to the season for BMW was rounded off by good results from the other RR riders. The finale saw five RR riders, in addition to winner Szoke, cross the finish line in the top 10 in both races. Chris Murray-Audain (CA) secured fifth and fourth place, Sean Huffman (CA) finished in seventh and fifth, Matt McBride (CA) ended the races in sixth and seventh place, Tim Robinson (CA) achieved ninth and eighth place, and Michael Leon (CA) rode his RR in action for the Royal Distributing Superbike Team into tenth and ninth place.

There was also success in the Amateur class (CBSK AM) with two BMW riders claiming podium finishes. In race one, Samuel Trépanier (CA) finished in second place on his RR. He failed to finish in race two however and ended the season in second place overall. BMW privateer Jason Thoms (CA) also rode onto the podium, finishing second in race two. He came fifth in the first race. Steve McGregor (CA) finished in ninth and seventh place on his BMW S 1000 RR.

 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

The 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy has a new leader again: newly crowned Canadian Superbike champion Jordan Szoke (CA / CSBK PR) has taken the top position after bagging a brace of wins at the CSBK season finale. Now with 341.67 Race Trophy points to his name he improved from fourth in the ranking to the top and leads with an advantage of over 40 points. It was the 11th time in the 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy season that the lead had changed. Markus Reiterberger (DE), who had celebrated an early title win in SUPERBIKE*IDM (IDM SBK) the previous weekend, has dropped to second with 299.52 Race Trophy points. Roland Resch (AT / AARR SBK) is currently third with 292.36 points. (see full standings below).

AustralAsian Superbike Championship in Ipswich, Australia.

The fourth round of the 2015 AustralAsian Superbike Championship (AAS) was held on the Queensland Raceway in Ipswich near Brisbane (AU) last weekend. Three races were held in each of the individual categories. In the “Formula Oz” class, Andy Fisher (AU / Ballina Motorcycles) flew the colours of BMW as a privateer. He finished the first race in eighth and the second in ninth (second and third place in Grade B of “Formula Oz”). In the third race he finished fifth on his BMW S 1000 RR, which saw him get the win in Grade B.

The “Formula Xtreme” riders raced together with the riders in the “Pro-Twins” and “Naked Bikes” classes, including BMW privateer Jeff Dorman (AU / Define Property). He finished in sixth once and seventh twice in “Formula Xtreme” (ninth place overall each time). Dorman also took one second place and two third places in Grade D of his class.

2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Current Standings.

In 2015 the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy comprises a total of 19 international and national championships. Participants in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy can compete in multiple championships. The points scored in the different championships are calculated separately for each individual race series. The current standings only include points from the race series in which the participant has scored the most Race Trophy points. You can find all the information on the 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy online at the BMW Motorrad Motorsport website:

Status: (top 15) -  19th August 2015

Name (Nat.)
Series / Class
Jordan Szoke (CA)
Markus Reiterberger (DE)
Roland Resch (AT)
Matthieu Lussiana (FR)
Michal Prášek (CZ)
Roberto Tamburini (IT)
Michal Šembera (CZ)
Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FR)
Alastair Seeley (GB)
Pekka Päivärinta / Kirsi Kainulainen (FI)
Lee Johnston (GB)
Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (FR)
Michel Amalric (FR)
Hudson Kennaugh (ZA)
Janez Prosenik (SI)


Cannella Conquers Walton Again!

Yamaha Rider Takes Home His 2nd Yamaha Factory Ride

Marco Cannella ripped his YZ through the Walton Transcan in Walton, ON to take home the final Yamaha Factory Ride for the 2015 race season!

The 14 year-old from Waterdown, ON finished the week winning the championship in Schoolboy 2 and grabbing second over in MX2 Intermediate and MX3 Intermediate.

For his efforts, Cannella will get the use of a YZ of his choice along with $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2016 season.

“It's an amazing opportunity to win a YZ and a $2500 parts credit. I think it's fantastic that Yamaha offers this award to Yamaha riders. After winning last year, I know how much it helps. I have been riding Yamaha’s since I was on 85's and look forward to continue racing on blue!”said Cannella of his Factory Ride for 2016.

 “For next year, I’ll be riding a YZ250F. I’m really hoping I can get my hands on the 60th Anniversary colour. They yellow and black look amazing! I’d like to thank my parents and brother who work so hard and let me live my dream, Iain Hayden and everyone at Motopark, all my sponsors, everyone that cheers me on and Yamaha Motor Canada.”

The Walton TransCan race week concluded the 2015 Factory Ride Award contest. Winners from across the country have won YZ’s of their choice and collected $2500 in parts and accessories for the 2016 race season.

Conquer Dirt on a Yamaha next year and you could be on a Factory Ride in 2017!


2015 Royal Distributing Canadian Cross Country Championship - East

This weekend the CXCC rolls into Wingham for Round #4. The Moto 86 is always a rider favorite with the fast flowing natural terrain MX track and the beautiful single track trails. Now at the half way mark of the season the points in all classes are tightening up.

For those with racing kids this is a double header weekend. Round #3 of the Wiesner Insurance Ontario Enduro Championship will take placeon Saturday - parents can ride around to assist and watch their young racers take on the 3 test Enduro course, then on Sunday all ages can compete in the Royal Distributing Cross Country.

Moto 86 is a great place to camp out for the weekend (no hookups). There is a large mown grass field for tents and trailers, pond for fishing & swimming and playground for the kids. There will be a concession stand open both days.

Directions - Moto 86 is approx 4 km west of Wingham on Hwy 86, if your travelling from Wingham they are on the right hand side of the road - watch for large McIntosh Estate sign and orange arrows.

For current championship point standings and further event information please visit our


Motovan's 2016 Fashion catalog available online

Motovan's 2016 Fashion catalog is now available online with 806 pages of motorcycle accessories. Shop in the catalog and place an order at your local motorcycle dealership.


2015 Wiesner Insurance Ontario Enduro Championship

After a lengthy break in the schedule, the Wiesner Insurance Ontario Enduro Championship gets back into full swing this weekend at Moto 86 in Wingham, Ontario. August 22nd will mark round three of the four round series and with two rounds to go, championships in all classes are still up for grabs.

The Moto 86 facility is a fantastic place to race, camp and spectate. Improvements have been made to the motocross tracks and additional trails have been established. A race that was a crowd pleaser last year is set to be even better.

Saturday’s race will kick off at 11am but its best to arrive early enough to take advantage of the rider’s meeting and the all important sighting lap. Lunch will be provided for all in attendance as usual followed by the awards ceremony, prize give away and then open recreational riding.

For those racers also competing in the CXCC East, that event will take place the following dayon Sunday the 23rd. This is a great opportunity to come out Friday night and camp out with the family and make it a double header weekend. There is excellent camping on site (no hookups) and lots of recreational activities at this facility in addition to the races to entertain everyone.

For more information and directions please go to our site


Double Sportbike Podium for Young at CSBK 2015 Finale

In only his second visit to the legendary Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Thornbury Ont.’s Ben Young battled hard to bring home a third and A second place finish aboard his #86 Hindle Exhaust Yamaha YZF-R6 in spectacular fashion.

Young, who’s been competing in United States with the RoadRace Factory team in the new MotoAmerica Supersport series, was presented with an opportunity to ride as a wild card entry in the final round of the Canadian Superbike Hindle Exhaust Pro Sportbike class on behalf of Hindle Exhaust. 

Looking forward to much needed track time on Friday. Young made impressive progress before the skies opened up. He was running second fastest prior to the red flag being waved to clear the track due to the severity of the storm that had rolled in.  Due to the very wet weather, race control changed Friday afternoon's qualifying sessions to practice sessions for safety reasons.

High temperatures with partially overcast skies greeted the riders and fans on Saturday for the season-ending series doubleheader at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.  Young would qualify 6th fastest in the morning’s Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike qualify session.

Young got a solid start off the line in the first of the two Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike feature races of the weekend.  Will Hornblower quickly took the lead however he was assessed a jump start penalty.

Kenny Riedmann would quickly take over the lead with Hornblower running a close second. Young had moved up to third from his sixth place on the grid with his sights now on the two front-runners.

Hornblower and Riedmann began an intense battle with Young ready to join the fray.  Jodi Christie would get by Young to take third and would eventually pass Hornblower for second.

Riedmann took the victory with Christie in second, Hornblower third and Young would cross the line in fourth.  Hornblower’s jump start penalty would drop him back placing Young third on the podium earning him his first ever Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike podium.

Young would learn he too would be penalized for incorrect fuel and would lose 25 series points and winnings were to be donated to the Canadian Rider Safety Fund.

“That was a great race and so much fun!” said Young “We had a miscommunication about the fuel as the rules had changed since we were last here in 2013. We simply used “pump” fuel and it was determined that we gained no competitive advantage.  I think this was handled very fairly and I’m more that happy that it resulted in supporting the Canadian Rider Safety Fund which benefits all the riders, I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Race number 2 was the first race of the afternoon on Sunday under the blazing sun. Young not satisfied with just repeating the previous day’s performance was ready to turn up the heat.

Young got another good start using the series’ race spec Sunoco fuel and quickly moved into third spot behind Christie and Riedmann who was in the lead.

Young would pass Christie for second as Riedmann would put his head down in an attempt to create a gap back to the riders battling for second.   Christie would eventually force his way by Riedmann into the lead with Young and Hornblower in the mix.

With six laps in Riedmann would retake the lead with Christie right on his back tire and Young ready to pounce. Young ramped-up his pace and took over the lead with Riedmann very close behind.  

Riedmann, Young and Christie battled back and forth throughout each and every exciting lap. Using the draft to his advantage on the back straight Young was back into the lead yet Riedmann was equally as hungry for the top spot on the podium and for his second straight Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike Championship and took the lead back from Young  once again. 

It would come down to an all-out drag race down the front straight with Young trying to make the most of the draft before the finish line.  Riedmann would get the win by a margin of victory of only .066 over Young who would earn the second step of the podium and the fastest lap of the race.

As a proud "Laps for Muscular Dystrophy" (Laps4MD) rider, Young will be making his first donation to this important initiative as he has pledged to donate $1 for every lap he leads to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

“That was an incredible race!” said Young “Kenny and I haven’t raced each other that hard since we both raced in the AMA. I was honored to share the podium with him while he accepted the number one plate in Hindle Exhaust Pro Sportbike for the second straight year. I hope the fans enjoyed the incredibly close and entertaining racing as much as I did!”

Young would like to thank Hindle Exhaust, Tim Hortons – Sudbury, Scotbuild Developments, Bell Helmets and AXO.
To keep up-to-date on Ben Young throughout the year visit;, and on Twitter @benyoung_86.


Episode 7 of Motorcycle Experience on TSN

hree years after launching their current generation’s Super Tenere, Yamaha revised their top of the line ES with some thoughtful upgrades that totally enhanced what was already a well respected big bore adventure touring package.  In the engine department, horsepower was bumped a few ponies, while real world comfort was addressed by adding a tool-less adjustable windscreen, heated grips, and two position seat.  But the biggest improvement on this generation Tenere definitely comes through on the electronic management side of the equation.  With the ES version, you now get on the fly electric traffic suspension adjustment.  Out on the highway, no problem, soften it up for comfort.  Hitting the gravel?  No problem there either; with the touch of a button you can stiffen up the suspension for better control.  The ES also has a new cruise control system, two switchable engine power delivery maps, along with a three mode traction control system.  And there’s ABS.  Lots of bells and whistles to be sure!

Also this week, the pride of the OPP tackles a slalom course in the snow. While on this week’s Ultimate Ride we head out for our ultimate destination from St. Anne des Monts in Quebec. Then, during our winging-it segment, touring expert Ken Edick requests a luggage upgrade before taking flight.  And shifting gears editor Jenn Martin takes a closer look at exhaust system advancements.

Don't forget to add our 2nd annual Wings Over The County event to your calendar.  We'll be hosting the Gold Wing themed event at Hillier Creek Estates winery our homebase in Prince Edward County so mark your calendars for September 26.  For more details check

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Monday Aug. 24 14:30 TSN1 



Motorcycles segment sets new records

BMW reports on their financial situation and sales

The Motorcycles segment registered its best quarter to date. Segment revenues for the the period from April to June grew by 17.8% to € 622 million (2014: € 528 million) on the back of strong sales volumes and a high-value model mix. EBIT improved to € 112 million (2014: € 55 million; +103.6%), similar to profit before tax, which also increased to € 112 million (2014: € 54 million; +107.4%).Sales volume climbed by 11.3% to 47,048 units (2014: 42,259 units). These earnings and sales volume figures all marked new records for a second quarter. The upward trend in business has been boosted by the new BMW R 1200 R, R 1200 RS, S 1000 RR, S 1000 XR and F 800 R models.

BMW Motorrad also produced its best-ever first half-year performance in more than 90 years of operations. Segment revenue for the six-month period rose by 18.9% to € 1,189 million (2014: € 1,000 million). EBIT improved to € 227 million (2014: € 119 million; +90.8%). Profit before tax showed a similar picture, with a jump of 93.2% to € 226 million (2014: € 117 million). Sales volume was 10.5% higher at 78,418 units (2014: 70,978 units).


Young to Race in CSBK at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Canadian MotoAmerica Supersport rider Ben Young is thrilled to announce that he will race at rounds 6 & 7 of the MOPAR Canadian Superbike Championship Doubleheader in the Hindle Exhaust Pro Sportbike class at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, August 15th - 16th, 2015

Young, who’s been waving the Canadian flag south of the border in the new MotoAmerica series aboard a RoadRace Factory Team Yamaha R6 in the Supersport class earned his first ever MotoAmerica Supersport podium at Road America with a 3rd place finish.

Unfortunately he will be sitting out this weekend’s race at the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway due to a financial set back resulting from a spectacular crash at Miller Motorsports Park. Although being back to full health Young is heartbroken over not being able to compete and support his fellow RoadRace Factory teammates at Indy.

Young's spirits quickly changed upon being offered an opportunity to race the Hindle Exhaust Yamaha R6 in next weekend’s national MOPAR Canadian Superbike Championship in the Hindle Exhaust Pro Sportbike class.

This will be Young’s second race ever at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (formerly Mosport). His first-ever race at this legendary circuit located just outside Bowmanville Ontario was in August of 2013.

“It'll be great to race at home once again and to reconnect with fellow racers, friends and meet Canadian fans I don’t always have chance to talk with during the racing season!” said Young “I encourage fans and those just curious about the level of talent in Canada to make the trip to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for some incredibly close and entertaining racing.”

Young would like to thank Lee Hindle and Scott Cartier (Hindle Exhaust) who’ll be Young’s Crew Chief, for putting this package together. Young would also like to thank personal sponsors; Tim Hortons – Sudbury, Scotbuild Developments, Bell Helmets and AXO.

The 2015 Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship concludes with a doubleheader event at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, in Bowmanville, Ont., August 14-16. Ticket information is available through,, or by calling (905) 983-9141 Fans can also visit the website at

To keep up-to-date on Ben Young throughout the year visit; and on Twitter @benyoung_86.  


Fallen Firefighter

We received an email from a colleague Robert at Indian Motorcycle and Victory Motorcycles requesting that we pass along some news to you.

Robert had met up with Roland Sands and learned about the passing of a good friend and wanted to see if the motorcycling community could lend a hand...

Roland Sands and I spent some time together last week chatting about things not motorcycling. Health, time on this planet, marriage (his not mine) and life in general. He told me about Dave Ruhl, a firefighter from the Black Hills who had just died while scouting a wildfire in California. I learned from a local article that firefighters often transfer to hot spots to assist other states, and while we talked amidst the constant burble of motorcycles in the background it was clear that Mr. Ruhl’s commitment to the safety of total strangers had really affected Roland. He decided to put up a donation link on his blog - Click the “Donate” button to learn more about David Ruhl.

If you can spare a few bucks and help spread the word for the family of a man who chose to help others for a living – please consider sharing this link.


Seeking a Distributor for North America

Looking to make a new job for yourself in the motorcycle industry? Well - Corazzo Design has just the opportunity for you perhaps....

Full details:

Are you a passionate rider? Why not do something you are passionate about for a living? A unique opportunity is available for someone looking for a sea change.

The product is there, the dealer network is there, the website and online store are there, we just need a passionate rider ready to step up and own and run the business in North America.
Corazzo Design is a technical riding apparel manufacturer with its North American distribution based in Portland, OR. Corazzo Design was established in Portland in 2004 and produces multiple designs of armored jackets, gloves, and other accessories. The Australian distributor for Corazzo took over the parent company in North America in 2011 and moved the central operations to Sydney Australia with a warehouse remaining in Portland, Oregon, USA. There are distributors for Corazzo all over the globe.

Corazzo Design International Pty Ltd is looking for an independent distributor to take over supplying the USA and Canada from Corazzo Design North America, LLC. To date, the North American distribution has been an extension of the International Company based in Australia. There is a great opportunity for a wholesaler to extend their product line, a retailer to take on a complementary business or an individual or couple looking for a career change.

Could this be for you?

Please send expressions of interest to


Episode 6 of Motorcycle Experience on TSN!

The 2nd annual Wings Over The County is coming up on Saturday, September 26th. Motorcycle Experience and Honda Canada are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Honda Gold Wing.   It's a free event, registration starts at 8am, and factory demos of the Honda cruiser and touring line-up run from 9am to 3pm.  The event will be held at Hillier Creek Estates winery in Prince Edward County, and in addition to the factory demo rides there will be seminars, prizes and a raffle raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, on the second airing of episode 6 on TSN... when it comes to complete, no gaps motorcycle line-ups I'm pretty sure Honda Canada holds the current record for building virtually something for everyone; from 50CC Giorno and Ruckuses all the way up to 850 CC Gold Wings and everything in between.  And speaking of in-between, meet the meat in the middle, Honda's all new CBR 650F.  A true new-from-the-ground-up middle-weight all 'rounder that proves there's nothing boring about sandwiches.  I mean, check out the 650CC inline four which Honda boasts has been tuned for both fuel economy and low-end punch.  And there's a very snazzy four into one under-slung, tucked under a trick aluminum swing arm out back.  Honda Canada recently invited a pile of Motorcycle journalists down to Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia to sample the 650F amongst a platter of other more sporting models.  And quicker than you can say pass the mustard, much to everyone's surprise, the 650F turned out to be pretty tasty out on the racetrack.

Then, on this edition of Motorcycle Experience OPP constable Anthony Mann tackles a slalom course in the snow.  While on this season's Ultimate Ride, after two solid days of riding we 'call it' just south of St. Anne des Monts in Quebec.  Then, during our Winging It segment, touring expert Ken Edick significantly updates his Gold Wing's factory tool kit, and Shifting Gears editor Jenn Martin takes a closer look at all that technology.

Keep your right hand cranked!


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Marquez Magic Brings Indy Success

Pole-sitter Marc Marquez produced a sublime performance to take the Indianapolis MotoGP, tracking Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo for most of the race before clinically pouncing with three laps to go. Jorge crossed the line in second with Valentino Rossi getting the better of Dani Pedrosa for the last step on the podium.


Pole-sitter Marc Marquez produced a sublime performance to take the Indianapolis MotoGP, tracking Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo for most of the race before clinically pouncing with three laps to go. Jorge crossed the line in second with Valentino Rossi getting the better of Dani Pedrosa for the last step on the podium.


Front-row starter Jorge Lorenzo’s assured performance at Indy (leading 24 of the 27 race laps) means the Yamaha Factory rider consolidates his second place in the championship, clawing back much-needed title points from front-runner Valentino Rossi.


Marc Marquez’s win at Indianapolis maintained the Honda Factory rider’s dominance on US soil. Marc is unbeaten Stateside with seven premier class wins out of seven. Marc won the race setting a new lap record (1’32.625 lap twenty four, beating his 2014 time of 1’32.831) in doing so bringing Honda its 700th GP victory.



BMW Motorrad Canada reported its best July on record

BMW Motorrad Canada reported its best July on record with sales of 319 motorcycles. These strong sales figures resulted in a 77.2 per cent increase over July, 2014. Year to date, the two-wheeled brand has sold 1,463 motorcycles, an increase of 11.2 per cent compared to the same period last year. The R1200RT lead the way for Motorrad sales in July, with the R1200GSA and F700GS also reporting strong results.


Episode 5 of Motorcycle Experience on TSN!

When it comes to motorcycle touring Honda Canada knows a thing or two about travelling really long distances on two wheels.  Seventeen years after launching the first Valkyrie, Honda decided it was high time to roll out another head turning, aggressively styled power cruiser based on their newest generation Wing.  So for this week's road test, original Valkyrie owner Dave Fox sizes up Honda's latest version of the classic cruiser.

Then, on this session of the Ultimate Yamaha Challenge, OPP Constable Anthony Mann makes some abrupt turns. While on this season’s Ultimate Ride we find the perfect pull over spot during our Gaspé tour.  On our “Winging It” segment, touring expert Ken Edick has some expert advice on avoiding saddle sores. Then “Shifting Gears” editor Jenn Martin flips the thermostat with some great advice on warm weather riding apparel.  

Keep your right hand cranked!

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